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Wed Nov 24 18:33:01 2010 +0000
df43d548da492c06ef1a5e379dc400e5397909a2Neil Deakin — Bug 614152, don't set popupNode when opening notification popup, otherwise page context menu won't appear, r=dao, a=blocking
1bb96fbc54f8528acd0d2eb46e2695203e1e7769Neil Deakin — Bug 610378, initialize effectAllowed properly for external drags, r=smaug,a=bsmedberg
4d4cbab267d955ab27931f64e759745b112ded1aNeil Deakin — Bug 511010, don't activate panels when clicking on one to close a menu, fixes flickering when closing menulist in bookmarks panel, r=jmathies,a=bsmedberg