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Tue Apr 21 09:42:20 2020 +0000
2fd61eb5c69ce9ac806048a35c7a7a88bf4b9652Perry Jiang — Bug 1618546 - give worker debugger globals their own clients r=asuth,webidl,smaug
9ccf9f680b644f3be77585003fd9a52c1214b7d6Emma Malysz — Bug 1610134: Part 1: add timeout pref that turns on late write checking to see if it's possible to crash browser earlier. r=dthayer,chutten
5fd76cecc0aa3c047ad48861f7e64892bf7fbb0cTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1631365. img.decode never fulfills or rejects if the image is too big to fit into the surface cache. r=aosmond
2a8c06104c40918ac2cfc0f3db0adbfe07bb28a7Martin Stransky — Bug 1474281 - Make EGL-provider support OGL. r=jgilbert
c3221bde9f2a8057e8058a6a7abfe633a3d01895Henrik Skupin — Bug 1605359 - [remote] Page.getFrameTree has to return details for all frames in the current tab. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
94291e5a975be037723fb9338ed2788fd83a60beJared Wein — Bug 1629873 - Display login-related error messages in the Windows credential UI upon a failed authentication attempt. r=MattN
a6637962605fab6cdba8e230ab275352fd942a3dChris Peterson — Bug 1624786 - Replace "clang-format off" with semicolon workaround for clang-format bug 1629756. r=spohl
dbafcc52a866010b948996e1fa4927ea310c48d4Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1628423 - Distinguish favicon loads from lazy loading images. r=Honza
6ca89ac7b25ede34f25143606e8e4f840608c738Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1628423 - Use the proper property name for filename in stacks. r=Honza
2f099a730129994f8116bac3b514914bc49f25e4Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1628423 - Use full URL path for expected stacks to sort them properly in tests. r=Honza
d8bb387bac952da2e0426635775d7e6b5c4624cbHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1628423 - Add test cases for image srcset to make sure a subsequent change will not regress the cases. r=Honza
ce0291e3f74342d7543ad191b52f84f611012787Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1630802 - P9. EventTargetWrapper runners don't need to be cancellable. r=bholley
c2a43696053ddaf1e5043577a71b1fd3a8bd3271Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1630802 - P8. Remove unnecessary AutoEnter. r=bholley
7d104d25415caf1c2df93e07d846aa62e5ba6122Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1630802 - P7. Remove CreateEventTargetWrapper and ensure that only a single AbstractThread exists par nsIThread. r=bholley
8d9486cd19e8d9c289c80ce9bb4357974576d7d4Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1630802 - P6. Always return AbstractThread::MainThread for AbstractMainThreadFor. r=bholley
5c3d7c51ecc3dadf9f803b2a720b8675b51a45d5Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1630802 - P5. Remove no longer required GetManagerAbstractThread. r=mattwoodrow
b94e2c408ecc4666fd57bda45aa2307d3f066fd6Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1630802 - P4. Remove unused member. r=bholley
9ecfeb1915cdcb4a54c5bfd813628a035dbd4c47Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1630802 - P3. Make AbstractThread::GetCurrent() return MainThread on the main thread. r=bholley
a5b19d93ab3fb42e60ebd42933a35fe2afdd14e6Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1630802 - P2. Do not use AbstractThread too early. r=padenot
1e5316093afdecac9a6c9fe6567c86903135819bJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1630802 - P1. Cleanup AbstractThread TLS lookup. r=gerald
730096415ffc2da7ca8b9b9f115020adb3902d1cKevin Jacobs — Bug 1624450 - Remove CHECK_FORK_GETPID from Android NSS compilation r=glandium
1eb600c29550b7940042349b4f65d686857ff31aAndrew Osmond — Bug 1561367 - Implement initial support for capturing multiple frames. r=kvark
0b2db14f0dde4b1a87cae23ba6c3698599ced2b0Severin — Bug 1630380 - pass manager shouldn't highlight blank usernames. r=MattN
2d26b9117df5aac2c682b28f0dd88753dfa5dc37mhoye — Bug 1179358 - Removing Adobe CMAP license r=RyanVM
b5cc5e306db44f537ed656b2c9948f5803187e60David Walsh — Bug 1631310 - Update NetMonitor variable declartions to modern practices r=Honza
9711f217e6bdb129842cc221bfca766dccf32db2caroline — Bug 1631639 - Remove setting ImmutableScriptFlag::IsFunction from FunctionBox constructor. r=tcampbell
0affade618e1c7b0343356c61d37057868c6bd30Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset 339795d0a51e (bug 1574746) for causing browser_startup_syncIPC.js failures CLOSED TREE
10633b1542b37ec4570f770e34b24d2ef29f9eadCiure Andrei — Backed out changeset 23cf5c8c6f41 (bug 1630380) for causing browser_basicAuth_switchTab.js failures CLOSED TREE
96dbee93d251770c63224e6b34a81d795853947aCiure Andrei — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1631304) for causing MediaStream-MediaElement-srcObject.https.html wpt failures CLOSED TREE
be09f2507b41535ada22544ba205cd135a6fc678Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset d388b5f84158 (bug 1610134) for causing bustages in LateWriteChecks.cpp CLOSED TREE
61a2d0d369c8d01189408383cc8f9477732a3354Noemi Erli — Backed out 19 changesets (bug 1602318) for causing multiple failures
d388b5f8415869fee5096752161d3fafeeed921cEmma Malysz — Bug 1610134: Part 1: add timeout pref that turns on late write checking to see if it's possible to crash browser earlier. r=dthayer,chutten
cf04c0d8cc0046115016f9a427b53ee755db8933Bianca Danforth — Bug 1630681 - Avoid a sync layout flush in the main thread of the parent process when rendering the Password Manager autocomplete popup r=MattN
15923c866d33fef61f684654eb3cb9701de5c6f9Dzmitry Malyshau — Bug 1630072 - WebGPU CanvasContext invalidation r=jgilbert,aosmond
4b3345b2e33b0e3927534f5c857b0c3086ed731bMatt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Disable parent-initiated loads when using devtools. r=nika,ochameau
7240b27afe2893783b78812cdce647549a8530cfMatt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Expose LoadContext on BrowsingContext webidl. r=nika,kmag
a7091729d8c91b89f5d1dde9c55d3ceb8e719c99Matt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Start loads directly from CanonicalBrowsingContext when possible. r=nika,jya,necko-reviewers,dragana
e496ab6c0857f0b3fad05caab7a0c1d6f845bfb3Matt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Expose some new functionality on the ADocumentChannelBridge/DocumentLoadListener boundary. r=jya,necko-reviewers,dragana
184da6309f0c9399de4a4af945ad397d7090ad25Matt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Make RemoteWebProgress:stop also stop any current loads in the parent process. r=nika
79b540f8619d09e6134a5391f2c766b9be9ab19aMatt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Allow less a smaller number of pref checks. r=mconley
b298015ee960a3a3c6d9baaa82302b320fd693bcMatt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Make some browser tests wait on the test uri to load instead of any uri. r=kmag
6d0783cd5e015c800259fad54e95193ff417054aMatt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Make xpihandler tests wait for load before starting the test. r=kmag
cbc308486b17dd9007d83d756a4c7bae6ee6f58aMatt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Fix race in browser_ext_tabs_onUpdated by installing the listener before adding the new tab. r=zombie
94142944fb54f2548f9f40b39d34675141f9ff90Matt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Make sure rv is initialized correctly in all branches of OpenInitializedChannel. r=nika
7c1eeb299b780ee1059fa3b493c2fd0f72304ef0Matt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Fix unified build issues. r=jya,necko-reviewers
0fc27502503a58fa6b69e25f3d6e8d9996c876f6Matt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Remove nsILoadContext from DocumentLoadListener. r=nika,necko-reviewers,dragana
0fc27c2e09d9b50294ab1cd32d0813723cd75ed1Matt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Make download tests wait for the STOP progress event instead of load. r=kmag
b5e2aa4741b218a17be2cdcea2db316b365cf9ebMatt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Make sure we wait for the right load to finish. r=kmag
57d568114c5aae39dbde54df04d9f96740d0cd70Matt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Change search engine tests to listen for, and block loads in the parent. r=kmag
8f7360d827dc568209d4070f1b7c38d733af6de9Matt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Remove incorrect assertion. r=jya
78930a97c2df5e56de18f7de5648910ff721c71dMatt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Defer nsIRemoteWindowContext load requests to avoid re-entrancy. r=nika,farre,necko-reviewers,dragana
8015780587cd6f40548a8e27768f02379bded253Matt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Initialize mixed content channel for process-switches. r=ckerschb,necko-reviewers,dragana
bc9da03cb3a31a8430e35032e379ef16b37b0aa7Matt Woodrow — Bug 1602318 - Associate a current DocumentLoadListener with CanonicalBrowsingContext. r=nika,necko-reviewers,dragana
23cf5c8c6f41385a9c145a1d7c3a6aedc5560f44Severin — Bug 1630380 - pass manager shouldn't highlight blank usernames. r=MattN
d9dfb643976168b0b522ac717c8067f2c7b83b83Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1628527 - Introduce explicit initialization and finalization of `fix-stacks`. r=erahm,perftest-reviewers,sparky,gbrown
8235287622a85bb6f95354bab8d7ec583e9a3b66Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1628527 - Install `fix-stacks` on the `build-win64-fuzzing/debug` job. r=erahm
13ce97c56e6e78fef17472ff86cd5a9805a13a5aDana Keeler — Bug 1629059 - don't attempt to authenticate to tokens that aren't present r=bbeurdouche
fc408ad127bc67125d8eb4785cb1c31276957d32Dana Keeler — Bug 1630473 - temporarily stash the client certificate chain so NSS can send it to the server r=kjacobs,bbeurdouche
f5526af32dfed4c7d263bad883049752e8240812Kris Maglione — Bug 1614462: Part 3c - Remove dead TabContext IsMozBrowserElement fields. r=nika
3c37d27ef0affc5e077b688cf4c274fcd7111d70Kris Maglione — Bug 1614462: Part 3b - Remove moribund DocShell FrameType/IsMozBrowser/IsInMozBrowser fields. r=nika
d3cf0a8b047251b368ac983336c3b340e3f7dd36Kris Maglione — Bug 1614462: Part 3a - Remove support for <iframe mozbrowser> in content processes. r=nika
b6e41de98857e4770e1a14beb65899d8d3be0606Kris Maglione — Bug 1614462: Part 2f - Remove browser-element mochitests. r=mccr8
32fb3428fd5fa9f88a51c7b0694d6558c0b56294Kris Maglione — Bug 1614462: Part 2e - Migrate desktop-only CrashService_crash test to browser test. r=mconley
b8b4460b4aed1ab0e4ae1d49437fbd3e7fdcb894Kris Maglione — Bug 1614462: Part 2d - Fix tests that don't need to use mozbrowser. r=mccr8
5dbc1ee8dc91062d67738014c53bc991fdac6716Kris Maglione — Bug 1614462: Part 2c - Remove content mozbrowser tests. r=mccr8,marionette-reviewers,whimboo
68361305d05b7e408183c519308120ecba569d56Kris Maglione — Bug 1614462: Part 2b - Remove unnecessary mozbrowser usage in chrome tests. r=mccr8
59cc469c0fe5032f8dc76d4b0ee5054d29912607Kris Maglione — Bug 1614462: Part 2a - Remove commented out mozbrowser test code. r=mccr8
a1671f0fdf348721fa2ad7687abb730ccf925598Kris Maglione — Bug 1614462: Part 1 - Remove unused message principals. r=nika
54e27b897b3abd422eda4e4520ea7d29e5c22e90Bobby Holley — Bug 1631304 - Run the TailDispatcher off the Microtask queue. r=jya
9ffa1843a04b03377c3986047db21031b1c125f8Bobby Holley — Bug 1631304 - Add a mechanism to dispatch runnables as microtasks. r=smaug
700adf5d377997448eb87cad3628200047d6180cBobby Holley — Bug 1631304 - Drill a fast path to accessing the main thread. r=erahm
c81fcd640993c292770a02e85ed0a846e94565fflougeniac64 — Bug 1629689 - Added additional extension storage tests for storage API compliance r=lina,mixedpuppy
d4b29020425122bc53b44b44cc6939a919b32995Mike Conley — Bug 1626721 - Make DSImages use native lazy loading, and declarative responsive images. r=thecount
d525546954bb745e9d3984e5189eb5777dfa4811Ted Campbell — Bug 1628111 - Store SharedContext::strictScript as an ImmutableFlag. r=caroline
339795d0a51eb84d7d792e1b610c068f52f99b7asotaro — Bug 1574746 - Remove AllowWebRenderForThisWindow() r=nical
0e0b2528287a10347ccb2d32341acb5f1f37e947Simon Sapin — Bug 1631579 - Remove `webrender::RendererKind` r=gfx-reviewers,kvark
fcab5215423b7086a3ee65767866a1eaf8d82e6cTom Prince — No bug: Use worker aliases for osx test workers; r=jmaher
463d26b458ce09947c032ed17159138544068344Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1631541 - Minor style cleanup in ImageDocument.h. r=smaug
8ff00c6683e0c6b85c20218435b5545fe957ca73Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1631541 - Remove unused ImageDocument webidl bits. r=smaug
233017ea93b25cb8be9a5bbfd4dde41e20afc754Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1631541 - Remove nsIImageDocument. r=webidl,smaug
5773db17cbbfe19117a82f4b968ccefe111f17bfMike Hommey — Bug 1631211 - In configure, pass extra compiler flags after source path. r=dmajor
6453735730774e9f1c4793acc64016132b92c19aalwu — Bug 1599938 - Implement a helper class to fetch image data from URL r=ckerschb,kershaw
e134c0b5a1a8019ff0792b8921ef56a66b7e4796J.C. Jones — Bug 1630155 - Extend WebAuthn telemetry to 88 r=chutten
28da49962f2adbf5a56fdfa0b06c3398b3d993d8Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1630457 - Rename ComputeFinalSize to PopulateReflowOutput along with some minor improvements. r=dholbert
2796692264cd4e2f9db9d21224d168f828a5a440Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1629650 - Rename flex container's desired size back to desiredSizeInFlexWM. r=dholbert
62f55136ac73595aa3854e2f69401fdff955eebasotaro — Bug 1631355 - Remove non virtual surface implementation from DCLayerTree r=gw
ae981392ddf1bd2b1a9b608e23422530f5e3a9c9Tim Nguyen — Bug 1630084 - Re-instate row-based markup in browser/components/preferences/connection.xhtml. r=jaws