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Thu Jan 09 09:10:28 2014 +0000
99afe134bc7ae45e6c2d1fe197800a6c96804d3aNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 953108 - Initialized TypedObject module when initializing SIMD module r=till
a13574ab91f928cf052a68d58dd6b786ee73fff0Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound
2bec15ab99f1be966b3f17e7c8ef57136f7b15f4Edwin Flores — Bug 953394 - Force OMXCodec to output a sane colour format on Android 4.4 and above r=doublec
4387baaec25f8c1a1b5c5b75619f8c901b48e476Edwin Flores — Bug 953394 - Android imports needed for bug 953394 r=doublec
112db9c9f46051a358e063115a9b7b1203155b34Edwin Flores — Bug 953394 - Build changes for OMX support on Android KitKat r=khuey
eb455b3e4584ce23148842d82f0cabe25d155be2Terrence Cole — Bug 952646 - Fix a potential exact rooting hazard in rollbackProperties; r=sfink
9b6ddb284e61f0bff9b13deebcfcb852e0b6d70bNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 953111 - Check length before initializing typedobject instance r=sfink
aa0974f1834545a1443003a58efbffb17e89197dNicholas Cameron — Bug 951556. Don't do multiple flushes due to DrawBufferWithRotation. r=mattwoodrow
114c763763b0fc5495be053aafef39150b727d3fCameron McCormack — Bug 945074 - Give continuing nsFirstLetterFrame child a style context that inherits from what the nsFirstLetterFrame inherits from. r=dbaron
8e8e69473e913be3255c58dff42cfeef2a237470Steven Michaud — Bug 956310 - DMD builds fail on Mac OS X. r=bgirard
4a3e51bf999b74d532c5edd237d2f3f3a8a7d43cWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 010f5faed9cf (bug 956796) for build bustage
6f522af059d30165bd84b35ae0e475f73303dad3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 907179 - Rewrite the displayport calculation to be simpler and more effective. r=botond
49c6393d37f3dc43e24fd147843fbbb1075e2f04Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 907179 - Label the velocity vector as being in screen units. r=botond
e176126d2b4270428f539e422dd38d964471d848Olli Pettay — Bug 953435 - Browser hang on Mac if an AfterProcessNextEvent callback tries to spin the event loop, r=nfroyd+smichaud
010f5faed9cf9da0703cc69258aceec07a865b89Milan Sreckovic — Bug 956796 - A bad assertion and a typo in the pref name cancelled each other. Fix, and create #defines for the pref names in this file to avoid problems like this. r=bgirard
cad9ce8315a498999ed05ccc635e050b7dd8821bJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 919244 - Leakproof gUMRunnable + OnNavigation cleanup of MediaManager::mActiveCallbacks. r=jesup
8342bfb3ef5296de6a11e37299aefa4447a4e70bDaniel Holbert — Bug 956046: Allow adjacent anonymous flex items if we've reordered items with the "order" property. r=dbaron
7a992353f9c7cc9006c12e4560cf15e02567d140Douglas Crosher — Bug 951988 - IonMonkey: Use canBeNegativeDividend() in the ARM backend. r=mjrosenb
b9534b65143d8a2e7f0a3c976ff61d0ebe5e1d79Steve Workman — Bug 947391 - Cancel HTTP response timeout in OnSocketReadable r=mcmanus
550e27c525de023bdd9dff86e6b1792f8c61b863Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 957487 - |mach valgrind-test|: Use --vex-iropt-register-updates=allregs-at-mem-access. r=gkw.
8845a4fd9642fb46836564bd72e89d65c7bd985cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 953334. Clear the clip on the surface when we get a new DC. r=BenWa
ed17bd48a68bc19de4808655f3d9edf4977e37caAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 957162 - Marionette Wait's should indicate timeout duration. r=davehunt
2d6cee5b1223629e603021d261e79eaa4cc36ddaMats Palmgren — Bug 946632 - Don't scroll vertically by mouse-wheel on a single-line text control. r=bz
9e38fe0101283605ac6d5af010a064b66c10778eMax Li — Bug 935196 - Bootstrap doesn't have MacPorts url for 10.9. r=gps
57e1604ca1b279efa029a51fec73b025d67c2485Mats Palmgren — Bug 758997 - Trim and replace newlines with spaces for the title part of the text/x-moz-url flavor data. r=bz
44ad28c2159eff4c00262ab236f56631d7dcfde4Guilherme Gonçalves — Bug 732923 - Make watchPosition timeouts adhere to spec. r=jdm
1a13c7459626faffb7b805b2189b5720c19bac65Guilherme Gonçalves — Bug 732923 - CoreLocation provider shouldn't implement nsIGeolocationUpdate. r=jdm
9db7cf4cc385e37495c0f484ac607b8daf31a238Neil Rashbrook — Bug 514173 Make literal string buffers shareable r=dbaron,ehsan,bholley
5ebb4c3f51e828f1692070e39fa2bf94556545f8Trevor Saunders — bug 886208 - don't force editor creation in HyperTextAccessible::NativeState() r=surkov