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Wed Nov 27 01:32:11 2013 +0000
d822990ba9ee8e9c8747ba4fb0fdebd74a903b2cRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 943449 - Move jsprf.h #include to fix style error on a CLOSED TREE. r=mxr
641a86dd8f8de4e5944ae8f0efa38319652d3625Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 7caa8e80b06a, 1509f8be5df3, a249bd79e71a, and 9cc4a77561e8 (bug 933082) for mochitest asserts on a CLOSED TREE.
7a9035c9532281fb6cbd0c3a196ddeb7c59596f2Catalin Iacob — Bug 940218 - Build memory/ in unified mode; r=ehsan
c81e58d7c31d625c858c488c29b60791e63964bcDaniel Holbert — Bug 653571 followup: Fix typo in code comment for SVGPathDataAndInfo::IsIdentity. DONTBUILD because comment-only.
4b627d104594af5c0edfa43343cdf745b93574e2Dan Gohman — Bug 943449 - IonMonkey: Introduce a new idiom for dumping routines: dump(). r=nbp
f2ed1e244513e952c6a800874577263c9d6b51a0Dan Gohman — Bug 943429 - IonMonkey: Make forLSRA a template parameter instead of a dynamic parameter. r=bhackett
ea3d28db82526fb0aec04342ab147bf1aef8eefbDan Gohman — Bug 943429 - IonMonkey: Misc regalloc cleanups r=bhackett
9866d2a831a2a578b95b1439c2611b500acfbcf1Dan Gohman — Bug 943425 - IonMonkey: Avoid creating unused LMoveGroups. r=bhackett
bc2c62619a12df93c2b7e6ba8ea939335af39d59Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 943446 - Rename SVGPathDataAndOwner to SVGPathDataAndInfo for consistency. r=dholbert
50f556cb54bb4ae37832d2174dbc29011e644df3Andrew McCreight — Bug 931738 - Remove nsPurpleBufferEntry from nsISupportsImpl.h. r=smaug
ea6db9bef2c83c3c3512ce2ccc380c774b13a30aAndrew McCreight — Bug 878447 - Don't include nsIDOMGlobalPropertyInitializer.h in generated DOM bindings. r=bz
288be55b74aade0b06c8a22f4b4cadf045f9bd76Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 653571 - Add IsIdentity() function to SVG{Length,Point}ListAndInfo. r=dholbert
dcdd349ef5b0e059856dbd61f088c0bff2ef0a03Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset de63b66f3d12 (bug 907743) for Windows bustage.
15efccc18eea15b6e4cf03fb95c89458dbf8a1dbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 942633 - Build more dom/ code in unified mode; r=bzbarsky
7caa8e80b06a5e54dd426800c1890868221b6d1fBenoit Jacob — Bug 933082 - Part 4: let ClientLayerManager hold a ShadowLayerForwarder instead of inheriting from ShadowLayerForwarder. Make ISurfaceAllocator refcounted. Make SharedSurface_Gralloc keep its mAllocator alive - r=nical
1509f8be5df30d9834e0c4b8b6c3343e31966d5eBenoit Jacob — Bug 933082 - Part 3: let ShadowLayerForwarder hold a strong ref to its LayerTransactionChild - r=nical
a249bd79e71aaa258b3addd92fc0864f5dab1df2Benoit Jacob — Bug 933082 - Part 2: propagate the mIPCOpen flag, avoid crashing in DestroySharedSurface on a dead channel - r=nical
9cc4a77561e8e0a35959a6fba4b2efe2536d5850Benoit Jacob — Bug 933082 - Part 1: make LayerTransactionChild reference-counted - r=nical
5315722666431b13cfb51dcc9e58785d1b5b855cSean Stangl — Bug 943126 - Fast-path for String.split(""). r=h4writer
b4238682735ab139baadd1313933e832f618ab13Jan de Mooij — Bug 939816 - Support inlining functions with throw statements. r=h4writer
8a5c832a8bbf5d6483050c888370eadd26119c29Steven Michaud — Bug 925448 - Stop CGImageRef external data being deleted prematurely. r=bgirard,bas
fb5ae868b923ed5c20a17db82a5f851f565d517fDaniel Holbert — Bug 939896 part 9: Use cached sums of flexbox inner/outer main sizes in ResolveFlexibleLengths, and rename a variable. r=mats
b1fe321bbaf677bb318f3b836e7a0a8ec59d9697Daniel Holbert — Bug 939896 part 8: Make FlexLine store the sums of its items' hypothetical inner & outer main sizes. r=mats
1cee108813e05299781c45cf0b53cc24fbc6ea5aDaniel Holbert — Bug 939896 part 7: Move ResolveFlexibleLengths() to live on FlexLine. r=mats
b1ec0673d85f1fc92014ece06d69d73e053bf950Daniel Holbert — Bug 939896 part 6: Make ComputeFlexContainerMainSize take a FlexLine. r=mats
eca724f5965c92fc5eea22227a97c02e5dbe05c2Daniel Holbert — Bug 939896 part 5: Move PositionItemInMainAxis to live on FlexLine, and make it position all the line's items. r=mats
81fd6d2165f67b83373b818aa0cbe0c0cd8ec77fDaniel Holbert — Bug 939896 part 4: Move PositionItemInCrossAxis to live on FlexLine, and make it position all the line's items. r=mats
7dbfe7e62668080d3982701c230d205265d8ad9aDaniel Holbert — Bug 939896 part 3b: Keep track of line cross-size and baseline-alignment offset in FlexLine instead of in (more ephemeral) SingleLineCrossAxisPositionTracker. r=mats
79dda4faf05238400ec19a19dec24fc7bfacffd9Daniel Holbert — Bug 939896 part 3a: Make FlexItem compute its own baseline offset from cross-start edge (and support bottom-to-top cross axis). r=mats
2a3ea2d02b179ab6c59b172b32a5e95306a1f45bDaniel Holbert — Bug 939896 part 2: Make ComputeLineCrossSize take a FlexLine. r=mats
535daeab5febddff080f88ea01aed55f8ec541d7Daniel Holbert — Bug 939896 part 1: Introduce a FlexLine object, which manages a nsTArray of FlexItems on a single line in a flex container. r=mats
614bb2bcee1071ec505526fa9de9d3791f4247f5Jordan Lund — Bug 941659 - adjust android automation to run tsvgx with fewer cycles, fix typo, r=jmaher
60b569a38a4f33db33760f4a25c69d1a43d092cdDavid Major — Bug 943051 - Fix VirtualAlloc and VirtualFree flags for gBreakpadReservedVM. r=bsmedberg
de63b66f3d12dfd94e331b01dacf7b9d62fc60eaChris Lord — Bug 907743 - Align display port to tile boundaries when tiles are enabled. r=botond,kats
798dc919d6bcfcfe40d1216088a1d695eb4d82f9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 942033 - Build security/manager in unified mode; r=bsmith
8efca7a458ce437281cdbe26bb38a96d0f90f531Jordan Lund — Bug 941659 - adjust android automation to run tsvgx with fewer cycles, r=jmaher
2d96212a0921c8dcb3f0785de117d502ef580e5cGeorge Wright — Bug 904483 - Fix out of order destruction problem when destroying GrContext r=mattwoodrow
02c588356f49a582ac9d42f3a76794bdf31a0074Vivien Nicolas — Bug 935561 - [Messaging] Attach icon is kept like pressed when tapping on it and cancel selecting a content to attach (followup). r=fabrice
ea043d71b3c673b55d37c8e6d8fa567d3dc46a5dDaniel Holbert — Bug 943238: Mark xpcom/io as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=froydnj
ce322969a7468856a62d3a45036e49af7455beacKannan Vijayan — Bug 942604 - Add correct Float32 handling to MSetFrameArgument. r=bbouvier
9f57d2519a475d7d89b8ff550603edd6f352f1dfDaniel Holbert — Bug 943391: Use MOZ_THIS_IN_INITIALIZER_LIST to silence MSVC warning C4355 in nsPipe3.cpp. r=froydnj
150932cb83bfe100c1f452a7c4ac734374e4d8e2Daniel Holbert — Bug 943235: undef LOG at the end of nsStorageStream.cpp, to prevent it from polluting other .cpp files and triggering "redefined" build warnings when we build in unified mode. r=froydnj
c713a29dd25a83821bf618dbea2973367c4af9fbEd Morley — Backed out changeset 8c69c6e6fc39 (bug 942633) for build failures on a CLOSED TREE
abb41f4fdc5ddb91c051f4a2da3e0bdaff4b7456Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 943035 - Use fallible allocation in nsScriptableInputStream::Read; r=bsmedberg
6d4434514dc61de01bae56dee17a5f3c77cc8ebbTed Mielczarek — bug 942207 - Update NSPR to NSPR_4_10_3_BETA1
a65e035f291f81e9fd0985828997d27d67ae51b3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 942635 - Build dom/ipc in unified mode; r=bzbarsky
8c69c6e6fc391b35730d13180f64d50d5e010055Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 942633 - Build more dom/ code in unified mode; r=bzbarsky
c46b1a166199e480458241e907f8dde93cee7f77Mike Conley — Bug 940807 - Modify UITelemetry.jsm to allow registration of simple measures functions. r=mfinkle, Yoric.
ccb70d9cf9256b0d916c271972f7dba0c03fc81aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 923625 - DataStore sends the principal as argument in sendAsyncMessage, r=ehsan
44833e4bc206b4fc610aa4dde146f1a6c54afbb6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 943347 - Build js/jsd in unified mode; r=glandium
d2c15d1acb1d8d29582f9561e83249f2c7f8ee12Jan de Mooij — Bug 943327 - Fix GVN to not store an instruction's value number if we don't need it. r=h4writer
6ceb1b1159155aeb2f7758163fa1e5ce034d22feChenxia Liu — Bug 932092 - Add data to telemetry ping. r=mfinkle,Yoric
f1f81156091e3149532d5f5114d30843ca393e86Phil Ringnalda — Bug 943208 - Stop force-enabling logging for ftp on Windows, and go back to building ftp unified, r=mcmanus
011b4926b2d535b51313f096bb9e4ca40b3b9f55Simon Montagu — Test for bug 826163
42299a0abcde44545c6e692a69e10cce01650ed0Simon Montagu — Test for bug 831287
0c87ee74e7506500dd6b3c43c9d4a596bb137c4bSimon Montagu — test for bug 832644
5bf5b455d9588c7f1475c8b8e0f5d789fe8cf73eSimon Montagu — Test for bug 830098
ff21e0f792517109c32f3bc0b9d2b7b00b55a561Simon Montagu — Test for bug 819014
8c38ed9f5533ffe7309bf7563be848abce4ca4a8Simon Montagu — Test for bug 849732
7db0065a214365c827bcce02ba80924d6afe2416Simon Montagu — Test for bug 849727
3fd2192b963f440eea152867e2b0e3219ec97cffSimon Montagu — Second testcase from bug 845093
f0ea94fd8c18fcd27d4133b9bbf89361636c6209Simon Montagu — First testcase from bug 845093
5fd991121b6efd2565f215b49bafd98acb778dc0Simon Montagu — Second testcase from bug 838489
3ad9666da2bc686d422b6d4d98590a946b843a18Simon Montagu — First testcase from bug 838489
3bee396bb681e8818345ba7059e185692ebe7faaBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 938794 - Annotate OOM size as infallible string or data structures abort, r=froydnj
ecf073f6394b871b4dc24d460c5266cd09956d9fGabor Krizsanits — Bug 939696 - Tests for IsScriptedProxy consumers. r=bholley
6728f7b4e467cb3a0968276f6679949f6d87e141Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 939696 - isProxy for export helpers. r=bholley
017167e2056a23c6d7660adaf556d57c65e58251Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 939696 - isProxy for Cu. r=bholley
27327f3e29437b92cd7f94899c19392b45c6ad59Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 939696 - IsScriptedProxy. r=bholley
142b7b93b58b03ad3e30275ccedaa283f432b54cVivien Nicolas — Bug 942021 - Reduce the delay blocking events in order to show the highlight. r=fabrice
28624ec0e7c89e727bde2a23aedfe9b3b5f3be52Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge m-c to mozilla-inbound
b63e8ed1677bafaaee5bd6ac0be95b4d1bc13181Henri Sivonen — Bug 942802 - Make nsDocShell::SetForcedCharset check its argument. r=smaug.
9a11d5c81bbd74176919b1a15f33e31d838c08dcJon Coppeard — Bug 936514 - Improve GC documentation comments r=billm DONTBUILD
7257efcd7d50c2bfa37d2d9708d4e853560f37bdJon Coppeard — Bug 930427 - Improve debugger weakmap assertions r=billm
f8e20098163c89c35bf84513e0a540b36215d782Jon Coppeard — Bug 942354 - GC: Remove NAME_ALL_GC_ROOTS #define r=terrence