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Thu Jun 05 12:20:57 2014 +0000
e99a707fc216032f6bd41d427b9ec2cf1a569a8aCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset ccc885c8f4ac (bug 1003159) for causing test failures in mochitest-other on a CLOSED TREE
a1199e0dd68bf541f7a0e4f40cb0f777ffd155edCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound on a CLOSED TREE
fe14647a422d538acd0959c5cb214d34504b9704Wes Kocher — Backed out 13 changesets (bug 987111) for disagreeing with some patch from b-i or fx-team in tonight's merge to hopefully fix a CLOSED TREE
e9859d8b5e516ce16f1343a0174a2f2caba2434fWan-Teh Chang — Revert 8406a2b981c5 to fix build bustage.
8137176a31734f39f120dab27b7ddad578c8deabDaniel Holbert — Bug 864005: Remove mentions of & checks for 'layout.css.supports-rule.enabled' pref. r=heycam r=khuey
8406a2b981c58de5a466dbb482a4f4c5ebd70f11Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 1020695: Update Mozilla to use NSS 3.16.2 Beta 3. Includes fixes for
e7b0ccbaa5a45a93ed461af811a0bf5fe2ef9818David Zbarsky — Bug 1015433: Backout bug 828169 for regressing text editing
ccc885c8f4ac40d3f1de740d4f8d98af9fa167c2Mike Connor — Bug 1003159 - Default the updater to downloading the entire update at once for Nightly/Aurora, r=rstrong
6d883625709965e5b5441986d2a9948b3170404fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1008772 part.3 Fix new orages caused by tabbrowser consuming some key events at keydown r=smaug
721046203db098453b3d7dd09cf5bcb585ca90c7Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1008772 part.2 Add tests for tabbrowser key navigation which isn't blocked by content r=enndeakin
c142ccc5bb25c3188978a2c3f44bee7d3aa79744Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1008772 part.1 tabs should handle non-printable keys with keydown event handlers in the system group rather than keypress event handlers in the normal group r=smaug+enndeakin
62c85e7fc6adcc7da216f5e65c573569305a800dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1019163. Hold a weak ref to the principal in AutoEntryScript, to reduce call overhead. r=bholley
f23221132fe90c54d550fe26d6a7108c6a8f1cc7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1016560. Remove the footgun of rejecting promises with arbitrary objects. r=khuey
43e4fecc8251545ac5f719d0559c0c19fe71a0b8Daniel Holbert — Bug 1020643: Annotate COMPILE_ASSERT's typedef as permissibly unused, to fix GCC 4.8 build warning. r=Waldo
f39a6f2673b05bdc3bce0779a2edd7fd6f0b77b7Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound on a CLOSED TREE
ad28fb0d24e6a57d26571b32c62d65d54f252a0eWes Kocher — Backed out changeset f644eda342c2 (bug 1000640) for various gl-based failures on a CLOSED TREE
3bb48bc62d23941fe6e9a8b7d8b37297b6ed4b1eWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 9d1dd5a9be4f (bug 1000640)
f4f4d435326332957a5817d00767ebe75114ea1dWes Kocher — Backed out changeset cb1ea8162165 (bug 1000640)
abf745ddb9fc3c780a57bb4c9db0769a7aa761deWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 3a764e34c366 (bug 1000640)
c6ef90e1696943d52afbd1ece671463986fd827fWes Kocher — Backed out changeset fa44003a4040 (bug 1000640) for various gl-based failures on a CLOSED TREE
08cf77174532752688685c57a2efe9fa76c1ddbbWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 5be1a688e645 (bug 1000640)
9a9020972cc49338612f54b908d224cf2f04847aGarrett Robinson — Backed out changeset d9a7b9a18ab4 (Bug 988616) on a CLOSED TREE
34bcdcf808fe26b6b1ec2493687875f52b881ccfGarrett Robinson — Backed out changeset f3e45719fda7 (bug 988616) on a CLOSED TREE
6910e2e7e383902d5731651411635467f36ecdb7Garrett Robinson — Backed out changeset bf40eebc6543 (bug 988616) on a CLOSED TREE
d9d27a66ee94fc96e1e3563e9cda24c24b20c0f1Garrett Robinson — Backed out changeset 1be4b6552473 (bug 988616) on a CLOSED TREE
1354d752f1778d5a4985ad24f6f2b684166169f6Garrett Robinson — Backed out changeset 948a658c002b (bug 988616) on a CLOSED TREE
cdbf2036c760ef575590ebf4557538e451af0007Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset c9a08c041519 (bug 1020396) for Gu bustage on a CLOSED TREE
5be1a688e64519e3e249c0f99bfe9ee9ba3548ceJeff Gilbert — Bug 1000640 - Mark C/A 1.0/0.5 non-premult test as random, since it passes on Win7 Ru. - r=mattwoodrow CLOSED TREE
c9a08c041519433f45dddc0054537fc4f10278c9Jonathan Griffin — Bug 1020396 - Bump marionette-transport to 0.2, r=mdas
cb20c1b5311841f729bd01566bae6c9f090c07b9William Chen — Bug 1011831 - Support <template> element in XHTML parser. r=hsivonen
948a658c002ba13c6f647b99dbb8bb8a5a017b20Garrett Robinson — Bug 988616 - Remove refs to "spec compliant" from split CSP tests r=sstamm r=ckerschb
1be4b65524738fc43bec68ab1aa260aa65306ce7Garrett Robinson — Bug 988616 - Rename CSP test files to remove unnecessary "spec_compliant" refs r=sstamm r=ckerschb
bf40eebc65434dd7030506fb1dd6f1e64f34418fGarrett Robinson — Bug 988616 - Split CSP tests for CSP (1.0) and X-CSP, and update build system files r=sstamm r=ckerschb
f3e45719fda70cbe69285bf4d4fcc539fb6e6cd4Garrett Robinson — Bug 988616 - "hg cp" files that will be used in the split r=sstamm r=ckerschb
d9a7b9a18ab4759a96e7a726e4a403ebda6ca0f0Garrett Robinson — Bug 988616 - "hg mv" tests that only test X-Content-Security-Policy r=sstamm r=ckerschb
86195553d5e7ac9050514262562df8118c591d88Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1015663 - Fix more bad implicit conversion constructors in the JS engine; r=jorendorff
fa44003a40408cb8ee8be5826dac297a71f54315Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1000640 - Mark WinXP as failing color-alpha-test unpremultiplied reftests. - r=mattwoodrow
3a764e34c3667a12d55172407383bf9cea82bf9fJeff Gilbert — Bug 1000640 - Use new StreamTextureClient/Host with OMTC. - r=mattwoodrow
cb1ea8162165ef9efc6aeb755b895f3a56ed3050Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1000640 - Update Gralloc and ANGLE ShSurf backends. - r=mattwoodrow
9d1dd5a9be4f70248bcb69db330168f06c92b21dJeff Gilbert — Bug 1000640 - Death to whitespace. - r=mattwoodrow
f644eda342c2322de69fddb5a6f47582e03ab6cdJeff Gilbert — Bug 1000640 - Handle non-premult alpha in Layers. - r=mattwoodrow
90b3655df3b9b78d594fd2b5a41695eeda679a33Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 1018783: Update to NSPR_4_10_6_BETA3.
d4e390ceac27fe5661e52a42ad9efb48bf148ffcBobby Holley — Bug 987111 - Tests. r=gabor
5f88b5ef94963726e73ee81f9c3b1b6c45a05161Bobby Holley — Bug 987111 - Flip on Object Xrays. r=gabor
cdfd24ddf448cfda953b1810077158c8c6bcd5c5Bobby Holley — Bug 987111 - Implement delete_ for Object Xrays. r=gabor
7883150e5471699a27121eebf3a69e0f08ef9f7eBobby Holley — Bug 987111 - Implement defineProperty for Object Xrays. r=gabor
407c7ca82ada87a5eea4df3e7530d7ff61cabb90Bobby Holley — Bug 987111 - Implement resolveOwnProperty and enumerateNames for Object instances. r=gabor
e7140ccf7e09c75f713fb96af78c655175a4efe4Bobby Holley — Bug 987111 - Make JSProto_Object COWs take precedence over Xrays. r=gabor
0a4d18d6306f5bccae307ad6edf1ca47e799b0c9Bobby Holley — Bug 987111 - Handle the Object.prototype case in Xray getPrototypeOf. r=gabor
e7b7548867d998b0e6a9e534860cac5506314a7dBobby Holley — Bug 987111 - Fill out existing_desc with all properties, not just |own| ones. r=gabor
944d128f135aeebe1d91d940f5ad1d81917db58fBobby Holley — Bug 987111 - Proxy::set should create enumerable properties. r=efaust
33860f30fc4f41fd66cf8a6ce65f78eede465b1aBobby Holley — Bug 987111 - Add test coverage to make sure we don't add new Xrayable functionality without auditing it. r=gabor
518a915fb81b2ce455a28a627bd530d642ba0a94Bobby Holley — Bug 987111 - Introduce a method to determine whether a given PropertyDescriptor is an accessor prop. r=terrence
7576a51cf72e705f51ffe5cd6d153cc827662345Bobby Holley — Bug 987111 - Add an assign() method to MutablePropertyDescriptorOperations. r=terrence
1a8dc1af9de67d5af9079643f783d179e243f810Bobby Holley — Bug 987111 - Temporarily waive Xrays on the aOptions argument passed to and mozId.request. r=jedp
243d19db57a53731f2a12b4a588ae09d99e00bedSotaro Ikeda — Bug 1016805 - fix AsyncTransactionTracker handling r=nical
6ae8f9e034ad5bb763af81ae771519fdf2fc1660Jeff Walden — Bug 1019334 - Require that Init be called on a newly-constructed TypedArray struct to use it. r=bz
bca6f69d9d7f63f879dc08945ce58dcd49625303Jeff Walden — Add a comment next to XDR_BYTECODE_VERSION directing people changing it to update the bytecode docs wiki page as well. No bug, r=trivial
cef421d919f169847f1eb80828c39813ce7867eaTooru Fujisawa — Bug 471713 - Uncomment the sys.exit() in error() in the script to generate documentation for SpiderMonkey opcodes. r=jwalden
d4a005d1c687a3a79d7f8d9808433d825bbe7fc5Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1020407 - CSP in C++: Log more descriptive console message if parsing fails (r=sstamm)
703903939a5e1d2e83cd0970c167d7d333a959e6Brian Hackett — Bug 1019188 - Transform phi(int32,boolean) into phi(int32,int32) when it is only consumed by test instructions, r=sunfish.
91ad28afdd77610e271e28eac36e572de6904bdcWilliam Chen — Bug 1017896 - Ensure there is a template contents owner when creating template elements. r=bz
a76d3c8b0f6421112bdb0516108d0651526b3d0eChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1019984 - CSP in CPP: Update Parser to return error when parsing invalid paths (r=sstamm)
daae873f90b3252b46426170311921e1e3edfc1cDan Gohman — Bug 1020455 - IonMonkey: Optimize LPhi allocation r=sstangl
81a81052fe9ff567318a6d79c270c6f5d350f85dDan Gohman — Bug 1020455 - IonMonkey: Remove LIRGraph's redundant osrBlock field. r=sstangl
48b40e6ca833122df7b07af0a4d8dc9375c9d70fDan Gohman — Bug 1020455 - IonMonkey: Use a FixedList instead of a Vector for LIR arrays which are never resized r=sstangl
e0d90520150195e627e2e37745b60e5c82d9fbaaDan Gohman — Bug 1020462 - IonMonkey: Use assumeUnreachable instead of breakpoints in more places. r=h4writer
616163ca1aa528b7b418fe2edb84ac11973b851dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 1015871, bug 1020257, bug 1015887, bug 1005888, bug 1015894) for desktop B2G mochitest failures on a CLOSED TREE.
ad91b00b5af9d4299d5b6d043b70d59d416c31dfRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 12536416d070 (bug 991866) for breaking B2G mochitests.
bee33343ee1849833b42fb7e8693e9fe6dc14013Nathan Froyd — Bug 996061 - part 4 - throw away unscriptable interfaces that aren't otherwise needed; r=ted
2c7acfdd623bdb725c036a1b1fbb2cbe15f392b6Nathan Froyd — Bug 996061 - part 3 - try to shim param information in xptiInterfaceEntry when possible; r=bholley
5c2eaff26d0c1b2b3ff47ecdc61d611369796468Nathan Froyd — Bug 996061 - part 2 - split out a method for getting an interface's typelib index; r=bholley
d9e56658ef051dc9c4d973004cf93a3ffa26434aNathan Froyd — Bug 996061 - part 1 - add GetEntryNameAt method for typelibs; r=bholley
e3253a7cb5d4726cbb1a59f0a8c9fef887d438d2Nathan Froyd — Bug 996061 - part 0 - make tests use [scriptable] interfaces; r=ted
d5b0cce4d2b5758513011e94dc845a2dd22f47deMagnus Melin — Bug 1017883 - Unable to view saved passwords in Thunderbird32.0a1, since _INTL_API not enabled. r=glandium
0044cb69854ae5605c46dd66a9469e98a511f3dfMarkus Stange — Bug 1013392 - Initialize the new nsDisplayListBuilder fields.
d8b1d6c4dd4eed28ff92a78b182b66d902f89514Markus Stange — Bug 1014804 - Make the gtest make target only compile the tests, and not run them. r=BenWa, r=ted
12536416d070ca1cfc4e2bdf0e9b1ec5d426c61aAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 991866 - Decode mozprocess output before printing to stdout, r=gps
504404fcc7dc988b88c4a7bcadbea79e83c64a04Randell Jesup — Bug 1006641: add telemetry for AudioStream open times r=jib
9e0dfff3fdb2803515c5fdf5591ccc412f2ac89fRandell Jesup — Bug 1003712: Codec availability support and prioritization r=ehugg
eb336259b85f050b59a5cd516bdfa28cb2a8f65eRandell Jesup — Bug 1003712: Use Media Resource Manager to reserve OMX Codecs r=jhlin
52f23831adbc4d6442a485014797e5b312ea9e74John Lin — Bug 1003712: extend MediaResourceManagerService to support video encoder and no-wait mode. r=rjesup,jhlin,sotaro
af052494ad4edc374f795230c98b6073307b73b3James Graham — Bug 1020470 - Package mozlog.structured html formatter support files, r=:ted.mielczarek
dbcb9974b640b6846647b44c7995844c612eb0bbVivien Nicolas — Bug 1020257 - Dispatch hud events on the main window for system app related events. r=janx
3220b7b2efc9022dde350eaa21528d065e6c7db9Vivien Nicolas — Bug 1015894 - Use window.realFrameElement into b2g/components/ContentPermissionPrompt.js to dispatch the permission request to the correct iframe. r=ochameau
4e23647ae2470a3022a17a2f2e065d9fdac013d1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 1015887 - Expose realFrameElement to Chrome JS. r=bholley
59df0cdacc15bfec459c8e8e0c989bc164caed5cVivien Nicolas — Bug 1015871 - Wrong uint32_t type when reading the number of touch events in nsGuiEventIPC.h. r=smaug
e7124b07804b86f825ae2e991832b32cf69ae11cVivien Nicolas — Bug 1005888 - Remove unused #ifdef for gfx/thebes/gfxFT2FontList.cpp. r=jfkthame
5c901d7e88bc651bdcbc9d1427a2ba5342166d7aDavid Keeler — bug 1003566 - part 2/2: prevent OCSP requests from being upgraded to HTTPS by HSTS r=cviecco
d5c4fb8b899585fef26f2d2893a07d7ba7364903Patrick McManus — bug 1003566 - part 1 - allowSTS attribute to nsIHttpChannel r=honzab
72396a53734450ae1a503efd7ab64dcf0ae5694cBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1007187: Make enableSPSProfilingWithSlowAssertions() return undefined; r=djvj
7c6822279dfc80d7f97469a320e33174c4099dc4Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1006894: Make disableSPSProfiling() return undefined; r=djvj
0785e0d17abd34dece239168b509c1cae1aaf4ebEd Morley — Backed out changeset 11226b2f6088 (bug 997894) for causing intermittent Jetpack failures
414d239d29212c78fdf9f5801f5bdba7b7024362Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 5f212af48739 (bug 997894)
39e24f12b36b223612e5395ef98e1e4b3feeaccfEd Morley — Backed out changeset e4279ded250d (bug 997894)
a82637fc77c9cab4bbef29c1e924e913874a3a37Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1020142 Comment out unused .code value definition for reducing footprint of code name array r=smaug
31bc555dbc9e38cf96edd7b156fb174ec9f091c3Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 1016677 - Add pointer check to ContentClientRemoteBuffer::DestroyBuffers() r=nical
8ee52188963cbc3a1d948a41ad14d4f71ad17487Ed Morley — Backed out changeset d37aa03d00fb (bug 1016805) for OS X 10.6 reftest failures; CLOSED TREE
6809ce23f0fe537a5aabb90d01e19e9e4e05f34fMarkus Stange — Bug 1020389 - Call apzc->Destroy() at the end of AsyncPanZoomControllerTester.Fling and AsyncPanZoomControllerTester.OverScrollPanning in order to avoid leaking the content controller. r=kats
75ab95a6f890669786264ed22b251315b147c86cMarkus Stange — Bug 944938 - Add default values for some AsyncPanZoom prefs to all.js. r=kats
ca77e129db835f880c9ffd074d056c812a3b10a8Ryan VanderMeulen — No bug - Touch CLOBBER thanks to bug 1019955.
5c347ab868414a6e4414079697551ed1c81e027aSotaro Ikeda — Bug 1019057 - Add pointer check to ContentClientDoubleBuffered::FinalizeFrame() r=nical
7371145721bf2bb322303f1c042634b4ef0468e5Jason Orendorff — Bump the XDR bytecode version number for Arpad Borsos's work on JSOP_SPREAD, bug 1015742, rev 310d82551d3b. r=jandem. DONTBUILD.
1f31c3d28c63b69a45d6c39449e074290274ef7eDouglas Crosher — Bug 1019414 - IonMonkey: The exitCodePatch offset needs to be converted to its final offset after assembly. r=jandem
85db97aa8845829bda33e6c8ad23c725a044ca10Dave Hunt — Bug 1019043 - Return None when getting the device manager in B2GTestCaseMixin if target is B2G desktop. r=mdas
66fb92de1240258bf9d36673282c8abaf6365b96Fernando Rodriguez Sela — Bug 1018164 - Fix IP address recovery in PushService. r=nsm
4265f3812f03d522ea29048289880a07620cd893Branislav Rankov — Bug 1017036 - IonMonkey MIPS: Add mulBy3 method as follow-up to bug 1004726. r=nbp
94ea45f19f1f82977e2865fe8ab59dcd708aa75cBranislav Rankov — Bug 1017036 - IonMonkey MIPS: Add missing call to skipTrivialBlocks. r=nbp
25644e63b63f979fad3ac17e5a5ba10e2e26bcd6Branislav Rankov — Bug 1017036 - IonMonkey MIPS: Fix minor build issues. r=nbp
14d81aae75d1971e3bbe8478d85af12221d2c029Branislav Rankov — Bug 1017036 - IonMonkey MIPS: Implemented visitCeil, visitCeilF. r=nbp
ab4249cdaa7ee4ad8aeeb7b9ffdf785cc7ad3ae2Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1010634 - Use Contains instead of NoIndex to avoid relocation error. r=briansmith
2184d492b3746c26b9d4c3ccd7603ce90cd2226cSankha Narayan Guria — Bug 934423 - Implement Array#copyWithin. r=jorendorff
d37aa03d00fb837dad340f62fb99ecb1886b27c0Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 1016805 - fix AsyncTransactionTracker handling r=nical
51b269a9c5c9ada5291547ce405457ee23b3a87eDan Gohman — Bug 1004363 - IonMonkey: Teach range analysis to mark unreachable dominator subtrees r=nbp
07ab6ede1eff8b32bf070da17529972bb5d7b356Dan Gohman — Bug 1004363 - IonMonkey: Make a block's numDominated() include itself. r=nbp
41f1efb029203e6f72a97b87773ac64d99b1654eDan Gohman — Bug 1004363 - IonMonkey: Tweak the value hash function to reduce hash table collisions. r=nbp
33b3980482705c72a7b59949831e64b38f3e25baDan Gohman — Bug 1004363 - IonMonkey: Make removeBlock() call discardAllResumePoints(). r=nbp
db41d0ff0c62c17ef2daac3af7fb13d1188333afCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset f62d16bc1c3e (bug 944938) for testfailures during 10.8 Builds on a CLOSED TREE
d778b67c4e9ef6f9d7b3c1fa2e2626898157f85dCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 07a74e6e53b2 (bug 1017427) for reftest failures on a CLOSED TREE
cf93e150098beb52791b539b8d42347da6f8a3c2Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
310d82551d3b537906f4a74c383c45a92f510881Arpad Borsos — Bug 1015742 - refactor JSOP_SPREAD to work on iterator; r=jorendorff
b144d655a179191d81ea678b0ecb7db2d721fbc3Brian Hackett — Bug 1019322 - Don't serialize asm.js modules with basic block profiling, and allow pointer immediates when compiling such modules, r=luke.
50f9f62bebb226a20dda15339ae5ea85f1cba594Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1015783 - Add a devtools API for Web Audio; r=padenot,smaug
38cd6935fc199e78c083a2b016bb181f9f115564Markus Stange — Fix a typo in a comment in ContainerState::FindThebesLayerFor. No bug, r=typo
4f336ae97569674b724fc20dacc54b083164c67eMarkus Stange — Bug 944938 - Add a helper method for the conversion of window coordinates to device pixels. r=smichaud
19e5e8dff4f9fee360adbe80fb9db675fd5795cfMarkus Stange — Bug 944938 - Create an APZCTM controller for the compositor parent on Mac with APZ enabled. r=smichaud
2dd00ac41fbea0bbc7ed55472be8613cd67ab455Markus Stange — Bug 944938 - Add a basic GeckoContentController implementation for async panning on Mac. r=kats
b1440ad703355ca06f4449b3e7e17d21d2879d95Markus Stange — Bug 944938 - Add EventThreadRunner class that can listen to scroll events without main thread involvement. r=smichaud
f62d16bc1c3e5d223d7a64f19dc8ddf7d77c79ebMarkus Stange — Bug 944938 - Add default values for some AsyncPanZoom prefs to all.js. r=kats
9c65721ef16b5f06ea3464b11c4dac174c3ab039Markus Stange — Bug 944938 - Move the layers.async-pan-zoom.enabled pref to gfxPrefs and make it override the apz subframe pref when false. r=kats
083854f3d590d4ba69923ce0f6d77dd2447d99dfMarkus Stange — Bug 1019737 - Only layerize the scrollbar thumb if the target scroll frame has active scrolling. r=roc
6b973f2ae66484bc07593f4f80fdbc1f04df884dMarkus Stange — Bug 1013392 - Adjust the search algorithm for async scrollbar thumb shifting. r=kats
28bb18a1306b27d590aea0ec0bf6b8ed7a5c3cc8Markus Stange — Bug 1013392 - Put APZ scrollbar annotations on the scrollbar thumb. r=roc
adfd943ff73ea467bcbd60acb6426a5e25bb77c7Markus Stange — Bug 1019492 - Stop creating a Thebes backed gfxContext in gfxQuartzNativeDrawing. r=mattwoodrow
cb6938a8c0f9a1f3954318672c31588117612138Masayuki Nakano — Bug 939006 part.13 Sort out deprecated key names r=smaug
72f432b2f079162e526ff931a27a368997e79dc6Masayuki Nakano — Bug 939006 part.12 Sort out key names in Media Controller Keys section r=smaug
7751a79c21bf29b5094420b11a0262d6f349989dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 939006 part.11 Sort out key names in Browser Keys section r=smaug
1d8d1aa2d7e0123c948be7f738642db872584b26Masayuki Nakano — Bug 939006 part.10 Sort out key names in Application Keys section r=smaug
d8a5caee34634eaa117c992a24cb364ae9549adfMasayuki Nakano — Bug 939006 part.9 Sort out key names in Multimedia Keys section r=smaug
749cca6fcb0570b16b1d5aab92ef9bbefc2d7f0bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 939006 part.8 Sort out key names in General-Purpose Function Keys section r=smaug
385ba5d17d1678bd127dc5f4971f9e912d88524aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 939006 part.7 Sort out key names in IME and Composition Keys section r=smaug
ee87f878d131dfc268b08f9cab45a48ed01e1aa6Masayuki Nakano — Bug 939006 part.6 Sort out key names in Device Keys section r=smaug
6d7575761c43bdcb3271f8a316929d5eaa88a877Masayuki Nakano — Bug 939006 part.5 Sort out key names in UI Keys section r=smaug
4d69c4b463a910790797e73f00dfce3a204d3861Masayuki Nakano — Bug 939006 part.4 Sort out key names in Editing Keys section r=smaug
7c2fbf1e5cdff6ca3efd638e750f588176c38fa3Masayuki Nakano — Bug 939006 part.3 Sort out key names in Navigation Keys section r=smaug
ce6205f6d94a854d37a6ac95be75945cc64a7f09Masayuki Nakano — Bug 939006 part.2 Sort out key names in Whitespace Keys section r=smaug
ed539e06f5c0c9f00b83f90a238b403b8a83b3eaMasayuki Nakano — Bug 939006 part.1 Sort out key names in Modifier Keys section r=smaug
fbda3cc3461a75b08351edb22e944fd3f08762c7Jan de Mooij — Bug 1019804 - Use RootedString in shell's Run function. r=terrence
dae53a38052e91c0fc27c0a0c994acba96970b9fTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1014813 - Always set array length for JSOP_INITELEM_INC with hole. r=jandem
2d06b7c9cc5bd0f1441598190e16d75e56043ebbTooru Fujisawa — Bug 923028 - Part1: Emit JSOP_INITELEM_ARRAY for elements before spread operator. r=jandem
07a74e6e53b2829feff8205aa7630854ef239d3cChris Lord — Bug 1017427 - Fix CompositorOGL RenderOffset not offsetting clipping rect. r=nical
0f4eb14fcbd82aa5535d6f5371376b0655b05bb8Nathan Froyd — Bug 1019705 - replace binaryNames accesses with binaryNameFor; r=bz
f68a689a35931d5d98b11e33255fc9c1a1e676a7Nathan Froyd — Bug 988169 - display the list of mochitests again; r=jmaher
4cc3b00d4ece49b0f34e19cd6f317631e27e6dabNathan Froyd — Bug 1018414 - skip test_error_codes.js on OS X; r=smaug
a063f04aa7e8aee7a3869cf02e07b7114160fd4dNathan Froyd — Bug 1019162 - fix a -Wmaybe-uninitialized build warning in nsDOMWindowUtils.cpp; r=smaug
9b1fabd016b5a7b7b50e7e1761417063eef44347Nathan Froyd — Bug 1019161 - fix a -Wmaybe-uninitialized build warning in ArchiveRequest.cpp; r=baku
74d53a60db060366d7ef5ba52e48e35967a24a9eNathan Froyd — Bug 1018400 - disable safebrowsing during reftests; r=ted
a4e77cc8f619dc3cd2751015e16ddb19c4c3b3cdJonathan Kew — bug 1019470 - reftest for list-style-image spacing. r=mats
d11e57cde6aa07e0dc4b96ae61b579232b470b22Jonathan Kew — bug 1019470 - restore space after list-style-image bullet. r=mats