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Tue Dec 04 09:35:40 2018 +0000
5e260e3fd46fae7b38bb699a74fe499fa8d3d033Gurzau Raul — Backed out changeset b118f8ec47f5 (bug 1511842) for web platform failures due to the python package not being installed on a CLOSED TREE
b118f8ec47f530ab3cf08d0bc6c9af7e1ffe4af8Cameron McCormack — Bug 1511842 - Remove unused nsLayoutStaticsRef. r=TYLin
f7fafed0e4a9c1d8e1895ddaf0b21f6a6a160c0eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1511752 - Make IMContextWrapper::OnKeyEvent() treat GDK_KEY_PRESS event without any key information in a dead key sequence as synthesized by current keyboard layout for asynchronous handling r=m_kato
215d850888f9c5f04c98cf05cb4ea70444058db4Bogdan Tara — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
98462e66f4d3c513be641a4c6bdfa8fc6f28a621Razvan Caliman — Bug 1491887 - Enable tracking CSS changes and the Changes panel for all release channels; r=gl
215654db940b23c34d3360a8d348709eef52d157Razvan Caliman — Bug 1506455 - Enforce LTR code on RTL layout in Changes panel r=pbro
0f02ec66af19136b49ecbcb4a21596b8330b1f1cRazvan Caliman — Bug 1506170 - Clear the changes stored on the actor upon page refresh/navigate; r=bradwerth
7d3b17b7130955d9afbc9c10a188bb6fd39a2370Patrick Brosset — Bug 1505747 - Reset flex overlay colors before testing them; r=gl