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Tue Apr 24 09:41:19 2018 +0000
dc845b3a8cbe45f88fcb0408e19f9df2e120420cMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1455218 - Add public Etherpad URIs into the blacklist to take back the legacy keypress event behavior r=smaug
87f19e952903580b8246befdf2b1d6b51ee446f0Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1455229 - Add into the blacklist to take back legacy keypress event behavior r=smaug
f63f20404c553366c4724be5b9690b755f7712efMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1454833 - Allow to use legacy keypress event behavior in r=smaug
60cf97933726a504197477aab9f8092cf9fd97b5Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset cf1022433399 (bug 1433574) Linux build bustages on a CLOSED TREE
1e3173e0ad058647182f3aa2d94b03b30eb0fe4fCiure Andrei — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
cf1022433399232d089891e4979fced0289b0e7cAndrew Swan — Bug 1433574 Remove startup addon update check r=kmag
a603b7b4637f7575bdaad63bf019d9a3cee29bfbJustin Wood — Bug 1455100 - Make devedition its own language pack addon id, by using MOZ_LANGPACK_EID again. r=nalexander,Pike
02904a082859253422bb7634ddeccadc7919eca0Matt Woodrow — Bug 1439809 - Store the display list index on the display items during PreProcessDisplayList so that we can do lookup without a hashtable. r=miko,mstange
5daa11905109206fd857f9589f60b57bfc3399b9Matt Woodrow — Bug 1439809 - Add an index parameter to nsDisplayWrapList to prevent scrollbar frames from creating duplicates. r=mattwoodrow
070057638112fc3250567b9050748049d2e6fe75Matt Woodrow — Bug 1452805 - Make sure we rebuild contents infront and behind stacking contexts if their size might have changed. r=miko
4cc04fbbd1d7d6a4af9dbb0cbea52905cff3fef7Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1453266 - Fix bad worker-type and scopes r=rail
681479cecc1f135ec182cd1ee8df3c53028d2934Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset e2573db9d14e (bug 1403965) for failing browser chrome at browser/components/extensions/test/browser/test-oop-extensions/browser_ext_sidebarAction_runtime.js on a CLOSED TREE
e2573db9d14e05ccc90c80a5bab27a8db0d3c489Shane Caraveo — Bug 1403965 fix context menu position in extension sidebar, r=kmag