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Wed Mar 06 09:56:17 2019 +0000
b452fad68dc3504dd0b41de76112dd64f50466c6shindli — Backed out changeset dd4c4ce4a78d (bug 1531350) for debugger failure CLOSED TREE
dd4c4ce4a78d10470bd2e3f89a643e7f42fd09d2Jason Laster — Bug 1531350 - [release 128] [Breakpoints] use the selected location for column breakpoints.
c57bc49cdb13a66e16ca34aec71629d3d316be37Jason Laster — Bug 1532641 - Skip Pausing should persist across reloads and reopens. r=bhackett
ec0a441cb8f91ba7dd0ccb91abb295c2515d20ddMatt Woodrow — Bug 1529831 - Don't create wrap lists for positioned frames that are leaves. r=miko
904012057423b23bf9a382da27a40869c6c00301Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1532414 - Pass a document/principal pointer to nsContentUtils::ShouldResistFingerprinting() callers in the canvas API; r=baku
152b9d59cb2903aff4b14c88836eaf051181e1fbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1532402 - Part 4: Pass a docshell pointer to nsContentUtils::ShouldResistFingerprinting() for Navigator.maxTouchPoints; r=baku
53f514ed49897c5df87058b6413ac5a696af4662Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1532402 - Part 3: Pass a principal pointer nsContentUtils::ShouldResistFingerprinting() in the user-agent spoofing code for the rest of the Navigator properties; r=baku
ae40b04ca98b76683278c04f5720911c41e2d116Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1532402 - Part 2: Add a variant of nsContentUtils::ShouldResistFingerprinting() which accepts an nsIPrincipal* argument; r=baku
975cde7ee79a3dc935a0f13497cb1ff80d5537f5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1532402 - Part 1: Pass a docshell pointer to nsContentUtils::ShouldResistFingerprinting() in the user-agent spoofing code for the Navigator properties; r=baku
641501728149842df11bc6353b629bad83b8f204Kearwood "Kip" Gilbert — Bug 1530663 - Avoid running remaining VRManager tasks after mTaskTimer has been stopped r=daoshengmu
095dde8fb209840abc24088020b67f144784d292Shane Caraveo — Bug 1529394 pref 'on' incognito not_allowed r=kmag
53ac343019c69ea5b529a47308761626f903497bShane Caraveo — Bug 1529394 revert early breakout to support test infra extensions r=rpl
31694cc74f7d2aaf3178ffa5ccb29b58486d89a1Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1532734 - Rename Cryptomining to CryptominingProtection, r=dimi
97e21604ea3668584c23e025e09961009c49406aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1532734 - Rename Fingerprinting to FingerprintingProtection, r=dimi
cb4c115a9f5914abf07a620880c197864ef8001fChris Pearce — Bug 1532578 - Make OpenH264 visible by default on mobile. r=drno