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Fri Nov 01 18:40:05 2013 +0000
5bb07c1ae9f50e0bc1358b520820eba53733fb81Ed Morley — Backed out changeset f24ee0606ea6 (bug 926128) for reftest failures on OS X & crashes on B2G on a CLOSED TREE
4ef640375e5dcbac6c1dc89006268194bf3246f4Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 82ceed608666 (bug 933231) on suspicion of asan build failures on a CLOSED TREE
d854b66f00736eb779a6f0c344549bf3594c6060Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 8e1c2d2466c9 (bug 932127) on suspicion of asan build failures on a CLOSED TREE
a99ffa03665433b5365757351685d6516c6ac968Jan de Mooij — Bug 933301 - Optimize setDenseElementWithType. r=bhackett
29b8e502a2963b59358fd81ceea92ae7f998f2a3Jan de Mooij — Bug 932800 - Don't optimize string[x] GETELEM in Ion if x is not a number. r=h4writer
2b4bd02c330055622bca30aa56f0682143a7fe81Brian Hackett — Bug 932769 - Increase the maximum value for type set definite property slots, r=jandem.
44b7462b5de3db68ab246a940dce93caeef2ff2aMalini Das — Bug 832366 - remove, r=jgriffin
9c8d23cfa1d81ac20f393ab6b9f15d1000d1fa5cNathan Froyd — Bug 933071 - add --with-macos-private-frameworks to support cross-compiling; r=mshal
82ceed60866612d1704f910fc52d2fd2eed6409dNathan Froyd — Bug 933231 - don't |unset| variables after configuring NSPR; r=ted
8e1c2d2466c9f9d6598fb6a0ce0d7d35f910c25eNathan Froyd — Bug 932127 - correctly configure ctypes in cross compilation conditions; r=glandium
93638833b1af6c2c8fd521b7d3e5b7302ead1417Nathan Froyd — Bug 931053 - don't build Mac host tools if --disable-crashreporter; r=ted
7a079294517bd60c6e85d781c3a7cf978902b96cNathan Froyd — Bug 931043 - use AC_TRY_COMPILE to check for how to copy va_args; r=glandium
72fce12da9d7df865ca0039e13b5fbdc8a3bd4e2Nathan Froyd — Bug 925329 - unify the formatting of xslt ids across 32-bit and 64-bit OSes; r=peterv
b66491c535b3945063f80837cf0339eabcc1f14aBrian Hackett — Bug 931984 - Use baseline cache information for calling common getter/setters in Ion code, r=efaust.
9189b08d7d5eed7a4722a8ae8c361f53c6cde74cEd Morley — Backed out changeset d9aa2d2a9939 (bug 931915) for failures linking on Windows on a CLOSED TREE
a750c58e428e166e541647bbe73395057ec3e072Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 9eeddb8dc383 (bug 931915)
c4f51fe7d6379196464dcb91b8123d0647361408Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 0fdae4f78c1a (bug 931996)
fa28da03e7d9fde3c52e9c6d64f53bb1a65875e2Bobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Make in-content XBL event handlers allowuntrusted=false by default. r=smaug
2662a96f83ef7aa73a4ed44476f86a8a284d8244Bobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Only expose XBL members which have the exposeToUntrustedContent attribute set. r=smaug
8a56460b9110deccc90e14e79cb56eaaac337d2bBobby Holley — Bug 911864 - When QIing objects bound with XBL scopes, route the XPCWrappedJS through an XrayWrapper from the XBL scope. r=smaug
922be1ea7e61a786b3641676d1225af0dd1fd833Bobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Add annotations to our XBL tests as-needed. r=smaug
fa25d7921c33ecd72f5f5ad2484693508d2d5bd4Bobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Annotate the members of marquee that correspond to properties in HTMLMarqueeElement per HTML5. r=smaug
720546f7c02ddd42c234c58b07df9ede68c7a6e0Bobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Install XBL members in the safe scope, then clone them into content (rather than the reverse). r=smaug
aad5b909924dbd9d069c1b91c9613c100284af1aBobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Introduce an explicit opt-in attribute for exposing methods and properties to untrusted content. r=smaug
48d02e98287b1ad8b89066323f8d08c40a3f1862Bobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Expose an API to copy a single property across compartments. r=jorendorff
2efa2d9b1ea2a3cdcdd11aea5a21b93dddd28fb7Bobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Convert toolkit widget xul tests to chrome tests. r=smaug
fcc67303e9e2da81e507a72df7cd5ed111a63323Bobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Frob the marquee in a different fashion. r=me
3eb51e31e09461fa69c3170ece75dfda22ee15e8Bobby Holley — Bug 822425 - Expose a few simple compartment assertions in jsfriendapi. r=mccr8
72ccfc17138284907acd9ab4c86e78f616f62cfcStephen Pohl — Bug 867629: Ensure that snapshots for history swipe animations are of the right size at all zoom levels. r=felipe
e30094c627832d624fd9ed3286f2e61829cd4fefEd Morley — Backed out changeset 38a50c61c285 (bug 931062) for compilation failures on a CLOSED TREE
e4cccf4390c627972ff57fb139a0774d4b05ebd3James Willcox — Bug 927254 - Purge SkiaGL texture cache on memory pressure r=gwright
54c65daa9bedca0d436194296e7a2c79550ebab6Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 930543 - Detect negative indices r=jandem
b9053803ce0e8570dd9570129e3641ece2400ca8Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 922216 - Self-host equivalent() for typed objects r=till
401ddfc06cab40be834c0ba81fc319d1b061374aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 925571 - Packaging for Sandboxing dll. r=bsmedberg
f997b62e129056b859eee14ac9bc2585bfa4b93fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 925571 - Initial Windows content process sandbox broker code. r=aklotz
7915aa34a9d8cf5b84692c34bbf2746cf0139876Brian R. Bondy — Bug 925571 - Initial Windows sandbox target process (plugin-container) code. r=aklotz
34cdb11de791e40b4033f5b0b19c458b84ba24e3Brian R. Bondy — Bug 925571 - Build config for plugin_container windows sandboxing. r=bsmedberg
1e69387b6d8b6ad59edf40fbad1c6bb85edcbc29Hannes Verschore — Bug 925949: Add fastpath to zeroLastIndex the normal RegExpObject, r=jwalden
0dd10890c2409291bf726fdb4e5291bd5fe22f73Yura Zenevich — Bug 932158 - ensuring that the type information is not included into the output for an input of type 'text'. r=eeejay
0fdae4f78c1a9f6684caa0b6515820c05a17756fJonathan Watt — Bug 931996 - Add an AppendEllipseToPath helper to Moz2D. r=Bas
9eeddb8dc3838ee66ecd33b92deaa285a8de042eJonathan Watt — Bug 931915, part 2 - Make gfxContext::RoundedRectangle use Moz2D's AppendRoundedRectToPath helper. r=Bas
d9aa2d2a9939cb68cb37476273ce9cb056cb1b74Jonathan Watt — Bug 931915, part 1 - Add an AppendRoundedRectToPath helper to Moz2D. r=Bas
f24ee0606ea6dde62653d13b9d980806189cd3eeAndreas Gal — Bug 926128 - Use a single configurable shader in OpenGL layers backend. r=vlad, r=nical
38a50c61c285dc932512dd80f1bf6d2049488b2eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 931062 - Skip one test in TestPLDHash.cpp on Android because it tends to OOM; r=njn
18a19fd8c89c4951feb4cf4b23ff9adfe4afd32aEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
3f086c46a2f5785fe5f382c87a79ca25ec475991Andreas Gal — Bug 933584 - Implement OptimizeSourceSurface for skia. r=mattwoodrow
2051525da57d3e24f255fa4d7f8bf8a58a5ae087Olli Pettay — Bug 932886 - Stop doing slow getService bits in dom::GetCurrentJSStack, r=bz
357348508e06511b1cae26274e9a1622cbb96969Olli Pettay — Bug 924681, return early from nsEventStateManager::FireContextClick if we don't have a prescontext, r=masayuki
1ab529371380cf76d29355d747e4a0436afd6ae6Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 9f04406171f7 (bug 911889) for reftest failures on Android on a CLOSED TREE
8189b03564a2d6cf8ad8add16bd61d4b280dba96Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 6a294c17e175 (bug 911889)
b5ac2635cb3802c7bbfdbe75760d4a5b6c5bfa82Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 6f26ebdd5751 (bug 911889)
5b873aefc38331faaf2005b1ce753e215f0a93bbEd Morley — Backed out changeset 9b63189605b8 (bug 911889)
a639df3fefcc8e3f7f5349f08f23d4e2252a9a33Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 24662d1aed8f (bug 911889)
93bce3f109dc41be7c5bca1116f2294b02b68f9eEd Morley — Backed out changeset 989403e34775 (bug 911889)
51f0577831233136bf07cd17d0c8a67924ea5f23Benoit Jacob — Bug 886219 - Avoid introducing a global constructor with the ImageBridgeParent singleton - r=nical
229f179bd8d7244cd863e90e4d89d9b57f2d7a69Benoit Jacob — Bug 931335 - Handle mismatched texture target in framebufferTexture2D - r=jgilbert
3bf04be3cbe5053fc4af1423fce27656623456efBenoit Jacob — Bug 928697 - Fix crash in deferred WebGL texture initialization - r=jgilbert
2137bf09cdc1d15daeb6a220e94e76495edfa0b4Ed Morley — Backed out changeset a6878c4ee086 (bug 932309) for assertions
2f97de1c0727958442baaba0da405c92c2fcf6d4Ed Morley — Backed out changeset e697e7dcc321 (bug 932322)
0777ab1c31a76f85078e4afcf82f7fe222c332cdJonathan Watt — Bug 932091 - Convert SVGBBox.mBBox to Moz2D. r=dholbert
cd2d19e4e2581a425a3fc2bace9c3aed5bbd152eJon Coppeard — Bug 844766 - Make JSRuntime:: and Zone::gcBytes use atomics in preference to volatile r=billm
625d29cbb867f472e123de7f2f5fcc27bea2c1abJon Coppeard — Bug 931812: Remove unnecessary postbarriering of watchpoint map r=terrence
1962c50770f788f35d38efd144841bb5859448e8Jon Coppeard — Bug 931812: Mark the store buffer first for minor GC r=terrence
36ca2885ba80bbf5ad559a0e81d99815940ad8b1Jon Coppeard — Bug 931446 - Improve documentation comment on JS::Heap r=terrence
e697e7dcc32113e0207be62e7cf78ed218f9fc28Peter Van der Beken — Bug 932322 - Make Window's WebIDL properties be own properties of window. r=bz.
392ee11b1ff6467d055ea5cf69d86bb54f2302ebPeter Van der Beken — Bug 932320 - Use JS_DefineProperty for replaceable properties. r=bz.
e790b3c30e1a62e05079cd99c5caa002218d87b6Peter Van der Beken — Bug 932315 - Throw a different error when this-unwrapping fails for security reasons. r=bz.
a6878c4ee086c844e6b86bb7c2b69a2881c8bc13Peter Van der Beken — Bug 932309 - Don't null out mDoc in nsGlobalWindow::FreeInnerObjects. r=smaug.
989403e34775fbd3258022856609ce019c7ca464Robert O'Callahan — Bug 911889. Part 7: A single change to CSS 'transform' should not be treated as animation. r=dbaron
24662d1aed8ffd89ee5b5442052eab1cfe69428aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 911889. Part 6: A scripted change to or in a setTimeout or requestAnimationFrame callback should trigger our "style property is animated" heuristic. r=dbaron
9b63189605b8b93bca6fdf42f09bd10485540220Robert O'Callahan — Bug 911889. Part 5. Add API to detect whether an nsRefreshDriver is in the middle of a refresh. r=dbaron
6f26ebdd57518e398fdf552f51033cffff60d502Robert O'Callahan — Bug 911889. Part 4. Add API to detect whether an nsGlobalWindow is running a timeout handler. r=bz
6a294c17e17538a22f9e9355f1f50e8cfaef97eeRobert O'Callahan — Bug 911889. Part 3: Create nsLayoutUtils::HasAnimations, and suppress opacity:0 optimizations whenever there's any opacity animation even if it's not using the compositor. r=dbaron
9f04406171f728efec0a39c3383a36888ead2dabRobert O'Callahan — Bug 911889. Part 2: Refactor MarkLayersActive code into its own class and be much more explicit about what it does. r=mattwoodrow
7800ae2455bcc4fb722bdf1fe4ed99f11e9ddfafJonathan Kew — bug 932037 - update harfbuzz to upstream release 0.9.23. r=jdaggett
6e7f975dc8e77ae840ac22ed2b17c581632897d4Mark Banner — Bug 932970 - Trickle ICE doesn't always send a null-candidate at the end of the candidate list - reference the localDescription correctly. r=abr
5186117cbff7107f608d8bba4bf05cea3e7480f1Jordan Lund — Bug 897420 - Get a basic set of metrofx talos tests running in automation. r=jmaher
45ef973880eda8b3b742cf582c4b880d6f697611Joel Maher — Bug 932389 - upload a new to capture latest changes in mozprocess. r=armenzg