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Mon Nov 18 15:56:58 2013 +0000
f2adb62d07eb7105bd2dfe0495ded8e8cf3ee82cJared Wein — Backed out changeset eda465a0ed17 (reverting UX branch branding) IGNORE BAD COMMIT MESSAGES
677200e185c24cfc35029728ed4072c4c8ec7462Jared Wein — Touching CLOBBER to make sure that the initial Australis build has a fresh start. rs=Gijs
07091a2cb8a22dd826c145e8a3e130a4df9c36e5Gijs Kruitbosch — Disabling randomorange test, rs=randomorange, see bug 927064 for improving this test.
70c5061b0fb9747d0455cd57a7f47924c98f4590Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
eead57756636e4f0f3a9c98bd26ce967ad7318c8Mike de Boer — Bug 930950: also remove location attributes when a widget is removed. r=Gijs
fc1d24a704186c6c8b3659efdfb69f586620b581Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
9f997c45050c94ffe2940ed4686fc9bfa4590a50Blair McBride — Bug 939489 - CustomizeMode should null-check documentElement._lightweightTheme. r=mconley
8b514254b16868f602bbf30059c03207f2034431Mike Conley — Bug 938754 - Move opacity from Aero Glass Fog into alpha channel of TabsToolbar::before box-shadow colour. r=Gijs,MattN.
7bd5ee7b71e034d367b0f8ce464fd276b83829c1Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 939091 - fix forward-moving detection to check if we actually can, r=mikedeboer
0c4c1c29fc19d89a8d065b630ddc7b3271940f55Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
c39317fbc7a910b30bf9a905fade37316414c4d9Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 929548 - Tab middle LWT background disappears upon dragging. r=Gijs
bf390551be0373fe889f9c7380c86eb7b099b092Mike Conley — Backout bug 908796 - the workaround from this bug is no longer required because we do not draw the closing tab anymore. rs=MattN, Gijs.
b1fea06d28d2a6e5bdc3cb1216ffaf6dfa5a3583Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 938694 - CustomizableUI.reset should persist default set equivalent, not remove the attribute entirely, r=jaws
c49faf118145befc4fb1ccf46ae79dee281f24ceGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 918226 - expose 'work offline' in the developer subview, r=mikedeboer
672ff858678a250df7db3293505c0709a8e9f91dMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 936378 - Fix to not require an event. r=Unfocused
903d51e5303e6105dabaf17084709e5acae791c9Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 884492 - run TabsInTitlebar._update when nodes are added/removed in tab/menubar, r=mconley
f9ee1aa9b1abd4738986224da1c374ff78b9dbd6Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
1ff54a14fbb77470867283853ac68ed58c31ccfdJared Wein — Bug 873626 - Followup: Adjust height of navbar to 40px per Australis specs on Linux. r=me
4c2d984c2094cdcc0aef7eac8833e43476bb330bBrandon Cheng — Bug 873626 - Adjust height of navbar to 40px per Australis specs; r=jaws
be920ff7556b35b7d2f4a8da340129648323243dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 931092 - add styling specifically for widgets, r=mconley
5fd36d58514a987f400e19575568b374d8f11c00Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
0839ff059eba790822fd7bf6d5b61d20baa1a269Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
df30212c9a7c2488f0db4e779f45dd43d561b7e3Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
6dc34f0fd37dda21a81371787e018d758c4b8684Dão Gottwald — Bug 936633 - Right-clicking on the Firefox menu button shouldn't open the menu panel. r=jaws
650572c94814ccb42b3cd3c2bb8ec46569eadfffGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 937024 followup: use -o rather than > per glandium's advice, rs=bustage
ee69898d2bc0f243e31c32b537e9be2475b3fa4fGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 937024 - fix build bustage from bug 935305, rs=trivial,bustage
c31c950dbf9a2a6c87d9203e8da929ef82085944Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
ca6578e7546cb35c5d8994401011ffb4c3845175Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
bc9083bc302364d17538275eab18ace498f9f913Jared Wein — Automated merge with
59963be887e72d0dfc76dc95d38b88ca0205e3c7Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
88104a2deda5f03e058c7e89dcd0fb3e08a77540Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
9f6d6fa60cf0e63d25be0694967f9ef58bf84596Mike Conley — Bug 932963 - Break customize mode transition into several phases. r=jaws.
14f7c8d2226858b9acf33b6f19954cf3cad1949aGijs Kruitbosch — merge m-c to ux
c3d9d91cb364ed0305181adfeb3008493f97319aGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
7028c2b1e7da728debc970c6e8f21e1b7c79fb3aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 935556 - fix ui-button tests to continue using sdk/self, r=gozala
c1644bd6aacc871e9bc28296286f5789cae13092Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
25c2d493929a8b6dc9cb23805b6d3e9e120c3b4dGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
176f2644c521a46ff4aef5e68649ea236b17a949Jared Wein — Bug 886444 - [Australis] Remove top padding on the window while in customization mode and also remove the ability to exit customization mode by clicking on the increased window padding. r=Gijs ui-r=shorlander
94f0a6e19e3ab1505aaeb5e65e186bc24bca2986Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
111df33210328b946427fc902d13d8c224b0e5a3Dão Gottwald — Bug 934988 - Panel menu button shouldn't consume outside clicks. r=mconley
5f73d1f59d3ba1546d2526b6ea08827d36259556Gijs Kruitbosch — Fix errors introduced by 8e9d485dd741 in bug 882353: pass node to updateCombinedWidgetStyle, rs=bustage
8e9d485dd741808d276f1b9cfd0e2ffd23ab1d4fDarshana Padmadas — Bug 882353 - Reduce duplication of updateWidgetStyle in CustomizableWidgets.jsm, r=gijs
853a39fedb087554c05c7e1a806882896e69e860Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 934113 - correctly mark items as removable when in customize mode, r=jaws
232b16a39c877d4d7ab7445c70b93fef0f9c9745Gijs Kruitbosch — Back out ba95fffe62b9 and 564283498a6f for Australis (bug 930970), r=jaws,Unfocused
d62709c0f7233acbac602869122911a94b19d946Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 933674 - Overlapping portion (15px) of the selected tab consumes clicks intended for the adjacent background tab. r=mconley
1a583fa89ebdfb46c19b099f46a52062cded8449Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
29c8982568c6f50ec99611d1f44af33fc240e01aGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
82263ec486cdf201cbdcce57f2cc64455bc3ec6dGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
8980172a9d2f302d10ed26303d9d7f36e7c2917bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 921732 - fix bookmarks widget icon and font, r=mikedeboer
edd2653ca1a7c2fd15f4f89f032ca0161283769eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 930161 - use the image rather than the cursor for positioning, r=mikedeboer
19c1b6dd23894a7494b881ae40c1eda9228b0a80Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
f7c641289078280129587db692584360a433afe0Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux on a CLOSED TREE
4542f91ef48b186907d228c49f6fd8ef12e3d497Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
42461ce3dcd0a28811aa6c0a46473a08bbfc2e14Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 932344 - draw tabstoolbar bottom border ourselves during customize mode, private browsing mode and fullscreen, r=MattN
70003bbafecfc3fb63ceab87c7dcaee6584684d5Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
644d2d08eb58b16bb5ce83654e137778c1469e85Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
ba597861f73439a6127424bda8f96b5119d6dbc4Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 924004 - buildArea should just plain remove special items, r=mconley
5c36e40251b235f77f9c532dfca9b52aa42d8447Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 933731 - Should construct panel before starting customize mode, r=mconley
dfba75e38e6e74c78e7da0d40122c639d533e168Jared Wein — Bug 933162 - Update in-urlbar icons on Linux. r=Gijs
b48128b81a1f7218ae98356bcba37a8f4f2db18cDão Gottwald — Bug 933725 - Remove flex="1" from the navigation toolbar. r=gijs
af0c1944815c497ef919214e698b5ef4802e83f8Tarashish Mishra — Bug 933539 - Use parseFloat instead of parseInt for the titlebar calculations in browser.js, r=gijs
0f56554e8c9b1c09be292c24ebbed3a4ef95ccdfGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 933262 - search box is too wide in palette, r=Unfocused
9d0305b1dd4ce7791d1bd64e6e3629978b09b92eGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
98d7ee04527757adb00f03ba0889568a4ddd3ce2Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 851652 - add comment as requested, rs=me, DONTBUILD
f0305288f605cc310437223ba3a8e1efb74c65f6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 929604 - add glass-like border to the top of aero basic windows, r=jaws
2666f7e02336e5f99096aea9f1ccb3cb8da19cd1Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 931092 - refactor insertion code so we can update individual nodes, r=mconley
9704aedc2a5c3334aa62af5443c9d61eab0c7d90Markus Stange — Bug 851652 - Change position of the standardWindowButtons for Australis [r=smichaud r=mnoorenberghe+bmo r=jaws r=roc]
776725482f658040be73cf7d4da933eb275503b0Jared Wein — Bug 932719 - Zoom controls percentage label is too narrow when on the toolbar on OS X. r=Gijs
3ad017c364441460c2b19da70f0efe6ee7816d17Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 932342 - PanelUI ensureReady should only ever be invoked once, r=mconley
0cb33b13e2ca49ea1b771ba7aa901c109aa7d4e0Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 896749 - fix bookmarks' vertical centering, r=mikedeboer
fcf3103a14f8dbd2311201f6342a5e8391ec1bbeGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 930045 - make [customizing] selectors more specific, r=mikedeboer
873070e637f9e3ad6d43474a9e2922befed38d17Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
4054d25dfacdcb0c3fed1c79e787aca963faaab3Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 891822 - invert toolbarbutton icons in tabstrip and menubar on glass, r=MattN
4094b21e7f429226ce7a3796579f69761546b648Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 891822 - part 0: fix alltabs-button styling, r=MattN
a791d9a5ff780609d47f1cd262e5844a5878ccffGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
e2f5e81de3a73dccffc20713fb138d384e93541cGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
859e600cbb28e3441667d59ccb10675bdad1c088Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 890338 - esc key doesn't work anymore after clicking restore defaults, r=jaws
c9c57de74376d8aa9a5b3e3fc0cdb10806f61ce2Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 919945 - Fix intermittent failure of browser_windowopen_reflows.js by adding the sessionstore reflow, rs=me/testonly
75fb5d8c70876e2e632f7b4d009d9613b388d4ffGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 930369 - fix recently closed favicons, r=mconley
8662d57ab0ae68cc1fd674782cc3502fb690452aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879616 - windows tabclose button fixes, r=mconley
dfb4db3ac4460112f98fa0b2277f8ccb3c129c4cGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
e771168640a7b3bf0b070de3ebd2d5e2fa18567fMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 921038 - Move selected tab curve clip-paths into SVG-as-an-image so it is cached. r=mconley,gps
e96ae667f6696e3eb142c2b2c49d42bda04daca9Gijs Kruitbosch — merge m-c to UX
3e24418a307e48b63a5d22902ea4ccb501ce9a0cMatthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
577731dedb4ddf97d108b747f74bfd6db23ef261Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 887406 - don't use chevron class, it only gets us trouble, r=jaws
13067f8f818776604945cd019a03bd50534f1e2cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 926158 - hiding widgets in the palette should actually work, r=mconley
db37e3b9371d47c0dca85cb5b4884ddcdd84c589Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
93f754a03d3775ef012f184dbd654c0e3ad12197Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
2669b682cd34b7b3c31858b55ae208db6825280cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 876944 - customizemode should deal with creating/destroying widgets, r=Unfocused
75aeed86188a11c702ca0fb404d7986b096999aaGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
355470077f2d8d63018d64b1eadb5543ef999cebJared Wein — Bug 930187 - Remove unreferenced FX_APP_MENU_OPEN_MS from Histograms.json. r=felipe
3b21a11c0b7614819969344500842c69297d748aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 929750 - fix (literal) edge case in overflow scroll test, r=jaws
26afb7771f040d9d7f3c27ee8194177069a8bcfcFelix H. Dahlke — Bug 898783 - Only sample the scrollbar width once; r=jaws
8a02ead5815ba11fb66a7251378df7bbaa97ccd2Mike de Boer — Bug 900162: make bookmark panel items look like panel items, not contextmenu items. r=Gijs
0fd98e856b493eeadf31c0285a26c14fb09cc8e3Mike de Boer — Bug 895836: reduce margin of the navbar in customization mode. r=Gijs
fb23ad2d94e8067b123fff1c70fd17c72ded720aGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
81ef9027114f31e7f63f8294c09800547c676335Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 885066 - Back out the original fix in bug 879994, r=Unfocused
f4ec7c4100e2d53bba9fee45458731fd9dba1f37Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 885066 - don't apply LWTs to windows already in customization mode, r=Unfocused
83d17494e03c4d1249c74a16aef8e0b2560ff259Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
0745d47f1cbb0895a9d66bd5bd6a3e4d5c29a6c0Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 927605 - UX-only: use the ShortcutUtils module in CustomizableUI, r=mikedeboer
4ebc28e74ceabbd069b41ac7a654a35d47cd1632Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
ac71c78d03ea35ca4989c4f7bc6137e9c8cd3930Jared Wein — Bug 890140 - Fix placoholder code so there aren't extra rows created. r=Gijs
4d3ff167c46f62438fbb7ffa291d40d1690367e4Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 888115 - rename customizableui-areatype and customizableui-anchorid to cui-areatype/cui-anchorid to save our poor fingers, r=jaws
9c0f89578118a5f08c99e1b37e3eb7da3ae3cfc3Gijs Kruitbosch — Fix bug 875180-related test failures by fixing the test, rs=jaws over IRC
2a533e65593bd01f057ef28813661bc7cbc0d3b2Jared Wein — Bug 909779 - Toolbar Overflow isn't initialized correctly on newly opened windows. r=Gijs,jaws
a5e5a65de58a333d9f06850309bf4464feffed3eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 860648 - shouldn't be able to dnd tabs in customize mode, r=mconley
646a768dd8093c8cfbdaa8a1f36cb1c04abd765eJared Wein — Bug 875180 - When a tab scrolls into view, half of the curve remains out of view. r=Unfocused
68624eb6d2a49785d7bd6bc7094afb73d9bfc3cfGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 890319 - about:customize doesn't work if we try to enter before the window has loaded, r=mikedeboer
9f7332a3a241202f8d2ef68d5fa5b7432c4ff77cGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
390d97311342b5f943c57e4bc2c6908b143dc9d0Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 894375 - change web developer tools tooltip, r=mconley
d301a539968a2e254651fb856dbef4cb56d23adbGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 900593 - Remove parent flex stuff, r=jaws
d921c9f16a5c03e9e4b1b7a473c42addc8e2993dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 928419 - fix CSS error in indicator-aero.css, r=jaws
ef2d420ecc1a4394bfb5eb8161a8351a52396107Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879606 - draw top window border for XP modern themes when lwtheme is active, r=jaws
81b7bc6646e13549fbc71ac06ca61304edba6670Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
33b905cce599961f7b599d5a1ef069c0c2afdb9eGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
8218ec9bf8b33e01b1daa3618c4cdd2a9cbe4c44Mike Conley — Automated merge with
e20188deb51dfbe13c49e2a92ee5af3b5dde9905Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 927717 - CustomizeMode _onDragOver does not handle the empty toolbar case, r=mconley
0599b226756f9d1279670462815e54f29f784f03Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
dd567c98f03ecc20d49b331444e0bc93ac807bd2Jared Wein — Backed out changeset c198907c6ba6 (bug 909779)
c198907c6ba64b938c4a8dcf7f8300a8bde633b5Jared Wein — Bug 909779 - Toolbar Overflow isn't initialized correctly on newly opened windows. r=Gijs
54be7ecbc773a2f943d1b4762d3f5ae4b2da928fJared Wein — Bug 924933 - Follow-up to fix the separator styling for the zoom controls. r=Gijs
777283896d6157a9da860bf1dd5a00dbe529d398Jared Wein — Bug 927917 - Middle-clicking on the items in the History subview should open them in a new tab. r=mikedeboer
c70f445e0773a596b71429c7a6de9d43af8bd436Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 885057 - fix panel arrow colour issue in customize mode, r=dao
213ebacc64e2587b23840126d99a086edd4be549Blair McBride — Bug 862998 - Make UITour compatible with Australis, r=dolske
0b9e36f5ad5de66315e91dd5b3a3c779086c13cbGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
3b44793578f6b018dd4580d70608c9d5bd66ab73Jared Wein — Bug 925303 - Border of the back button in the Customize mode is too dark when in customization mode. r=dao
55c7002cc9c4225f72fa4f7c93a06a9f2f1a0041Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
ca36658a939c62409edc11b954598e806fec4eccGijs Kruitbosch — Backed out changeset 3ad4bd967735 (bug 909779) for breaking all the mochitest-bc
4146c94be0e0beeebc8f93c5b02569d509351b6dSoumya Kanti Chakraborty — Bug 927043 - CustomizableUI shouldn't use for generating special items; r=gijs
0ca23e59862d727b1c6bdec7339d546960fd0cb3Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
4f9c73d2fae3f19603db255072343927c0557664Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 887853 - part 2: add shortcut references and display them, r=mconley
254750fd2dd15aea2155c4c76463965630835ed9Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 887853 - part 1: remove shortcuts from l10n file, r=mconley
9296e86e4d72080a1c83a60fd8eace02385b2079Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 918551 - add a minimum size left for scrollbars, so that OS X doesn't make us look cramped, r=mconley
3ad4bd96773588a6ba4c51d0e15c6d0414b0a43dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 909779 - actually check for overflow instead of relying on the event, switch to scrollLeftMax, r=jaws
9fd9f974e7278fc80f747df13e104918cc194f94Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879606 - add window border in classic mode, r=jaws
e57c2b8961361fb50e02031fb1c2787a201ec2f7Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879604 - add placeholder Windows image for Linux LWT support, r=jaws
56848e96cdb1481c85c7672eaea31623ff8c0451Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
78e1a20c4c78c7f32c5f09b12cd4478743bef1ffGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
3f547c0bf6201f76e78de0c75a70a9e1f645fa84Jared Wein — Bug 916964 - Improve overflow panel when lots of items are present. r=Gijs
462cb39be9828f4883cc77dcb1484e0d2ea82282Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 914138 - picked wrong platform to run test, rs=me
6b916ebaefde1e1bb0c367fa9657e968853170f4Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 914138 - add a test for the overflow panel insertion/additions, r=jaws
f16b1a5397675a04e96239397a59680a6e0cdd3eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 914138 - add the toolbar as a listener, and do bookkeeping for inserted/removed nodes, r=jaws
9b7e65b82aedefa69613d00504777fdbc9f34a9fGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 914138 - test scaffolding fix, minor overflow checking issue, r=jaws
33e7c00f5e24d3d506a37229a74bdeafcdab9afdKruitbosch Bug 914138 - refactor some code, append to the overflowable toolbar in the right spot if necessary, r=jaws
85a33a8d95ef1721feeee0bd0a038add0f494a72Justin Dolske — Bug 918551 - divide the footer in 3, drop brand name in panel, r=jaws
ee074106b5b0eb280113849c4dacb9b3593498dcGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 923439 - bustage fix for wrong dragValue, rs=me
bf3e38b469c4194303c9a6fc3570e04b121e3382Mike de Boer — Bug 912588: use less padding for subviews inside a panel+popup. r=mconley
d6e1bf3ad3bd857f9ee74646ac79144aa57077fdGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 918551 - remove superfluous margin-end reset, r=mikedeboer
1b4efccd9ddc9edcc6106cbfad66156ed30375c8Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 923439 - make dragging items to the end of a toolbar easier, r=mikedeboer
a7c4c9136d58cb954cb80ec15768f073b264449cGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
b37c23af0b3bd1d345e70ae8ac366b969165f359Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 926286 - draw the tabstoolbar border ourselves in fullscreen, r=MattN
4eba3ca48a1b8f9f4b1b469bf72a98ffcbfdd094Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
9737cc4b6837354c09ba3c30d43aaef23571f681Jared Wein — Bug 888572 - Add 'Recently Closed Tabs' and 'Recently Closed Windows' to the History subview. r=Gijs
f6aa6fd8955e2c9a25aa2c3f0936e973fbcd7b00Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
8ffe0cddfb337461507781679e4dbbc3d533c926Dão Gottwald — Bug 925884 - Remove redundant OS-X-specific tabbrowser tab transitions. r=mconley
fefb4e96a8927e58a3e475edb17ee59543e1acb8Mike Conley — Bug 925415 - Remove dead tab opacity transition CSS from themes/osx/browser.css. r=Gijs
f3723f56cd27b68139cb44ebb89c4da2168caefdDão Gottwald — Bug 925712 - Back and forward buttons are shorter than other toolbar buttons. r=mdeboer
32624aed023caf327e772a26fa7dbb30924752b0Dão Gottwald — Bug 925707 - Stop setting min-width:0 for .toolbarbutton-1 buttons. r=Gijs
f0b25f2217ab48628ba16f4574a7c11605aadda9Dão Gottwald — Bug 925710 - Update conditionalForwardWithUrlbarWidth to reflect reality. r=Gijs
aad230472afb51567bebf6df7df7e6bad60e161cDão Gottwald — Bug 925338 - Remove obsolete defaultmode, lockmode, defaulticonsize, lockiconsize attributes. r=Gijs
a99a67ddfb4157127b2c01dcaee03f56b6853b83Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 923543 - remove blanket toolbar.png rule, r=dao
d379376cef9147ba97b250503ada04bf9b2a955dSerg 'Cust0dian' Nesterov — Bug 922003: Move width of the gutter, used to exit subview, to a constant. r=mikedeboer
f7868ce088cd2dcb444c1d7bcf40e39bbe611d31Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
1283fdd7c0e0751d336741165dd49e471c204c62Markus Stange Bug 925514 - "#nav-bar noise texture tweaks", r=gijs
8ff50813bf9141de096626e293284395d7e8d6d9Markus Stange Bug 925514 - Don't scale up #nav-bar noise background on HiDPI displays, r=gijs
485938514513680125dd2f655de120f4686bf059Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
e6cd734560ac601b6120161c4680f2afaf0cbf8bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 893849 - search box should fill entire width of panel if in panel, part 2: fix width for search panel in panels, r=mconley
b6ed3352861b07ebd5b531abc1a6e7a63ecc5cd3Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
a5c17d687ccfb8a1d58fde490103394da9942df4Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 893849 - search box should fill entire width of panel, part 1: change class name, apply to search box, r=mikedeboer
4afd6ba4678dd3506bbc60e8ef68f9da0640d840Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 923859 - Wide widget rearranging: derecurse, simplify, improve, r=jaws
70aba2a2ede7cc277436df06a64edf0b80eb0b9bDão Gottwald — Bug 896008 - The navigation toolbar should have iconsize="small", not iconsize="large". r=Gijs
e680128a639ee6e977ab8df4d2a5c996cf970cf8Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
f4d76e89a820d545d1c2849e57449ebccfbe4909Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
52281082b7daa6affd086e9d27002adbeae08757Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 918049 - deal with skipintoolbarset items better when dnd'ing, r=jaws
530dd4a6a9496467ede60886f5511b828775bc6eGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
859ff4a1af9816a71c156ccf092f7d063f3e0db0Jared Wein — Bug 924388 - There should be small separators between the sub-edit controls and sub-zoom controls when each controls is placed in a toolbar. r=gijs
d7cfe43bfada551c0fdefa5db7b9172ae7ad5f91Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 896687 - remove PanelUI-mainView-spring, r=Unfocused
13213dc602172391a81dcabffa4d2d385a4615a7Blair McBride — Bug 916732 - PanelUI should have dedicated show() API. r=Gijs
aa03fbc1149f56b60a48f836908a7fb0a7673779Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 916256 - download animation should anchor on panel anchor when the downloads button is in a panel, r=mconley
ffbb0944e1de21bedbcd39d507f3a98bd7cb871aGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
b6b9e744baebe0e9bff937ce9e0b6f3139067ecdMike Conley — Bug 924201 - urlbar-container should not have separators drawn between its toolbar buttons on OS X. r=Gijs.
646cc8771af8b97f9dd07f607d8faf82b7558c20Mike Conley — Bug 924182 - Don't draw superfluous bottom border on TabsToolbar on OS X unless we're using a lw-theme or not drawing tabs in the titlebar. r=Gijs.
086d470fb5f47df4ca678999d97bc8736ab87116Mike Conley — Bug 924181 - Don't draw a superfluous gradient on navigator-toolbox if tabs are in the titlebar on OS X. r=Gijs.
18fd395752cd6694c62c5afe175e9821faacc502Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
ac9d4c0c34bd2bbdd9d62b5313f9d4bbb9c21fc0Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 923857 - while resetting, shouldn't wrap/unwrap based on notifications, r=jaws
4b673a0a1af1f1ee8296a4131adc7e67dcfb7feeGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 923850 - swap nav-bar and customizationtarget flex values, r=jaws
a657ab82443bb4d3571cfc8f8ac92d7a0219577cGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
3c95389e63c57072d00035cab98c1b90c2f71de7Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
5b6cc96b11a028ec554ccc2819335b9cacaa3e02Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
b46dbad96b50ca81e0361720b640af7428fa689eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 874674 - fix test bustage, rs=mconley over IRC. Will file followup to consider more in-depth
5c8c29ccb4f25eae3a94115f7524cf324e699d34Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
4bc44de6cdd2562386cb4811c026fa210516f672Jared Wein — Bug 874674 - Use Windows toolbar icons for Linux GTK theme. r=mikedeboer
8f5711ebd0f8cd49580eeb9287963bd96cef9878Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
f20417eb9e12bde7d6f3b3d696d0767a0bde4151Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 918551 - improve icon-label alignment in menupanel, rs=mak
01dd0aba68c3932cbdde44f48afa6d3521d8726aGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
1f3ad548e3d737c5254eae511145dfd3cee9db2fGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
1d23e7dcbab2dee2fa90f7ca669dcf0f3812857bGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
9ec16c9a71d334ca5d24799691529952da83870bGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
01a596d0cc79fb4806b8b3226199abe23a5e61ceGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
e62689b72cc689fbed4c6768ab87175684db8297Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
cc1da159c8110b669a6034abbe1e4ee9b830fcc4Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
649ce586dae312d228aa65ca4e74bba426fa020dGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
710783606a1b54eb2ae63790b906bba4ce6a6da2Ben Hearsum — bug 803531: renew authenticode certificates in september 2013 - update authenticode issuer in tree. r=rstrong, a=lsblakk
dbd0facdc82a71d885fea81e7514de1a8dbb07a6Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
af53342e5e4d35f3ef5d42c018e4be93e283f0c1Gijs Kruitbosch — Backed out changeset a257f4a1591a (bug 920224) for mochitest-bc orange because of my being blind
91a937dfb947145bbc2250fbff2cd58b6f4833ebGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
814c3eb60842b50ce0cb7b763090b0c17888c700Mike de Boer — Bug 878545: adjust scaling of toolbar items when dragged. r=jaws
64c97c4c41f74f079392ff53a9e566db487b32bfGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 894411 - make CustomizableUI tests run faster, r=Unfocused
a257f4a1591ab9eeaa01ff6ca0faf43bee33f1ddGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 920224 - initialize panelUI immediately, r=Unfocused
f80b3c1cd29b08ab8088d17ebf0e521eed5bf249Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 920224 - make test wait for delayed startup, r=Unfocused
298db786a90b19d15f0147a22071eee5c517d06eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 920436 - don't re-add closed windows, r=bz,jaws
d4ced49bfde2925d6a9a15c414e611e6e4d49dffGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 920201 - move tests into manifest, r=gps
017f628d07afb3d049480c1bdd82b67fd3479d6dAkshat Kedia — Bug 914806 - Remove the allowedAreas code in CustomizableUI and CustomizableWidgets. r=jaws
07c558e720109be7d53cc97328a3494c8212a445Akshat Kedia — Bug 895429 - Change nooverflow attribute to overflows; r= Jared Wein [:jaws]
ce4f9fca01b37aa7cb9c20f8f6c8f635caa0add4Mike de Boer — Bug 879597: fix test failures. r=dao
bd0548b83afc56e3f3adea07a0e8663bb9fe53e5Mike Conley — Bug 920589 - Only show TabsToolbar gradient in Windows classic themes. r=dao.
10956082ccb7c7ad827dadde8c5d04975161b688Mike de Boer — Bug 879597: properly track hover state when a tab is added & selected. r=dao
880516d00bfae0f8b54893101fac02a20cf41858Jared Wein — Bug 890137 - [Australis] Menu should appear on mousedown, not mouseup. r=mconley
d6406f5ecc5d573a9f87341aba12f44d9f5c73b7Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
a725e81dac6bcf02f3e2a1e7a207ff25974a602dMike Conley — Bug 916946 - Stop animating the back-button when enabling or disabling it. r=jaws.
ba1db893d48a20ba5a352fa26612cb137047216aDão Gottwald — Bug 919947 - Replace opacity:0 with visibility:hidden on animating tabs. r=mconley
f74f64b2e35b1d266fa905014c5e2ded49b40aa5Dão Gottwald — Bug 876871 - Stop setting -moz-box-align:center on toolbars and move the nav-bar's padding to nav-bar-customizationtarget such that focus rings won't be cropped anymore. r=Gijs
ea4363ac93eaf1f7e2a0920f4916ce699a2d28e2Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
92b0f1d2249cf2f67c247d387057b5d25549f7ffGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 885579 - fix broken set removal, broken parentNode assumption, r=mikedeboer
0e19ff24a086938fc13f6b7b22f5b4d1960928fdGijs Kruitbosch — Backed out changeset f76156665656, 5a056faa9b62 (bug 876871) for causing vertical scrollbar in the nav-bar
e4a85d4d3d7c79a457aadec949f367791f755b49Jared Wein — Bug 910375 - Followup, cache the pref value when entering customization mode. r=Gijs
8ae13888e4cbc4f9b43cb2ca83c9c9981c309781Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 885579 - Narrow widgets dropped on a wide widget should place the narrow widget above the wide widget, r=jaws
f761566656564c6257f6d7ab8015263a99d799b6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 876871 - don't have a scrollbar instead of nothing, r=jaws
c7d52e8d15ffd640561287b8c9af637caf2c5a02Mike Conley — Bug 919541 - Stop animating the opacity during tab open and tab close animation. r=jaws.
dc7d83f246f1964c4d3631502966551dc2cf56dbGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 882582 - Make 'Preferences' be 'Options' on Windows, r=jaws
5a056faa9b625fe3589d7200633decffd02f8c1aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 876871 - Overflowable toolbar should only overflow in x direction, r=dao
c8679c1e29d63f76fecf644b1f5d75ecd74ea4f7Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
d90769086ea27642e65861aad107f9185f6e1b87Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
95055789d6aa06450ff0e9b8c3b74d529e441e59Mike de Boer — Bug 872548: panel subviews should swipe to the right in RTL mode. r=gkruitbosch
8d12999288a90965854b7e053fb79aa10a3fa1a6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 909729 - make bookmark toolbar items work in the navbar, r=mak
2cdad19e044fdc1e922d4fc21a0c3cf4fb746b9aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 916735 - use a pref to fast-forward animation for tests, r=Unfocused
a6a392ad4c4257dbd312d1800ff9dd88e8607730Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 917271 - use public API to check if bookmarks are still updating rather than private _pendingStmt, rs=test-only
548ddf4f9c90208200725d374fdfbc5292e3a117Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
e5e735235d911d2b05236ed97801e416adc69e69Jared Wein — Bug 912351 - Hide the visible palette before beginning the transition to exit customization mode. r=Gijs
d03b7f2aac80f005c62ecf2ca75135493ddb0650Gijs Kruitbosch — Fix bustage caused by broken merge (77b5a2c97a28), rs=bustage, No bug
c75d16df268d674c8ffac01dea324dfe4ef81041Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 878551 - The list-all-tabs button should always be in the tabbar, r=jaws
4d04263dff13ffda13dd9603396405fd6a3e7858Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 918275 - set place when wrapping toolbar item, r=mikedeboer
77b5a2c97a28b2bd6217de7d4572f652fd2dc596Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
729ae62cd13bfc448736e9072e2da5bac6c1184bDão Gottwald — Bug 868640 - Implement private browsing indicator. r=mdeboer
c6d3d1418c78d501386f2673d23302de4e02f3aeGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
744e9ceab4e7b1dcc757647d3a6e699919281a81Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 917271 - Fix race condition in browser_bug624734.js by checking for the completion of the async places call, r=dao
96460f4c4ea0ab338d31d361a35b47ea941ae72bGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
36faf02c5fb47425cae3b7c99d5b1e228d1da51eMike de Boer — Bug 885086: constrain max width of overflowItems, correct layout and centering of elements and update zoom/ edit controls in overflow panel. r=jaws
ce80490d1900010d21bd0ea7b277d0233e6298c1Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
e8ab7beef5f5ec7a7f3f11e5eb8f7322d472029bJared Wein — Bug 914863 - Help and Quit buttons stay disabled after exiting customization mode. r=mconley,Gijs
2f55c459c3fb36318fd1c4da567552d99ec6aaf8Mike de Boer — Bug 881905: test coverage. r=mak
a1d4ebbbf339261ac713cc010a87b021d3264b80Mike de Boer — Bug 881905: attach downloads panel to the chevron if overflowed. r=jaws,mak
77581e4496be76726cd1eaad2734ca087299a0d4Dão Gottwald — Bug 865676 - The bookmarks menu button should have separate tooltips for the star and the dropdown arrow. r=neil,mak
d4ab67e7dda6c38433b4121caf3d3ef03faaa2f5Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 886323 - Fix buildArea to check if a node is removable before moving it, r=mconley
4732e59d06015352b4b4418409f25a070c8d0e13Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 916873 - Fix customize/help/quit button styles on OS X retina, r=jaws
80bab2c86828b3a60c2614b442b9a175f733c72fGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
21f5241b4c857e204f4555fe753785dd9a2c9cd0Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 916954 - Fix windows focus-originated bc orange by closing the panel we open, rs=bustage
ac5cd088f3856eeb9f1b76d9629c9c402c7d681cDão Gottwald — Bug 916908 - Remove obsolete titlebar placeholder styling for the Firefox button. r=mconley
8f0f797ea92fa7a189b84a82d3ef56f0521a5a10Dão Gottwald — Bug 839888 - Add back space between tab strip and window top border. r=mconley
ba708a4360c4d0b844506eab428fc86a1754ae14Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 916830 - Putting skipintoolbarset items back in the nav-bar should insert at the end, r=mconley
80958a628e1421c1bf0fd0580fc5bae9531e6454Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 876926 - Tests for CustomizableUI-event-based wrapping behaviour, r=jaws
d07c3d3fc0839f68b0601fe5a1722feb890a6c16Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 876926 - Use CustomizableUI events to wrap items for CustomizeMode, r=Unfocused
2491ca3ff4eca3de15f728834830d7e3ee4eff97Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
1f4c625b19a78bb5555790026f21c6e9260f7758Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
14a05f3555df68fe2569503db17cbb7e964f3f5aMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 915521 - Change gradient with transparency and moz-dialog on .tab-background-middle to a solid background-color. r=mconley
809acf2d41bcb215485a0d3a776aeed15cee6c7fJared Wein — Bug 892076 - Use finalized assets for customize, exit, and help buttons in panel UI. r=MattN
0cf7690c84285391cbc7722e78f05f395c43f24fGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 906075 - public registerToolbar should actually be passing aIsOverlayed, rs=MattN
08b462e660a04547459a2bc2f7bf8692377cd94bGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
a9e45ebd668330f462c150476dd0810b9f145db2Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
2493bb98e584383d51e5d1ac8efde1186fcb667bMatthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
e7b12abcefbf5ecddff6e8bae8494b6eaecfa695Mike de Boer — Bug 879863: show a preview of the widget placement in the Panel on drag. r=jaws
2afdcd19e4052496ca0fa9424beb5ebfde83a045Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
339479a60c1c1c21828128777c1bc02a187e7bfeGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 906634 - don't use anchor/anchorid for buttons that are in toolbars but not overflown, r=mconley
94231fdf1158ff1b952e1ac893906ae26da703a6Jared Wein — Bug 910375 - Require that the event source's window for the drag drop events in Customization matches the Customization window. r=mattn, dchan
ec38188c7874972ec5011d8fa6d9df47f14d40d6Jared Wein — Bug 859776 - Apply the Australis toolbar button design to split buttons on OS X. r=mconley
eec7f37f7d384b8cb44f456aae56d077ddb8b73fGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879611 - OS X tabstrip icons should have inverted versions for dark LWTs, r=MattN
7f26161e7dd6deef3e347260d833ace7e29de37cDão Gottwald — Bug 882009 - Make the tabs toolbar margin respect the tabsintitlebar attribute. r=Gijs
ed0e0347b7780cde9e019513adc70ef27bb7ccf2Dão Gottwald — Bug 882009 - Invert updateTitlebarDisplay / TabsInTitlebar dependency. f=MattN r=Gijs
ee014d5fde21f5596bf295a4024ac2cc85fb68e3Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
6aed944df7cee17808b97f1f99e7f15ad5fc3ca6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 914562 - Fix intermittent failure caused by browser urlbar-searchbar splitter being accidentally removed, r=mikedeboer
bfb5c27c566b847e59b309c390f0e69e3d4be29dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 913972 - Part 3: use placements to reinsert items into toolbar, r=jaws (CLOSED TREE)
2d5db699153556c8803dbd68a43e167ed04b7515Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 913972 - Part 2: Add some supporting assertions, r=mconley (CLOSED TREE)
55e70c56cea0f9926b9147d52d104817e5a425b4Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 913972 - Part 1: Use placements for currentSet so it doesn't reorder because of overflow, r=jaws (CLOSED TREE)
6cea80519bc4ab3d18a8a1e1c2d31c629e9e5dddGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 913972 - part 0: don't move skipintoolbarset stuff so much, r=mconley (CLOSED TREE)
4777f3127bba42ed330c1295454fb76df4e078e6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 913780 - make overflowable toolbar care about search splitter, r=jaws (fix tests on a CLOSED TREE)
c44d006da6bd4d478229616d185c4d2cdcd691eeGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux-central
bcf1ac68fc5b8c0cd0517efd0e7ac1c531aa6b98Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
53f83c3fc0aa8d3d1c2d29c65e37af2fe4397d11Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
b3de9251a41e0fa624d3187a30c9626e8cc3ad7bGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
0363cdc8db21c8e18a3feae414a1312c0683b1f7Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
3e8345791034510519a258534b7b0668e9287107Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 912976 - Remove boilerplate, r=jaws
67d5c6e28ee34c3a73a1a5f94dbf65a61fdb4e0dMike Conley — Automated merge with
2b0fd3a2a0e754272801462ce9c5e744e21ecbc3Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
8fae116e85c50a68bc62d93e2900c4eb21fb3075Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
c7e2dcb1a8eb85427cecfb6207cdb5f31b70349aMatthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
a6fe43be166cfe04778a3a7248cba1f6fa161948Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
761ef871425b754b9bc4a6af7ffdd0776734da8dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 876926 - Fix placement id error, and accidental advantage had in toolbar.xml, r=jaws
58fc4af0f9b9b73b883396d828070389e5834841Mike Conley — Bug 908796 - Workaround to prevent the tabstrip from fully repainting on tab close. r=MattN.
8c0d0feaae04a89f1ea27021258a3540fdb92c77Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
fb6df9dd3082a36030fb1a8faa2cb3ead6045630Mike de Boer — Bug 879974: adjust styling of zoom and edit controls when they reside in the cust. palette. r=mconley
0bab5f5f0c374a9c7fc93818d559cc3969d5d9eeDão Gottwald — Bug 910657 - Add back access keys to the View > Toolbars and toolbar context menus. r=mconley
660f552f8160b6b8dc988de6d999917adfa76080Shane Caraveo — Bug 898837 - fix share button css, r=gijs
efd952ce34f8a7de64ca82f72a51a93e25b94dbcShane Caraveo — Bug 879801 - fix ambient notification icon position, r=gijs
cbf672167f45062c5df51e9e4eefcd3d0a22cc06Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
b7d62067715728767a084f4d649679250aaad657Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX.
3816e384573da9d543a177bce4abe1440193c33dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 893609 - getPlacementOfWidget should return null for non-existent widgets, r=Unfocused
bb5d31ae644dfbc4afd9ceff8eaab862cf5cc4fdGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 893610 - CustomizableUI.getWidgetProvider() should look at gSeenWidgets to be more accurate about PROVIDER_API widgets, r=Unfocused
789554f52b7dd72a3daaff7fefe6e0657ef225c6Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX.
fc1eb3b4cc3683c34a62ac3dc6b9a0f3f0c96315Manish Goregaokar — Bug 909783 - Change indentation of indicator.css to be less confusing; r=jaws
4154345daff7856d35ca44a44e98ad536eff8f12Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 909366 - add re-entrancy check to registerToolbar, r=jaws
9ca205f212b7c603836ecaec227d0be9dcb07c64Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 890039 - Download indicator isn't styled correctly in dark LWTs, r=jaws,f=mak
04e7b4b60be44740e38840253ae725f692016d1cGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
29e1fa1a1f72d5eeff1356b5ac67182e4c383d3aGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
d7ac6fe877d2f305d792a1ac0836125949049c3aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 880388 - Fix test bustage, rs=bustage
33cd07a5f9a295d1dcac9f3e0fc17cabc20ea21fMike de Boer — Bug 880388: correct size of a widget when dragging a widget over a target. r=jaws
101e4d07c4b1367e031b71d6548ce14ddb50d446Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
306f68dadc048e29430f976182958fe2d46de869Dão Gottwald — Bug 879588 - Tab title is hard to read in windows high-contrast mode with a light LWT (yellow text). r=gijs
e2a6a3c10b0dce0514d7e209b3b31406f82fd269Dão Gottwald — Bug 908665 - Title bar gradient on the tab bar shouldn't care about the sizemode or menu bar state. r=gijs
3318a67b125b665f1df06f12df9a575b4948b39cMike Conley — Automated merge with
d5bdd07428c3e4d0a4154f219c2ac69058634b50Mike Conley — Automated merge with
1dd80f8a2767b14bdea5a11a7940d1a9cc109032Mike Conley — Automated merge with
945af538c076cfe1eaabf73a24a00aae9fbb2346Jan Horak — Bug 896887 - Enable application button and hide menubar on Linux by default. r=dao
cc7e9c7a908b818287c60a443f96e294ff651419Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 885062 - Streamline TabsInTitlebar._update, take navbar overlap and customize mode into account, r=MattN
fa31ba5c7b41c8990b220e996380ac97ca58e1d4Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 885062 - Fix titlebar calculations, also account for customization mode, r=mconley
f840508bc61433a47020173890dffac6fbd41f14Gijs Kruitbosch — merge m-c to ux
0751df98a2a46bf3f45ffa6f8a069df184109ddaGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
10ea4c6b70f69b7d5766bef26c311f22812c2374Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 908326 - default the navbar to overflowable to avoid needless reflowing, r=jaws
006d1a39236742aa44701aee072b806121345889Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
5b0ab793bc7c51dd8af2670f7733a93893c7f0baGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 907787 - followup: improve CSS logic used to hide the button, r=dao
542ac829409fdb5313b2a11ab79284014c0a4bdcJared Wein — Bug 907796 - Follow-up to use the correct error reporter for panelUI.js and head.js. r=MattN
6ed25402f29728bd55e81dff29b4a515766e3229Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
96b43964e8b36d8184b518870d1e5fe156f5e8bbJared Wein — Bug 907796 - Add error reporters to the Task.spawns within browser/components/customizableui. r=Gijs
8349a50ded2759c5ac2c8f1102a1c0aa02d04eb2Gijs Kruitbosch — Bustage fix for bug 907787
2512d523d5fcfbd865d5b2aea7da63e402c43dacGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 907787 - Hide the overflow button by default, r=jaws
237d2879d89dade36abd76ea936db332f1c2a905Jared Wein — Bug 907412 - Depopulate the customization palette before scaling the customization window upon exiting. r=Gijs
7a784c538b5c857c3e0f3b1c6accb37b067edb16Mike de Boer — Bug 907376: add opacity rule for disabled Exit button. r=gkruitbosch
f2b29f1544a1531995a2102319a85f296c6848bdGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
6f8a964f1294f6f04e6ec0ef136be944b380c417Mike de Boer — Bug 907376: disable Exit button in Customization Mode. r=jaws
d23d5cda96669e2b8169f669c399e7cb39f3ac96Mike de Boer — Bug 881827: update cust. mode toggle button appearance. r=jaws
5a7f22213ce9280f30856e039ce0c067c1a0bc51Mike de Boer — Bug 865916: create a Character Encoding widget and subview. r=gkruitbosch,dao
3d94af4f67dfc5c2346d1666a90f3143a7d712f0Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge backouts from m-c to ux to fix mochitest-bc
7023dd816d6a3540f027836fb91fc22c01819649Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 900433 - properly remove transitionend function, r=mikedeboer
d8e0813249679ecd320dda71e6f88b6202c90f85Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
1de256e3ce917a787e207e68d0e39d9e903750d8Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
0e1a2fa8d2ddc14286a9b2ceb42dd933422ac080Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 890105 - another follow-up to workaround intermittent failure in browser_windowopen_reflows.js caused by bug 906578. r=test-only
156f07313f85232b60d559b088e93246544bf1caMatthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
0313952612208a387fb55a6be08fa35c0121b5cfMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 890105 - follow-up to workaround intermittent failure in browser_windowopen_reflows.js caused by bug 906578. r=test-only
3167ed5d03badd989c6faa67107d39df7bd64495Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
19dffe1e6a1d54642258a31fdda74446d5fac364Mike Conley — Automated merge with
f1b79ee158c9d9e16df1c58dc42e8660752f48acMike Conley — Re-land Bug 906075 - Only send toolbars through buildArea if they're not in their default state. r=jaws.
e7977c9175f2d8201409dfcc9fbc3f620b6a83ffMike Conley — Backed out bug 906075 (changeset 5a2fbb868edd) due to CustomizableUI breakage. r=bustage-fix.
5a2fbb868edd54fe29e0b58668945bdbdeee0a8fMike Conley — Bug 906075 - Only send toolbars through buildArea if they're not in their default state. r=jaws.
af9924226bb04d1395b1a5f3c9ea5126bf032aa3Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 904924 - Remove the new tab button clip-path (tab-clip-path-outer). r=jaws
7e0adf1211a78ca61943d6b8cf008610377f48bbJared Wein — Bug 905695 - Skip checking for tab overflows if there is only one tab open. r=MattN
284e3eeeb60aefa423b002e0e572af85dc6695e7Mike Conley — Automated merge with
da0e044ff9a1dc717328fb2f294a606254e0d0beDão Gottwald — Bug 871203 - Add Exit button to panel menu. r=mconley
201d1828379f4ba12af03741747ec8ac9b6f29f9Mike Conley — Automated merge with
8e547fb4ccb031981206fdfb95deec3393c4d2c9Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
308d7f71097b8e5713067d7661386a37d1cf7e97Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 877178 - Skip elements with the skipintoolbarset attribute earlier in CustomizableUI's buildArea (follow-up to 4b3950dd3859). r=MattN
9eeeb30e208154afbea3c7655003e3c538e4b5d3Mike Conley — Automated merge with
ba002fc62f0864039d53bd1311e23da25c017f33Mike Conley — Automated merge with
b51d299fc3beb68ee6d489d419de26c1e6d4b1daJared Wein — Automated merge with
9785293da98e791a55be8f5584b2c49b1e227fcaMike Conley — Automated merge with
2567da54457e7614deaf9a883ed9b4739825485aMatthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
8350a4f51a487c35412cc65d3e3712334ac5f102Jared Wein — Bug 902924 - Remove the dependency on FullZoom_onLocationChange from the zoom controls. r=mikedeboer
8e820dfb7ff301b9eead6dd2397cb89e99490edaGijs Kruitbosch — Merge from m-c to UX
91d9af7d51bdbcf4ab1fb032033b4f8ee5bea26cGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
d1543fec3f278332568fa779317fc66d60ff7b2cJared Wein — Bug 902097 - begin/endBatchUpdate should only be called once per registerToolbar. r=mconley
7d157d293a27bea9bfa8a5488a625427dcac81e8Jared Wein — Bug 901016 - Remove dead code from CustomizableUI. r=Gijs
eba98a54c087b7c0d71550fc5c797ef827685d73Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
4a09078bea49ed7810f54230d92f01e78cfda20aMike Conley — Follow-up to Bug 901786 - Fix bc bustage caused by considering the titlebar placeholders for widget placement. rs=Gijs.
cba0829065f5d98fee0c38ebd528df3760f72c20Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 901786 - Persist titlebar placeholder sizes to reduce layout work, r=dao
872549727aeb34b4c31f42321759030d036468a6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 899608 - refactor our wrapper cache into two separate non-leaky caches, r=mconley
b058f9b111b4a4f7b89ae151859b1c917890d3aaMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 890105 - Add test to check for uninterruptible reflows during window creation. r=Gijs
d3af30cfbba66897ca6e995bd75e7271846db23eMatthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
0d898e360473c7d215f865805123a3d5055b0df4Marco Bonardo — Bug 901516 - Remove UX-only unused appMenuBookmarks.label string from browser.dtd. r=mikedeboer
12b32f5dcd530c5865e92a1c1edb3e8b028caa65Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
8613a68e33f3fbf5215ff31aa695fb969218582bGijs Kruitbosch — Merge from m-c to UX to disable ICU which heavily affects t* numbers
3440be58f0ff2b5167b035c9ae64513699361b7cGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
c63eb26c569469640e2712e4f775353c163daee3Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 901058 - Fix usage of area.type to use a map's get() function. r=mak.
c19d8875632144e142b4dd75692907cc4f21deb4Mike Conley — Bug 901070 - When cleaning out unused toolbar buttons from an area, remove the location attributes before putting things into the palette. r=Gijs.
1fd99ab6698951010052bbac6a186ec51f114c0eMarco Bonardo — Bug 895938 - Australis: Dragging the bookmarks toolbar item to the menupanel makes it disappear
05b4f93ec4d96ef32f3e1d8060f3815a0ebee36cMike Conley — Backing out be70e1844ac7 (Bug 901058) for permaorange on CLOSED TREE.
35f2752c86ed1a267efec5bb0fcf71109b34a45eMike Conley — Move CustomizableUI EXTRA_PP_JS_MODULES to, no bug, r=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE.
9b1850fb1f616bf42df7ea4311dbe3579829254fGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
be70e1844ac7471d85953d0c7b794351857712c4Gijs Kruitbosch — Fix usage of area.type to use a map's get() function, no bug, rs=mconley
6b7a279be044e971e1ab44b9ed25cde43e3680adGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 900442 - Add-on toolbar shouldn't be evicting stuff when we wrap its contents, r=mconley
cb4eee9778497279fb48ba9ea9f64261a51fb071Mike Conley — Bug 899576 - Fast-path the default case for CustomizableUI.buildArea, and preset node attributes in browser.xul. r=Gijs.
ad01ad77a4d177fa8af4f5fd2fe497f72e653bccMike Conley — Automated merge with
15121432e1b6824ea872c328fd739625dff0c5d9Mike Conley — Bug 899608 - Remove cruft from XULWidgetGroupWrapper, and move areaType getter into group wrappers. r=Gijs, rs=mak.
5e4b7860231358bf5aaa475aec629888fe74bbb6Mike de Boer — Bug 873517: Update CSS selectors for Downloads indicator on Linux to show icon. r=mak
ee37fbbaa9e94615fa4e175fee6e5d9de03e806dMike de Boer — Bug 899033: fall back to using menu panel sprite for buttons introduced by Australis on Linux. r=mconley
1bd9d044599693c97d1a51c16553deeee78d2378Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
36ed8db7aadcc90447d6c98c617f66667402c4afMatthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
ccb3d92468a3f5e6b284041770c48ab4964fddd6Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
1db33326529f7f4a92528d4ce956c1a1f03d18e3Dão Gottwald — Bug 899587 - "Remove the now-unneeded setUrlAndSearchBarWidthForConditionalForwardButton hack" r=jaws
ae7aaa96be25f889cc8d03c4fa4c80aa191c0ef8Gijs Kruitbosch — Backed out changeset 25c0cb82cae3 for getting the email address wrong
25c0cb82cae388d321ca0b556295112568596bd3Dão Gottwald Bug 899587 - "Remove the now-unneeded setUrlAndSearchBarWidthForConditionalForwardButton hack" r=jaws
81ce85168be1b1df5b31754c2873558d73197e5cMarco Bonardo — Bug 855805 - Create the Bookmarks widget with subview - Styling.
646de1d68ccb42b5512d65c58e36687a31b72bf1Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
e2fa6332a90779546f623d34da43d31445735793Markus Stange — Bug 898126 - Cache client hit test values, r=jimm
8637eb5091824ad386dce4eb3edf802a90d7c15aJared Wein — Bug 891104 - Only run onOverflow if an overflow event has occurred. r=mconley
b0549e859d2201b8f079b12c2b16256594adb34bGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX.
9001015f448f7ffc4f6019c26355a4c8cd8b05e0Mike Conley — Bug 861703 - Constrain the maximum height of the menu panel. r=jaws,feedback=Gijs.
334ce2d2165043dbac630f497df635e72bf0f1f9Mike Conley — Automated merge with
c1657630b126cdf179776259bdf09e3b35da669fGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 898012 - Remove useless bits in OS X titlebar placeholder stuff, r=MattN
61678b88455bbf662b5e4d9c70ebc8ca5c1171bdMatthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
91c9b0675e2b76d8be6b57545e1007a2428dd57aJared Wein — Bug 898040 - Followup to only remove the event listeners if they were added. r=MattN
89dfb5b64ed084803fc7a58c2dfdea1766553f2eJared Wein — Bug 898040 - Delay adding the event listeners for PanelUI until the panel is toggled. r=mconley
eb94d597ec472a7fbd485c440b28fc94dea4728dGijs Kruitbosch — Backing out bug 849099 for causing functionality regressions (bug 897901), csets cbf5e9ebd287, 0a565c255a8b, d6623f06fe55
fda9274e0c30bb4e704e1058e301a57c6c483f33Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
2e0d2777ff19346a8583bdfc58a0c57dce0e5b39Mike de Boer — Bug 870865 - (Australis) Disabled buttons in the panel and customization mode should have graytext. r=mstange, ui-r=shorlander
e6cceb960b188085095cf1f5489a820f9d0498c4Marco Bonardo — Bug 855805 - Create the Bookmarks widget with subview - Functional part.
cbf5e9ebd287321b682d7034daaa49528eec59edGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 894099 - simplify useHitTest setting, r=dao
631e3cc6b26b09b88d76d9bec1648b334eb62edaGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
40a2ec68fb77cd7417dc1ee1024b5a713001bff2Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 872544 - update private browsing label to match menu, r=jaws
01fb059f99db80fa3b445f8f360f9d72beee0fffGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 872544 - wrap toolbarbutton labels in panels, r=mikedeboer
d27aea6a2eee994ab8523acb19583ba902a85429Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 895827 - pass null if we don't have a placement, r=jaws
e6ff8814ce58241866020122283d30a0876d9cf0Gijs Kruitbosch — Fix an observer never being removed, found in bug 897410, r=mikedeboer
cd2ff8dd3bb8ce92b7f656880908108aa2fe192bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 897410 - don't call into the zoom manager if we don't (yet) have a docshell, r=mikedeboer
82bb645b4c13eca3287729839de493d086b16dc9Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
0a565c255a8bc1b5a79561f87a8b304c2034ed16Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 894099 - Fix comment regarding hit testing, rs=comment-only, DONTBUILD
d6623f06fe55de418f70332f88e79d7ed6923056Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 894099 - Optimize client hittest and use WindowDraggingUtils.jsm for dragging the window on pre-Vista, r=felipe,jimm
d7fd9dcb68a8a404b226cfe7dbbcb05fd5c0d8e0Mike Conley — Bug 896596 - _onDragStart hack in CustomizeMode should not cause placeholders to get inserted after exiting customize mode. r=Gijs.
0c53c2cf98b5eb0acbdc884cb6fb404a5dd12105Mike de Boer — Bug 892959: correct Linux menu-panel and palette icons for builtin widgets. r=Gijs
7b4b3e5c3a2652124585fedf7a63f5c5094ffa60Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
69e73126983ced883621c6c8769c81f02a2f56e1Jared Wein — Bug 895778 - Optimize some of the code paths in CustomizableUIInternal.registerToolbar. r=Gijs r=mconley
3e84d97864bd9213d767789a5251102505b144beGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 881937 - tabindex all the things, r=mconley
539f516783b0680d2633337069ddc85a54ef1e85Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 881937 - focus the first focusable item, r=mconley
c14e95e3b87f09a4f95a3c68372e299f69bf671eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 878106 - should call updateEditUIVisibility when opening panel, r=Unfocused
4a71a1c953d6627b2d57a0395b42dba914d284b7Francesco Lodolo [:flod] — Bug 896161 - Australis: restore backForwardItem.title in browser.dtd, r=dao
e4177c0221d0730145f081924a23a75731c59b98Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
2dbad15d775e3edf0eb60bdb2ce7e4e80264889eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 880918 - Allow accesskeys to work for wrapped labels, r=enndeakin
5dd57b76bc71a38ab1da17263f1a05ba532b12bbGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 885075 - remove skipintoolbarset from social widget, r=mikedeboer
47d9faf1a4bef1a7aa58470806c3bb45580db94aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 892463 - Australis menupanel contextmenu shouldn't override add-on contextmenu, r=dao
dfa1450dd6072de49960438af7ad1fcce67b63cfMike de Boer — Bug 703063: adjust back-button clip-path to not look truncated. r=jaws
0b6c881ba74cbe77c6a317463b0459dda7d59c9cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 880918 - add a toolbarbutton sub-binding that wraps labels, r=dao,Enn
4883dc0017a149b88ae98b57da2272ec9422665bJared Wein — Bug 895724 - Remove reload-button and stop-button from browser.xul since they are no longer needed. r=MattN
f9ec5709d99284433acb4284bf8410650d8cb072Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
9b41e04e51a848b1f55d94730d039af0a7991c95Francesco Lodolo — Bug 889500 - Australis: restore unused strings in browser.dtd. r=dolske
1227fcd5b021279a0840ff967580dce31cd0358eMike de Boer — Bug 895509: re-add RTL support for back/ forward buttons. r=dao
3a2eda2fae3fe1dc9f7894898b70b703b3ae8618Mike Conley — Bug 873712 - Add "overflowed" property to CustomizableUI widgets. r=Gijs.
09fd1ae57a2ec63d9fcec19d583cd377aeff0198Mike de Boer — Bug 755598: Merge Back/ Forward/ URLBar/ Stop/ Reload/ Go buttons into 1 toolbaritem. r=dao
955e76aa16e70c9a2cfcf04b172a254cf1d7457eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 893994 - avoid warnings for empty strings passed to document.getElementById when there's no mainView, r=mconley
aea735296c81b383930001068c6aff4bf750d651Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 893994 - guard against opening a subview multiple times by setting 'open' on the anchor, r=mconley
6fdc29dabfb366bd4f8bca9d72a8f1b0f5480080Gijs Kruitbosch — Merging m-c to UX
cf38a7ab3035e3f022823aa92b7990492da5c9bfGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 886444 - Should not stop people dragging the window from toolbars while customizing, r=mconley
2b7346629b68e05f0332a5ece293fa767ba4a7dfGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 881937 - Add shortcut to toggle the menupanel, r=mdeboer
a1a498f6adecfea3c3da34e780574c0fa07c81b0Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 883406 - Shouldn't throw errors for missing shortcuts, r=mdeboer
2597a5d813c62da1e7828ad1e8ce7312800670c2Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 884120 - nullcheck themeData before using it in LightweightThemeListener, r=MattN
da2be617863deb0cbc10d6c1ac3ae32e0db5eb61Mike Conley — Automated merge with
fc9d6356a74d622f1efaae194982d36b8aa22768Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 878550 - Clicking on clear recent history in the history subview doesn't dismiss the panel, r=mconley
984279fe88e57386d7c88716e1f2a13c74249e7dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 888817 - currentset should be updated when items are added/(re)moved, r=mconley
b3a5e2a65d1fab86ea24025a539d8524000479d8Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
078338b16829ce761f8d4005053527e2d9184883Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 893682 - Default @chromemargin to the eventual value when CAN_DRAW_IN_TITLEBAR is true. r=Gijs
3a864f5263b9c6420a562932d4264930e88795efGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 892956 - destroyWidget should remove the widget from defaultPlacements, if applicable, r=mconley
217ff824007aeeaa5ce1a10cbe573b1aa7a66ee6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 886317 - Use top-level panels for temporary panels to fix history/feed/... widget bugs in fullscreen, r=mconley
dbb311c24804c983025a7b7be5924f3b3353c49dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 892483 - zoom controls ought not to have labels, r=mconley
1ba44a63743dfdd90d13f438252633776dbd966eGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
1fbb5ba9901d46444aaa34d4a2e4f27bacd81ba1Mike de Boer — Bug 890136: buttons in the menupanel don't have a separate down state. r=MattN
b3adb6c97eb39f5ddda0b7719125ca4630cf1704Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
20526bcdf0a2e9d4420ebcf2c7471ebbb9df93f3Jared Wein — Backed out changeset cd4c737c45a9 (bug 892799) for timing-out the world.
cd4c737c45a97586636819d1806b15d983ba6483Jared Wein — Bug 892799 - If currentset is absent, don't need to move items around in legacy areas. r=mconley
e1fd258c689b7d4ecb5d052a5378e2be56246998Jared Wein — Bug 892532 - Add an optional faster path to isWidgetRemovable. r=mattn
6bfdb8e66c5060008d4b97278c87a184a1931371Jared Wein — Bug 892841 - Break out of the toolbox children loop when we find the palette. r=dao
3cbfe0d6e5ee2945e85f517bcc82a294b613b403Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 892955 - isWidgetRemovable and removeWidgetFromArea should work for widgets that have been destroyed, r=mconley
56af4ca8e542d5c5e25ee317622502921751036aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 877006 - A widget with an invalid view should not break all of CustomizableUI, r=Unfocused
4136556fa252dd7f48e72efb557574dceb8b381eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 880458 - Implement anchor support for overflowable toolbar, r=mconley
47dbbf9e4c5d68277aec1799917c14c2397ccf63Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 887908 - Sidebars on OS X retina have two close buttons rather than one, r=mconley
59e0b786a639e0fab57e8d26fd900e7d7d9018faJared Wein — Merge cleanup after alphabetizing of r=me
e8253c2924af8bbf59adaeaf06c756ebb4263a2aJared Wein — Automated merge with
e17f8d7d4ce205f10c01abf6541401e65ba6c067Mike Conley — Bug 892509 - Make passing findWidgetInWindow an empty ID a non-fatal error. r=jaws.
a8a320338f33a72c6b7f973fb8ab91c65309ae41Mike Conley — Backout 757b3bbe3c63 (bug 877006) for suspected permaorange. r=bustage-fix.
5a294331b6b558607fe92166c3ea4cdade5d8b0eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 891926 - destroyWidget should actually get viewNode before trying to use it, r=Unfocused
757b3bbe3c6313e674f155f884507fd6af041680Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 877006 - A widget with an invalid view should not break all of CustomizableUI, r=Unfocused
727132bea25c2b042ea6ae0769f57820b882ba12Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 890105 - Avoid uninterruptible reflows in TabsInTitleBar._update. r=Gijs
5c6b1a1ed828bfc9c43a4b060bb1674ade035c0fGijs Kruitbosch — Fix merge.
633f38c4b84175857d19035f49b40b8089e35650Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
a39e19167f5e7ec496cb3720229a65a54f863af9Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 877684 - Implement new Customize and Help button styling, r=jaws
ec67f6224dd93affbfc21dd45c4961f65a803e06Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 890262 - destroyWidget shouldn't throw an exception when the widget is in a non-built area, r=mconley
c208735c240c2216e0c015a8e2b1e57155eca676Jared Wein — Bug 879678 - Remove selectors dealing with a collapsed navigation toolbar. r=dao
0f07f81c289fe63a4f8312e49d4db6c7b65cfd60Mike Conley — Bug 877450 - Create Developer Tool widget with subview. r=Gijs.
dcbfa811f70618983d6741975a2062c368599df2Jared Wein — Bug 891575 - and should be renamed to and, respectively. r=Gijs
c81f497d7e95f1631e65848534063b616b64f75aMike Conley — Bug 885530 - CustomizableUI should have a way to not add widgets to private windows. r=Gijs.
fa7675b67853f815adac28116da4ca156b6722aeGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 886030 - Add events to toolbar change to help customizableui deal with appearing/disappearing toolbars, r=mconley
1b4535123806eb1c9c35c2c869b5ec2006a1472fGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 887438 - Add a currentSet setter shim for all toolbars to improve add-on compatibility, r=jaws
731c4c7ec0e4a75865c686604439af41cfde0b0eJared Wein — Automated merge with
04a9719e70576b9f586c64eb314dad191fac66dcGijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX
34c0f40827de47fbc0f3d1fa242e7af234561e43Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 890476 - Don't build a menubar on OSX, r=dao
227581811069f3a38c51572e43f6a64b90ddd227Jared Wein — Automated merge with
0ba5646baca4e4e786cdb9a672b5c9c3ee411b22Jared Wein — Automated merge with
2208231fab50cfa13bb6a097d550ef8046edf8fbGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
0f8d8d9254ca4cec819d6576c5401c4d833ae773Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 890356 - After exiting Lion fullscreen, context menus on toolbars no longer work, r=dao
ca7577238ef4599cc953450fe76de4b29630561aGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
070ae719d24245b2ed306734e7d242c3f16954f8Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 888775 - Windows 7 with LWT shifts down the tabs because of the add-on bar binding, r=jaws
b6f8dc3e635b9fe86616f53436d24bb4cf30b993Jared Wein — Automated merge with
0b667de52fa49c68b8e38cb741adfc223009b451Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 889597 - Hide panelUI by default to improve ts_paint, r=MattN,jaws
33069424622450eced0c5f765ab592bfbf7b3704Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 888800 - Should have default set of items present in the nav-bar, r=Unfocused,f=MattN
884a90d5104273f28a64539aaa850952e4edb3f6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 889610 - Aero glass fog cut off in customization mode on Windows 7, r=jaws
26608ffcc23cdc249d3289bca6f5aaaf5a5e17deMike de Boer — Bug 878898: rename 'name' and 'description' properties to 'label' and 'tooltiptext' respectively. r=jaws
930a5d9d769d8753e42ec8ed7d1c76eccf85db3dGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
f611d07ea260777f8cf6d93a9aac1dad2a0a00ffGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 886281 - Constrain the absolutely positioned glass fog using overflow-y: hidden to avoid overlapping layers, r=jaws
d53cd5cad4f350150ad696d1f9893f24d062e009Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 888594 - Back/forward buttons in library should have the right icon, r=jaws
ea3c07fc095becd5fe5b1c8e7f1d780dfaae1eecGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 888766 - Windows 7 should have the correct icons, r=jaws
c901ba98ea877ed6573305fef3c985efa41e42e8Jared Wein — Bug 888571 - Don't load CustomizeMode.jsm upon startup. r=MattN,dao
a434db8e365c5226d78062f66b1187d75702822eGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
30b4e0a35ef823fcfc67c47c72cf704793296c59Jared Wein — Backed out changeset ee81f5bac27a (bug 888571)
ee81f5bac27af0b94b0aa6cef657190c59b620c5Jared Wein — Bug 888571 - Don't load CustomizeMode.jsm upon startup. r=MattN,dao
82c63da57b32aac90da4b5825887ef2115b261b8Gijs Kruitbosch — Backout the second part of bug 877767 ( 0d4883c469e6 ) per bug 888615 comment 4, rs=backout
a508ec22d5ac8700ff002c6bb6c648dfe7fbca72Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
adb9531aead07e704a50617a05febf05a5cc5e6aGijs Kruitbosch — Fix merge bustage rs=bustage
ccc2e6cc94704e1622100ef5d17689497b1ed43cGijs Kruitbosch — Merge after merge.
e6027b2178013e2623493cfbe6b48a558d28285dGijs Kruitbosch — Fix downloads merge, no bug, rs=merge
72ffa897127ec0785c26b459466908d84640f61bGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
f3d225d4585907b6b2a24c44452dab50125abc3bMike Conley — Bug 885452 - Remove retrieveToolbarIconsizesFromTheme now that we only support one icon size. r=jaws.
1e0c19a1472e7a8ce2e34feb559e670fe26dcf08Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
a96796c4d35fb9090489f63a18a83a596e860f48Mike Conley — Bug 875488 - Include missing menuPanel.png and menuPanel-small.png for Linux. r=bustage-fix
673eef75826b131d34f368ef00d663957949a345Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
1010d94e216b2dd84269d850d18625cbc026bc3aMike Conley — Bug 875488 - Add and update toolbar buttons and menu panel icons for Australis. r=dao, Gijs.
48544f26c06141201675c0763758e379da3722e0Francesco Lodolo [:flod] — Bug 887911 - Improve localization comment for zoom-reset-button.label (, r=gijs, DONTBUILD
9d26f6b3d7f64388cfd96c485439dabfa8bdb328Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux
72acd03fccd6934f1db7f42ce28d86754b537116Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 749804 - Fix memory leaks in add-on bar mutation observer, r=mconley
170da549f6170997671619a129a81bf8298de889Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 749804 - Fix tests for customization (missing default placements for add-on bar, rs=bustage,mconley
3f8f2599f05531f807c827d435e1fd7cb4d5bd4aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 882744 - Widgets moved to the palette keep the disabled state, r=jaws
ef0973113930b5d3bd2e456f7c6c274c514aff86Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 749804 - Auto-migrating add-on bar shim, r=jaws,Unfocused;feedback=mconley
dd59f8effb73d72f317ef3df3f98acbe5795a903Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 749804 - part 0: remove the add-on bar, r=jaws
8ba322cb77ac160cbc7c62f2ac3c25a171825d47Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 885015 - expose widget IDs for jetpack/add-ons (like currentset), r=mconley
8c86dc6f89089429a4494eaf4d31fc1155d596ffGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 885402 - Disabled back button not shown disabled, r=mconley
1e69af94fff2cc9e232cb64071bcfbdac33611c6Jared Wein — Automated merge with
70d4bf1c4d943d7e2f4a61ed254f673e2546d43cGijs Kruitbosch — Merge from m-c to ux
9695fd3df674e89e1108d21971cdd7638bbdc485Mike Conley — Bug 406860 - Remove customizeToolbarSheetPopup from browser.xul. r=jaws.
1e1547dbba7e1e1579775fa33792580573f38ce0Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879985 - Use system event listeners, and make the search widget work correctly, r=jaws
39c26b5a69eef12ae07e4ab876bff572ea60cf02Jared Wein — Automated merge with
4e2f7ff49f867eec391916a4d6de150b80bc4007Jared Wein — Automated merge with
49e160b46dadc8a685a6c55eee879f8b03c8e8acJared Wein — Bug 880382 - When customizing, dragging wide widgets in the panel should cause panel to break by rows. r=mconley
f9405d636cbfe1680b1af0ae67d578a3b135939eJared Wein — Backed out changeset 48334123e0c7 (bug 880382) for test timeouts on debug builds.
d50bbe2d977298b64cc7aaf757450bd528932f80Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 875130 - Disable CustomizableUI debug logging. rs=mconley
48334123e0c7815f790ca3cc5909ff2cdbcafdbaJared Wein — Bug 880382 - When customizing, dragging wide widgets in the panel should cause panel to break by rows. r=mconley
bc8b83f7a57ea0910e9407312b03fd5ef9785f4aMike Conley — Bug 880277 - Bug 649216 (unnecessary delay when clicking tab close buttons sequentially) regressed on UX. r=fryn.
bdf769ab540ff594faa9fb5447d4bfebfc4627b4Mike Conley — Automated merge with
826dde975a68c3390090445dcaa6eae4fa7acbb7Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 873464 - Move tab label up on OS X to align with the close button. r=shorlander
408f7960fc2bfb127fc664822b6d7b7329f573cfMarkus Stange — Bug 882578 - Don't use fgTabBackgroundMiddle on OS X. r=MattN
d9f547e97bf85040ac8b0edb7d512bcec938c8cdGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 882306 - Use CSS to make buttons look enabled when customizing; don't change buttons' disabled states, r=dao
ce7a6a715dc207cde5a17d4a599f0a80f144cb11Mike Conley — Bug 871204 - Auto-fit panel height after exiting customization mode. r=jaws.
d326eb8c292c3d3419d52af7a65b551a31692eeeGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 882960 - Edit and zoom controls don't reset correctly after being moved to the navbar, r=mconley,Unfocused
27b11178984515377cd809f941f5aa8a09337a8aMike Conley — Bug 881909 - Wrap and unwrap toolbaritems after customization mode transition finishes. r=Gijs.
f2d4d72e5fa75d98d928fc075d2d055f628a802cMatthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
e1bfdf58328cddd9d3ad8917803f42e4de553ea4Mike Conley — Bug 873058 follow-up - AREATYPE_MENU_PANEL does not exist. Have to use TYPE_MENU_PANEL instead. r=trivial.
cd6b6424d334e7f3aa9e5043024728e6490e6797Mike Conley — Bug 880701 - Add capability for PanelUI to ignore mutations in panelviews. r=jaws.
833523565041329100278d48faff3c5f307c77fbGijs Kruitbosch — Back out bug 882960 (a462ae7a8657) for mochitest-browser failures.
0384f4c209f91cac4982ea16cac619d224a383c2Mike Conley — Bug 883147 - Bookmark star icon missing for hidpi displays on OSX, r=gijs
a462ae7a8657fb30acf9935df2b1cd591f29d4aaGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 882960 - Edit and Zoom controls don't like being reset out of the navbar, r=mikedeboer
130caa8dca45a0263da3da57fd9925c9913ea44aGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux-central
0965605b441e17efb0c59a2f67995924838de2d8Mike Conley — Backout bug 880701 - caused a behavioural regression with the panels not resizing properly.
5c9ac2fcd9b27b37b60f82d15c081571ff13c82cMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 872636 - Leave space in the tabstrip for the private browsing indicator on OS X. r=Gijs,dao
7e60aa0f0ccf2ba489cfc49c6284229a10fda933Mike Conley — Bug 856665 - Use Australis toolbar button styling on OS X. Most of this patch was originally written by Josiah Bruner. r=dao.
91e3867710d7909b5cea496645fc063d4d4f36c8Mike Conley — Bug 880701 - Add capability for PanelUI to ignore mutations in panelviews. r=jaws.
7b402575362f6a561084c254e1d905e68d00806dMike de Boer — Bug 881131: update zoom reset label on location change. r=jaws
e8cbe272eb57a7c7b98d6f90446c494ab9d5e8fdMike de Boer — Bug 873398: improve disabled state appearance for panel buttons. r=jaws
60d15403b0513c23fa995602ba9a7b2d592dbf50Mike de Boer — Backed out changeset 4d9d4960d891 (bug 873398)
7193c6f699a14da229f76bcb5b37941e91470281Mike de Boer — Backed out changeset 7ef2a2d43849 (bug 881131)
792666203d8f5017c6886141634494d6a339eab7Mike de Boer — Bug 878126: fix HiDPI icons for XUL buttons inside the customization palette. r=mconley
7ef2a2d438497406f8ab409272d5767616ec8bc7Mike de Boer — Bug 881131: update zoom reset label on location change
4d9d4960d8910fa83108052e4342b52cebf23c28Mike de Boer — Bug 873398: improve disabled state appearance for panel buttons
507d98adc606b8e7a84187064c1dd525e6dee4efJared Wein — Automated merge with
06d4cc4f43777d0c9a22ba5375664c5b6f61f28eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879590 - Improve in-titlebar menubar colors on Windows Classic themes, r=dao
6a1067f3c2516640d95b6a08505d35c2ec5883cfMarkus Stange — Bug 879595 - Tile the background of the selected tab middle part properly and make the gradient connect smoothly to the toolbar. r=MattN
65f9814b1c7a728e3573229ab29ca59b5123ca1bMarkus Stange — Bug 879602 - Put the navigator-toolbox bottom border on top of the nav-bar. r=MattN
8dacd3c29fa1e31123adbbb627d52f0465548415Jared Wein — Automated merge with
7ea96a77144c12cb4d856d2ee7c2dca90d6b489bJared Wein — Bug 881768 - Right-clicking on some widgets in the Panel causes it to close immediately. r=mikedeboer
b13d07fc8417144129352326f4c521b0f467aef4Jared Wein — Bug 870866 - (Australis) When in customization mode, the Panel Menu button should be in the :active state. r=mikedeboer
899389c30a164a33283274b0c268218d9b85eab5Mike de Boer — Bug 880576: remove incorrect usages of -moz-margin-*. r=jaws
28c4cdc58a254ef7ab9ec85a93ed64024d6a872aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879506 - Non-autohidden menubar in popup with menubar=no should not alter menubar position, r=dao
d34b32544b06ad4b31319ae6327ff1369c2d08b5Jared Wein — Bug 863299 - Only support large icons mode for the toolbars in the browser. r=Unfocused
48fa00afe683be9540d7ab919fc48e5e526b005cMike Conley — Bug 873053 - Make Downloads button open the Library if it's in the menu panel. r=mak.
2352cb62c463ece54602a3adf9cad71e1fdce9b8Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux-central
556df196ed9aa8448855aa97015868b78b5a7659Mike Conley — Backing out Bug 873066 (f2fec3b20abe) for introducing perma-orange. r=bustage-fix.
8a9bf2595921564823958d15cf01e471dfa45fadJared Wein — Bug 881385 - Followup to fix typo in 1b4b5f70d7d3 patch. r=me
282a519538eb76145a47f44c5b8b00135a06a7e7Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879980 - Subscribe button appears disabled when in the palette, r=mconley
d374bd90817231170947119c1345657f15cd5529Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 877851 - Spacer/separator/spring tests should be independent, r=mconley
ecd56580f8ddf0a0c548667f237926294ec0b50eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 878775 - History favicon size is wrong on retina displays, r=jaws
6f6a26b8f4c34c14e60af3ba955653fe38988a8eGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux-central
1b4b5f70d7d313f94f542e20fa9885e68e92ee47Jared Wein — Bug 881385 - Remove checks for text iconmodes in browser-social.js. r=mixedpuppy
f2fec3b20abe2e5837a19f4111d7bd2ced317f9fMike Conley — Bug 873066 - Enforce allowedAreaTypes for widgets. r=Gijs,feedback=Unfocused.
4d0ef7da3425b5da72b1bcd9822cc50306ba44a8Mike Conley — Bug 880789 - Remove dropmarker from the Bookmarks button when it's in the palette or the menu panel. r=jaws.
92c047e2be67d3470137705ff3875b56adbb3130Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux-central
fb937d891fc585309f13251feeaa080f7a2c96c9Jared Wein — Bug 870602 - Disable lightweight themes when in customization mode. r=Unfocused
2ebd4237b7b24a806559e81ecd4e0dd7068269caJared Wein — Bug 879994 - LightweightThemeManager should allow lightweight themes to be temporarily disabled. r=Unfocused
74cfd0e16ccf734b3c0aad3e9650832d9cc2aaa1Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879977 - Restore Defaults button should be disabled, not hidden, when in the default state, r=mconley
9d393cd3c17c77ebfadd59dba3590e34488dd26fGijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux-central
fc79651935e74614270195f377f234d9dd532231Mike Conley — Bug 880399 - Move star button out from URL bar into the bookmarks-menu-button. r=mak.
81509da96d97c5d17606f996857435f5f9aa9b15Mike Conley — Bug 880421 - Bump migration currentUIVersions for removing text&icons and un-collapsing nav-bar in nsBrowserGlue.js. r=Gijs.
aebaf0ec9d924dd711e11cba9789d4ff5404e7b5Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge mozilla-central and ux-central
d35fd3f2b033cb14eff131ff478c09d28fee0806Markus Stange — Bug 880153 - Fix -moz-window-button-box fallback width on 10.6. r=smichaud
1f1c6f94ea5dd81b3d4e7692a96e2ee7be787c9eMarkus Stange — Bug 880124 - Make -moz-mac-fullscreen-button 0px wide on 10.6, which doesn't have a fullscreen button. r=smichaud
13e40012da07f1d54e0f9b82e03c046a02d574ebGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879581 - Put a default sizemode="normal" on the browser window so we don't get windows without a sizemode, r=MattN
ee64a6c09fa3b6884dc0ad7cb53ab68c45583729Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879317 - Customization target should support insertItem, r=jaws
ebbce33ac9ca5fcee4a4049dc8e4e6bdc6590b20Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 877447 - Make CustomizableUI.inDefaultState skip IDs for missing items, r=mconley
634e4f218c22e980717e720e05cc7f982a162162Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 880322 - Remove support for icons property; consumers should be using CSS for styling. rs=mconley
70f7083ce1d29d90ea2f90449f1617b979622ba4Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to UX.
788d4dc9aaca8a61fcd08ce8fb6834ba1efc1a18Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 870452 - Migrate feed button to new API, r=mconley
546ccc10a18f6d35999585b14d5d63ce5ed404feMike Conley — Bug 851001 - Update global/icons/close[@2x].png for Australis, r=jaws
21ceab5a762381c11b0d4d43c8d2857e03f0769fJared Wein — Automated merge with
7b92268387848e7f7da1fd4b8c4f6b6a1bd5a795Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879162 - Adjust CSS to fix gap between menubar and tabs in autohide vs. permanent cases, r=dao
558fa738a8985d4b7e17a2efe306dec04b986920Mike de Boer — Bug 879295: switch hardcoded strings to use localized alternatives. r=jaws
8527c9d9e340f6d72d3def6a896ddb737abd6580Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 871279 - Some pop-up windows show the tabs too high in the titlebar, r=mconley
9da5648f063b5279705f0c117ff7f725e7b79b84Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 870471 - context menu for customization panel, r=bmcbride,dao
c197150217d6f72466879135c23eaf71fa22bafeJared Wein — Bug 755593 - Remove tabs-on-bottom mode. r=dao
57a5d367cf74bf4bc3508b40e85ee8708e0b6863Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 879147 - Don't move OS X titlebar placeholders in RTL mode. r=dao,mconley
50122ea0f5b32218bda95b37689d28333d0b0a24Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879098 - fix test failures caused by bug 878452, r=mconley
1a274e64711973ef5e12ca32ac552b9d3b894957Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 878452 - dragging an item to an empty area should work, r=jaws
b40b5c0fce67bb84071b67e86e036967d7cec903Mike de Boer — Bug 878824: check when edit controls are present, r=mconley
21906afe10800cc85d0549aefaa9a734619d6056Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 879162 - menubar gap is too small when always-showing the menubar from the toolbar context menu, r=dao
7a4f2f5b3c6b3780fbc21893436e26e21740552aMike de Boer — Bug 868433: make widgets use localization strings. r=mconley
eef2d494d353f0fbdd2e8cea0c024b7bb7310d3eMike de Boer — Bug 870901: Re-add edit controls and make them customizable. r=mconley
d92bea85aa14c73c01303de25799ac7a19db1651Mike de Boer — Bug 870897: make the zoom controls customizable. r=mconley, sr=Unfocused
65fde4f8d09b18ab3edeb1ca538406a928725dfeGijs Kruitbosch — Back out e878799f7d5a for browser-chrome bustage.
9ea1258609dc461dd7874d7603b8de71b2b0c314Jared Wein — Bug 878300 - Switch CustomizeMode.jsm and CustomizableUI.jsm to use Console.jsm. r=Unfocused
92f65b23b5f4bedba762ac8a67ea6a1250296121Jared Wein — Bug 877370 - Show blank targets in the menu panel while in customization mode. r=mconley
bb94dac2a65caf8df829474bb7a4095c935a3bddMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 875894 - Increase the size of the new tab button's clip-path to prevent clipping the image's stroke. r=Gijs ui-r=shorlander
7818d3b94911506b7a27db111d0203577d97c429Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 877368 - App tabs are missing separators when there is tab overflow. r=dao
33315aa543f58bb535ab3415ac90fa839e44bd49Brandon Cheng — Bug 873662 - Australis causes back button to have an incorrect gradient/clip-path on OSX. r=jaws.
347bfa6318838c2405dff70a3ad00a957c962d80Mike Conley — Automated merge with
ccd9c2be155c97ea8af0aad96f31bc9e279df7f3Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 870849 - Gap between the tab-strip and top of titlebar is too large when in restored mode, r=dao
e878799f7d5ac47d797c263a74e6eb8616a1cb37Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 878452 - dragging an item to an empty area should work, r=jaws
4b3950dd3859a4d9d98a47a005ad70b913c3d254Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 877178 - Respect skipintoolbarset for existing items, r=jaws
98f19b9442c068cebe05260ee7a749979f769e9bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 877178 - Tests for unregisterArea, r=jaws
de6bb0c6450aff61f7dd716cea05bb58ccef84b8Mike Conley — Backed out changeset c986b5090517 due to possibly introducing leaks.
29f42f35c30e550a9d315f20661487e1e1f3dbbeMike Conley — Backed out changeset ea38f867cc07 due to possibly introducing leaks.
ea38f867cc07d2f67addde998cd68e5681abaf99Mike de Boer — Bug 870901: Re-add edit controls and make them customizable, r=mconley
c986b5090517b98ce831abd27d17583567cdaccfMike de Boer — Bug 870897: make the zoom controls customizable, r=mconley
477008613e9732cecc6dbddbff9d984bc0d5737dMike de Boer — Bug 866928: Don't show toolbars in customization mode that are collapsed when not in customization mode, r=mconley
2c6006ba259cc5351e8a19327189830190e91326Gijs Kruitbosch — Merge m-c to ux
918e40dc02a287ed8ee4deedbe155aa91d8ceb11Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX
2b3f3611290801a42727fc17f68a3cf3dc4adeb1Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 875326 - Improved tab stroke images with an inner highlight and fixed layering. r=mconley ui-r=shorlander
4814c5774def261d9b943fed06e9ebd76c5b21feGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 877178 - Allow add-ons/code to unregister an area, r=jaws
70c6c10dd1c86efc3df58b6a46f1b6942ec8de72Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 877603 - registerArea should let non-legacy consumers specify defaults as part of the options, r=jaws
75392ec4426d54f719f9c37af56ff2f25a5d2b6cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 853415 - Shuffle before/after around and set an ordinal value on :after to avoid overflow bug, r=MattN
b1b4efefa241c2d13cb7f30a5f647c2259e2af2eMike Conley — Re-landing Bug 873867 - Adjust panelmultiview binding to allow easy swapping of mainviews. r=Unfocused.
d47b2cb703e520004dcddc1fc06f91f2912e188fJared Wein — Bug 878102 - Incorrectly sized icons in the History subview. r=mconley
328a98c93f46222097d41be5f1c47dca1b756fe0Mike Conley — Backed out changeset aa7f6cd90ff8 (Bug 873867)
aa7f6cd90ff80079e4db2dbc7c52df45e8af09e1Mike Conley — Bug 873867 - Adjust panelmultiview binding to allow easy swapping of mainviews. r=Unfocused.
4484d3d0525b3410ecd062a2116d40c2ef3aef37Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 877524 - Add comment to browser.xul about default placement arrays, r=mconley
e2fc66f343c90a224fef991c81c595bd0e39255dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 873501 - Add tests for special widgets, r=mconley
746b7883634b60f995d043bace0c727f6b001967Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 873501 - Make code dealing with special widgets more robust, r=mconley
b9228ba0543785d2ba32c156e11fe27147008509Jared Wein — Automated merge with
3c4799dd127cc8e83d4d7a0e431c6ef7c472c98dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 870014 - Fix botched conflict resolution and pass targetArea, too; original-r=mconley.
e66284b3e110f152f5e2a10ee787fb82e33a023bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 870014 - Cannot insert customizable items to the left of the tabstrip, r=mconley
efe1213b8bb8987d66e3bc34e972fd97b4f807b5Mike Conley — Bug 874140 - The "Restore Defaults" button should not be display:none when hidden. r=jaws.
6b7cc0ba4fbf5999d35a6447b99692a3023e8b6dMike Conley — Bug 875798 - Make the default placements for nav-bar reflect reality. r=Gijs.
24e7badfde217505ce8249925b362761403ca893Mike Conley — Bug 868135 - Remove the History sidebar control as a toolbar customization item. r=jaws.
2ead3457b86b5aa66b9d0f2790f416f136054792Mike Conley — Mostly automated merge with
3d19d2db3a3ba4e6b95566d2aac4082d0cdd50b2Jared Wein — Bug 873056 - Drag-over and drop effects when customizing. r=mconley
a7d470940b94ae67e8d61be664473662457d30f7Jared Wein — Bug 875775 - followup, update isWidgetRemovable. r=gijs
aa48602f237a4ac198513cef2c7c85b7c3c67a09Jared Wein — Bug 877183 - Remove unreferenced variable in getPlacementOfWidget. r=gijs
aeed857bac2193bb35045ba9f92434b7dcfd18b0Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 857886 - Use HiDPI images for Australis foreground tabs and separators on OS X. r=mconley,Gijs
727658cf86e0ef99bc12c16c6171eea311c9a6aeMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 857886 - Backout bug 874051 (9443ce3837d5) due to reverting to background-image for the tab stroke. r=Gijs
b7ab1c274cf5ad80c251bac924af8c2d79a88ed9Jared Wein — Bug 876764 - Entering customization mode with open customization tab breaks it. r=mconley
1c5ed65f7beaaa0af535a0f6c04e4c7536bfd027Jared Wein — Bug 875775 - Allow widgets created by createWidget to specify if they're removable or not. r=mconley
798863d29f0cd43938328c4cfb5cd146ff566e10Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 873518 - bustage fix aero builds', rs=bustage
4a5aa012dee7a694986554705c10a1e5c7929643Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 873518 - Fix off-by-one error when moving widgets within their area, r=jaws
a17f84ab819ee0798c2c84276d3184444e255623Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 873518 - Remove cut/copy/paste buttons from customization palette, r=jaws
5b35c6c3e9e0197350f1b769c6f2070c00d9eb39Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 873518 - Remove throbber button from customization palette, r=jaws
183746f613a48fd6fcce3f77406bd4ad21899a8aJared Wein — Bug 871296 - 'Undo Close Tab' breaks customization mode. r=mconley
d720bf6a90b9e45971948b919017eb3654b14cbbPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to a CLOSED TREE ux
e509f1e30312033309867c31b27214e2e78d4617Mike Conley — Automated merge with
737b158fd80f17df7e8b8f0074cf66a784da5882Mike Conley — Bug 867368 - Remove Bookmarks sidebar control as a toolbar customization item. r=jaws.
507fc8ebc6aef4c2f78d9d8005647483f22c2922Blair McBride — Bug 875574 - CustomizableUI.getUnusedWidgets() should use spread operator instead of manually iterating over data. r=mconley
9b2bee9396c02fa54bfdb65d8390cc11ad0e6291Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to a CLOSED TREE ux
4153a68faf4f9949f0523ec584074551c9e16305Matthew Noorenberghe — Merge mozilla-central to UX on a CLOSED TREE
bab65fae9ff62deb4d9093ea66a6f06cb7dec4aaMike de Boer — Bug 870011 - Allow user to restore customized toolbars and panels to their default states without a restart. r=mconley.
a77f006151883bc92d22d27eff3e67ea0cf0d00aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 875163 - Panel icons are outrageously large on Retina displays on OSX. r=mconley.
10a65c307415930972a1a0da8b046c0ddc727b1fMike Conley — Mostly automated merge with
2a4cbe76ed6d6eb22dc1fcb8fd22547567764c6eMarkus Stange — Bug 875441 - Don't keep reapplying the 2x scale in HiDPI mode when drawing the titlebar buttons. r=mattwoodrow
999a42c340b6ac4be78815aaf181f1f965645ce5Blair McBride — Bug 875139 - CustomizableUI.serializerHelper() should use spread operator instead of manually iterating over data. r=mconley
927d12947ff7bdfcec8e5d263cf121c23e991919Blair McBride — Bug 875129 - Enable CustomizableUI debug logging. r=mconley
1019becd7a2af9c82cffab82cedc9464a64888c6Markus Stange — Bug 676241 part 8: Remove alternate layer manager handling. r=mattwoodrow
99480bf38444fc6e08c3e6840d1de3b3cf73fbdcMarkus Stange — Bug 676241 part 7: Update comments.
c895cfe0c09a8e791052d0dcdc25a6e0b90bc6d6Markus Stange — Bug 676241 part 6/9/11: Correct titlebar drawing. r=bgirard, r=smichaud, r=mattwoodrow
bc1f0124ee2f9ca7e791f2e4cc322ac6ea27c411Markus Stange — Bug 676241 part 5: Don't invalidate unnecessarily in OMTC mode. r=mattwoodrow
d096a54ea77a453be5f693b2780fa273295f44a4Markus Stange — Bug 676241 part 4: Make the window's contentView cover the whole window in drawsContentsIntoWindowFrame mode. r=smichaud
23d8885f5f10062ec23bb7e251c4e6487a784ff3Markus Stange — Bug 676241 - Back out _drawTitleBar swizzling from UX (originally landed in bug 865374 and bug 868211) because it's no longer necessary.
78b90e6c491b12fce32f0fd742c7fb789f46e7deMarkus Stange — Bug 676241 part 3: Remove titlebar drawing. r=josh
18fc103cb90e3a5523e6320f0f81a775549e69bcMarkus Stange — Bug 676241 part 2: Remove titlebar event redirection. r=josh
9d1f8bc1e27a3d24001455e4eff1cdeb3f00cbd9Markus Stange — Bug 676241 part 1: Don't draw rounded corners in -moz-appearance titlebar / toolbar rendering. r=josh
e540eb3276a197ef6589a82c0ac99f97d1a1cddaMarkus Stange — Bug 871590 - Make unified titlebar / toolbar handling more robust. r=roc
0adccd52443ef9c191b447eacfc7e8afe9cb41ecJared Wein — Bug 865926 - Allow the nav-bar to overflow toolbaritems into an overflow panel. r=mconley.
9134b509cb1beb73cce20388b123a1115ac29c17Mike Conley — Automated merge with
fad70df06e51da51cb1b1eb14cad67b975b67f99Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 823237 - Make the new tab button clip-path rectangular on top to prevent pointer-event gaps. r=Gijs
10dbf4ffe7ab30bf75d3d6c7f64d55b38b352fdbMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 857886 - Use HiDPI images for Australis background tabs on OS X. r=fryn
1718434171c250347e9cc5e48c6bbdbbcd1f7346Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 870461 - Improve l10n identifiers for new history subview buttons, r=dao
9443ce3837d5a8302a70ada1513e73ae240d76edGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 874051 - Fix failing a11y tree tests, r=surkov
e29963160917ab1f9eeb9fb6026bb5a4a59b582aMike Conley — Bug 874584 - Fix JS errors in mochitest-bc on Windows XP, r=gijs
daf6a442745394c197e0ec20b07c275432dfa1d4Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 874448 - OS X customization mode doesn't have dragover border indicators on toolbarpaletteitems, r=dao
1cacc35a4801c84ad5dc3017de385f5a4a308751Blair McBride — Bug 866978 - Enforce absence of removable="true" attribute. r=jaws
95c1125909b93c766712586c85a04591da4feb8dMike Conley — Bug 866863 - Follow-up to actually include the menuPanel icons for Linux. r=trivial.
6eda5fb789596543e724ebe0e2e7aba08aaeaa2bMike Conley — Bug 866863 - Land new pretty icons for the panel menu. r=jaws.
b1b726ebb549fcac9e76738304c116e5ee8bc42aJared Wein — Bug 870577 - (Australis) The toolbar items in the palette are overflowing their container and cutting off the label. r=mconley
f919b08b50d565c9b5725547a5221e3d71c02015Jared Wein — Backed out changeset e8aa19ecf54d (bug 865926) for leaking
1efefc1096247d3e70e1538c35b197880d8251a6Jared Wein — Bug 874491 - (Australis) Linux: The TabsToolbar in customization mode should not have a background and the shadow should not extend to the tabs box. r=mconley
e8aa19ecf54dd2e8890f9e10c92dcfea5db5f57eJared Wein — Bug 865926 - Allow the nav-bar to overflow toolbaritems into an overflow panel. r=mconley
afbba110951393091bd05144e9367e287fe82678Mike Conley — Automated merge with
6d2afa9eaf9a026dd0029c82d8a189dd10011c07Jared Wein — Bug 870989 - Menu panel sometimes has no right border. r=mconley
2675c59092b57c8023878efd9015aeed0eb2fa63Jared Wein — Bug 872446 - Remove our uses of :not([customizing]) for toolbars and customization mode. r=dao
03bae1732987d8d92c8f53e9fc8b8964505bbb1fJared Wein — Bug 870461 - Add 'Clear Recent History', 'Restore Previous Session', and tweak some of the text. r=gijs
7338b16933c834a44b59c792834ad89743b629d0Jared Wein — Bug 874319 - Add missing references to PlacesUtils to CustomizableWidgets. r=gijs,mconley
1f1144b5a14fa15eb84dd4c82746d0dc9fea217cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 874371 - Failing panorama tests checking for toolbar item presence on UX builds, r=ttaubert, f=mconley
2c3ed93031c9ccba6903ef0569d0989156b40e99Mike Conley — Automated merge with
21686fd23a103ba2c589e6020fff87ee6b85f67eMike Conley — Bug 870879 - Follow-up that fixes the resetButton getter so that it uses the right element ID. r=trivial.
045da4704a6a3930a54ac309e1ae0a3302cc6824Mike Conley — Bug 870869 - The "Restore Defaults" button in customization mode should get hidden if the toolbar is in the default state. r=Gijs.
c82232ceed5e0f02cbe36a178cdd0b7eb788b383Mike Conley — Bug 866245 Follow-up - a copypaste error resulted in some undefined variables being used when adding widgets. r=trivial.
19fac4398eb0d333b4bf368b5d08d1d16e7dd9cbMike Conley — Bug 866245 - Let widgets know when they're in the toolbar or menu panel, and what the appropriate anchors are. r=Unfocused.
7543c000a5a375a86e7df3695af95235add730b1Jared Wein — Bug 858056 - Customization areas should only gain an affordance when an item is grabbed. r=Unfocused
5797ed2e79b62cb3c51a725bd4950c8293f2b103Blair McBride — Bug 872403 - Add basic sanity check when restoring legacy state of toolbars. r=mconley.
785028b0d3fd7c10a62a871b952861203a31fab1Mike Conley — Bug 868612 - Fix mochitest test failures under browser/base/content/test. r=jaws,feedback=dao.
1ce330b1e8f4ffe50afeeecf0688c64f6a735cafGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 873449 - Fix determination of drawing in titlebar to work for chromeless popups, r=dao
c44ad65f296d95b078116cc392fe696b1383e245Mike Conley — Bug 860642 - Move the definitions of built-in widgets to their own file. r=Unfocused.
c375e7bc34b3136095caaadd786d8b1eee98b1f8Mike Conley — Automated merge with
51471a0392003da840751a6b95c287d9528200a7Mike de Boer — Bug 868636: new Help subview panel. r=jaws
cb56ba326fa790a9b8e6ec253d236eb8ed59707fMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 858089 - Adjust tab height and polish selected tab stroke seam and toolbar highlight. r=mconley,dao
3f2b9606773585f69a0db9b9e61d7a2e1c171b8eMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 864608 - Update tab drag dropmarker position for Australis. ui-r=shorlander r=fryn
83d32b7c1ddae49dc5e2ee00118399e96ac9fda3Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 855683 - We should support insertItem, r=mconley
a645c1fa281066ffee3be27470d4758965abe860Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 872578 - Customization shouldn't force a large window size, r=jaws
63ed2aa76f4df9b25e471257140af73b0cf7b63cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 872162 - Remove obsolete disablechrome CSS, r=dao
4a4cb69ab49444923bd8a3d484b9c382d6d089d7Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 872162 - Remove dead openURL function from web apps code, no longer check appOrigin in browser.js' onLocationChange, r=felipe
994f8ce244053828f2177a03fdc25f2e662a23cfMike Conley — Automated merge with
e545d3da3300ca3c0c41989061c835fc160e50b6Mike de Boer — Bug 869933: adjust zoom reset button label whilst zooming in/out. r=jaws
2ddd4748a753470fd8e3bbcb09b07b44cee1d6a3Mike de Boer — Bug 868586: Print preview for all, except OSX, r=jaws
8db97b1af68c6f0d65db479f5a3d5e466028a0daGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 752434 - Stop hiding toolbars for about:addons & co, r=dao
56db3a7a5f94d0bcda5284d0ebcd842ed64e79abGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 870545 - Prevent hiding the nav-bar from the menu, r=jaws
fd52a4cb0d8454b1bb83979681bf1a596b796846Mike Conley — Mostly automated merge with
7c407cb365a0cf1eb569d6be752dcb72f49df290Mike Conley — Bug 870985 - Menu panel is too small to accommodate 3 columns of buttons on Ubuntu. r=jaws.
295ba37d29914d425b0b99afa96c8a01d6fa1784Jared Wein — Bug 870574 - Adjust customization look of OS X browser window to have grid background and padding. r=mconley
f922557eec9cc2d5459246b15590ff69c1ad98cdMike Conley — Automated merge with
d6f153878d916ad1e1aa9fcf76cb1a642c2071b1Jared Wein — Bug 870463 - Set a minimum width for the location bar and search container. r=mconley
7b73f1048bfe657309ff23b2da47d0b3da9dc698Jared Wein — Bug 869101 - Update in-content customization to remove the Appearance section and clean up the styling. r=mconley
48b0d65af283706e951f3f9d29ae25cf5a61d5c8Blake Winton — Bug 858660 - Remove done button from customize mode. r,ui-r=mconley
d0bb46ca65cac4a19f14a6f61e9eeadbb885cfc2Mike Conley — Bug 867585 - Create panelmultiview binding for panels with subviews. r=Unfocused.
0dd979008c30edc53f08918d8c74fbbc6480f51eMike Conley — Bug 869349 - When customization is finished, persist toolbar currentsets after unwrapping them - not before. r=jaws.
39b1b4eee94b96c6fba98f547bc92c5452cf0957Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 865178 - Australis tabs OS X lightweight theme support. ui-r=shorlander, r=mconley
81e58dc6d0392022ad115a07bb70751634841a54Mike Conley — Bug 869660 - Make browser windows with chromehidden~="toolbar" have a proper titlebar height. r=dao.
9a7861f0b020ef640ce1a4f5d0653a011f6f7349Mike Conley — Automated merge with
ebc0e57b97554aded8bf83883a417bf54d480b79Blair McBride — Bug 869334 - about:customizing should disable the Find commands. r=jaws
9e7a494775e0c2590cf427f7c4a50c041b4ee17eJared Wein — Bug 869581 - [australis] search bar cannot be resized after enter customization mode. r=mconley
8791cdcd0758d7944478f6d3a18f23c4e5fe8f1eMike Conley — Bug 869069 - Use correct default item set for menu panel, and remove dummy widgets. r=jaws.
781e68e63499b44fdcb3a095884f1c0d59335c63Mike de Boer — Bug 866840 - add Preferences button widget to toolbar / customize panel. r=mconley.
16b138a0006b0bfdff3e38c9d88c3e6c50d09d65Mike de Boer — Bug 866841 - add Add-ons button widget to toolbar / customize panel. r=mconley.
db3e662b2c2dce823f364f9961a4daf4811538d0Mike de Boer — Bug 866845 - add Developer button widget to toolbar / customize panel. r=mconley.
9e6a9d11c82a5bc509a47927c678b4e6a1502168Mike de Boer — Bug 866844 - add Open File button widget to toolbar / customize panel. r=mconley.
82625036762744b5bfc6dae8433650ee4c184679Mike de Boer — Bug 866838 - add Find button widget to toolbar / customize panel. r=mconley.
145f7fe00c0f0d9afe494decaf7de4fd1909ff85Mike de Boer — Bug 866837 - add 'Save Page' button widget to toolbar / customize panel. r=mconley.
00787d1b557af95912863cdc41aa9b08b2c89fbbGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 853083 - tabs have too much left margin, r=mconley
945920ffaf77b7ee93e8ad4dbafa41fa6515eb5bMike Conley — Bug 869084 - Unreadable text color in selected tab when using default theme on Linux GTK. r=MattN.
d596461354b268b8048d510e63d28898fdbf99d4Mike Conley — Mostly automated merge with
3b1bc4a63d32b39f936116ea6fffb79cd53c965eMike Conley — Bug 863753 - Retire the Firefox appmenu button. r=MattN.
2689867ed1fa6761619b04c55108b67a972d2491Mike Conley — Bug 868993 - Fix unresponsive Script warning at CustomizableUI.jsm:436 on start-up. r=jaws.
1dfa73ac8e56269ef64ea8edd2d5371b39ff71c5Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 866836 - Create 'Private Browsing' widget, r=mconley
f1c4c4ac8a36ea2199c615de3161937f3259b783Mike Conley — Bug 868699 - XML Parsing Error on UX branch start on Linux. r=bustage-fix.
855dd2a06be8507629acb2dce2096c2653d396b6Mike Conley — Bug 868589 - Fix broken back button and other menu items after rough SocialMarks merge from m-c. r=MattN.
355c24244f51283a8fb18702c49d1947869dfa48Markus Stange — Bug 868211 - Simplify Mac implementation of -moz-window-button-box. r=smichaud
54326f03d1ff893f62702a4a0552f96afee9e2dbMike Conley — Bug 868410 - Fix jumbled up and uncustomizable nav-bar on OSX. r=jaws.
30eb88b0fcf9825d7042c2d3bae92db8c60ddd01Jared Wein — Automated merge with
b21b5e5e9ad7c29e857c4547e78d4976e5cfeb39Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 71d47560397f (bug 864811) r=gijs
a9d0ef8b4113bccbf077fd1e60ce04ec2f57e034Jared Wein — Automated merge with
401c71c3732d5ebd7824f82ee724a091d06c6cbeSteven Michaud — Bustage fix for Bug 865374 - fixes problems for OSX versions without the fullscreen button. r=bgirard
a74ed4b3c5ba18509825686aff0457d1e3de0af6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 850918 - fix sign oversight in my comment, rs=me
12d68b4f4d02838b1e1ec7ca5b6ef32a4c44f1a3Mike Conley — Mostly automated merge with
76e859637e4282b6a75499250ff6b2d66954c665Jared Wein — Bug 867682 - Fix the alignment in the menu panel. r=mconley
71d47560397f954c7dd95110b48b32b0d683658fJared Wein — Bug 864811 - Remove use of :-moz-any as the right-most selector in the new PanelUI css. r=fryn
ed00f90d5e766b529592bc3010bb2ade2c519baeJared Wein — Bug 861088 - Show the History subview as an arrow panel when the History widget is in the toolbar. r=mconley
9768a0c8f0163fd110449741fe803523eb5adf21Mike Conley — Bug 864425 - Make toolbar-menubar, TabsToolbar and PersonalToolbar customization targets. r=Unfocused.
6fb396199eb144d8eade945e473b6bede54b038bMike Conley — Automated merge with
7105d3282462c80d31aa77ffb51bf0537fecacc5Mike Conley — Bug 864355 - Extend customization target across (almost) the entire nav-bar. r=Unfocused,jaws
332f1a4361e161c320c61081859df3c400ade3a8Blair McBride — Backed out changeset 4b42aaccf679 (bug 864355) for breaking everything.
4b42aaccf679a1a838bb636c08a50b0f5b310b6dMike Conley — Bug 864355 - Extend customization target across (almost) the entire nav-bar. r=jaws.
60cdea66e0a0e8628d0548ea1b4a4f69d2bfcf58Mike Conley — Automated merge with
3039506e84c766121110aabb7c7e7d5592587147Mike Conley — Automated merge with
1ad9a6e8bf5c0d59408a0e79394db20f1b664232Mike Conley — Automated merge with
420a2ea527e05a88913b8b1aa9f7bdf74385185bMike Conley — Backout changeset 26a1f3c5c785 so that we can land it on UX and merge it in instead.
c20675d7fbaceb6ba3bb7b22477abc3f40092043Jared Wein — Bug 862886 - The toolbarbutton that spawns the subview in the menu panel should have a blue background. r=dao
f7c8d5bc8a864a3cdef3ce5e5b05cb39dadd05daJared Wein — Bug 573329 - Remove 'text' and 'text&icons' mode for toolbar buttons. r=mconley
26a1f3c5c785b251e04404dbdbc85a42e8f09412Mike Conley — Bustage fix after bad merge in r=bustage-fix
cff96d365fcdbe339dabcc24e30a57a57c504bc3Mike Conley — Automated merge with
15bdc4114dcce6b0d792e59c53fd0f155528d659Mike Conley — Follow-up for Bug 858196 - fix themes/osx/ to point to customization-mode-background correctly. r=trivial.
7e6b05e9a8cc84696711a85329b6ac90ed8927dfMike Conley — Automated merge with
27517d4833679e97356a7a6a5608ae1499cc126fBlair McBride — Bug 858196 - Move all customization code to be under browser/components/customizableui/. r=jaws.
6464ab3879cc78a4cd07027c839572721437231cJared Wein — Bug 861087 - Resize the subview when the subview overflows. r=Unfocused.
1b5f8fb0a2758595e2a77be7a5faa5b1e99e0510Blair McBride — Bug 861702 - PanelUI sub-view container can end up showing multiple views. r=jaws.
c124fa2892489c2ac6cb575aa34eabe6c4ae553eBlair McBride — Bug 861092 - When in customization mode, widgets aren't re-wrapped when dragging to the same position in an area. r=jaws.
7208d3921d656f7c3dfea30c1450967a9557580dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 850918 - Allow tab clip-path and tab-active-middle.png to scale. r=MattN
c06fb1a7c7fbd3fbf5b8181cdc519cbea6be5d94Mike Conley — Bug 865374 - Position tabs in the OSX titlebar. Cocoa Widget work by Steven Michaud. r=dao,bgirard.
f4002b4651c96d263f9fafd364712c2806c771a2Mike Conley — Bug 834284 - Lightweight theme support for Australis tabs on GTK Linux theme. r=MattN.
05203bc5dfc484de203a47553c9e5236998d3ddfMike Conley — Mostly automated merge with
67639b842cb4f7ad799706b48c983d0c95ff2d71Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 826689 - Implement Australis tab dimensions. r=dao, ui-r=shorlander
1cbed63f3eea4232731c3a46eca03f52db29af2bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 865698 - Avoid using generated content: '' as much as possible, r=MattN
5fcbdb18c30156c0cbcb2fc4f4b4db369605ed6bMike Conley — Bug 865728 - Center the tab-label on OSX. r=dao.
e3e231bdece2093b0ed2c3e88ad3eb583a297ea4Mike Conley — Automated merge with
d8119f2df29d0a2995989592b136506d9fe2b3b2Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 865776 - pinned tab on OS X has too much space on the right side of the icon, r=mconley
f6d79b7751c3fa3a8c9950aff02118a58ead8c1eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 865487 - New Tab button should never get -moz-box-align: stretch in the first place, r=dao
09471e83215ef78ef5fe47db4f484779c78ac96cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 857626 - fix new tab button on Windows and Linux, r=dao
d352115aef51b572fa29c87479094e5410e73c55Mike Conley — Bug 865419 - Follow-up that fixes more 3-way merge badness from 4741bea99fbf. Exiting customization mode no longer breaks things. r=jaws.
8bf747097b31911977bbfd6fc8f839456b851b29Mike Conley — Bug 685059 - Remove empty placeholder icon in tabs when a page has no favicon. r=dao,ui-r=shorlander.
fd26cf8fc03ae6f3155a65a1436274cbf808af97Mike Conley — Bug 865419 - Fix bad 3-way merge into UX branch. r=jaws.
4741bea99fbfbb113cbf76492f2a18431058de4dMike Conley — Mostly automated merge with
d571b56010d6d56db17c10dddaaef98844c9751bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 857626 - Use -moz-box-align: stretch and don't specify the height of the tab separator, r=dao
1db126465f337bf11f53f574e5c35615d002aaefMike Conley — Bug 857088 - Ensure the proper gap between tab-strip and titlebar when using large fonts. r=MattN.
a988839df683fa8c76a1fbddaa2a8523c2439f78Mike Conley — Automated merge with
58409a99aa1e3c1a8b91df0b9e823c8e74e7b593Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 851009 - Australis tab separator highlights. ui-r=fryn,r=MattN
69523ed020c318ee66a5c1e47e0a9c7cc9042371Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 813786 - Australis tabs Windows lightweight theme support. r=mconley
a8f5e4c65bd771cd3ad0cbd83671131b04dff4b2Mike Conley — Automated merge with
6e16ad6d7e303da900f24213ed5896c66234b984Mike Conley — Automated merge with
a845999436996150c2a2c31f9bc6096ad1169f09Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 855229 - Adjust focus-rect on tabs for Australis. r=mconley,ui-r=shorlander
3b972acc15e990183e60a3f909c255b717ab9fa6Mike Conley — Bug 861401 - Make subview transitions work again - fixes fallout from bug 860562. r=jaws.
f08e68d0848436c1c311b98ff8179edfc5ae0bc7Jared Wein — Bug 855803 - Create the History widget with subview. r=mconley
95076fe393a86066fd3dbfebb6e9019bba879c9cMike Conley — Bug 860646 - Panel isn't resizing reliably when entering sub-views. r=jaws,feedback=Unfocused.
db946ac26b87db5abddd738dcf4020a89d52f1aaMike Conley — Bug 860535 - Make it possible to add widgets to the ends of customization areas when customizing. r=jaws.
4529f8feb12a1e07d15e439581dea05d170ab126Mike Conley — Bug 860562 - CSS fixups for toolbarpalette items and customization mode. r=jaws.
4080b39a1a6600fde2d7289bac0cedd8b428998fMike Conley — Bug 860487 - Exiting customiation mode is broken if the downloads button has been clicked. r=jaws.
d63e48582a0a520173279595a6362e231c5cac4eBlake Winton — Bug 858662 - Make clicking on the blue grid in customization mode exit customization mode. r+ui-r=mconley.
933d587cfd0402d6627801ab6d5b7ad233b1fef3Mike Conley — Bug 858597 - Make switching to and from about:customization cause enter and exit from customization mode. r=jaws
acd3f21b21b327dbfaf600a96b7da1675e824f3bBlake Winton — Bug 858067 - Make the customize panel look more panel-y when in customize mode - follow-up. r=dao
895fbf25a82ff7c7330891cfc7f24887b3404abeBlake Winton — Bug 858067 - Make the customize panel look more panel-y when in customization mode. r,ui-r=mconley
ca22fecd3a715a63f8f9c7061b8f5a1fed2c1733Mike Conley — Bug 857542 - CustomizableUI.registerBuildWindow() should be called by every window that registers a toolbar. r=Unfocused.
0c24dab393f8bb3a89e3c3247bbfcfac97480ef1Mike Conley — Bug 858219 - Menu panel should automatically switch back to main view after closing. r=Unfocused.
0a7b55de0e88eb2292dc8750019cc8a5a1921b80Mike Conley — Bug 855295 - Follow-up - Fix dragging widgets back into the palette when customizing. r=Unfocused.
301d6aa197abea0da421fbe5143335f9c43dc796Mike Conley — Bug 858132 - Move CustomizationStart and CustomizationEnd event handler registration before defferedStart signals its completion. r=Unfocused.
344dfeecfd71b7e7eef5a9377aab1e0241b07f65Mike Conley — Bug 855295 - nav-bar is not preserving order of customized items on session restore. r=Unfocused.
d2590d18c2993e1743ad318c414f24b4f87d3e24Mike Conley — Bug 856639 - Fix CSS to allow menu panel subview deck to work properly. r=Unfocused.
4fae96ad1f12538ea09d22f3cc3c82172e4da820Jared Wein — Bug 855830 - this.button is null at chrome://browser/content/browser.js:6605 r=mconley
f01490f98a922afbab71f83f264bd11442f2046fMike Conley — Bug 855799 - Ensure menu panel is registered when entering customization mode. r=jaws.
8f4153b311db2cde078ba6ad2f0c14252518e18cJared Wein — Bug 855830 - 'this.button is null' in WebRTCIndicator.init since the webrtc-status-button was not included in the default placements of the new customization interface for the navbar. r=mconley
ac6747aa84dd19b4c47d39b59a003e931e243c86Mike Conley — Bug 770135 - Follow-up to use correct cut/copy/paste/zoom button graphics on OSX and Linux, also makes grid background work on Linux. r=jaws
81c6819102e9cd1b78075509e1112e3f8187a12bMike Conley — Bug 770135 - Add a grabbing item effect when customizing, as well as some CSS polish. r=jaws.
18d701f03aa9e9193cae74314f26673437c029a3Mike Conley — Bug 770135 - Disable the menu button when in customization mode. r=mconley.
d251a7608f7118906bc1f0620eed175a8420bbfbMike Conley — Bug 770135 - Make customization targets more blue instead of purple. r=jaws.
5d77bc6e876953e026a5ff1dc3edac0194aef66eJared Wein — Bug 770135 - Add back the rudimentary drop indicator. r=jaws,mconley.
57ed4ef40b142708130b06e636709fb58e1e2671Mike Conley — Bug 770135 - Make it possible to exit customize mode by pressing Esc or clicking the menu button. r=jaws.
9ba965255976592cce16dab1d74e2d61233417ebMike Conley — Bug 770135 - Make going into customization mode more stylish and splendid. r=jaws.
ce10b31bac0fd45db5f3eed225f05d774dff45a1Mike Conley — Bug 770135 - Make it so that programmatically generated widgets behave properly when customizing. r=Unfocused.
b652caac582bb52264165a58ce9a280838cac79fMike Conley — Bug 844281 - When dropping items into the palette, make it possible to drop amongst the items instead of just appending to the list. r=Unfocused.
ba782083b7a587e12eafc73039c94426fee13c34Mike Conley — Bug 770135 - When exiting customization mode, make sure the container in the panel is synced up with the main view. r=mconley.
f7cb839f3bfc6f1a67d2e5f83b5591eaeae0b7beMike Conley — Bug 770135 - New PanelUI and toolbar customization - Milestone 1. r=mconley,jaws,Unfocused.
9c493366a3da66ca3a06d5b292302669e8f1b11aMike Conley — Bug 813802 - [Win] Tabs and menubar in the titlebar for restored windows. r=MattN
8313c2f94b91c6cd86b51bdd4e4f030fc556357cMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 855230 - Don't use CaptionText color for luna blue in fullscreen. r=dao
b238ff8c62632c993cd72bcd52dde3326b645d28Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 856749 - Extend clip-path on tab-background-start to overlap middle by 1px to fix a visible seam on selected tabs. r=dao
35d68446e000aaf1f6ca1d3f3bb5e9484b7671deMike Conley — Bug 625989 - Always draw in the titlebar on OSX. r=josh,dao f=mstange
bc3e29ff72775848efaa5873b8ba7fd981487593Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 823180 - Australis tab styling for OS X. r=dao,mconley
7d9922f790c4556283a8ac76a10ee01c07ed7e3aMike Conley — Bug 823176 - Australis tabs styling for Linux. r=MattN
cba03cce9531135212d5749095b4ae04a00fa00bMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 738491 - Move common tab styles to themes/shared/. r=dao,mconley
4d301b6c8d2737927209d17424804f0cfa2577bcMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 738491 - Implement the Australis tab shape for Windows. r=dao,mconley
eda465a0ed17309153c5e1a1ee801b823e775768Gavin Sharp — Change UX branch branding to be "UX" instead of "Nightly", a=limi