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Thu Dec 02 15:48:16 2010 +0000
57a6ec830cd465d84012835d109d5db561a14cd2Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 616127 - Prevent nsIFrame.h from being used from non-internal code. r+a=bz
c0c537489cbf1de521f7f2b3ead3844c899e9fc1Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 614610 - Annotate ProcessType for content and jetpack crashes, r=ted
1fa8a96b1c2c1de1d119c5376bc482cb1faa3c3eBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 613744 - Crash when switching layer managers during rendering: compare the cached ImageContainer layer manager with the new manager while building the new layer, and recreate it if a new manager is being used. r=roc a=blocker