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Tue Jan 22 03:53:40 2019 +0000
ada22b635f8d13adb7725c2fcac51d0e12e3ed59Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1520455 - Don't use the minimum scale size on fullscreen state to avoid the layout viewport gets larger than the visual viewport. r=botond
2195f346d368042482357dc178255030ca610265Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1505222 - Pass TransformStyle::Preserve3d to WebRender more often for perspective display items. r=mattwoodrow
f722c4dbd4ccc19911de8ad05423363e0b5b2da7Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1514653 - Use the reference frame of the first flattened effect when recycling the layer r=mattwoodrow
ad20edb20e58f913e922dff27005fe088903e5e9Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1518069 - Do not use transform separators for nsDisplayWrapList containing just nsDisplayTransform r=mattwoodrow
39d0c50a2209e0f0c982b1d121765c9dc950e161Mike Hommey — Bug 1521284 - Don't hardcode config.log path in old-configure. r=nalexander
744ba6ab5e0cde764faaf12f79072b3dd2681a99Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1520924 - Added missing comma. r=eslint-fix
605d15524a488ee41d9566f1f48904798cb188a8Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1489440 - Disable autocomplete in the XUL autocomplete bindings. r=dao
0d9a334f6ae8011d712a69c751aabd81e31764c7Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1489440 - Fix nsFormFillController in presence of Shadow DOM. r=smaug
22b28921759054aa25d1bc4b78e3a2761af40d81Tim Nguyen — Bug 1512663 - Show bookmark tags in UrlbarView rows. r=dao
a3de18f0e694c78002f76cfdf228b673953aac06Ricky Rosario — Bug 1508364 - New UI for Private Browsing with Search r=andreio
8a49f013e0d0641b0eb187892bad82e17be26278Botond Ballo — Bug 1521618 - Remove non-ASCII characters from comments in RetainedDisplayListBuilder.cpp (DONTBUILD for comment change). r=mattwoodrow.
5858163628554673e899f663747c81c9fbbfef27cowlesni — Bug 1517529 - Migrate safeMode dialog to Fluent for localization, r=Gijs,flod
85f4a4a750613b8693046f6d34c0f31e72406746Tim Nguyen — Bug 1520924 - Remove 'update' XBL binding and convert strings to Fluent. r=paolo,flod
fce139bbc7a85d22e8632ea5b3eac4b0a4cbc929Ed Lee — Bug 1521266 - Add 1/2-column lists, non-prerendered discovery and bug fixes to Activity Stream r=k88hudson
f218594acb923ca13bf5398b2ab74387075946fcMatt Woodrow — Bug 1477366 - Fuzz some tests for differences between WR and the fallback path. r=mstange
719acee85b9a35d20def0570776748668f1a9648Matt Woodrow — Bug 1477366 - Handle color space conversion for drop shadow filters with WebRender. r=mstange
4e1eb0b0b422a44b882bef43b86a756d8f25eb8aMatt Woodrow — Bug 1477366 - Only support SVG filters with a single input with WebRender. r=mstange
3d23cfc9df06f8ab77e83cafbb7792ed8a97d9c9Matt Woodrow — Bug 1477366 - Always make SVG/CSS filters active within blobs when possible. r=jrmuizel
08939adf27908bb6b8e5a5fa0a8e1b6e396a2f41Markus Stange — Bug 1515240 - Add "Noto Sans Symbols" and "Droid Sans Symbols" to the list of common fallback fonts on Android. r=jfkthame
32541f2f057571ac075a6893689e30e676ac7d23arthur.iakab — Backed out changeset 13f379946829 (bug 1508364) for functional ui test failures on private_browsing/ CLOSED TREE
e25a1ed32b5347b86843580e66b344bf11dccebaRazvan Caliman — Bug 1507103 - Account for empty circle() and ellipse() in Shape Path Editor. r=gl
fcef3b13bb1c0ea091dc09a07e35ad758e0a56f2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1520509. Remove the unused support for CrossOriginWritable=InterfaceName in Web IDL. r=qdot
4aafc1f415adc5a3ab80630b94291968b3a84eb2Henrik Skupin — Bug 1521527 - [marionette] Don't raise timeout errors for all window manipulation commands. r=ato
243733368484c9c41548d6acef5b6273be5f7948Valentin Gosu — Bug 1513458 - Add more specific MOZ_DIAGNOSTIC_ASSERTS to TransportSecurityInfo::Read in order to pinpoint crashes r=mayhemer
a70ed4f3086ae9e117c3e46f99fd40122bc07dc6Markus Stange — Bug 1444447 - Implement Compositor::BlitRenderTarget for BasicCompositor r=mstange
28e336f7b9da63ef319650a7bd698289574a4f11Markus Stange — Bug 1444447 - Implement AsyncReadbackBuffer Compositor APIs for BasicCompositor r=mstange
a115176a8faa34bb59da329fc5d458f5ab7f9267Barret Rennie — Bug 1444447 - While recording profile screenshots, create a full-window render target and buffer all draws to it r=mstange
53d1b01b992467d1ab77ab9023444098280ba7a6Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1521547 - Add container getter to flexbox highlighter to make the code easier to understand r=pbro
f851b150476a2259413390d4510f27ed62a1d1c2Razvan Maries — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
13f379946829814f44e8e7b192ac4dd4e93d6959Ricky Rosario — Bug 1508364 - New UI for Private Browsing with Search r=andreio
2307fb1cfa80a5d4cf05c404917344510a982194Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1519636 - Ride along: remove unbreakable spaces r=Ehsan
67b3cbf805e1820721d162dd497aef10ed9eabeaSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1521391 - Use the old code path with gcc to fix a build issue with gcc-8 r=bas
2717febc588c1e7145af3a68cb0f932fa0cb6f81Nick Alexander — Bug 901059 - Clean up old unused mobile/android references. r=agi,froydnj
dc8bd111db7000fdc8c3c8a448771e8a5900339cMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 1521026 - Flex highlighter shouldn't scroll for position:fixed elements r=gl
3ee7a4b57a9a955db8ba8d8f961754c4db638ebcMark Banner — Bug 1514164 - Enable running some of the urlbar tests against QuantumBar. r=mak
306a66424aad636fc9ec9010dd605f72fdc47b94Mark Banner — Bug 1514164 - Move urlbar tests to the new urlbar directory and split out tests that already pass with QuantumBar. r=mak
ba9f9c0ce2561b72c6dedd0bf5817ba452bb4638Mark Banner — Bug 1514164 - Change urlbar tests to use the test path rather than hard-coding it. r=mak
565a04cfb0e443328f4b2c74e2ce439fc12eaa9fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1160757. Make it clear that XrayWrapper::getPropertyDescriptor is unused. r=bholley
a9ff8ccd4e3ddb1c53267f98a75a64a3a74f87bbDave Townsend — Bug 1518746: Switch to load events for all tested resources. r=valentin
85ba084b3f903f4b479bf07f2c62f5184f61e44cJan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1510988 - Make store name optional and default to "main" r=chutten
12d1bf5d9b3057c483c149826c0ca090fbe2b79cJan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1510988 - Clearly document what the store name in snapshot APIs is for r=chutten
95779bb379580b2ebf57acef5e400258e4dfa88dJan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1510988 - Make the clear flag optional in snapshot API r=chutten
5b7087dac6b99946a4d4aaa9824cea7483088031Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1519022 - Display rich data for archived event pings r=chutten
ede9544aaf4dcd07a47c7a0b45862497a1f8f34dAndrew McCreight — Bug 1518115 - Fix typo in intentional crash leak log processing. r=jgraham
71e42954633fde1ee9b48166c18d2e178ad08890Nan Jiang — Bug 1521499 - Add SEARCH_HANDOFF to event telemetry r=r1cky
2d56b2958a4138a81d5929a88e5200d6bf8b864dYura Zenevich — Bug 1521163 - add STATIC_TEXT role to the list of accessible objects that we calculate colour contrast for. r=pbro
1cccd0ed64c30ca3d7873620f3aac6afe09f82e2Rob Wood — Bug 1517738 - Set Raptor speedometer fennec job to tier3 due to failure on beta; r=davehunt
5bda17f8f936f89149ab5fbe76b63836cf053d06Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1520771 - Remove navPayload from will-navigate/navigate events. r=nchevobbe
11325875967aeff353c93e6cfc38fc614ce211b1Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1520772 - Construct the WebExtension target front before instantiating the Target object. r=yulia
909b904600e079bc0fe2867956f2d067f1f9ec48Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1520773 - Prevent infinite loops in DebuggerClient.close. r=yulia
b49e5bf64c1e6968545eadb983e71955d7269327WR Updater Bot — Bug 1521518 - Update crate versions for changes in WR PR #3514. r=kats
88b4f92e2197c7478923e9d399adb62ed6f415efAnthony Ramine — Bug 1521518 - Update image to 0.21 r=kats
f833d5220c821a2c19c60c6ac5378c677bebbe71Francesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1521279 - Update Fluent migration documentation to include whitespaces trimming and parameter normalization r=Pike
05ab29790c5718f31d2910f8728af5f742eaf14dyulia — Bug 1519107 - use promise pattern for other webconsole methods rather than callbacks; r=ochameau
c367b5259d4683c8d7fcf7efdda68f6ca93f9913yulia — Bug 1519107 - use promise pattern for getCachedMessage rather than callbacks; r=ochameau
d532474e710f8a58ab10a2702dca432bc2eefa69yulia — Bug 1519107 - make evaluateJS calls use promise pattern rather than callbacks; r=ochameau
cbbf07c28138f414b792059ddb07423848a413d6ffxbld — No Bug, taskcluster/docker/funsize-update-generator pipfile-update. r=sfraser