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Fri May 17 16:24:38 2019 +0000
c94c54aff4669f52cebc76ddad34a76f4fafd03bMihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out changeset 8952fe75cb7a (bug 1551218) for causing linting failures. CLOSED TREE
3866561a7bae97a6c9ec3c18174747ec36bba090Mihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out 11 changesets (bug 1330467) as requested by xeonchen on IRC. CLOSED TREE
f72947acdfcd662c26a8e84efac58e703b2ce2ecMihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 1548845) for failing new youtube playback raptor tests. CLOSED TREE
2d1a7a5be46038b3b130e18f409eec5b7e6bce66Julian Descottes — Bug 1552444 - Fix Debugger isInToolbox helper to detect all about:devtools-toolbox URLs r=jlast
8952fe75cb7a65e4f8d718439f6e156ed179c66fVictor Porof — Bug 1551218 - Part 1: Enable running top-level eslint for the devtools debugger, r=Standard8,jlast
5a1c37d11ebc5ced51587ed936abb38ff788ec43Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1552420 - Add a mock for ChromeUtils in mocha tests. r=jdescottes.
fb21a998b3272f9947df63ba9acd9cd016571371Julian Descottes — Bug 1519087 - Use preventDefault() on DevTools settings shortcut r=nchevobbe
a9deeecc3899b5d21081a8408404c2fd60805787monikamaheshwari — Bug 1430165: Input clear icons does not match the design system r=andreio
61f89ab0895f18aac004f37ec227997311f94879Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1550050 - Fix intermittent failures in test_same_base_domain_3.html forcing no cache via HTTP headers, r=valentin
934d2f88195de26cc114451e6511613d27f997aaHenrik Skupin — Bug 1548845 - [raptor] Enable Youtube Playback benchmark tests in CI. #perftest r=perftest-reviewers,stephendonner
609f489bdc8c0370d97b00dcc496454ee5d0296cHenrik Skupin — Bug 1548845 - [raptor] Integrate Youtube video playback performance suite as benchmark test. r=perftest-reviewers,rwood
a2544ca8c593cd50ac0753fdc2f799f39c0b057eHenrik Skupin — Bug 1548845 - [raptor] Fix local import of filter module. r=perftest-reviewers,rwood
152615db9db653c273b5e90487d198ae2fd788a5Henrik Skupin — Bug 1548845 - [raptor] Allow tests to specify the alertChangeType. r=perftest-reviewers,rwood
6b3a8394727fbde512c4ee39a4d8d21a17f10581Henrik Skupin — Bug 1548845 - [raptor] Use a multiplier for page timeout when using live sites. r=perftest-reviewers,rwood
6d0bd72a59672bf12d7f0248644c7c708fb74d74Paul Adenot — Bug 1549041 - Test that documents receive the right audio notification events when playback is done using the Web Audio API. r=karlt
baa019d214ce6e9e89d1d7129479c7f2faa3a925Paul Adenot — Bug 1549041 - Destroy the AudioChannelAgent in CloseInternal instead of Close. r=karlt
4bcfd40cc3a89763d88abafcf71f8bdacd765f67Jonathan Kew — Bug 1256009 - Add U+0138 to IDN character blocklist. r=valentin
57c801a17dd68d815240cd760336aee21d247717Mihai Alexandru Michis — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. CLOSED TREE
139abe6b4223b612cde09672f384f5f7fad7e53bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1549855 - remove references to e10s force-enable pref that is no longer used, r=ato,eeejay
83894232a6bd36b0cf6278f8c878a4f3143b92ddGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1549855 - actually run webextension xpcshell tests using e10s, r=zombie
057ee1d004ccdcc2f88d333824bc69080352914aDão Gottwald — Bug 1547299 - Implement open-view-on-focus mode. r=adw
55e45fc9d529196284843ed9a192e19edda6515cNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1550877, bug 1552328) for causing perma geckoview-junit failures on contentPortDisconnectFromApp
a68c01cb895d83dea76e8dc74336aa2440ba6fc9Mark Banner — Bug 1315953 - Allow more browser search tests to run in artifact mode now that the underlying issues are fixed. r=daleharvey
366103f41d7ddaaaaba111db727f4db3b51ef6bdLiang-Heng Chen — Bug 1551410 - Part 2: test case; r=chutten
d5a1f414d631aa02482f1c650387bc14c5e31b62tanhengyeow — Bug 1466598 - [Network-Monitor] Right click on method enables request details tab. r=Honza
7fdd2abe918b6ba220dd097d27d1a2cda6cfa8e6lloan — Bug 1530914 - Highlighted resource information is difficult to read when blocked. r=Honza
eeb6dd82b7c1a9fc36610bfe1ccecdf93c356677Brian Birtles — Bug 1552387 - Traverse and unlink EffectSet properties on non-HTML/SVG elements too; r=hiro
f41aae1abbbaaddf29087d312cb91fa25578b45bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1551991 - followup: Give up on passing CounterSpeakAs by value since the previous patch busted non-Windows platforms.
83a094f31fb025b5cb6b196003708b746f0591b6thomasmo — Bug 1550757 - Create new DLL for sharing VR code r=kip
a056128cc98626d1e89fdb681a39ee5ce4801a1fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1552104. Need to clear display items when we remove a document from the view tree but it sticks around. r=mattwoodrow
aa06b77b2d6b613e2c0d51cf19f730ad3a1f27d7Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1552104. Ensure that nsDisplaySubDocument::Disown calls SetDeletedFrame when it clears mFrame. r=mattwoodrow
877ae9359a2774f9ccee1f68935b4e7194a5711eAgi Sferro — Bug 1550877 - Use correct E10SUtils in GeckoViewNavigation. r=snorp
aee7bbc03bff773a8ce895d0bd58174f2f8aafa1Agi Sferro — Bug 1552328 - Add missing unregisterListener in GeckoViewProgress. r=droeh
2f69f765ef513a61ad39b4fc2b294135cf514e98myeongjun — Bug 1517993 - An unexpected error occured with browser.cookies.set() with domain and url key for ip address. r=robwu,rpl,mixedpuppy
00a761b7fce83bfe255ac76a65641cd83c5c7915Kagami Sascha Rosylight — Bug 1551893: Require strict zero-pad for time element if T exists r=arai
44a79556ff86f3c3ead666fc2fd973e8b24681eaChris Manchester — Bug 1552336 - Download the currently available toolchain build of sccache during |./mach bootstrap|. r=nalexander
9ae652e07ac2e3481d3cf8ce27a8f12d81d8e79cJeff Walden — Bug 1551916 - Add a boolean to every chunk for a long-line vector indicating whether that chunk contains any multiple-unit code points, so that column computations inside wholly-single-unit chunks can do a constant-time pointer-range computation... r=arai
70c4b663298ae5c4b287d020cc0842625fe6f52cJeff Walden — Bug 1551916 - Optimize column-number computations for offsets more than |ColumnChunkLength = 128| code units into a line by saving column information at 128-unit increments (rounded down to the nearest code point start) so that at most (length of... r=arai
04cce27de4ac16500981c23558b355cfe4ddc186Jeff Walden — Bug 1551916 - Make JS_COLUMN_DIMENSION_IS_CODE_POINTS a no-argument macro function so that calling it before its definition is an error, and move it upward in TokenStream.h so it's defined in places where subsequent changes will need it. r=arai
c5180b76c35305e08385c338101b6f7e18ae1641Jeff Walden — Bug 1551916 - Remove |TokenStreamAnyChars::undoInternalUpdateLineInfoForEOL| as unused. r=arai
41abcc2640371974e4067240da2885ddcf0a805cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1551991 - followup: Don't derive the destructor of CounterSpeakAs so that we can return it safely by value in Win32. r=me
ba078373f2c242bdada0f3cd73a2b28b03029480Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1526027 - Remove webgl.bypass-shader-validation. r=lsalzman
7b72fa29c64be23ef4ac7f2373e5622adb48b337Alastor Wu — Bug 1552081 - part2. Modify test 'test_webvtt_update_display_after_adding_or_removing_cue.html'. r=jya
95ccc685eb11f356e7b8c8be9ed2bea601585a4eAlastor Wu — Bug 1552081 - part1. Sometimes we should run 'TimeMarchesOn' only when the media element's show poster flag is false. r=jya
45d495a1a3a97f659451ce077d17d8e23fba7fb4Alastor Wu — Bug 1550585 - no need to check whether media is playing when dispatching 'TimeMarchesOn' and 'UpdateCueDisplay'. r=jya
5745d2f2bf46a0962ba405ab1d2b705630376d7fDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1544813: Add a test for extension debugger. r=jdescottes
edd9b8f1a0badea3cd7216b6f4db7a44bd77106cDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1544813: Remove extension debug setting. r=jdescottes,flod
a61d0f7aa588f29a0a30d86fd887b1267bd6f95cDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1544813: Show sources regardless even in case of web extension. r=jdescottes,jlast
d146d0379fd23b0551f5d99399d99da629071b81Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1551740: Don't gather on obsolete streams. r=mjf
03203f118c97c2ed7ad8f20f4f7733aeddb1fa4darthur.iakab — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1550903) for causing multiple build bustages CLOSED TREE
243251620b8e60ec461d348ee79a2df307655ba7Michael Kaply — Bug 1551867 - Move appinfo init to head to avoid timing when initing enterprise policies. r=rstrong
fc0842a0b38f664b96458910cc1a2f7faf2b9858Cameron McCormack — Bug 1552098 - Add "Matched CSS Rules" command to the layout debugger. r=emilio
d62be51ffad3d8a22ad4ebaffff910e9dd7bb6e1Bastien Orivel — Bug 1550903 - Part 2: Revendor dependencies. r=emilio,kats,froydnj
f48939dc27b6418ffbc473cf8077f329d14f2a86Bastien Orivel — Bug 1550903 - Part 1: Update ws to 0.8. r=emilio
f6d24071d2baeecac739a6a5d2853db19ee57e79Chris Pearce — Bug 1551890 - Cache GFXInfo WebRTC HW encode/decode result on Android. r=snorp
3ff35309eb24e349b2752522c082e9261988f52bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1552329 - Update bindgen to v0.49.1. r=froydnj
d02c7d06cc798c961d8ee82d490ada2603881fd8Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1551991 - Remove nsCSSValue bindings. r=jwatt
56b6c33c74ddcae4905eedd050f598cac8cf558cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1551991 - Remove usage of nsCSSValue for SpeakAs. r=jwatt
80046630ae827214930d393824be223a68fe6805Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1551991 - Remove nsCSSValue usage of GetSymbols() GetAdditiveSymbols(). r=jwatt
f06a39190b3d96439f9a1bd4e340f360244a4711Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1551991 - Remove nsCSSValue usage for range checks in CounterStyleRule. r=jwatt
76ba2ec949d32634e2dd9ea5ba0a91170bda89a5Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1551991 - Remove nsCSSValue usage for negative / suffix / prefix. r=jwatt
336a076368ebcebbde75f4e6e468ebfe2b50ec94Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1551991 - Remove nsCSSValue usage from GetPad. r=jwatt
5bac84efbf6d16393e61789c8fb183fb7410a0a0Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1551991 - Cleanup a bit the counter style code. r=jwatt
3c388ac5887ceec18ae5db997cc34065cad9ac2fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1551991 - Remove legacy transform interpolation code and related dead code. r=boris
02c806cb81d959f1fc08c7304f50266fb6a5e56cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1529002 - Use cbindgen to back CSS transforms. r=boris
29c5fc63a9bf79e53cc8991c47ed47fedafda4e1Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1529002 - Update cbindgen. r=boris
d0e6717d1cf00e7e33b6eea7021b60d75cc670d0Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1550554 - Use OwnedSlice for will-change. r=heycam
9efd6e065be931906e5ef21ba14c01b8ef392cf9Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1550554 - Add bindings for box shadows, and remove nsCSSShadowArray and friends. r=heycam
1e32fe8538eddbf6b87bb2dccb716f425d8dd931Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1550554 - Use ArcSlice for quotes. r=heycam
79010ce706eb83de48b5abb81ea387f2f5f4dc0bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1550554 - Share computed and specified value representation of -moz-context-properties. r=heycam
6524a34864c39e0957cc10d124d61a6d795b5894Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1550554 - Use an ArcSlice as the computed value representation of inherited list properties. r=heycam
7c2ff60588882f354678a676c2028eebd71f7557Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1550554 - Implement ArcSlice::default(). r=heycam
7321594dab268ea3f11722178c98d6412f1db078Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1549593 - Use OwnedSlice in the specified and computed values of most vector properties. r=heycam
c110061df4c16715a491ead8cab815a259ae7846Glenn Watson — Bug 1552084 - Remove lifetime requirements on DrawTarget and ReadTarget in WR. r=emilio
c215a31ef6ea248566743ad6f9fd471e356c7b80Csoregi Natalia — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. CLOSED TREE
440aa7a30693d06e6aef4bc256edc226f407ef49arthur.iakab — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1549855) for failing Android mochitests on robocop_text_page.html CLOSED TREE
31cf332c9b21698336c5e6c18939a3a8b58a7902Ethan Glasser-Camp — Bug 1547034: Add userFacingName and userFacingDescription to schema r=mythmon
0de43d5275d15b83e80fa021bac4175f85a5d3a4Ethan Glasser-Camp — Bug 1547034: PreferenceExperimentAction supports multiple prefs r=mythmon
454e86015872654981d491d0867f91e4c6685e6fEthan Glasser-Camp — Bug 1547034: PreferenceExperiments.start can take multiple prefs r=mythmon
da4380fe5ce1ea4d7dba885f1127fac61860552eEthan Glasser-Camp — Bug 1547034: Migrate PreferenceExperiments observers r=mythmon
137380671f01c6185f61a04b3fd55aac9617da4aEthan Glasser-Camp — Bug 1547034: Migrate PreferenceExperiments to allow for multiple prefs r=mythmon,leplatrem
8189bd3d8078b3155a425043b34f6975e9a799d8Jared Wein — Bug 1551696 - Add reveal icon. r=MattN
871756833dc4996a9d6113e998ef66932c5b97ebJared Wein — Bug 1551696 - Change reveal-button to a checkbox. r=MattN,Pike
034521c95944bb02d76ed16b2fb6ec32787cad39Jared Wein — Bug 1551696 - Add edit icon. r=MattN
15df555adc39c6bffc6c9e7ab647d64229a1495eJared Wein — Bug 1551696 - Add delete icon. r=MattN
b8540f8b95a688605b4fee90171f400de3b83995Jared Wein — Bug 1551696 - Add branded logo for official builds. r=MattN
71171349b87c2d760d6bcb98a7402a36aebfb69aJared Wein — Bug 1551696 - Fix a color for the deemphasized text of the field-label. r=MattN
7c03af91db0459ce9624dc1a594b9a11b4f18eb4Jared Wein — Bug 1551696 - Remove type=text/css from style references since its not necessary. r=MattN
507d95016ed26c189386369dac28bd49c5fb3a7dMiko Mynttinen — Bug 1551986 - Do not create unnecessary items inside opacity: 0 containers r=mattwoodrow
3944c733e4179698371ea69f9c462dbc7ed226daAshley Hauck — Bug 1552022 - Pass through arguments in synthesized constructors for derived classes. r=jorendorff
1256739720ca8dca77a035c72d8e62977d90a990Micah Tigley — Bug 1357774 - Part 1: Add a 'SetCurrentRDMPaneOrientation' WebIDL extension on the Document r=bradwerth,smaug
b38eabe183170953e88e5a91d367ca2eb044e62fBrad Werth — Bug 1322385 Part 2: Add a test that RDM content triggers typeahead find correctly. r=gl
c3954692e846bb23528d8838ff736977e0e678f5Brad Werth — Bug 1322385 Part 1: Make BrowserUtils.shouldFastFind avoid triggering on iframes. r=mconley
2968b165e90c0c0dd77eebc06d43a3255f1527c3Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1551412 - Make XUL popup events composed. r=smaug
3f0b0cb94a5879f083dbee48f5db8270d05ae15fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1549912 - Support downgrade versioning of permissions database, r=mayhemer
a012ed03628d6192c71ab1561e8dc978c81e9136Robert Strong — Bug 1552321 - Use logStringMessage instead of reportError for the 'Unable to read app update configuration file' log message. r=bytesized
296ca33d9a0e4bd501df7db94fac65961c7acec5Michael Kaply — Bug 1551455 - Reinstall distribution language packs. r=kmag
67eb2cac32c2db9e105ef3b38480c8de56f0ddfeCsoregi Natalia — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. CLOSED TREE
5fae8054799fd916ceca727611c2f99afc83e93eJ.C. Jones — Bug 1551342 - Don't assert the thread calling JNI WebAuthn functions r=snorp
578cc4c154efb9d1d54da26e2f2818df88b3971eNico Grunbaum — Bug 1551702 - hide DataChannelConnection ctor, and set local port - r=bwc
cb21c0b524ff08b12769387a1f8d3fa42258cb22Paul Zuehlcke — Bug 1372033 - Added option to permanently disallow addon installation for a website. r=johannh,aswan
39446af6b4ad5d790bee4685c05952df3bd30c2fJonas Allmann — Bug 1549326 - Remove simpletest.js from eval()-whitelist, r=ckerschb
742a8ae0110dc3d862a637e4348b587fe431938fFlorian Quèze — Bug 1550034 - avoid most failures of the browser_startup_mainthreadio.js and browser_startup_content_mainthreadio.js tests, r=mconley.
beb59fe4dd80fdf4fd6f65e916fd394350431a7dBarret Rennie — Bug 1540521 - Only attempt to set the CompositionRecorder on the LayerManager when there is one r=mstange
2c353f21c1dce7f28d8a35594f4628b38d5a1bbdMirko Brodesser — Bug 1550671: split `SelectionCopyHelper` to more informative functions r=hsivonen
45917510825962e52348c2d3abc18ae84d2ae6eeTom Prince — Bug 1551738: [release] Removed unsued channel from secondary-update-verify tasks.
357afb47596887ce6037200334ba7e2d1360bc52Matt Brubeck — Bug 1543823 - Compute Accept-Language header based on app and OS prefs. r=snorp
2c5b7adbd1b03ca6e2fb36dbe52dba5633a66973Oana Pop Rus — Backed out changeset 8a9694ac64f1 (bug 1551986) for crashtest failures on nsDisplayList.h CLOSED TREE
34287cc2fba86afb3147fb744e3e29095db249bfOana Pop Rus — Backed out changeset f8dfee6dc6e5 (bug 1549912) for xpcshell failure on test_permmanager_migrate_9-10.js CLOSE TREE.
3200f7d369342c9c42dce3088211631deb0f52fbTom Prince — No bug: Remove unused `publish-rules` key from balrog toplevel tasks; r=Callek
f3b9043b4ab15a95c32835dce9c64e76f4a7fa6cRobert Strong — Bug 1552139 - fix race condition in doorhanger startup processing tests. r=bytesized
b0887a64bb5fa71d8a2428579f581c7a8dadddf2J.C. Jones — Bug 1551229 - Anonmyize all 'direct' attestation requests on Android r=keeler
7a0539ac539fe33bc1883fb18aa5b98141600c96Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1552251 - Clean up some Android chunking rules. r=gbrown
ef90ec1b75ea67bea9db8cca282c9852d73794dbDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1547673 - Quantumbar: For empty @token searches, show only the "Search with" text in the first result, not also the token. r=dao
ca120c3031d2db4c2d9bff03a1334ee25e8c8502Mark Banner — Bug 1552185 - Fix the @amazon search alias on non-en-US builds. r=mikedeboer
cb6320b272f90d23a044a22d6ee738f7e6bf9d24Doug Thayer — Bug 1547351 - Use offset relative to reference frame for nsDisplayRenderRoot r=mattwoodrow
888907b9ffc32bbe63f0966a77c4fc8cfa2e7d52Doug Thayer — Bug 1547351 - Set renderroot of extension popup on browser element r=mattwoodrow
8a9694ac64f199178bea35d73467d23ed7a44febMiko Mynttinen — Bug 1551986 - Do not create unnecessary items inside opacity: 0 containers r=mattwoodrow
f8dfee6dc6e57a2a27978313a0409db058a08255Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1549912 - Support downgrade versioning of permissions database, r=mayhemer
8c0b5bf5f7b31fdf53961aa0f5837bdf4c22b7e3Yura Zenevich — Bug 1551573 - add beta bubble text to accessibility checks toolbar in Firefox 68. r=mtigley
f460289202a100a2efec62ee77a370594111706cjaril — Bug 1548369 - Reimplement token previews without onMouseLeave.
271c49dac12ccb1dc07467fa34d9f2c30ffeac3bSteve Fink — Bug 1549565 - Avoid firing unmark gray read barriers during iterations where no Cell pointers escape. r=jonco
2c3426c424110085bff92c2ffdb2fe4372c98ccaRob Wood — Bug 1551972 - Use correct index for Fenix on aarch64; #perftest-reviewers r=mhentges
928038c23227504c1cd7dff5f5e214501bb4b688Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1549855 - remove references to e10s force-enable pref that is no longer used, r=ato,snorp,eeejay
9383ea5938fe62e6d29fb9ebb143b304b9070529Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1549855 - actually run webextension xpcshell tests using e10s, r=zombie
09549fc20d2358a00cac6e9d6ec92e5031fe7e7bJulian Descottes — Bug 1464132 - devtools l10n use console.error if localized string is unavailable r=jlast
1177f0af9ec0c7500ca5419a88de6b62cc07caf4Tom Schuster — Bug 1548759 - Always clear exception after PrintError. r=jorendorff
3ebc795b98bac8c64597369f65b7774d18111a93Edwin Gao — Bug 1552000 - move root-required tuning commands to its appropriate location for Raptor Android r=acreskey