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Fri Jul 24 09:32:06 2020 +0000
1415430432706ec6b8c7590cda9b8ca87397e7a7Coroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset 2439a32e1a06 (bug 1654961) for mbu failures
2439a32e1a0626e58006136a6409b5a427ef3865Mike Hommey — Bug 1654961 - Re-enable some python tests on py2 on mac. r=dmajor
174edf951335515b43be262d9a42eaadd29dc94fTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1654960 - Remove the duplicate 1420528-1.html in reftest.list. r=heycam
c87e89d04ff67ee39c812a6d0cf5dcc6c0b72570Severin — Bug 1654592 - pref on pwmgr doorhanger updates for test...getUsernameSuggestions;r=bdanforth
13e76078fe27098c4614cfd7a0645b76738d74c1Kenrick — Bug 1587372 - Fix missing render after saving without any changes in about:logins. r=MattN
77366f40af71b75e4308dc9304d6151a0324d58dalwu — Bug 1654959 - part3 : add test cases for enabling muted media into fullscreen/PIP mode. r=bryce
f10c1afc8bf0943e077a76f0978f49230aff2060alwu — Bug 1654959 - part2 : start listener when media enters PIP mode. r=bryce
4e685f4aa90e2e28235c1e756105b4743676c88ealwu — Bug 1654959 - part1 : start listener when media enters fullscreen. r=bryce
e7e5ac6a20365bb3af92424239d52370fb391a49alwu — Bug 1653390 - part7 : add test for a page mixing audible and inaudible media. r=bryce
c4c53ba083593742ed6d9bf8528ad984f3c558e9alwu — Bug 1653390 - part6 : add audible check back in media element. r=bryce
a8a44fb117cb6baef601c7ba96b73ac9066d3272alwu — Bug 1653390 - part5 : remove 'StopListeningMediaControlKeyIfNeeded()'. r=bryce
3bb773642909f4dd9c84ca18676ed604edd9520balwu — Bug 1653390 - part4 : always hold a MediaControlKeyListener until media dies. r=bryce
448c6633265df68e72f25e8170b97522ed4796e0alwu — Bug 1653390 - part3 : wrap the detail of updating playback state into Start(). r=bryce
f42e3e5a600d50db4c482ef83b8d5ee1a6eec5a7alwu — Bug 1653390 - part2: allow calling 'UpdateMediaAudibleState()' before the listener starts. r=bryce
e2dc8fd47bc2873b9bd7b17ccc643de77a82d884alwu — Bug 1653390 - part1 : remove start check. r=bryce
cce1c9388eebdaee2e5d21277e67d1b0598b005dDorel Luca — Backed out changeset ec25c0d069ae (bug 1653631) for WPT failures in css/cssom/CSSStyleSheet-modify-after-removal.html. CLOSED TREE
8ec86ac40c7ad7d78b432f583ec96a6af5f8b649Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1588954 - Downgrade an assertion checking inline-size less than zero to a soft assertion. r=dholbert
74d2da5438778a6f885443709dab3806c44c708aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1652613 - record whether the user switched away from the tab while it was hung, r=mconley
5bbd29a7db14dd5fb5b8eafeb4e8d4056c6f392dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1652613 - record a telemetry event when we show the slow script notification warning, r=mconley
6e90fed2ff8ac39ca8af803c1906c634682e53aeGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1652613 - report slow script hang durations and only clear hang data after the observer notification, r=mconley
77c85c1ef3f00843f7daffd43591df738e9aedaaGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1652613 - correct hang duration event measuring for slow script hangs, r=mccr8
35d658861d6eb9ab153137480aef105db20fbdd6Brad Werth — Bug 1648344 Part 4: Disable a wpt test on android. r=hiro
eeeaa4833c449b45af701d848ee48dfc6600eb42Brad Werth — Bug 1648344 Part 3: Update test expectations for viewport tags width no width or initial-scale. r=hiro
5900b99f8c02d90e2adbd87aa6be8d9a06a08541Brad Werth — Bug 1648344 Part 2: Cleanup Document to remove NoValidContent viewport type. r=hiro
757734d716e2a21518be6cfd076c50ff23e94f9cBrad Werth — Bug 1648344 Part 1: Apply default viewport width in more circumstances, matching Chrome. r=hiro
0148565169254928eebdc10cb9f87ebb79484924Mihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out changeset 47667fbae734 (bug 1654679) for causing failures in browser_text_input.js
5e5b664a9b5ecba443472c38b1100bae3ab55c9eDzmitry Malyshau — Bug 1654901 - Make WR primitives invisible when failing to prepare for rendering r=gw
ec25c0d069aed1f920a6f843830174a5d2b07676Erik Nordin — Bug 1653631 - Enable Constructable StyleSheets for CSSOM WPTs r=emilio
ee4a5d3b193fd27724a5a39d78038c61414ad6b1Philipp Zech — Bug 1648938 - Convert writing-modes #defines to an enum class. r=emilio
a66fbaa1eab2e0956defc9ee596c6cc65121f840sachin — Bug 1649272: added a nullcheck for android_intall_apk list r=acreskey,tarek,sparky
2343a1ba8c7a43b01375ee5c34d8630a7155a387Severin — Bug 1654586 - pref on pwmgr doorhanger updates for browser_doorhanger_autocomplete_values;r=bdanforth
838b5ddfbcb401d14eb184928127c1ed13f4bbe2Tracy Walker — Bug 1654348 - Remove obsolete browser_<enginename>.js tests r=Standard8
110c1bd73240a47c7c979c58b3420526a8ea5c7eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1654929. Drop old FBOs that we haven't used in a while. r=gw
ceba0316cf3c3fce540ff8e6217969a3291ea821Kai Engert — Bug 1652330 - NSPR_4_27_RTM. r=jcj UPGRADE_NSPR_RELEASE
7f26efea615b4bc6ee548842e7b4ce8bc1c615c5Dorel Luca — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1652613) for Browser-chrome failures in browser/browser_ProcessHangNotifications.js. CLOSED TREE
013c081b92a50a44cbbb43c3fb29784b3241c864Jason Orendorff — Bug 1654661 - Remove InterpreterFrame::unused. r=iain.
bbb5b4faa462f79123a7bf2315238035359571f3Jason Orendorff — Bug 1654636 - Enable baseline interpreter in safe mode. r=jandem
cc9fae64b426dd40d0d720035b26f3b0c4dc1fdfJason Orendorff — Bug 1654574 - Enable wasm in safe mode. r=luke
ff32132cb49015052ed879589404eaa741f7b6c5Mihai Alexandru Michis — Bug 1456284 - Disable browser_insecure_form.js on macos for causing permafailures. a=fix
1245f6702e787c214f7ac9e9d71776a18e54b936Ricky Stewart — Bug 1654589 - Move `libpref` Python unit test to `mozbuild` suite r=froydnj,mccr8
76b5a5d243d16d4cd0ba9b640fdd4ae9d5f8555bGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1652613 - record whether the user switched away from the tab while it was hung, r=mconley
6f98c9b019206c198b145bc102905745fa37d3f7Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1652613 - record a telemetry event when we show the slow script notification warning, r=mconley
1255237ce2e759fb37ffa6cd9241b4087f13cf73Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1652613 - report slow script hang durations and only clear hang data after the observer notification, r=mconley
bdf59854c90006afdc66aeb165d9d977530a4e73Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1652613 - correct hang duration event measuring for slow script hangs, r=mccr8
47667fbae73407a94c4f8e359814b468ad96a07dEitan Isaacson — Bug 1654679 - Add selected text marker range to text selection changed events. r=morgan
0b2ccdb92cb37a1e26ad391c8c3a99923a84c373Brad Werth — Bug 1648774 Part 2: Add a test that display:flex elements generate computed flex info. r=dholbert
9d10a11e7846939de1ce55003cced2161dc9c09fBrad Werth — Bug 1648774 Part 1: Make GetFlexFrameWithComputedInfo work for nsFieldSetFrame. r=dholbert
ded0022e100405afa43e8bd857c142028cfe3517Mihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out 9 changesets (bug 1651016) for causing hazard failures in TestQuotaCommon.cpp
72f036d4f84c3da8b45c27a4d50272d13e880638Mike Hommey — Bug 1654479 - Clear up processes after shutting them down in XPCShellTests. r=gbrown
cc83430bf63ad08d3d955d0c43ec9461a9988453Erik Nordin — Bug 1654406 - Fix Incorrect Ellipsis Offset When Printing Selections r=bobowen
6e556d9c084532ca27fcf30353a88eb82b775595Toshihito Kikuchi — Bug 1654100 - Measure the elapsed time of ShellExecuteByExplorer. r=froydnj
2879ab33ffccb5e681f615877a09084febf3caf6Daosheng Mu — Bug 1654863 - Update PicoVR controller profile names. r=kip
3d260235d84cf4fa2becad03ceec0bd6cd09784eMihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out changeset 45fc4a780b2b (bug 1654699) for causing failures regarding AudioStream position.
40f693a5defc4d39308d2b8b0bdea6f5de28d094Harry Twyford — Bug 1647915 - Restrict queryContext to search mode when visual indicator is visible. r=mak
0709b3d363e97993b6d6c9159ec44c58dd44d105Geoff Brown — Bug 1647720 - Replace fission with fission-xorigin variant, for linux64 mochitest-plain only; r=ahal
8262943652a0d26c330c31e2059705eb6284cd96Harry Twyford — Bug 1653643 - Implement different visual state for the Urlbar search mode indicator when the Urlbar is collapsed. r=mak
a27b933d7a825ee74a142305e6bd9ef990e82fa7Harry Twyford — Bug 1647888 - Implement visual indicator in the Urlbar for aliased engine. r=dao,mak
63f8e5c9497d3e27af04c5d7cff61feab714f111Olli Pettay — Bug 1647229 - Synchronize layouthistorystate to parent process, r=peterv
7590205c21846121ab0c0a7e1158ac7b555c9cbaDorel Luca — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1643578) for Browser-chrome failures in browser_navigate_home_focuses_addressbar.js. CLOSED TREE
074ba1c126005895f0520596c3f1d237882eb7dfDorel Luca — Backed out changeset 9168828ce9e9 (bug 1654589) as requested by dev for breaking fuzzy on a build. CLOSED TREE
e36facc5b1f4989d63a6efc97cf69e84a0abded1Mike Conley — Bug 1654273 - Add some automated tests for experimental Picture-in-Picture toggle variations. r=mstriemer
b1aa825d8c531f81f8945ab5a5da290987a22cccSeverin — Bug 1652720 - fix extra login autocomplete items;r=mak
f8e83f5b68e0e151df25cf6021fc3ab985a6a012Jon Bauman — Bug 1654379 - Allow filtering the IPC log by multiple toplevel protocol names. r=nika
d9e15f6cc3505d97898daafe3e6c7282060f2021harsh — Bug 1640665 - Use `inBackground` parameter of duplicateTab in duplicateTabIn. r=robwu
f25c770ccbf3cd6876f06f9b1940461064c1b64eLee Salzman — Bug 1649676 - use fallback font if loading WR mac font descriptor fails. r=jfkthame
cf217b49d014efd5b82557b6bb9d85788852dcfdKeefer Rourke — Bug 1653985: Implement IOUtils::stat method r=barret,Gijs
486d9f1ad967a1e30a5fedeb35337459ec791542tkhan — Bug 1653400 - Add xorigin and fission annotations, r=kmag
5ce5c63b496c0b7a56e92ba1b173ce417720c8beTom Prince — Bug 1638990: [taskgraph] Run `mach taskgraph` with python 3; r=ahal
9cbebb8e39f3a6893a8171e248fe940f88ae335cTom Prince — Bug 1638990: [taskgraph] More python 3 fixes; r=ahal
5e566996d34e4d424750bf184a13e751a7e3b95fJan Varga — Bug 1651016 - Introduce IDB_TRY and IDB_TRY_VAR macros; r=ttung
002ddedb37dc6ec9312a73e36be981964d534f5fJan Varga — Bug 1651016 - Allow definition of module specific TRY/TRY_VAR macros using generic QM_TRY_META/QM_TRY_VAR_META macros; r=dom-workers-and-storage-reviewers,ttung,sg
aed04f32eb91b2d98e1ad6b2344028b29bd9b63aJan Varga — Bug 1651016 - Convert remaining NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS to QM_TRY in FileStreams.cpp; r=dom-workers-and-storage-reviewers,ttung,sg
2f4529e62cd3bf1d3e6d8fec16006fc1180d8e6eJan Varga — Bug 1651016 - Convert remaining NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS to QM_TRY in ActorsParent.cpp; r=dom-workers-and-storage-reviewers,ttung,sg
8f2aa854a083d3b5dd6b32b72a7cb6241e22c749Jan Varga — Bug 1651016 - Convert remaining NS_ENSURE_TRUE to QM_TRY; r=ttung
7f6eb1658a166a958281f7b900fff0f844897f99Jan Varga — Bug 1651016 - Convert NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS and NS_ENSURE_TRUE in EnsureDirectory; r=dom-workers-and-storage-reviewers,ttung,sg
5d5b249ca66438a1ed37ce92966010d091ff87deJan Varga — Bug 1651016 - Allow MOZ_TRY/QM_TRY to handle nsresult values and optionally enforce success for some special values; r=ttung
9142d4249c29f40502d98e34a5b365e1e0515eccJan Varga — Bug 1651016 - Allow MOZ_TRY/QM_TRY to handle bool values by wrapping them with OkIf; r=dom-workers-and-storage-reviewers,ttung,sg,asuth
8d2cc761e5ba28d7d5361160937565f20899481fJan Varga — Bug 1651016 - Introduce QM_TRY and QM_TRY_VAR macros; r=dom-workers-and-storage-reviewers,ttung,sg
95bc4d15b66ad0dc5d50413cac924a153efb2e36Honza Bambas — Bug 1654556 - Update webconsole tests to not produce cookie same-siteness rejection warnings and thus not fail, r=nhnt11
2c6272a20ddd8957e2da8a514a2fda45d470fa71Honza Bambas — Bug 1654556 - Log also "failed the samesite tests" cookie rejection reason, r=baku
e87edc47ce4966ef9cf2df591dfa8a0d66f57116Kashav Madan — Bug 1643578 - Test that extension as home page focuses address bar r=pbone
5a1183eb910737e2141922797bab757b25332a77Paul Bone — Bug 1643578 - Test that navigating to a http home page doesn't focus the address bar r=kashav
7642b492b329b8d7ad73c59178569d19acc042c4Mike Conley — Bug 1654662 - Disable transitions on Picture-in-Picture toggle variations when the user prefers reduced motion. r=mstriemer
c5dea073260ab635f66d73c59dd9f2156193fc12Emily McDonough — Bug 1654707 - Add CUPS shim instance for OS X and initialize with the DeviceContextSpec r=nordzilla
ee66b0925c55401bb7fd5e7eaa8db772ec16ed0cDorel Luca — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1650880) for XPCshell failures in components/search/tests/xpcshell/test_engine_alias.js. CLOSED TREE
f44fc6657963e9ee2fa02d8f51ef42a2dc8fe4ceDorel Luca — Backed out changeset 8848caa5b125 (bug 1654679) for Browser-chrome failures in accessible/tests/browser/mac/browser_text_input.js. CLOSED TREE
2107c6ef98d811fcf53bab6f3700c33fc2f842bbDorel Luca — Backed out changeset 99d945043967 (bug 1644191) for Devtools failure in browser_resources_network_events.js. CLOSED TREE
9168828ce9e9e74107bd8a64324981e6d5c70ea7Ricky Stewart — Bug 1654589 - Move `libpref` Python unit test to `mozbuild` suite r=froydnj
5acd57b4187dd9dd3a2762f9f6f611b0d32267edSeverin — Bug 1652715 - fix pmgr doorhanger only updating on password change & submit;r=MattN
6259301066022496a1072f1ac1b9a944a15511aeTom Prince — Bug 1652503: [mozlint] Install rstcheck for tests; r=ahal
2bf32877d9fc93ea791de94fc38f6ca454d94727Tom Prince — Bug 1652503: [mozlint] Use `mozpack.path` for paths in lint tests; r=ahal
1e61f55a5cd797667adf473f17c4c765b989f7e6Tom Prince — Bug 1652503: [mozlint] Sort the results of lints in the lint tests; r=ahal
fd62c070359b29bf2e9bb72f194382119cf4f931Tom Prince — Bug 1652503: [mozlint] Use `attrs` for `mozlint.result.Issue`; r=ahal
8e015d90d36bda678ea3f8629a5698902e58c912Tom Prince — Bug 1652503: [mozlint] Always use vendored yamllint; r=ahal
b4ea018b2b835e72043a6472f75220c8f0fb9073Tom Prince — Bug 1652503: [mozlint] Make yamllint test indenpendent of the environment; r=linter-reviewers,ahal
a23d5a5c492b69d5381f763c3408b9b5cd7825cdTom Prince — Bug 1651642: [mozlint] Disable black lint tests on macOS; r=ahal
45fc4a780b2b4a9e047eceba73b39b988f719c58Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1654699. Update core-foundation/core-graphics. r=kvark,keeler,chunmin
fdfccf41210646069d39d8b1c131c407af68740fDavid Teller — Bug 1652006 - In default sorting, show a separation between groups of rows;r=florian
5fffdf68ca3d9d2ca55bfbbbbeb67448c2dc0f27David Teller — Bug 1652006 - In default sorting, instead of sorting by pid, group together rows by type;r=florian
103d388bac7473c617ddf3c6794ee7651ff86422Dale Harvey — Bug 1650880 - Refactor toJSON in SearchEngine.jsm. r=Standard8
0fb59851d956c1fce39125bf9b52de8003be840fDale Harvey — Bug 1650880 - Persist the engines alias in cache. r=Standard8
adc2b7b604b24a33d66d8aa5a746e501805ab41eDale Harvey — Bug 1627548 - Update Activity Stream to use new Region.jsm API r=thecount
8848caa5b12536f42ec340569debb3b291d4ecc9Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1654679 - Add selected text marker range to text selection changed events. r=morgan
99d945043967404848b87c46834c45930bac9cccHubert Boma Manilla — Bug 1644191 - Add tests for network event resources (WIP) r=nchevobbe
fd212b7e336c16f77e1922f5db32267009e833e9Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1654235 - Make sure Private Fields TypedObject test only runs when TypedObjects are available r=jorendorff
f02ec7a68ff11c72100a027432bbc461d0e90f1eHarry Twyford — Bug 1653436 - Clear _autofillResult more reliably. r=mak
e69e85ff0c7e997f0f082a73b548d8183d624288Jonathan Watt — Bug 1653961. Stop previous printed doc's title/URL being used for the next doc. r=Gijs
407a4fc5a61d6b9643df40d0d9c4a72bcec0091eHonza Bambas — Bug 1652300 - Keep lock around mState in `CacheEntry::InvokeAvailableCallback`, r=michal,necko-reviewers
89940d1456ad830af8b40c162da29210277a06daLuca Greco — Bug 1649948 - Renew probe up until Firefox 88. r=mixedpuppy