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Wed Nov 20 09:47:58 2019 +0000
79821df172391d2d9ab224951b36bd8856df0fb1Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1469716 SetTransparentMode: warn only when requesting translucency without support r=stransky
e55213821970c55c7f4b703b4cde196334e27dc0Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1469716 SetTransparentMode: only clear out popup window layer manager if a different kind is needed r=stransky
19252343b776a4097a9b7c025d2aaa16a713530cKarl Tomlinson — Bug 1469716 add log messages for SetTransparencyMode r=stransky
dafab8054c071653c676b4cb7879e72fe40b8737Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1469716 provide identifying handles in CreateWindowSurface() log messages r=rhunt
92870dfc6e6af378334dcd4c530108664dbe7092Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 4757e1fd407f (bug 1594781) for failing wpt at iframe_sandbox_popups_escaping-1.html on a CLOSED TREE
086ad9237960b735c7be2923513a613d5962d339Andreea Pavel — Bug 1547213 - update navigated-named-objects.window.html expectancy r=gbrown
93ad252d869a5c52766009408090e21a67fbfe11Razvan Maries — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
66d0d8a0243ab14fb103955b5a430d9315bf3471Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 054f3bf50667 (bug 1547213) for failing wpt at iframe_sandbox_popups_escaping-1.html on a CLOSED TREE
84da4d581c3c602d0b70bdb0e3b8fefafdb32995Andreea Pavel — Bug 1594419 - update .ini path and viewport-no-resize-event-on-overflow-recalc.html expectations r=gbrown
26dedaf63bf56ad57d1ecb2a72fc6c87ca3d0765Andreea Pavel — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1592140) for crashing test_peerConnection_bug1512281.html on a CLOSED TREE
08d4fb4665bf40a53b8e4e518575ed6d75c42d18Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 2d01da3fafbb (bug 1594419) for failing wpt at iframe_sandbox_popups_escaping-1.html on a CLOSED TREE
e87f5c17aa873c10d9cbcb42698073c501a72925Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 7e8755b2ddce (bug 1594004) for failing xpcshell at test_http2.js on a CLOSED TREE
032f9bb031b3275ecc0282daf39ae05ef046d197Andreea Pavel — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1595154) for failing bc at browser_autocomplete_marked_detached_tab.js on a CLOSED TREE
4ec011830a0b2649d70b58d30e30edb8babfc6f1Markus Stange — Bug 1579664 - Migrate compositor GLContexts to the active GPU after a GPU switch. r=jgilbert
e318a3f2027c8209ddb3afbe312cfe953953d938Ryan Hunt — Bug 1594561 - Update spec tests for backported spec change. r=lth
263c029519073e3d6fff07d791d90f01b609ce82Ryan Hunt — Bug 1594561 - Allow dropped segs with mem/table.init when len=0. r=lth
857a699a808896b2256f85a290326661f36e0491Yura Zenevich — Bug 1594585 - add coverage for b-c tests that run in in-process iframes. r=Jamie
5029ec6468dfda2f3fee657fa46aa83bb8fa75e2Yura Zenevich — Bug 1594585 - update wording across accessible b-c tests to differentiate between fission and iframe. r=Jamie
2d01da3fafbb4cdf4197f6681c39e8623785db8aAndreea Pavel — Bug 1594419 - update .ini path and viewport-no-resize-event-on-overflow-recalc.html expectations r=gbrown
350397304e647344697646224317ba83d3d0087eToshihito Kikuchi — Bug 1597605 - Pass a valid OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES to NtQueryFullAttributesFile. r=handyman
054f3bf50667ac7b8ae5636a8baca65af757a9dbAndreea Pavel — Bug 1547213 - update navigated-named-objects.window.html expectancy r=gbrown
8f2e33e24cb2704532054e125ef28d9b7709a6dfAndreea Pavel — Bug 1594897 - disable browser_webconsole_location_logpoint_debugger_link.js on ccov r=jmaher
7e8755b2ddce02d2799d36793dd43bd7205e53e6Sebastian Streich — Bug 1594004 - Enable CacheSplit on default r=ckerschb,annevk
4757e1fd407f45ec26f80eed77a030919023a66bSebastian Streich — Bug 1594781 -- Refactor nsGlobalWindowOuter r=ckerschb
aeaa1c5b51e89774c2d25bc5806a520e49a8f33dKsenia Berezina — Bug 1593684 - Send additional metadata via postMessage instead of POST from report site issue extension r=twisniewski,miketaylr
09e10266c897bb5335c4e6769e5232e6606b841eMatt Woodrow — Bug 1597014 - Unify same-process and cross-process redirect to real channel functions to avoid needed separate promise handlers. r=mayhemer
6b9730121396474298cc365d65942ce3d3ce13c7Tim Nguyen — Bug 1529534 - Followup: address nit from review comment.
4d512fa7b07148a92a9f598ed004fb5bb116b3cbJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1580944 - Require user gesture for getDisplayMedia(). r=pehrsons,tnguyen,ng
f4a9e675a33f01ce97adce2296b9b21ce5e3111fJason Laster — Bug 1594941 - Remove unused Frame.environment field. r=bhackett
530a567814d0e77a8e44883eda1cea30cf486638Ricky Stewart — Bug 1596438 - mach build fails on Windows if using upper-case drive letter paths r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,chmanchester
f512953534acc26612a5e3b1e121193213ce3ba7Neil Deakin — Bug 1595154, add a test for form fillin that uses a child iframe loaded in a separate process, r=MattN
803a2dfdda8213e98bd0d5cd39fccba818349ac2Neil Deakin — Bug 1595154, change FormAutofillParent to inherit from JSWindowActor, r=MattN
ddd336d5bf1adb14c05f8348fade6f8eafd306f7Neil Deakin — Bug 1595154, replace the frame script FormAutofillFrameScript.js with an actor and fix up setTimeout calls in places that were relying on Timer.jsm being loaded in that frame script, r=MattN
8f66f73bb335cbf15d125c8e434c403bb399f875Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset a6913f4d5a14 (bug 1596327) for causing ESlint failures CLOSED TREE
0f73b8cd0915bab32ed09d7c4c79477141e71469Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset 7dcc2fa474a8 (bug 1448349) for causing win2012 bustages CLOSED TREE
edb87ed43383c03cc6dd9644c785e3990854081eJohn Lin — Bug 1592140 - p2: disable HW H.264 support for certain tests. r=pehrsons
efe989cdf1464ee077b0abe7c24795e0a15e578dJohn Lin — Bug 1592140 - enable platform encoder and HW H.264 support on Android. r=jya
a6913f4d5a14bcf37bf754e10e6fea35f63e0016Emma Malysz — Bug 1596327, rename .xul test files in widget/ to .xhtml r=jmathies
fde7095ac8cc643c62bd765868a3fb4bb2c1af81jeffin143 — Bug 1597741 : use Enum class for NS_STYLE_SHAPE_RENDERING instead of #define r=emilio
9b28de03fe4cf59b24e3eb55e3bf19160d2c957cjeffin143 — Bug 1597700 : Remove unnecessary #define in nsStyleConsts.h r=emilio
d00c0be066e13f2840bf6acc267c55f2f88c37bcEmma Malysz — Bug 1597752, rename .xul files in editor/ to .xhtml r=masayuki
4fbd18ff4990360b7c66f2dcb51f5c427854537aImanol Fernandez — Bug 1597707 - Do not dispatch SELECT_ALL selection action if the input is empty or all the text is already selected. r=esawin
4854a4b764681f8908949b9719447aff7d0e3423Dana Keeler — bug 1597743 - re-enable intermediate preloading (cert_storage) on non-nightly builds r=jcj,kjacobs
0c63dcd7a1c6ff0fab249cd8395f3841a6bf3215Steven Michaud — Bug 1371390 - Pay attention to macho images' cpusubtype when creating minidumps (revised). r=gsvelto
cf994af1ea817a9fdaa11431331f22cf6452ff1eMarkus Stange — Bug 1597587 - Remove unnecessary dirty rect intersection. r=sotaro
6294fecb7978f666a32ade2dc006d84ba5c2b37eJonathan Almeida [:jonalmeida] — Bug 1596588 - Update WebPushController.onPushEvent to take only the scope. r=snorp
b3e9088b33d3596ce806db3ff6c3e9f1f6e9b823Dana Keeler — bug 1597525 - unhide security.osclientcerts.autoload pref r=jcj
5665560e6a9fe8f0f945958b34ece6cd65aec3b6Sean Feng — Bug 1580316 - Update signatureInfo to Array of Array of nsIX509Cert(in raw bytes) r=keeler,dimi
d2ac5931646000b6c03e168c5965e44da3bf7bdcAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1593739 - Create a dedicated Unlink path for mSrcStream. r=bryce
8b0665d186e78a40fe9a811b6289aa3f2015fb9bBoris Chiou — Bug 1584886 - Disable browser_oneOffContextMenu_setDefault.js because it is perma failed on win aarch64. r=Standard8
8afa2a9e5451e996c16de0ee03ef4fa3f3905d9dEdwin Takahashi — Bug 1595982 - make and python3 compatible r=aki
7dcc2fa474a86bc2064b8ffa13e35f3ee7259344Māris Fogels — Bug 1448349 - Warn about autoconf $PATH problems on win32 r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,chmanchester
2c41d7a6ba14442ece668d05e547a18a5b29537dJonathan Kew — Bug 1596875 - patch 2 - Add a pref to control the fallback order of CJK font prefs when no lang/locale hint is available. r=m_kato
1980f3681547795f579211ba1d3343b6467341c9Jonathan Kew — Bug 1596875 - patch 1 - Clean up some of the font-language-prefs code for easier maintenance. r=m_kato
358e2c4966396bce71e1306a1e77406111f21f13Mike Hommey — Bug 1577212 - Add diffoscope jobs ensuring reproducibility of the linux32 shippable builds. r=mshal