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Wed Jun 26 20:33:45 2013 +0000
3b955f306226bfe7f8f4035a8573bcf8e2fb0dccShane Caraveo — backout changeset 51e974db8866 for xpcshell-test bustage CLOSED TREE
f06ce34a185e092ee8ff8c7593b255d4fd8f3ca6Irving Reid — Bug 874890: Shut down Addon Manager in profile-before-change r=mossop
0578819387fb01735dfba97fef0e59a6241bc065Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
53510fcee71cdd215cf571da1db3ec051a190b46Seth Fowler — Bug 695763. Part 7. Invalidate img's if they are not decoded and we are asked to do a sync decode. r=matt.woodrow
3727fed227508f98da5c2ed33b1574109055b514Seth Fowler — Bug 695763. Part 6. Invalidate XUL images if they are not decoded and we are asked to do a sync decode. r=matt.woodrow
a0ee773e6d35fc94d423ca86f6b35c1cf33ba751Timothy Nikkel — Bug 695763. Part 5. Invalidate background images if they are not decoded and we are asked to do a sync decode. r=matt.woodrow
a13302dbb54740339024ee44f7b499154861f432Timothy Nikkel — Bug 695763. Part 4. Invalidate table background images if they are not decoded and we are asked to do a sync decode. r=roc
696b9dc159fd046967173c8b6895dd64058fbe47Timothy Nikkel — Bug 695763. Part 3. Invalidate the background images of buttons, fieldsets, and mathml chars if they are not decoded and we are asked to do a sync decode. r=matt.woodrow
1c7d946342be4eed5b411db352fc4cde39ec125eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c and inbound.
c9429cf294af2dd5c8e2b9298f921473487e54d4Dão Gottwald — Bug 887171 - browser-fullZoom.js puts MOUSE_SCROLL_ZOOM into the global scope, should be private instead. r=mak
40c6c0f358551e0a18b261da5a5bc4031964081fJim Mathies — Bug 866852 - Enable off main thread compositing by default in metrofx. r=bbondy
51e974db88667935dc1e3547869a9837be8413a2Shane Caraveo — bug 887210 fix localStorage in frameworker for blessed providers, r=gavin
d19ecc13f95a0c7c5d297a1ad5f5196f6cc62ddeMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 839998 - Replace thisDuringConstruction() with MOZ_THIS_IN_INITIALIZER_LIST(). r=waldo
6afe0a48ad5e00c8ae35b28c950818c7e31ffecdMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 839998 - Introduce MOZ_THIS_IN_INITIALIZER_LIST macro. r=waldo
53e925dc3bda9bdfd9a2044deee068d186d20276Josh Matthews — Bug 887191 - Force wrapped JS listeners to proxy callbacks to the main thread if no target is specified. r=mcmanus
7f527b34f4606e559419e91e6a74585ae5d0ac91Boris Zbarsky — Bug 884373. Align WebIDL handling of default parameters with ES6. r=khuey
9961cd549e9ff0c71342c628e3a83d86130a2cf6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 884400. Remove the non-WebIDL version of NS_IMPL_NS_NEW_HTML_ELEMENT. r=peterv
74a1d7bd74dccd0b73b6190df9ffd772f7e343e3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 816343. Remove nsIDOMNodeSelector. r=smaug
445e4de128ead97d095cb4d249be5b4632eff2c5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 883892. Remove HTMLFormElement classinfo. r=peterv
1f777642745462723980cb0765e61c8c3bf12a28Jim Chen — Bug 887097 - Get rid of Gecko event sync time out; r=kats
74357fe0651ddafc4055a2c05fcb5913cec79272Max Li — Bug 886077 - Can't access address bar using Spiel screen reader. r=lucasr
1ce583924c6c58aed190966706f4ab0d9c574fa9Simon Montagu — Unfocus the text area before snapshotWindow so that the caret doesn't appear in the snapshot. Bug 886737; r=ehsan
34ab20375046cf947e764c9897e4d349fd202ebdMike Shal — Bug 875244 - move modules/libjar/ to; r=joey
40f2d459d918f9435c12fe7e48c76ebb6cba21cfDan Gohman — Bug 885183 - Use Push and Pop in more places instead of manually adjusting the stack pointer and loading and storing. r=sstangl
2dd0c63b054e1609a8579346592065de9493343fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 94c939eeb5f6 (bug 885019) for bustage.
b6439600a9eb8d3c0038cfc4823660fceabf4a9dEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
8ffe254f7839e65553f9c14275f3d6bf85fddbb4Dão Gottwald — Bug 887167 - Undo global-scope pollution from browser-plugins.js. r=jaws
2b7260a70e5d36cae90cbe995fd53a3ec4403433Dão Gottwald — Bug 887165 - Remove the unused primary-button class. r=bsmedberg
f1a090e76e61e0138d535f6569b605e18bbffb3bMark Banner — Bug 886263 - Make places be enabled by default in all xpcshell-tests to avoid having to set it in lots of places (so that tests work with apps where places is disabled by default). r=mak
df5c2ec1fa55dab2f138b68e0505df916cfc5c7aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 885030 - Move CalculateCompositedRectInCssPixels from APZC to FrameMetrics. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
e4196700c9c794b155cae8f395e50c5e2a675c6aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 885030 - Move CalculateResolution from APZC to FrameMetrics. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
74565b8295253849d252b179a510f22972d536d4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 885030 - Move CalculateIntrinsicScale to FrameMetrics. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
4e41ddaef7c0e2595891423245d084bb20fcddd5Chris Kitching — Bug 885941 - Homogenize privacy links in Fennec. r=mleibovic
ca7394903dd3fe7c9e35843c0b4c2e9e0920ec49Andy Wingo — Bug 885281 - Factor out TokenMatcher::matchContextualKeyword. r=Waldo
94c939eeb5f6a8361eebc00cf3618c6188a375b0Brian O'Keefe — Bug 885019 - Move GTEST_CPPSRCS, GTEST_CMMSRCS, and GTEST_CSRCS to as GTEST_CPP_SOURCES, GTEST_CMM_SOURCES, and GTEST_C_SOURCES. r=gps
db69e91e26243e610d8cd17a0ac2b940d198dbfeAndrea Marchesini — Bug 883683 - Leak with DOM promises. r=bz
87c8917dda605ac1509cb5bfc27150ffbd19910dAndy Wingo — Bug 648949 - Remove HAS_JS_GENERATORS #define. r=Waldo, r=jorendorff
092642aee3902af395c023bcaf8137b08578d945Jan de Mooij — Bug 885648 - Add barriers for generator stack value. r=terrence
578d3064ed5b282f6138d46a2e6ffc4bf359e939Jan de Mooij — Bug 882416 - Fix Function constructor to override the noScriptRval flag. r=luke
fc6b2673c2a95adbf1ffc5e08206f93bc67f2562Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 881504 - Fix crash in mozilla::a11y::DocManager::RemoveListeners, r=surkov
7431d7b9751f940c6ab9bc441ac45bae7c0ac380Benoit Jacob — Bug 884057 - Fix a memory leak in GLContextProviderGLX: was not destroying pixmaps used for offscreen contexts - r=jgilbert
16f123ef89fa3806123ad8e344aa6c63e7af0024Robert Longson — Bug 829085 - Fix hit testing when vector-effect=non-scaling-stroke is used. r=dholbert
b2adac489a510f43b597058a7de550a52df7dd1ePaolo Amadini — Bug 835885 - Add serialization and deserialization. r=enn
43b7c570ff3f863c1230a417520353976744756ePaolo Amadini — Bug 886375 - Add the becauseAccessDenied property to OS.File.Error. r=yoric
da0d9dd6a2389fc2a8a96903365f5abe8ac3aa0cJim Mathies — Bug 880739 - disable image download test temporarily due to high random orange percentage. r=fryn
35a7fc610f84970ee990c9a8759d6bf50f318974DOrian JAMINAIS — Bug 861478 - Search field should pre-fill with selected text. r=vporof