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Mon Jun 13 01:53:02 2011 +0000
eab02b0b7c7d1a1c0e47ab0b1ed5b3197604693dL. David Baron — Fix error in comment. r=bzbarsky
6772105ec426254c978672361695aeb83033ff42L. David Baron — Add test for rule serialization to catch any bugs in DocumentRule::GetCssText that are like the bug in the DEBUG-only DocumentRule::List in the initial patch for bug 398962.
ddc73a8ae4027c31f82ed720724ef6e7dd3192c9L. David Baron — Add missing break (Bug 398962) r=bzbarsky
17805ab478a23de90c449826ce06245721d0e73aL. David Baron — Add needs-focus annotation for native-theme listbox tests. (Bug 659708)
bf282a9b7ae44556c5c44c567f6dc731ccf9b816L. David Baron — Add needs-focus annotation for a bunch of tests with selects in them to try to fix intermittent failures. (Bug 626103)
3af9fed4e33a1f0f165dc6b911815d21b199045eL. David Baron — Remove notion of percentage of intrinsic size: remove code that handles percentages (which are no longer set thanks to the previous patch) and make them invalid. (Bug 611099) r=dholbert
58fe3ede72f834b7110fa5b937bee6995d43a174L. David Baron — Remove notion of percentage intrinsic size: remove the single case that (incorrectly) sets percentage intrinsic sizes, and fix all of the tests that depend on our old incorrect behavior. (Bug 611099) r=dholbert
c07445f34e926477e6c61885b2781d8922a898d9L. David Baron — Change IsPercentageAware (which tests whether an inline box's width depends on the width of its container) to check the correct general statement of when the width of a replaced element depends on its container's width, and in doing so avoid depending on the notion of percentage intrinsic size. (Bug 611099) r=dholbert
db0bcc6ab52600658d5fb8d285f4d95a9f42dfb1L. David Baron — Allow -moz-box-ordinal-group: 0 (but not negatives, since we store the value as PRUint32). (Bug 644514) r=bzbarsky
d0b3065150f7224bc83e4db0b0091f48c2a296bbL. David Baron — Address missed review comment from bug 644514 patch 1: remove unused macro. r=bzbarsky