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Tue Nov 06 14:01:34 2012 +0000
f4aeed115e54727e034b19815a286f475d9bcc3ePhil Ringnalda — No bug - Update revision of Jetpack code used in Firefox to fix two tests. r=kwierso
8f5204fb76c86b08a54aad5a6e1f423c5415de9fPhil Ringnalda — Back out 0d4e09ade336 (bug 808746) for Android reftest bustage
3c8992f602ddb4dd3e05a6325c1adb446f062d09Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807222 part 6. Fix getOwnPropertyNames to work correctly on Window. r=jst
d9110621e468a1e3263038898dd4e3e33d11dd23Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807222 part 5. Actually ship the xpts for camera api and devicestorage on Firefox for Android, like we do everywhere else. r=khuey
64a0ab78b261ab09381b8293b21a4f843ad2f398Phil Ringnalda — Back out 0b25e27d0a35 (bug 784759) and 5266d6af1b81 (bug 786061) for bustage
0d4e09ade3368bfa95e66c514bfe31271daafecbBenoit Girard — Bug 808746 - Properly calculate the tile's origin when avoiding SinglePaintBuffer. r=bjacob
0b25e27d0a354ddcafbd6fd248f92337dfa1ba7eWes Johnston — Bug 784759 - Move database creation out of startup on firstrun. r=mfinkle
5266d6af1b81810587e864a6a84c5c83a1c57375Wes Johnston — Bug 786061 - Disable session restore in webapps. r=mfinkle
13d927597146d0a099f8ceb5560d659780aa818cEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset ecf0c2a7cb9f (bug 808876) for build bustage
ecf0c2a7cb9f41240f167c902119054d56fd495eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 808876 - Implement PannerNode; r=bzbarsky
2e888de576a82f1e653599069e73234cbcfd2bfbEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
cecdb284a108dec4ef5a35846fdc11251a3d7442Alexander Surkov — Bug 733848 - stop logging accessible/name/test_markup.html
0aca350975177bef0f4404e7f5e22daeba214e53Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 57d9fa15f3e1 (bug 784759) for Android build bustage
7b61a5e983ba3b3b330a3d74f3475ecf1229e80eEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 801d11096998 (bug 786061) for Android build bustage
b4d4ccf671dd2a1b7a561c3984fe5ef385c20bc0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 808841 follow-up: Add ThreeDPoint.h
f54fd962cf8714c8a58c791cbba83bfc752abbb6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 808841 - Implement AudioContext.listener; r=bzbarsky
e5b6c62c62ad6cda5a3bb331bbfda3cfbc4858dcBobby Holley — Bug 807179 - Add a constructor for JSPropertyDescriptor. r=luke
0aa8d7cd5b8f3d697a0d334713e96a1bcf5a99bdNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 807047 - Fix test case. r=oops
60c4b0129f99426fee5c15774ade54e6fae60b4bBill McCloskey — Bug 808067 - Back out again due to possible orange (r=orange)
38a111dc16e21b822c7a678a4b2b55f433d82611Bobby Holley — Bug 800864 - Add some more tests. r=bz
801d11096998395738377ce13beb394d4c102c78Wes Johnston — Bug 786061 - Disable session restore in webapps. r=mfinkle
57d9fa15f3e1891dad77036ea8fa3768deb4c4a2Wes Johnston — Bug 784759 - Move database creation out of startup on firstrun. r=mfinkle
5165ee49c7dbc6aa9740c9991496955b98db59a3Bobby Holley — Bug 793969 - Tests. r=mrbkap
b5d3c03ee2b8a364376b66bcb65c11746af7217aAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 798580 - Run mochitests from within test-container app's oop iframe, r=jgriffin
197b182baf4fe99e2c6db0a43e73b3afdeb95921Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 807047 - Only use missing property cache on non-idempotent IC. r=jandem
8ccd10510d23fb200e8da068ca8887996bfc2125Jeff Walden — Add more thisDuringConstruction() use in LinkedList to silence warnings. No bug, r=lumpy
c66d2bc6e91bb7f8770ebac945095af3a515e7d0Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 685202 - Cleanup the update directory if canApplyUpdates is false; r=ehsan
49258354b9d027a533cedc7b17f8d19bf349b047Jason Duell — Bug 807555 - FTP handle case where server reply is missing directory. r=michal
475ae0fac54edc699ae90f9be2296341ba48bc9cTerrence Cole — Bug 772722 - Remove superfluous usage of Atomics in SpiderMonkey; r=luke
ea8d002c4d6db1f6fdafcc92b6a26beb73155a67Mats Palmgren — Bug 806483 - Explicitly remove the LayerManagerDataProperty() from a destroyed frame also when destroying the shell. r=roc
c697c428739d1014d81e7e8b0afe8b28f5a08642Mark Hammond — Bug 808243 - sidebar load event should be removed when sidebar not visible. r=felipe
613bfe02f0c1096027e73238a9fcc27ee480531eWilliam Lachance — Bug 808719 - Mirror over mozdevice 0.14;r=jmaher
4cee05d5b1ce84770ad35222f7962289c323304fTerrence Cole — Bug 808181: Do not allow implicit conversion of Return<T>; r=jorendorff
ed1c5d55d104a435e241fa825930ed4697073874Bill McCloskey — Bug 808067 - Add test (r=sstangl)
ef966ef53b2330c4598c079a9a2f52c5a1f50c54Bill McCloskey — Bug 808067 - Fix needsBarrier (r=sstangl,jonco)
6dcc0beba62ce3b7946be41d63e9a584163791a3Ed Morley — Backout f458467cc2cf & 5c5e4097dd20 (bug 808067) for make check failures
f458467cc2cf2eadd74f0ac2d2b6c61d9b4968f1Bill McCloskey — Bug 808067 - Change the compartments we iterate over when ending GC (r=jonco)
5c5e4097dd20b5fc8b8dbcd6a0bdae83ee9142cdBill McCloskey — Bug 808067 - Toggle Ion barriers when resetting incremental GC (r=sstangl)
5bd42ae5efd23bb82e6891055bbab7f74b5708eaJeff Walden — Bug 803439 - Add removeFrom() that takes a list and asserts the element is initially present in it. r=jlebar
dfe6972056d658a674394f4d28b81dc020447b1fVladan Djeric — Bug 808268 - Report % of dirty keys in a scope during a flush. r=taras
20ae9d34616397ef4b9ba385818e9b77c916ff22Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset efb52cbc71e5 (diagnostics for bug 8022011) because it is no longer needed
a0ecdce3d8ed94039d2cd1b81d5c2852de310722Steve Fink — Bug 807829 - SkipRoot no longer needed for StackIter script
8a88758ffc50dbb392c42a2e95d90e59268914aeSteve Fink — Bug 807829 - Unrooted scope variable accidentally used
be5f1f5c13c3f003b967b73696b76e944a2daa36Steve Fink — Bug 807829 - Handlify js_NativeSet and use rooted Shape* consistently
8fd8e9243788363cd60db34a050ff97069d78f66Steve Fink — Bug 807458 - Eliminate a SkipRoot from NewDenseCopiedArray. r=terrence
13a34f4d0d67d4acdc5f9ce52d80592412411d85Boris Zbarsky — Bug 806033. Finish getting rid of stray [Infallible] annotation bits. r=khuey
d56f12af4cd16521030bc708e1963cd531602c5eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 804632. Allow certain reserved words as argument names in WebIDL. r=khuey
287f8cf1f1e163e07e6b0addbfa1e7258ceb8677Boris Zbarsky — Bug 804319. Implement parsing of the "stringifier;" shorthand. r=khuey
bc191fe62b436ff9b265110ba16d09af7bb9c863Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 808374 - Balance holding and dropping the JS object references for AudioBuffers initialized with 0 channels; r=mmcr8
c69822a9bd0fe015d1696be81c9e92a9203a477aJim Chen — Bug 808405 - Use system preference for TimePicker 12/24 hour format; r=wesj
f8cd6fa12a8bee4f601bea35b7f8be6e94969bceRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 805046 - Add a class to represent a set of stacks that share a object list. r=vdjeric.
0a6cb7947e07189eb4d4673c0b15bd584e79e2dbEd Morley — Bug 808545 - Tweak the exception message for profile cleanup failures; r=gps
0dea4f9a91330ce98542cb2d131e385e39d3c878Eitan Isaacson — Bug 807315 - Load AccessFu resources on-demand. r=davidb
c87fcf6ed0a77d0f532b41217b584a806879c5b9Nick Hurley — Bug 699951 - add a memory reporter for heap usage by the disk cache. r=michal
c999fc311c2859a4f35475a7745317bead62a2e7Blake Kaplan — Bug 806611 - Make wpa_supplicant noisy when debug is enabled for wifi. r=vchang
6706f42b153b6b6e7015dd55fa2f440476f9a402Blake Kaplan — Bug 806611 - Control wifi debug output based on a setting. r=vchang
1e3b0555498f98a1f6d7c69995335355958d3797Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 808647 - Disable failing sanity reftests for B2G, a=test-only
5511e214fed369b3373eefa6168b5076a8b69244Benoit Girard — Bug 679527 - Avoid float operation in qcms transforms. r=jrmuizel
017a34f07d4aec06bdd9078643e1f1b2fd3558c2Benoit Girard — Bug 679527 - Use floorf/ceilf in qcms transform function. r=jrmuizel
cf7582f6cde94b531148c75c933c4dcf91eebb95Benoit Girard — Bug 679527 - Prefer floorf over floor in qcms. r=jrmuizel
e4aa33c6ae53c602e1dc3df46a690a8b25456f7bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 804649. Create a CommentNode header. r=peterv
da96e260d2dd3565e871966b6c23ae9378eba58dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 804635. Make codegen deal with Document not being an external interface but not available in workers even though XMLHttpRequest (which can return or accept Document) is available there. r=peterv
e7e0e49c7ee48d41a4e4422bf72adfda2368433fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 803129. Convert DOMStringMap to WebIDL. r=peterv
b356ecf4086ca17ad4ed6bbc515eac91b43aaacbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 803519. Require indexed/named getters if we have creators/deleters/setters. r=peterv
9bb44a0caae4c4d1db19cd7fabe541915e71d8a0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 772869. Make getOwnPropertyNames work correctly for WebIDL proxy bindings. r=peterv,ms2ger
af47a345a5be1d72bdb56c524ed98d446bd30864Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807548. Enumerating an Xray should not see the 'constructor' property on DOM prototypes unless we're told to include non-enumerable properties. r=peterv
b74aba46826fbc60b742065aa1983d10e7be809fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 743171. Fix the global's enumerate hook to correctly enumerate Proxy and WeakMap. r=jorendorff
6184b17f8abd6c1166d3e1c629900a4483638308Boris Zbarsky — Bug 803306. Calling a named creator should not define an expando. r=peterv
b67a1dba5690052f4c4c0785732321c6a3c05fa9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 788225. Implement WebIDL deleters. r=peterv
6f08c574fb7968845fb886de1e1726f6886c7b1dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 749866 part 4. Generate slightly better code when we know we're null or undefined. r=khuey
5b2c87bfe082d0f3619a4fb2a775213af8b81680Boris Zbarsky — Bug 749866 part 3. Rejigger overload resolution a bit more so we can tell argument conversion that we know the argument is null or undefined. r=khuey
024d12cc40095f471f94c516055aa281129a6a08Boris Zbarsky — Bug 749866 part 2. Simplify the code generated by overload resolution a bit when we have sequences or dates at our distinguishing index. r=khuey
0b02a816de33c0ddec3f4104a93904df6a8d567aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 749866 part 1. Add support for failureCode for sequence unwrapping. r=khuey
004a0714ba52dad0c7e0d82fd4b8f1f77d375f76Boris Zbarsky — Back out rev 6d36471ab3ca (part 5 of bug 807222) because now Android is shipping busted stuff on the global.
9a13c51926cd2b73f6e98652b96b922330f30e7dJan de Mooij — Bug 808519 part 2 - Rename MaybeScriptFromCalleeToken and call it in GetTopIonJSScript. r=dvander
1cc2de645efdb3672bca63702742c54d91ca669cJan de Mooij — Bug 808519 part 1 - Rename IonFrame_JS to IonFrame_OptimizedJS. r=dvander
041c8232bdcbc829664cf92541eb2feaf73aa9f1Hannes Verschore — Bug 808294: Fix tracelogger builds, r=dvander
516370bc10b7e8ed685b00d115067935d27c9e8cHannes Verschore — Bug #807824: Don't restore register in oolcall when it is used as a return value, r=nbp
6f8cee47bcd3969144e7c1fd5557578f80775dbaEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
6d36471ab3ca33030ca1f52ca03bd3ad6d885631Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807222 part 5. Fix getOwnPropertyNames to work correctly on Window. r=jst
54ab88e2fa341117e173a4dc1fd26c0a8e5fcf0bVictor Porof — Bug 807222 part 4. Fix timeout in debugger propertyview test due to larger number of properties on the global. r=past
0b9b3b2b89712b7f256dd76c5b55719a15dc0dd8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807222 part 3. Make sure we enter the right compartment before we try to define interface constants on a constructor. r=bholley
f8eab1766c2c398616795731b80ec212413ad9d3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807222 part 2. Condition MozTimeManager classinfo so we don't stick it on the global in builds that don't ship the xpt for it. r=jlebar
dc1d29a3f2a7045f905a1b56f5de987028fb4061Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807222 part 1. Propertly condition MozActivity so we don't stick it on the global in builds that we don't ship the xpt for it in. r=fabrice
35ba50a6a97e3df90392394bc177fa6e2941ce90Nicolas Silva — Bug Bug 773440 - Remove unnecessary frame copies with async-video by stroring video frames in shared memory earlier in the pipeline. r=roc