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Thu Apr 18 21:35:00 2019 +0000
74dc09642c222e18634f4f13e7b0bd6b7f91cbc2Rob Wu — Bug 1544981 - Stop tapping caskroom/versions in bootstrap for macOS r=nalexander
818371a9ab702e2e7320c5c62cc1dff8f5534c0cMike Conley — Bug 1544969 - Show the Picture-in-Picture flyout when hovering the toggle. r=jaws,flod
dfe0b0d0827ef69bf678785cc287883cf016d220Brian Grinstead — Bug 1544051 - Part 4 - Remove AddTask.js r=ahal
c83490ca7185506ddf5e9828f8159930c03d15a0Brian Grinstead — Bug 1544051 - Part 3 - Scripted change to remove references to AddTask.js r=ahal
480e15689b61af2ecd889193fe42558d8d0e04e2Brian Grinstead — Bug 1544051 - Part 2 - Remove some references to AddTask.js that aren't caught by the script in part 3 r=ahal
77269915d66a17b150c6595fb80e85d7ec1e38abBrian Grinstead — Bug 1544051 - Part 1 - Move add_task into SimpleTest.js r=ahal
e95b995fc086ba80fb30791901e634374d33eacfAki Sasaki — Bug 1545256 - only append action TASK_ID to task deps if taskGroupId doesn't match r=dustin
313aab6b8a05c0cfd63bc11e4c514ff39f92ad13Razvan Maries — Backed out changeset 081a659775d3 (bug 1529879) for xpcshell perma failures. CLOSED TREE
5982eef0c2cb7ca74ab2461b5601cad68caf49c4Magnus Melin — Bug 1530207 - fix crash [@ InvalidArrayIndex_CRASH | mozilla::a11y::Accessible::InsertChildAt] . r=surkov
51423343879f6ea29b96b2c3506cc2fb3fd16e60Julian Descottes — Bug 1544749 - Use toolbox.topWindow in devtools tests relying on r=daisuke
f71f9d2fa72baeebe80e0c44e167e35bed04aa59Julian Descottes — Bug 1544749 - Sidebar iframe onload callback should not rely on r=daisuke
ad0f4d97dd1efd4bbbe4150f552a701e88aedbbcJulian Descottes — Bug 1544749 - Animation inspector scrubber should use getTopWindow r=daisuke
46afb0a8df4b337ba5882613e51225de204642f4Julian Descottes — Bug 1544749 - Add shared helper to retrieve the top window r=bgrins
f4de96f2d275f0bff16042ef322a69366b79cb81Christian Holler — Bug 1544400 - Update fuzzing builds to Clang 8 and use gold. r=froydnj
4aebb965d8a08a80389fa06b0521af15ec329044Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1543350 - don't shut-down taskqueue early. r=jya,mjf
0300023c259faa756c90bf52df9a132b5d504794Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1545107 - Remove nsIDocumentObserver::DocumentStatesChanged. r=smaug
7ac3a2da794ed550129b65373c678c5d2d9d4793Daosheng Mu — Bug 1545180 - Correct DualShock 4 mapping type. r=qdot
928f042ca74e2b75be1eace7fcc138ba571fd3a0Brian Birtles — Bug 1541767 - Drop animations on an element before removing it from the document; r=hiro
0d047d6f122b7fec64ce39da784f10e181ce8d66Brian Birtles — Bug 1541767 - Don't post animation restyles when unbinding an element; r=hiro
a751128e51f71ddd7df3eaa1ba8c5c34b6876e31Brian Birtles — Bug 1541767 - Make Animation::Cancel line up with the spec a little better; r=hiro
67900e2680ff84192ebfd3b5d0c5124ddc49c624Brian Birtles — Bug 1541767 - Drop Animation::CancelNoUpdate; r=hiro
25f3c9bd8831811d6b1c585071cf99fe7913514aHenrik Skupin — Bug 1544707 - [raptor] Use format strings instead of concatenating log messages. r=rwood
04234ce7c13f61eff93d23190a589d43f844f625Henrik Skupin — Bug 1544707 - [raptor] Move most of if/elif blocks for testType to switch statements. r=rwood
a9c6ef836b4a926513a711312a45fc95dca53731Ionut Goldan — Bug 1544742 - Enable chrome CLI app argument r=rwood
817642dc917c886910c8fb9ad856ec153c2655c3Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1526972 - P8: Reset InInvalidSubtree when processing unrelated frames. r=mattwoodrow
069c60c771c69da58dc3bf54e7e42ec755c17c00Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1526972 - P7: Move AutoBuildingDisplayList constructor into .cpp r=miko
4e0d56e43a739eab3fcba4d2c65efa1280060887Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1526972 - P6: Mark invalidated SubDocument frame as modified. r=miko,mattwoodrow
2459a266d318546dd7bda613ad2d67b30c949937Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1526972 - P5: Avoid HasModifiedFrame check for new nsDisplayItems. r=miko
4df706db804e7f509e81faa9a79d311877f08755Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1526972 - P4: Limit AnyContentAncestorModified frame walk to frame of outer item. r=miko
5ef6aebe57374c4b4a6c4f8a273912f304cf1684Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1526972 - P3: De-virtualize HasDeletedFrame(). r=miko
5aa53da6778d410f5db79a83086c151af050f5f0Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1526972 - P2: Re-order mItem->CanBeReused()/mItem->HasDeletedFrame(). r=miko
55d7bb4de1ab468760d5ac5840c6fedf4f431d67Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1526972 - P1: Compress bool state into bit flags. r=miko
1fa85da4127c151ec302746b5f247c795231cf52Tim D. Smith — Bug 1475571 - Update SEARCH_COUNT bug_numbers r=mkaply
56716e17c88d4a6affc3a3ea9034045777917b8aRob Wood — Bug 1544516 - Add ability to specify intent when launching android app; r=davehunt
6621a71249171778bcdfca58860ab90968ca5bb1Jan de Mooij — Bug 1541404 part 13 - Add some code to support entering the interpreter and triggering Baseline compilation from the interpreter. r=tcampbell
6dac2e4b4cabc816146963ba12eed56eae059b8dJan de Mooij — Bug 1541404 part 12 - Move ensureExecutionObservabilityOfOsrFrame call into CanEnterBaselineJIT. r=tcampbell
32308895e797198af2aad885bd2d6fae1193bf32Jan de Mooij — Bug 1541404 part 11 - Some OSR-related BaselineFrame changes. r=tcampbell
61b8f711a276311996b97230152131cb8a7870f3Jan de Mooij — Bug 1541404 part 10.5 - Move the AutoSuppressGCAnalysis in FrameIter's constructor into FrameIter::principalsSubsumeFrame. r=jonco
081a659775d32b167cb0e74b7fb0e7ab1aee7a62Dave Townsend — Bug 1529879: Block changing the profile list when another process has changed it. r=froydnj,Gijs,flod
c7379d0731ad3f17facc4bb7de8c55e35bd442bdPaul Bone — Bug 1544651 - Print nursery size in KB for JS_GC_PROFILE_NURSERY r=jonco
841e248130aeed83a650c3a2049310946279efa8Marco Bonardo — Bug 1534738 - Title and url in RTL mode are not properly overflowing in Quantum Bar. r=dao
90a95d56b18df1b2a658dd8b156486e31b3ee0ecDorel Luca — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1519502, bug 1528268) for Crashtest failures in toolkit/content/tests/chrome/test_popupincontent.xul. CLOSED TREE
b28102014ab9bbf2de762f9a1f0bedbe09768b7eDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1540609: Add a test whether the status of connect button will be reverted after a certain period of time. r=jdescottes
31bf296dcfcea35e26503ea3594b914163f5a326Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1540609: Show the connection timeout message. r=jdescottes,flod
5476c356bb272d3cfdb939735c03ee434577d6beDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1540609: Revert the status of connect button after a certain period of time. r=jdescottes
938a637c68f05534032b90a7bbb07c0c270711cfEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1500533 - Ensure that TLS session resumption tickets are only consumed if the channel isn't isolated by anti-tracking checks; r=michal,baku
3aa904e59c1bb6d6ea3ded4d8453db0ace13f189Edwin Gao — Bug 1544961 - disable tests that cause gtest harness to crash on windows10-aarch64 r=jmaher,gbrown
634e0a2391ccb077685de5f19ab76c81a5aa5dd1Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1539328: Introduce new unique id for service worker actor. r=jdescottes
6bc5500525be805f00d6ad8f7d9c6b54f02c13aaDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1539328: Introduce new unique id for normal worker actor. r=jdescottes,bhackett
ba17b00839b4a28efb777e3e4c358418ed44c190Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1539328: Introduce getWorker(id) to RootFront to avoid re-using client debugger. r=jdescottes
08611f20a20a8dbca2ec09a488430ad13a66d99aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1539777 - Properly handle readonly changes in nsFormFillController. r=MattN
b6723fd7683854907fd4b48cfdf73a406d825598Daosheng Mu — Bug 1533197 - Pointing back to the same VR input action manifest file when the file has been existing. r=kip
50c1ff58c6824782afdc10e65ee28cccdb60f7b2James Teh — Bug 1543561: Expose the focusable state on a node focused by aria-activedescendant, even if that node isn't a descendant. r=eeejay
744c4e052127827df7fb396f9485a49ad8a919a9Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1545107 - DocumentStatesChanged should not unconditionally notify if the state hasn't actually changed. r=smaug
0fe8750efcd4a31b51a10783ce3db67c2e3268e5Rob Thijssen — Bug 1536568 - run android builds in gcp at tier 3 r=coop,pmoore
a1127948b46001b5b0436e7792da8e9b9b0e0d69Rob Thijssen — Bug 1536559 - run macosx64 builds in gcp at tier 3 r=pmoore,wcosta
212b470175716a1d5f9972b53260e45cf0205bdeBoris Chiou — Bug 1545268 - Add a missing declaration of Document. r=nika
715ae7cfb2d11cc68f8a8d26ad5342d3cbf0ab17Gurzau Raul — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1533831) for failing at /browser/browser_target.js on a CLOSED TREE.
8515e58392b724460b731fe12881de75a2397c0aGurzau Raul — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1527925, bug 1545168, bug 1539567) for failing at /actions/test_media.html on a CLOSED TREE.
0e369b6ee8ff31b69fd546ffabfb4fc4133a8b87Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1328138 - Disable the XMLDocument.async API on trunk; r=bzbarsky
0930049c0ca984c909d11ba2853ef6d96e43e242Mike Conley — Bug 1534389 - Send normal mouse events when cursor is over a draggable region on Windows. r=jmathies
5becec1744113f948b3b4e29d56786f701c3731aMike Conley — Bug 1545125 - Notify DOMLocalization if the intl.uidirection pref has been changed. r=zbraniecki
32552726554321d35a8c18224343fe73ece324c2Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1544325 - Clamp the app units' scroll position to the current position if the given scroll position is the same as the current scroll position in CSS pixels. r=botond
4cf5365482add7052c58e575d48a0a60cf9f3575Gabriele Svelto — Bug 1542581 - Block child process termination until the handler is fully initialized r=froydnj
2ee12a893122fe795ad529f97a5811cf97f69a7bJesse Schwartzentruber — Bug 1537751 - Add x86_64 target to Android Clang build configuration. r=chmanchester
c513275730f60c1366be89fc39ae10b81529bf37Glenn Watson — Bug 1545006 - Use external scroll offsets to move primitives and clips into local space. r=kats
a3acb30248ff81e6a0a10a61783fa25896e23e21Lina Cambridge — Bug 1545200 - Squelch spurious synchronous operation warnings in `Connection::operationSupported`. r=mak
a51a461f3df351c7de1d6cc085c3e1ca191a8985Paul Bone — Bug 1544648 - Add remaining GC parameters r=jonco
f5273f8e51966ff5d45588bfcd1826a5642ba8b4Gurzau Raul — Backed out changeset 77dbf6f2d6d4 (bug 1529879) for Windows build bustages at Unified_cpp_toolkit_profile0.obj on a CLOSED TREE.
f0b7027aa979309df34458f56ac4f4039905e5f9Gabriele Svelto — Bug 1386760 - Remove the ExecutableName annotation r=froydnj
a55e5c83e32eb40abe53f427a74a45b1f461ecc1Mike Conley — Bug 1527925 - Enable User-Initiated Picture-in-Picture on Windows, Nightly-only. r=jaws
45d19d0692b2adfc09956f70c7404b6f382e1264Mike Conley — Bug 1539567 - Move Picture-in-Picture prefs outside of MOZ_WEBRTC ifdef block. r=jaws
d418d95454ebb3bfc6b05584343be25182f3e701Mike Conley — Bug 1527925 - Make browser_contextmenu.js work with or without Picture-in-Picture enabled by default. r=jaws
a37009048470166bb03e81fa28024bf6804d536dMike Conley — Bug 1545168 - Picture-in-Picture context menu item should be disabled on broken videos. r=jaws
66f817c81f0d91fa8a909ee93345c3a67184c6baEhsan Akhgari — Bug 332175 - Disable the XMLDocument.load() API on trunk; r=bzbarsky
77dbf6f2d6d4f9825e9041946f4cb78c75f5a8ddDave Townsend — Bug 1529879: Block changing the profile list when another process has changed it. r=froydnj,Gijs,flod
2b2554ff8f8c3d87e5035316e67f3a213fd11c54Ted Campbell — Bug 1406146 - Use ShellWindowProxy in jsshell by default. r=jandem,jorendorff
badb8ef128dd0c11dd6ef284585d7a4edb0626fdTed Campbell — Bug 1406146 - Remove modified debugger jit-tests from BinAST suite. r=arai
13a6fa6a0b9fd5751865e4d2cc85dfda754f64fcTed Campbell — Bug 1406146 - Fix debugger tests under WindowProxy. r=jorendorff
94fd0790781ab6979840a602ddc987de5a7668f0Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1533831: remote: run bc tests as part of regular batch; r=ochameau
d32384388e3d28bafb8cc078d98994bb27953553Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1533831: remote: include remote agent in default build; r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,chmanchester
bd363475667fe35e455f496c0c727526d5bb9e9dAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1533831: remote: disable remote agent; r=ochameau
b818d6ca606d15354929e7c5a65b6448e7d43eefAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1533831: remote: remove browser.fission.simulate pref; r=ochameau,yulia
f02a2da3f35851b2385ad54f86b2c1126d0e8097Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 1545081 - Give the about:compat overrides for bug 1177298 unique ids so they can be properly disabled in the UI; r=denschub
52c866bc91aa95ee7b416a8a77185edfff0e84a8Barret Rennie — Bug 1536170 - Replace all usage of Async.yieldingIterator with Async.yieldingForEach r=tcsc
2b4f6184e971ee9be6367e5ad9c5d6784e98f857Barret Rennie — Bug 1536170 - Add unit tests for Async.yieldingForEach() r=tcsc
f33bfaf16d975de81421d687fd519d0fa56e10d6Barret Rennie — Bug 1536170 - Replace Async.jankYielder r=tcsc,markh,eoger
643f81697dae477c942c9d73be6eae5e89702200Barret Rennie — Bug 1444447 - Correctly copy drawn surfaces to the full window render target in BasicCompositor r=mstange
d4c31a1f7d23ede577abeae641dbdec69d386d6fderek-li — Bug 1545165 - Make WhyPaused more visible r=jlast
5e04786072445f9ea01a90d88a7ec0e804022783Agi Sferro — Bug 1518843 - GeckoView WebExtension Messaging. r=snorp,esawin,robwu,kmag
8fd075dbd205cc159a8ed464453de4af975e1e8fAgi Sferro — Bug 1518843 - Add GeckoView API to unregister WebExtensions. r=snorp,mbrubeck
cff5f2d11f5217bda80eac14ae300100d343f234Barret Rennie — Bug 1544572 - Support composition recording for BasicCompositor r=mstange
22b1b841ad351b1775030548e6d2275fb98dba8eBarret Rennie — Bug 1544572 - Support composition recording for LayerManagerComposite r=mstange
c4895d67effd84aedbc8b1321e8452b45faa7fb2Mike Hommey — Bug 1545007 - Remove our pthread_atfork implementation for Android. r=froydnj
ab75b8c95c3f370b3553d335035aa46eaf42ae54Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 7cefdbb63711 (bug 1544764) for static-analysis bustage on clang-analyzer-deadcode.DeadStores.cpp. CLOSED TREE
f6e53afcd5ebe2324f4b4b04c4d108bcbd3195a5Micah Tigley — Bug 1531982 Part 2: Update test expectations to check that implicit line names from implicit named areas are assigned to lines. r=bradwerth
89590e4e8dac12c2ee9c4a2aaaee845fc44f26d1Micah Tigley — Bug 1531982 Part 1: Assign correct line names to reversed implicit areas r=bradwerth
7a643fd33d8cd10a4a7403b807288e759e6777c9Dana Keeler — bug 1524478 - remove unnecessary lsan annotations for webauthn web-platform tests r=qdot
2df4f2b12f9a5e5aecdd748b790928e969f60fadKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1535140 - Slow down a bit if injecting touch inputs too fast for Windows to digest. r=botond
5c3abbd9c2be273305c1a6901034056dbc654f07Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset cc1afca7bbc6 (bug 1544044) as per request. CLOSED TREE
81f95326825c96dbc1d64665fa0e78057f6934a5Daosheng Mu — Bug 1542893 - Remapping gamepads to standard mapping. r=qdot
7cefdbb63711a7902718507c5ff7bff827886dfdAndi-Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1544764 - Add description at review phase about defects found - clang-tidy. r=sylvestre
7eb24bdd5de276c850374acb2b0cf883967d9377Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 1541019 - have 'more information' links in about:compat always open in a new tab; r=miketaylr
0bbaddcea39330a1287b7ae56787890cb6b388d9Luke Crouch — contextualIdentity: add gray color and fence icon (Bug 1532746); r=jkt,flod
904cc7903feb74eeb70b415403fa33f8df4c39ffBrian Grinstead — Bug 1519502 - Convert menu bindings to a Custom Element r=surkov
f8770d7eebd1194ab085020df906e39ae9ae4298Brian Grinstead — Bug 1528268 - Make initializeAttributeInheritance and incremental attribute changes do less work r=aswan
cc1afca7bbc68f3c88f35ae4313ddb294b666d38Bob Clary — Bug 1544044 - turn off duplicated raptor jobs on android, r=jmaher.
57be7e417b636fea4e038cbd5e24c26177024f29Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1544816 - [ci] Enable e10s for xpcshell tasks, r=jmaher
2f12958d4e8c1c162fb27cda8bebbd8a27790ba1Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1544816 - [ci] Enable e10s for mochitest-chrome tasks, r=jmaher
effa55bd84bbdf6624b7882f053a94a355807be4Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1544816 - [ci] Enable e10s by default for mochitest-a11y, r=jmaher
f0b845496dadb7c26522614a1a692d363a931dc0Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 1541418 - use pointer:fine vs coarse/none to decide whether to show the mobile or desktop UX for about:copmat, rather than min-width media queries; r=denschub
c0aae5562089156f1288f4fbec8bd53de468a1b0Nika Layzell — Bug 1544505 - Add helpful getter methods to JSWindowActorChild, r=mconley,jdai
43d9bbc5d92cd6511481700068984476c6fdc238Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset d969c3ed6999 (bug 1543005) for assertion failures on netwerk/protocol/http/nsHttpHandler.cpp. CLOSED TREE
9d4348674d2646b2062410a316b0964e2564aa97Myk Melez — Bug 1515094 - minimally convert notificationstore to kvstore r=asuth,lina
0838b79b1ff236db8143e0a5c5010640c84d9728Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1525853 - Redirect the moz:// to the manifesto (instead of open design) r=mossop
1c8359c8c110844046dc48816cdff8d985f11e88Petru Lingurar — Bug 1543058 - Display all pinned top sites even with identical base URLs; r=VladBaicu
248b58f9c1114cfe83aba2b16c667261c12924feDavid Walsh — Bug 1543791 - Ensure breakpoints in sidebar are always syntax highlighted r=jlast
38ce4d6f202c86305bd0f5da91c097b19d75f5bcTom Prince — Bug 1536665: Add whats-new-page to balrog blob on beta; r=nthomas
635a123b100e8dd96f07d2b93607e5d108a80957Mark Banner — Bug 1545124 - Disable add-on manager logging for some tests. r=aswan
6bbcccdf5f6be3b4e377ef40b5d7e37e5b99bb01Gabriel Luong — Bug 1545075 - FlexContainer unmount callback is not called. r=jdescottes
1455fb3278d1320e43352ea847649a26b749e58eYura Zenevich — Bug 1544684 - reset filters when a new accessible is selected. r=gl
30271e4881e7a27c75e5490f99908d2e764e8fa4Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1542878 - Check all the cbindgen executables before failing configure. r=froydnj
4cda78f998e8c858fa9307800395d4a9214a66efDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1524550 - Remove UrlbarQueryContext's lastKey property. r=mak
47050699cd5c391afa95189016a00fbb726dc6b1Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1522278 - Use nsIEditActionListener to detect when the user deletes autofilled substrings. r=mak
65f9115900b0a9684655699858f5c9629d802a50Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1536487 - Remove default value for argument and update callers. r=dthayer
2405024a9a22ae1f10ef7f825bf1b840201fccd1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1536487 - Use a RenderRootSet instead of nsTArray<RenderRoot>. r=dthayer
3f0ddb7c06a5e75a0e0d418c6e231a2986e04da9Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1543429 - Part 1: Do not copy port 0 from previous bundle-only offer msection into an answer msection. r=mjf
2eba01487cf4205cf740759ea7811112df9624b9Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1543429 - Part 0: Test-case for bug. r=jib
a3f2c83b52150662f28e3efa5f48a6b3854cdf89Erica Wright — Bug 1544746 - Cookies label in Strict mode now reflects the state of cookie behavior. r=johannh
1f13810ca79e630b96812c10331b8f03691fe728Bob Clary — Bug 1544089 - Allow the configuration of the ssltunnel listening address, r=mayhemer.
67d59eccba20c9a96f3e0a06a8e947dc06918eccMark Banner — Bug 1518546 - Fix method signatures throughout SearchService.jsm to be consistent. r=mikedeboer
d969c3ed6999b34bfaa1a23bb7db115076b7f760Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 1543005 - Collect telemetry on traffic transferred through a captive portal. r=valentin
a14a4e0b60ebc2ca635bbc777474cf2fa8cbc62dBryce Van Dyk — Bug 1544602 - Make media.gmp.insecure.allow an atomic. r=cpearce
b978367ef7bb80e73e9c93c6234757731b5e58fbNick Alexander — Bug 1533385 - Make GeckoView read configuration options from filesystem. r=droeh