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Sun Nov 29 09:25:05 2020 +0000
ba96687ff42f8c9841c1d0fb911bb91404ee5f94Chris Peterson — Bug 1678969 - Replace MOZ_MUST_USE with [[nodiscard]] in StreamFilterParent. r=mixedpuppy
c92eaf9c3f4692378e4782eb9a909715d50582b2Razvan Maries — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 1660336) for multiple perma failures. CLOSED TREE
3fe77cc9a39c046c0040a70b4f40f54295e44c01Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1679606 - Enable telemetry collection for event. r=valentin
fd4f1ee947c55c616b020e34d2c4451dc7cf29efZac Svoboda — Bug 1679631 - documentation: Upgrade the markdown dependency r=sylvestre DONTBUILD
0f7b1edcd9990a8b1a3f87cae1391cc35d8704c1Martin Stransky — Bug 1660336 Provide libva headers to build Firefox without libva-devel installed, r=jya
b43bed57327d6275c02d66821304c485dd2132c8stransky — Bug 1660336 Provide libva wrapper to run Firefox on systems without libva installed, r=jya
6c74e8eef334994dd1eb6af83a23c9ddadc5b552Martin Stransky — Bug 1660336 Build ffvpx FFmpegVideoDecoder module with VAAPI support, r=jya,glandium,jgilbert
5575575cc0c405e8ad530c59dcc28eac44112581Martin Stransky — Bug 1660336 Implement FFmpegLibWrapper::LinkVAAPILibs() to link VAAPI libraries and use at at FFmpegRuntimeLinker/FFVPXRuntimeLinker, r=jya
6fb9889193171fef1dd17c64a0e671eed1fa5769Martin Stransky — Bug 1660336 Implement DMABufSurfaceWrapper and VAAPIDisplayHolder as templates, r=jya
04056b5c72d92131bbd4afc050231fd583f05493Martin Stransky — Bug 1660336 Add VP8/VP9 VAAPI HW decode code to bundled ffvpx and build it with MOZ_WAYLAND target, r=jya
755260c86c7e4e618cd43e2357c56b9fcb38a286Tim Giles — Bug 1677894 - Fix intermittent failure in browser_removeAllDialog.js due to menu opening timing. r=sfoster