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Mon Dec 29 15:14:13 2008 +0000
fb2f301f6d0b2e2985d8322b975368aac54539bbL. David Baron — Stop using nsAreaFrame for anything other than xul:label, which is the only thing for which it does anything different from nsBlockFrame, and rename it accordingly. (Bug 471356) r+sr=roc
187ce101bf038bc85ef5af224447671442993b59L. David Baron — Fix regression in CalcQuirkContainingBlockHeight from change from area frame to block frame in bug 243519. (Bug 471356) r+sr=roc
5e3e645e59be49f6d90edaf79da3ec18b29aa70aMats Palmgren — Additional tests for clip property. (Bug 372063)
4e418f9c2b0ff3c7fc73b388f43c250b0107f331L. David Baron — Distinguish clip:rect(auto,auto,auto,auto) from clip:auto as the spec requires. (Bug 372063) r+sr=bzbarsky
7f1bceb5c563ceb5d82ebe6c28a848459cc0e890L. David Baron — Reject 0 as a value for -moz-column-count. (Bug 471341) r+sr=bzbarsky
068e61bef01ebb0739f3e4d4871d68c0af4f8258L. David Baron — Add crashtests for bug 468645.
b1d50ee5b9e7a7f58dbd152e32ba42619b3ca109L. David Baron — Fix nsLayoutUtils::IsReallyFixedPos to work right in paginated mode. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
62304457e1b85b99d0f7697b5d94a130bdc22519L. David Baron — Don't post media features values changed events when nothing changed. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
dee577166dd8fabe74957cc913ced117555c64c9L. David Baron — Pass the correct parent content when re-resolving the inner table for a display:table pseudo-element (:before or :after). (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
6849ce51dfef0df9838e72af1acdd8a9f407a373L. David Baron — Prevent rebuilding all style data when paginated. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
e09da908f8b4b045f7704173b903f22427bbc482L. David Baron — SetVisibleArea doesn't need to lead to media query change handling when paginated (e.g., when doing a SizeToContent around a print preview window). (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
ffd1fe854d954e840ba4670d885664f9825d0d6dL. David Baron — Fix handling of 'orienation' feature in print-preview. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
efbec418c3a14069a320d32adfec232b0aa97de9L. David Baron — DeCOMtaminate nsIPresShell::GetDidInitialReflow. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
b80da4a764fc8af170942436ee844d754465ffa8L. David Baron — Prevent posting media query changed events during construction. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
43391574f35f23bbe2885f09f20e22c53a8255beL. David Baron — Fix style context invariants so we can re-resolve page break frames. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
1b8061be91458f4eb2c5530622dcd1c7cb86ae93L. David Baron — Give nsPageBreakFrame a frame name for DEBUGging code. (Bug 468645) r+sr=bzbarsky
f80b0bf9387009139a8866226a4f8af5f0f01758L. David Baron — Expect percentages to be unsupported for -moz-column-width. I'm not sure why I made it as it is, since they were never supported in either our implementation or the spec.