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Thu Mar 20 16:49:24 2008 +0000
61007906a1f8Benjamin Smedberg — Fix the jsinterp.cpp here, before it gets upstreamed.
895712d07d4cBenjamin Smedberg — Merge cvs-trunk-mirror -> mozilla-central. There's a C++ bug in js/src/jsinterp.cpp that I am going to file upstream.
ee9d5b26b315reed — Back out Dão Gottwald's patch from bug 380960 due to JS exception.
1beba98a99a8shaver — Bug 246699: report better errors (with stacks) for security denials. r+sr=jst, a=mconnor.
7155f568f5e9rhelmer — bustage fix for staging only, need to pull correct RC for previous release
7c122f00c5e9crowder — Bug 416933 - Invalid range error for /[\xde-\xdf]/ case-insensitive regular expression, r=brendan, a=blocking1.9 (mtschrep)
97ecaabb843creed — Bug 380960 - "Implement closing tabs animation" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=Mano ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
314f1ae2849areed — Back out Jim Mathies's patch from bug 412374 due to build bustage on non-Vista systems.
3436cc9623c8surkov alexander — Bug 417760 - cannot focus() img elements with tabindex=-1, patch=aaronlev, r,sr = mats, a=mtschrep
a8f536ad17eeCallek — Bug 420356, Ship blocklist.xml with Firefox (SeaMonkey tunit failure fix). r=gavin
6c358454dcd2surkov alexander — Bug 421922 - Tree Tables in Thunderbird and Firefox broken since March 6, r=ginn.chen, blocking=mtschrep
31359dc3311emconnor — one more try
655e0d6778cereed — Bug 411214 - "New MIME type set with "Do this automatically ..." fails to locate helper app" [ (Jim Mathies) r=sdwilsh a1.9=beltzner]
377747bc97d4reed — Bug 423599 - "Misaligned navigation panel on due to tall combobox" [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=vlad a=blocking1.9+]
944d3a399304reed — Bug 415664 - "Source viewer needs menu icons" [ (Ian Spence) r=Mano a1.9=beltzner]
971b9a7deb67reed — Bug 412374 - "Parental Controls can be easily bypassed by going back to the download source" [ (Jim Mathies) r=sdwilsh sr=bsmedberg a=blocking-firefox3+]
074ebfba009cdholbert — Bug 417356 trivial follow-up patch: Convert inches to twips in SetUnwriteableMarginTop/Left/Bottom/Right functions. r+sr=vlad a=blocking1.9+
899c36aa508cdbaron — Backing out bug 421069 (which I landed earlier today for roc) because it caused bug 424016.
f31e4968efb1reed — Bug 420869 - "Script stack space in Firefox 3.0b4pre much smaller than it was in Firefox" [ (Igor Bukanov) r=brendan a=blocking1.9+]
a385095ab913reed — Bug 423625 - ""Evaluate JavaScript" window is transparent" [ (Wladimir Palant) r=sdwilsh sr=Neil]
a06ef4575767reed — Bug 418796 - "Cleanup imgContainer and decom GetCurrentFrameNoRef" [ (Alfred Kayser) r=stuart a1.9=beltzner]
c7312b2c6d86jruderman — Add crashtest
e1d64a00fd90pavlov — bug 382542. support synthetic bold for fonts. r=vlad
58316a699619edward lee — Bug 424039 - Center favicon in location bar autocomplete. r=beltzner, ui-r=beltzner, a1.9=beltzner
de3b5c1d56e5mconnor — remove the class persistence
fbc1fa2fde9aajschult — Bug 422050: position test failures due to large fonts, r=enndeakin
a4701bc3fc6ebzbarsky — Fix warning. No reviews other than my attempt to get useful info from our compile-time output, which this hindered.
a3d2b706e808mconnor — relanding with a function returning early to test impact on Linux Txul
4f24289cb5a5surkov alexander — Bug 423603 - A elements with no HREF should not have state_linked, regression from bug 421066, patch=marco, aaronlev, r=aaronlev, marco, a=beltzner
5a35cd55fbd5surkov alexander — Bug 423696 - Value change events not fired for text inputs and editable combos, patch=aaronlev, r=me, a=beltzner
631f90312ecddcamp — Bug 423790: Back off of safebrowsing updates for 4xx errors. r=tony, blocking-firefox3=beltzner
b4a0dc4db376surkov alexander — Bug 423726 - Crash [ @ GetAttributesInternal() ], patch=aaronlev, r=me, a=mtschrep
42cda9062d59edward lee — Bug 420505 - mozStorageService isn't as threadsafe as it claims to be. p=sdwilsh, r=brendan, r=bsmedberg, b1.9=sayrer
1603382f2678edward lee — Bug 335418 - Pause downloads when computer is about to go to sleep. r=sdwilsh, a1.9=beltzner
9ccf387500ffalfred peng — Bug 391361. The integration of breakpad on Solaris. r=ted.mielczarek,a=beltzner.
2d88d312cd63surkov alexander — Bug 423698 - Incorrectly used variables in nsAccessibleWrap::FireAccessibleEvent(), patch=aaronlev, r=me, a=beltzner
b13f23028d25surkov alexander — Bug 423700 - aria-activedescendant broken on <body>, patch=aaronlev, r=ginn.chen, a=beltzner
a597acbec44asurkov alexander — Bug 423570 - Combo boxes should not have read-only state, patch=aaronlev, r=marco.zehe, a=beltzner
186c391c4147bzbarsky — Adding test dir
aa2a6d65e3f5bzbarsky — Adding test
d86cfa9cc572brendan — Fix for JSCLASS_NEW_RESOLVE-related bug in js_FillPropertyCache, found by Mike Moening <> (418989, r=shaver, a=beltzner).
63e3861f1856bzbarsky — Don't leave an exception just hangin' out on the JSContext. Bug 422009, r+sr=jst, a=shaver
0fca09536e75pavlov — bug 382542. fix problems with font fallback and font variations. r=vlad/jdaggett
1f58de9a23b8jdaggett — Bug 364713. Synthetic bolding/italics on mac using double-strike and font matrix skew. r=vlad,stuart, sr=stuart
90b0b6262a44dveditz — bug 420425 correction, untangled patches.
6ccad1c20bbedveditz — bug 420425 restore frame targeting behavior for local file: apps, r=jst, sr=bzbarsky, blocking1.9+
14b5b8491ba3mconnor — temp backout of home button move patch to see impact on Linux Txul
fe2896854ba5bzbarsky — Don't use uninitialized variables. Bug 414076 followup, patch by Ronny Perinke <>, r+sr=bzbarsky
26b934fed88ddietrich — Bug 423960 ? regression: disabling history remembers visits (for, r=dietrich)
30288afcdec4dietrich — Bug 423154 - off-by-one error for browser.bookmarks.max_backups (r=mano)
88b052407edbdholbert — Bug 423345: Use mIsCreatingPrintPreview, not mIsDoingPrintPreview, to check if we're setting up a print-preview page. r+sr=vlad a=blocking1.9+
faf899c2b9cbdbaron — Don't do translation during table border painting. b=421069 Patch by Robert O'Callahan <>. r+sr=dbaron
87ea1865b479vladimir — b=418294; MacOS X - text in pop-up <select>s is not vertically centered (1px too low); r=josh,sr=stuart
fcf4e1f35149dveditz — bug 423964 uninitialized variable, r=sdwilsh, a=beltzner
acc7a9c4e9edmozilla — Bug 415947: upgrade SQLite to 3.5.7, r=sdwilsh, a1.9=beltzner
39e04a34dc74dtownsend — Bug 420356: Ship blocklist.xml with Firefox.
470f78a71424dbaron — Add another reftest for 413027.
7e3c4ec89d4bdbaron — Add some basic reftests for XUL grid.
6ce0b471b725shaver — Test for bug 423379 (content can load chrome and/or resource), r/sr=jst.
25bb523ccca3cbiesinger — 364741 set mFDConnected before sending the connected notification r+sr=bz a=beltzner
eaa6cb7dbf96dbaron — Fixing asymmetry between what timeless landed for bug 394114 and what he backed out.
463d86b1d789timeless — reverting, wrong patch, missing AMBIGUOUS
35bf59d0dbe9timeless — reverting
8a5ccda20437bent mozilla — Bug 4126862 - "Change the 'allow scripts to move or resize existing windows' pref to a whitelist". Properly back out changes to nsGlobalWindow.
4184b2577c4atimeless — reverting
126a88325f31rob_strong — Bug 408314 - uninstaller leaves behind empty install directory. r=sspitzer, a1.9=beltzner
924dfd37c792jwatt — Bug 421584. SVG that is filtered does not repaint correctly when filtered elements change/move. Patch by Robert Longson,,, a=blocking1.9
ca59258d55e9shaver — (NPOTB, r=mrbkap, a=lumpy) Remove ancient caps test cruft in preparation for incoming mochitests. Also so that the tests listed in securetest.list will not mock me from beyond the NSCP grave.
7a76a837069etimeless — Bug 419520 Provide url (or file path) for error messages r=biesi a=dsicore
eeb8edf346bctimeless — Bug 394114 Interfaces missing from various QI implementations. r=jag sr=jag a=dsicore
94ded28fac60timeless — Bug 423461 Warning: assignment to undeclared variable syncNeeded r=dolske a=dsicore
caf34979d283timeless — Bug 419520 Provide url (or file path) for error messages r=biesi a=dsicore
20ec3cd10d6adietrich — Bug 420354 ? History not shown in sidebar when sorted by date or by date and site (for, r=dietrich)
f90b52b654a0dholbert — Bug 417356: Define & use "UnwriteableMargin" PrintSettings pref, to make Linux printing work more like Mac printing (keeping us from printing right up against the edge of the page) Orig Patch: [r=ventron sr=roc] Updates: [r=ventron r+sr=vlad] a=blocking1.9+
bc966189520cbent mozilla — Bustage fix, undoing these changes until I figure out why the merge failed.
ed8366a738dcted mielczarek — bug 423272 - crash reporter client doesn't ship a manifest (visual styles aren't applied). r=bsmedberg, a=beltzner
1971f287b7d3Olli Pettay — Bug 329385, additional patch, r+sr=jst
1a88984134fbbent mozilla — Bug 4126862 - "Change the 'allow scripts to move or resize existing windows' pref to a whitelist". Backing out this patch.
d9f4b7a7d280rhelmer — use new backupsnip script for backups b=422008 r=joduinn
19576a4ed2fdrhelmer — move pushsnip from mofo repo, split into separate backup script. p=joduinn, r=rhelmer, original pushsnip written by preed b=422008
6741991d4a2fmkaply — Bug 420882 - r=sayrer, a=schrep - do some validation of geo lat/long
9afd2455d6abOlli Pettay — Bug 421366, [@ nsContentUtils::IsEventAttributeName] r+sr=peterv
b7cef931b302jst — Fixing bug 422926 (and also bugs 420886 and 423260). Don't do delayed stops of plugins unless we're deleting the frame, as some plugins apparently can't handle that.
33a4791fc528smichaud — Stop native events being processed via Gecko (via ProcessNextNativeEvent()) during native app-modal dialog. b=419668 r=josh sr=vlad
30c9b40c4f3ddietrich — Bug 423040 ? Cancel after adding a tag does not work (r=mano)
596144d873cddietrich — Bug 412348 ? Titles are missing in smart Bookmarks and Addressbar for urls w/out www (for, r=dietrich)
31fc77a3ecccdveditz — bug 422118 crash reading malformed zip archives. r=biesi, sr=bzbarsky, a=schrep
d0588f88b33dmkaply — bug 420144 - r=sayrer, a=schrep - only bubble up mf properties if the parent microformat wouldn't want it anyway
da2804aa8234mkaply — bug 419483 - r=sayrer, a=schrep - switch from using getBoxObjectFor to getBoundingClientRect
353b60b94c82bzbarsky — Don't garbage-collect still-loading Image nodes until their onload/onerror has fired. Bug 421602, r=stuart, sr=sicking
4165e40a2cb7bhearsum — bug 422122: remove ka locale from and on mac. r=rhelmer, patch=me
5fed5d3b4869jwalden — Bug 416636 - Remove JSCLASS_FIXED_BINDING; the code that was to use it was removed, and it just clutters the API. r=brendan, a=schrep
aa6df7d083c3edward lee — Bug 393678 - location bar autocomplete should take word boundaries in account. r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner
2084f4c0cf00ted mielczarek — bug 423674 - update to breakpad revision 250. rs=sayrer
8a83ae925a9ebrendan — Fix JSOP_SETCALL to cope with delete f() and the like (423300, r=mrbkap, a=beltzner).
b288aa29a7c0aaronleventhal — Bug 423681. Accessible text events broken. r=sicking, sr=bz, a=schrep
ef29f1ddea00dcamp — Bug 407839: restrict globalStorage to same host. r=enndeakin, sr=jst, blocking1.9=pavlov
ea8ea9c1fadfted mielczarek — bug 415428 - crash reporter dialog not wide enough for l10n. r=dcamp
1d07cdf5f1b0jonas — Bug 413161: Make nsIPrincipal::Origin ignore changes to document.domain. r/sr=dveditz
a13e15e91e8drob_strong — Bug 380015 - Crash [@ nsFrame::BoxReflow] on startup when Fx 2.0 libraries not removed from install directory. r=bsmedberg, blocking1.9=dsicore
57813e4f446dmattwillis — Bug 383430 - Add features to XHR for convenience of background requests. Patch by Manish Singh <> r/sr=sicking, a1.9=shaver
946bdfa458b5jwatt — Bug 423436. Elements embedding SVG by reference don't resize if they depend on intrinsic percentage width/height., blocking1.9=me
e21edc920809pavlov — bug 382542. Deal with different style variations of fonts containing different character maps. r=vlad
cbddfce243afOlli Pettay — Bug 329385, r+sr=jst
089ef5601addgavin — bustage fix
7ad7a6c247f9gavin — Backing out the statusbar changes from bug 423361 to see whether they are causing the tsspider regression
56e86a1a9686igor — bug=420869 backing out as the tree is red.
04d032f0e79aigor — bug=420869 r=brendan a1.9=blocking1.9 bumping script stack quota to 100MB for better compatibility with FF2.
da9b369fe5f4bzbarsky — Remove method that no longer exists.
2f6bd30c9706ted mielczarek — bustage fix for solaris from bug 403224
d99dec37261bjst — Fixing bustage.
47ce12b031eddietrich — Bug 404658 - Drag and drop in Bookmarks Sidebar allows bookmarks to be place in top level ("/") folder above bookmarks menu (r=mano)
a7bf38a29049jst — Fixing bug 422205. Make XOW/SJOW wrappers do security checks on enumeration and interation.
b1d9492b9c39bzbarsky — Finally kill off CheckSameOriginPrincipal, fix remaining callers to do the checks they really want to be doing. Fix screw-up in nsPrincipal::Equals if one principal has a cert and the other does not. Bug 418996, r=mrbkap,dveditz, sr=jst
8b2210462396johnath — Icon alignment issue on mac. b=419839 r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3 (beltzner)
3d4062588c0fcbiesinger — followup to bug 418535, add comments about which threads nsISocketTransportService functions can be called on patch by Florian Quèze <> r+sr=biesi
9f4d8d7f9530jst — Fixing bug 418776. Don't resolve standard classes on non-global objects.
7ae1806d484emozilla — [OS/2] Bug 398610: OS/2 meta bug follow-ups of UI changes, fix display of panels, p=wuno@lsvw, r=me
268a3047da58vladimir — b=423524, CGContextGetType warnings showing up in console, r=stuart
601ea65a1056vladimir — b=422661, long table border rendered incompletely (wrong coordinate conditioning in gfxRect), r+sr=roc
0d12c9237e01dolske — Revert logging added when debugging bug 399852.
2e0f2e0f5730mnyromyr — Bug 423035: can't run single chrome/a11y test automatically; r=Waldo
420ae36c33ecreed — Bug 375457 - "toDataURL has incorrect type-checking logic" (a simple test that just ensures we throw an exception when calling toDataURL with null and objects) [ (Joe Drew [JOEDREW!])]
b47ccab192bdreed — Bug 392233 - "Text kerning broken by scaling/viewBox (space between letters or letters above each other)" [ (Robert O'Callahan [roc]) r=longsonr sr=vlad a=blocking1.9+]
f4b35142aff2cbiesinger — bug 422537 use a storage stream instead of a pipe as the upload stream when send()ing a document, to follow the expectations of nsIUploadChannel which wants a seekable stream. r+sr=bz a=beltzner
0d1d6f231081reed — Bug 422105 - "Navbar disappears upon holding down F11" (Fix timeouts) [ (Michael Ventnor) r+a1.9=mconnor a=blocking-firefox3+]
20084bc26b5areed — Bug 419794 - "work out key API for nsICryptoHMAC" (API use nsIKeyObject + fix nsKeyModule + nsICryptoHMAC usage fix) [ (Honza Bambas [mayhemer]) r=rrelyea sr=dveditz a=blocking1.9+]
92a792593cbbdtownsend — Bug 423137: Switch to use 0-5 for add-on ratings. r=robstrong
69dffc9a65ebreed — Bug 422366 - "AIX Compilation error for trunk build source nsCOMPtr.h : The base class "nsISelection" is declared but not defined." [ (Shailen) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
d3119f5384b4reed — Bug 422850 - "txCompileObserver::startLoad doesn't pass correct object to asyncOpen ("listener" is unused)" [ (Ryan Jones) r+sr=sicking a1.9=beltzner]
15bb92774d23reed — Bug 415257 - "Editable trees: input sized wrongly and rows jumping with flexible and non-flexible treecols" [ (Paul Rouget) r+sr=Neil a1.9=beltzner]
a80dca638dc9reed — Bug 423427 - "moving between folders and chevron on the toolbar does not always auto-open popups" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=Mano a1.9=beltzner]
522350547e79reed — Bug 420236 - "Update Vista's main window appearance" (use browsertabbar-toolbox for the tabbar) [ (Dão Gottwald) r=mconnor ui-r+a1.9=beltzner a=blocking-firefox3+]
2eafd0fb7421reed — Bug 403224 - "Build spidermonkey with icc on macintel" [ (Ted Mielczarek [luser]) r=bsmedberg a=blocking1.9+]
4f7b412c6215reed — Bug 423563 - "Map mouse buttons 6-7 to horizontal scrolling on Linux" [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
1d13811d4304reed — Bug 423236 - "Tree view headers should correctly tell the GTK engine if its sorted or not" [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
f3902f3ff3c8reed — Bug 342133 - "xmlhttprequest.send doesn't work in nativeuconv builds" [ (Mike Hommey) r=smontagu a1.9=beltzner]
cc7343859836reed — Bug 422906 - "Change a big toplevel "if(...) { <code> }" introduced by bug 415163 to an "if(!...) return; <code>"" [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
c77477952b2freed — Bug 393246 - "CreateFixupURI should use UTF-8, not the system charset" [ (Dão Gottwald) r+sr=biesi a1.9=beltzner]
85d136c46a3frhelmer — prepare 1.9 nightly rollout b=421411 r=nthomas
d9398327d7dbgavin — Bug 423366: remove unused code, and non-obvious dependency on fontbuilder.js from preferences.xml, r=mconnor/masayuki, a=beltzner
a6bdfd0ce42drhelmer — remove RELEASE tag from l10n repo too b=420005 r=bhearsum
8cd7a0a39b08mattwillis — Bug 421622 - Add testcase
912464efde6bgavin — Bug 422808: remove forwarding of nsIAuthPrompt for XHR and document.load so that users fall back to the more useful docshell prompts, r=sicking, sr=biesi (r=dolske on tests)
484c482db808gavin — Bug 422135: fix login manager's nsIAuthPrompt implementation to deal with NS_GetAuthKey-generated realms, r=dolske/standard8
8d868c7d6aafdietrich — Bug 419170 ? The history includes too few days, browser.history_expire_days_min is ignored (for, r=dietrich)
7b33524c41aeedward lee — Bug 420482 - Big discrepancy in ETA between Downloads Manager & Downloads status bar panel. r=sdwilsh, b-ff3=beltzner
ae5aff8292ebedward lee — Bug 414850 - "Clear List" in download manager should only remove visible downloads. r=sdwilsh, a1.9=beltzner
435cb3847443edward lee — Bug 403412 - Download Manager window title fails to clear/update upon download completion. r=sdwilsh, a1.9=beltzner
9b095d793312jwalden — Add a bunch of forgotten |false| parameters to setHeader calls in httpd.js server handlers; no functionality change because absence defaulted to false. No bug, test-only set of trivial changes so self-reviewing...
395b42a9c5d9ted mielczarek — bug 403224 - build config fixes to build spidermonkey with icc. r=bsmedberg
ed336accd93adietrich — Bug 423470 ? fix calls to PlacesUtils._uri (r=dietrich)
53942b095492gavin — Bustage fix for bug 329741: teach head_bookmarks.js about NS_APP_HISTORY_50_FILE (which is now required by nsNavHistory::init)
3ff483943345jag — Bug 333505: nsLocalFileOSX crash. Original patch by Shane Caraveo <>, review nits addressed by me. Unit test by Callek. r=mentovai, r/sr=bsmedberg, a1.9=damons
bff2e4e43682longsonr — Bug 399853 - Fix signed/unsigned mismatch warnings. r+sr=tor,a1.9=beltzner
6602ff8bba5emconnor — Bug 329741 - history.dat, formhistory.dat, downloads.rdf should be deleted when the user clears private data, r=gavin
cceedac57527jag — Fix SeaMonkey unit test bustage.
d693ba8c363dmarco — Bug 422463, fix pyxpcom build on some x86_64 systems r=mhammond sr=benjamin
e4802e08c44frflint — Bug 423361 - [proto] Land Proto 0.14 changes. Patch by Kevin Gerich <>, r=me a=blocking-fx3
45f34662fa46surkov alexander — Bug 421066 - Implement all nsIAccessibleHyperLink methods for XUL:label elements that are used as links, r=ginn.chen, a=beltzner
6565f48c2c5cdtownsend — Bug 419582: Unblocklisted plugin should be set to enable on startup. r+sr=jst
cebd409f2ab0Olli Pettay — Bug 414338, nsFind crashes if passed a range rooted at a document, r+sr=jst
a0489e4e5aabmozilla — [OS/2] Bug 353011: make bookmark tooltips and popups appear in front of the bookmarks menu,, r=me
f5d6c2985cbdroc+ — Backing out bug 392233 again
d57879bc8021sayrer — Bug 423377. Change max-persistent-connections-per-server. r=bzbarsky, sr=brendan
c8f50fef10b4roc+ — Bug 392233. Relanding ... make SVG text build textruns taking into account the current transform's scale. Also refactors code to simplify everything. r=longsonr,sr=vlad
d5a20c9d98abginn chen — Bug 422894 Firefox 3 failed to start on Solaris SPARC workaround a compiler bug r=ted.mielczarek a=beltzner
226c19197d8dkarlt+ — Move Place() from nsIMathMLFrame to nsMathMLContainerFrame b=363240, r+sr=roc
c476b131f566karlt+ — Move Place() from nsIMathMLFrame to nsMathMLContainerFrame b=363240, r+sr=roc
49a7a5053f01karlt+ — Add GetIntrinsicWidth for <msqrt>. b=363240, r+sr=roc
15e6fb69e8ddkarlt+ — Move Place() from nsIMathMLFrame to nsMathMLContainerFrame b=363240, r+sr=roc
7163d2f55d90bzbarsky — Set the right url in the script and don't allow loading non-chrome scripts. Bug 418356, r+sr=jst
308a3d035bdcroc+ — Oops, adding reftest files for bug 422394
e7413ca41c27roc+ — Backing out bug 392233.
2359cb25f069roc+ — Bug 422394. Fix tab width calculation so we never fail to advance. r=smontagu
28036554cc40roc+ — Bug 392233. Take the current contxt scale into account when constructing textruns for SVG, and simplify the SVG text code. r=longsonr,sr=vlad
f5ffe039d536dolske — Relanding Bug 413630 - web-based handler en-US default options
cc5f48bb14b3dolske — Bug 420756 - landing default mailto: handler fails to reset the alwaysAsk stuff. Most of patch by dmose, r=dmose on other parts. a=blocking-ff3
49c3394f3135jst — Fixing bug 395110. Give type attribute higher priority when deciding what plugin to use.,
9ef75ebf2709dietrich — Bug 393498 ? on cut, then undo of a bookmark, we lose the dateAdded and lastModified values (r=mano)
659e8d1d7283dbaron — Add knowledge of edge names to cycle collector, ifdef DEBUG_CC. b=420514 r+sr=peterv a=damons
e3caf8dc273cdtownsend — Bug 423218: Restart option does not appear for installs from the local filesystem. r=robstrong
d14bfa8b47a9dtownsend — Bug 414607: Warning symbol in install confirmation needs to be larger., a=beltzner
9b6da3fbf15aaaronleventhal — Partial backout of bug 421650, to make builds useable with JAWS again. Fixes regression bug 423495.
770b713c9334masayuki — Bug 422079 Plugin names need to be converted to Unicode r+sr=jst, b1.9=jst
10bb3ee22095timeless — Bug 422687 encfs makes Firefox crash at start [@][@ sqlite3_exec] changing test to accept ERROR_FAILURE
d7278030e248jst — Fixing bug 420603. Don't run scripts while wrapping DOM objects.,
04cf6e7e41dbnrthomas — Bug 394046, update for major update between and 3.0b4, r=rhelmer
4270e71d78aftimeless — Bug 422687 encfs makes Firefox crash at start [@][@ sqlite3_exec] r=sdwilsh a=beltzner
87d9c4e9f7ffjruderman — Fix bug 423043, js shell print() should flush stdout. r+a=shaver. Does not affect Firefox.
414b9da09c57mrbkap — Ensure that CanPropagate and CreateContextStackFor are consistent. bug 423373, r+sr=sicking a=beltzner
24084268e67clongsonr — Bug 423071 - SVG bad clippath rendering when changed via DOM. r+sr=roc,a1.9=blocking1.9+
3adda797ab43mconnor — Bug 422420 - Revert home button move and related migration code, r=gavin
9bed0cf5248ebugzilla — Bug 420459 Move mailnews-specific profe code. r=benjamin,Neil,sr=dmose,a1.9=beltzner
0f5bfa374f0adbaron — Make nsJSONWriter::Write not crash when given buffer greater than 1024 characters. b=423152 r=sayrer a=beltzner
e11afa4e3549kaie — Bug 423475, Paypal crashes loading main site r=rrelyea, blocking1.9=beltzner
a280ed6f2dfbjohnath — Show certificate error pages (instead of dialogs) in frames. b=423247, p=kengert, r=rrelyea, r=bzbarsky, a=blocking-1.9 (ted)
db2012a97d00benjamin — Bug 385677 - Breakpad fixes for GCC 4.3 (correct #includes and visibility wrappers), r+a=luser
d38f7781da38nrthomas — Bug 417045, work around for bustage with make -jN and -save-temps in CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS (10.5 build support), r=ted, a=blocking1.9+
ba4a114739falongsonr — Bug 419746 - SVG crash in gfxASurface::SetDeviceOffset() via nsSVGMaskFrame::ComputeMaskAlpha(). r+sr=vladimir,a1.9=blocking1.9+
5fde1f14be9dgavin — Bug 423138, browser-test crashes on linux, patch by smaug <>, r=brendan, a=beltzner
6bf382cb836fdietrich — Bug 398807 - backout (for, r=dietrich, a=beltzner)
05430a2fe0d3smichaud — Discard reentrant plugin events for CoreGraphics plugins as well as for QuickDraw plugins. b=409615 r=josh sr=roc
c9b2a292f9e5dietrich — Bug 423267 ? Library/Bookmark sidebar is blank/empty with new profile. (r=mano, a=mconnor-irc)
d45780cc9161johnath — Visual glitch in site icon on mac. b=422326, r=kevin gerich, r=gavin, a=blocking-firefox3 (beltzner)
1ff4c22702b8jwatt — Bug 399488. Faster gaussian blur.,,
aa574de6a918kairo — bug 423261 - Build failure when gcc was compiled with some option that contains "version", r=ted a1.9=beltzner
c402d1feb9f9rhelmer — back out last patch, only want on staging
6eaa4493ef9ebhearsum — bug 409232: pass in product name to - Bootstrap changes to call w/ new argument. r=nrthomas, patch=me
36d4da17de36ted mielczarek — bug 415016 - default comment is submitted by Linux crash reporter. patch by timeless, r+a=me
62f025bcb0ccgavin — Back out bug 246699 to fix bug 423375, per shaver
662ab32fb982gavin — Bug 423382: float('Inf') doesn't work everywhere, use 1.0e3000 instead, r=jwalden
150736fc1f19mozilla mano — Correcting comments a little
373de5f8625emozilla mano — Bug 423124 - CMD/CTRL+clicking a bookmark creates two new tabs. Patch by Marco Bonardo [mak77] <>, r=me.
ca9fd7937bacigor — bug=421274 r=brendan a=beltzner Eliminating SAVE_SP_AND_PC() macro
3fd1d9fa068bginn chen — Bug 418845 Enabling a11y massively degrades performance of dynamic <option> addition on Linux r=aaronleventhal, surkov.alexander sr=neil a=dsicore
2c777a694590mozilla mano — Typo fix for bug 394252.
100062f1913dmozilla mano — Bug 423085 - restore from JSON, Japanese is garbled. Patch by KUROSAWA, Takeshi <>, r=me.
41cb07745979mozilla mano — Bug 423169 (and likely bug 423163) - drag and drop to bookmarks toolbar is broken. Patch by Michael Schonfeld <>, r=me.
941ced6f9e4cmozilla mano — Bug 423083 - No statusbar-text for bookmarks under "Bookmarks" menu. r=gavin
46ab89ae6d88rhelmer — .13 already started, bump to .14, bustage fix
dbb18fbf6849dolske — Move iframe onload handler setup later to avoid initial about:blank onload event.
7ad62f69bb0fjruderman — Add a "!=" reftest that will fail is msub and msup break (like in bug 345564)
d73d3612f919bzbarsky — Pass the right nodes to our boundary-check, and clean up some remaining DOM-api cruft. Bug 414076 and bug 379280, patch in bug 414076, r+sr=sicking
cbe8c434bc70dolske — Add more tests for HTTP authentication prompting.
8376baa320a1bzbarsky — Comment fix
9403ce124d33timeless — Bug 422714 Warning: function does not always return a value r=dtownsend a=dsicore
477b39c34d7dtimeless — Bug 422445 WebBrowserPersist treats StartUpload failure as a readError r=biesi a=dsicore
9a242d85cbb4dbaron — Add simplified version of test that we can currently pass.
a470fc188d6adbaron — Fix bug in test.
e8fb30706912dbaron — Add reftest for CSS 2.1, section 10.3.3.
dcb7abff3436reed — Bug 422799 - "accesskey defined incorrectly in Offline storage pref panel" [ (Vlado Valastiak [wladow]) r=gavin a1.9=beltzner]
4c54066973fdreed — Follow-up to bug 422614 -- remove layout/tools/Makefile from toolkit/
fbefd6541901reed — Bug 422614 - "CVS remove old stuff from layout/tools" [ (Alfred Kayser) r=roc a1.9=beltzner]
2f048f967d06reed — Bug 415830 - "Combobox appearance should match the native ComboBox widget and not OptionMenu" [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=twanno r=Ventron sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
7b888118a752reed — Bug 413275 - "JavaScript Error: "sourceProfiles is null when Migration Wizard is canceled" (Return FALSE to avoid advancing to next page when not necessary) [ (Marcus Redivo) r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
a6cf60a4945dreed — Bug 376355 - "Redundant STYLE_STACK_DEPTH, STYLE_CURRENT_STACK macros" [ (Joe Drew [JOEDREW!]) r+a1.9=vlad]
73ae68026310reed — Bug 375457 - "toDataURL has incorrect type-checking logic" [ (Joe Drew [JOEDREW!]) r+a1.9=vlad]
bf1e867422cfbzbarsky — Invalidate tables a little harder. Bug 421632, r+sr=roc
56b3af45a98ctimeless — Bug 3004 Remove debug robot from build removed robot from the build, this removes it from cvs NPOB toolkit changes r=luser, a=luser
3efb247eb4c7mark finkle — b=421235, r=gavin, a1.9=dsicore. Add new bookmark roots to FUEL
991ba8cf4905kaie — Bug 420151, FF3Beta5 should use updated NSS tag NSS_3_12_BETA3 Also updating NSPR tag to NSPR_4_7_1_BETA2 r=rrelyea, r=wtc, blocking1.9=dsicore
9bc5ecdeed69kaie — Bug 406755, EV certs not recognized as EV with some cross-certification scenarios r=rrelyea, blocking1.9=dsicore
a51a433f63f2dwitte — add gcc 4.2.x to the list of compilers broken with -Os. b=409803
04953951b6bfdwitte — remove ailing test.
9f4aba0889abdwitte — fix followup review comments from bug 421494. r=mconnor, sr=bz
89056e6f16d7jwalden — Bug 423235 - Make leak detection always run but only be fatal if the threshold is exceeded, for better leak visibility when --leak-threshold isn't specified; also removes the need for me to maintain a --leak-threshold=0 local change without committing it. r=sayrer, a=testonlychange
adb094e785e1sayrer — Bug 409803. gcc (4.1 only) zealously avoids inlining at -Os. Patch by Dan Witte. r=ted.mielczarek
8076a7de7c46dwitte — Bug 409803 - gcc (4.1 only) zealously avoids inlining at -Os. make -finline-limit=50 the default on linux -Os builds. r=ted, blocking1.9+
ee8eac3d37f6karlt+ — mi elements for which default values for mathvariant should have no effect
5b2513b5d484jdaggett — Bug 408965. Use STHeiti as the default font for sans-serif Simplified Chinese (patch by Jjgod Jiang). r=jdaggett,masayuki, sr=stuart
a0286e8ca06ekarlt+ — Only change the style of default mathvariant <mi> elements to italic when there is a corresponding italic Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbol. Accept non-BMP characters in nsMathMLOperator::LookupInvariantChar. Update the mathvariant entries in from PUA characters to their Plane 1 Unicode assignments (remainder of bug 289938). b=413115, r+sr=roc.
6113f7ab5196surkov alexander — Bug 421650 - bustage fix
c13429bf59cfsurkov alexander — Bug 420863 - If an HTML element has an onClick attribute, expose its click action on the element rather than its child text leaf node, r=aaronlev, a=dsicore
bfdb2504fb33surkov alexander — Bug 421650 - dont allocate [out] BSTR*, r=aaronlev, a=dsicore
88f3b7010262jwalden — Revert a local change that isn't be ready yet -- need tinderboxen doing leak tests before we can actually make this change, sigh.
23e0d180f2dbdolske — Manifest fix for bug 422887 (followup fix).
1a047951d95fjwalden — Bug 423106 - doesn't do anything with --browser-arg. r=ted
c449cd45567dmozilla — Bug 422628: Don't package aero files for non-Windows and especially not OS/2 (relanded with an added empty line),, a1.9=beltzner
1199e8104a56sdwilsh — Bug 399264 - stop hard coding folder roots in place: urls. r=dietrich
461b7702a507mozilla — [OS/2] Bug 423115: OS/2 build break about GCC parameters in libpixman, r=vlad
4593e756b0banrthomas — Try workaround for bug 420187, r=ted & sayrer, a=blocking1.9+
b137836a0722kairo — bug 411215 - Migrate SeaMonkey's main appearance pref panel to new pref pane and remove the locales subpanel, r=IanN sr=Neil
d7a2a1d41b02bclary — JavaScript Tests - modify test to catch allocation size overflow, bug 422348
b36df4d5b2e9jruderman — Add crashtest
1ab3b484ba2cmozilla — Backout of bug 422628 as it caused jar-packaging problems on Windows
daa70bbe4331mats palmgren — Fix a compile warning. b=399694 r+sr=dbaron a1.9=damons
e1625ca024damats palmgren — Make nsStyleChangeList own a reference to nsIContent pointers in its list. b=399694 r+sr=dbaron a1.9=damons
ebc0277f5916mats palmgren — End the mouse wheel scrolling transaction when forcing "passToParent" for a combobox (fixes an assertion). b=398334 r=masayuki sr=roc a1.9=beltzner
37d32c0aa8c7mozilla — Bug 422628: Don't package aero files for non-Windows and especially not OS/2,, a1.9=beltzner
8083476c7740dolske — Bug 422887 - artwork for about:robots. r=beltzner, ui-r=beltzner, a1.9=beltzner, everything=beltzner
254bdfcff2cavladimir — b=421422, cairo upgrade followup, fixing subpixel AA on OSX
bd0768970b98pavlov — bug 423036. decommit for huge allocations. patch from Jason Evans. r/sr=me a=vlad
550c5061ec27vladimir — b=421422, cairo upgrade mochitest tweaks ; r=me
518206c497f5vladimir — b=421422, cairo upgrade ; r=me
e413593ee1devladimir — b=421422, cairo upgrade ; r=me
1d117b877a46dveditz — bug 421840, relax restriction on empty user:info to fix mailnews regression bug 419116. r/sr=biesi,neil, a=dsicore
990794df70damats palmgren — Block native event processing in the appshell while processing gecko events from a nested native event loop. b=420148 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9
479b511f1278dolske — Bug 423033 - mochitest should ignore non-existent files. r=waldo, a=testonly
798de0faf4d2dbaron — Remove the 'timer fired for test' ok as well, so this test doesn't report a timing-dependent variable number of tests. r=dolske (verbally) b=423044 a=tests
cf96d171ecc9dholbert — Bug 418016 Follow-up patch: force static jemalloc lib, to fix bustage for non-libxul linux builds. r+sr=pavlov a=blocking1.9+
90b23d8e2d59dbaron — Make test poll for dialog being fully loaded rather than assuming it will be after 300 milliseconds. b=423044 r=dolske a=tests
10d443e69d94dbaron — Expose trace-malloc stack tracing. b=422847 r=brendan a=NPOTDB
1a0a0970be14dtownsend — Bug 396129: Add incompatible update start and done states to nsIAddonUpdateListener. r=robstrong, a=beltzner
a05453237290jonas — Bug 401155: Make it safe to create a wrapper for an object at any time by making sure wrapping doesn't write script. Also set up a service that tries to keep track of when it's safe to execute script. r=bz sr=jst
56f5f3c0f7e2pavlov — bug 396315. Fixing type1 fonts on Windows. r=vlad
eca018e179a5jst — Fixing bug 414291. Make ignore modal=yes for backwards compatibility. and
6ba05c69eca6rhelmer — bustage fix - need to pull date where 3.0b5pre exists
fdf70ae7859eaaronleventhal — Bug 419416. Follow useful rules for handling ARIA properties on a frame, iframe and body elements. r=ginn.chen, a=dsicore
a3d024e408febzbarsky — Don't use fieldset pref widths as min widths, since pref widths can be unconstrained. Incidentally makes it possible for text to legends to wrap if the page wants it to. Bug 404123 and bug 354502, r+sr=dbaron, a=beltzner.
14c067e8f6afrhelmer — put update tools on path when in fast mode r=coop b=391958
f0047031b525mozilla mano — Bug 402558 - urls from bookmarks folder in sidebar don't open in tabs on middle-click. Patch by Marco Bonardo [mak77] <>, r=me.
0f9c25b70a47mozilla — Bug 418105: Remove non-cairo Mac gfx code from the tree, r=joshmoz, sr=vladimir, a1.9=beltzner
84df367957b4mozilla mano — Bug 408125 - unable to select an unfiled bookmark or a bookmark from my toolbar as my home page in prefs. r=dietrich.
89341bc90b31mozilla mano — Bug 416009 - move the save button to the context-selection bar. r=dietrich.
b905daae3237mozilla mano — Bug 420520 - Losing bookmark name data in bookmark organizer. r=dietrich.
abd579edf076mozilla mano — Bug 418592 - 'Bookmarks Menu' folder can be dropped into itself. Patch by Michael Schonfeld <>, r=me.
7b1e5a726c89vladimir — b=422248, mac buttons look bad since bug 418497, r=josh,sr=stuart
74be90cd0eedjwalden — Bug 199692 - Update and reenable the document.elementFromPoint tests that didn't work when initially committed due to window sizing issues; there may still be some issues, but we'll todo aggressively in followup commits if necessary -- better halfway in than not at all. Patch is partly me, partly Ben Karel <>, r from Ben and r=roc. a=itsatest
cef84929ec22reed — Correct copyright case ("Red Hat inc" -> "Red Hat, Inc."), as per bug 422692.
3c6a6d801c10reed — Bug 420067 - "Extension list emblems" (Use pretty icons that make me do the tango) [ (Ian Spence) ui-r=faaborg r=Mano a1.9=beltzner]
b1916e9c8b86reed — Bug 415854 - "make single-pixel optimization release surface memory" (remove ThebesPattern) [ (Joe Drew [JOEDREW!]) r=vlad a=blocking1.9+]
2507258a1578dietrich — Bug 422877 ? Middle-clicking a folder does not open bookmarks (irc-r=mano)
3e389aa50b72reed — Bug 422620 - "Remove NS_BrightenColor and NS_DarkenColor" [ (Alfred Kayser) r=vlad a1.9=damons]
9ea8962a1716reed — Bug 422531 - "Add back code so as to not regress bug 395334 again" [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
d74955a3f447reed — Bug 422472 - "Lock re-entrance in TimerThread, deadlock" [ (Honza Bambas [mayhemer]) r=bsmedberg sr=brendan a1.9=damons]
d663a20777dcreed — Bug 422337 - "Bad assembly on m68k" [ (Mike Hommey) r=bsmedberg a1.9=damons]
25e69c8352d8reed — Bug 421615 - "unused variable ‘tmp’ in NS_IMPL_CYCLE_COLLECTION_0" [ (Tuukka Tolvanen [sp3000]) r+sr=dbaron a1.9=beltzner]
c07f22c05458reed — Bug 421255 - "fix misc mingw cross-compile issues" [ (Chris Seawood [cls]) r=bsmedberg a1.9=beltzner]
29bed971021areed — Bug 421169 - "Flashing cursor appears next to programmatically focused buttons" [ (Chris Pearce [cpearce]) r=peterv sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
a3b59ede9994dietrich — More utils conversions for bug 384370 (irc-r=mano)
71a73815eab4reed — Bug 418131 - "Need a way to detect GTK+ version so we don't break users on major update" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=bsmedberg sr=dveditz a=blocking-firefox3+]
f78fd5a9c306reed — Bug 418016 - "Ts jumped ~1% when enabling jemalloc on Linux (qm-mini-ubuntu01, qm-mini-ubuntu02, qm-mini-ubuntu05)" (Integrate jemalloc into libxul on Linux) [ (Jason Evans) r=bsmedberg sr+a1.9=stuart]
7d0fdec7b101reed — Bug 416559 - "Hard-coded auto-completion pop-ups foreground color" (Fix text color for autocomplete dropdowns) [ (Ian Spence) r=Mano a1.9=damons]
3f420e7064c7reed — Bug 395454 - "[Mac] Have one file, scrollbars.css" [ (Colin Barrett [cbarrett]) r=Enn r=Neil sr=roc a1.9=damons]
78b535346f27kaie — bug 374336, add knowledge of Extended Validation / EV Certificates to PSM Follow up fix contributed by Neil that fixes allocator mismatch. r=kengert, approval1.9=dsicore
a0407b850cb7reed — Bug 333308 - "make clean and make distclean miss various files" (cleanup even more 2) [ (Fabien Tassin) / (Mike Hommey) r=bsmedberg a1.9=damons]
342be9aef32creed — Bug 311366 - "should make custom elements able to contain blocks (<section>)" [ (Blake Kaplan) r=sicking sr=jst a1.9=beltzner]
3093b487202amartijn martijn — Modified test for bug 396024, this should not cause problems anymore now that bug 407080 is fixed
81541104001bsmontagu — Testcase for bug 128896.
8ceed73f4746jwatt — Bug 421780. NPOB. Add public domain dedication comment to two tests for Joe Drew (his tests).
0d142e2fb248crowder — Bug 422885: uninitialized memory-read in XPCWrapper::AddProperty, r/sr=mrbkap, a=:luser
9de739cd519bnrthomas — Bug 421917, firefox trunk/moz18 builds go to stage-old for Talos, r=rhelmer
4550ff9c9e72nrthomas — Bug 422733, use stage-old for release automation until we teach it new tricks r=rhelmer
a8080be1700fdholbert — Backing out Bug 417356, due to pagination reftest failures.
cc9f97f77226jdaggett — Bug 408965. Cmaps for fonts with Unicode-platform format-12 cmaps are not read (patch by Jjgod Jiang). r+sr=stuart
2e0260bab09droc+ — Bug 404140. Avoid assertions about comparing line iterators from different lists by comparing nsLineBox* pointers. r+sr=dbaron
d5cdf63fe0eeroc+ — Bug 380115. Handle situations where the GTK widget is huge and its associated X drawable is positioned at some offset relative to the GTK widget's origin. r=vlad
b7698bf0f6b4mozilla mano — Bug 422645 - links in the history menu are not working. r=dietrich.
9f18f76948eedholbert — Bug 417356: Define & use "UnwriteableMargin" PrintSettings pref, to make Linux printing work more like Mac printing (keeping us from printing right up against the edge of the page) r=ventron sr=roc a=blocking1.9+
820671c3097fdholbert — Bug 421239: Remove broken/brittle optimization of guessing (incorrectly) whether a line might be empty, when we're determining whether we need to mark next line's margin as dirty. r+sr=roc, a=blocking1.9+
8424cac5edfcpavlov — bug 420675. shouldn't be bolding weight 500. r=vlad
e5c28ae431c2Callek — Bug 422872, fix test in test_contentAreaUtils.js for both suite and toolkit. r=sayrer
6dc826a3b216karlt+ — GetIntrinsicWidth for mroot, mfenced, and mfrac. b=363240, r+sr=roc
c0e557772f46edward lee — Clean up autocomplete tests for use as a template for future tests
7a02d5408216edward lee — Bug 422490 - Throbber keeps spinning when typing in a new url (AwesomeBar keeps searching when there's no results). r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner
63e58e4375c5rhelmer — bustage fix, need to pull from more recent pulldate to get b5pre
566dc61e040ekarlt+ — nsMathMLChar::GetMaxWidth and stretchy <mo> GetIntrinsicWidth implementations. Rename MAXSIZE_IS_EXPLICIT to MAXSIZE_IS_ABSOLUTE. Avoid unsigned/signed warnings with 1<<31. b=363240, r+sr=roc
41d35cf3c37bjst — Fixing bug 416953. Do plugin destruction off of an event whenever possible (which is pretty much always).
afbf15913832dietrich — Followup Ts fix for bug 384370 (r=mano)
9833c8951058joshmoz — Fix cmd-tilde for various keyboard layouts by trusting event handled status for command key events. b=417466 r=masayuki sr=roc
ce720feb26ddmozilla mano — Bug 394252 - Unable to create a bookmark folder with Star menu. r=dietrich.
e40742311963jst — Followup fix for bug 406251, make NPVariant.intValue be a signed int so negative ints can be passed through safely.
1423caed11d5mozilla — [OS/2] Bug 421626: Fix packaging and signing on OS/2, r=ted.mielczarek
4dc89b9f0dbajay — version bump
b3fc5e3dba9ajay — minor change to fix radio button issue in setup wizard
be4f0d8052d1mozilla — [OS/2] Bug 411578: add headers of the Remote Workplace Server package (RWS08) to the tree to support the build on OS/2, r=mkaply
478f9942809cdolske — Backing out bug 420595 due to causing bug 422585. r=sdwilsh.
f83f4d173b8ejst — Fixing bug 419846. Only let chrome documents load scripts from the fastload files.,
d89530bf9f74dietrich — Followup patch to bug 384370 (irc-r=mano)
80caf2db3803mnyromyr — Bug 421689: Mozilla won't build with XCode 3.1/more stable fix; r=ted.mielczarek, a1.9+=damons
a995c4943527dholbert — Bug 407080: Disallow print-preview while page is loading. (Re-landing with broken mochitest disabled) r+sr=roc, a=blocking1.9+
cc46a2297db1stefanh — Bug 421814 - Use HITheme to draw backgrounds for groupboxes. r=josh+Mano, sr=roc, a1.9=dsicore.
268ac3c46f0digor — bug=422432 r=brenda,jag a1.9=blocking1.9 The local free lists for doubles now restricted to 32/64 entries, not 8, to minimize locking penaltties.
d28b1e401bd6bclary — Sisyphus - support MOZ_CO_FLAGS, MOZ_CO_DATE bug 422481, r=rcampbell
285d5e28146adietrich — Bug 384370 - use JSON as the on disk, lossless format for our bookmark backup (r=mano)
32ead012f738mozilla mano — Bug 421295 - Safari home page import failed. patch from Michael Schonfeld <>, r=me.
9df334adb143benjamin — Fix merge bug that only shows up building spidermonkey standalone.
5be6ee5eedafbenjamin — Merge cvs-trunk-mirror -> mozilla-central to pick up the 421274 backout especially
69342997f2acsmontagu — Reject properties files with encoding errors. Bug 397093, r+sr=bsmedberg, a1.9=damons
b509e75904a8dwitte — Bug 417345 - build broken on sparc. r=ted, a=damons
3032133086b8dbaron — Fix bad reference counting of atoms so we don't manipulate garbage atom pointers. b=422546 r=timeless sr=roc a=damon
0634e71ff547bclary — JavaScript Tests - update tests due to changes on trunk for overflow reporting, bug 422348
4d97118fbc90kairo — bug 410627 - No complete MARs generated for SeaMonkey Mac L10n builds, r=bsmedberg a=rhelmer
69e190d9dd95ted mielczarek — bug 422360 - don't statically link browser components when jemalloc is enabled. r=bsmedberg
45a296496515mozilla mano — Bug 408661 - Places Organizer - Back & Forward buttons are reversed in RTL UI. r=dietrich.
0a34c2dc06f5mozilla mano — Bug 411549 - place:folder=x shows next to Location line in Library. r=dietrich.
c61d08088741sayrer — Bug 420906. support for custom options for jsinterp.c when compiling the browser. Patch by Ted Mielczarek. r=bsmedberg
d7eb849ee14cigor — bug 421274: backing out again due to crashes on 64 bit Linux.
3fb667068af2rhelmer — fix nthomas' comments from bug 420005 r=nthomas
90bf98eb6308aaronleventhal — Bug 421565. ARIA tweaks. r=surkov, a=dsicore
8a8b1f94e078igor — bug=421274 follow up to fix issues with 64 bit
6a632cc4adc7dbaron — Fix buggy test; rgb() non-% arguments are required to be integers. a=tests
c003b9fcdf1bdbaron — Don't make overflow:-moz-hidden-unscrollable affect layout. b=411213 r+sr=roc a=beltzner
0a6eb8a547ffenndeakin — Bug 421810, focus not shifting to browser, only check the focus model for controls, r=smaug,sr=neil
8f4b429275a5benjamin — Merge cvs-trunk-mirror -> mozilla-central
9d654e6a0008mozilla mano — Bug 422528 - History menu extends (entries multiplied and not between dividers). Patch by Marco Bonardo [mak77] <>, r=me.
49ffa46f4cc9mattwillis — Bug 421622 - nsXMLHttpRequest#send() shouldn't reset all request headers when called from chrome. Patch by Manish Singh <> r/sr=sicking, a1.9=beltzner
4d50540a4808jag — Bug 419621: Add rule so |make nsFoo.i| works for files. r=bsmedberg, a1.9+=damons
29a552bec50emasayuki — Bug 390901 CJK - font-name is not recognised correctly in preferences p=me+jdagett(mac part)+kerlt(fontconfig part) r=jdagett+me+stuart+mconnor b1.9=stuart
0fe430aea236Olli Pettay — Bug 419527, 'ASSERTION: Wrong root' with XBL, r+sr=sicking
7b7d0387b02croc+ — Backing out 413027 again.
402267754664roc+ — Bug 413027. The XUL pref and min height for a CSS block should be its height when reflowed at its preferred width, NOT the height of the tallest line. r+sr=dbaron. Relanding with additional XUL box layout fix to increase the frame size to the minimum size required by children even if they don't change size during layout, and a fix to scrollframes so they don't depend on being able to set a size for scrollbars less than their minimum size. r+sr=dbaron
b2763d2fcb0bbrendan — Fix ASSERT_VALID_PROPERTY_CACHE_HIT bustage (NPOTB).
8f02a331666digor — bug=421274 r=brendan a1.9=mtschrep eliminating SAVE_SP_AND_PC and friends from the interpreter loop
4e7d9964bc87igor — backing out bug 421274
70d75ffb97d4igor — bug=421274 r=brendan a1.9=mtschrep eliminating SAVE_SP_AND_PC and friends from the interpreter loop
f97b2ef215d5edward lee — Bug 421315 - Just re-use autocomplete richlistitems instead of re-adjusting for no purpose. r=gavin, a1.9=mconnor
7d9515d4acd3karlt+ — Remove some unused nsGlyphTable methods. b=363240, r+sr=roc
e4bffeb405dapavlov — bug 396315. get type1 fonts fonts mostly displaying correctly. (also fixes bug 410801. use postscript opentype fonts for fallback) r=vlad
d8964dfe6f2dpavlov — bug 396315. get type1 fonts fonts mostly displaying correctly. (also fixes bug 410801. use postscript opentype fonts for fallback) r=vlad
1d6410485164reed — Bug 401221 - "Provide finer control over zooming" [ (Dão Gottwald) ui-r+r=beltzner a=blocking-firefox3+]
6c6c07c6021freed — Bug 192631 - "Animated images stop animating after Print / Print Preview" [ (Martijn Wargers) r+sr=roc a1.9=damons]
16c7c3052046masayuki — Bug 417014 Need blacklist system for underline offset adjusting of CJK fonts which have wrong underline offset r=roc+stuart, sr=roc, b1.9=stuart
c067ccfb26d1jst — Landing fix for compiler warning bug 421992. Patch by,
f086759682c7edward lee — Bug 415397 - URLs with (un)escaped characters can't be deleted. b-ff3=beltzner
12d99e3cf3a7edward lee — Bug 417441 - Bookmark cannot handle %2B ('+' sign) when accessed by its tag. b-ff3=beltzner
3ea24aeae93aedward lee — Bug 419656 - Location bar instrumentation misses unencoded urls. r=gavin, b-ff3=beltzner
31e896979ae4dietrich — Bug 419749 - Add/Update/Delete for items in query set do not seem to close transaction (r=dietrich)
2b9ec535cc7eigor — bug=422348 r,a1.9=shaver proper overflow error reporting
826cdcc8e46arhelmer — search for buildid as printed by not the update-specific code b=415180 r=nthomas
24bba1f8fa57igor — bug=421806 r=brendan a1.9=blockin1.9 fixing decompiler regressions with interpreter stack modeling
f985db69e9a7reed — Bug 421879 - "opening a file with the default helper app can fail by using the wrong app in the end" [ (Mike Hommey) r=biesi a=blocking1.9+]
fefda0f421acreed — Bug 419891 - "Firefox crashes in [@ nsStandardURL::SetFileExtension]" (initialize 'void *ref' in nsMaybeWeakPtr_base::GetValueAs to NULL) [ (Honza Bambas [mayhemer]) r=bsmedberg a=blocking-firefox3+]
9bee68727d75reed — Bug 385062 - "Search field in bookmarks sidebar gets the focus when opening a new window" [ (Nickolay Ponomarev) r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
81d93a896ae8reed — Bug 385062 - "Search field in bookmarks sidebar gets the focus when opening a new window" [ (Nickolay Ponomarev) r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
6bb1d5b388fcreed — Bug 297080 - "Mouse cursor stays in pointer form, moving from content area to other window" [ (Matthew Gregan) r+sr=roc a1.9=damons]
2c7e003aad42reed — Bug 399498 - "use XDG downloads dir as default downloads dir" (use XDG download dir, with a fallback to the current default if the XDG user dirs are disabled) [ (Christian Persch) r=sdwilsh r=bsmedberg a1.9=damons]
9e9f0cabbc37reed — Bug 399500 - "support XDG user dirs in the directory service" [ (Christian Persch) r=caillon sr=bsmedberg a1.9=damons]
780c2a3a5c6creed — Bug 422185 - "jsgc.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "int __cdecl posix_memalign(void * *,unsigned int,unsigned int)" (?posix_memalign@@YAHPAPAXII@Z)" (posix_memalign needs to be extern "C" when compiling with a C++ compiler) [ (Benjamin Smedberg [bsmedberg]) r=brendan a1.9=damons]
01abab9a2c91dbaron — Don't do floating point assignment from uninitialized data, since it can crash. b=422011 r+sr=bzbarsky a=damon
b2114b0d4e6edbaron — Don't let the pres context's visible area get permanently set to an unconstrained height when we call ResizeReflow with an unconstrained height during SizeToContent. b=371508 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+
0566e6be1bcadbaron — Restore the vertical centering code that I removed because it's needed for XUL. b=421734. r=ventnor sr=roc a=damon
dccdeb77e861mattwillis — Bug 422161 - Fix JS strict errors in *.jsm modules. r and rs=gavin, a1.9+=damons
c591c1b71935dcamp — Bug 394485: Prevent loading blocklisted urls loaded from <object> tags. r=jonas, sr=biesi, blocking1.9=stuart
188b3f5bd6c1dholbert — Bug 422484: Add parens around macro if conditions. Patch by David Mandelin <> r=benjamin a1.9=dsicore
f4e235b3346dbugzilla — Bug 419357 nsIExtensionManager::getInstallLocation can sometimes returns null (not expected/documented). r=dtownsend, comment-only patch approval not required
7f431b2e651fjoshmoz — fix scrolling with the space bar when using Japanese IME. Patch my Masayuki Nakano. b=420699 r=josh sr=roc
cd598cbaac46gijskruitbosch — Bug 414042 - MSVC71 build error in jdapimin.c attempting to include intrin.h (Mook) (Michael Moy) (Stuart Parmenter) (Damon Sicore)
66fa75e89b58thunder — Bug 421751: make not open any console windows on Windows. r=dougt, sr=mconnor, a=damons
9c60039bfe98johnath — Site button should only have one tooltip. b=406456 r+ui-r=beltzner, a=blocking-firefox3
c27cd9e79df3jwalden — Switch a test from using a Mozilla-specific name for a constant to using the standard one, no semantic change. r=foopy
c2b043d8e547johnath — Restore "ignore this warning" link for phishing warning. b=400731, r=gavin, r=dcamp, ui-r=mconnor, a=blocking-firefox3 (beltzner)
27f7b56a9604cltbld — "Automated configuration bump, release for firefox"
53dea32196b9benjamin — Merge cvs-trunk-mirror -> mozilla-central
eda42c3870f5bugzilla — Bug 403790 Password manager needs to be able to migrate mailnews logins. r=dolske,gavin,a=blocking-ff3+
86adc2eaf1cabclary — JavaScript Tests - update known failures to account for improved CAPS messages in bug 246699, not part of the build
7f06fce6c965rhelmer — migrate 1.9 nightly builders to release automation b=421411 r=nthomas
c39ab5c4eef4reed — Bug 416868 - "Size of native style toolkit arrow" (Correct arrow rect and make it advertise its size) [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Ventron sr=roc a1.9=damons]
145fa6032742reed — Bug 416868 - "Size of native style toolkit arrow" (Skin changes) [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Ryan a1.9=damons]
0d977a3c2b42dholbert — Disabling failing reftest 386339.html. (See Bug 422454)
19e659920e6ebclary — JavaScript Tests - update known failures for mac debug browser on js1_5/Array/regress-350256-03.js, bug 350256, not part of the build
2d054e671ab7reed — Bug 421780 - "SVG <image> has stopped working" (reftests for resizing a 1x1 image) [ (Joe Drew [JOEDREW!]) r=longsonr]
c4cb5ac086d6reed — Bug 421780 - "SVG <image> has stopped working" (use the native size of the current frame instead of its scaled size) [ (Joe Drew [JOEDREW!]) r=longsonr sr=vlad a=blocking1.9+]
daacfc5cd436mattwillis — Bug 422147 - Add IDs to some menubar elements where they're missing. r=gavin, a1.9+=damons
94174c46ad5egavin — Bug 421196: fix xul.css binding rule to make rich autocomplete popup usable for toolkit users, r=enndeakin
4309ab6fb4b2dietrich — Bug 421943 ? "redundant multiplexed document" should be a warning not assertion (r=sayre, sr+a=shaver)
8b7dfcd6703bbhearsum — bug 422122: switch bootstrap.cfg for 200013 release back to stage.m.o. r=nrthomas, patch=me
aeadd2cd19bareed — Back out patch from Julien Rivaud in bug 416868 due to reftest failure.
442e479a1249igor — bug=420904 support for custom options for jsinterp.c in js shell build scripts. This is outside of tree.
82e31e15bc49reed — Bug 416868 - "Size of native style toolkit arrow" (Correct arrow rect and make it advertise its size) [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Ventron sr=roc a1.9=damons]
2bf8d7c55cc5reed — Bug 416868 - "Size of native style toolkit arrow" (Skin changes) [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Ryan a1.9=damons]
78173a4c4b01cbiesinger — bug 395581 release and null out mTransaction when its Init method failed so that we don't try to do anything with this half-initialized object, in particular call Close on it. r+sr=bz a=shaver
6d60d22f873cmcsmurf — bustage fix for Bug 421787
a34146c6aa5dreed — Bug 409748 - "No statusbar-text for bookmarks toolbar sub-menu items" [ (Michael Schonfeld) r=Mano a1.9=damons]
253d7146d29breed — Fix bustage from bug 416003.
4c465571b68creed — Bug 305782 - "Please allow to use system bzip2 library" [ (Mike Hommey) r=bsmedberg a1.9=beltzner]
163bc1d4f4b6dtownsend — Bug 417606: See all search results always number 10 (config change). r=robstring.
287ffb4319d8reed — Bug 419544 - "places menupopups options ("open all in tabs", "open <feed website>") do not update correctly" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=Mano a=blocking-firefox3+]
a100d6e900f8reed — Bug 414063 - "annotate xpidl-generated c++ headers with attributes for scriptable and deprecated methods" [ (Joshua Cranmer) r=dbradley a1.9=damons]
82e5bd75e1d6reed — Bug 356011 - "kfreebsd support" (main and xpcom parts) [ (Mike Hommey) r=bsmedberg a1.9=damons]
3764b4d3364freed — Bug 421695 - "Toolbar and MenuBar shadows should not be saved" (Fix various uses of shadow-type) [ (Ian Spence) r+sr=roc a1.9=damons]
e413db0d01bcreed — Bug 416003 - "Use different arrow widgets for arrows in different context" [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Ventron r=twanno sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
801e5e37f6c5reed — Bug 385516 - "Console is spewed with WARNING: empty langgroup" (Add default constructor to gfxFontStyle and use it) [ (Sebastian Redl) r=stuart a1.9=damons]
d76335209063reed — Bug 421789 - "Trivial fix to a trivial warning in gtk2drawing.c" [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r+sr=roc a1.9=damons]
7bd98dbca4dbreed — Bug 405256 - "Compile error in nsNativeDragTarget.h with MingW GCC because of missing shobjidl.h" [ (Bengt-Erik Soderstrom) r=bsmedberg a1.9=damons]
42447d852f68mcsmurf — Bug 421787 - NSS portion of build uses continuation lines in variable definition that is used in an AC_SUBST,, r=jag, sr=bsmedberg, a1.9=dsicore
baf0c10d3139Olli Pettay — Bug 421486, automatic unwanted scrolling, r+sr=sicking
b80de7ac933bdwitte — disable failing test on mac.
00b097dcbd0ftimeless — Bug 3004 Remove debug robot from build r=mrbkap sr=jag a=dsicore So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
c136bded0df2smontagu — Enable bidi processing if there are right-to-left characters in print headers or footers. Bug 421690, r+sr=roc, blocking1.9=damon
7bef01d821b5dwitte — Bug 421494 - reimplement third party cookie blocking. r=mconnor, sr=bz, blocking1.9+
ea4a5a69e7e6brendan — Fix indentation nit
5b998470eedashaver — Bug 422286: fix accounting of array length when slicing dense arrays. r=mrbkap, a=mconnor.
3ed58e194edfajschult — Bug 422047: popup button test window too narrow, r=enndeakin
c7f7b6728c09roc+ — Bug 413027 backed out again
f36ed2c7cd3aroc+ — Bug 413027. The XUL pref and min height for a CSS block should be its height when reflowed at its preferred width, NOT the height of the tallest line. r+sr=dbaron. Relanding with extra instrumentation in the strangely-failing mochitest test_bug199692.xul
68977371ac8eroc+ — Bug 421662. Rename TextRectangle* to ClientRect*. r+sr=sicking,a=damon
e0a75ce93936vladimir — b=365, disabled controls on vista get hover effect; r=stuart
2e7cb6ab7503roc+ — Bug 421662. Rename TextRectangle* to ClientRect*. r+sr=sicking,a=damon
4d7e78c835bfroc+ — Bug 420351. Don't let empty list-bullets make a line non-empty. r+sr=dbaron
205c8d278ef6jruderman — Add crashtest
afaa954eb8a5jruderman — Add crashtests
b7fe6529a5b2roc+ — Bug 418428. Don't force devpixels to be an integer multiple of CSS pixels when printing on Windows. r=stuart
0e626c4d026bjst — Fixing bug 415324. Don't change principals on documents during document.load() now that document principals must remain unchanged.,
08c95a0d7453ted mielczarek — bug 422082 - crash reporter remains open after submitting data. r=bsmedberg
0e48fbc9658ddtownsend — Bug 415175 - Updating to an extension where the updated xpi requires a compatibility update fails. r=robstrong.
63bced81ce38dougt — back out
3a7706532f57rhelmer — bump to next version b=420005 r=nthomas
e95a2ebadb54rhelmer — enable fast-patcher mode b=422235 r=nthomas
812cba61c099blassey — backing out: switching narrow char system calls to wide char in windows b=418703
f99d3063bca8bclary — JavaScript Tests - fix TimeWithinDay for negative arguments, bug 264727
afbff1cc6e4fdougt — backing out.
f27d0cb14dbfuriber — Don't reserve space for start (end) margin on the first- (last-) in-flow if it has a previous (next) bidi continuation. bug=421419 r+sr=dbaron a1.9=dsicore
53c1464d8640blassey — switching narrow char system calls to wide char in windows b=418703 r=bsmedberg r=dougt also looked at by stuart and roc a=beltzner and a=damon
1486d0e915f4edward lee — Bug 413093 - With "Remember what I've download" disabled/unchecked ( set to 0), the Download Manager window remains open until clicked/focused. p=sdwilsh, r=Mardak, b-ff3=beltzner
ad8445ae8ddadougt — Bug: 420928 default entry on win32+wince should be mainWCRTStartup r=bsmedberg, a=damons
790ce5d2e698bhearsum — bug 422122: bootstrap.cfg updates for Fx20013 release. r=joduinn, patch=me
7b082ed70ed9mozilla — [OS/2] Bug 411573: Update the OS/2 ReadMe file with information on WPS support by using RWS
c5914c007ccesayrer — Bug 381357. Live bookmarks for feeds served as text/html don't load. r=gavin
8b08cdbcac63benjamin — merge cvs-trunk-mirror -> mozilla-central
00bb864af0bcmozilla — [OS/2] Bug 381331: Update hard- and software requirements and usage hints in the OS/2 ReadMe file
61d27a965e2ejruderman — Add reftest
0b52e5acc836dwitte — Bug 419596 - add third party cookie blocking option to cookie pref UI. r=gavin ui-r=beltzner blocking-firefox3+
595cf7da0745timeless — Bug 419326 Crashes in Main Tab of Options [@ _wgetdcwd - nsLocalFile::Normalize] r=bsmedberg a=beltzner
a82f4b5a20f3timeless — Bug 246699 CAPS security exceptions should throw richer exception info (not just raw string) r=shaver a=shaver
8ea3defc129bbenjamin — Merge cvs-trunk-mirror -> mozilla-central
cac2e03bfb96roc+ — Backing out 420351
393a874b319fhwaara — bug 421689, Mozilla won't build with Xcode 3.1 (included with the iPhone SDK). Path by Matthew Gertner ( r=ted, a=dsicore
5b320fea694areed — Bug 415163 - "GTK location bar drop-down button arrow is misaligned" [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Ryan r=twanno r=Ventron sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
8b6ba8799368roc+ — Backing out bug 413027
c3228a5a1740reed — Bug 413993 - "directTypeRadio.label in the connection preferences dialog should be "no proxy" rather than "direct connection"" (fix accesskeys collision) [ (Cédric Corazza) r=gavin a1.9=damons]
9851115dc9c5reed — Bug 419216 - "Use URL of page as the title if no title exists" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=Mano a=blocking-firefox3+]
70458df3531breed — Bug 418406 - "Make network error constants accessible via Components.results" [ (Wladimir Palant) r=biesi sr=sicking a1.9=damons]
b5dc9683ffc1reed — Bug 421635 - "[EM] post restart notification should specify foreground color" [ (KUROSAWA, Takeshi) r=rob_strong a1.9=damons]
f4598b400b65reed — Bug 414342 - "Fix spacing and margins in Preferences, Addons, Pageinfo" [ (Ian Spence) / (Michael Monreal) r=Mano a1.9=damons]
72786d38a38dreed — Bug 420595 - ""you have chosen to open" dialog uses wrong icon" (Change the accept button icon to a save one when the only choice is "save") [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=sdwilsh a1.9=damons]
dbda195e8b3breed — Bug 421947 - "More C++ casts required for Windows only, especially overloaded pow() and log10()" [ (Benjamin Smedberg [bsmedberg]) r=crowder a1.9=damons]
d26489ee6abcreed — Bug 419036 - "Simplify nsCacheEntryHashTable::VisitEntries and break 'friendship'" [ (Alfred Kayser) r=dcamp sr=biesi a1.9=damons]
f5011715e3caroc+ — Bug 413027 reftest
5fc74a4bc646roc+ — Bug 413027. The XUL min-size and pref-size for a CSS block should just be its height when reflowed at its preferred width --- NOT the height of the tallest line, that is insane. r+sr=dbaron
9d02e5496681roc+ — Bug 420351. Empty bullets cannot make a line non-empty. r+sr=dbaron
b5ca0beecdabreed — Bug 419990 - "Firefox hides the urlbar dropmarker too late when chromehidden contains toolbar" (Correct the chrome size accounting when chromehidden contains toolbar) [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Mano a1.9=shaver]
b2edd1210882karlt+ — Bug 421955. combining mark at start of text run rendered as NUL hex box or garbage. r=roc, a1.9=damons
dd5b12de4cd6ajschult — Bug 420541: test failures because onfocus never fires for iframe load, r=Enn
a48e78906986mozilla mano — Bug 408938 - Include bookmarks toolbar folder in bookmarks menu. r=dietrich.
58d4debe70a9dolske — Disable one check that seems to be mysteriously failing.
d025ab2f8a83jonas — Back out due to failed mochitest
c96f59e71f67timeless — Bug 419510 PAC dateRange function doesn't handle months after JUN r=biesi a=dsicore Also adds support for getDay("SAT")...
d94399ec917ejonas — Bug 401155: Make sure plugins and XBL constructors not execute when creating a script wrapper if it's not safe to execute scripts. r=bz sr=jst.
57aa933e94e3philringnalda — Bug 402637 - Make uri-element class work on any element, r=mano, r=mconnor, a1.9=dsicore
7f7cbe3bb510dolske — Bug 419081 - Password prompting code doesn't check new passwords against all possible existing passwords. r=gavin, a=blocking-ff3+
efc6c7ab3f32timeless — Bug 421303 Crash [@ jsds_ScriptHookProc] r=caillon a=dsicore If we reach ~jsdService, that means our client doesn't care about us, so we can (and should) drop all references to any callbacks (if they cared, they'd have kept us alive!*). I think jsdService::Off should clear all the hooks, the strange magic of not clearing it isn't really a great idea. So for Off, we'll now clear the ScriptHook too (consumers who use off should really drop any references they have to our objects...). I'm still on the fence on this point, I suspect we can actually move it from ::Off to ~jsdService (it must be cleared at some point, otherwise if jsd_xpc's library manages to get unloaded, the function pointer would be invalid, which would be *BAD*). jsds_NotifyPendingDeadScripts needs to clear gDeadScripts whether or not there's a service or hooks, so it does. Because it's a static callback and because of the scary way GC works, I'd rather ensure (deathgrip) that jsds is available (and consistent!) for the duration of the function call. The code already handles the lack of a hook, so there's no reason to do magical returns.... The real problem which mayhemer found was that jsdService::Off was returning early (failure) because gGCStatus wasn't JSGC_END when called from ~jsdService from JS_GC from the cyclecollector, so we make sure that ~jsdService forces ::Off to act as if it is JSGC_END (after ensuring that there are no callbacks available). * a pure javascript (xpcom component, not DOM hosted!) version of a jsdService consumer means that jsdService will need to talk to the CycleCollector eventually (this is another bug for the future).
eaabea9f8465mozilla — [OS/2] Bug 369791: adapt plugin code to compile with cairo-os2, this in principle allows plugin content to be printed and windowless plugins to display, r=mkaply, a1.9+=damons
0663898c295esayrer — Bug 421984. Build with -fstrict-aliasing on GCC platforms. r/a=shaver
1a3ec7d29bbdtimeless — Bug 421774 consolidate jsd static variables into main r=shaver
fc9ecb0aaa8djwalden — Bug 421767 - element.attributes.removeNamedItemNS(<non-existent attribute NS and name>) returns null instead of throwing. acid3++ r+sr=jst, a=beltzner
2de99ce4f505jay — bumped version and added Help tab content
0d351ea2ead2dholbert — Bug 407243 reftest, to define current behavior.
892a8012c628bclary — JavaScript Tests - update test to catch exception in browser tests, bug 420612
aeb5345ab010jwalden — Bug 420521 - Leaking nsThread and nsTimerImpl running full set of Mochitests. This fixes the last refcounted leak on OS X Mochitests! Zounds! r=brendan, sr=dbaron, a=blocker
eb6c4014c877benjamin — Merge cvs-trunk-mirror -> mozilla-central
1e10d63bcf39igor — bug=419632 r=brendan a1.9=blockin1.9 avoiding weak roots for doubles
193758f4e6c3reed — Bug 421841 - "Breakpad continually sends the same crash report over and over until you manually stop it" (add (void)closeMeDown; method, call it instead of closeClicked) [ (Mike Beltzner) r=ted/luser a=blocking1.9+]
a513ecd7339dreed — Bug 355181 - "net_IsValidHostName() comment says one thing, code does another" (use a whitelist) [ (Michal Novotny) r=biesi a=blocking1.9+]
31f27e858200bhearsum — bug 420947: bootstrap changes to support new prettyVersion. r=rhelmer, patch=me
7cc62e0cfcf6dietrich — Backing out test of bug 384370
8f05a41ea326bhearsum — bug 420947: patcher should use 'prettyVersion' in the update dialog (appv) and 'version' for everything else. r=nrthomas, patch=me
a63a616fa399dietrich — Bug 384370 - test perf run (r=mano)
9b69a88987edgavin — Back out the patch from bug 420642 because it broke gmail (bug 421571)
0b1d4793b7bdgavin — Bug 421715: canvas crash passing undefined to putImageData, r+a=vlad
3fa4a4676ea4masayuki — Bug 420285 Internationalize plugin tag and plugin host r=jst, sr=bzbarsky, b1.9=jst
cd7815e322e5reed — Back out Alfred Kayser's patch from bug 399925 due to Tp crashes.
b0802d58fb3areed — Bug 399925 - "GIF decoder needs to allow its data to be discarded" [ (Alfred Kayser) r=stuart sr=tor a=blocking1.9+]
8f9e658bfc22aaronleventhal — Backing out part of bug 417018 which caused bug 421650.
dfb21189da7cdbaron — Test selector serialization too.
eb6d3ca88dd5roc+ — Bug 403181, revert more bogus test images
a294a0c8adddroc+ — Bug 403181, fix test image
16143cac461eroc+ — Bug 403181. Pass the desired source rectangle for background images down into nsThebesImage and ensure we don't sample outside it. Back out a bad pixman patch that caused regressions, and adjust image encoding tests so they don't depend on the regression. Also switchs some reftests to quirks mode so that the 1-appunit width of <br>s doesn't bite us. r=vlad,sr=dbaron
451eeda8f105bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression tests for bug 418641, by Igor Bukanov
6d0fc8fd4578bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 420087, by Mike Shaver
0c95ee9d058fbclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 420399, by Jesse Ruderman
dc6daf2c2f8abclary — JavaScript Tests - regression tests for bug 420610, by Jesse Ruderman
2c570e7f9c06bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 420612, by Jesse Ruderman
f2fb41482798bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 421325, by Brian Crowder
46a7ade1db58reed — Bug 421721 - "remove tabs-bottom-spacer, it's unused" [ (Dão Gottwald) r+a1.9=mconnor]
00342c0aa62areed — Bug 418791 - "Don't try to discard image data when the image is animating" (Don't start the timer when image is animating) [ (Alfred Kayser) r=stuart a=blocking1.9+]
9618f55e4543reed — Bug 417302 - "about:robots" (add missing period) [p=reed r=gavin]
ce0e69ccca4abclary — JavaScript Tests - remove timezone dependencies for toLocaleFormat win32 tests, no bug, not part of the build
dc374fac9f6bmozilla — [OS/2] Bug 417372: permit RWS to be disabled by environment variable, p/r=Rich Walsh and me
7e0a90482d80dtownsend — Disabling test due to bug 421790
6040220113eddtownsend — Fix test to report what the differences actually were.
90dc94bb4c20dtownsend — Switch tests to fixed time to avoid DST issue from bug 402434
05ff50962ae9timeless — Bug 421231 js.c needs to call JSDB_TermDebugger r=brendan NPOTB
2e056687151cdolske — Forgotten packaging changes from bug 417302. r=gavin
154066a5e66fdwitte — improve interface documentation. no bug, npob
bebcecfebeb8jruderman — Add a crashtest
133d89dcdf2fjruderman — Add crashtest
fc86ffb52d59brendan — Fix from Sebastian Redl to compile under GCC 4.2 (r=me, a=shaver).
325fa5c25d58dolske — Bug 421058 - Firefox won't prompt to change stored passwords. r=gavin, a=blocking-ff3+
87ac1dd8a5f6edward lee — Bug 418961 - "Save Page As" "Text Files" saves file but Downloads window doesn't show completion. r=biesi, sr=biesi, b-ff3=beltzner
46c45b1033a8edward lee — Bug 412360 - Download Manager remains empty, downloads don't start, with this 3.0b2 downloads.sqlite. r=sdwilsh, r=biesi, sr=biesi, b-ff3=beltzner
575a7dbf856agavin — Bug 409215: can sometimes get 'stuck' when trying to close tabs by repeatedly clicking the tab close button (don't skip more than one 'double click' event), r=mconnor
abfe8c47f76egavin — Bug 402356: netError pages use hardcoded colors for warnings, patch by KUROSAWA, Takeshi <>, r=me, ui-r=beltzner
dcdca6e55520dbaron — Separate the tests so that they really test what they were intended to test.
70b6c5bbd28cdtownsend — Localisation fix for bug 408115, late-late-l10n. r=mano, a=shaver
c16a8f092487dbaron — Unbreak test that I broke while addressing review comments. a=test-only
d0363082d6a2jst — Followup fix for bug 393845, fixing minor issue found by jag, no functional change.
141c083ab116neil — Bug 421202 nsHTTPIndex should be cycle collected r=sayrer a=dsicore
4a8c79427b12dtownsend — Bustage fix for bug 408115 on windows and mac.
681424bc169ereed — Back out Mike Hommey's patch from bug 305782 due to build bustage.
f0e5547f5eb1reed — Bug 416225 - "Change "Unfiled bookmarks" to "Unsorted Bookmarks"" [ (Kurt [supernova_00]) r=Mano a1.9=beltzner a=blocking-firefox3+]
61b3b57af186reed — Bug 405010 - "make column changes in places/library (session) persistent" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=Mano a=blocking-firefox3+]
a86c4f877154reed — Bug 417421 - "Loss of back forward buttons when switching between 1.8 and 1.9" (don't add unified-back-forward-button if it's already there (due to the change on branch)) [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
17743127ad7dreed — Bug 413993 - "directTypeRadio.label in the connection preferences dialog should be "no proxy" rather than "direct connection"" [ (Cédric Corazza) r=gavin ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
fd782c173df2reed — Bug 419701 - "Hitting "Cancel" on custom Header/Footer dialog replaces original setting with --blank--" [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
b8dc1ab73cf8reed — Bug 412954 - "menus should have Menu, PopupMenu or DropdownMenu window type" [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
b703593a7e9ccltbld — "Automated configuration bump, release for firefox 3.0b4rc2"
5894f07e5237reed — Bug 240859 - "Full Screen Navigation Bar Should Have Auto Hide" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=mconnor ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
ecd1b9fcb943reed — Bug 137091 - "Page Setup Box changes size when switching between Portrait/Landscape" [ (Martijn Wargers) r=Neil a1.9=damons]
7b5fbed3df3ereed — Bug 262505 - "image/x-ms-bmp MIME type not recognized as BMP picture" [ (Ryan Jones) r+sr=stuart a1.9=beltzner]
d456aa6aeeeereed — Bug 395974 - "our storage unit tests cause "WARNING: Unsafe use of LIKE detected!" warnings" (Bind the value to avoid WARNING) [ (Ondrej Brablc) r=sdwilsh]
37cd025c7676reed — Bug 381206 - "Tango Style theme for better Linux UI integration" (new identity icons) [ (Jakub Steiner) ui-r=faaborg a1.9=beltzner]
14995bd9c0f3reed — Bug 420081 - "Case mismatch between nsIURI and nsIUri in nsIPrincipal.idl" [ (Martin Schröder [mschroeder]) r+sr=jst a1.9=beltzner]
3d3924dbed92reed — Bug 417994 - "navigator object does not fully reflect user agent settings" [ (Gregory Fleischer) r+sr=jst a1.9=beltzner]
50aeb00ad125reed — Bustage fix for bug 305782 (update toolkit/ with SYSTEM_BZ2).
2128399e44abreed — Bustage fix for bug 305782 (other-licenses/bsdiff/ needs changes, too).
29bdf7bb6626reed — Bug 415329 - "large toolbar buttons are vertically misaligned" (remove the top padding, fix the keyhole's padding, drive-by cleanup) [ (Dão Gottwald) r=Mano a=blocking-firefox3+]
5e34feabf527reed — Bug 421313 - "change "Author Unknown" to "Author not verified" in add-on installer dialog" [ (Mike Beltzner) r=Mossop a1.9=beltzner]
f2d3d869f384reed — Back out not completely reviewed changes from bug 326228.
1d8091511439reed — Bug 326228 - "No error message when download manager tried to store file in folder with insufficent access rights" [ (Steve) ui-r=madhava r=sdwilsh a1.9=beltzner a=blocking-firefox3+]
0874365a6f41reed — Bug 421490 - "wpad may be dangerous, and it is on by default" (only use WPAD if explicitly set in the prefs) [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+]
1c64ec128643reed — Bug 229327 - "Drag and Drop of graphic places URL in composer (rather than a <img src....)" [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
34292d5f7e69reed — Bug 283342 - "Many windows don't set window classes" (add a window class to the Default Plugin's window) [ r+sr=jst a1.9=beltzner]
da657b116cd0reed — Bug 305782 - "Please allow to use system bzip2 library" [ (Mike Hommey) r=bsmedberg a1.9=beltzner]
e55d42dde361reed — Bug 411916 - "xpcom-startup fires before component registration" (Fix for timeless's nit) [ (Matthew Gertner) r=bsmedberg a1.9=beltzner]
79339e481eb2reed — Bug 421410 - "selected text in input box is cleared/unselected after print preview" [ (Martijn Wargers) r=Enn a1.9=beltzner]
0144075c5756reed — Bug 415492 - "tabs hover animation" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=Mano ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
f3cd6784a836dwitte — Bug 404225 - improve nsCookieService::GetEnumerator() performance. r+sr+a=shaver
d88973a24851reed — Bug 418543 - "remove -moz-pre-wrap" [ (KUROSAWA, Takeshi) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
3b6135a76a3creed — Bug 421523 - "With --disable-xpconnect-idispatch --disable-accessibility, link errors in libxul" (link oleaut32 explicitly) [ (Benjamin Smedberg [bsmedberg]) r=luser/ted a1.9=damons]
a1d329056379reed — Bug 421613 - "update search plugin icons for ebay, creative commons, and amazon" [ (Mike Beltzner) r=gavin a1.9=beltzner]
5e560cd87ce6edward lee — Bug 421412 - Get rid of _adjustWidth hack. r=gavin, b1.9=beltzner
bd912aaa2756bmlk — There is no height greater than unconstrained height, bug 402872, r/sr=roc a=beltzner
bea030d0eb11ajschult — Bug 421656: Test for bug 366992 doesn't remove the controller it appends, r=mano
5823ecce04a9dbaron — Add string needed if we implement :nth-*() pseudo-classes. b=75375 r+sr=bzbarsky
29135fbe4683ajschult — Bug 396519 test to ensure content viewers are saved and evicted at appropriate times.
18b478e3a0darhelmer — bump timestamp r=nthomas
0d5a3899632dgavin — Bug 421609: avoid non-common entity names, a=mconnor
e29bb45cdb9aphilringnalda — Bug 420396 - Exceptions button for offline storage stretched vertically when its label text wraps to a second line, r=gavin, a=beltzner
95c328530d28surkov alexander — Bug 420733 - Fix a couple instances of aaa:labelledby usage for accessibility, patch=marco.zehe, r=aaronlev, mano, a=dsicore
e50fa8b06bc3vladimir — b=418882, crash on, potential fix; r+sr=roc
4e3f3a0f6af5dolske — Bug 417302. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords. r=mconnor, ui-r=mconnor, a1.9=beltzner
af0fc7201424dolske — Bug 382447 - "Show passwords" button in preferences should be renamed. r=gavin, a1.9=beltzner, ui-r=beltzner
fcfb6d980604dolske — Bug 421619 - remove the trailing period from the "separate tags with commas" label., r=gavin, a1.9=beltzner
7b0b9a856ddfcrowder — Bug 421325: array_join_sub does not handle holes in dense arrays correctly, r/a=shaver
2e4018cf6b03dtownsend — Bug 408115: Add post-restart notification of new add-on installs., r=robstrong, a=beltzner
68cc043b8454rob_strong — (strings only) comment addressed Bug 392137 - Retention: take over user defaults during install on Win32. r=beltzner, a1.9=beltzner
747514ed815erob_strong — (strings only) Bug 392137 - Retention: take over user defaults during install on Win32. r=beltzner, a1.9=beltzner
8e0965f4b1ffdietrich — Bug 408663 ? Support Back & Forward keyboard shortcuts in Places Organizer (for, r=mano)
b3861a8ea390jay — updated install.rdf with AMO friendly maxversion and no updateurl
63856dacd55cjwalden — Bug 352044 - Issues with Unicode escape sequences in JavaScript source code; Unicode escapes not part of identifiers were being treated as their equivalent CVs, and non-identifier Unicode escapes within identifiers were being treated as their CVs (simultaneously starting a new token). acid3++ r=mrbkap, a=damons
378a72247a39dietrich — Bug 389661 ? Can't drag and drop bookmark to toolbar chevron popup (does not open on dragover) (for, r=mano, a=damon)
36ca60cefe36johnath — Clarify menuItems that lead to the library "Show All Bookmarks..." and "Show All History..." b=421609 r+ui-r+a=beltzner r+sr=gavin :)
6cfc02ae2255johnath — Bug 402370 - Fix about:blocked channel creation, move strings to dtd. r=gavin a=beltzner
25aee7722720dbaron — Add reftests for baseline-alignment aspects of bug 402940 fixes.
9f4593267d86ted mielczarek — bug 421552 - allow users to send a crash report and quit firefox. patch by Mike Beltzner <>, r=me, a=shaver
7a8b4178ae44dwitte — Bug 419596 - add third party cookie blocking option to cookie pref UI. string change only, r=gavin, ui-r=beltzner, a=beltzner
e1102d58e6eajst — Fixing bug 393845. Crash with Windows Media Player 10 plugin when stopping plugin.
c3bd91b5a943bzbarsky — Make sure to do saturating adds on possibly-unconstrained nscoords. Bug 421404, r=dholbert, sr=roc, a=beltzner
6d1ca315d7b5bclary — JavaScript Tests - update known failures, bug 421515
f61ce2cb5d28johnath — Update blockedSite text, use new stopbadware report url. b=420751, r=gavin, ui-r+a=beltzner
fd49652dfe7ddietrich — Bug 421364 ? Editing a bookmark using properties dialog drops tags (r=mano)
30c9abb8c5f7rhelmer — bump RC for new win32 build b=418926 r=rhelmer p=joduinn
0d4f9d8210c3dietrich — Bug 419642 ? WARNING: Unsafe use of LIKE detected! (for, r=dietrich)
706f1ae51c1adietrich — Bug 420261 ? "Recent Tags" is not properly refreshed when a new tag is added (for, r=dietrich)
fd6ce64bb837dietrich — Bug 419832 ? Change Livemark service update timings (for, r=dietrich)
6dce3d93bbe1dietrich — Bug 381255 ? Drag and Drop to Bookmarks result in an Assertion failed (for, r=mano)
22d2f53a7f64dietrich — Bug 420003 ? Sort by name on tag container removes titles of tagged links and does not show correct order (for, r=dietrich)
b84e56f3da42dbaron — Make GTK2 checkbox and radio widgets put their indicator spacing in GetWidgetOverflow rather than inside their size. b=402940 r=ventnor sr=roc a=blocking1.9+
2748ac8d0fb0dbaron — Give radio buttons and checkboxes a useful baseline, and switch checkboxes from text-bottom to baseline alignment (to match radios). b=402940 r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9+
ff4f13158b42dbaron — Fix DEBUG_CC bustage on Windows resulting from bug 402966 (and bug 407034). r+sr=peterv a=Not part of the default build (DEBUG_CC only)
41c2662577f5dbaron — Don't call nsCycleCollector_DEBUG_wasFreed on generic elements since it inevitably leads to false positives. b=420548 r+sr=peterv a=Not part of the default build (DEBUG/DEBUG_CC only)
97649cb59f07dbaron — Deal with nsXPCWrappedJS::GetClass being null, which it can be after Unlink. a=Not part of the default build (DEBUG_CC only)
59f2c760c179enndeakin — Bug 415704, treat tabindex and focusability as separate, so Full Keyboard Access setting doesn't affect things incorrectly, fixes More Info button in identity panel, r=smaug,sr=neil
eb977d084928masayuki — Bug 385364 Tilde (~) key broken on some keyboard layout r=ere,sr=roc,b1.9=beltzner
018168c85dd4johnath — Bug 420160 - Larry behaves unexpectedly with IP:port URIs. r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3 (beltzner)
386c6ff61d57Olli Pettay — Bug 420254, thunderbird often uses ~10% cpu when idle, r=enn, sr=neil, a=beltzner
3b8d7ca136fdjohnath — Bug 418694 - Have Larry say "(unknown)" instead of "no information provided" r+a=beltzner
64b2921b0c82dtownsend — Bug 417606: See all search results always number 10., r=robstrong
8388473a06d0dtownsend — Bug 414795: Progress text should read "connecting" rather than "installing". r=robstrong, a=beltzner
dbbedc0ce249dtownsend — Bug 415255: AMO Manager: Clearing search results should refocus cursor in search textbox. r=robstrong, a=beltzner
2ae53656b233dveditz — bug 295922 change default for "select cert automatically", r/sr=biesi, blocking1.9+
21f1d29d15acsurkov alexander — Bug 416742 - add missing file
60a060e7cb43jwatt — Bug 421464. The 'type' attribute on <style> should be optional.,, blocking1.9=me
78604f9ecabfsurkov alexander — Bug 416742 - Regression: multiple rowgroups interfere with getColumnAtIndex(), r=bernd, sr=roc, a=beltzner
934d4870e227jwatt — Bug 420773. Don't include filters in our list of supported feature strings.,
20dcbc90ce81roc+ — Backing out Bug 403181. JPEG encoding test failure :-(
830c80df044aroc+ — Bug 403181. Various fixes to image rendering. Most importantly, we track the desired subimage of a CSS background image and ensure we don't sample outside it. r=vlad,sr=dbaron
381ebbb8970aajschult — Bug 358599: Crash when closing tab [@ nsSHistory::EvictWindowContentViewers], r+sr=bzbarsky, a=shaver
89ceff4b97b3karlt+ — Don't try to Place() invisible operators. b=420420 r+sr=roc a=beltzner
e405c63667b8kaie — Bug 400085, nsNSSCertificate::hasValidEVOidTag compare DER, not strings Patch contributed by Honza Bambas, r=rrelyea, r=kengert, approval1.9=beltzner
3fbcc5407622ctalbert — bug 415849 QAX notification settings should be hidden for now r=jay
01b9f0f27485karlt+ — Bug 416549 - MathML does not render properly with text-align:justify. Patch by Frédéric WANG <>, r=karlt, sr=roc
1b15e8597e99jwalden — Make one test that relies on popup blocking being disabled fail quickly if popup blocking is enabled, and make another test non-Mozilla-specific because HTML5 got updated and now matches our behavior with respect to the origin of data: URIs (they have the origin of the window/script that opened them). rs=sicking
49eb99e161d6dtownsend — Bug 415259: Update the install status in the get add-ons results if installation is cancelled. r=robstrong.
5c6583961617dtownsend — Bug 417424: AMO Manager: Multiple requests for recommended list on first opening. r=robstrong
37ecc5af648adtownsend — Bug 406184: PlugIns installed in the user profile directory are not loaded. r=robstrong
124bde3f3b4cdtownsend — Bug 361911: Unable to install updates on startup after dismissing notifications. r=robstrong
c4fea50a2a65myk — bug 189290: add Ctrl-Q keyboard shortcut for Quit command on Linux; r=gavin, ui-r=beltzner, a=beltzner
5f9b4c22260ddtownsend — Bug 412449: Add standard install locations for OSX. r=bsmedberg, a=beltzner
25b3f6154c4bdtownsend — Bug 414481: Get Add-ons Tab: make EULA text selectable. r=robstrong, a=beltzner
2d7a4bdbf460dtownsend — Bug 315609: Display something other than a blank window when no extensions are installed. r=robstrong, a=beltzner
46ff237b55eedveditz — bug 417086 fix regression with ':' in chrome URI fragments, r/sr=bsmedberg, blocking-firefox3+ bug 415191 rdf/chrome version of bug 413250, r/sr=neil
1a706deeef03surkov alexander — Bug 417018 Array allocation mistakes in IA2, r=aaronlev, a=beltzner
fe3fee241627karlt+ — Backing out previous revision (b=416549) due to a reftest hang on qm-centos5-01
92b80a893bfekarlt+ — Backing out previous revision (b=420420) due to reftest hang on qm-centos5-01
b5d943af4117jruderman — Fix XML parsing errors in tests: apparently comments have to go *after* the ?xml version? thing Fix XML parsing errors in tests: apparently comments have to come *after* the '?xml version="1.0"?' thing.
5f2a1ca9d5ceigor — bug=421154 r=brendan a1.9=blockin1.9 Faster number conversions
4f7c6278f114Olli Pettay — Bug 421294, Crash [@ DocumentViewerImpl::GetCopyable], r+sr=jst, a=beltzner
fcd13a27039cdbaron — Fix -Wconversion warnings that prevent compiling netwerk/cookie/src/ (which makes warnings fatal) with gcc 4.3 on x86_64. b=409384 r=bsmedberg a=beltzner
80fa3e80e671mrbkap — Fix compile warnings. No bug, debug only, r+rs=jst
0cfc352be6b1mrbkap — Don't assume that chrome:// implies system principals. bug 419848, r=brendan sr=jst
a430406b9ef2igor — bug=421314 r=myself a1.9=beltzner Patch from Mike Moening to fix VC2005 warnings that my recent changes introduced.
211999a08ddbigor — bug=421266 r=brendan a1.9=beltzner js_Interpret now takes just single cx argument.
2a2eac39eba9myk — bug 421190: report exceptions in progress listeners; followup to fix for bug 376222; r=gavin,a=beltzner
64bd51db34edkarlt+ — Don't try to Place() invisible operators. b=420420 r+sr=roc a=beltzner
76f82a24625cvladimir — typo fix
e195e3a7f226karlt+ — Bug 416549 - MathML does not render properly with text-align:justify. Patch by Frédéric WANG <>, r=karlt, sr=roc
e483c28bbfa6enndeakin — Bug 419725, hovering over autocomplete entry then opening the context menu selects the text, fix by not selecting text during the focus event, r=mconnor
85f56e1a9294mrbkap — Remove unused variable. bug 420966
0616bbf9a983igor — bug=415455 r=brendan a1.9=blocking1.9
039913cd161fvladimir — b=420325, menu item hover/cursor confusion, undoing my previous brokenness; r=enn
887d52760892bent mozilla — Bug 420700 - Bustage fix.
da52114ed9a2jst — Fixing bug 396443. Make SVG documents act like all our other documents wrt enumeration hooks.
d1f43445f740mrbkap — Protect |accum| from being collected in js_ConcatStrings. bug 393874, r=igor a=beltzner
274130eafe85bent mozilla — Bug 420700 - Calling createContextualFragment affects subsequent setting of innerHTML. r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9+.
546d38e52abfmconnor — Bug 419967 - Cannot search in application/javascript page, r=gavin
6e1a37c994f3mrbkap — Fix array_concat to be more generic. bug 420966, r=brendan a=beltzner
3ea47dbc4a14mrbkap — Allow things to happen to SJOWs if there's no code running. bug 420647, r+sr=jst
7e2c08353d6cmrbkap — Remove a now-unnecessary eval hack. bug 420642, r+sr=jst a=beltzner
46080970efb3mrbkap — Fix mochitest depending on the old toString behavior.
6ca18efd6bb1mrbkap — Propagate getters and setters onto the inner object. bug 420585, r+sr=jst
824df8f3ad49mrbkap — Make Object.prototype.toString show the underlying object. bug 420480, r+a=brendan
ad580499ce17wr — Bug 420040 - minimal required gtk2 version in is outdated, r=bsmedberg, a19=beltzner
51c9b9433ba9vladimir — b=419718, extend canvas checks, r=stuart
98d37d1be70fbent mozilla — Bug 412862 - "Change the 'allow scripts to move or resize existing windows' pref to a whitelist". Adding back some strings that were removed with that soon-to-be-backed-out fix. r+sr+a=jst.
1c537df58847rhelmer — use ffxbld for nightly builds b=417147 r=nthomas
3b6af6145de4rhelmer — bump 1.8 branch configs b=417147 r=nthomas
85170bd8e586bclary — JavaScript Tests - update known failures, bug 418069
006e7aca5662johnath — Help > Report Web Forgery..." does nothing; "this.appContext is null. b=420667 r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3 (beltzner)
baca1b145d51ted mielczarek — bug 420474 - upload debug info for Linux builds to symbol server (use .gnu_debuglink) (just the necessary changes, not actually turned on). r=bsmedberg
cd51fa657ef7ted mielczarek — bug 419348 - build config fixes for profile-guided optimization on mac. fixes for PGO on universal builds, configure arg to disable PGO in spite of profiled build. r=bsmedberg
8e68bd05da68kaie — Bug 412456, ###!!! ASSERTION: nsSecureBrowserUIImpl not thread-safe r=rrelyea, blocking1.9=beltzner
f8c0350585f3dtownsend — Bug 419769: nsIZipWriter crashes with a 0 length file and COMPRESSION_BEST. r=biesi
a236cafb10b7bclary — JavaScript Tests - update known failures, bug 355258
a805260916e8reed — Bug 420252 - "Duplicated code in browser.css" [p=reed r=Mano a1.9=beltzner]
57dd048cbef6vladimir — b=417246, wrong border size rendering in some cases ; r=roc
e99e3e1f6b85vladimir — reftest analyzer improvements; npotb, a=dbaron
f8ad6f962743vladimir — b=418915, plugin print rendering coordinates incorrect on win32; r+sr=roc
25b22715c7bcvladimir — b=415854, make single-pixel optimized images release memory; patch from; r+sr=vlad
18fcca045f2evladimir — leftover bit from earlier 392351; get rid of compiler warnings
eee760186492rhelmer — typo in symbolServer for staging config r=rhelmer
909270bf1761jruderman — Add crashtest
219fb1490583rhelmer — bootstrap config for xulrunner releases b=415180 r=nthomas
2332d38a6324surkov alexander — Bug 419867 - statusbarpanel accessibility interface, r=evan.yan, enndeakin, a=beltzner
53e1ce5c1022surkov alexander — Bug 418371 - implement the rest of methods of nsIAccessibleTable on xul:listbox, r=evan.yan, a=beltzner
dd9876675fbdsurkov alexander — Bug 417912 - GetCellDataAt callers that expect an error if no cell is found are wrong, r=evan.yan, bernd, a=beltzner
76a6e84ef011jwalden — Bug 401514 - Don't use a getter when a property will do. r=gavin, a=beltzner
3c5573e42b5csurkov alexander — Bug 418043 - add mochitest for bug 308564, r=evan.yan
f3b3f648d012aaronleventhal — Bug 419770. Can't get to the frame/iframe of a document with IAccessible::accParent
1d28b4f8da28aaronleventhal — Bug 420960. Crash when aria-activedescendant attribute removed. r=marcoz, a=beltzner
d6dff33c4311surkov alexander — Bug 419786 - Link children associated with imagemaps do not implement the nsIAccessibleHyperLink interface, r=ginn.chen, aaronlev, a=beltzner
5e4516839ffcmark finkle — b=421005, r=gavin, a=damons. FUEL Preference.type uses undefined variables
de4534f42c60jwalden — Bug 420243 - Fix an arithmetic mistake in SVGTextContentElement.getSubStringLength. r+sr=roc, a=beltzner
4927827bcfb2jdaggett — Bug 421135. Fix typo in setting of mLastPrefFirstFont. r+sr=vlad
eef3052164davladimir — b=392351, implement about:memory framework core, relading with forward-declaration victory; r=shaver,sr=bsdmedberg
b27259a63f33vladimir — backed out
ae6e49c31d9avladimir — b=392351, implement about:memory framework core r=shaver, sr=bsmedberg
7e18de88cc9cneil — Fix nsIAutoCompleteController's handleEvent signature change bustage rs=ajschult
b0d9c77eb104vladimir — b=418537, vista textfield/dropdown appearance incorrect when active, r=stuart
c22ba3ade2cedbaron — Fix greediness of A ~ B C selector matching. b=420814 r+sr=bzbarsky a=beltzner
431e0f542872dbaron — Fix the weird Get* API on nsStyleSides in favor of returning structs by value, to avoid further occurrences of bug 420069. b=420069 r+sr=roc a=beltzner
1c09e0700007dbaron — Update properties that are ignored when 'Allow pages to choose their own colors' is unchecked for the splitting of left/right border properties and the introduction of start/end border properties. b=419167 Patch by Bernd Mielke <>. r+sr=dbaron a=beltzner
3db4d83eeffcbrendan — Fix signed vs. unsigned comparison in assertion warning.
d72632fcdb6ablassey — backing out b=418703, caused test 40118 to fail on WINNT 5.2 qm-win2k3-01 dep unit test tinderbox
feb246d2c432myk — bug 376222: a javascript exception thrown by an extension's (or core code's) web progress listener shouldn't interfere with the normal operation of tabbed browsing (i.e. other progress listeners); Patch by John P. Baker; r=gavin, a=beltzner
59966b373434myk — bug 420556: give sidebar header a non-transparent background in gnomestripe; r=gavin, a=beltzner
898360e328c4gavin — Bug 420549: don't ASSERT when removing an engine shortly after adding it, r=mano, a=beltzner
c8f4c18ff8f8gavin — Bug 420328: don't trigger keyword matches if the keyword doesn't take a parameter and one was provided, r=rflint
e70ed3874b47gavin — Bug 419111: unfrozen interfaces listed in SDK_XPIDLSRCS, r=kaie, sr=bzbarsky
ef4e76221a48neil — Bug 419865 Port scripts pane to use <preferences> r=Mano,IanN sr=jag a=beltzner
1aa0ca075ff2blassey — switching windows narrow char system calls to wide char b=418703 r=bsmedberg a=beltzner
83f6b8c6fb26neil — <browser> clears its mIconURL inappropriately b=418213 r=Mano a=beltzner
8d0008f4d372neil — Fire dynamic overlay load observers in more cases b=419452 r+sr=jst a=beltzner
93ba0d65263adtownsend — Bug 410637: Mac UB XULRunner SDK packages have empty bin directory., r=bsmedberg, a=beltzner
1525c19f1455enndeakin — Bug 403217 - cannot drag text containing certain characters, r+sr=jst
805fa26e63a8timeless — Bug 282660 Crash [@ jsds_NotifyPendingDeadScripts] ds->script is null r=jst a=beltzner
c8b948020a91bzbarsky — Revert the change to RequiresBody. In particular, an <input type="Hidden"> needs to not require it, for now... Bug 418464, r+sr=mrbkap, a=jonas
311ae7ffd7a7bzbarsky — Init the selected panel to the right value to prevent window size flicker. Bug 405390, r=enn, a=beltzner
608b878667ecbzbarsky — Don't leave an exception hanging on the JS context when we return ok. Bug 418133, r=jst, sr=brendan, a=beltzner.
59302160eebaigor — bug=418641 r=brendan a1.9=dsicore Avoiding code bloat on slow paths in the interpreter.
d2d45b5eab8aigor — bug=355258 r=brendan a1.9=beltzner
aba66317f9c0sayrer — Bug 383939. RDF datasources must implement cycle collection. r/sr=bsmedberg
7f1b0b70634fmasayuki — Bug 419359 Compile warning about NS_TargetUnfocusedEventToLastFocusedContent r+sr=roc, a1.9=beltzner
c6a28cb50d48masayuki — Bug 405308 [text-decoration] Link underline disappears (or is misaligned 1px) when scrolling r+sr=roc, a1.9=beltzner
6c8c897ed893dougt — XRE build changes for windows mobile. b=420240, r=bsmedberg, a=beltzner
8ca3fbcf29f6crowder — Bug 324161 - Optimize parseInt for integer values, if radix is 10, r=brendan, blocking1.9=dsicore
19520cf8a8ffblizzard — bug 419918 - Add the ability to fire the memory pressure observers from the embedding test app. Taken from Stuart's ramback extension and made available here for testing. r=dougt, sr=pavlov, a=beltzner
106dc5d5a1c9ted mielczarek — bug 415918 - fix version info on mozcrt19.dll. r=bsmedberg
02bc7f0e0862jorendorff — Merge from cvs-trunk-mirror to mozilla-central.
a806ab205757ted mielczarek — bug 405523 - add dynamicbase flag (build with ASLR when available). r=bsmedberg
c8559897a659reed — Back out Ventron's patch from bug 418131 due to build failures on debug machines.
e180062ca539reed — Bustage fix for bug 418131 (try #3).
7edeba7d875creed — Bustage fix for bug 418131 (try #2).
82b7034970fereed — Bustage fix for bug 418131.
aee1bc8dfcf1reed — Bug 419654 - "Importing bookmark file corrupts heap (reproducible)" (Fix heap corruption and increase initial capacity) [ (Ondrej Brablc) r=dietrich a=blocking-firefox3+]
72167735a36breed — Bug 417042 - "Moving mouse over bookmark folders in Places Library generates huge amount of queries" (Fix problem with drag and drop) [ (Ondrej Brablc) r=Mano a=blocking-firefox3+]
e23013b5d960reed — Bug 418131 - "Need a way to detect GTK+ version so we don't break users on major update" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=bsmedberg sr=dveditz a=blocking-firefox3+]
cd624e524526reed — Bug 420609 - "XMLHttpRequest no longer able to parse XHTML documents with entity references" [ (Wladimir Palant) r+sr=bzbarsky a1.9=sicking a=blocking1.9+]
a92c86e620a9mats palmgren — Hang when reloading page with plugin. b=420884 r+sr=jst a=blocking1.9
a689373c6b97mats palmgren — Don't notify when setting text from within the constructor. b=420429 r+sr=jonas a=blocking1.9
84d7e4df0ff0dietrich — backing out bug 419315 for 20ms Ts regression
148e47f1d3b4vladimir — b=421017; upgrade cairo to 1.5.12-14-gd89edde -- additional fixes ; r=me
08648a54e2d7vladimir — b=421017; upgrade cairo to 1.5.12-11-g2f93504 ; r=me
6c9a19fe737bjruderman — Make nsContentSink, instead of subclasses, be responsible for making sure RemoveObserver is called (bug 420835). r+sr=sicking, a=blocking1.9+.
c7b521b9ef34jst — Fixing bug 420858. Don't define fast expandos when binding names in JS.
ee177d68df52mrbkap — Fix bracing mistake from bug 344494.
7bd0b533835emrbkap — Always wrap content nodes in chrome with some sort of wrapper. bug 344494, r+sr=jst
af0690d09fe5brendan — More un-nesting #include fallout (r=mrbkap, bustage fix).
584dd398693cbrendan — Fix over-including dependencies, and relocate ID_TO_VALUE to avoid over-including (r=mrbkap, bustage fix).
314718fb6140brendan — Break bad old nested include cycle for good, by un-nesting (420554, r=jorendorff, a=vlad).
2a98951f05f6dcamp — Bug 420380: Allow safebrowsing gethash responses that don't match table name/chunk id. r=tony, blocking-firefox3=beltzner
ccef09afdde9igor — bug=420399 r=brendan a1.9=blocking1.9 eliminating the pc stack in the interpreter
cb1bea5d8544bent mozilla — Bug 420803 - Fix for bug 413268 keeps a DOM window alive until shutdown. r=enn, sr=jst, a=blocking1.9+.
09d40695f879ctalbert — bug 414056 Allow Minotaur to run back to back r=alice
d37a46bd407ectalbert — bug 416049 Minotaur needs better output r=alice
bca1e0421510anodelman — Bug 416922 - per-test timeout in talos allow timeouts to be created per-test, but set a default if they are not specified p=anodelman, r=rhelmer
b9380060206cjoshmoz — implement insertNewline: instead of intercepting its command. b=420750 r=masayuki sr=roc a=damon
6384d81b9ca0dietrich — backing out test checkin of bug 384370
6dcd7b9f65aegavin — Bug 420955: make Error Console show chrome errors by default in testing profile, r=sayrer. Also port change from bug 420630 to
942747728057dcamp — Bug 420370: nsUrlClassifierHashCompleter not configured immediately at startup. r=tony, blocking-firefox3=beltzner
b41efc45db63bclary — JavaScript Tests - update known failures
0c5c5ef44298dietrich — TESTING - temp checkin of bug 384370 (r=mconnor)
2c1d5d07c771joshmoz — bustage fix, NSRectFromCGRect is 10.5 only.
d00c0a8839f9dtownsend — Bug 414472: Remove puzzle piece from search bar.
a888eabc4c7fvladimir — b=418497, optimize mac native theme ; r=josh,sr=rc
2a37d418d34dcltbld — "Automated configuration bump, release for firefox 3.0b4rc1"
4fc6e0ba7833gavin — Bug 406487: be sure to reset mTree when changing autocomplete inputs, so that we properly set the selection when adusting the results, r=enndeakin
4bc773c63aa9dietrich — backing out test patch for bug 384370
ce87f83a217edietrich — Bug 384370 ? use JSON as the on disk, lossless format for our bookmark backup - TESTING (r=mconnor)
f979914262b0dougt — Not part of default build.
6e5b7c75a8dfdietrich — backing out, broke when unrotting
c6b53feba7f8dietrich — Bug 384370 ? use JSON as the on disk, lossless format for our bookmark backup - TESTING PERF (r=mconnor)
7ad8a39a30cajoshmoz — take key modifiers from the current event not the current hardware state. b=320746 r=smichaud sr=roc
9bb28315d94djoshmoz — protect against obj-c exceptions in printing ui. b=419389 r/sr=roc
946e24cb7ed6bclary — JavaScript Tests - update known failures
c4cfdf575cb9dietrich — Bug 419315 ? All bookmarks lost after using "Restore all user preferences" (r=mano)
0127b351f900bclary — JavaScript Tests - remove wfm failure, bug 417916
c0057da08ac9dietrich — Bug 405755 ? when viewing a saved search in the bookmark sidebar, the children aren't visible (r=mano)
86a42b1f1a06johnath — Safebrowsing appends "..." in XUL, should be localizable. b=406083 r=dcamp a=blocking-firefox3 (beltzner)
a9f2cf17e939igor — Bug 419969: the interpreter loop belongs to its own compilation unit. r,a1.9=brendan
c0ec6cb67d97ted mielczarek — bug 420759 - only public symbols for spidermonkey in breakpad. landing as bustage fix to get symbols into nightlies
aba27af1bdf7reed — Bug 414183 - "Style site button and search button to mirror the keyhole form on Windows" [ (Dão Gottwald) ui-r=beltzner r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
c708ab5191e5reed — Bug 419885 - "livemark update could fail due to an uncaught exception" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=dietrich a=blocking-firefox3+]
eca17051f7f2reed — Bug 420569 - "Remove all button icons from the Add-ons Manager in gnomestripe and winstripe" [ (Ian Spence) r=Mano a=blocking-firefox3+]
595df696ceb8reed — Bug 420569 - "Remove all button icons from the Add-ons Manager in gnomestripe and winstripe" [ (Ian Spence) r=Mano a=blocking-firefox3+]
35171f3aa46creed — Bug 351580 - "Possible null pointer dereferences in |nsCrypto::GenerateCRMFRequest|" (Fixed !NULL checks + GC rooting) [ (Honza Bambas [mayhemer]) r=mrbkap a=blocking1.9+]
d6de2ca063c8reed — Bug 412666 - "make an effort to scroll tabstrip to show new tabs opened in background" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=mconnor a1.9=beltzner]
aa0189135f5ereed — Bug 417042 - "Moving mouse over bookmark folders in Places Library generates huge amount of queries" [ (Ondrej Brablc) r=dietrich r=Mano a=blocking-firefox3+]
aca312fb4099reed — Bug 420580 - "missing padding for (content) dropdowns on XP" [ (Simon Bünzli) r=vlad sr=roc a=blocking1.9+]
8e158750476ejdaggett — Bug 420822. Missing 500 weight font should fallback to lighter weights. r+sr=stuart
9fd1dd34df4droc+ — Backing out 403181 again
480f9fda06b6roc+ — Bug 403181. Track which subimage of an image we want to draw and copy it to a temporary surface if necessary to prevent sampling of pixels outside the subimage when zooming. Also, enable EXTEND_PAD or SetFilter(0) if the context has a transformation that's not a simple translation, since that might induce cairo to sample pixels outside the source (sub)image. r=vlad,sr=dbaron
ca9734086a62joshmoz — protect against obj-c exceptions in uriloader. b=419390 r/sr=roc
164c5b3f4bfejoshmoz — protect against exception being thrown when trying to remove a native menu item from a menu it isn't in. b=420640 r=smichaud sr=roc
0e2909026df1joshmoz — fix ctrl-space for context menus. b=357540 r=smichaud sr=roc
5d1bff7993b1rhelmer — track new kernel version b=418926 r=rhelmer p=joduinn
0216e0a83189roc+ — Bug 408913. Do a proper fix for pixel-aligned drawing of IFRAME contents. The secret is make ViewToWidgetOffset return correct results for the root views of subdocuments. r+sr=bzbarsky
62baf411a67eajschult — Bug 420630: Disable typeahead find autostart in SeaMonkey mochitests. rs=Neil
9a06aa6dfaffdholbert — Backing out bug 407080 to investigate breakage of mochitest test_bug396024.html
f4d635157710jst — Backing out fix for bug 419848 due to feed code breakage.
15ae4f5032d9jst — Fixing bug 419848. Tighten rules about what JS files content can load.
3f2a20a4d0c5timeless — Bug 420807 xpconnect should not use fun->atom r=dbradley a=brendan
a6bc9e37ec04roc+ — Bug 419095 crashtest
3017516cc41broc+ — Crashtest for bug 416637
0164956a30b9jdaggett — Bug 419757. Cache codepoints for which no font matches on windows. r+sr=stuart
cde59be92a2eroc+ — Bug 416637. There might be some skipped characters before standalone combining marks at the start of a textrun. r=vlad
cac219e31b57jst — Fixing bug 419093. Make access to undeclared global properties fast too!
0cc2ed738335jst — Fixing bug 413200. Make sure script termination functions run when XPConnect is done executing script on a context and there's no other script running on that context.
ed19031d25c5jonas — Bug 383818: Cloned menu items don't display correctly. r/sr=jst
0f067f201fc0bent mozilla — Bug 414977 - "insufficient unlink methods in some DOM classes?". Fix for DEBUG_xpc_hacker builds. Not part of the normal build, r+sr+a=jst.
db4d98754927dholbert — Bug 407080: Disallow print-preview if page is loading. r+sr=roc, a=blocking1.9+
a34da21dc84fnrthomas — Bug 418926, bump nightly version to 3.0b5pre/1.9b5pre following branch for 3.0b4, r=rhelmer, a=beltzner
18cae413359frhelmer — bootstrap config for firefox 3.0b4 rc1 b=418926 r=rhelmer p=joduinn
75f0822144f0reed — Backed out patch from bug 420344 now that tag has been made.
0aff1ac3355dreed — Bug 420344 - "Change name of Firefox 3 M12 to "Firefox 3 Beta 4" for official branding (for beta build tagging only)" [p=reed r=mconnor a1.9b4=beltzner]
905edae2c4d0dmose — Backing out the addition of the Yahoo protocol handler; the checkin exposed a bug that turned the tree orange; a1.9b4=beltzner
df4902c51b5dnrthomas — Bug 419771, add another couple of locales for 3.0b4, r=chofmann a1.9b4=beltzner
57dfcd5d41ccbclary — JavaScript Tests - update known failures, bug 420480
524fefeebbf8gavin — Bug 413630: add Yahoo mailto: handler, patch by, r=me, a=beltzner
36e7a68ef97bgavin — Bug 420179: add 'id' to all-locales, r=chofmann, a=beltzner
4287fd439109gavin — Bug 420179: add 'sr' to all-locales, r=chofmann
4152f6cb4994gavin — Bug 419747: remove use of timers for browser_autodiscovery test, to avoid intermittent failures, r=smaug
7f126bc41db2nrthomas — Fix symbol push on staging by specifying the right key
6260b2079b7cgavin — Bug 418682: make the l10n comparison scripts ignore the optional gecko.handlerService.* prefs, r=pike, a=NPOTB
1d54496e28c9mozilla — [OS/2] Bug 420438: Enable better image scaling on OS/2, r=wuno@lsvw, a1.9b4=beltzner
bb2bf21f106eroc+ — Bug 392809. Fix word-based caret movement around punctuation and whitespace. r=smontagu,a=beltzner
72bbf6661c0dmozilla mano — Bug 360529, r=sayrer, sr=jst, a=beltzner.
811417e72bdcbrendan — Urghh...
28646ddf8d1fbrendan — Clean up and fix computed this under js_Execute (420610, r=mrbkap+crowder, a=vlad).
2013c0d48e47vladimir — backing out patch for bug 299372 for b4, as per bug 420481
6ee3e50786dcdbaron — Use better name.
17e59effaf69dbaron — Add a simple variant of make-tree to filter refcount logs for a single object. Not part of the build.
24c3b0fad9d4brendan — mrbkap's fantabulous fix for 418565, r=me, a=beltzner.
a7290f109596jruderman — Add crashtest
3183c3d23781brendan — mrbkap's patch for 418293 with a few nits picked, r=me, a=beltzner.
0f0b5bb2876cbrendan — mrbkap's fix for 420612, r=me, a=beltzner.
6ea72d6d09f2vladimir — b=420381, Vista content area dropdowns often don't show dropdown arrow (bandaid); r+sr=roc, a=beltzner
9f86900a1018brendan — Checking in mrbkap's fix for 420513, r=me, a=beltzner.
e58cf1b64519jruderman — Add crashtest
6d9b80a3d949reed — Bug 420502 - "Using enter/return in dialogs runs the underlying command twice" [ (Michael Schonfeld) r=josh r=masayuki sr=roc a1.9b4=beltzner a=blocking1.9+]
d601531b73d4reed — Bug 413021 - "Migration/Import Wizard offer migrate from IE on Mac (where no IE is installed)" [ (Michael Schonfeld) r=Mano a1.9b4=beltzner a=blocking-firefox3+]
abfa4a47d701reed — Bug 418156 - "Attempting to Drag and Drop in Bookmarks menu results in broken close windows button" [ (Bill Gianopoulos) r=Mano a1.9b4=beltzner a=blocking-firefox3+]
c3070d0d06d1jwalden — Make $objdir/_tests/testing/mochitest/ runnable from any directory, not just $objdir/_tests/testing/mochitest/. r=sayrer, NPOTB and all that anyway
1fcbd7d306a4roc+ — Bug 403181 backout
72238bf0aa41roc+ — Bug 403181 backout
428ef4165ccaroc+ — Bug 403181, fix bustage
a5d3d335df22roc+ — Bug 403181. Use a temporary surface to prevent sampling of pixels outside the intended source rectangle when zooming the image in some cases. r=vlad,sr=dbaron,a=beltzner
1c080bcb8cccigor — bug=420593 fixing mispellings in comments introfuced in the patch for bug 396007.
e2f9359df14eigor — bug=420639 fixing comments in the checking for bug 418737.
a291c3e3cd37mrbkap — Fix dependencies in the JS shell. bug 388955, patch adapted from one by jorendorff, r=brendan a=NPOTB
55e8024583cebugzilla — Fix missed review comment from bug 382437, r=gavin,landing under same approval as main patch
870e304152aaigor — bug=418737 r=brendan a1.9b4=mtshrep fixing fast array enumerator
3627fcbb8f61igor — bug=396007 r=brendan a1.9b4=mtschrep Prefering posix_memalign over mmap to allocate GC arenas.
cb95e95f4c30bugzilla — Bug 382437 nsLoginManagerPrompter.js needs to implement nsIAuthPrompt. r=dolske,gavin,sr=dveditz,approval1.9b4=beltzner
d3cb395288a1gijskruitbosch — Backing out fix for bug 419654 due to centos orange
bd7e8a8d681enrthomas — Bug 401202, clean up Talkback symbols on slaves properly, r=rhelmer
1feb70378764reed — Bug 419654 - "Importing bookmark file corrupts heap (reproducible)" (Fix heap corruption and increase initial capacity) [ (Ondrej Brablc) r=dietrich a1.9b4=schrep a=blocking-firefox3+]
fc5fb1eb6c09reed — Bug 414389 - "M3 Windows icons" (Fix RSS icon, AMO ratings, menu-(back|forward), and livemark items) [p=reed r=gavin a1.9b4=shaver a=blocking-firefox3+]
a0684d4378fabrendan — Fix property cache fill to recompute protoIndex to handle XBL and other JS_SetPrototype users (418139, r/a=shaver).
dfb1da7768bfreed — Bug 419319 - "Global chrome overrides are enabled for all themes (aero theme broke all third-party themes)" (Fix gnomestripe/pmstripe and make Vista use aero icons) [p=reed/Ryan r=gavin a1.9b4=mconnor]
49165aaf5b0fbrendan — Unregress perf in wake of 418069 (420426, r=mrbkap, a=mconnor).
b039deabd119mrbkap — Stick exn back into the context so that js_ReportErrorAgain callees can access the exception. bug 420409, patch from taras, r=mrbkap a=mconnor
211acc720a8emozilla mano — Backing out patches for both bug 418156 and bug 413021, tree is frozen, doh.
b56cf7660377smichaud — Fix topcrasher. b=358379 r+sr+a=mconnor
b24e0a98185abzbarsky — Don't use the guaranteed-not-null getter when the presshell might be null. No bug, r="obvious", a="asserts all over the place"
42ab26ce102bmozilla mano — Bug 418156 - Attempting to Drag and Drop in Bookmarks menu results in broken close windows button. patch by Bill Gianopoulos <>, r=me.
e1370dde5816mozilla mano — Bug 413021 - Migration/Import Wizard offer migrate from IE on Mac (where no IE is installed). patch from Michael Schonfeld <>, r=me.
68b64de6cc6abclary — Backout bug 420426 due to regressions
da6c9d531fffbrendan — Fix ComputeThis perf regression (420426, r=mrbkap, a=sayrer).
e62ac0093f8aajschult — Bug 418175: Report a test failure if screen resolution is small enough that the tests will likely fail. r=enndeakin
340d573bb26djst — Backing out fix for bug 419452 per bug 420059. a=beltzner
2f60c5a7484creed — Bug 419760 - "Update windows theme for 78 pixel wide keyhole" (CSS changes) [ (mcdavis941) r=gavin a1.9b4=beltzner a=blocking-firefox3+]
a38f916c92a6reed — Bug 414389 - "M3 Windows icons" (CSS changes) [p=reed r=Ryan r=gavin a1.9b4=beltzner a=blocking-firefox3+]
165f3ed539cbreed — Bug 414389 - "M3 Windows icons" [p=Iconfactory ui-r=faaborg a1.9b4=beltzner a=blocking-firefox3+]
12b4cb4ed8cajwalden — Bug 420154 - Print finer-grained leak info in than just pass/fail and a table, and don't fall over when --leak-threshold is used in a build without refcount logging (just print a warning). r=sayrer
00e56815ca90webmail — Bug 420204, Updated URLbar button icons for Mac, a1.9b4=beltzner
1d16bdeaffa1mrbkap — Remove unused variable. bug 418069, r+a=brendan
8bd55290b95edcamp — Bug 419751: Implement a safebrowsing protocol command to reset the db. r=tony, a1.9b4=beltzner
0fa23566f69adtownsend — Bug 419319: Enable XP/Vista theme differences., r=mconnor, moa=mconnor, a1.9b4=mconnor
7867adffb5c2mrbkap — Outerize |this| always. bug 418069, r/sr=jst/brendan a=beltzner
96b0a779e4d4nick kreeger — Fixing bug 420223 - Add |setDelegate:nil| call to the || destructor (crash protection). r=josh,sr=roc,approval1.9b4=beltzner
ed89ac3da3adbrendan — Another assert that was an already-coped-with property cache hazard (420087, r=shaver, a=beltzner).
97815eee4e84dmose — Use Content-Disposition headers for "Save Link As", when available (bug 299372); r=mconnor (browser bits), r/sr=biesi (uriloader bits), ui-r=beltzner, a1.9b4=beltzner
05ad4eb47b65joshmoz — always link against cocoa framework on Mac OS X, cocoa exception wrapping in xpcom file io. b=419392 r=bent sr=roc a=beltzner
b44dd3d3ee5bdholbert — Bug 418766: Use width, not height, as a quick proxy for whether a line is empty. r+sr=roc, a=beltzner
f43f7b88ba52dtownsend — Bug 406118: Extension blocklist is broken. r=bsmedberg, a1.9b4=beltzner
73b61a563973benjamin — merge cvs-trunk-mirror -> mozilla-central
c49776d7a323reed — Bug 419835 - "Removal of "Find Updates" icon" (regression fix #2) [p=reed r=Mano (bustage fix)]
c756aae1c74fdietrich — backing out bug 384370 for hosation of Ts
2055d7349ac8nrthomas — Bug 417561, disable tagging of Talkback now we have prebuilt packages, r=rhelmer
5ecd9cc090a7ause — bug 394339 - fix breakage in windows multiprocess builds
57ad39078a96dietrich — Bug 384370 - use JSON as the on disk, lossless format for our bookmark backup (take two, r=mano, a=beltzner)
43c09f485386surkov alexander — Bug 420055 - New shutdown crash, patch=aaronlev, r=me, sr=mconnor, approval1.9b4+=mconnor,beltzner
48cc7fe71b9bbenjamin — Bug 420217 - _InterlockedCompareExchange needs to be extern "C" when using a C++ compiler, r=brendan a1.9b4=beltzner
d0919123e143enndeakin — Bug 408723, autocomplete should use the url value not the popup selection, causes problem where moving the mouse and pressing enter goes to unexpected url, r=gavin,a=beltzner
9b962fec7bd1reed — Bug 419835 - "Removal of "Find Updates" icon" (regression fix) [p=reed r=Mano a1.9b4-pending (bustage fix)]
c4fc6ede360creed — Bug 420026 - "get rid of folderDragOver.png (open folder with arrow) in winstripe and pinstripe" [p=reed r=Mano a1.9b4=beltzner a=blocking-firefox3+]
7898e9f2d0b3reed — Bug 419835 - "Removal of "Find Updates" icon" [p=reed r=Mano a1.9b4=beltzner]
53bbaa501575reed — Bug 419250 - "Use 16x16 puzzle icon for xpinstall-install-blocked notification" [p=reed r=Mano a1.9b4=beltzner]
a26f3266540amozilla — Bug 419270: Elements with position:fixed jump while scrolling, copy the Linux solution, p=wuno@lsvw, r=me, a19a4=beltzner
20ec2de55202mconnor — bug 348031 - make Cmd+W always close the window on the last tab
5a23828ebfc6joshmoz — Fix various key handling bugs by processing key down events uniformly and making sure we always send down and press events. Fixes key events in dialogs, emacs bindings, various key commands, changing IME input modes. b=358379, also fixes 418226,411304,417108. r=masayuki sr=roc a=beltzner
48375a18b29fjoshmoz — make filepicker remember last type selected. b=417910 r=smorgan sr=roc a=beltzner
2774b727a51areed — Bug 419765 - "PyDOM script error, Python cannot handle dom events" (Add handling of the additional version argument) [ (Todd Whiteman) r=mhammond (NPOTB)]
d953ab0ecab8reed — Add missing commas to some gnomestripe CSS rules for Places. No bug. [a1.9b4=beltzner via IRC]
d80683b79345vladimir — b=419383, extract native vista toolbar styles and expose to themes ; r+sr=roc; a=beltzner
be4b3730d6afvladimir — b=418552, use native styling for dropdown controls in xul and content area in Vista ; r+sr=roc; a=beltzner
dff0850808b9brendan — Fix slot type to satisfy C++ (420215, r=bsmedberg, a=beltzner).
dcfff2d77fb0jruderman — Add crashtests
0eab09a63e8cbzbarsky — Add the charset right after the type, before all other params, if there is no existing charset in the type. Bug 413974, r=biesi, sr=sicking, a=beltzner
66a61530eb92bzbarsky — Fix longstanding issue where anchor scrolls on a POST result page could lead to a silent re-POST during history traversal. Bug 413310, r+sr=biesi, a=dsicore,beltzner,righteousness.
71d337164ea4reed — Bug 420198 - "Missing PR_TRUE assignment results in performance loss" [p=reed r+sr=roc a1.9b4=beltzner a=blocking1.9+]
fdc79a58cb4cbent mozilla — Bug 414977 - "insufficient unlink methods in some DOM classes?". Allow the cycle collector to unlink XPCWrappedNatives in one cycle instead of two. r=peterv, sr=jst, a1.9b4+=schrep.
b40d7a61f35cjst — Fixing bug 410946. Prevent plugins from being destroyed while there's code from those plugins on the stack.,
427c7c39e758bent mozilla — Bug 419655 - "Refreshing a page leaks an nsGlobalWindow until shutdown". r=peterv, sr=jst, a1.9b4+=schrep.
bd5660994f0bdbaron — Add better reftest coverage for intrinsic width computation of horizontal padding, border, and margin on inlines. b=420069 sheriff-a=sayrer
5104c276e8c4dbaron — Fix bug under some valid types of optimization where we cross margin and padding. b=420069 r+sr=roc a1.9b4=damons a-sheriff=sayrer
da918ff3190cbclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 419018, by jag (Peter Annema)
0cf3fc5d7d4ebenjamin — Merge cvs-trunk-mirror -> mozilla-central
060c9c5748dcdcamp — Bug 419751: Reset the phishing/malware database for beta 4 to work around a server issue. r=tony, b1.9b4=beltzner
ebd1677ef9f1brendan — Unbitrot JS_OPMETER (363529, r=shaver, a=beltzner/sayrer).
fd616d99603croc+ — disable test for bug 405952 until I can fix the test
de3e4acb5af2kairo — bug 419826 - Make browser mochitests run on SeaMonkey, r=gavin
000fe854b433roc+ — Bug 405952. Add scrollbar width to pref and min widths for overflow:scroll elements but for no other overflow values. r+sr=bzbarsky,dbaron,dholbert, a=beltzner
3c0445adba01reed — Bug 420047 - "Cannot inspect anything" [ (Shawn Wilsher [sdwilsh]) r=luser/ted a1.9b4=beltzner]
601924102d12reed — Bug 419916 - "Only package CRT files ifndef MOZ_MEMORY" [ (Phil Ringnalda) r=luser/ted a1.9b4=beltzner]
66fcf1c5b7fbkaie — Bug 418958, Enable Go Daddy root CA certificates for EV use r=rrelyea, a1.9b4=beltzner
5847912c60fadbaron — Add testcase for computing the shrink-wrapping size of table outer frames correctly. b=363402
98b857a79804dbaron — Compute the shrink-wrapping size of table outer frames correctly. b=363402 r+sr=roc a1.9b4=beltzner
d82cbd7e6732aaronleventhal — Bug 420051. Crash [ @ CAccessibleAction::get_keyBinding ]. r=marcoz, a=beltzner for 1.9b4
30c11bdf0e3daaronleventhal — bug 419881. Crash [ @ nsDocAccessible::FlushPendingEvents ]. r=ginn, a=beltzner for 1.9b4
d0218ec2a418brendan — Cope with JSOP_INITPROP property cache proto-property-with-non-stub-setter hazard (419822, r=shaver, a=beltzner).
76dba7a809acbclary — JavaScript Tests - regression tests for bug 419152, by Mike Shaver
a1f856211a19bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression tests for bug 419803, by Jesse Ruderman
5d847de00e56edward lee — Bug 411293 - make the url bar drop down show typed sites ordered by frecency, not visit date. b-ff3=mconnor
163ef2f91d48edward lee — Bug 395739 - adaptive learning (match entered text to selected item) in url bar autocomplete. r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner, a1.9=beltzner, a1.9b4=beltzner
a84b71704e8asmichaud — Fix app-focus issues right-clicking on backgrounded browser window. b=416455 r=josh sr=roc a1.9b4=beltzner
9041a3d2ecf6mkaply — 419433 - r=sayrer, a=beltzner - add back my own ISO date parsing - see bug for more details
0c25838038aemasayuki — Bug 418470 Go to line in View Source broken (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED at nsISelectionController.scrollSelectionIntoView) (retry) r+sr=roc, a1.9b4=beltzner
b46e48ef8e4dmasayuki — backing out the previous patch, becaused qm-centos5-01 dep unit test is orange
c087c8c261d8peterv — Fix for bug 391209 (cycle collector crash with python objects). r/sr=jst, a=beltzner.
94f1426b25dcmasayuki — Bug 418470 Go to line in View Source broken (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED at nsISelectionController.scrollSelectionIntoView) r+sr=roc, a1.9b4=beltzner
442199d94b80reed — Bug 419921 - "Stop trying to package safebrowsing.xpt, add it to" [p=reed r=gavin a1.9b4=beltzner]
2eb7599d8f72reed — Bug 419877 - "history sidebar unit test failing due to TZ issues" (Use PRTime instead of sqlite date/time functions) [ (Ondrej Brablc) r=dietrich a1.9b4=beltzner]
74799076d18freed — Bug 419866 - ""Recent Tags" list in smart bookmarks no longer seems to be working" [ (Ondrej Brablc) r=dietrich a1.9b4=beltzner]
cce9ff7c7545reed — Bug 419927 - "Re-enable smooth downscaling under Linux" [ (Bill Gianopoulos) r=vlad a1.9b4=beltzner]
6ff1859fd82areed — Bug 419771 - "update ship locales to reflect the set ready for fx3 beta 4" [ (Chris Hofmann) r=Mic r=gavin a1.9b4=beltzner]
c1dd133bb778ginn chen — Bustage of bug 263381 r=Ted Mielczarek a1.9b4=beltzner
50acbd449a60dwitte — Bug 416207 - Update cookie/permission services from changes to mozIStorageService::OpenDatabase. r=sdwilsh, sr=mconnor, a=beltzner
350281f64946timeless — Bug 275004 Mozilla crashes on startup when compiled with IBM XL C++ v7 patch by r=timeless r=bsmedberg a=beltzner
994ba98c0a0cdolske — Disable test harder.
58c81a7545eddolske — Disabling browser_Extensions.js test due to removal of DOMi, which it requires (bug 420028 filed)
0768465f7a01dolske — (Whitespace change to kick tinderbox)
a859e8919197dolske — (whitespace change to kick tinderbox)
fc38a73d82a1dolske — Disable test, bug 384370 was backed out earlier.
ce058c121e8csdwilsh — Bug 271812 - DOM Inspector not published to r=mconnor, sr=mconnor. NPOTDB
0eddf1261273rhelmer — remove previous config if present b=415261 r=nthomas
42211a2e6372sayrer — Bug 419905. turn off pgo in places, mozstorage, sqlite. r=ted.mielczarek, a=beltzner
e46e4e90c224uriber — reftest for bug 412093.
6cfe5193a497brendan — Fix bogus assertion with compensating code (419803, r=shaver, a=beltzner).
828f3ca85005dietrich — backing out bug 384370, caused 25ms Ts regression on linux, and leaks on linux and mac
b70bcf40212fdietrich — Bug 384370 - use JSON as the on disk, lossless format for our bookmark backup (r=mano)
36df5ffceca5gavin — Bug 419840: fix busted Advanced tab in preferences, patch by Dave Camp <>, r=me, a=mconnor
a4fdadc2cabcdietrich — Bug 419877 - disabling test for now, patch coming up
2d53abe6d984aaronleventhal — Bug 406308. Don't fire accessible focus events if widget is not actually in focus, confuses screen readers. r=ginn, r=surkov, a=beltzner for 1.9b4
99848dc55a1abenjamin — Merge cvs-trunk-mirror to mozilla-central.
7d1e0bfa9aebmkaply — Sorry. Thought approval 1.9 was enough
5cd747ac6daamkaply — 419433 - r=sayrer, a=beltzner - add back my own ISO date parsing - see bug for more detals
8a1d0e862097roc+ — Backing out patch for bug 415163 to try to fix centos5 orange
05a17a572d87karlt+ — Include lspace and rspace in GetIntrinsicWidth. b=363240 r+sr=roc
90abdda369f7roc+ — Bug 412093. Fix background images on bidi-split inlines to show the chunks in visual order. patch by Uri Bernstein, r+sr=roc
1c8cdd6095ddkarlt+ — Get*Width for nsMathMLContainerFrame base class. b=363240 r+sr=roc
002fb01b44bareed — Bug 416274 - "Add UI for System Proxy Settings and use the system proxy by default" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=gavin ui-r=mconnor a1.9=beltzner]
786c719ae28areed — Bug 415163 - "GTK location bar drop-down button arrow is misaligned" [ (Teune van Steeg) / (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Ryan r=twanno r=Ventron sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
900c0c10c626roc+ — Bug 317189. Do the second-scroll-to-anchor on onload (i.e. subresources have loaded), not just when the document has finished loading. Also, don't do it at all if the user has scrolled manually between the first anchor scroll and the second. r+sr=dbaron
0bed8ae1f819roc+ — Bug 400057. Make nsBlockInFlowLineIterator useful for finding the line containing a frame, searching across block continuations and their overflow lines. Use it in various places, especially in textrun construction. r+sr=dbaron
b164959a0d0broc+ — Bug 416168. Ensure that the overflow rect for a frame always includes (0,0) even if the frame rect is empty. Also ensures that if the frame rect is empty but has non-zero dimension on one axis, the overflow rect includes that size. A scrolled view for such a frame also includes that size to ensure width:0,height:Npx and width:Npx,height:0 frames are scrollable by that amount. r+sr=dbaron
5429c0c5f75dneil — Fire dynamic overlay load observers in more cases b=419452 r+sr=jst a=beltzner
c6fec38560f2peterv — Fix build bustage in NPOTB code from the patch for bug 416534.
41d6a9161db2roc+ — Bug 419531 reftest
a9c5953db4baroc+ — Bug 419531. Don't wipe out stored tab widths during text intrinsic size calculation. r+sr=dbaron
9390e906effcroc+ — Bug 417255. Rework getClientRects/getBoundingClientRect/offset* code to use a generic rectangle iterator API which drills down through anonymous blocks, fixing IE compat. r+sr=dbaron
73a1496e760breed — Bug 418868 - "M3 Tango" (New plugin icons) [ (Michael Monreal) / Tango team ui-r=faaborg a=blocking-firefox3+]
01d25fd6b38aause — backing out due to tree rules: bug 394339 - fix breakage in windows multiprocess builds
a5344466248ddcamp — Bug 360387: Verify HMAC of safebrowsing updates. r=tony, blocking-firefox3=beltzner
a24e1e7ab6beause — bug 394339 - fix breakage in windows multiprocess builds
8cad8d0d98f4webmail — Bug 419772: [proto] Land Proto 0.12 changes, r=rflint ui-r=beltzner
773c2e1e790cbrendan — Backing out to fix orange on Windows fx/tb/sm...
a3e47ad6fa3ccaillon — Bug 419350 Fix compilation on ia64 against gcc4.3 Patch by (with improvement by dbaron) r=caillon a=beltzner
e81a49817ad4dcamp — Bug 415799: Interface and implementation for HMAC support. (Jan Bambas), r=kaie, r=rrelyea, sr=dveditz, blocking1.9=sayrer
bca541c8592cedward lee — Bug 419766 - Allow partial tag match and multiword matching against title, url, tags in places
53ef0ea098d4edward lee — Bug 419366 - Support "out of order" multiple word tag search in places organizer
0b067d44048dedward lee — Bug 415460 - searching in places queries does not decode urls. r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner
1a715f970e9adcamp — Bustage fix for 419117.
4b5d63435cc0jwalden — Add a test for postMessage(msg, undefined), which must be a syntax error as |undefined| is both present and not null.
a4ac46b23518brendan — Landing shaver's patch for 419743, r/a=me.
d2a7a1b9fceadcamp — Bug 419117: Add noise to safebrowsing gethash requests. r=tony, blocking-firefox3=beltzner
b5a5881daa3adietrich — test file meant to be removed with bug 385245
94c5ecfe028edietrich — bustage fix for bug 385245
1774c2d6d2a4dolske — Bug 397753 - Unload code can be moved inside pagehide code in nsFormFillController.cpp. Based on earlier patch from r=gavin, a1.9=beltzner
9efc12037b01jwalden — Bump UUID, forgotten on last checkin.
f98520dc55e5dietrich — test for Bug 385245 (for, r=dietrich)
c3c926545143dietrich — Bug 385245 ? history sidebar very slow (way slower than fx2) (for, r=dietrich)
06f9b14b690ajst — Landing fix for bug 328675. Working around a real player plugin bug where it recurses to death in certain circumstances. Patch by,
52e66446677edolske — Bug 412381 - Clear Private Data should delete old signons.txt file(s). r=gavin, a1.9=beltzner
a3bc18b72a88reed — Bug 414569 - "AMO Integration: Right-click on extension/theme results in an empty context menu" [ (Dave Townsend [Mossop]) r=gavin ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
8cd0e372234breed — Back out Smaug's patch from bug 395609 due to a Txul regression.
694e47d9f54ddcamp — Bug 419750: update safebrowsing server names. r=tony, a=beltzner
293a55a0a16djwalden — Bug 417075 - Update postMessage and MessageEvent to reflect domain/uri being replaced by origin, optional origin argument. r+sr=sicking, a=beltzner
34618990870ajonas — Bug 416534: Clean up cross-site xmlhttprequest security checks. With fixes to tests this time. r/sr=peterv
75f5ccc83d49myk — backing out fix for bug 416534 as potential cause of mochitest failure
e54420db9809dbaron — Remove expected failure fixed by bug 363248.
f2aedea88f58dbaron — Make the reference match the expected behavior of the testcases per changes in bug 363248.
bf75bb07d1ccdbaron — Fix todo expected to be fixed by bug 363248.
4ddd1edf7adcreed — Back out Neil's patch from bug 419452 due to a Txul regression.
896c4a5ed76bjonas — Bug 416534: Clean up cross-site xmlhttprequest security checks. r/sr=peterv
8aa1c834ef51joshmoz — remove dead file, b=419392 r/sr=roc
d338f87946cfreed — Bug 417617 - [ (Smaug) r+sr=jst a=blocking1.9+]
3ea4cc3c95bcdbaron — Fix horizontal positions of top and bottom captions in the presence of non-left-aligned tables. b=363248,386704 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+
ffbd523d0adajoshmoz — rename files to .mm. b=419390,419392 r/sr=roc
dd3c51e8966fdbaron — Prevent margin expansion from interfering with table caption position. Based on patch by Mats Palmgren. b=363248 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+
e56591cd4544dbaron — Make 'top' and 'bottom' captions follow the CSS2.1 behavior and put the old behavior into 'top-outside' and 'bottom-outside'. b=363248,386704 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+
cb136f670ea8dbaron — Split nsTableOuterFrame::OuterReflowChild. b=363248,386704 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+
f0977ebba5afbrendan — Optimize object initialisers via property cache; remove JSOP_SET{NAME,PROP} cache hazards (129496, r=shaver).
cf7c4f5977c3dougt — use of max(a,b) is confusing windows mobile compiler. b=419653, r=dbaron, a=beltzner
480b921e52ecreed — Bug 394473 - "caret/cursor in View Source is invisible since 20070628 {not rendered, seen, can't, cannot, shown, displayed}" [ (Chris Pearce [cpearce]) r=peterv r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
973fcd6735a3anodelman — Bug 417313 - having trouble keeping up adding timestamps around sending data to the graph server a=anodelman, r=rhelmer
cde98ace302breed — Bug 419005 - "Usage of RSS/Livemark icons on Linux" (Use feedIcon16.png instead of page-livemarks.png for bookmarks toolbar and places library) [p=reed r=Mano a1.9=beltzner]
bed389092054reed — Bug 409349 - [ (Honza Bambas [mayhemer]) r=Enn sr=dveditz a1.9=damons a=blocking1.9+]
3c41c81e4075reed — Bug 273524 - "Helper applications with parameters don't work ( GTK2/Gnome )" [ (Mike Hommey) r=biesi a1.9=beltzner]
1b902acc2dedpavlov — bug 419753. export additional jemalloc symbols from the crt. r/a=me
37bc4f3a6de4reed — Bug 417476 - "This Frame context submenu needs menu icons" [p=reed r=Ryan mpa=Mano a1.9=damons]
a601d67a0717reed — Bug 408134 - "Source Server for Windows builds integrated into" [ (Lukas Blakk [lsblakk]) r=luser/ted a1.9=beltzner]
6db658341104dtownsend — Bug 409025: OBJECTs with type attribute but no data attribute do not fire plugin errors. r=biesi, sr=jst
98412ae9dfd3wtc — Bug 403370: fixed a memory leak of a PRNetAddr whenever nsHostResolver::ResolveHost parses an IP address literal again. r=cbiesinger,darin. a1.9+=damons. Modified files: nsHostResolver.cpp nsHostResolver.h
b0466d88eca5jay — updated install.rdf with AMO friendly maxversion and no updateurl
3d3370917f2fOlli Pettay — Bug 395609, r=roc, sr=sicking
e5967953a55eneil — Fire dynamic overlay load observers in more cases b=419452 r+sr=jst a=beltzner
672a30cfdd9egavin — Bug 419514: fix typo in notificationbox 'persistence' getter, r=enndeakin, a=damon
23c108f5d848neil — Bug 419340 Need to include NSS exports in depend build cleanup r=ted a=beltzner
27db3e22005dwtc — Bug 415033: added a hidden preference (in about:config) for enabling or disabling the TLS session ticket extension. The patch is contributed by Nagendra Modadugu <>. r=wtc,rrelyea,kengert a1.9+=damons Modified Files: netwerk/base/public/security-prefs.js security/manager/ssl/src/nsNSSComponent.cpp
929a4bb77ddbmyk — bug 419609: add hidden pref to disable site-specific zoom; r=gavin, a=beltzner
64c04f0d2786jwalden — Bug 417218 - nsStandardURL::SetPath does the wrong thing when the path is '/' and is being set to ''. r+sr=biesi, a=beltzner
0fe6384b4474benjamin — Bug 409384 - Firefox 3.0b2 fauks to compile with gcc 4.3, r=dwitte+dbaron a=damons
e988fd59b1eaaaronleventhal — Bug 419409. MSAA/IAccessible2 broken in gmail. This fixes the crash part of the problem. r=marcoz, a=beltzner
5ba8779327c7smichaud — Fix several focus bugs regressed by patch for bug 413882. b=404433 r=josh sr=roc
e08af1e93829rhelmer — use dir with rc in the name b=417703 r=nthomas
19c14eda0e44dcamp — Bug 397417: monitor disk usage of offline apps in the UI. r=enndeakin (nsDOMStorage change), r/sr=mconnor, ui-r/blocking-firefox3=beltzner
5c434b01209bigor — bug=400902 r,a1.9=brendan Specialized GC arena for double values
36c05388392bdolske — Bug 419417 - Remember password infobar appears everytime with Exchange Server 2003 Web Access. r=gavin, a=blocking-ff3
bf4d73330a32florian — Bug 418535 - Make socket attachment to nsSocketTransportService usable from XPCOM. r+sr=biesi, a1.9=beltzner
dc0558e397ddjoshmoz — remove unused files, rename mac prompt service file to .mm. prep for exceptions handling. b=419389 r/sr=roc
bb2e6987534fjoshmoz — get window.focus() working again. b=419338 r=hwaara sr=roc
8e0f25b230c1johnath — Backing out bug 406083 - landed after b4 string freeze. :(
70f8574ac749kairo — update German locale to current trunk and re-add it to the build
c9179b42e0a5johnath — Safebrowsing appends "..." in XUL, should be localizable. b=406083, r=dcamp, a=blocking-firefox3 (beltzner)
4da84cc0af55edward lee — Disable bug 419403 test on windows. r=sdwilsh
08746c9abdceedward lee — Bustage fix for bug 419403 - do more timeouts
0945f5ce00e6bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression tests for bug 410649, by Igor Bukanov
dcee308be588gavin — Bustage fix from bug 415928, r=ted
d6350d079c6aedward lee — Bug 419403 - Pimp My Download Manager Search! (multi word, match any text). r=sdwilsh, a1.9=beltzner
87661fe84265dcamp — Bug 418752: don't bother fetching forwards on a failed safebrowsing update. r=tony, a=beltzner
624cbd0e90betimeless — Bug 412822 nsIFilePicker makes it hard to drop in other url systems r=neil a=dsicore
e8357d7b2f21brendan — Fix regression from 419152 to test for 58274 (r/a=shaver).
7962f0105629timeless — Bug 412822 nsIFilePicker makes it hard to drop in other url systems r=neil a=dsicore
08fae77e79c5timeless — Bug 412822 nsIFilePicker makes it hard to drop in other url systems r=neil a=dsicore
61b96b507f7ctimeless — Bug 412822 nsIFilePicker makes it hard to drop in other url systems r=neil a=dsicore
92996eb6c01anrthomas — Bug 394046, latest round of cleanup for Fx2 --> Fx3 major update, r=ted.mielczarek
6810ca1a16e7timeless — Bug 394114 Interfaces missing from various QI implementations. jsdContext r=caillon sr=jag a=dsicore
d8a881a1eadaOlli Pettay — Bug 402982, fixing bustage
df722c9fedeatimeless — Bug 405025 ASSERT_VALID_LOCK failed r=gijs a=dsicore
5261fc0c25a3mats palmgren — Fix a compile warning. b=417895 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9
3df1c9540d0emats palmgren — Make nsTypedSelection ctors initialize all members (fixes an UMR) and reorder members to save space. b=417895 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9
4cfa3f1ffdbftimeless — Bug 405025 ASSERT_VALID_LOCK failed r=gijs a=dsicore
c85cd6fba5daOlli Pettay — Bug 402982, r=jst, sr=sicking
5829028a931bted mielczarek — bug 415928 - fix packaging of CRT with jemalloc. r=bsmedberg/rhelmer
ca706caaecc7aaronleventhal — Bug 417249. AT-SPI document load complete events not triggered everytime. Take care of some more cases. r=ginn.chen, a=blocking1.9
ee07b88c363cpeterv — Fix bug 406596 (Link/anchor elements are focused within an contentEditable element) for designMode. r/sr=jst.
826ebd925a60aaronleventhal — Bug 413778. Avoid creating and destroying extra empty nsDocAccessible when new tab opened. r=ginn.chen, a=blocking1.9
75eca74b159cmats palmgren — Process XPCOM events from nested native event loops. b=389931 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9
6b0da17b7eacOlli Pettay — Bug 411054, Audit IsNativeAnonymous()/GetBindingParent() uses, r+sr=sicking
ca2201738580mozilla mano — Bug 419549 - click bookmark item does not work. r=mak77, a~post-facto, see comment 6.
b07461a5a583reed — Bug 404014 - "The Password Manager dialog's label changes when clearing the Search box" [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r=dolske r=gavin a1.9=damons]
53fc8a9e5092reed — Bug 419166 - "Identity indicator should specify foreground color" [ (KUROSAWA, Takeshi) r=gavin a1.9=damons]
bad8ccdebc80reed — Bug 359255 - "Importers: Import Filters from current Eudora" (Get{Native}Target implementations for OS X) [ (Jeff Beckley) r=mento sr=mscott a1.9=damons]
36faab015b87reed — Bug 415901 - "Error console should respect line breaks in error messages" [ (Wladimir Palant) r=gavin a1.9=damons]
755966602566reed — Bug 419096 - "getPathSegAtLength() causes nsSVGPathSegMovetoAbs to leak" [ (Robert Longson) r+sr=roc a1.9=damons]
438f42c6c355reed — Bug 410114 - "Simplify nsTransform2D" [ (Alfred Kayser) r+sr=roc a1.9=damons]
cd3a8fbb44fadveditz — bug 417780 prevent tmpfile creation failures due to illegal chars in suggested name, r/sr=bsmedberg,neil
003d64b9eb5aroc+ — Bug 408898. Aggressively SetWindow when paining on Mac with CG to prevent plugins drawing in the wrong place. patch by Matthew Gregan, r+sr=roc
c516d78f90fdaaronleventhal — bug 417249, bug 417578, bug 405951, bug 413778, bug 412878. Fix missing, incorrect or crashing doc load events in Firefox and Thunderbird. r=surkov, a=blocking1.9
74ce24d48435jdaggett — Bug 419370. Allow single face font families, specified in a pref setting. r+sr=stuart
37786a1901c8rflint — Bug 400324 - Remove old safebrowsing 'speach bubble' UI code. r=tony, a=damons
327b4ee59d84mconnor — Bug 339229 - Stop shipping DOM Inspector in Firefox builds, r=bsmedberg
5ea75ef760afdolske — Add explicit colordepth test for bug 414720 - Enable 24-bit display on Windows test boxes.
812167178a44caillon — Bug 418601 icons and documentation files (LICENSE and README.txt) should not be installed as executable on linux Patch from Martin Stransky <> r=bsmedberg a=damons
79b5d6ee7a66jruderman — Add crashtests
ba651306f0b1karlt+ — don't use frame origin offsets to store ascents. b=363240, r+sr=roc
77998d062418sayrer — backout bug 418652. support MOZ_PSM build flag in toolkit/library.
9312389a5951brendan — Shaver's huge patch for 419152 (Huge, I say; r=me).
c7de34a4ca86mhammond — Get Python extensions buildng again on the trunk. NPOTDB.
13610d349c07jruderman — Add crashtests
8a11b6ed9c33dougt — bug 418652. support MOZ_PSM build flag in toolkit/library. r=bsmedberg, a=damons
173987738d40edward lee — Bug 419068 - Allow tagged pages to mingle with non-tagged autocomplete results
219fb2db4dc2edward lee — Bug 418920 - Allow multiple word search with tags in addition to title and url
3a12f3d12793edward lee — Bug 405320 - support "out of order" multiple word tag search in the url bar and in the places organizer. b-ff3=beltzner
a174aa6c0f0cedward lee — Bug 416211 - Tagged results don't show bookmark title when matching the tag
1122925736ceedward lee — Bug 401660 - when showing autocomplete result, show tags that partially match. r=dietrich, a1.9=damons
edbbc7cec78cedward lee — Bustage fix for bug 416208 testcase
3a4a27ed0940neil — RTL flags aren't host Cflags when you're cross-compiling b=419272 r=ted a=damons
77f333cc64e8dolske — Bug 413497 - Awesome bar should use a throbber to provide feedback that search is in progress. r=mano, ui-r=beltzner, a1.9=damons
d7fffbff4b7bdtownsend — Bug 417583: Find updates button needs disabling/hiding in some contexts.
4d9986c0db0crflint — Bug 415700. r=gavin a=blocking-fx3
dd03dda14b30myk — bug 416208: update content pref service to reflect changes to mozIStorageService::openDatabase and improve robustness against database file and schema corruption; r=sdwilsh, a=dsicore
421b8e80e454mozilla mano — Bug 403263 (along with 405776, 413977, 418813) - deleting a separator in menus deletes all items preceding it. r=mak77.
94f718c2ec7fedward lee — Bug 401316 - Open-with downloads are readonly. r=biesi, sr=biesi, a1.9=damons
2a3080430d91edward lee — Bug 395735 - Instrument the location bar auto-complete to report accuracy. r=dietrich, a1.9=damons
8ae707799431edward lee — Bug 416446 - Make PluralForm more useful for extensions and delay importing strings for perf. r=sdwilsh, r=smontagu, a1.9=damons
06eacd82c7f2dcamp — Bug 419108: Offline exceptions button uses Ci where it isn't available. r=gavin, a=damons
06c09d78b62fmyk — bug 415732: expose way for chrome/extensions to register feed handler in current session; r=mano, a=dsicore
8d23cb0a4f8edbaron — Fix handling of 'right'-derived static positions (mostly for RTL) when containing block has asymmetric border. b=419072 r+sr=roc a=damons
aa29e1c89909ctalbert — Changing install.rdf vesion to 0.1.8 for QAC (no bug) r=jay
32e416dd813bdcamp — Bug 418897: Update nsUrlClassifierDBServiceWorker::OpenDB() from changes to mozIStorageService::OpenDatabase. r=tony, r=sdwilsh, blocking-firefox3=beltzner
1127e6ab059bted mielczarek — bug 419348 - build config fixes for pgo on mac. r=bsmedberg
258dacaa876bted mielczarek — bug 415928 - fix packaging of CRT with jemalloc - make nspr/nss play along. r=bsmedberg
d3a1c9e38e81aaronleventhal — Bug 419413. Crash [ @ CAccessibleHyperlink::get_anchorTarget() ]. r=marcoz, a=dsicore
c73e3a090892ted mielczarek — bug 418866 - skip PGO in jemalloc. r=bsmedberg
f7120f1a1900rhelmer — symbol server key location is platform dependent b=417889 r=nthomas
73bd68a15753ted mielczarek — bug 419346 - update to breakpad revision 240. r=bsmedberg
7d9d1a3a4eabOlli Pettay — Bug 415025, try to improve CC scheduling, r=peterv, sr=jst
4824b2a3c350peterv — Fix for bug 412774 (Firefox leaks 10 nsGlobalWindows with Page Load Error Page). r=zeniko.
4f269796da5dmozilla mano — Backing out bug 416531.
32d658c33a2caaronleventhal — Bug 418998. Return aria-disabled to being a universal ARIA property. r=surkov, a=dsicore
a69d974c964freed — Bug 417710 - "Use JS_GET_CLASS, not JS_GetClass" [ (gyu-young kim) r=jorendorff r=jst sr+a1.9=brendan]
58eb910a9f1creed — Bug 417800 - "FF 3b3: 3rd party cookies are not set, but third party cookies *should* be sent" [ (Dan Witte [dwitte]) r=mconnor a=blocking1.9+]
616299f98dbereed — Bug 405165 - "Menu icons for Gnomestripe" (Remainder of B4 icons) [ (Michael Ventnor) r=Ryan r=Mano a1.9=mconnor]
b880a685d0d2reed — Remove unused livemark-*.png icons (follow-up to bug 419005).
be476c8fd644reed — Bug 408797 - "Implement Change Password as a notification bar" [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r=dolske r=gavin ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
29142039ad9breed — Bug 406280 - "Hovering over URL in autocomplete should produce a tooltip" [ (Michael Schonfeld) ui-r=mconnor r=Mano a=blocking-firefox3+]
66327523aa63reed — Bug 418216 - "Back button greys when toolbar reset to default" [ (arno.) r=Enn sr=Neil a=blocking-firefox3+]
e77169593c7ajwalden — Bug 419339 - Followup to change an error condition (which should never be hit) to use ERROR FAIL instead of FAIL in the error message, to trigger the right log-scraping behavior.
066bca18f64aroc+ — Bug 417967. Align subframe drawing so that drawing at (0,0) relative to the root view's origin is aligned to a pixel boundary. r+sr=bzbarsky
2624104eb419roc+ — Reftest for bug 376375.
c9e82a1641f8roc+ — Bug 376375. Use Translate so we fill the right area with theme drawing after alpha recovery. r=vlad
7b56d0a7c841roc+ — Bug 416752. Use the scrollbar min-height/min-width to establish the minimum scrollport size, not the pref-height/pref-width. r+sr=dbaron
54c677ce3f7aroc+ — Bug 417903. Don't crash if _SymGetLineFromAddr64 fails. r=benjamin,a=beltzner
26ef9bb0bc11jwalden — Bug 419339 - Add an argument to to specify the maximum allowable number of RLk-style bytes to be leaked, defaulting to any leaks allowable for now. Tinderboxen will need to pick up the extra argument and provide sane values until we can eradicate all leaks, at which point we can change the default to 0 to always check. r=sayrer
b49b5e59c916dbaron — Fix spelling error to force unit test boxes to cycle.
f95aa4fd297ddbaron — Fix regression handling auto margins on absolutely positioned elements. b=419060 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+
68513caa154bjag — Backing out bug 400902. Something's still screwy :-(
b75928b4633eigor — Bug 400902: specialized arena for doubles
cf9467cef3b4stefanh — Bug 418308 - Use HITheme to draw native menuseparators. r=josh+Mano, sr=roc, a=beltzner.
8522ffb5acb2Olli Pettay — Bug 409380, support 'unconnected' ranges , r+sr+a=sicking
c0a8f4e30783fantasai cvs — fixed positioned elements print only on first and last pages b=417676 r+sr=roc
8aa56b83f928Olli Pettay — Bug 418457, Remove support for onbeforecopy/cut/paste until we have a better implementation, r+sr=sicking
3474ac1e2d4eflorian — Bug 419097 - Mac-only removal of view button icons is a pain for extension developers. Hide extension provided icons on Mac. r=Mano, a1.9=beltzner
5c74fd4aab82reed — Bug 409796 - "No pictures shown in saved file (file name and folder name, containing that file, is in cyrillic)" [ (Evgeniy Ivanov [powerfox]) r+sr=biesi a1.9=beltzner]
8ce49aaa4f3breed — Bug 404536 - "Right click on Web page button should be ignored (don't show context menu on web form controls except textboxes)" [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r=Mano ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
9951a79cedf6reed — Bug 419010 - "In Gnomestripe, give Copy Email Address a copy icon" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=Ryan a1.9=beltzner]
311cbf5f6996reed — Bug 419147 - "MOZ_XUL define required for nsContentUtils::HidePopupsInDocument" [ (romaxa) r+sr=bzbarsky a1.9=beltzner]
469cbe1de6f6reed — Bug 419080 - "build with undefined CSS_REPORT_PARSE_ERRORS broken" [ (romaxa) r+sr=bzbarsky a1.9=beltzner]
e0142e42b120reed — Bug 419005 - "Usage of RSS/Livemark icons on Linux" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=Ryan a1.9=beltzner]
bd4037450905reed — Bug 419005 - "Usage of RSS/Livemark icons on Linux" [ (Michael Monreal) / Tango team ui-r=faaborg a1.9=beltzner]
ca914c3d5a28reed — Bug 383267 - "When fontHeight is very large, pagescroll height(pageincrement value) is too small" [ (Masahiro Yamada) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
ba95ceab988creed — Bug 418673 - "restoring the current location when clicking the identity button is jerky, because handleURLBarRevert selects the address" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=Mano a1.9=beltzner]
a01b25015ca3reed — Bug 391559 - "Incorrect ordered-list numbering within -moz-column-* (and/or numbering changes when clicked)" [ (Craig Topper) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
a50f7829e742reed — Bug 417695 - "Treeview headers should be painted with button in the middle of the header" [ (Ian Spence) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
9cfb4682e11evladimir — b=418494; use SOURCE instead of OVER when source has no transparency; r=stuart
f3e059195bf0reed — Back out Ian Spence's patch from bug 417695 in order to see if it is the cause of the Tp2 regression on Linux.
2272c2063f4bedward lee — Bug 417798 - History can fill FF3 addressbar suggestions with unwanted bookmarklets that look almost like real pages but execute in the current page's scope. r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner
2bcaf2d9faffvladimir — b=381661, reenable bilinear image filtering [mq]: 381661-enable-bilinear.patch ; r=stuart
275d76668bf2tellrob — Bug 418960, Download scanner threads should be lower priority r=sdwilsh
73ceadbde50bgavin — Fix DOS newlines added by the patch for bug 308073
6cfab85a0cf2reed — Back out Dão Gottwald's patch from bug 396816 due to Txul regression.
c919c136540dpeterv — Fix for bug 355068 (XSLTProcessor.transformToFragment seems to use only output method "text"). r/sr=sicking, a=beltzner.
c007ea66c20edtownsend — Backing out bug 415928 to hopefully fix runtime failures on perf boxes
cc1a1bb60e3areed — Back out the all.js change from Michael Ventnor's patch in bug 416274 to see if it is the cause of a perf regression.
9002bf7b7346bmlk — adding testcases for the nsIAccessibleTable interface r=marcoz bug 415730
28b672d96be8reed — Bug 415928 - "fix packaging of CRT with jemalloc" [ (Ted Mielczarek [luser]) r=bsmedberg a1.9=damons]
44851393d5e0uriber — Add a comment and assertion to the fix for bug 370174. r+sr=roc on the original patch. blocking1.9=dbaron
dacf0d64c877reed — Bug 418868 - "M3 Tango" ( packaging) [p=reed a=blocking-firefox3+]
f2940459b2b1reed — Bug 418868 - "M3 Tango" (Error console patch) [p=reed r=Mano a=blocking-firefox3+]
5f7e533886bbreed — Bug 418868 - "M3 Tango" (Addons mgr patch) [ (Michael Ventnor) r=Ryan a=blocking-firefox3+]
396776c6ece0reed — Bug 418868 - "M3 Tango" (Page info patch) [ (Michael Ventnor) r=Ryan a=blocking-firefox3+]
38e86b506485reed — Bug 418868 - "M3 Tango" (folder-item patch) [ (Michael Ventnor) r=Ryan a=blocking-firefox3+]
25d22240810breed — Bug 418868 - "M3 Tango" [ (Michael Monreal) / Tango team ui-r=faaborg a=blocking‑firefox3+]
63244cc3959cmozilla mano — Bug 409073 - Drag and Drop has the wrong target in bookmarks toolbar chevron. Patch from Marco Bonardo [mak77] <>, r=me.
4083b8841f02mozilla mano — Bug 348472 - Command-Option-F should select the web search box. Patch by Michael Schonfeld <>, r=me, ui-r=beltzner, a=damons.
b39e839f5122roc+ — Bug 407095. Reflow in more situations where horizontal scrollbar appears or disappears. May hurt Tp, let's watch. r+sr=dbaron,a=damon
c13adc1b0065reed — Bug 416744 - "credits.xhtml footnotes no longer fit in window" [ (Phil Ringnalda) r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
40d346a7aca8reed — Bug 414366 - "Identify if we will be going back or forward in new unified drop-down history (Needs visual indication such as back/forward arrows)" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
91f6f85cd29areed — Bug 341035 - "Livemark service should delete annotations on livemark delete" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=dietrich a1.9=damons]
28a10d6e39e4reed — Bug 197466 - "Back button (session history) has 50 entries regardless of setting in prefs.js" [ r+sr=bzbarsky a1.9=damons]
76cccce342bbreed — Bug 415161 - "GTK drop-down arrows are misaligned in buttons" [ (Teune van Steeg) r=Ryan a1.9=damons]
c90cc6d75873reed — Bug 416696 - "Restart and quit alerts should use independent "don't warn again" prefs" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=zeniko r=Mano ui-r=beltzner a1.9=damons]
537de7e1a278reed — Bug 396816 - "Location bar should be self describing: "Search Bookmarks and History"" [ (Dão Gottwald) ui-r=beltzner r=gavin a1.9=damons]
6b0698d864ebreed — Bug 417421 - "Loss of back forward buttons when switching between 1.8 and 1.9" (support downgrading) [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
ed4255ba87dareed — Bug 419000 - "Remove SVG_DEBUG_PRINTING (as it blocks nsTransform2D cleanup)" [ (Alfred Kayser) r+sr=roc a1.9=damons]
1dc9799ebd2edougt — Overzelous with the NS_PRINTING macro. Fixes/unbreaks non-wince non-printing builds. r=blassey
e72c024f28d4dougt — backing out 418652. made mac orange and talos dead
30ee3afb7b57dougt — NPODB. Adding max and mappings required to build NSPR
eabd3d01d2eddougt — WINCE Only. Slash doesn't work in MINGW32, but - works everywhere.
3bba100e9968dougt — support MOZ_PSM build flag in toolkit/library. b=418652, r=bsmedberg, a=damons
98fcfb7508fatellrob — Bug 412565, Exception handlers for virus scanning r=sdwilsh
5aee22342417ctalbert — bug 393348 - QAC fix, r=jay
c4d2f4ee97b5tellrob — Bug 409815, Watchdog timer for download scanner r=sdwilsh
4fc65f30239bdougt — Fixes for Windows CE. b=418662, r=bsmedberg, a=damons
77cc23788711jruderman — Add crashtest
549d35dc15b1reed — Bug 418957 - "js/src/prmjtime.c uses the wrong value for NS_HAVE_INVALID_PARAMETER_HANDLER on windows mobile" [ (Doug Turner) r+a1.9=crowder]
ee50f5aa90d5neil — Fix nit in previous patch b=416531 r=Mano etc.
c063c146ba93dbaron — Correct comments in reference renderings to reflect additional bug.
23f843903526joshmoz — touch nsObjCExceptions.h to force a rebuild.
6bd05ee7e377uriber — Don't crash on triple-clicking when there's an orphan content somewhere. bug=370174 r+sr=roc blocking1.9=dbaron
8ef929b0b16ajoshmoz — use "-fobjc-exceptions" for all .mm files. p=shebs b=163260 r=josh r=ted
7dc5a61c3b07benjamin — Bug 419624 - Build framework, basic usage, and testsuite for statically checking the codebase using gcc-dehydra, r=luser,dbaron,tglek
c8276e89a513benjamin — Merge cvs-trunk-mirror -> mozilla-central
12e651c036e1dbaron — Thorough reftests for CSS2 10.3.7 and 10.3.8 that I wrote for bug 403328.
62d165ac2586dtownsend — Bug 404531: Clear private data shutdown confirmation hangs. r=gavin
8b119b9b26b8benjamin — Bug 419079 - cast void* in js/src for C++ compatibility, r+a=crowder
65e397120d7dbent mozilla — Bug 414977 - "insufficient unlink methods in some DOM classes?". Move the warning until after XPConnect deferred releases, r=dbaron, sr=peterv, a=blocking1.9+.
d8807c152185bent mozilla — Bug 417564 - "protect against Obj-C exceptions in 'accessible' top-level directory". r=josh, sr=roc, a=blocking1.9+.
6d3f9e743406crowder — Bug 419018 - Fix silly crash in slowarray_enumerate, patch by mrbkap, r=shaver, a1.9=mconnor
22306d7b3237enndeakin — Bug 405719, don't set open attribute too early, followup patch which fixes test
831a166b13f4dholbert — Bug 413180: Stop distributing span pct-width to cols when there are only 0-width cols left. r+sr=dbaron a=beltzner
18bda370b9fburiber — When all three of 'left', 'width', and 'right' of an absolutely-positioned elemnt are 'auto', use the direction of the static-position containing block (rather than the actual containing block) to decide whether to set 'left' or 'right' to the static position. bug=403328 r+sr=dbaron b1.9=mtschrep
780465f77174ted mielczarek — attempt to fix thunderbird bustage from bug 263381 - support --with-system-sqlite3
4163c87edcf8bclary — Siyphus - checkout by date foobar, bug 419027
5dfca5ae342cbclary — Siyphus - ah crap timeout foobar, bug 419026
77965bb5ce16ted mielczarek — MOZ_DEBUG_SYMBOLS clobbers optimize flags, LDFLAGS. r=bsmedberg
a84f7dd5b628reed — Bug 376706 - "Can't Delete History by Date when grouped by 'Date' or by 'Date and Site'" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=dietrich a=blocking-firefox3+]
c0054bf1f717reed — Bug 418119 - "nsIContentPolicy not called for external DTDs of XML documents" [ (Wladimir Palant) r=sicking sr=peterv a1.9=beltzner a=blocking1.9+]
dd16bf556b6ereed — Bug 402161 - "moz_places_visitcount index is bad in some profiles" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=dietrich a=blocking-firefox3+]
c14031987269reed — Bug 408115 - "Add post-restart notification of new add-on installs" (string addition only) [ (Dave Townsend [Mossop]) ui-r+a1.9=beltzner a=blocking-firefox3+]
771ed41c703creed — Bug 395755 - "If blog title is long, RSS subscribe menu becomes useless" [ (Phil Ringnalda) r=gavin ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
f427531f200ereed — Bug 263381 - "support --with-system-sqlite3 in storage builds" [ (Mike Hommey) r=bsmedberg a1.9=beltzner]
9f9c015f35cbreed — Bug 418804 - "Update storage query processor for XUL templates from changes to mozIStorageService::OpenDatabase" [ (Laurent Jouanneau) r=sdwilsh sr=roc a1.9=damons]
bd44ad6ccf62reed — Bug 349865 - "Drop "Copy Link Location" from mailto: link context menu" [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r=gavin ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
dd4bfb69b4a6reed — Bug 417924 - "Buttons shouldn't drastically increase size of menu bar" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9=beltzner]
138a5f7948b8reed — Bug 396816 - "Location bar should be self describing: "Search Bookmarks and History"" (string addition only) [ (Dão Gottwald) ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
ab9281f59b9creed — Bug 418173 - " needs to do case insensitive expanding on windows" (Make the regex case insensitive) [ (Justin Wood [Callek]) r=Waldo a1.9=beltzner]
e40956b16221reed — Bug 418812 - "Crash @ nsXULListitemAccessible::GetListAccessible() when hitting Reply from within a Thunderbird message" (add a NULL check) [ (Marco Zehe) r=surkov a1.9=beltzner]
f51d1807bbadreed — Bug 418355 - "Location bar remains yellow with mixed content on Linux" (Don't show yellow if level=broken) [ (Adam Barth) r=gavin a1.9=beltzner]
2c02463110b1reed — Bug 416410 - "Gnomestripe doesn't eat -moz-appearance rules from bug 400703" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=Ryan a1.9=beltzner]
b7bca9e74fd8jwatt — Bug 409565. "ASSERTION: unexpected frame type" with -moz-column, float, svg.,,
41764e6238bbaaronleventhal — Bug 417518. Prevent text leaf accessibles from implementing advanced interfaces. r=surkov, a=belztner
fa76095df0edkaie — Bug 416827, Enable Digicert root CA certificate for EV use r=rrelyea, approval1.9=beltzner
82af55ceec2akaie — Bug 418701, Enable Quo Vadis root CA certificate for EV use r=rrelyea, approval1.9=beltzner
c83c06a2b77fkaie — Bug 416850, Deleting a security exception and then re-adding it causes cert exception to remain valid r=rrelyea, approval1.9=beltzner
3f5c5c2d18cdedward lee — Bug 406857 - Don't clear referrer when restarting downloads. r=sdwilsh, a1.9=beltzner
165c70557046dietrich — Bug 384370 - strings only (r+uir+a=beltzner)
e63885dfac55dcamp — Strings-only patch for bug 397417. ui-r=beltzner, a=beltzner
7bfd48ef2932reed — Bug 416416 - "change extensions.update.url to not live behind" [p=reed r=Mossop a1.9=beltzner a=blocking-firefox3+]
bc1604911414dolske — Strings-only for bug 417302 - about:robots. (forgot manifest with last check-in)
e9bbe63f4063dcamp — Bug 399528: Add 'never for this site' option to the offline-app notification bar. r=mconnor, ui-r=beltzner, blocking-firefox3=mconnor
bce39594d9cdedward lee — Backing out bug 406857 to wait for red to go away.
d23270063fcedolske — Strings-only for bug 417302 - about:robots. r=mconnor, ui-r=mconnor
7e0dc2dacfdcedward lee — Bug 406857 - Don't clear referrer when restarting downloads. r=sdwilsh, a1.9=beltzner
882792fe21e1sdwilsh — Bug 405497 - Calling RunInBatchedMode within a RunBatched implementation hangs. r=Mano
0ce9e64afbb5sdwilsh — Bug 409179 - Inconsistent autoresume state causes download manager instantiation to fail (can lead to crash). r=Mardak
8573db85a750dholbert — Bug 413286: Let empty auto-width columns be expanded. r+sr=dbaron a=blocking1.9+
9cc217f15d8ajoshmoz — When opening a .dmg file downloaded from site, user receives error message. p=shebs b=394342 r=dmose sr=roc
8e11d0f46acdroc+ — Bug 157546. 'Delete' key should delete entire cluster. patch by Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, r+sr=roc,a=schrep
4dcf9d712ecbjst — Fixing bug 418755. Revert our decision to throw WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR per the DOM spec as the web expects that not to happen.
5b544fa3c2d6roc+ — Backing out fix for bug 406857 due to win2k3 test failure
0826452a8f8bjoshmoz — allow obscured sibling sheet show code to run when necessary. b=418699 r=bent sr=roc
8afadac8a346dbaron — Do string appending in chunks rather than one character at a time in GatherIdent and ParseString. Allow EOF to terminate strings, per CSS 2.1. b=311566 Patch by Alfred Kayser <>, with some review comments addressed by me. r+sr=dbaron a=blocking1.9+
a579f4800d59bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression tests for bug 385133, by Jesse Ruderman, Igor Bukanov
711a67c33c49roc+ — Bug 418754. Fix Mac clustering... we shouldn't set a glyph using SetSimpleGlyph if it's not the start of a cluster. Also fixes an indexing error in ligature detection. r=jdaggett,a=beltzner
56307fdfda61roc+ — Bug 416175. Don't leak nsHttpConnectionInfo in nsHttpConnectionMgr::AddTransactionToPipeline. Also instruments nsHttpConnectionInfo so we can easily find more leaks of that object in future. r+sr=bzbarsky
0f7040fbf451roc+ — Reftest for bug 393490
b6a8d54a46dakaie — Bug 372876, Read from SSL socket leaks memory r=rrelyea, blocking1.9=sayrer
4bc9eda0f990dolske — Bug 386533 - Mechanism for registering alternative nsILoginManagerStorage implementations., r=gavin, a1.9=beltzner
b2108d83c122dcamp — Bug 350873: nsStreamLoader code accessed on secondary thread [ASSERTION: nsStreamLoader not thread-safe]. r=kengert, sr=dveditz, b1.9=sayrer
8353f51ec631kaie — Bug 402574, Identity UI lost when switching between tabs Additional patch v4 to fix false positive EV r=rrelyea, blocking-firefox3=mconnor
2449f72feeb5roc+ — Bug 393490. When subsuming an interval, we need to merge its beginning into the current interval as well as its end, because it might start before the current interval. r+sr=dbaron
7cc3a4bd6103bclary — JavaScript Tests - Object destructuring shorthand, bug 404734, by Brendan Eich
3d3570680f85kaie — Bug 416571, Update NSPR to 4.7.1 beta 1 r=wtc, blocking1.9=mtschrep Bug 412937, Update NSS to NSS_3_12_BETA2 r=rrelyea, blocking1.9=mtschrep
3aac5acb4300gavin — Fix typo from patch for bug 239429: clearURLFromStausBar -> clearURLFromStatusBar
5b26c9935a4fedward lee — Bug 406857 - Don't clear referrer when restarting downloads. r=sdwilsh, a1.9=beltzner
e7904d90ed93ted mielczarek — bug 417669 - crashreporter displays details: firefox. r=dcamp
4d3093646493jst — Fixing bug 417852. Push the context we're using to clear scopes on to make code down the road find the right context.,
f212da74389adcamp — Bug 417404: Fix nsCOMPtr version of NS_ProxyRelease(). r/sr=bsmedberg, b1.9=sayrer
b42111ac9770tglek — bug 398568: Fix prbool misuse in netwerk. r=biesi a=dsicore
f05e6716f8c1dolske — Bug 418712 - nsIAutoCompleteInput should fire an event when a search begins. r=gavin, a1.9=beltzner
9c337d217fb4bzbarsky — Use width, not min-width, for empty selects. Plays nicer with author styling. Bug 315296, r+sr=dbaron, a=beltzner
d3c5d1b8e220dougt — Fixing build bustage
fd233c7a508amkaply — 418881 - r=sayrer, a=beltzner - better handling of mf properties that can be HTML or text and a couple comment fixes
8f6844037fc2bclary — JavaScript Tests - allow function Error() {} for the love of Pete, bug 412324
09651f3991f3timeless — Bug 418665 windows mobile build error in js/src/jsdate.c GetLocalTime is defined in the Windows Mobile SDK patch by dougt r=crowder a=beltzner
b8d2c2b27671sayrer — Bug 418772. PGO scripts and input. r=ted.mielczarek.
242c2e436450dholbert — Bug 402629: Fix percent-height updates in nested tables by checking if containing block depends on an ancestor cell's height, rather than just checking if it's a cell. r+sr=dbaron, a=blocking1.9+
2eb4b4780934dougt — for windows cl host, -Fo is the preferred out option. -o is deprecated., b=418842, r=bsmedberg, a=beltzner
ec92a0310689dougt — windows widget fixups for windows mobile. bug 418658, r=ere, a=beltzner
79fa7e71f3d9dougt — fixing 418775. ubuntu configure bustage caused us to remove setting topsrcdir for windows mobile correctly when building under msys or cygwin. r=bsmedberg, a=beltzner
daa4d44674babrendan — ASSERT_VALID_PROPERTY_CACHE_HIT must be for ST spidermonkey only (417817, r=shaver).
e647d00934d7edward lee — Bug 416303 - Show default list, clear search, focus list when hitting escape from the search box. r=sdwilsh, a1.9=beltzner
930fe19db9d0dougt — bug 418654 - windows widget honor NS_PRINTING. r=ere, a=beltzner
506b9ff63a1dbenjamin — Back out bug 412320 and various followups because the perf impact was minimal and the code is more complicated
7da3c2a97e3eenndeakin — Bug 405719, temporary change to fix orange, will investigate
db967ffa4f23mozilla mano — Backing out Bug 406280, see comment 12
d3cce970c88amozilla mano — Bug 418629 - Cannot drag a separator in the bookmarks toolbar. Patch by Marco Bonardo [mak77] <>, r=me.
7c86115ff6f1mozilla mano — Bug 418630 - when inserting into a toolbar folder or chevron we get a selectItems error. Patch by Marco Bonardo [mak77] <>, r=me.
ae3a58aca7c1edward lee — Bug 418857 - Download status bar always shows "a few seconds" for downloads from gmail. r=mano, a1.9=mconnor
45ad516f99fbbclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 417893, by Jesse Ruderman
387209d62632mozilla mano — Bug 239429 - display URL in status bar while using bookmark & history sidebars, follow up fix. patch from Michael Schonfeld <>, r=me.
e087925c61e5Olli Pettay — Bug 418727, Save as text only includes the email subject, r+sr=peterv, a=beltzner
62512fefa9c6bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 418504, by Jeff Walden
8bf5f88bafbajwatt — Bug 418206. Some SVG files that appear to hang Mozilla.,,
719561d2ef1djwatt — Bug 417693. late-l10n. The Add Security Exception dialog text is misleading.,
b18cc94c7382enndeakin — Bug 405719, regression where menus cannot be generated with templates without extra tags, also improve construction by not setting the open attribute too early and instead call the builder directly before opening a menu, r=smaug,sr=neil,a=beltzner
5a4ace6b2729edward lee — Bug 418838 - Expired visits unnecessarily reset frecencies to -1. b=417810, r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner
3eaa32ccc32abclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 418540, by Jesse Ruderman
06b5498dfc4ddougt — Using - instead of /. NPODB
ffceb5f5624abenjamin — Bug 416886 - Find module loaders which are part of the static component list early, and process components which end up in the leftovers list in forwards instead of reverse order. This means that JS component in extensions can correctly override JS components in the core app. r=dougt a=schrep
7b2c6f1050f1mkaply — 416134 - r=sayrer, a=schrep - properly handle nested microformats
95f152abb0c9enndeakin — Bug 414568, bah, checked in a bad version of this patch!
b9914e66272eOlli Pettay — bug 380454, r=benjamin, sr=sicking
3a105ccb780creed — Bug 380825 - "Font sizes on Tinderbox are too large" (reftest) [ (Ryan VanderMeulen) r=dbaron]
134e60a51f12reed — Bug 416531 - "Use chrome overrides to display Aero style icons on Vista" [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r=Mano a=blocking-firefox3+]
3e8be7c3193breed — Bug 416531 - "Use chrome overrides to display Aero style icons on Vista" (Fix cached chrome channels) [ (Benjamin Smedberg [bsmedberg]) r=Mano a=blocking-firefox3+]
1200093dda1dreed — Bug 418126 - "Add runtime requirement support for Linux" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=bsmedberg a=blocking1.9+]
7cfa0ed67c1ereed — Bug 416274 - "Add UI for System Proxy Settings and use the system proxy by default" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=gavin ui-r=mconnor a1.9=beltzner]
749ca0958acbreed — Change two C++-style comments introduced by bug 417695 into C-style comments to kill warnings.
b6392d6448b8reed — Bug 417695 - "Treeview headers should be painted with button in the middle of the header" [ (Ian Spence) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
74369c99e97ereed — Bug 416326 - "WARNING: NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, rv) failed with result 0x804B000A in nsUrlClassifierDBService.cpp, line 3242" [ (Dave Camp) r=tony a=blocking-firefox3+]
74c718a3e019reed — Bug 417904 - "Focus ring can end up on an inactive tab and is missing on Mac" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9=beltzner]
e7a669449745mozilla — Bug 413632: Remove the remaining MOZ_CAIRO_GFX (and related variables), part of the patch. r/sr=dbaron, r=vlad, a=beltzner
c45c605befc8neil — Bug 330101 nsTArray binary search for when array is sorted r=bsmedberg a=schrep
f50930cd39e7mozilla — Bug 413632: Remove the remaining MOZ_CAIRO_GFX (and related variables). Full patch except change. r/sr=dbaron, r=vlad, a=beltzner
6e8948fe690fjag — Bug 416998: Fix the order of member variable initializers for a few constructors. Places this time. r=sayrer, a=schrep
5efa2d7d163ejruderman — Add crashtest
0095dfe7953abrendan — Beware non-native objects along scope and proto chains in property cache hit testing (418540, r=shaver).
8f750adad639joshmoz — protect against obj-c exceptions in the "extensions" dir. p=shebs b=417563 r=josh sr=roc
2b49e8083d94bmlk — adding crashtests
85b5439188ecbmlk — expand the cellmap to cover empty content rows when rebuilding the cellmap bug 351326 r/sr=bzbarsky a=mtschrep
42fd1dcee6d2brendan — jorendorff's JS_DEBUG_TITLE_LOCKS patch (417818, r=shaver).
176c7a4fceb4dougt — Fixing build bustage on ubuntu in configure. b=418775.
5f6e81a0191cjoshmoz — back out previous chicken, we need some build work done first
90653d003d2fjoshmoz — protect against obj-c exceptions in "extensions" dir. b=417563 r=josh sr=roc
1e83be90f9acjdaggett — Bug 417444. Load in other font family names lazily to avoid doing expensive name table reads at startup. Now with no-leak technology. r+sr=roc
a412af76c350mozilla mano — Bug 389290 - Bookmarks Menu - dropmarker missing. Patch from Simon Bunzli <> and Marco Bonardo [mak77] <>, r=me.
cd6a2e5b164egavin — Back out bug 418069 because it causes a crash on startup for Camino
43ee98bfdfc1mozilla mano — Bug 413066 - Bookmark Contextual Dialog: Tags text field should be self describing. patch from Michael Schonfeld <>, r=me, ui-r=mconnor, a=beltzner.
b4aed431323cmozilla mano — Bug 239429 - display URL in status bar while using bookmark & history sidebars. patch from Michael Schonfeld <>, r=me, a=beltzner.
2db3139686b5edward lee — Bug 417810 - Frequently Visited Pages Disappear From Location Bar Autocomplete. r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner
8d472495b774edward lee — Bug 418738 - Results visited from google are hard to find in the location bar. b=417810, r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner
29260a6517e9edward lee — Bug 418739 - The same invalid and old frecencies keep getting updated over and over again. b=417810, r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner
d13f4e877bb1bclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - update public failures, no bug, not part of the build
7a93173b7622dveditz — bug 415034 prevent URIs with userinfo but no username. r=biesi, sr=bsmedberg, blocking1.9+
5576e6e9cd3fjoshmoz — protect against obj-c exceptions. b=417558 r=bent sr=roc
882c721db31ejdaggett — Bug 417444. Backing out due to leakage.
64a36885c64bjdaggett — Bug 417444. Load in other font family names lazily to avoid doing expensive name table reads at startup. r+sr=roc
260b3ebf1450joshmoz — protect against obj-c exceptions, b=417558 r=bent sr=roc
8e03c3e34259ted mielczarek — bug 361343 - make profiledbuild work on windows. r=bsmedberg
c7f0c21502fccrowder — Bug 418069 - js1_5/Regress/regress-379245.js FAIL - browser - bad this, patch by mrbkap, r=brendan, sr=jst, a1.9=brendan
e1d964870e16crowder — Bug 418638 - various bugs in JS shell scatter() and sleep(), patch by Jason Orendorff <>, r=crowder, a=NPOTB
74b5d723af8actalbert — bug 413742 addressing nit, r=alice
98a7938432d9jst — Landing fix for bug 418377. Don't run code on invalid contextx. Patch by,
7801f34da1c3ctalbert — Bug 413742 Improve handling for URLs with spaces in minotaur r=alice
faf426f04975dougt — xslt doesn't build on Windows Mobile. r=jonas, a=beltzner
463822bab8aadougt — disable download scanner on windows mobile r=bsmedberg, a=beltzner
ab8525079cfcdougt — disable autodialer in windows mobile. r=bsmedberg, a=beltzner
20503a4c409edougt — layout insepctor build bustage when building on windows mobile. r=dbaron, a=beltzner
a7115acb8d54dougt — configure changes required for building on windows mobile. r=bsmedberg, a=beltzner
5d4c20b6f2d9enndeakin — Bug 413268, fix orange by including borders in calculations
c10a9df823d6gavin — Bug 418682: teach compare-locales to ignore the protocol handler prefs, as it does with other prefs that aren't required, r=bsmedberg, a=NPOTB
8a433dfb5fa5igor — bug=418614 r=mrbkap a1.9=brendan fixing JSOP_EXPORTALL regression spotted by mrbkap
d9f5acbb4619bmlk — make the lineiterator interface for tables a little more sane bug 388700 r/sr=roc a=mtschrep
e42675262ed4enndeakin — Bug 413268, clientX/clientY properties not working for tooltip popupshowing event, r=smaug,sr=neil
806755bd1bb1crowder — Bug 418616 - fix use of uninitialized data in js_CheckAccess, patch by Blake Kaplan <>, r+=shaver, a+=brendan
cee4ceaaf2ddbzbarsky — Adding one more test.
49ddc8ff0166bzbarsky — Adding test.
d64656fdbd51enndeakin — Bug 415772, use XMLHttpRequest to load xml datasources, r=smaug,sr=peterv
8f821ea8c2f5bent mozilla — Bug 417534 - "XUL Tooltips keep windows alive until shutdown". r=enn, sr=peterv, a=blocking1.9+.
94df146373b0mozilla mano — Bug 406280 - Hovering over URL in autocomplete should produce a tooltip. patch from Michael Schonfeld <>, ui-r=mconnor, r=me.
1fb4aeb0216adougt — Adding map functionality. Including stub Usp10.h. NPODB
209b3fea85fddougt — Updates for Windows Mobile shunt and toolchain. NPODB.
84bc5d077007bent mozilla — Bug 417566 - 'protect against Obj-C exceptions in "toolkit" top-level directory'. r=josh, sr=roc, a=blocking1.9+.
b80880a50ea8bent mozilla — Bug 417562 - 'protect against Obj-C exceptions in "modules" top-level directory'. r=josh, sr=roc, a=blocking1.9+.
aecbc161d5d1mozilla mano — Bug 416381 - Organize > Move bookmark to Toolbar Folder results in misplaced bookmark. r=dietrich.
b5c9b4af9d03mozilla mano — Bug 418120 - Double click on bookmark item in places library does not open in main window. r=dietrich.
40614e1cdb5edbaron — Stop working around bug 417339 now that it's fixed. Not part of default build.
e37ee68e2651dbaron — Call cancel() if we can't show the helper app dialog, so we break cycles, avoid leaks, and don't continue doing the download. b=417949 sr=bzbarsky a=schrep
949ab141af52bclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - handle malformed log files, bug 418617
b0763558fe56bclary — Sisyphus - should flush stdout before terminating process, bug 418474, r=coop
69413c47599dted mielczarek — bug 415928 - fix packaging of CRT with jemalloc - fix CRT linkage. r=bsmedberg
486dec2b5808reed — Bug 395983 - "Duplicated Flash menus using r60(+) of Flash player" (do native drawing instead) [ (Matthew Gregan) r=vlad sr=roc a=blocking1.9+]
344ce1824973reed — Bug 404879 - "ActionMonkey: Modify js/src to use new thread-safe MMgc APIs" (tests) [ (Jason Orendorff) r=bc a1.9=schrep]
2bc4faa8010dreed — Bug 404879 - "ActionMonkey: Modify js/src to use new thread-safe MMgc APIs" [ (Jason Orendorff) r+a1.9=brendan]
4c1ae8501eefreed — Bug 412985 - "Provide stubs for JS_THREADSAFE APIs in non-JS_THREADSAFE builds" [ (Jason Orendorff) r+a1.9=brendan]
09fd4969c7d6reed — Back out patch from Theppitak Karoonboonyanan in bug 157546 due to test failures.
edb8ad41a36breed — Rev IID from bug 412920 changes.
4d4576e5c50creed — Bug 414575 - "The initial size of the library window cannot be specified" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=dietrich a=blocking-firefox3+]
faaabe94df75reed — Bug 157546 - "[CTL-Thai] IM: <delete> key should delete WHOLE Thai "display cell"" [ (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
0a4f4ab108a5reed — Bug 416927 - "Re-fix the dropmarker appearance in the places organizer menubar" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=Mano a1.9=schrep a=blocking-firefox3+]
b8224b5ace9breed — Bug 406528 - "if a page has no title (including a redirect) we need to clear the previous title" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=dietrich a=blocking-firefox3+]
e29d145c54e8reed — Bug 415810 - "Respect the user's settings of icons in menus" [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=roc r=Enn a1.9=schrep]
73b8e4877ed3reed — Bug 355477 - "map mouse buttons 8-9 to back/forward" [ (Olivier Crête) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
1d875647f331reed — Bug 417339 - "dynamic changes to xlink:href of svg:feImage don't cause update" [ (KUROSAWA, Takeshi) r=longsonr sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
8ba015f3b0a9reed — Bug 381956 - "xpcshell doesn't exit after closing browser window when running Mochitest" [ (Sylvain Pasche) r+a1.9=sayrer]
2264013cfa4areed — Bug 418172 - "Crash when pressing "menu" key on keyboard [@ nsWindow::~nsWindow()]" [ (Matthew Gregan) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
88bdd7cce904reed — Bug 403574 - ""ASSERTION: Infinite loop! Calling EnsureScriptEnvironment() from within EnsureScriptEnvironment()!" with XBL, <frame>" [ (Johnny Stenback [jst]) r+sr=bzbarsky (DEBUG builds only)]
3c4b26b13194reed — Bug 416891 - "Change the width of the main div for wide-screen displays in about.css" [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
870392da5874nrthomas — Bug 410006, don't hardcode firefox in details url, r=rhelmer
c9f626327064reed — Bug 417152 - "move the Home button only if the bookmarks toolbar is visible" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
ee4716e892fcreed — Bug 412920 - "[contenteditable] editable elements cannot be edited anymore after page refresh" [ (Chris Pearce [cpearce]) / (Peter Van der Beken) r+sr=jst a=blocking1.9+]
4f59a0446e87reed — Bug 417901 - "Reporter: URL field is missing accesskey" [ (Vlado Valastiak [wladow]) r=raccettura a1.9=schrep]
fac7fa6ef16ereed — Bug 418076 - "Add many missing words to spellcheck dictionary" (Dictionary mega-update v1) [ (Ryan VanderMeulen) r+sr=mscott a1.9=schrep]
954d03a6e1dbreed — Bug 396679 - "wrong line ending of toolkit\crashreporter\google-breakpad\src\common\windows\ and toolkit\crashreporter\client\resource.h" [ (Roy Tam)]
92d0e54615bfreed — Bug 418269 - "keyword (alias) search not working for search engines using post method" [ (Malte Kraus) r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
008b7c981c42reed — Bug 418463 - "now that the adjacent sibling selector is updated dynamically, remove the hack from bug 393718" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=Mano a1.9=beltzner]
72b48e67d494igor — bug=418456 r,a1.9=brendan Fixing asserts in js_PutBlockObject
16272bba5ce1Callek — remove dos newlines, rs=reed
14c1e5ac32d4Callek — Bug 418287 - nsIFeedEntry.published does not recognize <pubDate>, r=sayrer, a=mtschrep
bb948d0e8bcbsurkov alexander — Bug 417122 - More prbool misuse in accessibility, patch=Taras Glek, r=aaronlev, a=mtschrep
25926871d521surkov alexander — Bug 417363 - Alt text added via JavaScript is not picked up by screen readers, patch=aaronlev, r=marcoz, a=mtschrep
30d1c25e2e71masayuki — Bug 348341 "Reverse conversion" doesn't work by Kotoeri(Japanese input). r=josh+peterv+roc, sr=roc, b1.9=pavlov
3f626d2077d4jruderman — Add crashtest
0b329d9345acmasayuki — Bug 417315 Cannot use IME menus during IME transaction #2 r=peterv+enndeakin, sr=peterv, a1.9=beltzner
50defedcb2aejruderman — Add reftests.
6eaca2a48371masayuki — Bug 417315 Cannot use IME menus during IME transaction #1 r=josh+roc, sr=roc, a1.9=beltzner
b60c24139c36fantasai cvs — switch GetOverflowAreaProperty callers to GetOverflowRect b=417116 r+sr=roc a=roc
5cf1f4a1ae46ajschult — Bug 418175: popup attribute test fails if context menu is too big, r=enndeakin
78fb59be6b9dphilringnalda — Bug 418012 - Friulian (fur) missing from (accept) language options, r=smontagu, a=schrep
cdc48472d179philringnalda — Bug 418032 - Don't build an interface to a disabled crashreporter, r=ted, a=schrep
06e0f48f1464dmose — Fix SunOS build bustage + wrongly typed return value in landing of bug 395277, a=build-bustage
80a721e6db1djag — Bug 415142: Mozilla build broken in mozilla/js/src/jsgc.c:2217. All the compilers we support can handle long long, so just go with that. Also remove ifdefs for compilers we no longer care about. r=/a=brendan
b3bf015414dbcrowder — Bug 418515 - Better management of parent-finding, needed for new arrays implementation, r/a+=brendan
fceac97e2b4bdmose — Add an l10n strategy for web-based protocol handler updating (bug 395277); r=myk, sr=biesi, r=gavin (for browser/ pieces), a=blocking-1.9+; late-l10n checkin
b99e687758b2bzbarsky — Adding sanity tests.
a30e906712d1bzbarsky — Fix line numbering in JS components so it's not off by 1. Bug 418491, r+sr+a=brendan
e649baab110ajoshmoz — focus ring cut off when autocomplete goes away on 10.4. Also optimize top-level window ::Show to be cheap when asked to go into the same state it is already in. b=417124 r=hwaara sr=roc
6fb0e3389728joshmoz — nsnull version of wrapping macros. b=417563 sr=roc
774bc453897froc+ — Bug 418158. nsIDOMSVGComponentTransferFunctionElement should not export the non-scriptable internal-use-only GenerateLookupTable function. r=rlongson,sr=pavlov,a=beltzner
b17a69013fcfroc+ — Bug 416204. feFlood should not support an in1 property, this was a bug in the SVG spec that is being fixed. r=rlongson,sr=pavlov,a=beltzner
f292e9dbe437mozilla mano — Bug 415390 - refreshing a livebookmark in a bookmark menu's submenu throws 'Container view not found'. r=dietrich.
98ee5e860f20roc+ — Bug 261081. Support official 'pre-wrap' value for CSS 'white-space' since we already support it well as '-moz-pre-wrap'. r+sr=dbaron,a=schrep
b8474ffff102jonas — Bug 416036, add back interface that fell out. r/sr=jst
575ab9887c3bsayrer — Bug 417052. Adjust JS_GC heuristic. Patch by Igor Bukanov <>. r/a=brendan
5ec2d002f2d8brendan — Fix untagged boolean stored as jsval bug (418504, r=jwalden).
966bb0d78337dolske — Bug 418519 - minor formatting nits in Login Manager source code. Not worth r/a.
3fa4dd055161dolske — Bug 414186 - slow loop code in nsICODecoder? r=stuart. a1.9=schrep
f273cd19c3b2bent mozilla — Add missing file from the last checkin, bug 392322
41acaef813e4bent mozilla — Bug 392322 - "XMLHttpRequest crashes on local file retrieval [@ nsCrossSiteListenerProxy::OnStartRequest]". r+sr=sicking, a=blocking1.9+.
e316520b1b44vladimir — b=418353, sync up cairo to 1.5.8-87-g21049a9 imported patch 418353-cairo-upgrade.patch
2a4550a18d31jst — Landing fix for bug 410010. Make exceptions thrown during even handling always get reported once the event handler has run. Patch by,
b94c700f3857bent mozilla — Bug 417840 - "ASSERTION: Shouldn't be observing anymore" removing 'ref' attribute. r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9+.
98c806b8331fbent mozilla — Bug 417383 - Remove useless warning. r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9+.
b0a1c0b7ffdcOlli Pettay — Bug 390813, r=neil, sr=jst
23788bb94e6fjoshmoz — more obj-c exception protection. b=417558 r=shebs sr=roc
f4b7b29ee7bbbclary — JavaScript Tests - add js1_5/Regress/regress-416628.js to the performance tests, bug 416628
4ab6a246b460bclary — JavaScript Tests - update to remove failures due to change in expected behavior, bug 345855
10a28f38a6b0mozilla — Bug 415686: remove FONT_LEADING_APIS_V2 ifdefs which are no longer useful for cairo builds. Also remove related functions and tests. r/sr=dbaron, r=pavlov, a=beltzner
3ad9dc395834dbaron — Expose GetBodyContent and use it to avoid performance hit of nsIDOMHTMLDocument::GetBody. b=331530 r+sr=sicking a=schrep
4a945f737c68dbaron — Fix reftests that depended on bug 379461.
c4b9e1ec4695dbaron — Treat backgrounds on body the same in XHTML as for HTML. b=379461 r+sr=bzbarsky a=schrep
f511da014c70dbaron — Add iframe wrappers for viewport scrollbar tests, since viewport scrollbars don't seem to show up in reftest framework.
61e5e1ff7253bzbarsky — Adding test
27ca28934b28bzbarsky — Make sure that <frame>s don't fall through to nsLeafFrame sizing, unlike <iframe>s. Bug 414322, r+sr=dbaron, a=schrep.
1b077683d70bbzbarsky — Don't parse "style" attributes in data documents unless someone asks for .style. Bug 418214, r+sr=peterv, a=schrep
ad0c45d553efbent mozilla — Bug 416066, disable bad tests for bug 399606. r=dietrich, a=blocking-firefox3+.
35c68e0c1a57dbaron — Back out for now, until I have a chance to fix reftests depending on old behavior.
bdc2bf05c5c7dbaron — Expose GetBodyContent and use it to avoid performance hit of nsIDOMHTMLDocument::GetBody. b=331530 r+sr=sicking a=schrep
77a6d664041bdbaron — Treat backgrounds on body the same in XHTML as for HTML. b=379461 r+sr=bzbarsky a=schrep
2d84d1cf7137johnath — Larry UI for Owner shows "No Information Provided," but Page Info says differently. b=415282, r=gavin, ui-r=beltzner, a=schrep
6074bc256e69johnath — Clicking site/identity button should restore location bar contents. b=406779, p=Ehsan Akhgari, r=mano, a=schrep
63aee8cb8e19surkov alexander — Bug 417317 - Certain types of LISTITEM accessibles no longer get attributes set like "x of y", regression from fix for bug 389926, r=marcoz, a=mtschrep
057effe23636Olli Pettay — Back out Bug 380454
310559e93835Olli Pettay — Bug 417384, r+sr=peterv, a=mtschrep
01eb3f6401d5Olli Pettay — Bug 380454, r=benjamin, sr=sicking
0521f93cf8fbOlli Pettay — Bug 380454, r=benjamin, sr=sicking
2db1177c190digor — Bug 416439. Using goto error in the interpreter to shrink code size. r,a1.9=brendan
fb74a211c4c0ginn chen — Bug 415069 ARIA alerts triggering events with :system p=aaronleventhal r=ginn.chen a=mtschrep
9d1e3ca006c6roc+ — Bug 399852. #ifdef out logging code, since this checkin is going to stick
270aef65d22fjag — Bug 399852. Experimental relanding to collect data from centos5.
c2925228a4b2roc+ — Bug 399852. Experimental relanding to collect data from centos5.
54b053f2f2e9surkov alexander — Bug 365973 - cant expose <listbox> with multiple columns, r=evan.yan, a=mtschrep
fd041ebe5680bzbarsky — Adding test
959e904ee82ajag — Bug 416998: Fix the order of member variable initializers for a few constructors. sr=bz, a=schrep
9723c3958c8eEvan Yan — Bug 417329 - No longer creating accessibles for the Thunderbird Addressing Widget, effective January 22, 2008. r=ginn.chen a=mtschrep
0c2a2179ad94dbaron — Fix handling of dynamic changes for advanced CSS selectors (and avoid the cost of doing so in the normal case). b=401291, 75386, 98997, 229915, 404418 (blocking1.9+) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9+ on 404418
97fd1516d7a3jag — Bug 418026: Unconditionally include prio.h and prbit.h in gfxColor.h. sr=dbaron, a=schrep
2812a560e29cbrendan — Property-cache dense array methods in JSOP_CALLPROP (418239, r=shaver).
6756fa154d97dbaron — Increase size of non-default pixel value of line-height since current was occasionally the default. b=418190 a=Tests (not part of default build).
8336abc140d3dbaron — In JS_PrintTraceThingInfo, only print the contents of JSSLOT_PRIVATE if it represents the class's private rather than the first slot. b=417972 r=igor a=DEBUG-only (not part of the default build)
bfa4d56f6552dbaron — Fix handling of dynamic changes for advanced CSS selectors (and avoid the cost of doing so in the normal case). b=401291, 75386, 98997, 229915, 404418 (blocking1.9+) r+sr=bzbarsky a=blocking1.9+ on 404418
3be787295772brendan — Relaxd ES4-like yield parsing for JS1.8 (384991, r=mrbkap).
ee1d91fae69fmrbkap — Avoid calling js_ComputeThis when we don't have to from js_Invoke. bug 417947, r+a=brendan
ea16e1844aa6shaver — Fix js_CheckAccess to handle use in non-native objects' ops, fixing test-suite regressions from native-arrays landing. r=mrbkap, a=brendan.
94ddd7303816joshmoz — backing out 417124, unit test failure.
f0de7d958ccbjoshmoz — Aqua focus ring is cut off after form autocomplete goes away, second pass. Includes some code by hwaara from bug 392813. b=417124 r=hwaara sr=roc
7ff7a8e35cefvladimir — b=418311, disable coalesced updates on mac, r=roc
f2bfeca819b5Olli Pettay — Bug 417699, [@ nsXULTreeBuilder::SetTree], r+sr=sicking, a=mconnor
cd38daef5f75crowder — Bug 417999 - removed JS_ArenaFreeAllocation, r+/a+=brendan
dff50cd33647crowder — Bug 417995 - SpanDeps allocation does not use JSArenas anymore, r+/a+=brendan
f3fa0f0a7091shaver — Implement optimized object-ops for dense arrays, b=322889, r+a=brendan.
df22702ce696roc+ — Remove unused nsISVGFilter
688c57c52bbejag — Bug 417477: Mingw build error in ../mozilla/js/src/jslock.c: syntax error., r=jag, a=brendan
fa5d155244dfbrendan — Guard property cache tests with native ops or obj guards (417981, r=shaver).
c7ebfbdf5dddjoshmoz — obj-c exceptions work. b=417558 r=shebs sr=roc
a4d151b78e2bnrthomas — Bug 401202, quoting fix
03fb8da8716enrthomas — Bug 401202, disable talkback symbol push for nightlies, r pending
634eceec5cdbcltbld — "Automated configuration bump, release for thunderbird"
99e8dd92cfe9cltbld — "Automated configuration bump, release for thunderbird"
41982e9f41bacltbld — "Automated configuration bump, release for thunderbird"
79a6f23b50a8bclary — JavaScript Test - regression test for bug 416628, by Brendan Eich
07fd7b881a45bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 415922, by Joachim Kuebart
7d51f413ad52bclary — JavaScript Test - regression test for bug 416460, by Jesse Ruderman
1a6548605c66bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 416601, by Igor Bukanov
75d06bf56a87jag — Bug 73353: Clean up our MODULE/REQUIRES story. rs=dbaron, a=brendan
400efde3d704roc+ — Bug 414784. Relanding SVG filter rework with additional fix. Lets us compute SVG work surface sizes smaller than the filter effects region, and fixes many filter correctness bugs. r=rlongson,sr=pavlov
d9f208dd755ebrendan — Use JS_PropertyStub for in-language bindings, for best property cache hit rates (416931, r=mrbkap).
f623af4cf92asdwilsh — Bug 327331 - nsNavHistory::Init allows improper initialization. r=bsmedberg
7b1d8c19efb9roc+ — Backing out 414784
c06fd5c69740roc+ — Backing out 414784
d4f78a843d4croc+ — Backing out 414784 due to crashtest failure.
99c156d0abc5dbaron — Remove some commented-out filters that shouldn't have worked in the first place, and improve comments. Not part of the build.
7f8c737b196ebrendan — Recover trapped opcode in js_GetIndexFromBytecode (416665, r=igor).
8a5440863badroc+ — Fixing typo
546ed6ed8fe9roc+ — Reftest suite for SVG filters (bug 414784)
d06664ad9eecroc+ — Bug 414784. Lots of SVG filter fixes plus a framework for analyzing the filter primitive graph, which we use to compute smaller surface sizes than the filter effects region. r=rlongson,sr=pavlov
37c9be1d5d3cbrendan — Lazy ComputeGlobalThis required now in fast native implementations (417893, r=mrbkap).
ceddc8d20bf1brendan — Fix misindented code (418049, r=igor).
485e35ddff0ekarlt+ — back out gfxFontGroup::MakeTextRun with individual words. b=416725, due to performance regression on Windows.
1ac2b3c1cfe1karlt+ — gfxFontGroup::MakeTextRun with individual words. b=416725, r=roc
89ccde86b549roc+ — Bug 416782. Rename isLocallyAvailable to mozIsLocallyAvailable because it's not part of any spec (yet). r+sr=jst
3eb685713ccfroc+ — Bug 374141. When printing on Windows, use an effective DPI of 144 instead of whatever the printer is. This makes native theme pixels be a reasonable size. r=stuart
ed8735986305bzbarsky — Adding test
efaebf7b9dc7bugzilla — Bug 418006 Fix null-param crash in morkRowCellCursor::NextCell p=Joshua Cranmer <>,r/sr=bienvenu NPOTFFB
f6abc53651fdbclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - update known failures, no bug, not part of the build
f060a09ab10epeterv — Fix for bug 417941 (regexp:match function use gives error). r/sr=sicking.
9091db6893d3timeless — Bug 416981 CheckLeakedRoots should specify which JSRuntime is leaking r=brendan a=brendan
50cebe572365mozilla mano — Bug 405198 - Cannot drag and drop folders / items in Places Organizer. r=mconnor.
7e7edaca9b8egavin — Bug 417143: don't add multiple entries with the same name to the "Add search engine" dropdown, r=rflint, a=beltzner
97e891308ba4mats palmgren — Avoid divide by zero and make negative values for -moz-column-gap/width invalid. b=416088 r+sr=roc a=mtschrep
1066bd527c81jst — Backing out fixes for bug 416931 due to the JS property tree blowing up in size due to this change.
7b1fe985dc60reed — Bug 415367 - "ieTab extension not working due to use of ":" in chrome URIs" (adding test only) [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r+sr=dveditz]
84736821b5d7reed — Bug 417615 - "js.c doesn't build under MOZ_SHARK" [ (Jason Orendorff) r+a1.9=brendan]
a0a124087ebcreed — Bug 416958 - "Update header names" [ (Surya Ismail) r+sr=sicking a=blocking1.9+]
51f3dbddfe78reed — Bug 414389 - "M3 Windows icons" (New toolbar icons) [p=Iconfactory ui-r=faaborg a=blocking-firefox3+]
2dda8388dd0cmats palmgren — Remove remaining support for proportional length values (unused). b=341683 r+sr=dbaron r=sicking a=mtschrep
fae09a0ebadamats palmgren — Some broken fonts specify a negative subscript offset, use the absolute value for compat reasons. b=410917 r=vladimir sr=pavlov a=beltzner
5b3f13678e6bmats palmgren — Initialize mDownloadFonts to fix an UMR. b=413255 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9
7ce2abc0c6dated mielczarek — bug 240267 - link error when doing make profiledbuild. r=bsmedberg
5b2d273ccec2bclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - update known failures to match new time out variables, no bug, not part of the build
908e961dc572jruderman — Make gSerialCounter defined only ifdef DEBUG to silence a warning. Followup to bug 416939.
3326337af113brendan — Defend against compiler pseudo-frames (417944, r=shaver).
d914d569122ajoshmoz — back out focus ring clipping fix from bug 417124
9170a6b47f5abclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - add timeout for js1_6/extensions/regress-385393-08.js due to bug 417916
9c3013becd2cbclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - lower timeout to 2 minutes, bug 417932, not part of the build
3a63414aa9c2masayuki — Bug 392785 overflowed underline sometimes is not repainted at scrolling r+sr=roc b1.9=dbaron
764126c17564bclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - update known failures for windows, no bug, not part of the build
3c650181f6b5brendan — Don't lock non-native objects (417819, r=mrbkap).
1458fabf0e26bzbarsky — Fixing build bustage
33054ccd27a9jruderman — Add crashtest
cdd4eeea471bbzbarsky — Allow JS 1.7 in XBL. Bug 389322, r=brendan, sr=jst, a=brendan
efd8900c768fbrendan — Optimize ComputeGlobalThis (395993, r=mrbkap).
dc3911c73552pavlov — bug 417163. fix race in realloc when using the junk option. patch from Jason Evans <>. r/sr=me
0a498d0c99fejwalden — Fix an incorrect dependency rule from the last commit. r=orange
c0aae3ba5b6ajwalden — Document SJS availability in reftests, for righteous CGI functionality without the thoroughly sucky API. r=dbaron
811d63c2d0f7jwalden — Bug 417491 - Element.setAttribute(':', ...) throws DOMException INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR. r+sr=peterv, a=beltzner
a7ed9fecbae9dcamp — Bug 406856: url-classifier not properly handling expiration chunk lists. r=tony, blocking-firefox3=mconnor
662bde4ab231peterv — Fix DEBUG_CC builds.
ed4957b534eadolske — Bug 411626 - Need regression tests for JPEG image decoding.
b02d8872598djst — Landing for bug 417387, followup fixes for bug 416931. Patch by,
7d03ce447802masayuki — Bug 402524 Need to correct the Metrics for fonts in XP level r=pavlov, b1.9=vlad
e070becd3889reed — Back out Theppitak Karoonboonyanan's patch from bug 157546 due to a regression (bug 417745).
1d5fe66335f4joshmoz — fix focus ring clipping with form autocomplete on 10.4. b=417124 r=smichaud sr=roc
1a66650b891edietrich — Bug 409945 ? Charset annotations created on import should be itemAnnotations (for marco bonardo, r=dietrich)
f6d0f64d18c0nrthomas — Bug 417703, PatcherConfig doesn't use a product and version specific working directory, r=rhelmer
a13f792b8ca6aaronleventhal — bug 417500. Crash [ @ CAccessibleText::get_attributes ]. r=surkov, a=beltzner
da93b81df4ccpeterv — Fix for bug 405128 (Remove some nsDeque use from cycle collector). r/sr=dbaron, a=beltzner.
8e023ae5c0caigor — Bug 416601: property cache is properly disabled under with statements with generators. r=brendan a1.9=blocking1.9
4030429c22cashaver — back out for mochitest failures in prototype
62a0daeadfa9shaver — Bug 322889: implement specialized storage and operations for JS arrays; r+a=brendan.
8bb7540dd186reed — Bug 157546 - "[CTL-Thai] IM: <delete> key should delete WHOLE Thai "display cell"" [ (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
bb236428a18creed — Bug 406474 - "Native GTK look for toolbar arrows" [ (Teune van Steeg) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
3fb051043095reed — Bug 414842 - "Unified Back-/Forward button isn't Fittsy (anymore)" [ (William R. "Xer" Cope) r=gavin a1.9=beltzner]
85f67b6d3cb8reed — Bug 416903 - "[sk] DOMi update for bug 413605 and bug 393820" [ (Vlado Valastiak [wladow]) r=rado a1.9=beltzner]
29a262061741jdaggett — Bug 416062. Test all faces for a given codepoint, not just the first one. r+sr=roc
55ed29db33b5philringnalda — Bug 417436 - Packaging cleanup for crashreporter.xpt, r=ted, a=beltzner
c49445dde974philringnalda — Bug 416799 - Buttons in Page Info's Security tab are streched vertically when text wraps, r=gavin, a=schrep
71e5a2c9d4cbpavlov — bug 407462. CJK perf issue due to Uniscribe. Fast path around it when we know we can. r=roc
14a6da8ce102bzbarsky — Change the nsICSSParser::Parse() API so that we don't hand out a stylesheet; require a stylesheet to be set before calling Parse(). Bug 404315, r+sr=dbaron, a=beltzner
07f7ab62a141bzbarsky — Make sure that changes to the "span" attribute on a colgroup actually work. Bug 404309, r=bernd, sr=dbaron, a=beltzner
2e36ddcd1289bzbarsky — Adding crashtest
63619976d8e2bzbarsky — Make sure to not set a negative computed width. Bug 403576, r+sr=dbaron, a=beltzner
da2b12b01c59gavin — Back out bug 322889 due to jQuery unit test failures
e2fc58b7d81aroc+ — Bug 415684. nsAutoRepeatBoxFrame should not pretend to be refcounted. Clean up nsRepeatService so it doesn't refcount its callbacks. r+sr=mats
3ca4d23e91ebjruderman — Add reftests
5ccfa05ed96cshaver — Bug 322889: implement specialized storage and operations for JS arrays; r+a=brendan
4914e6996bd0shaver — Bug 416675: refactor JSScope locking for reuse on non-native objects. r+a=brendan.
3c49be62d4f7jwalden — Bug 414122 - Packaging changes to no longer ship an effective TLD list as a separate file, since we compile the data into necko now. r=notworthsomeonestimetoreview, a=blocker
e65e68ff78e4jag — Bug 417419: You too can solve global-warming without making the JS_INLINE macro ugly. r=/a=brendan
a0abcd78bd3bjruderman — Add crashtest
331336468ae7jwalden — Bug 414122 - Preprocess effective TLD data into C++ code (eliminate file I/O to read, move parsing out of C++, remove an arena, etc.). r=dwitte, sr=bsmedberg, a=blocker
4d80582f2aa5mattwillis — Bug 390060 - Ensure default browser dialog appears after restoring from a session restore. Patch by Manish Singh <> r=zeniko ui-r=beltzner a1.9=beltzner
d8828fe934adjoshmoz — Opt-click in scroll well should toggle Next Page/Jump to Here behavior, not Shift-Click. Patch by Stan Shebs. b=410112 r=josh sr=roc
0c4afb0be87fenndeakin — Bug 415503, crash with popupgroup, r+sr=bz
f5821b06fe5cOlli Pettay — Bug 409111, WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR on unattached nodes through getBoxObjectFor, r+sr=sicking, a=mtschrep
4f425e06dbbcreed — Bug 44781 - "Support CMYK, YCCK JPEGs" [ (Alfred Kayser) r=stuart a1.9=schrep]
35f32990e4dbroc+ — Enable reftest for bug 400813
63171a7eaa63dietrich — Backing out bug 409945 due to failed unit tests.
3d7db7966470rhelmer — prepare bootstrap configs for 1.8 nightly release automation rollout b=417147 r=nthomas
cd99d5b9ecafflorian — Bug 416899 - invalid handlers listed in the Application Details dialog. r=Mano, a1.9=beltzner
4a47fb91dd52dietrich — Bug 409945 ? Charset annotations created on import should be itemAnnotations (was: Clear private data doesn't force smart bookmarks to rebuild) (r=dietrich)
1bda4a6be1dfdietrich — Bug 415201 ? Firefox shutdowns very slow and with 100% CPU (r=marco, r=mano)
4ce9ee44d078reed — Bug 416956 - ""Changing the default values" in about:config warning doesn't make a whole lot of sense" [p=reed r+ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
5d25bc7b76a1bclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - update known failures list, no bug, not part of the build
3d365540d0e3dtownsend — Bug 417055 - "Remove crashes" prompt is missing a period. r+ui-r+a=beltzner
014072936108igor — Bug 416354: optimizing switch cases in the inetrpreter, r,a1.9=brendan
99e6172c1d7dbenjamin — Bug 416463 - remove badly-duplicated or unused files from xpcom/obsolete/component to fix errors with gcc4.2+ (hidden visibility), r=luser
1a71cbe504a3reed — Bug 345080 - "Allow use of external hunspell library" [ (Mike Hommey) r=mscott sr=bsmedberg a1.9=schrep]
070b02f9d601reed — Bug 400664 - "Cannot drag folders in Bookmarks menu" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=Mano a=blocking-firefox3+]
48b6c7769a6areed — Bug 402898 - "JS_YieldRequest doesn't do scope-sharing" [ (Jason Orendorff) r+a1.9=brendan]
19130f42d325reed — Bug 417279 - "Locationbar autocomplete dropdown background is bright white when it should be gray" (make the richlistbox transparent again) [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9=beltzner]
680f1692d750reed — Bug 412207 - nsSocketTransport::OnSocketDetached should null out mCallbacks and mEventSink [ (Christian :Biesinger) r=Silver sr=sicking a=blocking1.9+]
d1d0847a66a5surkov alexander — Bug 416553 - option to run accessibility tests, r=rcampbell
e18651c2f270roc+ — Bug 400813, check in the right version of the patch
d114d3473d70roc+ — Bug 400813. Text with font-size:0 should not make a line be treated as empty. r+sr=dbaron
4b8107db146evladimir — Disable some canvas tests, pending investigation
e9eba5274b5bsurkov alexander — Back out bug 416553
a1060856b83avladimir — b=416018, upgrade cairo to 1.5.8-30-g80e11a8 ; r=me
1c23af26cd7fvladimir — b=414511, misc canvas code cleanup, r=stuart
b8eb0d5a18devladimir — b=416181, animated image used as repeated background broken ; r=stuart
44e773c623advladimir — b=406334, crash in canvas drawWindow ; r=roc
8f53fbe12d63vladimir — b=417115, animated image causes recursion during shutdown ; r=stuart
1e6defc96f69vladimir — b=415285, win32 plugin printed is overprinted ; r=stuart
95c177b55957surkov alexander — Bug 416553 - option to run accessibility tests, r=rcampbell
acc636a74423jst — Fixing bug 417266. Don't call IsEventName() with non-string jsvals.
5943e539a3aabrendan — Optimize wrapper creation via JS_NewObjectWithGivenProto, and avoid cycle-check overhead in JS_Set{Prototype,Parent} (408871, r=mrbkap).
2d5191c5c86dbzbarsky — Stop treating _new as a special window target. No other browser does. Bug 417067, r+sr=jst, a=beltzner
2d795dc57782brendan — Must set initial slot value in js_DefineNativeProperty via write barrier (417012, r=shaver).
cf380f444685bclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - update public failures, no bug, not part of the build
22af7d4e18c2bent mozilla — Downgrade this non-fatal assertion to a warning.
fc533764fe88bent mozilla — Fix mano's nit too...
7d9909933221bent mozilla — Bug 416856 - "Download status listener keeps windows alive until app shutdown". r=mano, a=blockinf-firefox3+.
74e7a4a69f96bent mozilla — Bug 416939 - "Broadcast the destruction of DOM windows". r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9+.
b232d8f4f08dbclary — JavaScript Tests - update test due to bug 309894
7c282726cc0fdholbert — Bug 417351: (Linux only) Initialize nsDeviceContextSpecGTK member data to null, fixing crash in destructor when cancelling printing. r+sr=roc, a=blocking1.9+
d5fa1f6b2bc9joshmoz — Infrastructure for catching Obj-C exceptions. Cocoa appshell usage. b=163260 r=shebs sr=roc
f99813402937brendan — Fiddle blank lines botched in my last checkin.
a0c60ae16229crowder — Bug 417100 - Fixing windows build errors
921d17d761edbzbarsky — Make sure to push a null float containing block for <mtd>. Bug 399676, r+sr=roc
2bfe379a633cdbaron — Add my todo list and make a few other tweaks. Not part of the build.
caf9dcf77601crowder — Bug 417100 - more aggressive inlining for jsregexp.c, r=brendan, a1.9=mtschrep
1c2501aed95acrowder — Bug 417077 - more rigorous inlining functionality for JS, r/a1.9=brendan
3936813a3694bzbarsky — Give the prefs stylesheet a .href. Bug 416896, r+sr=dbaron, a=schrep
290678adea38mozilla — [OS/2] Bug 414596: implement nsIdleService on OS/2 (using DSSaver), r=mkaply
19b7e0d0de76bzbarsky — Make sure to not call ContentRemoved outside of an update. Bug 415388, r+sr=jst, a=schrep
32ccd7564a49bclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - improve test timeout handling, bug 417260
bc20e5f67b6bbugzilla — Bug 416712 Drop redundant nsISupportsArray include from libpref. r/sr=benjamin,a1.9=mtschrep
c74d4bf5eea0longsonr — Correct reftest bug numbers
425660589c60longsonr — Correct reftest titles
ad5b76ae70d9kaie — Bug 415213, uninitialized variables in PSM r=rrelyea, a1.9=dsicore
0840ba7c1b04smichaud — Mouse-down doesn't always change focus appropriately. b=413882 r=joshmoz sr=roc
a646605c2405mozilla mano — Bug 415062 - Bookmark this Link - Cancel not working. patch from Michael Schonfeld <>, r=me.
9ede71b73e63mkaply — 416197 - r=sayrer, a=schrep - value excerpting only applies to child nodes
6762a235cd77igor — Bug 309894: non-recursive XML-filtering implementation. r,a1.9=brendan
87f31ecfebd9jag — Bug 416529: Don't include .deps/.all.pp when not needed. r=benjamin, a=pavlov This to prevent unnecessarily generating the file due to the FORCE prereq.
631add95b31fmasayuki — Bug 416551 Cannot use IME on rich formatting editor of gmail (design mode) r+sr=roc, b1.9=dsicore
137955bc862breed — Add missing parentheses to complete cast and fix bustage.
822b8557578creed — Bug 416450 - "Properly annotate recursive make invocation" (Mark MAKE_TIER_SUBMAKEFILES as a recursive make invocation) [ (Jim Blandy) r+a1.9=bsmedberg]
d0718b077840reed — Bug 415262 - "Make general use of new NSPR rotate macros" [ (Steve Snyder) r=wtc sr=dbaron a=blocking1.9+]
0e8661cba008reed — Bug 333308 - "make clean and make distclean miss various files" [ (Mike Hommey) r=bsmedberg a1.9=schrep]
e0167ac2d728reed — Bug 415867 - "AIX Compilation error for trunk build source cairo-gstate.c : line 45.43: 1506-294 (S) Syntax error in expression on #if directive." [ (Shailen) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
19ceaf0cf4f2reed — Bug 411463 - "AIX Compilation error with compiler option -qlanglvl=stdc99 for trunk build source npunix.c : mozilla/modules/plugin/samples/default/unix/npunix.c", line 556.62: 1506-068 (S) Operation between types "void*" and "void*" is not allowed" [ (Shailen) r+sr=jst a1.9=schrep]
397193cfdbbdreed — Add bug number to comment for future reference.
6c1721dbb7bareed — Bug 414314 - "Since landing of bug 193001, I cannot print with HP-Toolbox 2.7.10 or earlier" [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+]
6b5568d0498ereed — Bug 415915 - "Drag / Drop in the Bookmarks Menu is broken" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=dietrich a=blocking-firefox3+]
36c9c1399269reed — Bug 401322 - "missing "Text Size" zoom feature, Full page zoom should be an option not replacement" [ (Elmar Ludwig) ui-r=beltzner r=gavin sr=bzbarsky a1.9=schrep]
a0da312967acreed — Bug 403153 - "Self describing text in the bookmarks organizer search box should be "Search Bookmarks"" [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) ui-r=faaborg r=Mano a1.9=schrep]
cb2eb4aafce5reed — Bug 411289 - "move functional autocomplete style rules to xul.css" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
a5fa403a4045reed — Bug 413324 - "Not all image decoders call 'DecodingComplete', so for these the image is not 'optimized'" (Make the decoders all (except JPEG) use DecodingComplete) [ (Alfred Kayser) r=stuart a=blocking1.9+]
0c833eaaef1dreed — Bug 413933 - "APNGs flash while loading" [ (Alfred Kayser) r=stuart a=blocking1.9+]
d7de4394252areed — Bug 413488 - "nsACString::Find in nsStringAPI is buggy!" [ (Prasad Sunkari [prasad]) r=bsmedberg a=blocking1.9+]
e8cc0f1e6e06reed — Bug 416379 - "correct the numberbox text field's focused setting of bug 409388" [ (Teune van Steeg) r=Enn a1.9=schrep]
71a5b4a17248reed — Bug 327611 - "Firefox dies silently with 0-byte profiles.ini" [ (logan) r=bsmedberg a1.9=beltzner]
2b17593dda6areed — Bug 416510 - "nsSliderFrame should use nsCOMPtr for its mMediator" [ (kayjay) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
456ddd3e311creed — Bug 410075 - "Ctrl-T then Ctrl-K gives address bar focus instead of search field" (Remove setTimeout) [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r=Mano a1.9=schrep]
b6ea9dc89bf9reed — Bug 275753 - "about dialog should not be modal" [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) ui-r=beltzner r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
f7df2b15d3a3reed — Bug 218142 - "Need "Show Image" / "Reload Image" on context menu" [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r=gavin ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
7eb77065fe2creed — Bug 414845 - "Urlbar history dropmarker pushed state" (Make the urlbar history dropmarker stay pushed when history popup is open) [ (Dão Gottwald) r=Enn a1.9=schrep]
e3251d79c899reed — Bug 416906 - "Incorrect preprocessor syntax" (Replace "#endif !" with "#endif /* */") [ (Taras Glek) r=stuart a1.9=schrep]
8f3bca11932creed — Bug 416943 - "Places autocomplete fails without pref values" [ (Matt Crocker) r=dietrich a1.9=schrep]
a5f6d3a5ce5creed — Bug 416731 - "When an update has been downloaded, dialog text refers to a "Later" button, should be "Not Now"" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
931889ceb0eereed — Bug 416710 - "When opening a tab in the foreground, we set selectedTab twice" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
5fa0c47eef87brendan — Patch from Robert Longson <> for _InterlockedCompareExchange on MSVC7.1 (416813, r=me).
6c19e318f888dbaron — Give document a title. Not part of default build.
938965b561f8dbaron — Better comments on the filters, and slightly better highlight.
1849c2922c1bdbaron — A bit of code cleanup and a few comments. Not part of the default build.
ccfc4d9c46e3dtownsend — Bug 414633: Learn More link target area is as wide as Add-ons dialog window. r=robstrong, a=schrep
ef884ee29af6rhelmer — s/MozillaTest/Mozilla1.8-Staging
48b03275d000dtownsend — Bug 414603: Tweak No Preview text in AMO pane. r=robstrong, a=schrep
64be83cab4d1rhelmer — should be testsPhoneHome not runMozillaTests
74e18d700052peterv — Fix for bug 406916 (nsXULElement::AfterSetAttr notifies when it shouldn't). r/sr=sicking
a13c3ba80e38karlt+ — don't pango_font_get_metrics with a NULL language. b=414692 r=pavlov
6d479d6a8f13jag — Bug 362392: stat() optimizations. r=neil, moa=bsmedberg, a=schrep
29ccae62f306dbaron — Forgot license header.
2da3b4779530dbaron — Add first (very rough) cut at a DHTML reftest analyzer tool. Not part of the default build.
db5282e47191smontagu — Make Hebrew list numbering be ordered correctly. Bug 413928, r+sr=roc, blocking1.9=shrep
da2c75db7fcbjag — Bug 416843: generates dependency information that MSYS doesn't understand. r=bsmedberg, a=stuart
507b78965b43jag — Fix static build bustage. r=/sr=/a=pavlov
63feb7cf5e3abent mozilla — Backing out bug 392322 due to test failure.
5d62ecb46375bent mozilla — Disable test until I can figure out why it won't link.
abd56f034910bent mozilla — Bustage fix?
807c0945a74cbent mozilla — Bug 392322 - "XMLHttpRequest crashes on local file retrieval [@ nsCrossSiteListenerProxy::OnStartRequest]". r+sr=sicking, a=blocking1.9+.
5ffa4d998b98brendan — Fix stupidity from patch for 414452 (417144, r=shaver, thanks to vlad for finding).
0721781fd8adbent mozilla — Bug 413447 - "nsXBLDocumentInfo can keep closed global window alive". r=jst, sr=sicking, a=blocking1.9+. Relanding.
064e0bb47650jst — Fixing bug 416931. Make accessing script defined global properties faster.
0b377ed216fajst — Landing fix for bug 414749. Make nsJSUtils::GetCallingLocation deal better with null principals. Patch by,
e741f722413dsurkov alexander — Bug 308564 - No accessibility events when data in a tree row changes, stage 2, r=smaug, sr=jonas, a=mtschrep
9dda4c3b36f6joshmoz — fix filter popup menu in file picker (save dialog, etc.). b=412680 r=kreeger sr=roc
13e3f5346a3ajoshmoz — disable "always raised" "feature" of help on Mac OS X. We'd need a more robust z-level impl for this to work and that is too difficult for this late in the game (Apple bug makes it hard). b=404283 r=mano ui-r=beltzner
2a97a95717c0aaronleventhal — Bug 413675. Incorrect menu events for ARIA dropdown menu. Patch by Alexander Surkov. r=aaronlev, a=schrep
cfa50d46647aaaronleventhal — Bug 416893. Remove aria-secret. r=surkov, a=schrep
065e4ce78fc5dholbert — Bug 415188: Remove duplicate CVS_CO_DATE_FLAGS from cvs checkout commands. r=ted a1.9=schrep
f9bb7e9a5a18brendan — Cope with GC under js_{Find,Lookup}Property in ASSERT_VALID_PROPERTY_CACHE_HIT (417033, r=shaver).
258f5cf5dc2epavlov — bug 417066. disable jemalloc when we're building with trace-malloc. r=ted
51c30c42fc23pavlov — bug 417066. enabling jemalloc by default on linux. r=bsmedberg.
0b39347f0b78jay — *** empty log message ***
082adb4bf4cbjay — [Bug 393440] Added QMO logo to Add-ons manager and bumped version to 0.1.7
feba0f619248rhelmer — add symbolServer and symbolDir b=401202 r=nthomas
99fdd545fea6nrthomas — Bug 417070, automation config bump for Tb2.0.0.12, r=rhelmer
8603da99f5dfbent mozilla — Bug 413447, backing out to see if unit tests pass.
7197d7b4e235aaronleventhal — Backing out bug 416893 because tree was closed.
c5f006cc2195aaronleventhal — Bug 416893. Remove aria-secret. r=surkov, a=schrep
d78ccc003710benjamin — Bustage fix, bug 412320
a9c104723153benjamin — Bug 412320 - generate QI for additional classes which, according to stats, show up in profiles as frequent callers of nsID::Equals, r=biesi,ted,sicking
bd07d0fdd047jwalden — Enable SJS functionality in Mochitests, for server-side scripting of responses. a=testonlychange
162930dd4e31bent mozilla — Bug 413447, SunOS bustage fix?
e07e17ed5066mozilla mano — Bug 413437 - Locking homepage buttons to disable them is broken. patch from Michael Schonfeld <>, r=me.
e799002677c0mkaply — 415974 - r=sayre, a=schrep - Microformats.getParent implemented incorrectly
dcba3f5c1c9dbent mozilla — Bug 413447 - "nsXBLDocumentInfo can keep closed global window alive". r=jst, sr=sicking, a=blocking1.9+.
27b307e3c69bmkaply — 415805 - r=sayrer, a=schrep - if a geo has its own text, don't use the text of an hCard or hCal that contains it
aacf58b249cfstefanh — Bug 415962 - Map [sv-se] to Swedish/Sweden. Patch by Hasse <>. r=smontagu, a=mtschrep.
1efdc0c059d9peterv — Fix for bug 415028 (Startup assertions and crash compiling proto properties with gczeal == 2). r/sr=bz.
5b106dd6ec53aaronleventhal — Bug 416756. Handle crashes in all a11y COM interfaces. r=surkov, a=schrep
0996cb7129ebmkaply — 416054 - r=sayre, a=schrep - the agent field in hCard can be an hCard
5c205bdeaf97mkaply — 412660 - a=sayrer, a=schrep - Handle the adr microformat better when attempting to create a display string
8b9d69652e9dmats palmgren — Reftest for bug 413982.
2e836300d90csurkov alexander — Bug 388992 - Make schema-validation not depend on webservices, patch=aaronr, r=doronr,, benjamin, a=beltzner
7a6b54ebe082nrthomas — Bug 401202, prevent buildup of Talkback symbols on stagign setup, r=rhelmer
54040fa9602cbclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - fix page, exit status processing, bug 416970
ebbc94025e79nrthomas — Bug 401202, upload Talkback symbols for 2.0.0.x releases to symbol server in automation, r=rhelmer
b8e0617efbf0enndeakin — Bug 414568, duplicate content with xml template, r=smaug,sr=peterv,a=schrep
5c84b9135633masayuki — Bug 333126 Bold/Italic text isn't displayed as bold/italic with cairo-gtk2 build if the font is synthesis font r=karlt, b1.9=mtschrep
f1b156e905eejdaggett — Bug 416232. Add better error checking when reading in font name table. r+sr=roc
07b2c3ada8casurkov alexander — Bug 416409 - adding pressed state to a button causes the ARIA state to not be recognized, r=aaronlev, a=mtschrep
4746295d2e2dsurkov alexander — Bug 389926 - support group attributes on menu/menuitem accessibles, r=aaronlev, a=mtschrep
00faf8121179jdaggett — Bug 361986. Exclude complex script codepoints for fonts that lack AAT morphing data. r=vlad,smontagu, sr=pavlov
a7c6fb1d21eakarlt+ — Bug 413050 - call cairo_debug_reset_static_data in system cairo on shutdown r=pavlov
fef10d33ab83karlt+ — Bug 414649 - wrong ui font (serif vs sans). Remove FindGenericFontFromStyle. r=pavlov
25532d067cbdedward lee — Bug 416214 - Tag matches in location bar autocomplete don't decode URLs
9c68151081a0edward lee — Bug 414287 - Share search result processing logic as AutoCompleteProcessSearch. r=dietrich, a1.9=schrep
121df6e9b28bjdaggett — Bug 396732. Cache codepoints with no fonts to avoid repeated system-wide font lookup. r+sr=vlad
7e66b75eaca1fantasai cvs — add reftest for bug 411382 fix
e3a50c64663ejwalden — Add an extra rule that makes changes to moz_extensions.c cause the necessary recompilation, to fix Windows bustage due to the missing dependency.
5b8e9cbdbb01ajschult — Bug 416570: runtests should not pull in bookmarks chrome, r=sayrer
d6000b85cbb9jdaggett — Bug 409342. Cache the last pref font looked up. r=vlad,pavlov, sr=pavlov
cba2ba655d2freed — Bug 416622 - "docshell navigation tests intermittently failing with NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_OP_ON_WN_PROTO" (Tolerate partially-constructed windows) [ (Adam Barth) r=bzbarsky]
31a1454f62e2ajschult — Bug 416775: prints lots of newlines after app exits, r=Waldo
9a6921015c9cjwalden — Bug 411103 - document.createElement(bad) (and the NS version) throwing wrong exception. Fixes two acid3 tests as well. r=peterv, sr=jst, a=schrep
69c8ed1e243ejwalden — Bug 416917 - Python runtests doesn't work for me, "Cannot initialize the application correctly". This might or might not fix the problem, but it should be harmless otherwise, and it works fine on OS X. r=sayrer
87946a7a5fdfjwalden — Bug 397929 - Convert GetMessage APIs to GetMessageMoz APIs, at the C++ symbol level only (vtables remain the same), to work around brain-dead, idiotic, insane Windows API macros. r=bsmedberg, a=schrep
416ccc98470croc+ — Backing out bug 399852 again, looks like it caused more focus-related mochitest failures
34d547076472roc+ — Backing out bug 399852 again, looks like it caused more focus-related mochitest failures
7219ca106099roc+ — backing out bug 400813 again due to reftest failure...
d9c2d63a6af9roc+ — Bug 399852. Suppress focus changes during content updates, reboot focus after the update has finished. patch by Chris Pearce, r+sr=roc
ecd87ebf867bjst — Landing fix for bug 414764. Fixing problem with tokens being freed too many times. Patch by,
6e91b0354ca9roc+ — Bug 400813. Lines with font-size:0 content should not be treated as empty. r+sr=dbaron
31499afbb8c5dolske — Re-Re-Enabling reftests (bug 405384).
35d78ac6a877anodelman — Bug 413398 - Talos --debug option adding text to tinderboxprint lines a=anodelman r=rcampbell
6397fa89bd1dbclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - attempt 2 at getting known failures correct, bug 416789
689a11923ce5bclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - improve page time out handling in, bug 416788
2c6c8fbe4e64timeless — Fixing js.mak - adding jsiter
2cd239d973eabclary — JavaScript Tests - update test for bug 410571
a2f4c7682f60jwalden — Add a test for bug 398066 (image/* should be in the Accept header for <img>-related requests), and add CGI support to the reftest harness. r=dbaron on the harness changes
79f974b45d80jwalden — Adding a test to ensure .uri on a postMessage-generated event contains a hash reference from the caller, if one was present. No bug or code changes.
589def7ef4c6crowder — Bug 416615 - Optimize JS_MAX(upcase(localMax), downcase(localMax)), r=mrbkap, blocking1.9=brendan, idea from
1fc4932f682bdietrich — Bug 412751 ? Crash after clearing browsing history with query result nodes (for ondrej, r=dietrich, a=schrep)
f25a18cb5a85dholbert — Bug 375749: include margin when positioning CGContext for Mac print & print-preview. r+sr=pavlov, a=blocking1.9+
781544660b90jruderman — Remove redundant |if| around assertion (bug 416645). r+sr=roc, a=schrep
45cb40e99bc5jruderman — Fix bug 414851: let white-space:nowrap inherit into buttons. r+sr=bz, a=schrep
885f315d914cnboyd — regression test. r=shaver
226c30e6298asmontagu — Testcase for bug 416721
4359eae90f24smontagu — Pass per-item offsets to ScriptBreak. Bug 416721, r=masayuki, sr=shaver, a=mconnor
236f2600ddbeaaronleventhal — Bug 415944. Avoid screen readers speaking password text. r=surkov, a=schrep
798faaabaeb0aaronleventhal — Bug 416753. Crashes in GetState(). r=surkov, a=schrep
79dfb9a19465jag — Bug 416685: jsinterp.c warning: empty body in an if-statement (times 4). r=/a=brendan
1ba704f7b41flongsonr — Correct reftest filename to match naming convention
669ab3f02ae8longsonr — Reftests for objectBoundingBox patterns. These cover bug 338596, bug 377263, bug 377399 and bug 416762
0731611469dbOlli Pettay — Bug 416383, call nsDOMAttributeMap::DropReference() when unlinking elements ([@nsDOMAttribute::GetValue(nsAString_internal&)]), r+sr=sicking, a=mtschrep
53cb9f4805c8bclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - update known failures, bug 416789
5f6bdb92a821bclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - handle browser test timeouts better in non-restart mode, bug 416788
aee06171e3bcbclary — Sisyphus/JavaScript Tests - improve error message, bug 416786
bef09418fadcbrendan — Avoid O(n^2) hazard under JS_ARENA_RELEASE, simplifying arena-pool usage and eliminating debug code (416628, r=igor).
de1cb3b07260bclary — JavaScript Tests - update *.tests lists, bug 416783
9ff9efa7ae86reed — Bug 416630 - "nsColumnSetFrame unbounded last column next in flow check is reversed" [ (Craig Topper) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
3d81a414c154joshmoz — backing out bug 358379 due to it causing bug 415923.
570c7173545fkarlt+ — Backing out Western fonts in Unix CJK preferred fonts (b=401988) due to performance regression (b=416068).
a71fe401a92areed — Bug 415494 - "Wrong rendering of entries (moz_gtk_entry_paint)" [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=twanno sr=roc a1.9=damons]
45b692f91240reed — Bug 416467 - "textLength should not return the length of emptyText" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
e870ee91e0fcreed — Bug 416470 - "JSContext::outstandingRequests bookkeeping is incorrect" [ (Jason Orendorff) r=igor a1.9=schrep a=blocking1.9+]
58c730aa25a3reed — Bug 236688 - "crash on form submit which closes the last window" [ (Christian Persch) r=timeless a1.9=schrep]
50080c7c5987gavin — Bug 416329: correct typo in Ria's name
1c6a6bbaf7bfbrendan — Export js_CheckForStringIndex from jsobj.c for use by assert in jsinterp.c (416460, r=shaver).
2ff32f11f5c4mozilla mano — Bug 416468 - "Sort by Name" doesn't work for folders directly located under "All Bookmarks" within the Library. r=dietrich.
53c4f6056675bzbarsky — Make this actually pass
8d77803bc2f6dbaron — Fix some sorting errors.
ece16c841548dbaron — Stop using -moz-float-edge for list items, but offset the bullet position in the presence of floats. b=413840 (and numerous others) r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+
af65b8fe68dbbzbarsky — Adding test
cd72009b7f08longsonr — Reftest for dynamic link style change - Bug 398105
6411d8127915ajschult — Bug 416561: test for bug 382990 opens bookmarks manager in seamonkey, r=gavin
7863124e6972Olli Pettay — Bug 415860, Range that selects textContent's last character will select everything when textContent changes, r+sr=sicking, a=mtschrep
067d4bd3d27fflorian — Bug 416471 - The action icon is wrong after opening and closing the Application Details dialog. r=gavin, a=blocking-firefox3+
75287409c63ajruderman — Add crashtests
62c7ce5a74f4jruderman — Bug 408746 is marked as fixed, so let's re-enable this crashtest.
96c20e2ddd64reed — Typo fix.
0bd88d8cfabfreed — Bug 412324 - "Main content panel is not rendered for all WebCT/Blackboard installations" [ (Brian Crowder) r+a1.9=brendan a=blocking1.9+]
59ef9228c6e3reed — Whitespace fixes
9fdf49f2c81creed — Bug 411826 - "Mingw build error: undefined reference to `WinMain@16'" (Use CommandLineToArgvW) [ (Mook) r=bsmedberg a1.9=schrep]
eb294d94354breed — Bug 329433 - "EdHLineProps.xul cleanup for localizers" [ (Dwayne Bailey) r=glazou sr=Neil]
99bbe601d621reed — Bug 413854 - "Wrong rendering of -moz-appearance: listbox and -moz-appearance: treeview" (Use a real scrolled window to draw the inset shadow) [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Ventron sr=roc a1.9=damons]
ef59a283d36breed — Bug 415497 - "Put the back button on the window edge to make it an easier target" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=gavin sr=roc a1.9=damons]
a00ea8788af2reed — Bug 415354 - "Location bar looks distorted when customizing toolbars" (set -moz-appearance to textfield on customization) [ (Teune van Steeg) r=Ryan a1.9=schrep]
5dde5320d876reed — Bug 414748 - "Improve focus ring painting of native themed location bar" [ (Teune van Steeg) r+sr=roc r=Enn a1.9=schrep]
8fde6c21817fbclary — Sisyphus - allow environment variable overrides for several variables, no bug, not part of the build
667d986835dfreed — Bug 415357 - "Disabled spin buttons in Connection Settings look quite non-native on GTK+ platforms" [ (Teune van Steeg) r=Enn a1.9=schrep]
d492e4f86461reed — Bug 415283 - "Button focus does not respect relief setting" (Sets the relief of the button so the focus is correct) [ (Ian Spence) r+sr=roc a1.9=damons]
f6a9add29fe9reed — Back out mconnor's patch from bug 251137 due to regressions (bug 409062) and other problems [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
13983726d99creed — Bug 416061 - "Add a sprinkle of nativeness to the search bar button" [ (Michael Ventnor) ui-r=beltzner r=Ryan a1.9=damons]
90b03b645e7freed — Bug 406222 - "The location bar in javascript popups can be modified if user right clicks and selects cut" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
7dbcd2bda837reed — Bug 411005 - "both Dvorak and QWERTY keybindings active in text fields when using dvorak layout" [ (Evgeniy Ivanov [powerfox]) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
865dbdcd0f26reed — Bug 416447 - "Two tiny fixes for editable menulists" [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Enn a1.9=schrep]
c669c43bc8a7dolske — Bug 395038 - Add "Not Now" button to save password notification bar. r=gavin, ui-r=beltzner, a1.9=schrep
ce21aff8c779reed — Bug 398433 - "PRBool misuse bugs in content/" [ (Taras Glek) r+sr=sicking a1.9=schrep a=blocking1.9+]
4ecfdc77f7cfreed — Bug 416055 - "Beta 3 l10n builds are missing the Application Folder icon" [p=reed r=mento a1.9=schrep a=blocking-firefox3+]
2f40f9d60d85reed — Bug 414960 - "Horizontal scroll is backwards" [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=roc a1.9=damons]
be676e88a11edolske — Relanding Bug 403193 - Don't show Save Password notification bar in parent window when child has history. r=gavin, a1.9=schrep
6cc9d9e813c7reed — Bug 413462 - "GTK print dialog has incorrect filename extension for Print to File" [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=roc a1.9=damons]
677d7cfc8fd1reed — Bug 415433 - "Password notification bar should specify foreground color" [ (KUROSAWA, Takeshi) r=gavin a1.9=damons]
9805af74bf2creed — Bug 401140 - "VC9 issues building zlib" [ (Ryan Jones) r=luser/ted a1.9=damons]
be94d0e7c925reed — Bug 415750 - "Download notification in status bar using wrong icon size" [p=reed r=Mano a1.9=schrep]
d67d6145ec5breed — Bug 411727 - "Remove "Friends" link from credits page" [p=reed r=gavin ui-r=beltzner a1.9=schrep a=blocking-firefox3+]
fd63ef7e3c9dreed — Bug 415526 - "[RTL] fixup for unified back forward button on RTL builds" [ (mcdavis941) r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
108d40bfb983reed — Bug 416324 - "make "most visited" query not reporting unvisited bookmarks" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=ondrej r=dietrich a1.9=schrep]
6c747d08720creed — Bug 415137 - "activate-slider style property of GtkRange is not read" (Use the "activate-slider" style property) [ (Ian Spence) r+sr=roc a1.9=damons]
075c5df715a9reed — Bug 414855 - "Remove verbose symbol push" [ (Nick Thomas [cf]) r=luser/ted a1.9=damons]
4ae9fb3c3288reed — Bug 414907 - "Bookmarks icon is missing text when in Customize Toolbar mode" (do not remove attributes after removing broadcaster) [ (arno.) r=Neil sr=jst a1.9=schrep]
5884e80818ddreed — Bug 329431 - "EdDialogOverlay.xul cleanup for localizers" [ (Dwayne Bailey) r=glazou sr=Neil]
97b98a8b84efreed — Bug 414857 - "When unfocusing the Search box in the Download manager fast, it doesn't apply the pattern" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9=damons]
f156173f7ce3reed — Bug 415992 - "[fr] French DOMi update for bug 413605 and bug 393820" [ (Cédric Corazza) r=Benoit a1.9=schrep]
fcd088db8a7freed — Bug 410150 - "nsCacheService: only add observers that we really need" (Use array/for loops for the Add/Remove observers) [ (Alfred Kayser) r=dcamp sr=biesi a1.9=damons]
6518d3e61431timeless — Bug 257427 opening filepicker without first appending a filter crashes patch by jag r=timeless some parts by me r=jag a=dsicore
ec97d0a4c525timeless — Bug 416293 unbalanced locking in jsd_SetExecutionHook r=crowder a=mtschrep
aec1555d055fjwalden — Bug 410571 - Yield and let expressions disappear in decompilation of object literal due to mismanagement of the sprintstack; just sprint all at once instead of in two steps. r+a=brendan
fabc3a2f238atimeless — Backing out because of unit test failure: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80470002 (NS_BASE_STREAM_CLOSED) [nsIZipWriter.addEntryStream]" nsresult: "0x80470002 (NS_BASE_STREAM_CLOSED)" location: "JS frame :: ../../../../_tests/xpcshell-simple/test_zipwriter/unit/test_storedata.js :: run_test :: line 84" data: no]
decf0416889dtimeless — Bug 412280 nsGnomeVFSInputStream::DoOpen probably shouldn't treat values other than GNOME_VFS_OK from gnome_vfs_get_file_info as OK r=biesi a=dsicore
73143823fd26timeless — Bug 412867 nsSimpleStreamListener needs to autoclose mSink IFF !mObserver r=biesi a=dsicore
58a1645a37f5sdwilsh — Bug 386768 - Use mozIStorageConnection's BackupDB instead of the current (buggy) one. r=dietrich
25d9a4548125dbaron — Make the minimum font size preference leave font-size:0 untouched. b=401046 r+sr=bzbarsky a=schrep
b6504dca13f8sdwilsh — Bug 416205 - Update nsDownloadManager::Init from changes to mozIStorageService::OpenDatabase. r=Mardak, a=schrep
8b6a29f9a358sdwilsh — Bug 416173 - BackupDB is completely useless. r=vlad, a=damons
c0d395663e89masayuki — Bug 415595 Use nsIPrefLocalizedString for intl.accept_languages in gfxWindowsFonts.cpp r=pavlov, b1.9=mtschrep
738602c570e0surkov alexander — Bug 378969 - ###!!! ASSERTION: ReplaceElementAt(negative index): aIndex >= 0, file nsVoidArray.cpp, line 491, r=jwalden+bmo, sr=peterv, a=mtschrep
f9c93b819281bmlk — document the lineiterator interface and all its current flaws. Make :GetNextSiblingOnLine more efficient. bug 388700 r/sr=roc a=mtschrep
c2baa62dd98clongsonr — Reftests for invalid filters - Bug 407463
7bfa90a1059flongsonr — Bug 407463 - Skip rendering of invalid filters, masks and clipPaths. r+sr=tor,a1.9=blocking1.9+
83f206bdf986igor — Bug 415274: Patch from Mike Moening to allow buiding SpiderMonkey as a static library. r=myself, a1.9=brendan
c0822c9629d0longsonr — Reftests for currentColor - Bug 414550
759c9f66fac5longsonr — Correct reftest titles
68a7d1715199longsonr — Bug 368840 - Reftests for edge case gradients and fallback colours.
0b81accc6dcflongsonr — Bug 368840 - Reftests for edge case gradients and fallback colours.
a4ade1bd17dejruderman — Add crashtests
fd9940a1a4fbmozilla — [OS/2] Bug 415661: strip symbols when linking, p=wuno, r=me
15da0308f666jag — Bug 333308: make clean and make distclean miss various files. r=bsmedberg, a=schrep
ce626b2e1cedjruderman — Add mochitest
3c343e9a30a2pavlov — backing out bug 405384. doesn't look like color depth change on windows unit test box stuck
0de6d41fb3c4jruderman — Remove what looks like a stray dump() from this test. This dump() was causing Tinderbox to show "error" lines at the top of the log.
da1880c11e2breed — Bug 388652 - "remove code that supports deprecated "/lookup" request in SafeBrowsing protocol" [ (Dave Camp) r=tony a=blocking-firefox3+]
87f5bb93303cpavlov — bug 416261. updating jemalloc to latest version. r=me
4553d8f15cfeedward lee — Bug 414288 - Simplify TagsSearch to be correct, clear, concise. r=dietrich, a1.9=schrep
c4b07dda51f6reed — Bug 388652 - "remove code that supports deprecated "/lookup" request in SafeBrowsing protocol" [ (Dave Camp) r=tony a=blocking-firefox3+]
944d19294748philringnalda — Bug 416005 - Sort feed readers by pref number, rather than mistakenly count on them coming out of the prefs system in order, r=mano, a=schrep+blocker
baae709ff852philringnalda — Bug 407843 - There's no point in passing a bms to lms.createLivemarkFolderOnly/lms._createFolder, r=dietrich, a=schrep
fb3d71f8e695jag — Bug 416337: We call make -C config export twice. r=bsmedberg, a=schrep
66a9b26d07fephilringnalda — Bug 415330 - XPInstall leftovers in package files, r=ted, a=blocker
87d16e2a6e05brendan — Missing unlock in propcache setprop/setname code, plus two cleanups (416478, r=shaver, mad props to jorendorff).
8837d59c51edfantasai cvs — give page content frames a computed size so height: 100% works, b=411382 r+sr=bz
14564e1a4935surkov alexander — Bug 381049 - Pass swallowed crashes inside MSAA/IA2 methods to breakpad, patch=aaronlev, r=me, ted.mielczarek, sr=benjamin, a=dsicore
aa11ee56b600surkov alexander — Bug 413777 - Correct focus events absent when tabbing among links at, patch=aaronlev, r=ginn.chen, a=mtschrep
d789a4e3f018surkov alexander — Bug 414976 - Support RELATION_NODE_CHILD_OF for ARIA tree views, patch=aaronlev, r=me, a=mtschrep
2b0fec60ed89brendan — Put js_DisablePropertyCache in the right place in the obj_eval flow graph (416406, r=shaver).
0cbcb2dd1249jruderman — Add mochitest for "new HTMLDocument()" throwing and not asserting
f144defca2d6igor — Bug 411722: faster js_GetLocalNameArray. r=brendan a=blocking1.9
1735c29d8399myk — bug 414078: collect bottom bars into vbox for better extensibility; r=gavin, a=schrep
23e43223eb1fflorian — Bug 402788 - ensure web-based protocol handlers can't override gecko-internal stuff. r=gavin, r=dmose, a=blocking1.9+
c78b0c9fd01fmartijn martijn — Bug 416101 - Mingw build error in ../mozilla/dom/src/json/nsJSON.cpp, r=sayer, a=mtschrep
9aee562ed151jst — Fixing bug 410462. Quiet down a bogus assertion.,
06472a4b707cjst — Landing updated fix for bug 410223. Don't allocate links on the heap. Patch by and,
20ac1239d39aflorian — Bug 402287 - register{Protocol,Content}Handler should only be allowed from same host as handler. r=gavin, a=blocking1.9+
a4c9ab5d8752brendan — Fix bogus assertion (416404, r=shaver).
5003077cba36mozilla — [OS/2] fix build break following bug 414671
e2e7a53ad1cfsdwilsh — Bug 402452 - Some download manager preferences should be assumed, not required. r=Mardak, r=mfinkle, a=schrep
2307f2a1bd21reed — Bug 408153 - "Use IAttachmentExecute antivirus API when it is available" [ (Masatoshi Kimura [emk]) / (Jim Mathies) r=sdwilsh r=jmathies a=blocking-firefox3+]
b3a57cbf482adietrich — Bug 415757 ? RemovePagesFromHost could delete wrong items/annotation (r=dietrich, a=schrep)
1492999229c5bent mozilla — Bug 386769 - "Make setting innerHTML faster". r=jst, sr=peterv, a=blocking1.9.
a91e7ccb66e2igor — Attachment 302122: optimizing JSOP_NEG, r=brendan a=blocking1.9
2ab446159b68dietrich — Bug 414802 ? misc perf/cleanup for history and bookmarks services (r=mano, a=schrep)
df58dfac51d7igor — Bug 385133: proper verification for stack layout in the decompiler, r=brendan a=blocking1.9
188a6389f028longsonr — Bug 368840 - Ensure gradients without stops are transparent rather than the fallback colour. r+sr=tor,a1.9=mtschrep
5ad84ee246e7jwatt — Bug 414112. CSS 2.1 300px fallback width doesn't play nice with percentages.,,
630206904677bent mozilla — Bug 386769 - "Make setting innerHTML faster." r=jst, sr=peterv, a=blocking1.9.
b4a9579ee9d7bent mozilla — Bug 353851 - "accumulation of outer chrome windows in mOpener chains (window.opener)". r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9. Fixed small typo that caused Txul to blow up yesterday.
04cbe7f00f93bclary — JavaScript Tests - fix window detection in test for bug 367121
2e581f3d692cdolske — Reland 406686, tests went green apparently before picking up the backout.
3557109a3d00dbaron — Make CSS namespace identifiers case sensitive to match change in spec. b=416106 r+sr=bzbarsky a=schrep
2ce4ccba7aafdbaron — Make changes in table-layout cause a reframe. b=367375 r+sr=bzbarsky a=schrep
38b06c09f9addbaron — Make leak-gauge.html not require enhanced privileges. b=414800
99161526f261dbaron — Add leak logging for node info managers that can be added to leak-gauge. b=414704 r+sr=sicking a=schrep
57945916f0e5dbaron — Force reflow on default font change, since style data comparison is not sufficient for things not reflected in style data. b=394057 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+
ada0a6ee02bedbaron — Fix serialization of currentColor for some properties. b=414550 r+sr=bzbarsky a=schrep
3fe281cf7302dbaron — More detailed description of JS objects. b=414972 r+sr=peterv a=not part of default build (DEBUG_CC only)
163f06b66679dbaron — Add comment explaining mJSRoots and ExplainLiveExpectedGarbage business.
0b67fdd1e513dbaron — Warn when Unlink doesn't do what it should. b=414972 r+sr=peterv a=not part of default build (DEBUG_CC only)
f9ec8c02b16cdolske — Backout bug 406686 to determine cause of mochitest failures.
adaa0fef52cadolske — Re-enable pngsuite reftests on Windows (bug 405384 - pngsuite reftest fails on Windows with slight color differences)
f4b7c7fa9a5amasayuki — Bug 415026 IME is always enabled in a page has contentEditable=true r+sr=roc, a1.9=mtschrep
e694ed236f86edward lee — Bug 415718 - Should the download indicator be to the left of the page-load progress bar? r=mano, ui-r=madhava, a1.9=mconnor
a94f85dc2be4edward lee — Bug 405720 - Strange message with download manager for file with unknown filesize. r=sdwilsh, b-ff3=mconnor, a1.9=schrep
79de862863easurkov alexander — Bug 406010 - AT-SPI SHOWING and VISIBLE issues on documents, patch=ginn.chen, r=aaronlev, a=mtschrep
9e0e7f744f05enndeakin — Bug 406686, close popups on blur, this time with nullcheck, r=roc,sr=dveditz
d96aa45613bfenndeakin — Bug 415019, assertion when <triple> is missing attributes, r+sr=peterv,a=schrep
212f11eba8a4surkov alexander — Bug 308564 - linux bustage fix
3a3614871dc2surkov alexander — Bug 308564 - linux bustage fix
c4b94b5ac174aaronleventhal — Bug 415299. Support string values for ARIA widgets. r=surkov, a=schrep
f6e27f6f78abaaronleventhal — Bug 412849. Expose xul:image with onclick as a button with an action. r=enn, a=schrep
427fe6befd94aaronleventhal — Bug 412878. Crashes when doc load finished. Possibly specific to framed pages. r=surkov, a=schrep.
c8cd59d34b5cdtownsend — Bug 415534: Get Add-ons pane searchbox has "emptyText" attribute, should be "emptytext". p=dão, r=robstrong, a=schrep
9f7552dc1b57dtownsend — Bug 414716: Change color of "Learn More" links on the "Get Add-ons" pane. p=dão, r=robstring, a=schrep
287a0e230506surkov alexander — Bug 308564 - No accessibility events when data in a tree row changes, r=evan.yan, olli.pettay, sr=jonas, a=mtschrep
78a913ebe5c1dtownsend — Bug 414597: AMO-provided icons aren't always 32x32. r=robstring, a=schrep
a5f6610f2da5dtownsend — Bug 412824: UI misalignment after checking for addon updates. r=robstrong, a=schrep
a594b2f7f290surkov alexander — Bug 415060 - missed test_menu.xul file
c5eea6482b74surkov alexander — Bug 415060 - menu.appendItem and .insertItemAt should return the new menuitem, r=enndeakin, a=dsicore
277c4bcb59c4bzbarsky — Fix bug 416073: invalidate more things as needed during table reflow to prevent glitches. r+sr=roc
659eaac5c472surkov alexander — Bug 416109 - fix compile warnings, r=aaronlev, a=dsicore
35a9d5d62acbjruderman — Move test out of a directory that is doomed for removal
d69d8a518c30jag — Bug 415422: Fix gqi dep build (crash on startup). r=ted, a=damons
1f0dd367d6dcaxel — bug 416142, add Sinhala to the build, patch by chofmann, r=me, a=mtschrep
84e7a1da50bddolske — Backing out bug 403193 to track down leaks.
9c05a152ad87bent mozilla — Backing out patch for bug 353851 to see if it fixes test failures.
ef58dabbbe59brendan — Return of the property cache (365851, r=shaver).
45530554f854jay — [Bug 415822] - Clean up QAX Install Wizard + more UI fixes
73f1b053a598bent mozilla — Bug 353851 - "accumulation of outer chrome windows in mOpener chains (window.opener)". r+sr=jst. a=blocking1.9.
2c6397063b5cdolske — Bug 403193 - Don't show Save Password notification bar in parent window when child has history. r=gavin, a1.9=schrep
cd77a2853e45dholbert — Bug 415012: Fix deadSpaceGap computation and restore deadSpaceGap subtraction in PrintPreviewNavigate. r+sr=roc, a1.9=beltzner
5caef6f465bfdholbert — Bug 412607: Fix wrapping issue by clearing trimmable width before trying CanPlaceFrame. r+sr=roc, a=blocking1.9
51a661b330c8dcamp — Bug 414796: nsIDOMFile::getAsText(iso-8859-1) only returns first 8192 chars of file. r/sr/blocking-1.9=sicking
5d0ddcf4d2d4edward lee — Bug 406359 - Unify the logic for url bar searches and drop down items. r=dietrich, a1.9=schrep
2504c7f589f4cltbld — "Automated configuration bump, release for firefox 3.0b3rc3"
680ea076b621rhelmer — clobber 3.0b3 rc2 line
d039fa914694karlt+ — use FC_PIXEL_SIZE instead of pango_font_describe_with_absolute_size b=414239 r+sr=roc
3cdd2328684bmozilla mano — Bug 416113 - cocoa widget does not draw focus rings for xul textboxes. r=josh, sr=roc, a=damons.
43795930fee3ctalbert — bug 416032 - expanding minotaur search URL checking r=Pike
e178412af25djwalden — Bug 414812 - document.domain = "0.0.1" on a page on should not work. r=dwitte, sr=jst, a=schrep
635989ddd4b5jwalden — Bug 397929 - Windows macro names kill kittens, maim babies, and introduce naming conflicts. Add an XPIDL annotation allowing the C++ method name for a method in an interface to either not be the method name, capitalized, or to not be [GS]et plus the attribute name, capitalized. This patch makes window.postMessage happy as PostMessageMoz; other APIs will need followup checkins. r=bsmedberg, a=schrep
5ecc65c4e249vladimir — mark some tests as passing
88d2f4bfa4e4crowder — Bug 415922 - Exception from within JSNewEnumerateOp on JSENUMERATE_NEXT not supported, patch by Joachim Kuebart <>, r=brendan, a1.9=brendan
559c036dce7cvladimir — Add missing patch file (npotb)
78ab3750ebc9Olli Pettay — Bug 389756, make full page zoom interact a bit better with image auto zoom, r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9+
c4f19acab309kairo — bug 415117 - get rid of chrome://browser in toolkit places, r=Mano a=schrep
9e7f1a4d1201reed — Bug 411256 - "AIX linker error for trunk build xpcom module :ERROR: Undefined symbol: .PR_dtoa" (Remove standalone glue dependencies on NSPR) [ (Benjamin Smedberg [bsmedberg]) r=dwitte a1.9=schrep]
46f0b31b657fvladimir — b=371867, severe performance regression on FAA flight status page, r=stuart (relanding)
8fbddf1a2502Olli Pettay — Bug 389756, backout, tree is burning
48117fddb188Olli Pettay — Bug 389756, make full page zoom interact a bit better with image auto zoom, r+sr=jst, a=blocking1.9+
5814201fe654mozilla mano — Bug 400703 - Organize, Views, and Import and Export buttons not accessible via keyboard in Places Organizer. patch from Dao Gottwald <>, r=me.
0a7de1fbd45breed — Bug 416115 - "session restore busted after 393716 checkin" (fix embarassing typo) [ (Simon Bünzli) r=dietrich a=bustage]
03cc30902ab9bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 367121, by moz_bug_r_a4
14950a72f446Olli Pettay — Bug 414637, createContextualFragment() throws NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE (allow contextfragments when container is document) r+sr=sicking a=blocking1.9+
1e5f8755e377kaie — Bug 415786, escrow warning dialog is broken r=rrelyea, late-l10=pike, blocking1.9=mtschrep, approval1.9=mtschrep
3c1b93470ce2bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 351795, by Jesse Ruderman
5d7264f89e79bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 373828, by Jesse Ruderman
659c034e0333bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression tests for bug 352640, by Jesse Ruderman
8bb24adb0196bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 381304, by Biju
8545b61f4e45bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 379523, by Jesse Ruderman
9b9f7f72a53cbclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 356106, by Jesse Ruderman
12e3d78be185bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 355622, by Jesse Ruderman
fea1d6cf9f5cbclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 406555, by Igor Bukanov
fc4c37139b94bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 362583, by Jesse Ruderman
0c0c9b6a5198bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 361617, by Jesse Rudermen
d031fe43fe3djoshmoz — oops, wrong width on multiline focus rings. minor update to patch for bug 415466 that just landed.
5e6100159003dtownsend — bug 404726: Addon compatibility check gives many alerts (xpinstall part). r+sr=dveditz
135491499d7clongsonr — Bug 368840 - Fallback paint should be used for degenerate objectBoundingBox gradients. r+sr=tor,a1.9=mtschrep
de874d66ca11joshmoz — draw focus rings for single and multi-line text fields on mac. b=415466 r=smichaud sr=roc a=schrep
2806770644f6peterv — Fix for bug 415037 ("success" returned uninitialized from XPCVariant::VariantDataToJS). r/sr=jst, a=schrep.
026c69269b22peterv — Part 2 of the fix for bug 413281 (Firefox leaks when Yahoo Toolbar is installed). r/sr=sicking.
d22be5d12ab4reed — Back out Smaug's patch from bug 414637 due to test failure.
7e87a3eaa210reed — Bug 414637 - "createContextualFragment() throws NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE" (allow contextfragments when container is document) [ (Smaug) r+sr=sicking a=blocking1.9+]
3dce261c6293reed — Bug 359568 - "Radius of border corner does not cut off contents of box" (Undo the hack to fallback to non-rounded fill when mBorder.colors is set) [ (Alfred Kayser) r=vlad sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
f04d1c5f4f2ereed — Bug 393716 - "Add single tab save/restore to session store API" [ (Simon Bünzli) r=dietrich a1.9=schrep]
98d81b039b3dreed — Bug 389478 - "Add favicons on back/forward menus" [ (Michael Ventnor) ui-r=beltzner r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
612c2a4f54c4reed — Bug 262258 - "GNOME session support broken ("save current setup")" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=gavin r=bsmedberg a1.9=schrep]
c01a21bc8948reed — Bug 406140 - "The inner-border style property of GtkButton is not read" [ (Teune van Steeg) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
22bafb0e0380reed — Bug 395564 - "scrollbar's arrow buttons should be disabled when they can't scroll further" [ (Teune van Steeg) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
40035d026cdbreed — Bug 415078 - "nsWebShell.cpp attempts to fixup immutable URIs" [ (graememcc) r+sr=bzbarsky a1.9=schrep]
e6dd79ee1f58reed — Bug 405791 - "Change mouse pointer for buttons inside of text entries" (Change cursor to pointer (hand) when hovering url bar and search bar icons) [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Ryan mpa=Mano a1.9=schrep]
a33bcba319c0reed — Bug 396222 - "let clients track the offline cache usage for a domain" [ (Dave Camp) / (Honza Bambas) r+sr=biesi r=dcamp a1.9=schrep]
58e1c96da4dareed — Bug 405277 - "Go button fails to appear when plain text dragged to location bar" (always invalidate when dropping text) [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
c79175585fcfreed — Bug 385058 - "Grey marks (turds, remnants, ghosts) appear on scrollbars" (Redraw whole scrollbar when position changes) [ (Markus Stange) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
e054aa319fdajag — Bug 414971: Mingw build error: `PR_ROTATE_RIGHT32' was not declared in this scope. r=wtc, sr=pavlov, a=mtschrep When using macros from prbit.h, don't expect others to include it for you.
3ed609a96e0cedward lee — Bug 391916 - Download Manager should use the same gradient background color as the Add-ons Manager. r=sdwilsh, a1.9=schrep
bfe300616fbcedward lee — Bug 414486 - Lazily load stringbundle and lazily load strings for DownloadUtils. r=sdwilsh, a1.9=schrep
efe377847a93dwitte — followup tweak for bug 367799 - lazily init services to eliminate Ts impact.
eb5f379dfcf3surkov alexander — Bug 410052 - bustage fix on windows
de020a3ed4d1sayrer — Bug 410890. nsJSON speedups. r=crowder, sr=jst, a=schrep
0ac4a32d701fajschult — Bug 416074: TestRunner attempts to log after closing the log, r+a=sayrer
0a075bac0ab3surkov alexander — Bug 374610 - xul:menuitem should have a way to get parent xul:menu, r=enndeaking, sr=neil, a=mtschrep
3a6c4e3c2583surkov alexander — Bug 410052 - Fix our nsHTMLAccessibleTable class so GetIndexAt and GetRowAtIndex and GetColumnAtIndex behave consistently, patch=me, marcoz, r=marcoz, me, bernd, sr=roc, blocking1.9+=dsicore
650391fd52bddwitte — disable randomly failing tests. rs=sdwilsh, b=413985
930e6205805areed — Bug 400844 - "Label in organizer's search field becomes search text in some non-default modes (black, query)" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=Mano a=blocking-firefox3+]
f46be713119ereed — Bug 392890 - "Provide a text label for the Search edit in Download Manager" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=Mardak a=blocking-firefox3+]
0b2fc4bb43ccreed — Bug 415523 - "Scrollbar thumb jumps on drag start" [ (Markus Stange) r+sr+a1.9=roc]
a2666723d6bbreed — Bug 406376 - "Firefox generating PostScript Level 3 code, instead of Level 2 one (was: Printing graphics prints a solid black box)" (Use Level 2) [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+]
1fc041240581reed — Bug 415425 - "Transparent backgrounds of images print as black under Linux" (Give PS priority over PDF by default) [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+]
25bc575cdacabent mozilla — Bug 379824 - "xmlhttprequest abort method changes readystate to 4". r+sr=sicking, a=blocking1.9.
ec955d6b7daaroc+ — Fixing bustage
da73f6582376dwitte — Bug 367799 - nsNavHistory duplicates "effective TLD" functionality. r=thunder, a=mconnor
20574bd8290aaaronleventhal — Bug 414656. If an HTML table has a role of log, expose it as a data table. Patch by Surkov. r=aaronlev. Minor tweak by aaron level with r=surkov. a=schrep
0f064560774droc+ — Bug 412237, reenable test
621fc5d22a29roc+ — Bug 412237. Don't parse negative sizes for the MathML fontsize attribute. Make sure we do continue to parse '-0px', since that's not actually negative. r+sr=dbaron
369ac55a3df5roc+ — Bug 414482. Don't leak by double-addreffing in CEnumFormatEtc::Clone. Also, fix nsDataObj refcnt logging so we don't appear to be leaking those. r=jmathies,sr=jonas
440dda113279roc+ — Bug 414671. Don't leak window after drag-drop operation --- make nsGUIEvent::widget an nsCOMPtr. r+sr=sicking
d2467abc50f7dwitte — enable pipelining over SSL by default. b=414477, r=biesi, sr=shaver, a=mconnor
05a6cb42aef1dwitte — store nsListenerStruct instances rather than pointers. b=407442, r+sr=sicking, a=blocking1.9
93642f2e12feroc+ — Bug 398269. Treat naked <frame> elements not in framesets like <iframes> when printing. r+sr=mats
75df8e45e152mozilla mano — Backing out 406686 again
fc21bb811931mozilla mano — Backing out bug 371867 again
560cf1d3a077mozilla mano — Relanding bug 406686
d390fa7bff08rhelmer — add locales for 30b3 rc3 b=415604 r=axel
db66988ab904mozilla mano — Backing out bug 414802
1a5945dedbfcrhelmer — rc3 to pick up locales b=409880 r=nthomas
f131313f5c1cmozilla mano — Attempt to fix orange by backing out 406686
7a9cb183d093jst — Adding the memory/jemalloc directory to hg. See CVS for previous history.
7965ba2acd6dbzbarsky — Don't invalidate the entire table just because we reflowed something inside it. Bug 414298, r+sr+a=roc
42ed13b2db6areed — Back out RIVAUD Julien (_FrnchFrgg_)'s patch from bug 414845 due to regressions (bug 415350 / bug 415530 / etc.).
d4fe31b36560reed — Bug 66519 - "Supporting Internet keys in XFree86 4" [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
c787ecc1ae41reed — Bug 414530 - "toolkit/mozapps/update/src/updater/Makefile broken" [ (Honza Bambas) r=luser/ted a1.9=schrep]
bf7ad73a6b8creed — Bug 413599 - "debug build crashes on exit with memory corruption" [ (Aleks Totic) r=bsmedberg a1.9=schrep]
7b12cb9c8c20reed — Bug 407899 - "SeaMonkey would like separate default modes/iconsizes for each toolbar" (Each toolbar can have defaults different from that of the toolbox) [ (Philip Chee) r=gavin a1.9=beltzner]
fe7e152ddb18aaronleventhal — Backing out bug 414656 until we sort out problems it caused with exposing ARIA roles.
befec238a5d7reed — Bug 414963 - "C++ warnings in jsnum.c, jsutil.c (with g++ -Wconversion)" [ (Jason Orendorff) r+a1.9=brendan]
36b170d54b34reed — Bug 412985 - "Provide stubs for JS_THREADSAFE APIs in non-JS_THREADSAFE builds" [ (Jason Orendorff) r+a1.9=brendan]
f4e3e80acaf2reed — Bug 414532 - "Mochitest broken on Cygwin" [ (Honza Bambas) r=Waldo (test-only stuff)]
5b0864fb6d0dreed — Bug 413819 - "Autocomplete dropmarker should always stay in hovered state when menu is opened using the dropdown button" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
f566aeecbaa6vladimir — b=371867, optimize same-color images, r=stuart
97a66e6209b2dietrich — Bug 414802 ? misc perf/cleanup for history and bookmarks services (r=mano, a=schrep)
d75624052a4amozilla mano — Bug 213163 - show bookmark URL over mouseover of bookmark toolbar item in status bar. patch from Michael Schonfeld <>, r=me, a=schrep.
9c7742801a0ereed — Bug 405296 - "Places View for Menus broken after landing of bug 387746" [ (Ronny Perinke) r=dietrich a=blocking-firefox3+]
f63ae96302c0reed — Bug 344818 - "Linking - missing library deps" (check cairo-xlib-xrender for system cairo) [ (Fabien Tassin) r=vlad a=blocking1.9+]
df1fdeb18340enndeakin — Bug 406686, close popups on blur, r=roc,sr=dveditz
97c3217b28a1mozilla mano — Bug 332047 - Should select correct items (after delete, insert, paste, drop). patch from Marco Bonardo <>, r=me.
dc8ec5ba32e3aaronleventhal — Back out bug 413778, since it didn't work completely and also broke focus when returning to Window.
34d6727f33cebclary — JavaScript Tests - run Tinderbox browser tests without restarting browser, bug 406196
afb8efc84e2fmats palmgren — Remove assertion test for bug 414740 since there's something wrong with the test.
3b7306f399a8bclary — Improve Sisyphus error handling, bug 415911, not part of the build
a21623a24ba0mats palmgren — Commenting out reftest since it fails on Mac (qm-xserve01).
1d23a7c9a53bmozilla mano — Bug 415826 - Application Handler -> Web Feed -> Application details is empty. patch from Florian Queze <>, r=me.
e7dfb319d875mozilla mano — Bug 415173 - dragging an item in the white bottom space of a tree puts it into wrong position. patch from Ondrej Brablc <>, r=dietrich.
d0baf0440e41mozilla mano — Bug 415444 - Back/forward button history drop menus don't work anymore. r=gavin.
d4eae3431214mozilla mano — Bug 411088 - when deleting a tagged bookmark from the places organizer, the tag remains. r=dietrich.
6d515d8f84a4mozilla mano — Bug 406095 - add emptyText property to textbox. patch from Dao Gottwald <>, r=gavin.
37d220751f50mats palmgren — Adjust for viewport scrollbars when positioning a fixed background. b=402807 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9
d7c487aae014mats palmgren — Plug a nsLineIterator leak. b=414740 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9
b697005df2besdwilsh — Bug 94514 - POST result page should not appear in global history or history autocomplete results. r=bz, sr=bz
296ac8e52d84johnath — Change "More information" link in identity popup to button. b=414872, r=gavin, ui-r=beltzner, a=beltzner
fc734bb0a647sdwilsh — Bug 327331 - nsNavHistory::Init allows improper initialization. r=dietrich. This is a comment only change patch to better document the methods used in nsNavHistory::Init for this patchers sanity. No code was changed in the making of this patch.
3a55745cd2dejohnath — Add Security Exception dialog is unusable at high dpi. b=413623, r=kengert, blocking1.9=schrep
b562faf4e2c1ted mielczarek — bug 401202 - upload talkback symbols from 200x release builds, use a statically linked dump_syms.exe. r=me
cbd43217c287bhearsum — bug bug 409880: make bootstrap Makefile NOT set chmod +s (to match stage.m.o). r=rhelmer, patch=me
4b7cfcffba77enndeakin — Bug 390696, scale thumb is too small on vista, use a hardcoded size, r+sr=roc
286cc6dd1753neil — Bug 414374 Make debug mailnews builds nonstatic by default r=luser^H^H^H^H^Hted sr=bienvenu a=damons
7e350be8d85fcltbld — "Automated configuration bump, release for firefox 3.0b3rc2"
73d7e0778a87surkov alexander — Bug 393820 - expose bounds of accessible for accessible properties view, r=swilsh, l10n, sr=neil, a=dsicore
ff046a01d0c5surkov alexander — Bug 413605 - allow to use JS for the selected accessible in the accessibleTree view, r=sdwilsh, sr=neil, a=mconnor
dc8e83b07445vladimir — b=414685, optimize mac image decoding and rendering ; r=stuart
a4d921a6d1ffreed — Bug 403942 - "Cancelling "add new toolbar" *after* closing customize panel will freeze tab switching functionality" (disable done button) [ (Stan Shebs) r=Mano a=blocking1.9+]
b3bf40da0750joshmoz — Cmd+Return no longer opens focused link in new tab, events getting sent to wrong widget. Also fixes embedding bug 415437. b=358379 r=masayuki sr=roc
89935b1a9d25joshmoz — back out patch for bug 400028, it caused 407020 which is more serious. b=400028 r=josh sr=roc
276bf25e6275edward lee — Bug 401869 - Allow multiple words search in Auto-complete/Location Bar. r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner
8eca44f1e614edward lee — Bug 414285 - Refactor AutoCompleteTagsSearch token splitting code and persist tokens. r=dietrich, a1.9=beltzner
6a5a1844c1a5brendan — Fixed generation-number-optimized hash revalidation (415721, r=igor).
abc5697adac7jwalden — Bug 401649 - JS CGI support in httpd.js -- create responses conditioned on header values and HTTP method types! r=sayrer
3f4ba5d340dcaaronleventhal — Bug 414656. Expose native enumerated role along with ARIA landmark roles. Patch by Alexander Surkov. r=aaronlev, a=schrep
6409295f0614nboyd — Test case for bug 415451
045d6e5b1c04nboyd — Regression test for bug 414098.
7c68cb153ebfrhelmer — bump for fx 30b3 rc3
171c956134bemozilla mano — Tree was closed, backiing out
4678a0611ffemozilla mano — Bug 411088 - when deleting a tagged bookmark from the places organizer, the tag remains. r=dietrich, a=beltzner.
88631d4c2c7bpavlov — skip export FOO = 'bar' in
ec08313211a6pavlov — Don't adjust PATH and LIB unless MOZ_MEMORY is set
18c5a40be5f2rhelmer — bump b3 to b4 b=409880 r=reed
ee3be8228f90pavlov — bug 407459. hooking jemalloc up to the build system. r=various people
ff7eb6fc3d2creed — Back out my patch from bug 415681 now that tagging has been completed.
a36235b50bd7rhelmer — timestamp for 3.0b3 b=409880 r=rhelmer p=joduinn
19455e6dcd20jruderman — Add a crashtest
042e548f7c13reed — Bug 415681 - "Change name of Firefox 3 M11 to "Firefox 3 Beta 3" for official branding (for beta build tagging only)" [p=reed r+a1.9b3=mconnor]
9ca0897a2108jruderman — Add crashtest
84f1ca8703aereed — Bug 415604 - "Determine list of locales for Firefox 3 Beta 3" [ (Mic Berman) r=Pike a1.9b3=schrep]
36623efb15d8jonas — Bug 414747: Make BroadcastListener use nsWeakRef rather than strong references, just in case. r/sr=jst b3a=mconnor
68e02479a42cdtownsend — Bug 415656: Ignore non-http(s) urls for the crash reports server. r=gavin, a1.9b3=beltzner
b26fd6e179b8rhelmer — update for 3.0b3 release, missing timestamp r=nthomas b=409880
1aac7021353brhelmer — back out temporary workaround b=414966 r=nthomas
c2cdeb7e9403rhelmer — set gecko rel branch using gmtime not localtime b=414966 r=nthomas
254454db88c7reed — Bug 392427 - "Bookmarks "yellow star" is subtle when the address bar is also yellow" (Tango replacement icon) [ (Lapo Calamandrei) ui-r+a1.9b3=beltzner]
442ec96a9fb1rhelmer — always disable complete jump b=388524 r=nthomas
5d63673eaea9reed — Bug 415099 - "browser.xul ids changed" (revert ids and uses RDF service to try to migrate the persisted values) [ (Mark Finkle) r=Mossop r=gavin a1.9b3=beltzner]
68dca17eef5fedward lee — Bug 415489 - URL bar autocomplete slow since bug 414507. r=dietrich, b-ff3=beltzner, a1.9b3=beltzner
3647426b106ftimeless — Bug 413074 Bad param "value" to nsXPConnect::JSToVariant() r=mrbkap sr=jst a=mtschrep
4468e328c229dietrich — Bug 415521 ? when inserting into a sorted view we should insert at the end (for marco, r=dietrich, a=beltzner)
d5618c6aead3mozilla mano — Disable both the initial notifcation and th undo-remove-ui. patch on bug 393509, r+a=mconnor. this effectively fixes bug 414933.
ebe3dca2d5aedietrich — Bug 415169 ? Saving searches within bookmark folders is broken (r=mano, a=beltzner)
871a28cdd3d3dietrich — Bug 415484 ? Form data isn't saved at shutdown (for zeniko, r=dietrich)
264371cea639ted mielczarek — bug 407459 - hook up new allocator to our build. just checking in the memory/jemalloc dir and the change to pull it. r=bsmedberg a=beltzner
4363e9539cb5mozilla — [OS/2] Bug 394412: fix scaling issues and add support for pagination, so that printing now works in principle. (OS/2 only, NPOTB)
4baec3e1e49creed — Back out Neil's patch from bug 414747 due to test failures.
8f7ec9bdc22areed — Change NS_ASSERTION to NS_WARN_IF_FALSE as a bustage fix for bug 414747. [r+sr+a=jst]
9b4aaa9174e9reed — Bug 414747 - "Firefox crashes during Addons -> Find Update [@nsQueryInterface::operator()]" (Attempt to fix the underlying cause of the bug) [ (Neil Rashbrook) r+sr=jst a1.9b3=beltzner]
b4b0d7c62720jruderman — Add a crashtest
6beb080b482fjruderman — Add crashtest
f5b84db48e50jruderman — Add crashtest!
020a1cc5454ajruderman — Add crashtest
c9e13846247ajruderman — Add crashtest.
7d4f5a5f62f2jruderman — Add a crashtest
42f1f927017djruderman — Add crashtest
6eb6fdcdb99ajruderman — Add a crashtest.
7f4a507240d4jruderman — Add crashtests
bd2c23c47315jruderman — Add crashtest
f413ddc135e4jruderman — Add a crashtest
4dc42f22877ejruderman — Add crashtest
80cc70109592brendan — Reload key in case of multithreaded race to atomize the same string chars (415474, r=igor).
0d9f4df23dd5jruderman — Adding crashtest
6373713a167ejruderman — Add a crashtest
484926aebc01jruderman — Add crashtest
50d28388ac5cjruderman — Add crashtest. Note that the original bug was a warning, not an assertion.
e8243a29aa38jruderman — Add crashtest
7bc1b534cc74igor — Bug 400902: Backing out due to test failures.
5889a61d717cigor — Bug 400902: specialized arena for fast allocation of double values.r,a=brendan ab3=mtschrep
6b968155e587reed — Bug 392427 - "Bookmarks "yellow star" is subtle when the address bar is also yellow" (icon located in bug 392682; regressed by bug 413806) [ (Alex Faaborg) a1.9b3=schrep]
c808fab491careed — Bug 394046 - "Tracking bug: do major update from FF2.0.0.11 to FF3.0b2 to make sure it all works" (Fix defaults/profile/prefs.js packaging) [ (Nick Thomas [cf]) r=bsmedberg a1.9b3=beltzner]
74301f74e62breed — Bug 415043 - "dragging many bookmarks duplicates them and mix up selection (but on folder change they are correct)" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=Mano a1.9b3=schrep]
64bf525fd6d4jwalden — Fix a typo in which flat-out prevents --browser-chrome from working, r=me as trivial, a=test-only, NPOTB, etc.
431c7155cdb8jag — Bug 381579: extensions/java/xpcom/interfaces/org directory is incorrectly removed when "make clean". p=Wang Xianzhu <>, r/sr=jag, a=NPOTB
202ce76797bddolske — Bug 409146 - Logins for http/proxy Windows domain (NTLM) auth don't save logins in "domain\username" format. r=gavin, a1.9b3=schrep
e897726d8358dbaron — And actually get the right bug number. b=415426 (which is what the previous checkin was for as well)
4f1549813482dbaron — Switch back to evil casts, which are the only solution that works across SDK version. b=415252
f610db56a98edbaron — Match new (more-const) signature for PENUMLOADED_MODULES_CALLBACK and PENUMLOADED_MODULES_CALLBACK64. b=415426 Fixing bustage on Windows tinderbox from SDK upgrade.
ee20d8ec088dsurkov alexander — Bug 415105 - Removing Bookmark from Add Bookmarks dialog, Bookmark removed prompt not accessible, r=marcoz, mano, a=beltzner
3baf208f4a47dwitte — trivial errors-as-warnings fix for gcc4.3.
3d990bd9ef96jwalden — Bug 414815 - Add a window.postMessage test in the presence of a <base> tag (addresses the only postMessage test WebKit had for their implementation which we didn't). a=itsatest
d9d2444dec2fdwitte — Bug 414894 - Remove content arena. r=smaug, sr=sicking, a=schrep
3e99864f3c4freed — Bug 413961 - "chrome://global/skin/arrow/* icons don't show up in high contrast mode" [ (Masahiro Yamada) ui-r=faaborg a1.9b3=beltzner]
00771cc1d394reed — Bug 352477 - "chrome://global/skin/arrow/arrow-dn.gif does not show up in high contrast mode" [ (Masahiro Yamada) ui-r=faaborg a1.9b3=beltzner]
f4ec02b22144dveditz — bug 415338 (follow-on to bug 413250) don't scan query parts of chrome URIs to not break addons (as inspired by similar Seamonkey regression) . r/sr=neil, a=mtscrehp
a70c608243bcaaronleventhal — Bug 412931. Tabs not exposed unless 3 of them. Fix incorrect cache updates during flood of changes. r=surkov, a=schrep for b3
c7efc29a2c6dcltbld — "Automated configuration bump, release for firefox"
98882de27643nrthomas — Bug 414327, remove verify config for>.12 ahead of .12rc4, p=rhelmer, r=nthomas
71f56973563dphilringnalda — Bug 415245 - Feed preview first run UI confuses video podcasts and feeds, r=mano, a=beltzner
43faeefb127arhelmer — 20012 rc4 b=414327 r=rhelmer p=joduinn
bf832c96521bedward lee — Bug 406358 - Location bar drop down ignores frequency of visits. (fixed by bug 394038)
ea081e8d07a0reed — Bug 414901 - "Back out scriptable IO" [ (Neil Deakin) r+sr=bsmedberg a1.9b3=beltzner]
7738b31bb630reed — Bug 415238 - "Providing Details about Updates does not work" [ (Dave Townsend [Mossop]) r=rob_strong a1.9b3=beltzner]
de8a8afe13ebreed — Bug 414602 - "See All Recommended Add-ons throws Errors in AMO pane" [ (Dave Townsend [Mossop]) r=rob_strong a1.9b3=beltzner]
33d065669579reed — Bug 400450 - "Deadlock in nsProxyObject::Release" (testcase to show deadlock) [ (Mook) r=bsmedberg]
6096a86237b0jay — [Bug 397573] - Make QAX resizeable + other UI fixes
4fd3f0a29842reed — Bug 415218 - "Fix uses of IO.newURI to use nsIIOService instead" [ (Phil Ringnalda) / (Reed Loden) / (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r=Mano a1.9b3=beltzner]
03b9d4a12461myk — bug 415202: applicationManager.js unnecessarily redefines TYPE_MAYBE_FEED; r,a=beltzner
fab99a2254fdreed — Remove <a ping> test from the content policies test as per bug 415168.
721fbe2ca997jonas — Bug 415168: Turn off <a ping> in firefox r/sr=vlad b3a=beltzner
e10a171a8f1bnboyd — As you might expect, a regression test for bug 414553.
5ffd2df466dbigor — Bug 400902: backing out due to test failures.
18769e74dd80igor — Bug 400902: using a specialized GC arena for doubles. r,a=brendan a1.9b3=mtschrep
32736264f87bcltbld — "Automated configuration bump, release for firefox"
940e669c974frhelmer — remove auto-config bump for rc3 b=414327 r=nthomas
819856747920igor — Bug 415207: fix time overflow in arena aging code. r=crowder a1.9,a1.9b3=beltzner
171591e5ee3cedward lee — Bug 413784 - Search for a non-English term in the URL don't match. (Erwan Loisant)
319dff880c1fedward lee — Bug 407974 - should url bar autocomplete results decode UTF-8 encoded urls?. r=dietrich, b-ff3=mconnor, a1.9b3=beltzner
bafce0e7aaf4reed — Back out the back out from bug 414901 until bug 415218 is fixed, or else we'll have very broken nightlies. :(
9e0c6a94c8fcreed — Back out the back out from bug 414901 until bug 415218 is fixed, or else we'll have very broken nightlies. :(
baedef36059ekaie — Bug 413627, nsCertOverrideService can't register observers (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED) intended to fix blocking1.9+ Bug 414808 Patch contributed by Ehsan Akhgari, timeless and some trivial tweaks by myself Thanks to Tomcat for help with testing r=me, a=mtschrep, blocking1.9-on-414808=beltzner
7d30441fe5a5igor — Bug 354135: protect against oo recursion in e4x. r,a=brendan, a1.9b3=mtschrep
788730299c8creed — Bug 415170 - "On Mac OS X, any comment is omitted by the Crash Reporter" (use textDidEndEditing instead) [ (Ted Mielczarek) r=nkreeger a1.9b3=schrep]
1a108c7df4cfreed — Bug 402486 - "deleting lots of items from the history sidebar is slow, locks up browser until finished" [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=dietrich a1.9b3=schrep]
652204e9d103reed — Bug 374040 - "nsIScriptableDateFormat does not work as expected with dateFormatLong" (move test to unix sub-directory to fix bustage) [ (arno.) r=smontagu]
457329cc91a2reed — Bug 405095 - "datetimepicker suppresses most keyboard shortcuts" [ (Sergey Yanovich) r=gavin r=Enn a1.9b3=beltzner]
14ae1242b7aareed — Bug 414845 - "Urlbar history dropmarker pushed state" [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Ventron r=Enn a1.9b3=beltzner]
e7a2ecc4f998reed — Bug 410461 - "List of "Other" applications has no accessible names" [ (Jim Mathies) r=MarcoZ a1.9b3=beltzner]
d522a07ee433reed — Bug 414018 - "crash when pressing shift-tab after using FAYT" [ (Mats Palmgren) r=Neil sr+a1.9=roc a1.9b3=beltzner]
042aa461bfaddveditz — bug 413250 additional patch to catch double escaped chrome URIs too. r/sr=bsmedberg, a=beltzner
edb81e417c46smontagu — Remove lame test for bug 387653
755a31ec4a53reed — Bug 414901 - "Back out scriptable IO" [ (Neil Deakin) r+sr=bsmedberg a1.9b3=beltzner]
0e3fa8e77e65peterv — Fix for bug 415017 ("ASSERTION: Fault in cycle collector: script pointer traversal failed"). r/sr=jst, a=beltzner.
e9e2294ed087gavin — Bug 411725: clean up selectors in browser.css, patch by Dão Gottwald <>, r=me, a=beltzner
0660aed7ae57mrbkap — Get the right principal for cloned functions. bug 415030, r=brendan
bf0a0b5baf70mozilla mano — Bug 415160 - saved searches should be selected after being created. r=dietrich, a=beltzner.
8eea1b194933myk — bug 414931: remove cruft from browser.js and make offline storage website list in preferences work on Windows and Linux; r=mano
3ef2f239c132sdwilsh — Apparently this test just didn't pass locally, since the tinderboxen seem to like it. s/todo_is/is/
c15bda9ab370rhelmer — update time cutoff and branch info b=414327 r=rhelmer p=joduinn
c4b612393b13sdwilsh — Bug 399606 - Places counts auto-refreshes as page visits. Patch by Dietrich Ayala <>, Seth Spitzer <>, and Shawn Wilsher <>. r=dietrich, a=beltzner. Note, this is mostly tests with a three line code change. If this goes orange, please don't panic
9eb72fe80d65brendan — Fix from Arjan Van De Ven <> to regression from patch for bug 312238 (fixing 353962, r=me, a=beltzner).
196e447538b5mozilla mano — Bug 395813 - Weird behavior with add bookmarks dialog (long dialogs with extra fields/delete and done buttons don't work/title not filled out). r=dietrich, a=beltzner.
68f058889c83thunder — Bug 411847: Fix typo in about dialog js. a=beltzner
0bb1b67f2fddenndeakin — Bug 414901, fix failing test due to missing QI
326a60e72f37reed — Bug 395034 - "Password notification bar needs icon" [p=reed r=dolske r=gavin a1.9b3=schrep]
444e08d9d8edmozilla mano — Bug 415101 - wrong bookmark and tags edited from the star menu. r=dietrich, a=beltzner.
6c091ce8c004reed — Upgraded the NSPR tag to NSPR_HEAD_20080129_PLUS_414997 for the fix for bug 414997. [a1.9b3=beltzner]
f764570c00cereed — Add missing |#ifdef JS_GC_ZEAL| to fix bustage.
027b53262571gavin — Bug 411725: fix padding of the unified back/forward buttons, patch by mcdavis941 <>, r=me, a=schrep
1cb930fede5cenndeakin — Bug 414901, back out scriptable IO api, r+sr=bsmedberg,a=beltzner
63182ec2a9c0timeless — Bug 411249 Top crash [@ jsds_ScriptHookProc][@jsds_ScriptHookProc(JSDContext*, JSDScript*, int, void*)] on shutdown with Firebug 1.1.0b10 installed r=gijs a=beltzner
16a94371ab9dreed — Bug 414982 - "Use gcZeal setting in nsJSEnvironment, as we once did with WAY_TOO_MUCH_GC" [ (Brian Crowder) r+sr=bzbarsky a1.9=brendan a1.9b3=schrep]
1a704a2e4d33mozilla mano — Bug 414930 - Unable to drag and drop URLs to Bookmarks Toolbar. r=dietrich, a=beltzner.
cbbdb92a2c31mozilla mano — Bug 414974 - Disallow removing special queries from the left pane. r=dietrich, a=schrep.
ce7b4d1c9978mozilla mano — Bug 411088 - when deleting a tagged bookmark from the places organizer, the tag remains. r=dietrich, a=beltzner.
f6470ad9ca21reed — Back out patch from Sergey Yanovich in bug 405095 due to test failures on Windows and Linux.
c6a723953de0reed — Bug 413471 - "M2 Tango" (CSS change for new blacklist_large.png) [p=reed r=Ryan a1.9b3=beltzner]
b81a14dc4f90rhelmer — workaround tz confusion b=414966 r=nthomas
2257db0177c5gerv — Recent fixes
8e89edc6d4c2gerv — Merge in recent changes
7e35e15cc9d1reed — Bug 405095 - "datetimepicker suppresses most keyboard shortcuts" [ (Sergey Yanovich) r=gavin r=Enn a1.9b3=beltzner]
089c60d1c70dreed — Bug 414836 - "Need to sync toolbar with icons/text preferences and icon size when new localstore.rdf created" (reset the toolbox) [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9b3=beltzner]
cdc9ee1b151dreed — Bug 413471 - "M2 Tango" (wrong-way, key, popups-blocked, rss, downloads, star, and gray star icons) [ (Michael Monreal) / Tango team ui-r=faaborg a1.9b3=schrep/beltzner]
1deabe67dd07reed — Bug 413471 - "M2 Tango" (wrong-way, key, popups-blocked, rss, downloads, star, and gray star icons) [ (Michael Monreal) / Tango team ui-r=faaborg a1.9b3=schrep/beltzner]
a897e6fa58d7jdaggett — Bug 409342. Handle pref lang array correctly. r+sr=pavlov
df23423b7783reed — Bug 413806 - "Land Windows icons for Beta 3" (new Toolbar-small.png) [p=Iconfactory ui-r=faaborg a1.9b3=beltzner/schrep]
279a8fea24ccjonas — Bug 397878: Send Referer-Root header when doing cross-site access requests. Also update domain pattern matching to spec. Patch by <>. r=bent sr=sicking b3a=beltzner
701ab4b86530dtownsend — Bug 414747: Firefox crashes during Addons -> Find Update., r+sr=peterv, a1.9b3=beltzner
2b6d6b699998dholbert — Bug 414075: Set the correct dead space gap value in Print Preview. Patch by Jeremy Lea <> r+sr=roc a1.9b3=schrep
fb7494d4c88emasayuki — Bug 414903 Cannot use arrow keys and function keys at using IME r=josh, sr=roc, a1.9b3=beltzner
62efb312bc91rhelmer — back out workaround from bug 414966 now that it's been tagged
79b4d20bb0a2igor — Bug 414871: fixing gczeal issue. r=brendan, approval1.9b3=beltzner
c9d0813bd204mats palmgren — Zeroing the full PrefValue unions to avoid UMR when copying. b=413170 r=sayrer sr=roc approval1.9b3=beltzner
2137224f4039mats palmgren — Don't decrement the loop variable when it's zero. b=414854 r+sr=jag approval1.9b3=beltzner
f6b000934e3bjdaggett — Bug 409342. Cache pref font lists per lang group during font matching. r+sr=pavlov
cba4096619e8reed — Back out jimm's patch from bug 411579 due to regressions. [a1.9b3=mconnor]
95dd21360281johnath — Fix identity-icon-label padding on Linux. b=414919 r=gavin a=beltzner
21a92185da52edward lee — Bug 414581 - Autocomplete shows no results for some words, sometimes. r=gavin, b-ff3=beltzner, a1.9b3=mconnor
1f1afc1a9ec7edward lee — Bug 414257 - Stop searching for autocomplete results that won't be displayed. r=sspitzer, a1.9=beltzner, a1.9b3=beltzner
9da1365d5571gavin — Bug 414945: fix home button styling when used on the main toolbar, without regressing Txul/Twinopen, patch by Dão Gottwald <>, r=me, a=beltzner
5cdb59f87309rhelmer — temporarily disable Date::Manip until it's installed on the slaves, now that we are past Tag
9105da95b443mozilla mano — Bug 414797 - Fix click and hold code on Mac. r=gavin, a=beltzner.
109cd75a225breed — Bug 414876 - "[gtk] Unified back/forward drop-down button is too wide" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=Ryan a1.9b3=beltzner]
f34801c7d2f8rhelmer — temporarily disable unit tests for release r=joduinn a=rhelmer
402dd8e1c9fcrhelmer — convert found utc CVS date to local time to match branch b=414966 r=coop
3b2d598f41e6mozilla mano — Bug 414922 - RSS Subscription broken. r=myk. a=beltzner.
d5e7645b4153smontagu — Tests for bug 409513 and bug 410967
0209973f60a3gavin — Bug 414864: don't add elements to a toolbar if they already exist in the document, patch by Dão Gottwald <>
ae6b8d068b8frhelmer — prepare for 20012 rc2 respin b=414327 r=rhelmer p=joduinn
3ab73fdc17f8mozilla mano — Bug 412027 - Map Esc to the cancel button in the Bookmark contextual dialog, with few other fixes (see comment 18). r=dietrich, a=beltzner.
940411d26d93reed — Bug 400064 - "Adapt Web Feed preview page for Podcasts and Video Podcasts" (Missed file in previous patch) [ (Will Guaraldi) ui-r=beltzner r=myk r=sayrer a1.9b3=beltzner]
d1ce3dfced96reed — Bug 412753 - "Speed up JPEG decoding by another 10%" (Replace include "jpegint.h" with some locally copied definitions) [ (Alfred Kayser) r=stuart a1.9b3=beltzner]
09259c08c227sdwilsh — Disable this test again since windows and linux do not like it
0d5b7b701ad5bugzilla — Bug 414862 Add-On Manger shows only empty panes, minimal function r/sr=Neil
2bf908e4bb20sdwilsh — Backout of test change since it's orange now (passes locally though :( )
5e72d9a2a9b0gavin — Attempt to fix Twinopen regression (avoid styling the home button onload), a=mconnor
7c4398e8fbeemozilla mano — Bug 412027 - Map Esc to the cancel button in the Bookmark contextual dialog. r=gavin, a=mconnor.
125b2e745cefgavin — Attempt to fix Twinopen regression (avoid styling the home button onload), a=mconnor
bc1a9b98ada0sdwilsh — Bug 414214 - Download Manager window doesn't stay open when is true. r=Mano, a=mconnor
48352d6ffc0aroc+ — Remove unnecessary whitespace, triggering a build
aec732062dbbgerv — Check in latest version of tools
b14a96751d6egavin — Bug 414362: back/forward buttons aren't unified in new profiles, patch by Dao Gottwald <>, r=me, a=beltzner
8af5bf77505dgavin — Bug 404109: Move the home button to the Bookmarks toolbar, and change the toolbar ID to reset customization state, patch by Dão Gottwald <>, r=me, sr=mconnor, a=mconnor/beltzner
ebc5d41f5260brendan — Try to fix Ts regression (414452, r=shaver).
23a97c3863aadwitte — backing out due to Ts regression.
5b4241a48e8eroc+ — Backing out 400813, sigh
d598f59b2f40reed — Bug 413471 - "M2 Tango" (add wrong-way icons) [ (Michael Monreal) / Tango team ui-r=faaborg a=blocking-firefox3+]
4422ee806fb5reed — Bug 413471 - "M2 Tango" (fix page-livemarks and feed icon mix-up) [ (Michael Monreal) / Tango team ui-r=faaborg a=blocking-firefox3+]
bbc0e44f4ce9roc+ — Bug 400813 reftest
e9a59e2c8ac9reed — Bug 411048 - "Menu remains highlighted after being dismissed by middle-click" (clear active state when destroying menu frame) [ (Neil Deakin) r=Smaug sr=Neil a1.9=damons]
a282a0359994gavin — Bug 386228: Unify back and forward button and provide a single dropdown, patch by Dão Gottwald <>, r=me, sr=mconnor, a=mconnor
e0262a2d8237philringnalda — Bug 405137 - no tooltip for tab close button, r=mano, a=beltzner
0a0bdec25be3roc+ — Bug 400813. Lines with actual content that just happens to be zero-width should be treated as non-empty. r+sr=dbaron
7a212b17f1ddreed — Bug 408471 - "[cs] Fixed DOMI in trunk" [ (Pavel Franc [Pawell]) / (Michal Kec [MiK]) r=Pawell a1.9=beltzner]
f7304784bc86dwitte — Bug 367799 - nsNavHistory duplicates "effective TLD" functionality. r=thunder, a=mconnor
fcf8c58b4d3amyk — bug 400061: add Podcast and Video Podcast entries to the applications prefpane; Patch by Will Guaraldi; r=myk,sayrer; a=beltzner
ffa61f628a6emozilla mano — Checked in the wrong revision for these files, likely broke few tinderbox builds
8c4e6503d5c3jonas — Bug 413071: Fix bug in cross site XHR. r/sr=jst
4b31c20a3d9cbent mozilla — Bug 411530 - Don't use the HTTP cache for non-GET access checks. r+sr=sicking, a=blocking1.9.
b28b900c9fd6brendan — Move serialized cycle detector for __proto__ and __parent__ into js_GC (414452, r=igor+shaver).
5fb10a82989cdwitte — compile fix.
392279b69f50brendan — Final js1.8 feature: sugar for object destructuring (404734, r=mrbkap).
d0e07de551d8jag — Bug 413143: trunk is broken(sigbus) on SPARC since 20071221. r/sr=pavlov, a=beltzner Unaligned 32-bit memory reads cause a sigbus on SPARC. Turns out that fixing this also gets us a little performance boost on other platforms because we're now mostly doing aligned 32-bit reads.
42b275a45042webmail — Bug 414757 - Polish Places Organizer search widgets on Mac thanks to Aronnax. r+a=mconnor
894d811af8f0sdwilsh — Backout of Bug 408153
f30803b547e8mozilla mano — Bug 414735 - New application details window spewing errors. r=gavin.
1d0ce0fded61jst — Landing followup to the fix for bug 412491, this one somehow slipped through, just more of the same.
c5da40d55168fantasai cvs — patch hang for FFb3 b=414255 r+sr=roc
5150f22e0760aaronleventhal — Bug 409591. Thunderbird: newsgroup/feed messages blank in virtual buffer. Correct the previous checkin for this bug which caused bug 414574. r=surkov, sr=bz, a=blocking1.9
1417b19735c4myk — backing out bug 400061 because it caused a test failure
7729d077784cdolske — 32x32 icons for Bug 404402 - Ship and use different sizes of the Firefox icon. rs=mconnor, coattailing in on r/a from earlier 48x48 icons addition.
ae4261eac112igor — Attachment 300249: better handling of numeric conversions. r,a=brendan
8291d31cfb61mrbkap — Make this code deal with setTimeout from a component. bug 414743, r=jst/waldo sr=jst
857c3a3e32acdietrich — Bug 414253 ? do more frecency recalculation on idle, and / or do it faster than 60 seconds of idle (r=sspitzer)
b91ac95325c9brendan — Dammit.
83c526702092sdwilsh — Bug 408153 - Use IAttachmentExecute antivirus API when it is available (take 2). r=sdwilsh, r=robarnold, a=beltzner, a=mconnor
6277038fa526mrbkap — Don't wrap chrome objects in SJOWs if we don't have to. bug 414296, r=jst sr=bzbarsky
1712425d1e48brendan — Oops.
0360ed5477c3brendan — Don't self-lock in the JSGC_BEGIN callback (413097, r=shaver).
55a89155b2cdreed — Bug 413806 - "Land Windows icons for Beta 3" (page-livemarks and feed icons) [p=Iconfactory ui-r=faaborg a1.9=beltzner]
3de185c864a9sdwilsh — Bug 412204 - anti virus scanning is slow and unnecessary. r=jimm
1fd31f5f1129dietrich — Bug 413561 ? PRBool misuse (easy fix) (r=dietrich, a=mconnor)
ec3310fa5259myk — bug 400061: add Podcast and Video Podcast entries to the applications prefpane; r=myk,sayrer; a=beltzner
31067844bfd4reed — Bug 413236 - "nodoka theme git: focus indicator for location bar covers too large an area" [ (Teune van Steeg) r=dao r=Ryan a1.9=beltzner]
b54007882a4djonas — Bug 399352: Get rid of known-but-harmless assertions for GetUsedMargin/Border/Padding. r/sr=dbaron
06a9bac80080reed — Bug 391598 - "make upgrade/update process smoother and avoid confusing/modal dialogs" (rename the "Later" button, remove the modal dialog) [ (Dão Gottwald) r=mconnor a=blocking-firefox3+]
2fce2f83cd1creed — Bug 412753 - "Speed up JPEG decoding by another 10%" [ (Alfred Kayser) r=stuart a=blocking1.9+]
261489aca484reed — Bug 400064 - "Adapt Web Feed preview page for Podcasts and Video Podcasts" [ (Will Guaraldi) ui-r=beltzner r=myk r=sayrer a1.9=beltzner]
e63b325c06bdmozilla mano — Update bookmarking panel UI, patch on bug 393509. Also fixes bugs 414457, 413070, 413069, 413068, 413061, 413055, 413051. r=dietrich, a=beltzner for _very_ unpolished work.
af67e1cb1a35mozilla mano — Update bookmarking panel UI, patch on bug 393509. Also fixes bugs 414457, 413070, 413069, 413068, 413061, 413055, 413051. r=dietrich, a=beltzner for _very_ unpolished work.
8b2bbd3c92dareed — Bug 412530 - "context.restore throws exception if no saved state instead of doing nothing per spec" [ (KUROSAWA, Takeshi) r+a1.9=vlad]
c7722e4e80eareed — Bug 373397 - "nsGNOMERegistry could use the mozgnome component" [ (Mike Hommey) r=chpe sr=biesi a1.9=beltzner]
f11c30c9679dreed — Bug 408979 - "Downloads are canceled on Exit when using a proxy server (HTTP/1.0)" (Remove HTTP/1.0 check) [ (Henrik Skupin) r+sr=biesi a1.9=damons]
dc70a1399321reed — Bug 408363 - "Password Manager remember prompt gets dismissed too early" [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r=dolske r=gavin ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
966b8b1a0c00reed — Bug 374040 - "nsIScriptableDateFormat does not work as expected with dateFormatLong" [ (arno.) r=smontagu a1.9=schrep]
8df85c78bd3breed — Bug 404500 - "add localized description for DOMi" (for sk) [ (Vlado Valastiak [wladow]) r=sdwilsh sr=Neil a1.9=damons]
5fd4aad172d9reed — Bug 408676 - "Fix include quotes style for gtkmozembed" [ (romaxa) r=mpgritti a1.9=damons]
8dfffeb64023reed — Bug 398066 - "Image requests should include image/* in Accept header" [ (Laurens Holst) r=biesi sr=stuart a1.9=damons]
85262c88ae24karlt+ — default values for mathvariant attribute on mi elements. b=413115
9f638011fffbaaronleventhal — Bug 413844. F6 doesn't switch between content and location bar anymore. r=mano, a=dsicore
6146ecc2a26ejohnath — Re-land bug 406612. r=gavin a=beltzner
27845fad028abzbarsky — Followup patch for bug 409888: make replace loads work more like they used to. r=biesi, sr=jst
6aa38b54e572aaronleventhal — Bug 414654. Accessibles not hidden for visibility:hidden w/ position:absolute. r+sr=roc, a=beltzner
b2faab8814a6smontagu — When creating a bidi continuation for a frame with fluid continuations, set the length of all the frames in the continuation chain to zero except the last one. Bug 409375, r+sr+blocking1.9=roc
2d392206cb6ckarlt+ — let mathvariant="normal" inherit the document fonts b=413115 r+sr=roc a=schrep
ad74ac5a0af0dcamp — Bustage fix
b7fe098daba0mrbkap — Fix for orange: deal with weird scripts that don't have principals.
db88a8befe4dmark — 320155 Mac dimmidge is confusing. Improve by including symbolic link to /Applications. New background image by Alex Faaborg (and team?) r=alQAhira ui-r=beltzner a/1.9=beltzner
adeac4b286e6crowder — Bug 331043 - Improve hash performance using _rotr intrinsic (js/src hunk), patch by Michael Moy <> with updates by me and r=wtc, r=brendan, a=brendan
346c88fcad01jst — Fixing bug 414639. Don't prevent SetWindow() from being called on a Java plugin whose width or height is 0.
095ea6433cf7jst — Fixing bug 413774. Don't suspend/resume requests when making native calls into C++ in XPConnect, do the suspend/resume when pushing/popping JS contexts off of the context stack instead.,
ed6e140db5eebent mozilla — Bug 412862 - Change the 'allow scripts to move or resize existing windows' pref to a whitelist. r=gavin,jst. sr=jst. ur+a=beltzner.
aec4b4825757dcamp — Bug 414074: Cache the results of safebrowsing gethash requests. r=tony, a1.9=beltzner
40e2910e343dmrbkap — Outerize this when we're computing it. bug 394012, r=brendan
2974b7f0b06cmrbkap — Be more careful about what filename we propagate to compiled setTimeout functions. bug 411092, r+sr=jst
baba618bf098crowder — Bug 408113: allocate stackPools less often, r=brendan, a=blocking1.9 (schrep)
0ac406572692mkaply — 402250 - r=sayre, a=dsicore - build validation into microformats query - throw on error
692b2d59c7c2sayrer — Bug 303645. Add support for media feeds and objects (enclosures). Patch by Will Guaraldi <>. r=sayrer/gavin, ui-r=beltzner, a=beltzner
b2e6aa3448fcmrbkap — SJOW's equality hook returns true too much. bug 413902, r+sr=jst a=damons
d953e8396f16peterv — Fix for bug 407034 (JS_Assert "!rt->gcRunning" unbinding link elements in cycle collector with JS protocol handlers), r/sr=dbaron.
8e641dbfcd40mrbkap — Make document really not be a XOW. bug 414706, r+sr+a=jst
6e65d9a3ce0fdtownsend — Bug 406807: Remove unneccesary parts of xpinstall. r=bsmedberg, sr=dveditz, a=damons
a5d569503816ctalbert — QAX bug 413760 r=jay
f19d5fa385acdolske — Bug 403380 - mochitests always fail on second pass. r=gavin (test changes only)
cb788a544a7ejwalden — Bug 387706 - Implement HTML5's cross-document messaging API (postMessage), enabling secure cross-origin communication between windows. r+sr=sicking, sr=jst, a=jst
bcce79f916a5mozilla mano — Checking in some NPOB images
bf019691a676sdwilsh — Backout of Bug 408153
8277103ff889sdwilsh — Disable test for now - bug 414214
f448a2203085roc+ — Backing out bug 412237 due to regression test failure
0da72e64f41fmrbkap — Preserve interesting attributes on same-origin XOWs. bug 393269, r+sr=jst a=beltzner
e768513a6ed1mozilla — [OS/2] Bug 394412: on the way to be able to print through cairo
f97f9783a92bdtownsend — Bug 414609: Display appropriate message when there are no compatible search results (and other string cleanups). r=robstrong, a=beltzner
02d36d27958bdtownsend — Bug 404024: Add integration pane follow up fix. p=Ronny Perinke <>, r=mossop
171cda5e93d3jst — Fixing bug 414658. Make sure to not use a context from a different thread when calling functions on a wrapped JS object.
86798f7c7b93dcamp — Bug 413938: Add an nsIWebNavigation flag to let clients bypass malware/phishing detection. r=bz, sr=biesi, a1.9=damons
919383d12ce9sdwilsh — Bug 408153 - Use IAttachmentExecute when it is available. Patch by Masatoshi Kimura <> and Jim Mathies <>. r=sdwilsh, r=robarnold, a=damons
bc161ca39b0asdwilsh — Bug 414214 - Download Manager window doesn't stay open when is true. r=Mano
ef35dd34be9dwtc — Upgraded the NSPR tag to NSPR_HEAD_20080129 for the fix for bug 414392.
988255441275roc+ — Bug 411870. nsBidiPresUtils needs to track the current line across block continuation boundaries. r=smontagu
577ecb7fc1aaroc+ — Test for bug 412237
898df68fcb55roc+ — Bug 412237. Don't parse negative fontsize attributes in MathML elements. r+sr=dbaron
54dc626bc0b7myk — bug 413589: enable fts3 (full text index) sqlite module; r=sdwilsh, a=damons
4b79f2811123bent mozilla — Bug 414677 - Patch for bug 404386 breaks 64-bit build. r+sr+a=jst.
73c341913625johnath — Backing out patch for 406612 in case it caused the linux Ts regression.
045ac6d7d718rflint — Bug 413294 - [gnomestripe] folders on bookmarks toolbar are missing icons. Patch by Michael Ventnor <>, r=me a=beltzner
da25c3d877eddolske — 48x48 icons for Bug 404402 - Ship and use different sizes of the Firefox icon. r=mconnor, bsmedberg, ui-r=mconnor, a=blocking-ff3+
b20cdb83daccigor — Bug 413744: JS_GCMETER requires to recompile just js/src, not the whole browser. r,a=brendan
ea69b58ff5cebent mozilla — Bug 404386 - nsScanner construction is 5% of setting innerHTML. r=mrbkap,smontagu. sr=jst. a=blocking1.9.
6f12c9ffdc9ajdaggett — Bug 411090. Bail reading cmap when table offset is beyond the end of the table. r+sr=pavlov
10d3acd472ccdtownsend — Bug 414325: Use DownloadUtils for extension/theme manager downloads. r=robstrong, a=damons
f9f1beae2a2broc+ — Bug 363183. Fix getComputedStyle left/top/width/height for tables. r+sr=dbaron
2e91ef19c433mozilla mano — Bug 414549 - bad index in nested loops in refreshVisibleSection hangs on infinite loop. patch by Marco Bonardo [mak77] <>, r=me.
c2810568bf4bpeterv — Try to fix orange
494178105d5caaronleventhal — Bug 402597. AT-SPI Accessibility:Event.user_data None for ARIA tooltips/alerts. Patch by Ginn Check, r=aaronlev, a=dsicore
592fa57409abjdaggett — Bug 400717. Explicitly set NSUnitalicFontMask and NSUnboldFontMask font traits to avoid 10.5 inconsistency. r+sr=vlad
e6b944122e33aaronleventhal — Bug 414312. IAccessibleText::getTextAtOffset and friends should return S_FALSE when unsupported boundary type is used. r=surkov, a=dsicore
f4d5e49b9784gavin — Bug 404572: don't show multiple quit dialogs if you cancel the quit on the first one, patch by Håkan Waara <> and Graeme McCutcheon <>, r=me
f2b620e42687joshmoz — Spurious mouseout event with overlapped divs on Mac OS X. Patch by Matthew Gregan. b=411597 r=josh sr=roc
3bd06acda846jst — Fixing bustage.
e31630547babdcamp — Bug 402611: Deal with changes to the safebrowsing v2 protocol. r=tony, a1.9=beltzner
99e0063fa379reed — Bug 411579 - "Optimize read file buffer sizes for faster startup times" [ (Jim Mathies) r=sayrer sr=bsmedberg a=blocking1.9+]
e8d00681628fjst — Fixing bug 413767. Make caps use faster JS class/parent/private/proto accessors.,
b324a844c7a0peterv — Fix for bug 407034 (JS_Assert "!rt->gcRunning" unbinding link elements in cycle collector with JS protocol handlers), r/sr=dbaron.
ba951d7b40fcdholbert — Bug 389359: In print-preview jump-to-page, scale page-position so we arrive at correct spot. r+sr=roc, a=blocking1.9+
73cb11b9f9e6florian — Relanding bug 402252 - application details should be accessible from prefs UI. Original patch: r=Mano, ui-r=beltzner (over IRC), a1.9=damons; additionnal parts (strings): r+ui-r+a1.9=beltzner.
d7a16c4d5119mozilla mano — Bug 412148 - Drop support for unused view features. r=dietrich, a=schrep.
3b48a0b8a25asayrer — Bug 413253. build with -fno-strict-aliasing on GCC platforms. r=ted.mielczarek
df6e9de42334dolske — Update comments for localizers.
0c23e3fdf96agavin — Bug 412990: Re-enable search service logging for opt builds (without the performance hit of checking the pref for each LOG call), r=mano, a=schrep
c892539f0801gavin — Bug 412990: Sherlock engine conversion code fails to set icons, r=mano, a=schrep
5949243ac286dolske — Bug 244273 - improve current HTTP authentication prompt. r=neil,bsmedberg ui-r=johnath, a=blocking-1.9+, a-latel10n=damons
a6de954718d9gavin — Bug 336231: work around bug 374288 by giving the "Manage search engines" menu item an empty tooltip, patch by Vlado Valastiak <>, r=me, a=schrep
6aec346c8fbestefanh — Bug 414590 - Move [mode=text] toolbarbutton label styles to browser.css. r=Mano, a=beltzner.
22c6aa5ac4e3Olli Pettay — Bug 333262,In <inspector.xml>, strict warning 'reference to undefined property event.originalTarget.nodeType', r=sdwilsh, sr=neil, a=dsicore
cb282ecb9ea0vladimir — b=367618, initial win32 8bpp bits, r=stuart
f91425c07d5evladimir — b=513583, bandaid for X repeat bug, r=stuart
c240b3f25bb7reed — Bug 66057 - "Proxy: $http_proxy should influence proxy settings" [ (Robert O'Callahan [roc]) / (Diane Trout) / (Michael Ventnor) r=josh r+sr=biesi a1.9=damons]
4c5495b14297johnath — Clean up visual presentation of identity popup & button (Larry). b=406612 r=gavin a=beltzner late-l10n
159979edb2f5dietrich — Bug 407296 ? bad problems if browser.places.leftPaneFolderId points to an id that does not exist: places organizer is blank (r=mano)
c5cc4a46b58areed — Back out for now until there's a fix.
1121c290b0a1reed — One last chance to fix bustage.
0ee7f401f331gavin — Bustage fix from bug 404310 by John Daggett <>, r=josh, sr=stuart, a=Mossop (avoid enum conflict with 10.5 SDK)
d5f4de925ecbreed — Add XPCOM_FROZEN_LDOPTS to EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS to fix bustage.
6a5985295fb8reed — Add missing EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS to fix bustage.
2dcbe09fa632florian — Backing out part of bug 402252 to fix unit test failure, until I recover the lost changes to
71ec64f4a1c9reed — Bug 66057 - "Proxy: $http_proxy should influence proxy settings" [ (Robert O'Callahan [roc]) / (Diane Trout) / (Michael Ventnor) r=josh r+sr=biesi a1.9=damons]
b5ceaf650aafflorian — Bug 402252 - application details should be accessible from prefs UI. r=Mano, ui-r=beltzner (over IRC), a1.9=damons.
8b7a09b502d3cltbld — "Automated configuration bump, release for firefox"
336093561ab1reed — Bug 391002 - "broadcaster/command element failed to re-forward all attributes to the target element" [ (arno.) r=Neil sr=jst a1.9=damons]
f64aa0b9bc81nboyd — Missing ECMA conformance test, see
bf9e6ecce04fmozilla — Bug 412582: remove MOZ_ENABLE_CAIRO_GFX from the build system (apparently forgot this file on yesterday's checkin)
58c2612ec22awebmail — Bug 414419 [proto] Back button doubles on click r=gavin, a=beltzner
5e810c0ac55aneil — Bug 413963 Password manager has unsafe dependency on browser r=gavin a=damons
ce76996944e9gandalf — Bug 302387: rdf_FormatDate() generates incorrect timezone information;, r=pike,sr=shaver,a1.9=dsicore
f55db15e03ackarlt+ — Include Western fonts explicitly in Unix CJK preferred fonts. b=401988 (but resolves the issue in bug 339513) r=pavlov
4c0cac895580dbaron — Tweak my previous fix per comment from Jesse.
6032cf70903cdbaron — Backing out bug 336231 due to mochitest failure.
bb4d2f94940bdbaron — Make this test loop until the XBL is loaded, since it fails for me in a debug build from Sunday evening and in a nightly from December (just as it just started doing on the Linux unit test tinderbox). a=jesse
de1471fb3998brendan — Revert last checkin (414452).
8f739f9a99afreed — Bug 398627 - "make icons for "always ask" and "save file" actions in Applications prefpane" (Get rid of icon URL hardcoding) [ (Michael Ventnor) r=myk a=blocking-firefox3+]
19c7c4c69d18reed — Bug 405693 - "don't update identical offline cache manifests" [ (Honza Bambas) r=dcamp sr=biesi a=blocking1.9+]
11e5451f690breed — Bug 394667 - "Copying javascript: URL from location bar replaces spaces with %20" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9=damons]
d5088d91f2fcreed — Bug 412818 - "cvs remove nsJARDirectoryInputStream.h" [ (Alfred Kayser) r+sr=biesi a1.9=damons]
abdfff8308e0reed — Bug 404661 - "Remove "this gun is loaded" from the about:config warning" (take two) [ (Mike Beltzner) ui-r=beltzner r=dolske a=blocking1.9+]
c692b7ee538dreed — Bug 336231 - ""Manage Search Engines..." in Search dropdown still has stale/incorrectly positioned tooltip" [ (Vlado Valastiak [wladow]) r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
a19dfdbf7feedbaron — Push scrollframes, tables, and other blocks that don't participate in float formatting down when they don't fit next to floats. b=134706,349255 r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+
1b9c86216708reed — Bug 328718 - "GetEdgePaperMarginCoord should extend one inch" [ (Hb) r+sr+a1.9=roc]
f767eac5c9d6jruderman — Use a data: URL instead of an http: URL so this test can succeed even without network connectivity
059516e496a8brendan — Move guts of js_SetProtoOrParent to jsgc.c, unifying serialization and deadlock avoidance machinery (414452, r=igor).
a50e9376b994edward lee — Bug 414507 - With a large history, typing in the url bar lags if the typed text does not match anything. r=sspitzer, b-ff3=mconnor
92369f439e17edward lee — Bug 414489 - Change default search chunk size and timeout and let users adjust them. r=sspitzer, a1.9=mconnor
ca6f0ea4b690edward lee — Bug 414254 - Wait a while before searching in the location bar. r=sspitzer, r=gavin, r=dietrich, a1.9=dsicore
981a8de227ecdholbert — Bug 389358 -- Give doc title & URL to pageSeqFrame for display in print-preview header. r+sr=roc; a=blocking1.9+
47dded6155a5reed — Bug 413806 - "Land Windows icons for Beta 3" (tabbrowser icons) [p=Iconfactory ui-r=faaborg a1.9=beltzner]
f394b63f0f66reed — Bug 413806 - "Land Windows icons for Beta 3" (tabbrowser icons) [p=Iconfactory ui-r=faaborg a1.9=beltzner]
bedb88923f99bent mozilla — Bug 413447 - "nsXBLDocumentInfo can keep closed global window alive". r+sr=sicking, a=blocking1.9.
a1e8a1827243joshmoz — fix performKeyEvent handling so we don't beep when commands are successful. b=376077 r=smichaud sr=roc
ffa0a4446d57reed — Bug 395448 - "Replace UI icons in the download manager" [p=Iconfactory ui-r=faaborg a=blocking-firefox3+]
ccc753db9ab9dwitte — Bug 409614 - IDN with non-ASCII TLD is displayed in Punycode. r+sr=biesi, a=damons
ac5f6baa45c8jdaggett — Bug 404310. Use canonical font family names for zh-TW pref font settings. r+sr=pavlov
c7a37a9dc9d6jdaggett — Bug 404310. Restructuring gfxQuartzFontCache for faster startup, better lookup speed. r=vlad, sr=pavlov
557b9a3f5224reed — Disable sporatically failing test that bz enabled earlier due to oranges.
c7bea299e7c9dwitte — Bug 383476 - Cookie display in "show cookies" uses light grey background even with white text. p=ispiked, r=gavin, a=damons
46c8d465687csdwilsh — Bug 395448 - Replace UI icons in the download manager. r=Mano, r=Ventron
fc596afc9d1cedward lee — Bug 414461 - Delay importing of PluralForm and DownloadUtils for statusbar. r=mano, a1.9=dsicore
d15343184100sdwilsh — Bug 414161 - Quit & cancelation confirmation should not be displayed if downloads are resumable. r=Mardak, a=damons
b320791e4ddeedward lee — Bug 414203 - Download statusbar tooltip says "Double click to open..." but single click works. r=mano, a1.9=dsicore
1838a322ee8faaronleventhal — Bug 405951. Thunderbird: newsgroup/feed messages blank in virtual buffer, r=surkov, a=blocking1.9
b94b5e80b16abzbarsky — Speed up page zoom by skipping the unnecessary resize reflow when we tell the viewmanager about its new size, since we plan to go ahead and do a full dirty reflow right after that. Bug 403660, patch by Daniel Brooks <>, r=bzbarsky, sr=roc
bf8df6a6a2c6aaronleventhal — Bug 413143. Crash in RefreshNodes() for QueryElementAt(). r=marcoz, a=dsicore
a20d6080b15caaronleventhal — Bug 414133. Accessible selection methods not working in form controls. r=surkov, a=dsicore
cc6035fbc5acaaronleventhal — Bug 404881. Accessible tree for role=log table not updated for td's without aria-live set, r=surkov, a=dsicore
b6ce85aea167jwalden — Bug 411007 - Rewrite in Python (but don't start using it yet). This version will eventually replace the Perl version; developer testing of all functionality on all platforms is highly appreciated until we can completely remove the Perl version. r=robcee, a=test-harness-work
1c9eb3f07a80bzbarsky — Make the test work in embedding builds too. Bug 414303, patch by Adam Barth <> and Collin Jackson <>, r+sr=bzbarsky.
2ae448b8a0b7rhelmer — bump timestamp for fx release b=414327 r=rhelmer p=joduinn
94c045de63e8dcamp — Back out bug 402611 for bloat-test orange
c1a7ca0948e3dcamp — Bustage fix for 402611
6758bd80a83ejst — Fixing windows bustage.
8eaad23dcda2mrbkap — Backing out to see if this is the cause for apparent random crashes.
0dacad199763bzbarsky — Fix bug 406900 by doing a better job of unbinding XBL default content. r=smaug, sr=sicking
865638f861d8bzbarsky — Reenable the test on non-Windows.
0f6b28938141sayrer — Bug 400091. nsFaviconService leak with rapid page loads. r/sr=biesi
60498013c9bdjst — Fixing bug 413559. Make XPConnect use faster accessors for JS class/parent/private/proto.,
390f9a624ba2mrbkap — There might be a pushed context but no running code. bug 413200, r+sr=jst a=blocking-1.9+
862729f14171mozilla — Bug 412582: remove MOZ_ENABLE_CAIRO_GFX from the build system, r=ted.mielczarek, a=beltzner
00cc6b6b6ac2mrbkap — Create a more valid pseudo-frame for liveconnect to avoid null ptr dereferences. bug 409720, r=brendan sr=jst a=brendan
2a6e5f2d915fdcamp — Bug 402611: Deal with changes to the safebrowsing v2 protocol. r=tony, a1.9=beltzner
0f400dc80982mrbkap — Don't allocate links on the heap. bug 410223, r+sr=brendan a=schrep
357be3f30315ted mielczarek — bug 404855 - crash reporter ui review, round 2 - mac patch. r=josh
ffa2905963e2igor — Bug 413793: fixing JS compilation. r=outside of the browser three
e31a47e00bdcmozilla — [OS/2] Bug 413530: fix icon display of files without extensions in listings, fix=Rich Walsh, r=me
1a81923fc72fmozilla — Bug 413613: remove MOZ_EXTRA_X11CONVERTERS and the code it enables, r=smontagu, a=beltzner
9da860638de9mozilla — Bug 412923: Remove gfx/, r=ted.mielczarek, a=beltzner
83d5064b9f24anodelman — Bug 413714 - cleanup talos display on tinderbox bustage fix for tinderbox print statements disappearing on the waterfall a/r=anodelman
28db03daec45anodelman — Bug 413714 - cleanup talos displays on tinderbox Bustage fix, trying to append float to string without str() a/r=anodelman
8ab597ec07cdsdwilsh — Test for Bug 412844
82dadbb0fd59dtownsend — Bug 408118: Auto-enable themes on install. r=robstrong
94f69d956821roc+ — Bug 411870 backout again
9b0363ad5bf1vladimir — re-landing; b=412396, speed up mac image rendering while images are being loaded, r=stuart
ab7bc450469breed — Back out zeniko's patch from bug 386228 due to Ts/Txul regressions.
c9fc190defcadtownsend — Bug 404024: Add AMO integration pane followup fix. r=mano
32ea3b485333anodelman — Bug 413714 - Cleanup talos display on Tinderbox a=anodelman r=rcampbell
301f7b9cf2deroc+ — Bug 411870. Bidi resolution needs to scan through block continuations when tracking the current line for frames. r=smontagu
1b97a74034d1bhearsum — bug 417326: Rev Firefox version. r=bsmedberg, patch=me
d403bde8a07cjorendorff — Merge from cvs-trunk-mirror to mozilla-central.
55d574a32683rhelmer — bump config for fx release b=414327 r=cthomas
11ce085ba49fjst — Fixing bug 317240. Re-enabling caps optimization now that a documents principal never changes.
6a19d1096933roc+ — Bug 414190. getBoundingClientRect and getClientRects need special treatment of tables. r+sr=mats
aea8adbd8f8bsdwilsh — Test for Bug 413985
1037ace6a188roc+ — Bug 410728. gfxTextRunWordCache should not cache words that start with a combining mark (words whose first character clusters with a preceding space). r=vlad
77430b307c07roc+ — Bug 410728. gfxWindowsFonts should not start a font-change run in the middle of a surrogate pair. r=pavlov
36bbdbb783e1sdwilsh — Bug 411521 - EventUtils.synthesize* doesn't allow you to specify a window. r=Enn
85d832500dcarhelmer — back out assert patch b=413178
033a35620a04dtownsend — Bug 404024: Add AMO integration pane. r=robstrong
f8ec442314c8pete — b=412703 nsProfileCollector: Log version and locale in <install> r=varga --pete
f3f29cba4c2adtownsend — Bug 408116: Move restart button to notification bar. r=robstrong, ui-r=madhava
6c0300b67115reed — Bug 411725 - "Modify theme for keyhole shaped back/forward buttons on Windows" [ (mcdavis941) ui-r=beltzner pending-review=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
f14a332747a9reed — Bug 386228 - "Unify back and forward tab history and provide only one drop-down button (IE7 style)" [ (Simon Bünzli) ui-r=beltzner r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
a0bb4b8c92cbreed — Add alwaysAsk.png to for both winstripe and gnomestripe.
3c12bc6b1ca7reed — Bug 413471 - "M2 Tango" [ (Michael Monreal) / Tango team ui-r=faaborg a=blocking-firefox3+]
cce5828def66reed — Bug 413806 - "Land Windows icons for Beta 3" [p=Iconfactory ui-r=faaborg a1.9=beltzner]
0635579a5291jwalden — Remove a duplicated entry in the effective TLD data file. alphabetsoup=campbells
050f7c457119edward lee — Bug 414306 - exthandler should set STATE_IS_(REQUEST|NETWORK) to conform with nsIWebProgressListener. r=biesi, sr=bzbarsky, b-ff3=beltzner for bug 405107
b4a841a684d8reed — Remove excess 'filepicker/' so new gnomestripe image overrides the winstripe one (part of bug 413471).
7be78bdade30roc+ — backing out 411870
6c29a084bd90aaronleventhal — Bug 413778. Extra nsDocAccessible quickly created and destroyed whenever new tab is opened. r=surkov, r=emaijala, sr=neil, a=blocking1.9
a1941f717cd3dolske — Bug 402992 - Do not switch to a hand cursor on favicon hover. [regressed by Proto, same change as previously reviewed]
240ce065de9abzbarsky — Adding crashtests.
3d5f69e6f659bzbarsky — Fix bug 342954 by making sure to update our insertion point data when removing nodes from the DOM. r=smaug, sr=sicking
cabd377579d1florian — Bug 410297 - Assertion ('Content type should be known by now.') while running netwerk xpcshell tests. r=dmose, sr=biesi, a=blocking1.9+
6bf8fade72cbroc+ — Bug 411870 crashtest
fe756231a67eroc+ — Bug 411870. Make bidi resolution track lines across block continuation boundaries. r=smontagu
e578086d8507dwitte — update effective tld data file for gecko 1.9. b=403655, patch by Jo Hermans ( and Caio Tiago Oliveira (, r=dwitte, moa=biesi, a=blocking1.9+
78a450cfdfe0vladimir — backing out 412396 in an attempt to fix linux orange
b09ab30aee1dbrendan — Must lock newborn block object (shared) scope before calling js_GetMutableScope (413850, r=mrbkap).
776912aad690wtc — Upgraded the NSPR tag to NSPR_HEAD_20080127 to pick up the fixes for bugs 296878, 331043 (blocking1.9+), 334826 (blocking1.9+), 285157 (blocking1.9+), and 204151.
e32fbaa780c4webmail — Bug 397723 - New Theme for Mac OS X, icons by Stephen Horlander ( r=mconnor
f3560e867deavladimir — b=413989, bad lines drawn over background images while zoomed (osx), r=roc
02ea9f9593b0vladimir — b=412396, jpeg decoding/painting slower on trunk vs. branch while loading; r=stuart
7cb5ee9040eddtownsend — Bug 412127: Canceling extension installation leaks nsXPITriggerInfo and nsXPITriggerItem. r=dveditz, sr=sicking
9345f6a5843fdtownsend — Bug 414054: Add explicit message if preference isn't set for about:crashes. r=mano, ui-r=beltzner, a=schrep
b640fd615063edward lee — Bug 414257 - Stop searching for autocomplete results that won't be displayed. r=sspitzer, a1.9=beltzner
9c8549a2d4a6vladimir — b=414092, crash at _moz_pixman_image_fill_rectangles on x86-64, r=karlt
2f95456bb1dfedward lee — Bug 405107 - File->Save Page As... download often reports 0 bytes as saved. r=sdwilsh, b-ff3=beltzner
1b6594667c8abzbarsky — Put the script in a <script>!
6b947fe67183bzbarsky — Need this change too.
15e089556c9bbzbarsky — Fix the test: off-domain subframes can no longer change the location of a non-toplevel parent frame, with the checkin for bug 408052.
e81bf4837153jwatt — Fixing bug 272885. Disable rendering of some elements when their width or height is zero.,,
1ae01bd3b316bzbarsky — Relanding bug 412679. r+sr=dbaron
7c27175011debzbarsky — Fixing build bustage
b7fe99fb17fbbzbarsky — Tighten up the named-target navigation policy to better match the HTML5 spec and Safari. Bug 408052, patch by Adam Barth <> and Collin Jackson <>, r=jst, sr=bzbarsky.
b9b8c45017a8longsonr — Bug 414188 - Divide by zero with degenerate tile reference. r+sr=tor,a1.9=mtschrep
c094dd7a6839edward lee — Bug 414141 - Help debug bad plural strings to PluralForm.jsm by printing the caller., r=smontagu, a1.9=schrep
c0d7936984d9mrbkap — Fix think-o causing valgrind errors during evalcx(). bug 414219, r=shaver NPOTB
c2465e4e343flongsonr — Bug 377085 - line svg element getBBox() returns bad rect. r+sr=tor,a1.9=blocking1.9+
324a69e28603karlt+ — Restore gfxPangoFontCache because of Tp slip b=401988.
60bbcd4b5323karlt+ — Remove gfxPangoFontCache as this doesn't include language in the key, and gfxFontCache should do this caching (with expiration). b=401988 r=pavlov.
be9b7d6ca189dolske — Minor grammar nit for bug 408797.
2e9277433612roc+ — Fixing test for bug 411792
34d6f14126e0bmlk — adding a crashtest
cc523909fbf6fantasai cvs — handle dynamic insertion with overflow containers properly, b=403369 r=bzbarsky sr=roc
74ad80a84024brendan — Fix #if-related bug that broken compilation of pre-1.7 versions (bug 412894, r=timeless).
37855647510bdbaron — Remove unused OrderIdFormater (sic) code. r=smontagu b=414142 Not part of the build.
10cb08de8527edward lee — Bustage fix. Bug 405720 - Strange message with download manager for file with unknown filesize. rs=sdwilsh
0e6782db344ejruderman — Bug 403387, make tab-switching shortcuts more precise. r=gavin, a=beltzner.
cc9786921280roc+ — Bug 411792. Never put a line break before a preformatted newline. r=smontagu
4a68b3e2458bkarlt+ — Bug 401988 - gfxPangoFontGroup::CreateGlyphRunsItemizing must use gfxPangoFont corresponding to the PangoFont from pango_shape (wrong glyphs selected when falling back to fonts of different style). Provide fontconfig with information re requested font even when non-existant. Map FONT_WEIGHT_NORMAL to Regular not Medium weight fonts. r=pavlov, sr=roc.
e108eb9b5724edward lee — Bug 413670 - Add plural rules for Irish ga-IE, Arabic, Maltese, Macedonian. (Pike), r=smontagu, a1.9=beltzner
ef765eea62basmontagu — Percentage margins thrown on the floor during bidi reordering. Bug 413542, r+sr=dbaron, blocking1.9=schrep
2cab9f277998edward lee — Bug 412730 - problems re-using autocomplete results due to bookmark titles and cached results. r=sspitzer, r=dietrich, a1.9=beltzner
f1d2ea538238edward lee — Bustage fix. Bug 402278 - Download activity summary in the status bar
069901c06d0cmyk — bug 414167: typo in menu.xml breaks context menus for bookmark folders; r=dietrich, a=beltzner
afae3c1500fareed — Bug 413471 - "M2 Tango" [ (Michael Monreal) / Tango team ui-r=faaborg a=blocking-firefox3+]
4d28cdb13dcareed — Attachment 299247 - "URL bar should ignore character directionality" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
530c56a99698reed — Bug 408578 - "gtk: combobox pushed state" (Don't forget editable menulists) [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Ventron sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
d1ac428674f2edward lee — Bug 402278 - Download activity summary in the status bar. (Michael Schonfeld), r=mano, ui-r=madhava, ui-r=beltzner, a1.9=beltzner
bdfcd6d938c1reed — Bug 412988 - "Wrong viewIndex after lazy changes of title" (Do not fix the order, if viewIndex is not defined) [ (Ondrej Brablc) r=dietrich a1.9=schrep]
c1191004df76reed — Bug 413493 - "Incorrect naming of label and accesskey" [ (Vlado Valastiak [wladow]) r=sdwilsh a1.9=beltzner]
080990517f95edward lee — Bug 414157 - Fix javascript strict warning undeclared variable status in DownloadUtils.jsm. r=sdwilsh, a1.9=beltzner
3a980ede4250reed — Bug 413471 - "M2 Tango" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=Ryan a=blocking-firefox3+]
b7ce6e90ca32reed — Bug 409055 - "Edit folder name on Bookmark Toolbar or in main pane of Library does not dynamically update in the Library sidebar" (update visible items only when ExcludeItems is true) [ (Marco Bonardo [mak77]) r=dietrich a1.9=beltzner]
d551333a525dreed — Bug 380785 - "Add Wikipedia to the default search engine list" [ (Dave Townsend [Mossop]) r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
13f4741913bdreed — Bug 413931 - "Crash [@nsGIFDecoder2::DoLzw] when loading GIF file, part 2" [ (Alfred Kayser) r=stuart sr=tor a1.9=beltzner a=blocking1.9+]
1835d67ca43creed — Bug 400019 - "clicking panel should just close menulist inside it (toolbar bookmark menu)" [ (Neil Deakin) r=dougt r=emaijala sr=roc a=blocking1.9+]
bc830dc49425reed — Bug 406883 - "New style for Preferences, Add-ons, and PageInfo header" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=Ryan r=_FrnchFrgg_ a1.9=schrep]
81934ca6e76breed — Bug 388309 - ""Manage Search Engines" accesskey breaks quick menu navigation to engines beginning with "M"" (remove accesskey) [ (Vlado Valastiak [wladow]) r+a1.9=beltzner]
8529159c81b2reed — Bug 413945 - "Text on HTML buttons is invisible on hover with HighContrastInverse Theme" [ (Teune van Steeg) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
8646d77bceeareed — Bug 413930 - "Some arrows are not visible on hover in High Contrast Inverse Theme" [ (Teune van Steeg) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
ecaa5a7b42ccreed — Bug 413854 - "Wrong rendering of -moz-appearance: listbox and -moz-appearance: treeview" [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Ventron sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
ea8e94be2dd2reed — Bug 408797 - "Implement Change Password as a notification bar" (string changes only) [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r+ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
4e011301ca83reed — Bug 257061 - "count and display the number of found items in the FIND toolbar" (string changes only) [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r+ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
6eeb2774b673reed — Bug 242852 - "I wish that "Copy link text" were a hyperlink contextual menu option" (string changes only) [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r+a1.9=beltzner]
11f0c292a88breed — Bug 218142 - "Need "Show Image" / "Reload Image" on context menu" (string changes only) [ (Ehsan Akhgari [ehsan]) r+ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
2fee774ed742reed — Bug 404661 - "Remove "this gun is loaded" from the about:config warning" [ (Mike Beltzner) r=dolske ui-r+a1.9=beltzner a=blocking1.9+]
7e543014362dreed — Bug 322202 - "[MIDAS] hitting ENTER when focus inside an empty paragraph (containing the "I dont need it" BR tag) results in strange output." [ (Loune) r+sr=Neil a=blocking1.9+]
b3375688418dreed — Bug 413433 - "session restore restores text zoom instead of full zoom" [ (Simon Bünzli) r=dietrich a1.9=beltzner]
08f674fdd526reed — Bug 413274 - ""ASSERTION: How can this ever happen?: '*aUnconstrainedSize <= scriptLevelSize'"" [ (Vlad Sukhoy) r+sr=roc a1.9=beltzner]
c78d9ebb0142reed — Bug 413658 - "UI for offline apps: missing accesskey for Remove button" [ (Vlado Valastiak [wladow]) r=gavin a1.9=beltzner]
3313d0f7865ereed — Bug 413596 - "XULRunner Stub is not built with a visual styles manifest on Windows" [ (Mark Finkle) r=bsmedberg a1.9=beltzner]
15ef01dd7077reed — Bug 410966 - "Look of sidebar resizer" (Make the sidebars trees have native appearance) [ (RIVAUD Julien [_FrnchFrgg_]) r=Ventron r=Ryan a1.9=schrep]
776fd9617e52myk — bug 334462: text on hovered combobox is invisible on high-contrast inverse theme; Patch by Teune van Steeg; r=myk, a=beltzner
833e7939532dsdwilsh — Bug 413985 - Space key for pause/resume doesn't work (never did). Patch by Simon Bünzli <>. r=sdwilsh, a=beltzner
9ae2fb74f02csdwilsh — Bug 414153 - browser-chrome tests do not run http server. r=sayrer
c4dfbe6db34bmats palmgren — Always post a restyle request if SetTextStyle() indicates it's needed. b=414123 r+sr+a=roc
ff8996685263aaronleventhal — Bug 413673. ARIA drop down buttons not being exposed with MSAA button menu role. r=marcoz, a=schrep
870dca5ac6dcdholbert — Bug 403669 - Dirty the table geometry when we split row groups. r+sr=dbaron, a=blocking1.9+
e0ebd45e9baddolske — Remove DOS line endings.
2f08c9458992roc+ — Backing out 410728 to fix Windows orange
c962fe08bc65roc+ — Bug 413292 reftest
22a57b1fac62roc+ — Fixing bustage
795bc4705be9roc+ — Bug 413292. Make Begin/EndUpdateViewBatch be sure to remove the batch-count from the same viewmanager we added one to. r+sr=bzbarsky
c223fb65ec14roc+ — Bug 412901. getComputedStyle should return actual border widths (i.e. including round-to-device-pixels that happens during style resolution and layout). r+sr=dbaron
edb1192fc56froc+ — Bug 413318. Fix broken canvas3d build. r=vlad, NPOTB
ea139152a124jag — Bug 414148: Avoid copy of some nsDependentC?Strings. sr=dbaron, a=mtschrep
85f4213b8c96roc+ — Bug 410728 crashtest
c15d3ab90bedroc+ — Bug 410728. Detect words that start with a combining mark, and don't cache them. r=vlad
f0fb7abcafcbroc+ — Bug 410860. Get the prescontext before 'frame' is set to null. r+sr=mats, a=schrep
363af32996dadcamp — Bug 413817: Add privacy.item.offlineApps pref to firefox.js. r=gavin, a1.9=beltzner
58370f5e5f1asdwilsh — Bug 408605 - Preference to control cross-session download behaviour. Patch by graememcc <>. r=sdwilsh, a=schrep
2eaafba1f42fedward lee — Bug 409314 - Default download manager size should be golden (485x300). r=sdwilsh, a1.9=schrep
48b05c3ebf6bedward lee — Bug 405720 - Strange message with download manager for file with unknown filesize. r=sdwilsh, a1.9=schrep, b-ff3=mconnor
3ae04d9796f9sdwilsh — Bug 411947 - Download Manager UI not accessed with the nsIDownloadManagerUI everwhere. r=mconnor, a=mconnor
10a887622af5edward lee — Bug 414105 - PluralForm messages show up in Error Console when downloading. r=sdwilsh, a1.9=schrep
54e566c2c5famyk — bug 414131: cut/copy/paste/delete menu items on bookmarks context menu are greyed out; r=mconnor
a9dc4489a323rhelmer — workaround for updater.exe crash b=401327 r=nthomas
5b928f75b9c9reed — Typo fix to force a build.
eb0274021828reed — Bustage fix.
cea38218d073ted mielczarek — bug 412989 - allow per-app override of crashreporter.ini. r=bsmedberg
4d606dcff360bmlk — apply rowspans and colspans only to mtd bug 413063 r/sr=bzarsky a=mtschrep
c3e9af5abb1cjwalden — Bug 413789 - Remove "#" href from "Toggle passed tests" and "Toggle failed tests". This unbreaks tests which strictly rely on exact URL matches against the test window, in the case where you run the test, click a Toggle link, and then reload the page (which has a # tacked onto the URL before this patch). r+a=sayrer
89900cfd8775vladimir — b=414095, serious win32 repaint/clipping issues, r=sleepy
bc2437113bdeflorian — Bug 410938 - Make 'choose app to open with' changeable. r=mconnor, ui-r=beltzner, a=blocking1.9+
b01994a1c84bmyk — bug 400064: [strings only] adapt web feed preview page for podcasts and video podcasts; Patch by Will Guaraldi, ui-r=beltzner, a=beltzner
499a20eac850myk — bug 400061: [strings only] add Podcast and Video Podcast entries to the Applications prefpane; patch by Will Guaraldi, ui-r=beltzner, a=beltzner
4361ea6ec0bdmyk — bug 303645: [strings only] add support for media feeds and objects; Patch by Will Guaraldi, ui-r=beltzner, a=beltzner
534e26451e0dmyk — bug 404232: for performance, don't update Edit commands every time focus changes unless some edit UI is visible; r=mconnor
e1214959aeadedward lee — Bug 402278 - Download activity summary in the status bar. r=beltzner, ui-r=beltzner, a1.9=beltzner
1ca73fbc8c91vladimir — Dummy checkin to kick qm-win2k3-01
337d828f26d2vladimir — more test fun
cc53d7bf41cevladimir — more scaled image updated (grr)
b8e0217b963bvladimir — update test images (pixman rounding changes cause slightly different scaling)
9e89032bebfdgavin — Back out new Minefield icon because it confuses some commonly installed rc.exes, a=mconnor
5ca0db0292e1jst — Landing fix for bug 412462. Do the right thing when converting objects wrapped in XOWs. Patch by,,
866072aa9611jst — Landing fix for bug 411093. Make sure functions get the right filename. Patch by,
748ddbc7664fvladimir — b=403296, fix bogus warning from Cocoa native theme painting, r=stuart
07268fc5b177vladimir — b=413878, even more cairo upgrades
69ff34b63ef6vladimir — b=413878, upgrade cairo/pixman to latest git
bf8ccf18b50agerv — Bug 414025 - Update about:licence for Firefox 3 release. Patch by gerv; r,a=beltzner.
211711a3fbdcmyk — bug 413416: implement todo_is and todo_isnot for MochiTest browser chrome harness; r=gavin, a=beltzner
974083b1b679myk — backing out fix for bug 412679 because it regressed a reftest
1cfbda3c3f57anodelman — Bug 411769 - integrate sunspider tests into talos a=anodelman r=rcampbell
3d55a154134bjst — Fixing bug 397791. Prevent document principals from ever changing, and make us not use XOWs for same origin document objects.,
569aca45def7bzbarsky — Fixing the tests too.
d4b64f62ed94florian — Bug 413954 - fails to remove applications. r=myk, sr=dmose, a1.9=beltzner
d5a777444620gavin — Bug 340976: land larger Minefield and Firefox icons, for Vista (icons by Steven Garrity <>), a=mconnor
279c2c48ed45bzbarsky — Adding tests.
ddd2aa095f36bzbarsky — Make leaf frames follow the CSS2.1 rules on height sizing for abs-pos replaced elements. Bug 412679, r+sr=dbaron, a=schrep
7abe826d7a8emyk — bug 413418: make browser chrome MochiTest harness permit \|let foo = is; foo()\| just like other MochiTest harnesses; patch by Gavin Sharp; r=jwalden,myk; a=schrep
22f130589831dbaron — Improve the warning that shows up when pages use -moz-inline-box. b=413195 r+sr=bzbarsky a=beltzner
a80fb81f3aa9jwatt — Fixing bug 412104. Crash with percentage stroke-width and XBL [@ nsSVGSVGElement::GetLength].,
500f5a773ffdted mielczarek — bug 412788 - add a way for crash report server to tell client to stop sending reports. r=bsmedberg
864173b31978aaronleventhal — Bug 413716. Repetitive warning in a11y, not supported for frames. r+sr=roc, a=beltzner
38f8f57be2a0aaronleventhal — Bug 405951. Missing content in Thunderbird window. r=surkov, a=blocking1.9
5c359b103562nrthomas — Bug 408811, assert when Stage finds a file it doesn't know how to deal with, r=rhelmer
40ef25d92082bzbarsky — Allow certain restricted loads in unload events. Bug 409888, r+sr=jst
5865353f6eaamozilla mano — Bug 413107 - Add Bookmark dialog's folder selector broken. r=dietrich.
ac3216416288jwatt — Fixing bug 382325. SVG should fall back to 300px x 150px as per CSS 2.1 section 10.3.2.,,
540e24ed100asdwilsh — Bug 411976 - Update the comment in mozIStorageService.idl to reflect recent SQLite changes. This is a comment change only - NPOTDB.
cb37bacd8f1fgerv — Bug 406314 - Add .ir to the IDN whitelist. Patch by gerv; a=beltzner.
4c4e35fa5f5bbenjamin — Bug 412320 - Try code-generation for QI impls, r=roc+luser
797060f3559cdietrich — Bug 394038 ? make url bar autocomplete frecency algorithm global (r=sspitzer)
b1612c937391dietrich — Bug 394038 ? make url bar autocomplete frecency algorithm global (r=sspitzer/mconnor)
ac3bb07c1d48aaronleventhal — Bug 413718. Warning indicates cache problem. Never ran into same child we started from. r=evan, a=beltzner
480c408cfa57aaronleventhal — bug 412965. ARIA sliders and progress meters should not support accessible text interface. r=surkov, a=beltzner
02883e6daa88Olli Pettay — Bug 401433, leak in nsTArray, r+sr=sicking
0fd0dea96bcfted mielczarek — bug 394490 - pending extra and dmp files should be deleted when not submitting report. r=dcamp
6d4b453b928cdtownsend — Bug 408116: Move restart button to notification bar (strings only). r=robstrong
c5cebe9115d3dtownsend — Bug 404024: Add AMO integration pane (strings only). r=robstrong
1895a4dcb92adtownsend — Bug 366973: crash reporter should send list of installed extensions. r=robstrong, a=beltzner
a69a47d62ab3longsonr — Bug 411555 - Text inside filter causing invalidation loop. r=jwat,sr=tor,a1.9=blocking1.9+
d81db93d73dejwatt — Fixing bug 404677. ASSERTION: Intrinsic ratio has a negative component.,
515f49be9d16reed — Bug 401322 - "missing "Text Size" zoom feature, Full page zoom should be an option not replacement" (string changes only) [ (Elmar Ludwig) ui-r=beltzner a1.9=vlad]
a36e59b0fe8breed — Bug 412458 - "Percent encodings in url bar inconsistent" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
ead3c606641dreed — Bug 66057 - "Proxy: $http_proxy should influence proxy settings" (string additions for possible future UI) [ (Michael Ventnor) ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
354802866324reed — Bug 412600 - "for each over Arrays considered harmful" [ (Timothy Joseph Duavis) r=dietrich a1.9=beltzner]
796e6e0780e0reed — Bug 413884 - "The "Don't ask me again" checkbox in the "Unresponsive script" dialog does not have any access key" [ (Ehsan Akhgari) r+sr=jst a1.9=schrep]
02a0dafe4c70reed — Bug 411010 - "Duplicate access keys in Views > Sort in Places Organizer" [ (Ehsan Akhgari) r=Mano a1.9=beltzner]
263b14233a15reed — Bug 398203 - ""When a website requires a certificate" in Advanced-Encryption options is incomprehensible" [ (Ehsan Akhgari) r=Mano ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
63233b148123reed — Bug 352477 - "chrome://global/skin/arrow/arrow-dn.gif does not show up in high contrast mode" [ (Dão Gottwald) ui-r=faaborg a1.9=beltzner]
bf0b963d5f68reed — Bug 412988 - "Wrong viewIndex after lazy changes of title" (Fix order when title gets updated) [ (Ondrej Brablc) r=dietrich a1.9=schrep]
fdac62e64242reed — Bug 289394 - "Double.cpp causes unaligned accesses" [ (David Mosberger) / (Eric Dorland) / (Mike Hommey) r+sr=sicking sr=bryner a1.9=beltzner]
6c5a736dd0cdreed — Bug 363986 - "nsJPEGEncoder::ReadSegments() and nsPNGEncoder::ReadSegments() do not advance read pointer" [ (David Marteau) r=stuart sr=bzbarsky a1.9=beltzner a=blocking1.9+]
243faf03ec5ealqahira — Bug 413686 - Add Camino's Growl usage to trunk about:license (and fix stray copyright year). r=gerv, a/1.9=beltzner
7700a6167ba2philringnalda — Bug 411490 - about:crashes (missed bit), (Dave Townsend), r=mano, a=beltzner
927f90612dd7reed — Get rid of obsoleted XP_MAC checks. [p=reed r+a1.9=stuart]
91e240622bc8florian — Bug 410691 - When blocking images from the context menu and undoing, an 'allow' exception is added. r=Mano, a1.9=beltzner
a512c6d2747cflorian — Bug 410863 - Removed cookies reappear when the filter is changed. r=Mano, a1.9=beltzner
cb9fb723be19dveditz — bug 413250 fix chrome: URI scheme traversal. r=Neil, sr=bsmedberg
e62c73cbde9cphilringnalda — Bug 402767 - Powered by Gecko should be Gecko®, not Gecko™, and certainly not Gecko™®, r=gavin, a=blocker
96eeb02ee92creed — Bug 411379 - "Add SSE2 processing for JPEG color, use static instead of dynamic arrays" (SSE2 Intrinsics Support and Static Tables) [ (Michael Moy) r=alfredkayser r+sr=stuart a=blocking1.9+]
035ac4fb586bflorian — Bug 413622 - New MIME type set with 'Do this automatically...' doesn't appear in applications list. r=gavin, a1.9=blocking1.9+
80535418a5a1reed — Re-enable reftest.
a585205bc041reed — Disable recently added reftest just to cast away all doubt that this is causing the massive unit test problems.
e2fdab1ff2c5anodelman — Bug 408228 - Make Talos more suitable for memory resident testing Bustage fix. Backing out code, caused bustage on talos winxp and talos vista
8cb11e13b63canodelman — Bug 413913 - fix for failure to catch chmod exceptions in ffprofile_win32 a=anodelman, r=rcampbell (Bustage fix for current tree redness)
8dab76802c2aanodelman — Bug 408228 - Make Talos more suitable for memory resident testing a=schrep r=vlad
e5b6b24ad292anodelman — Bug 413775 - 'undefined' median in pageloader when only testing a single cycle a=anodelman r=vlad
f7eeb8280697reed — Address dbaron's nit for bug 291262's reftest.
179de5904856reed — Bug 291262 - "styling the CANVAS element doesn't work" (reftest) [ (arno.) r+sr=dbaron]
bb74755f3594reed — Back out akayser's patch from bug 399925 due to Tp crash.
4739abcb0456reed — Bug 399925 - "GIF decoder needs to allow its data to be discarded" [ (Alfred Kayser) r=stuart sr=tor a=blocking1.9+]
6262b6c25cddaaronleventhal — Bug 405951. Thunderbird newsgroup/feed messages coming up blank in virtual buffer. Hoping null checks will fix. r=surkov, a=blocking1.9
7fefda4b80d4dtownsend — Bug 411490: Add about:crashes for easier access to crash reports. r=mano, a=beltzner
bfe134e3e274reed — Bug 411718 - "Speed up JPEG decoding by 30% by skipping buffer" [ (Alfred Kayser) r=stuart sr=tor a=blocking1.9+]
74df64bd2f94peterv — Fix for bug 413281 (Firefox leaks when Yahoo Toolbar is installed). r=stuart, sr=sicking.
b8bc035603f3aaronleventhal — Bug 412878. Crash [ @ nsAccessible::InvalidateChildren ]. r=surkov, a=blocking1.9
23f3e0b8846ereed — Back out zeniko's patch from bug 386228 due to Ts and Txul regression.
b21c1e599758reed — Bug 386228 - "Unify back and forward tab history and provide only one drop-down button (IE7 style)" [ (Simon Bünzli) ui-r=beltzner r=gavin a=blocking-firefox3+]
2a103284ea4freed — Bug 410789 - "gtk: some widgets have odd non-gtk focus drawn" (remove redundant drawing of focus) [ (Teune van Steeg) r=myk mpa=Mano a1.9=stuart]
dec4ed315354reed — Bustage fix.
30a090dd7321reed — Bug 413272 - "HTML SELECT does not show selected item in windows "selected text" style - recent regression" (use new CSS system color for html select options) [ (Teune van Steeg) r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+]
d2edcc2f1013reed — Bug 413373 - "Crash [@nsGIFDecoder2::DoLzw] when loading GIF file" (detect malformed LZW encoding [ (Alfred Kayser) r=stuart sr=tor a1.9=beltzner]
bc147f6dc190reed — Bug 406760 - "Fix look of extension warning" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=Ryan a1.9=schrep]
9e3bae36aefdreed — Bug 240859 - "Full Screen Navigation Bar Should Have Auto Hide" (string changes only) [ (Michael Ventnor) ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
d46583eeb8e0reed — Back out dietrich's patch from bug 394038 due to failing unit test (probably because of bug 413794).
971c108f6951reed — Back out dietrich's patch from bug 394038 due to failing unit test (probably because of bug 413794).
9d7df28adb20reed — Bug 412719 - "use -moz-cellhighlight* system color for selected items in non focused lists" [ (Teune van Steeg) r=Enn a1.9=beltzner]
4642d0a11f7creed — Bug 409773 - "gtk: in small scrolled area handle is not shown" (Make scrollbar thumbs smaller when they exceed the available space) [ (Teune van Steeg) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
b9b68253064dreed — Bug 413205 - "gtk: Use disabled stock icons for disabled buttons" [ (KUROSAWA, Takeshi) r=Ryan a1.9=schrep]
f1d3b28efca7reed — Bug 407481 - "Unicode ellipsis to be used in code as well" [ (Masahiro Yamada) r=gavin a1.9=beltzner]
2fc1fb8f52fcreed — Bug 410603 - "Revert bug 346079 or make it less annoying (scrolling the mouse wheel in the search bar switches the engine)" (change the engine on accel+scroll) [ (Ehsan Akhgari) r=gavin ui-r=beltzner a1.9=schrep]
a962a35a5145reed — Bug 410573 - "Correct menu item title case for textarea context menus" [ (Ehsan Akhgari) r=Mano ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
790a7cd70307reed — Bug 413312 - "Autocomplete dropmarker styling is different if site is secure" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
27159186d38creed — Bug 413660 - "xulrunner-stub fails to load application with "Couldn't load XPCOM" error" [ (Pawel Chmielowski) r+a1.9=bsmedberg]
553f17ced391reed — Bug 411112 - "AIX Compilation error for trunk build source nsPNGEncoder.cpp : mozilla/modules/libpr0n/encoders/png/nsPNGEncoder.cpp", line 159.14: 1540-0217 (S) "jmpbuf" is not a member of "struct png_struct_def"." [ (Shailen) r+a1.9=stuart]
d2a44201cb99dietrich — Bug 413788 ? global frecency regressed Ts by 10ms on bl-bldlnx03 (r=sspitzer, a=sayrer)
98e5d7b8d197dbaron — Mark some tests involving image scaling as failing on Mac.
e21922aa5d9aflorian — Bug 377364 - Page Info: Suppress the jumping in the bottom half of the Media tab. Improve consistency with the Element Properties Window. r=Mano, ui-r=beltzner, a1.9=beltzner
509bccb47f72dbaron — Fix width of images where max-width < min-width <= width (min-width should win), and other similar problems. b=413361 r+sr=bzbarsky a=schrep
720182c9c41cjruderman — Add crashtests
469cf970c42fdbaron — Add fantasai's tests for bug 234686, which test min/max-width/height on images with height:auto and width:auto.
07d35f12034cjst — Fixing bug 413569. Make XPCWrappedNative::CallMethod() initialize the nsAutoString buffer used for [out] string param handling only when needed.
f52a8165709bctalbert — bug 401096 QAX cannot login to litmus r=jay
b03596fb5de8ctalbert — bug 396782 QAX tabs do not work on trunk r=jay
da60e9fe2ed8fantasai cvs — fix border/padding and availableHeight calculations at page/column breaks, b=368079 r+sr=roc a=roc
b024fab09227aaronleventhal — Fix test for popups so that previous checkin of bug 407359 doesn't turn tree orange. r=mano
59241a8ce76eaaronleventhal — bug 407359. Fix a11y issues with popups on main screen. r=mano, r=enn, r=surkov, r=marcoz, uir=mconnor
63b7065506c8sayrer — Backing out Bug 383939. All RDF datasources must implement cycle collection to avoid leaking.
cc8b120149e3jst — Fixing bug 413045. Make some JS API functions faster by accessing obj->fslots[] directly when possible.,
05e1d4d85b8aaaronleventhal — Bug 409473. New crash caused by bug 405248. Patch by Evan Yan. r=aaronlev, a=blocking1.9
41e906466c3fdietrich — Bug 406937 ? Fix places tests using milliseconds for APIs that require microseconds (for, r=dietrich)
728d3dbd1851dietrich — Bug 411989 ? JavaScript Error: "prefBranch.savePrefFile is not a function (r=gavin, a=schrep)
06ab02351006stefanh — Removing obsolete files from bug 413202
a9a52ab04a29sayrer — Bug 383939. All RDF datasources must implement cycle collection to avoid leaking. r/sr=bsmedberg
a387a2a8c641stefanh — Bug 413202, adding 2 files
a251970f11afreed — Back out changes from Mossop that weren't supposed to have landed.
6404d3c4b94estefanh — Bug 413202 - [sv-SE] DOMi updates for bug 347792 and others. Patch by Hasse (, sv-SE translation by Lars PM ( r=slicedlime (Mikael Hedberg), a=mtschrep.
12a68f2fd603dietrich — Bug 394038: make url bar autocomplete frecency algorithm global (r=sspitzer)
a61b6d2d0979dcamp — Bug 412688: Enforce 'one url-classifier update at a time' in the dbservice rather than just the stream updater. r=tony, a=schrep
403787fc0deanrthomas — Bug 394046, packaging changes/fixes for major update to Fx3, r=bsmedberg, a=blocking1.9+
65583f9267e0aaronleventhal — Bug 412878. Crash [ @ nsAccessible::InvalidateChildren ]. r=surkov, a=blocking1.9
b251d897921arhelmer — assert that verify dirs do not exist before starting verify b=413178 r=nthomas
e621b422501caaronleventhal — Bug 409473. New crash caused by bug 405248. r=surkov, a=blocking1.9
46942360316cbhearsum — bug 412542: rename buildbot buildmasters - update bootstrap configs. r=rhelmer, patch=me
979cb807d21edtownsend — Bug 413661: Addons manager: "Show Information" and "Skip" buttons have the same accesskey. p=Vlado Valastiak (, r=me, simple accesskey change
68e6853eaaa6ted mielczarek — fixing l10n notes to match changed key names. rs=pike
6be114e3a17figor — Bug 413556: Patch from Jason Orendorff to fix JS_ConvertArguments. r,a=brendan
2fbb8d1a371cigor — Bug 412340: avois rehashing of alreday atomized strings. r,a=brendan
dade045f4386igor — Bug 413565: GC now put all free cells to free lists. r,a=brendan
56eea6161879igor — Bug 411722: backing out again to fix incorrect error recovery
b1bd0caf6502igor — Bug 411722: faster implementation of js_GetLocalNameArray. r,a=brendan
9358f97ff2b0reed — Bug 413471 - "M2 Tango" (part one -- drop-in replacements) [ (Michael Monreal) / Tango team ui-r=faaborg a1.9=mconnor]
fea7b827a5d2mozilla — Bug 376790: remove support for non-cairo GFX ports from, r=ted.mielczarek, a=mtschrep
ab32e95877c8dolske — Testcase for bug 413512 - Crash loading
33b0e685fb60sayrer — Bug 407201. Not dropping references for one shot timers on Fire. r/sr=bzbarsky
4ba1e59d2ea4florian — Bug 412019 - Applications pref pane: sorting by application only partially remembered. r=gavin, a1.9=beltzner
de87fc326c12dcamp — Bug 405695: Use asciiHost/asciiSpec for offline cache ownership keys. p=Honza Bambas, r=me, sr=biesi
25b6bca5517ddcamp — Bug 398478: Clear globalStorage for offline apps separately from cookies, and the offline cache separately from the main cache. r=enndeakin, r=mconnor, sr=biesi
997f039a29bcjoshmoz — decomtaminate nsIChangeObserver, nsIChangeManager, nsIMenuCommandDispatcher. b=413407 r=bent sr=roc a=beltzner
1863c07feffadcamp — Bug 397416: Raise globalStorage quota for domains with the offline-app permission. r=enndeakin, sr=dveditz, blocking1.9=sicking
51957bb95f63edward lee — Just adding a comment/link for bug 394516
5a9643ef098eedward lee — Bug 394516 - Figure out a remaining-time rounding scheme for minutes -> hours/days. r=sdwilsh, (Pike), b-ff3=beltzner
3b8f70662805edward lee — Bug 394516 - Figure out a remaining-time rounding scheme for minutes -> hours/days. r=sdwilsh, b-ff3=beltzner
605be67770ffdolske — Bug 413512 - Crash loading [@ imgTools::EncodeScaledImage]. r=stuart, a=blocking-ff3+
70cda2a9a9dedcamp — Bug 394392: UI for enabling/disabling offline applications. r=enndeakin, r=mconnor, ui-r=beltzner
e3edf9241e02aaronleventhal — Bug 413376. Value of ARIA slider not reported if onclick present. r=marcoz, a=schrep
0f70e3c26135ted mielczarek — bug 412989 - allow per-app override of crashreporter.ini. string changes only. r=bsmedberg/mconnor
d583589d5669ted mielczarek — bug 404855 - Crash Reporter UI Review, round 2, Linux bits. r=dcamp/bsmedberg
3be127211ca9ted mielczarek — bug 412989 - allow per-app override of crashreporter.ini. string changes only. r=bsmedberg/mconnor
cc4b60c869b0ted mielczarek — bug 413539 - crash reporter comment box doesn't wrap text. r=dcamp
a2564480351bflorian — Bug 402620 - protocol handling dialog should display icons and hostnames for web applications. r=Mano, ui-r=beltzner, a=blocking-firefox3+
5d0ce48d3bedkaie — Bug 409091, SSL Client Auth prompt should indicate port number r=rrelyea, a1.9=mtschrep
4d6ca12ae9a7kaie — Bug 405139, EV certs should be treated as providing less certainty of identity if OCSP is disabled. r=rrelyea, a1.9=mtschrep
e8a02dad7e03kaie — Bug 412786, uninitialized variable r=rrelyea, a1.9=mtschrep
a0855364db22kaie — Bug 412455, Regression, EV UI no longer shows up r=rrelyea, a1.9=mtschrep
759d460bed65dolske — Bug 413424 - PNG encoder leaks a string. r=stuart, a1.9=schrep, guilty=dolske
7ef7d71a93a9mozilla — [OS/2] Bug 404407: improve memory consumption on OS/2. Part 2, activate OS/2 API calls in cairo,
169df77a8fd3ted mielczarek — bug 378528 - crash reporter should attempt to resubmit pending reports. string change only. r=dcamp
1ba78cde1de5aaronleventhal — Backing out bug 407359 because of orange
42b8c66d5848anodelman — Bug 396574 - Javascript Speed Tests, initial pass at getting all tests correctly formatted for talos and checked in a=jresig/anodelman r=jresig
fc58d4552cf0uriber — Reverting fix for bug 412093 due to bustage. Sorry
55f9b8363bb3uriber — For continuous background inlines, apply the background image to bidi continuations in visual order, and for RTL blocks, in RTL order. bug=412093 r+sr+a1.9=roc
45d7c1de55f5mozilla — [OS/2] Bug 411332: fix icon handler to work with cairo and add icon logic using RWS, code by Rich Walsh, p=me, r=me/mkaply
cac3bb1a1e5ebhearsum — bug 411928: Bootstrap::Step::TinderConfig should support nightly mode - add turnOffTests into 1.8 nightly bootstrap.cfg. r=rhelmer, patch=me
9b99718856b8aaronleventhal — Fixing xml parsing error from checkin to bug 407359 -- undefined entity
e515f074b29cbhearsum — bug 412454: the Bootstrap Makefile should be more generic - fix the ftp:// url. r=rhelmer, patch=me
644a5c44deealongsonr — Backout bug 413016 in case it is causing qm-mini-ubuntu05 failure
61b9083aecb1aaronleventhal — Backing out fix for bug 412878 ... Marco found a problem with dynamic content updates
aedb20a53d94aaronleventhal — Bug 407359. Fix accessibility issues with popups in main screen UI. r=marcoz, enn, surkov, mano, ui=mconnor, a=blocking1.9
e6b565dd5d3blongsonr — Bug 413016 - ASSERTION: SVG frame expected with svg:after in SVG document. r+sr=bzbarsky,a1.9=mtschrep
9efea6583783aaronleventhal — Bug 412878. Fix our accessible subtree invalidation (removing nodes from cache etc.), to hopefully fix cache-related crashes in InvalidateChildren(). r=ginn, r=surkov, a=blocking1.9
d019b7edf576mozilla — Bug 411780: update SQLite to to get stability fixes and OS/2 updates, p=sdwilsh, a=mtschrep
9e3e37638a80ted mielczarek — bug 404855 - fix a compilation issue on VC71. patch by Ondrej Brablc <>, r=me
5bcb54aeff71reed — Bug 413198 - "Make layout.css.report_errors apply to debug build text terminal (stderr)" [ (Matthew Cline) r+sr=dbaron a1.9=schrep]
24837acd8c89igor — Bug 411722: the new version of the patch shows the same bad Ts regression, backing out again.
92c1ba245c80brendan — Fix #ifdef NARCISSUS code to track patch for bug 409476 (NPOTB).
5efc3c066a64igor — Bug 411722: faster implementation of js_GetLocalNames. r,a=brendan
73dd384359fbreed — Bug 193001 - "Use gnome's native print dialog" (Followup 2: HIG fixes) [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr+a1.9=roc]
b7bbfae28a70reed — Bug 364719 - "Resizers of images are positioned wrongly when page is scrolled" [ (Mathieu Fenniak) / (Chris Pearce [cpearce]) r=peterv r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+]
071c020cbe5areed — Bug 410111 - "Catch more cases of frame clipping in AGIF/APNG animations" (Clean up the clipping in drawFrameTo) [ (Alfred Kayser) r=stuart sr=tor a1.9=schrep]
541279f67bcbsayrer — Bug 411365. Shark functions. r/sr=brendan
de2ebcc62edaginn chen — Bug 413325 nsNativeRootAccessibleWrap doesn't release ref of AtkObject of dialogs r=aaronleventhal
2961f40054fdbzbarsky — Fix bug 405818: need to copy the original sheet URI when cloning. r+sr=dbaron, a=schrep.
3dec69f0cfd2jwalden — Bug 413428 - Some tweaks to make the Mochitest harness cross-browser, where and when reasonable. r+a=sayrer
7b2615f943d8sdwilsh — Bug 410289 - Do not allow the pausing of downloads that cannot actually be resumed. r=Mardak
cc12eaabff9bEvan Yan — Bug 395699 - relations not working when pointing to a <span> r=surkov.alexander a=mtschrep
f9b4aac68a2bkarlt+ — Touch ups to gfxFontCache, for gfxFonts that are added twice and for those that are not accessed through AddNew() and Lookup(). b=401988, r+sr=roc
69068806d7d8reed — Bug 412387 - "Remove the ellipsis from "Bookmark This <type>…"" (update context menu) [p=reed r=Mano ui-r+a1.9=beltzner]
229c7558daa6ted mielczarek — bug 412788 - add a way for crash report server to tell client to stop sending reports (just the string). r=dcamp
bb65abe8cabeaaronleventhal — Missing part of fix for bug 411581. r=surkov, a=schrep
a9026bac8a81aaronleventhal — Crash caused by processing during removal of bogus <br> editor nodes. r=evan, a=blocking1.9
d71ab8202cbeaaronleventhal — Bug 411581. Text line boundary not working correctly for list items. r=surkov, a=schrep
1fa05442cbd2ted mielczarek — bug 411505 - fix more software update charset fallout. r=bsmedberg
970efe18f8a6ted mielczarek — bug 404855 - crash reporter UI review, round 2--win32+strings changes. r=dcamp
1e3d811bcdc5mrbkap — Use already running code's context when executing JS code from C++. bug 412598, r+sr=jst
92357fc964eereed — Bug 376530 - "Fix CycleCollector building with uClibc library" [ (romaxa) r+sr=peterv a1.9=schrep]
ea44e0f5ea17reed — Bug 413094 - "FUEL Application registers unnecessary observers" [ (Mark Finkle) r=gavin a1.9=schrep]
d46e6542a7dareed — Bug 413084 - "New location bar style does not update on GTK theme change" (use already created child widgets of GtkComboBoxEntry) [ (Teune van Steeg) r+sr=roc a1.9=schrep]
36e79d9fdb04reed — Bug 340634 - "spell checker doesn't suggest "alot" correction" [ (Ehsan Akhgari) r=RyanVM sr=mscott a1.9=schrep]
9bbc487fe141reed — Bug 193001 - "Use gnome's native print dialog" (possible crash follow-up) [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr+a1.9=roc]
fa5b48ed187baaronleventhal — Backing out, apologies for checking in on a closed tree
4a7fd2584987aaronleventhal — Bug 411581. Text line boundary not working correctly with list items. r=surkov, a=schrep
b13b6db2978epeterv — Part of fix for bug 412491 (function objects cloned by XPConnect still keep hidden window alive late into shutdown). Missed this file last time. r/sr=sicking.
6c53e40c4398reed — Back out patch from bug 411718 again due to MH regression again.
3b6328957defreed — Bug 411718 - "Speed up JPEG decoding by 30% by skipping buffer" (try without the realloc optimization) [ (Alfred Kayser) r=stuart sr=tor a=blocking1.9+]
a9f2613aa2b0reed — Re-land part of the patch from bug 193001 because the printing reftest failures on Windows are most likely just symptoms of bug 388169.
6cf02a73ad54jdaggett — Bug 412859. Use the first group font instead of the previous font when doing system-wide font fallback. r+sr=roc
547d7285acdcreed — Back out part of the patch from bug 193001 to help track down the cause of some failing printing reftests on Windows.
80d4feb507c5reed — Bug 366531 - "deCOMtaminate nsBox.h [BoundsCheck()]" (additional fixes) [ (Lorenzo Dieryckx) r+sr+a1.9=roc]
0527abfeb2d1jst — Fixing bug 408257. Make JS executed from plugins reset the slow script timeout if not called from within JS.
adf51d8b60d5jst — Fixing bug 412698. Make XPConnect cache the per thread data for the main thread and use the cache when running on the main thread to save on time getting at the per thread data.,
f366e46977d1reed — Bug 193001 - "Use gnome's native print dialog" [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr+a1.9=roc]
60aef131e29croc+ — Bug 403565. Give each contentviewer it's own device context. r+sr=bzbarsky
2e2230c37430roc+ — Bug 363391. nsSubdocumentFrame::Reflow should not call nsLeafFrame::Reflow directly because we don't want to call FinishAndStoreOverflow twice. patch by Andrew Smith, r+sr=roc
90dc67ca985aphilringnalda — Bug 413194 - s/-moz-opacity/opacity/, r=mano, a=schrep