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Fri Aug 31 04:02:51 2018 +0000
fafc1900d5dfeb7e94d7a39982d0603fd3c8f4fbAdam Gashlin — Bug 1480144: Let Windows Restart Manager ride the trains r=jmathies
414403195a4ea35d4136828e9883ee1126b5284eBrian Grinstead — Bug 1487476 - Expose lightweight themes as chrome-only features on nsIDocument instead of XULDocument;r=smaug
07600cea66576d9be76041dc5e6fb6b4b5dfbefaDana Keeler — bug 1487517 - un-do ciphersuite hiding from bug 1279479 and bug 1316300 r=mt
ec1279ae74f332a9b7fa33cbb365a92c7d12b940Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset c8d6a8dca44d (bug 1480907) for failures on browser_multiselect_tabs_reorder.js. CLOSED TREE
86ec37344b447f7feaea09ed2e2eb25146ddff7cXidorn Quan — Bug 1486297 - Add a pref for Pointer Lock API so that user can disable it. r=smaug!
96b5a88ac0041a1bd382a731749e1fca9aa911edGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1486824 - change BrowserTestUtils to just call OpenBrowserWindow so it does the same thing as opening a window normally, r=mconley,nhnt11
c8d6a8dca44d819667a0cacfed8f0b3f411e4bc5Jared Wein — Bug 1480907 - Implement ability to bookmark a selection of tabs through drag and drop. r=Felipe
962a34323e709b36f5e46cc89c5a603ab859b5ffGurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
0cdebe3c53f883266962a601a78baaa08cd62d0fEd Lee — Bug 1485422 - Add rating stars to CFR r=ahillier
f4ca43d3fc1b14fc56a13a3be6ce877873196ed4Luca Greco — Bug 1487121 - Allow proxy.settings.set calls without an explicit proxyType property. r=mixedpuppy
c14b6edd88634fe65402dbf3d5b404ed1c83fc4cAndrei Oprea — Bug 1485418 - Land CFR UI Strings r=flod,k88hudson
513621c77f125e2c2198e7e71d064ebb3f13bb74Kershaw Chang — Bug 1357676 - Modify failed tests r=jdm
575e3ec6db41089f80734bf872b63c9bfe354c08ahillier — Bug 1486779: Update CFR doorhanger to reflect new designs r=Mardak
a2c02757dfa7b8c4719ee98cae0751f1349863b5Tom Ritter — Bug 1480457 - Address failures for mingw-clang r=aklotz
6ca61cc8a1829344967767f902d17f01530e6a61Tom Ritter — Bug 1480457-Correct typedef so it matches an earlier typedef r=aklotz
a4c481a0b09bb027d3662b5d536b223fdbf47979Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset e4b8f03094c3 (bug 1476062) for failures on browser_aboutCrashesResubmit.js. CLOSED TREE
79901f0800df50388ca995b04f03dc099f0633d0Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset ed585dab6e3c (bug 1480457) for being obsolete. CLOSED TREE
ba4dd979f8e196606c5a0cebdbd98fe1aa73f019J.C. Jones — Bug 1486838 - Enable EV treatment for Symantec/DigiCert cross signatures r=keeler
ed585dab6e3cdef7ea5893c8ba4ed3050c53d896Tom Ritter — Bug 1480457 - Cast a PEB entry into void* to point at the Process Heap r=aklotz
87c2ed42acf0614941589b6bc2e33a3690e9c063Tom Ritter — Bug 1480457 Change a ui64 suffix to ULL r=aklotz
ddcf3daa268ca6ee795480813e91dd8ac3d688d8Tom Ritter — Bug 1480457 Don't pass 'false' into a pointer field; pass nullptr r=aklotz
0e0d83a0de607d6c30168482f24b02af51bb0e48Tom Ritter — Bug 1480457 Address template parameter shadowing r=aklotz
1325b7962b0f4c03c13572afb58bf8e4446654cbTom Ritter — Bug 1487443 Bump MinGW Version to correct PEB Struct and ICU-conflicting daylight macro r=froydnj
e4b8f03094c3ea69d6b596c686b1c56d03fe979dMichael Kelly — about:crashes: updated user interface (bug 1476062); r=mconley,flod
e642f1e694bbe5a0ed5b798f53a70bb7d909375fRob Wu — Bug 1481439 - Print debugging info when browser_ext_omnibox.js fails r=aswan
8d407fff0058f1a1b283a003a48525b36ff646baJan Henning — Bug 1482105 - Use dedicated notification channel for the built-in updater. r=jchen