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Wed Dec 05 15:27:45 2012 +0000
56f34c1cc509839a0f639c064693d6666c39e151Ed Morley — Backout d29847ff05c4 (bug 811538) for B2G marionette-webapi failures in test_getmessage.js
ab23919fe63635dfe39030c3468792d3a2a8aa71Georg Fritzsche — Bug 813906 - Resolve base URLs correctly for plugin streams. r=bz
b6b2744cbe217ad65e7d2b57b187957e9e95b987Nicolas B. Pierron — SpiderMonkey: Cancel GCC compilation noise. no bug r=jandem
88986a16df5bcb41f253d8e49d00f637b22843dcKan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 816850 - Don't call nsGeolocation::Shutdown() when disabled via settings. r=dougt
b1782f72408b12876220dd59402adb1fcf60720cTrevor Saunders — backout 2bb432c47170 for debug asserts
48ebbddde994e9aa952b946c7293ac7f19e9561eMike Hommey — Bug 809802 - Only list update.locale in removed-files when building with omnijar. r=khuey. DONTBUILD
18486f3641e277bc3b9ecacc09f4eb300a5ccc63Mike Hommey — Backout changeset bd9307cf2ed7 because of wrong bug number.
96995cdf06829c2ee046118badb955a0504e099fMike Hommey — Bug 817957 - Deduplicate AccessFu.css and content-script.js. r=dbolter
c8f9d0908bc8c15e7bb9a47ad58f7d8bf68b8b11Mike Hommey — Bug 817955 - Only install identity modules in modules/identity. r=benadida,r=jparsons
ea3ca2b1bd7f5cdb0701993bf6cb43007d13a6b1Mike Hommey — Bug 814693 - Allow webrtc to build on more architectures. r=jesup
391f2a5983688033b2793674e845dc944ec40377Mike Hommey — Bug 813526 - Remove flags from STRIP in in-tree mozconfigs. r=khuey
bd9307cf2ed76ab94ea9e6ff6a8a0986c3c2648bMike Hommey — Bug 809803 - Only list update.locale in removed-files when building with omnijar. r=khuey
550fa41ac3711dd6cccfaaf2754bab7195cc69f1Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 807461 - IonMonkey: Support JSOP_CONDSWITCH. r=h4writer
2bb432c47170d084fd4ac3ad388475565fe49a9dTrevor Saunders — bug 801466 - part 3 1/2 remove some prmem usage from dom/ and docshell/ r=mounir
ef74c1df0080d367ad37218a402a9e3397512058Bill McCloskey — Bug 817493 - Use templates for compartment group finder (r=jonco)
06abc5d30f261377cfed83c5217467edc7d8ec5eGene Lian — Bug 805655 - System messages are received by applications that should not be allowed to (part 4). r=fabrice,mounir
964c90e1e1e293feced5bb33b8187fe72ee5ddf7Gene Lian — Bug 805655 - System messages are received by applications that should not be allowed to (part 3). r=fabrice,mounir
5be6adba0df931ec1c154daecd16919b5657ec3aGene Lian — Bug 805655 - System messages are received by applications that should not be allowed to (part 2). r=mounir
e40b353c4fb516bde864728b6fc08292635c11f5Gene Lian — Bug 805655 - System messages are received by applications that should not be allowed to (part 1). r=fabrice,sr=mounir
14893aa568354f846ac90f2e49c438a73180c94dBill McCloskey — Bug 817341 - Differentiate marking and sweep-marking in GC stats (r=jonco)
2b9ea9e7bf2196c32fa97541ef700331251001e5Daniel Holbert — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
2c2cf89f79e2bd704d9a19ba7da22039ff44faa4Gregory Szorc — Bug 808357 - Part 2: Implement mozconfig finding and loading in Python; r=glandium
41981e8073a1f62968fe21912a33137045c7c0f3Gregory Szorc — Bug 808357 - Part 1: Split mozconfig code into own Python module; r=glandium
4268a6bc66b1d6c4534b48015ec81ae17b9f00cfBenjamin Peterson — No bug - Remove extra comma which gcc dislikes. r=me
f5477b99877f6bc73846e69d1a461d15f0387243Benjamin Peterson — Bug 817452 - Remove AutoRelease[Nullable]Ptr. r=njn
1d3c65ce01addd4c3a5a8a575467f04b300d43dcCameron McCormack — Bug 817913 - Don't have static functions in GfxDriverInfo.h. r=bas
c0715c079f1e09961ea45dd3b0bb559b238ee96cTrevor Saunders — bug 801466 - remove some usage of prmem in intl/ and network/ r=jduell
75a0cf19f231684d46aca3a3d044d3fdf39ff89dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 817469. Correctly handle embedded null in the string to parse in DOMParser. r=emk
9e7a93d0d0bdc8e5e2497517b844ae347ee51343Boris Zbarsky — Bug 648722 part 2. Make :scope match the context node for selectors API calls. r=dbaron
6f8abf7205c7756678a1d9b63636b1c73475d578Boris Zbarsky — Bug 648722 part 1. Add a :scope pseudo-class that just matches the same thing as :root for now. r=dbaron
fff69f25ad6c3e946c8a0711008096d799d3896cScott Johnson — Bug 811825: Make max line box width ignored if frame has constrained height in order to prevent cut-off data when a user reflows-to-zoom. [r=dbaron]
2c8ad66cebc482c46729a19658c04c5b2c147973Matthew Gregan — Bug 797517 - Switch order of cubeb WinMM latency kludges. r=doublec
98eb5f1366dd86cecc73354a4caaad5a9b58b3d7Matthew Gregan — Bug 816347 - Remove overly verbose audio stream logging. r=doublec
3658addc587234cf93069ef35c15920aeb6d1fdaGeorge Wright — Bug 818279 - Don't namespace prefix PL_DHASH_NEXT to fix a compile failure on linux/clang. r=ehsan
e96fc511b9605e984139ada099fe8080e8e64b76Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 65f06a1e7b1b (bug 799401) for Windows build bustage.
a8b1ee0294ca54d24b8ccde77a85375532fb8173Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 810253 - Add tests and comments. r=dvander
ef8f9641e018403832ef0e2292d5c94400c2411aTobias Netzel — Bug 818004 - New Blurring code isn't big endian compatible. r=joedrew
43344ee15385a1e005863482419530ddc54cb032Patrick Wang — Bug 817529 - Set isDisplaySpnRequire = true when current PLMN is equal to HPLMN or one of PLMNs that are listed in EF_SPDI. r=vicamo
aadac7d0116186395b52e865a8ca736f2b9a7ba5Mike Habicher — Bug 817496 - Notify DeviceStorage when a new video file is finished recording. r=dougt
fdc4e064dfcdafdd32f4e85449c52de0da4c93e6Mike Habicher — Bug 817141 - Call EndTrack()/Finish() from StopPreview() (as well) to prevent deadlock. r=kchen
75ae0108f7f31946018f3ae6d5e4a621eaac5f05Shelly Lin — Bug 816899 - Add keys of firmware revision and software info. r=cjones
3589b294fa16cd9799df24c289bba039a02f7868Randy Lin — Bug 814326 - Volume steps on the UI is 10 steps which cannot be mapped correctly to the underlying streams. r=sicking, r=fabrice
65f06a1e7b1bcc8f618dc9847a1a854bb7007546Anthony Jones — Bug 799401 - Throttle APZC paint requests. r=cjones
d59f0a346a9d03c218dfd751ae6ef2ee1af85f4cEric Wong — Bug 763001 - Typo in layout/style/nsCSSPseudoClassList.h. r=jaws
9eeff030770dc72be7f547dac7623608ce98f250Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 817924 - Update pdf.js to version 0.6.172. r=bdahl
be936ce0759968903037282449ad934294c5955cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 818291 - MediaDecoder::SetMediaSeekable should not be final; r=cpearce
e8b633277cf051a27cf4fe61ce714d55989075dbDave Hunt — Bug 818324 - bump marionette_client version to 0.5.10 r=jgriffin
b6faf70d6a650d41cb6230f5d8e70389e48ddb1fEd Morley — Backout 4a0c471957b7 (bug 816246) for B2G Marionette crashes
c5f98e718546a91655204af8413e6ce7263d4716Daniel Holbert — Bug 816357: use 'default-preference' rather than line-by-line pref() annotations in flexbox reftest.list file. r=heycam
95e6c6b6e939569554982b31cb70ada58e16febeDaniel Holbert — Bug 816357 helper: Add a simple border to fieldset & textarea elements in flexbox reftests, to work around occasionally-fuzzy-on-linux pixels at beveled border corners. (test-only)
44799b79143d94adc47eb8a1acc1cee050ba80cdRichard Newman — Bug 817232 - Don't apply incoming deletions for special folders. r=gps
5aafc6d684f056cf1df0780143ce5c1afd44220eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 818238: Menu button in tabs-tray needs a touch delegate. [r=mfinkle]
6e3fa909ecd462c08755c613c6348dc87f635a92Sriram Ramasubramanian — Back out d1bb44812701 because it landed with the wrong bug number
e9bfe1b6ab083c86f0c931d0fec8dfa5a6265b99Bas Schouten — Bug 789933: Support non-D2D targets for getting a Path off ScaledFontDWrite. r=nrc
e5e6d25fdc572cbff5a66a40094ca093c478e8c2Nicholas Cameron — Bug 814828. DEST_OUT has no affect outside the source; r=bas
5d321d9cd977968969c4a8592f03d35b4e3d191aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 802966 - Mark two absolute positioning reftests fuzzy on Linux; r=dholbert
f6d1b961bb8521b2be09efb3de2f1db0d3bba217Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 818071: Change the menu icons to 3-dots. [r=mfinkle]
d1bb4481270110bd5f66a1b72db7d8b7bdcf21b0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 818328: Menu button in tabs-tray needs a touch delegate. [r=mfinkle]
53a9ec63e32ec25f077b3a18f26b9c62cb141dcfSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 818238: A GeckoPopupMenu for tabs-tray. [r=mfinkle]
62352bbc0547cb3bd8a1f59c6c6f958f315c797cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 818229: Support a GeckoPopupMenu for the custom menu. [r=mfinkle]
7cefbc286acbf07e64d3fef3cf35d66deb3852d1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 818229: Refactor menu code to have different menu-presenters. [r=mfinkle]
a11004852dacf2223d71a5ded30b518d18308cceEhsan Akhgari — Bug 818294 - Make MediaPluginHost.cpp compile with fail-on-warnings; r=doublec
d29847ff05c441552ccf63e139061359582863a8Gregor Wagner — Bug 811538 - B2G SMS: Applying PhoneNumberJS to SMS DB. r=bent
b104b77e8b257f679e75a74d1d1aff039e09b150Ed Morley — Backout 3d411a8554e0 (bug 801466) for build failures
3d411a8554e06710e45a8ba798d8f709fb14d522Trevor Saunders — [PATCH] bug 801466 - remove some usage of prmem in intl/ and
9ce29406488e6058e0cf8c24466ee09f2c06df4fMark Hammond — Bug 817790 - fix stretched social toolbar icons when opening new windows. r=jaws
7e806928652670d3f359a725251b85b2f03073acPatrick McManus — bug 792438 part 3: a kill switch r=honzab
3ecb7e3e91726eedc561ac326a3a1ef4eb556c34Patrick McManus — bug 792438 - part 2 block network image loads on head css,js r=honzab sr=bz
85f941efa32e08ca4f14a8aad200653c6cccd9f4Patrick McManus — bug 792438 part 1 - identify css and head-based-js as dedicated network resources r=bz
6c63bb77ddef37d923ca616a0ec3048f84cfd4ffPatrick McManus — bug 792438 - part 0. imagelib proxies should share load group root r=joedrew
17278474949a8b0ae37943e65e5aafe5200a7829Ethan Hugg — Bug 814329 Protect fim_process_event from NULL input r=jesup
9b2656c880e876b79d74628a6bad7a9c8b00bbb1Chris Peterson — Bug 818245 - Part 2: Mark some functions as static and capitalize their names in Assembler-arm.cpp. r=dvander
9534e375800edd83780c8a543f492302d4144377Chris Peterson — Bug 818245 - Part 1: Fix "NULL used in arithmetic" warnings in Assembler-arm.cpp. r=dvander
faf52cdfbbb32b1a252a17cfc8d3b2aa3fce0fb9Trevor Saunders — bug 817772 - remove MAI logging r=surkov
4553da6ca2e2a0e14af9467f9db191c1d9cabafbTrevor Saunders — bug 817766 - remove an unused member from MaiUtil remove some unused macros and make MaiUtil and MaiUtilClass typedefs r=surkov
a76ec70d30a7c60b1674921b5d0cbfa34c50300eTrevor Saunders — bug 817766 - move atk util code out of ApplicationAccessibleWrap.cpp rs=surkov
8f92b512bf1192a4ca359780b44f264e5b9e3345Andrea Marchesini — Bug 818220 - SetMutedInternal must be called at anytime