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Fri Dec 23 02:24:00 2016 +0000
82574d098a94527588b6be7d800785ccb11df961Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset d539253e91ae (bug 1313276) for failing own test paint-on-maskLayer-1c.html on Android debug. r=backout
602d599c0efc58c43bdaa469846458e320b306d1Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset d90a8fc45b74 (bug 1313276)
06c51875da0f2eee348c8566127a1c9592680742Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset f9e979367a0c (bug 1313276)
5437a7617be1d1b948358853c7a56d1feff9c03dHammad Akhtar — Bug 1325429 - fix formatting in transforms.rst; r=dustin
358981f2f69e41884d660de7bdbfbbc64c7afb20Grisha Kruglov — Bug 1320798 - Re-order context menu items for Activity Stream r=ahunt
74797a69118deab54627393a19640bd0e35f246cMark Banner — Bug 1325374 - Specify more globals in browser.js/nsBrowserGlue.js, and start fixing up some of places. r=mossop
09e2d8cc57973db6bca59b48d1abd63bdb66ab9dMark Banner — Bug 1325339 - tools/lint/eslint/eslint-plugin-mozilla isn't being linted. r=mossop
8d50229a68124707732a487ca24feb20e76114c4Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1324280 - Revert MarginLayoutParamsCompat with setting margin left/right by current layout direction: lint style fixes. r=lint-fixes
ced746a2532e4c098f260a5edf2631b2794e7a9aKit Cambridge — Bug 1319175 - Switch to `JSONFile` for tracker persistence. r=markh
1febc9e8d6d5235a076b76e10ede42eb2742f6b8Kit Cambridge — Bug 1319175 - Add a `data` setter and `beforeSave` hook to `JSONFile`. r=MattN
f9e979367a0c8d30d3cd279958857b18946a3574cku — Bug 1313276 - Part 3. Test case. r=mstange
d90a8fc45b74b4d5f6341a907ae90bd77082b0b2cku — Bug 1313276 - Part 2. Add comment for bug 1323912. r=mstange
d539253e91ae33f7c3db32bca6e02280c8f135b5cku — Bug 1313276 - Part 1. Draw clip-path-basic-shape onto mask layer. r=mstange
9d13ec3eac00f1a35f3f4373cda787441a98cbd9Jalen Adams — Bug 1324171 - Use 'Search' as placeholder text instead of as a label in-front of search fields. r=jaws
4151f3a5d01f6d2e7874b35837c2c22288de813eSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 5bc2005e01a6 (bug 1063162) for failing own test caret-color-01.html at least on OSX and Windows 8 x64. r=backout
d9226ec48879c0da76bc41b48d6b14091cc224f7Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 148e65bd3f3b (bug 1063162)
041d65a057dcfd53101d4fcdff02841f23708a11jordan9769 — Bug 1322251 - Remove browser.preferences.animateFadeIn and its code; r=jaws
ed097e804d0ca1e4f15a4049e56fa9056a7ea360Wander Lairson Costa — Bug 1322921: Schedule macosx talos tests on Taskcluster. r=dustin
c8f18181891d4dd2cf76c3665cdae2ba9ba47218Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
5247a0fca6e2b63e05e2b55adffae8462d38bdbbMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1320467 <scrollbox>.lineScrollAmount should return average width or height r=mstange
c09596126766eb087fcbd47a580be67c73792f94Brian Birtles — Bug 1325308 - Convert non-promise test to use regular test() function r=hiro
9f37791a9a92dc85e90e3b7b71d95ceaeeeaee70Brian Birtles — Bug 1325308 - Fix expected computedOffset for 'a single keyframe sequence with string offset' test r=hiro
9fc13b45970ab17567ff53ff4f34a6a605852707Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1320609 part.2 Rewrite test_mousescroll.xul with generator for async-scroll-aware r=mstange
83bfdbcc5018868d722ea79342c006c0c0a543bbMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1320609 part.1 wheel event handler of <scrollbox> should use |_smoothScrollByPixels| instead of |scrollByPixels| when the deltaMode is DOM_DELTA_LINE or DOM_DELTA_PAGE r=mstange
4d1a2b1de7f53acaa8cbd41a727efd4637e788a7maliu — Bug 1324280 - Revert MarginLayoutParamsCompat with setting margin left/right by current layout direction, r=sebastian
148e65bd3f3b156d58836dca9fe8055ae5c2c5d1Xidorn Quan — Bug 1063162 part 2 - Implement caret-color property. r=dholbert
5bc2005e01a6db0b2e63a7b0188a90a510a60430Xidorn Quan — Bug 1063162 part 1 - Add auto value support to StyleComplexColor. r=birtles
e3eeaf868c156d86ab0b519fd6f0715376095d49Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1311434 - Website Metadata: Get provider name from Open Graph tags. r=Grisha