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Tue Jun 03 01:36:05 2008 +0000
645e72edd5c5aad193d7129a5d739511816f70e6Jeff Walden — Bug 421576 - Unpaired surrogate handled wrongly (Acid3 #68). acid3++ r=dbaron
65860f70c8cec4959b7781b2e244de635e1f5051Jeff Walden — Bug 435376 - Start making leaks fatal when running tests in setups where we don't leak. r=sayrer
f81b84dbeb2369f95ed3b6e43ee8633ac37a1449Jeff Walden — Bug 434074 - TestRegistrationOrder test leaks stuff because it uses raw pointers; fix the leaks in case we want to do no-leak assertions in C++ tests sometime. r=dbaron
c884a412bd434e91432ad7615cd8659b625c6c96Jeff Walden — Bug 429587 - MOZ_COUNT_DTOR and NS_LOG_RELEASE should assert (or worse) when used on an unrecognized pointer, when possible, for easier recognition of memmoved refcounted classes. r=dbaron
debbfdaaa23fcaf743691e0e35c50492fc1feea6Jeff Walden — Bug 434076 - Give me stack traces and give me death! (aborts should print a stack trace before aborting) r=dbaron