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Wed Nov 24 09:57:48 2010 +0000
fad69d390b23731a2f05124bf5117e22ee10d18fMarkus Stange — Bug 594002 - Use the tab's outer width when calculating the number of visible tabs for session restore prioritization. r=zpao, a=betaN
c32ed22725099c6b24835780164a4afb73f8f522Markus Stange — Bug 594002 - Make the window wide enough in session restore test browser_480148.js. r=zpao, a=test-only
a6b991eee6835067f20e7828f7c75793f808e3f6Markus Stange — Bug 594002 - Make the tab bar scrollbox deal with tab scrolling properly when it has padding set on it. r=Enn, a=betaN
4fb1f137b0f6640141ea5cdb7ca3ce07f5fce091Markus Stange — Bug 604190 - Fix build warning in nsEventStateManager.cpp:2776: warning: 'bool NodeAllowsClickThrough(nsINode*)' defined but not used. r=smaug a=bsmedberg
ef00cc458294b62b2b3a2b4edfc58737f7b6b702Markus Stange — Bug 610122 - Make the reference in these reftests use a mask, too, so that we don't compare gradient rasterization of two different cairo backends. r=roc a=testonly
ac95170006044cdb81c9295fddb0476f3f4e9e32Markus Stange — Bug 610122 - Speed up nsSVGMaskFrame::ComputeMaskAlpha by drawing into the image surface directly. r=roc, a=roc