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Tue May 22 09:50:27 2012 +0000
ce618ce8d84a03a9f8db4f98ea28cceb69183bfcBrian Hackett — Throw on incompatible calls to gcPreserveCode() and mjitChunkLimit(), bug 755639. r=dvander
b26828182aeafc6fa0730b0d4b72913f920abc95Brian Hackett — Monitor results of initializer opcodes, bug 755750. r=dvander
d39453135698dc27337d88db428c61e3599b7bf5James Willcox — Bug 731288 - Don't call methods on finalized SurfaceTexture, JNI housekeeping r=blassey
258554de726c685aa62cece792d0d739edcfb0c8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 5130ffc92faf (bug 574132) due to debug orange.
c60321eacf035b745d4d19568489e2192db7f323Jesse Ruderman — Update bug number (no bug, DONTBUILD)
4fd1d6d84b07da5061e2e1124affc5c2374fc805Matthew Gregan — Bug 756944 - Import ALSA cubeb backend. r=doublec
c7113d37541bb088ac8813dffb371d359d655513Chris Pearce — Bug 757296 - Replace windows line endings with unix line endings in nsDocument.cpp. r=line-endings
c33c0f0403c58487e38c6e6b478afc4feb7d47f2Raymond Lee — Bug 733297 - When saving a video from Page Info, the file picker title is 'Save Image'. r=jaws
5130ffc92faf8a480748fd87c9342dc191561978Benjamin Peterson — Bug 574132 - Implement harmony rest parameters. r=jorendorff
be1d39277fbeb141e41f8d8b6bd53f095cda0ae4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
72a43b68ec95cd151b1933491d47b2dfe45b03f5Chris Pearce — Bug 753323 - Wait until actually in fullscreen before starting screenClientXPConst pointer lock test. r=orange-fix
08b334d0409724323fc54741330583c50a24c0aeBill McCloskey — Backout bug 723350 for OOMs (rs=akeybl)
b1603afa2ccb160ddfb5423fc89a36bfa09d105bMounir Lamouri — Bug 376649 - In GTK, F10 key should show active menubar item and open submenu. r=bz
9c36c1c74dfc02ac0138d89ca284b8f03f2cb43bGavin Sharp — Fix comment that wasn't updated by bug 693743's patch, r=Unfocused
92e1856b5952dd4315cbd197447b04afc8b138ccJim Mathies — Bug 740233 - fix for application id query bug in toolkit nsis scripts. r=rstrong
09b1b0fe568a9ce472cbaa88b0a371ae6745a3acDoug Turner — Bug 673586 - Implement lastModifiedDate property for the File interface. Type followup r=mounir
877e541590c2f894372f6c877342920dad2b106cDoug Turner — Bug 673586 - Implement lastModifiedDate property for the File interface. r=mounir
1738e189377f892bc60da69b0317a355b58c4b1eChris Pearce — Bug 745047 - Cache window.screen{X,Y} before testing them, since they can change during a JS execution context... r=orange-fix
a27219d06c499b53f4dcccabad3dd59e1b2871c0Phil Ringnalda — Back out 6133c00430fc, 94e9ab59900e, 6f6115262c4b (bug 661908) for buildsymbols bustage
925c8302f34a85ce1064406289e93dbbad7c4888Jim Mathies — Bug 732124 - Fix for crt link errors with VC11 - build glue using both the static and the dynamic runtime lib, and link accordingly for various components. r=ted
fe33852b68c79df21be7cb3fb92f170609a8c701Yoshi Huang — Bug 731786 - B2G RIL: Support SIM cards that require PIN codes. r=philikon sr=sicking
68e2fd6845edbcf7476e788b1cb5e9edcae2c933Fabrice Desré — Bug 756691 - Use a non-linear volume change scale [r=djf]
fdea12fb00634da270f1cdbbd95437c2d4ce0d6bBenoit Girard — Bug 750989 - Pause Profiler during saving. r=mstange,jrmuizel
4110f744518b93ffc0ccd11ca6bad9ae7009e978Wes Johnston — Bug 756701 - Clear private data should not move things to the deleted items table. r=mfinkle,dolske
3e58342de10e2b119661d302b0042e47d32e42b8julian reschke — Bug 663057 - support RFC2231/5987 encoding for title parameter in HTTP link header fields. r=hsivonen
4e93159838a6e452de915f7723e7881a32b8728fChris Pearce — Bug 756992 - Only show fullscreen warning/UI when crossing domain boundaries or when document isn't approved. r=smaug
67cd8131a3d577d8343d4459853096f2a6638247Chris Pearce — Bug 753546 part 3 - Record fullscreen approval in nsDocument flag. r=smaug
90564ac34b0620516e857300e6b400ee449402d1Chris Pearce — Bug 753546 Part 2 - Don't allow fullscreen approval decision to be remembered for document's whose URI doesn't have a host. r=dao
451145d2c3ff802105733587535458c3622f0e99Chris Pearce — Bug 753546 Part 1 - Make nsDocument listen for 'fullscreen-approved' notification rather than 'perm-changed' to signal fullscreen approved. r=smaug
e0ad3136549b9f9bd86ebebc9c2f10a504244b19Chris Pearce — Bug 745047 - Wait until actually in fullscreen before starting mozMovement pointer lock test. r=smaug
9463528f5c09cfef9397791075347d93d7fca65aGeoff Brown — Bug 746938 - Prevent NullPointerException in getNetworkType; r=mounir
81c7d89d9d0667bd98d4914b4ff272a6f96952bdMarco Castelluccio — Bug 753565 - webapp.json incorrect on Mac. r=felipe
18f739e8ac9db485a360148acaf06dd09e8b2cd3Daniel Holbert — Bug 757177: Remove unused variables from SVGFragmentIdentifier.cpp. r=longsonr
95a2e9d06e31c219a6b43201c6305279b66c1c8eJonathan Kew — bug 756850 - HBGetGlyph callback for harfbuzz needs to return whether the glyph existed. r=smontagu
6133c00430fcfb9bb6e87cc4252d056bdac5be92Ted Mielczarek — bug 661908 - add mozbase packages to virtualenv. r=khuey
94e9ab59900efb7d527b1a19f04b86025887afa2Ted Mielczarek — bug 661908 - create a virtualenv as part of configure. r=khuey
6f6115262c4bd3f179f3edae91feacf660fdcf30Ted Mielczarek — bug 661908 - update virtualenv to the latest release. r=jhammel
a0c0d4a72648e6031825ae8d1023e57b5cdec827Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 750574 - Only use "fixed" egrep command on OS X 10.7 [r=ted]
cd8973ac8ba6d4c51b4ec84331559f404d5867edWes Johnston — Bug 756689 - Send notifications when addon options are shown. r=mfinkle
3472ef7a9d7b52073493010f57c6012fb36c8914Ed Morley — Backout 027ed1748c81 (bug 740485) for M3 orange
b4e62a1e9809ed294cd0e797407992f3d000eba4Ed Morley — Backout a693c64dc64e (bug 715768), c520957cc03f & 713ed280a80d (bug 756767), 20cb25a8b8ba (bug 756454), f3b5ad2320cb (bug 756424) for crashes
1aaec6842f6fc24d93fef020b8f500a04d539954David Zbarsky — Bug 756813: Prevent creation of ImageLayer if ImageContainer is null r=gal
595b826d6d3ac29cdbbdbd62b367ce4531c39d3fXi Yang — Bug 754869 - MustPrune should take nsAccessible*, r=surkov
027ed1748c8151c09afc7c750778161f950c6b98Doug Turner — Bug 740485 - Implement Device Storage. r=sicking
a693c64dc64e856839039b1d5614bf3e33ef2884Bas Schouten — Bug 715768: Enable Azure-Thebes wrapper by default for D2D. r=jrmuizel
c520957cc03f16b99aef7843fc3a574a9e9131beBas Schouten — Bug 756767 - Part 2: Deal with CreateSourceSurfaceFromData failing. r=jrmuizel
713ed280a80d891ce73827ec05ba7d7d66b2b337Bas Schouten — Bug 756767 - Part 1: Simplify SourceSurfaceD2D and add DataSourceSurface support. r=jrmuizel
20cb25a8b8bad2a5d81020f3cd465a091242ec7aBas Schouten — Bug 756454: User 2D texture for gradient realizations. r=jrmuizel
f3b5ad2320cb747b51fc11161d8e21133f5717b1Bas Schouten — Bug 756424: Properly set the rasterizer for FillGlyphsManual. r=jrmuizel
1265b2604f438a6bf934011f26d8c905e095d1d3Justin Lebar — Bug 757040 - (b2g) Disable OOP browser frames on Windows. r=smaug
82154680bc6a9dbca6ba6fd2c36878804d2f8734Nathan Froyd — Bug 756152 - disable persistent telemetry sending; r=taras
adbbcd1cd7eb3e601564744c107d50d4b4bd5badPhil Ringnalda — Bug 705046 - Disable the chunks of test_html5_tree_construction_part2.html which touch plugins and thus expose our brokenness on 10.7, so we can unhide the rest of the mochitest-5 suite, r=hsivonen
05f23d27c37aaeaaddbd56675a599498e2b6038eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 752341. Avoid using CGContextSetTextMatrix. r=bgirard
56b75c384bbeb5035f0354c5b03a2d40a93b42c4Dão Gottwald — Bug 756759 - Remove gnomestripe's non-native fallback styling for toolbarbuttons. r=neil
42835eaf1f2c6f9d76b67fdfba68fc00d084c952Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
de36859eb33276782a71b5f612e97b636ee248c4Jonathan Kew — bug 753230 - update graphite2 to upstream rev 978:c418207451a7. r=jdaggett
7a0234e884f6d9e85532bdcce9bbe46b56cefd59Phil Ringnalda — Bug 756885 - Bail out of test_bug624329.xul early on 10.7, where win.maximize() gives us a resize without actually maximizing, r=karlt
9620f50be9fa8be44931decf1e57ce25f51da812L. David Baron — Make scroll frames (i.e., overflow != visible) no longer be font size inflation flow roots. This reverts part of 9499f6b28addcbcd9c480eb80cfe6c4c63a4a3a1. (Bug 747720, patch 7) r=roc
e2f0d40f26b42759cdc3acc19d9e1946520b9699L. David Baron — Remove caching of current inflation container and its width from the pres context. (Bug 747720, patch 6) r=roc
0805380444b284cb12b5512feea83a5c7636e394L. David Baron — Remove width determination parameters from font inflation methods. (Bug 747720, patch 5) r=roc
d643376b35acd83f97c2b0cf5e19c27a07fb8b8dL. David Baron — Fix call to wrong method (passing nscoord as enum). (Bug 747720, patch 4) r=roc
63c2a4ad7afb12c9d96ebf1ad9fbf88822730e75L. David Baron — Use the same width basis for font inflation throughout a font inflation flow root. (Bug 747720, patch 3) r=roc
6b7c2ea08f70e7396c9b1861c8d4461e69c089dfL. David Baron — Replace AutoMaybeNullInflationContainer with AutoMaybeDisableInflationForShrinkWrap since the concept of the pres context's current inflation container will be going away. (Bug 747720, patch 2) r=roc
4cbae0f1285c50e5921bf80a4e47b26bcd5bfde8L. David Baron — Save and expose on nsFontInflationData the width of the nearest common ancestor of the inflated descendants. (Bug 747720, patch 1) r=roc