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Tue Oct 06 20:39:34 2009 +0000
b8529fc4706065f646149cbc65d83d75eae1c9bdMarkus Stange — Bug 485118 - Always set the right minimum size for the scrollbar thumb. r=josh
f47c8163a2a5fd2de3af40a469d08f700fb75e6bMarkus Stange — Bug 438789 - Roll up popups when the window's key state changes. r=josh
586c0c651891e12d0a9a5fbf33af091b804417fcMarkus Stange — Bug 197123 - When resizing tree columns, make the rightmost column compensate the width difference instead of the column directly after the resized one. ui-r=faaborg, r=enndeakin