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Mon Jul 20 07:15:19 2015 +0000
202e9233d130e2d070949c318892e3fe9b219125Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset b29ec4137962 (bug 1157529) for various Gaia test failures.
fadfdc44961e02296826d72b2a388d9972ea41cbRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team. a=merge
2db081ae318560fd9c8894acc6dc501fe84db6d0Stephen Pohl — Bug 1184500: Improve handling of index names in MAR files. r=rstrong
0de836e73be4461686377d2c16015a8235454c28Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1177162 - Disable browser_trackingProtection.js on Linux due to intermittent NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE from nsIUrlClassifierDBService.beginUpdate.
3e0ef2cb3dc54225ab5daf2a63359886638b54ceBernardo P. Rittmeyer — Bug 1174942 - Tests the password editing field at the password manager capture doorhanger. r=MattN
49e5ba6dd1f6f494f4fd484fa5a5bc943bdac714Jordan Santell — Bug 1164284 - Remove profiler options in toolbox settings, and move gecko platform data option to general settings. r=jryans
8eae214f9f1cfe16681c667104f5cc1d35c3633aJordan Santell — Bug 1172180 - Add polling events for profiler/buffer status on the profiler itself. r=vp
d6e11a7b5dbf518cb904e098a2a0286e8223a988Jordan Santell — Bug 1172180 - part 2 - add ability to auto drain allocation logs in memory component via a timer and on GC. r=fitzgen
fdff9c45b9c96b75d624fa10cd76704751a28688Victor Porof — Bug 1183219 - Backed out last 5 changesets for bustage, r=me on a CLOSED TREE
7c8dd116e5835d6a6d3760833c59f522b4115a2cVictor Porof — Bug 1184377 - Move nsDocShell::PopProfileTimelineMarkers logic to ObservedDocShell, r=smaug
577738eb609739ea893b84bd3421adffad20fc0dVictor Porof — Bug 1184376 - Remove nsDocShell::AddProfileTimelineMarker, r=smaug
a40f98f08e6b5bb959be8d12fdfd1c2f9824b795Victor Porof — Bug 1183235 - Keep the dochsell-specific markers inside a ObservedDocShell managed list instead of nsDocShell, r=smaug
e9c3cbdce3d577fcddcea3ce15c5c23199c284bbVictor Porof — Bug 1183231 - Maintain a list of timeline-observed docshells outside of nsDocShell, r=smaug
080a2d9acd71d3bcc7e7fc0e3d0fb020fd1687ebVictor Porof — Bug 1183229 - Add a way to count the number of timeline-observed docshells outside of nsDocShell, r=smaug
6dcdde80d1967ffb64c6f986e95987cc838658a4Paolo Amadini — Bug 1177152 - Add Tracking Protection tour entry point to about:privatebrowsing. r=ttaubert
9e75c8987c3e47e22de600aadd3398429674ad87Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1125316 - Restricted profiles: Hide setting "Customize > Import from Android". r=ally
b29ec4137962b8d807b88f5f8e8b2fdff23373b1Mark Hammond — Bug 1157529 - refactor FxA storage to be less lossy and less racey. r=ckarlof
a4d672467b9bb835dc1d3bebc3115d3d48d41342Mike Taylor — Bug 1177298. Add UA overrides for top Japan sites. r=Sebastian
850d33233360f1a418e26890fa8c3a728be2ccdfMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1177176 - Make the Control Center panel sticky when opened via UITour.showMenu. r=bgrins
1077ce98bd4458a501acd00df17dc503f6794477Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1177176 - Support opening the Control Center panel via UITour.showMenu. r=bgrins
b0f982865190763e139d8716c9cd5610539b850bWes Kocher — Merge m-c to fx-team, a=merge CLOSED TREE
5ca20b9b0955bb0047b9f5ec33fe80bf7e121356Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1177162 - Fix UITour test bustage from d253511f5765 on a CLOSED TREE.
4d3cd827af576b3838f8d5060f9ee65cbcb53046Mike Taylor — Bug 1184320. Add UA override to remove Android version for Gmail. r=Sebastian
879c46e60e5c5052d209e8f4c32d1d7a78047b4aTim Nguyen — Bug 1172357 - Use new tree-container class for about:welcomeback tree. r=jaws
d253511f576583d7b556d6f195c77eeb423f27deMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1177162 - Show an info panel on the tracking protection doorhanger anchor the first time tracking elements are blocked. r=bgrins,ttaubert
081e6aa562f296c2a5157f6633dfe20decc93f92Supradeep T R — Bug 1184780 - Use command help instead of main help; r=gps
7b33ab963ae7d646bdea76deb165e594be23c67cJustin Dolske — Bug 1184737 - Windows 10 search rewrite should handle more results. r=jaws
40bf29309bf5debf45ec79038b077fc228575d12Victor Porof — Bug 1183228 - Use separate files for AutoTimelineMarker and AutoGlobalTimelineMarker, r=smaug
12c6b2a7799fca37dcc7e4e6da0942a0308191d3Victor Porof — Bug 1183223 - Create a markers directory temporarily inside docshell/base where all marker logic should go into, r=smaug
5826ab3dc275962f3ed64a765051258ff3cacbb7Justin Dolske — bug 1076833 - extra logging to help diagose intermittent orange.
0492fa483509308d5640a0d2e67840d7a3265df7Jared Wein — Bug 1181582 - The separator between the identity box and URLs should be solid. r=dao