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Sat Aug 11 03:43:33 2018 +0000
7ed5ed3d48146ef939a6ca4cba221430128ba5f5Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 003838e8d110 (bug 1482330) for Adnroid build bustages on mozalloc_abort.cpp CLOSED TREE
ecd5d7bcee04b97d2a4b1b87e301105c11b34cc7Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 485fdf8e37e8 (bug 1453153) for clipboard failures on test_findbar.xul CLOSED TREE
919250fdd7c2b335346f28ff841f5febdffb44e1Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset c9b0ce46ad4f (bug 1466801) for pause-remove-from-document-networkState.html failures CLOSED TREE
141dc7ae832e94ecd0c3b38a6a8ff04159b9bdf8Olli Pettay — bug 1481079, Shadow DOM hosts should be focusable, r=mrbkap
b4b17e9deb17e35ac6420741532fb78447171741Bogdan Tara — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
babb78f979b24ef5a6cbed39d6d4e9e2239814daMike Hommey — Bug 1482335 - Update clang 7pre toolchains to 7rc1. r=dmajor
003838e8d1104f2f2728a3713ba4d54a6de96af5Mike Hommey — Bug 1482330 - Upgrade to Android NDK r17b and API level 16 (JB). r=snorp
90a8b7d09a4b262f6dbc39c377825b97b0f1c5a9Daniel Holbert — Bug 1433158 followup: touch CLOBBER file to avoid bustage from libvpx update. rs=jya
c9cc4b80fefa156da51c83c6539453c1b84e71d9Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1482142 - Set dom.webnotifications.requireinteraction.enabled to true for notifications/idlharness.any.js. r=jgraham
6dfec7088c60115e1f7e6ca1e05a3c8de0752dd6Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1480131 - AntiTrackingCommon::IsFirstPartyStorageAccessGrantFor() should not grant permission to sub-sub-iframe channels; r=ehsan
efaab64ea46bd43aa70bd7bdcdc654372cd8028bBogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 93aabcabcdf7 (bug 1480190) for test_interfaces.html failures CLOSED TREE
44e8eb2860b6ad5dada7a327744599a272c6d5dbKanika Saini — Bug 1479769 - Homepage Policy no longer needs to use complex prefs. r=felipe
7da8698ae52b48cc6102e054c4787f2b7d486f00Brian Hackett — Bug 1465491 - Add some more web replay tests.
6f0f8668fb8198364c4b59b0a818d2405b6349dcYura Zenevich — Bug 1481924 - added GevkoView accessibility tests for scrolling. r=eeejay, jchen
8720a95a99917395f69be6ea8a1d6c58dfd34290Yura Zenevich — Bug 1481922 - add support for select action and view selected event. r=eeejay, jchen
93aabcabcdf717db6d0e0983fa1f8b2add0c42f3Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1480190 - Enable media-capablities extension by default. r=drno
bb3e357f21b456c90f9055f10c95a22fd54257a7Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1482197 - P3. Update wpt expected values. r=bryce
b472c4e49ac66a7a86aef2ef0520a1d5e6698ee4Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1482197 - P2. Make IsWebMEncoderEnabled usable off the main thread. r=bryce
aea50d33724cf43f19cc81f8c6de668ec7016f66Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1482197 - P1. Fix variable name in MediaCapabilities. r=bryce
64c7e3b34869ce65e1ece5ff6bc61dcd17d94fe9Aaron Klotz — Bug 1481958: Add binary version check to TestNativeNt; r=mhowell
9705ac8fbee347f99503d2fa1723143bbdd3bdb8Aaron Klotz — Bug 1482219: Fix NativeNt clang-cl warnings; r=mhowell
d7e288a6599d1f8e7bec7e4f9f764e73812371fbJohann Hofmann — Bug 1476224 - Update the Tracking Protection section in the main menu for Content Blocking. r=nhnt11
3ff2f60011af3b786eb297f7e1c5e3b7cb8a749fJohann Hofmann — Bug 1476218 - Part 3 - Update Tracking Protection tests to reflect Content Blocking changes. r=nhnt11
d2d9e5e7112cf228f8d4537113950940ce228af4Johann Hofmann — Bug 1476218 - Part 2 - Add a "Disabled" label to the content blocking section in the identity popup. r=nhnt11
e55d75be1dcd1904816c6d4d2299614595e29aaeJohann Hofmann — Bug 1476218 - Part 1 - Update Tracking Protection section in the identity popup for Content Blocking. r=nhnt11
71af60e17c8bdd72065137083be9eb61ac0a68d7Geoff Brown — Bug 1482413 - Improve mozharness diagnostics in per-test runs, especially for TV-bf; r=jmaher
299ae7dac53a80e9843e75da290d4c3153573d03Narcis Beleuzu — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
485fdf8e37e801c10fa32190481d8c1f3f7310b3Anny Gakhokidze — Bug 1453153 - Initial removal of moz* APIs in DataTransfer, r=enndeakin,nika
6c136cbb8f787e674a6c69c02c0a63db73e365c9Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1466801 - Fixup slow running video wpt test on 32bit debug build.
cfc33798c721117c0d16ab8d569b59f13fe2156cNicolas Silva — Bug 1482109 - Fix unified build related issues. r=rhunt
4bf45d1a86655070ca2e41ad97d35fab45e18908Nicolas Silva — Bug 1482109 - Use the generic memory pressure observer in PuppetWidget. r=sotaro
594a80cf1466e7ee67b6258f8821d11a803468ccNicolas Silva — Bug 1482109 - Use the generic memory pressure observer in gfxPlatfrom. r=sotaro
6c09f894ccf18ccd3b472cc2810fa9811429a224Nicolas Silva — Bug 1482109 - Use the generic memory pressure observer in ClientLayerManager. r=sotaro
287b6b052c20c5a0d38f9e6a99ac6c386ac88e93Nicolas Silva — Bug 1482109 - Add a generic MemoryPressureObserver. r=sotaro
402e309359419e325967c42a51beeb97eb0971b9Nicolas Silva — Bug 1469496 - Handle video memory purge with WebRender. r=sotaro
0386ff1e9956566b5ca1b5674af24ac40f4298edAndrew Osmond — Bug 1481933 - Store a shared surface's dirty rect update if we cannot process it immediately. r=nical
e57c44d5ec978b70bbfb0d44152b5625a5b8997aExE Boss — Bug 1371951 - Make browser-style checkboxes and radio buttons handle style themselves. r=mixedpuppy, bwinton
d5fd44722c761ceb08a6eceea7392d3a97db169aGeoff Brown — Bug 1481587 - Skip a few mochitests on Android x86 7.0 only; r=snorp
79cb6b81ad3e12fa51da950066d2e64b4f8c5561Geoff Brown — Bug 1460411 - Enable some Android x86 7.0 geckoview tests, tier 3, mozilla-central only; r=jmaher
c9b0ce46ad4f59e7c07fc3b7db2b16646140ae46Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1466801 - Flipping disallowInheritPrincipal to be allow. r=ckerschb r=gijs
b44b01a42d8c47688ad9af21fd9463c8e19f791bAndrew Osmond — Backed out changeset 3f41992ab77e (bug 1446309) because wrong bug number. r=backout
3f41992ab77ee921028fb0e05b719e128eb9ec71Andrew Osmond — Bug 1446309 - Store a shared surface's dirty rect update if we cannot process it immediately. r=nical