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Tue Nov 23 22:33:58 2010 +0000
597e4c5ded14d831c734957b71a97bd0ac0a72b5Raymond Lee — Bug 600645 - App tabs don't appear in the group app tab tray if their icon fails to load [r=ian, a=beltzner]
041430229f5ea29a136f496206d026d09f6ac348Raymond Lee — Bug 596781 - Don't allow the last group to close if there are app tabs [r=ian, a=beltzner]
b27ab9bbc12efd1584626e809955360ee35e10b7Raymond Lee — Bug 608714 - Unable to edit tab group names [r=dolske, a=beltzner]
1698f57029c4eb36a7e05b88bad716656e3a8eeaRaymond Lee — Bug 587351 - Close tabs with middle click in TabCandy [r=ian, a=beltzner]
89d20196334387aecb5ef1c67382041b38c8a7e8Raymond Lee — Bug 608637 - Panorama exit button should perhaps reflect the number of groups as well [r=dao, a=beltzner]
5cdcba8db3a2130d4b50f56177cc9f9d567b4390Raymond Lee — Bug 597248 - Make sure Panorama's thumbnail cache is solid [r=ian, a=benjamin]
88cca1740749b379494db465135b23669ed9b5d4Raymond Lee — Bug 594429 - Update the live filter search button in Panorama UI [r=dao, a=blocking2.0]