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Tue Jan 30 21:59:39 2018 +0000
5fc179e245d51289f1f7bcaba0c29189d3336fbfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1421380 - Enable gfx.webrender.hit-test by default. r=jrmuizel
c182e492a2e7f1477851bcd5bca8e97ef235a3d7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1421380 - Don't do a composite of WR rendered frames unless a composite is requested. r=nical
ca489678fdedaff1c660dddf7ee62c966787b59aJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #19908 - Double the sccache timeout (from servo:jdm-patch-9); r=emilio
f622490e845dbc236480ca7acb5e821eb97fefdfKirk Steuber — Bug 1429129 - Add enterprise policy to remove "Set As Desktop Background" context menu option r=Felipe,Gijs
5c7b21fa7315ca753684881b3dc3cee5ec235ca7Andrew McCreight — Bug 1420975 - Add a environment variable to record JS stack for leaks. r=froydnj,mrbkap
e16fc8abd345b6b4afb9c3e5541e7e684894b7c0Nick Alexander — Bug 1368699 - Post: Remove PURGECACHES from Make and now-unused r=gps
35a5db01b6ae991b2c1f538d012b43085dc3533dNick Alexander — Bug 1368699 - Write .purgecaches sentinels every |mach build|. r=gps
7297a1e8c4ff85c1c9d64abbacc11d59f99bee3eNick Alexander — Bug 1368699 - Pre: Remove MY_{CONFIG,RULES} Makefile customization hooks. r=gps
53fa60c5e8b41f30e410f8cb5e7611fb08c8fc6fNick Alexander — Bug 1433285: Extract classes*.dex from .ap_ --with-gradle. r=gps,snorp
2afca7ece7b741ef5a1ef51c355d3ef44b943469Markus Stange — Bug 1425340 - Remove unused DisplayItemScrollClip files. r=mattwoodrow
17a0e7ddfb483356fb7caaee66fb2170b7d45dfeJulian Descottes — Bug 1102240 - rename actors/inspector/inspector.js to inspector-actor.js;r=pbro
8e3c63c83301f63943e08a4a4284ee28bb1b1ee9Julian Descottes — Bug 1102240 - split inspector actor in smaller files;r=ochameau,pbro
4c42b9b8bd98c6f378f94a6fc896d4a58964ec67Julian Descottes — Bug 1102240 - Move inspector actor to dedicated folder;r=pbro
6639a46610c1f408fc5abebb91f490222dcdca1fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1434326: Cleanup DiagnosticsMatcher constructor. r=mystor
31a0af4e29bbf601613a99d85ac4426d0a3251e8Nick Alexander — Bug 1429815 - Fix InstallManifest::add_entries_from with non-trivial base. r=gps
ec90dfc1563680727d1b377e823db48a7ff5aa1fabhinav — Bug 1413314 - Change precise increment to Ctrl instead of Alt for Linux compat; r=jryans
5087f500aa3b143d1d62a6731ce77de76136230dMike Taylor — Bug 1422985. Add test to ensure details param is JSON object. r=miketaylr a=testonly
a5f7ec2df352a1dfb27301421dddfae63d16eca9Mike Taylor — Bug 1422985. Update decoder doctor to JSON encode details param value. r=Gijs
4dd398d383c67072022a937d1f55a0798f9017e1Mike Taylor — Bug 1422985. Send webrender prefs & label in webcompat reports (when enabled). r=Gijs
6b65e874ee02f5c1290ae4c163265423753db35eMike Taylor — Bug 1422985. Send JSON encoded preferences via the details param. r=Gijs
3a155114f168274b09bbfca704b5c9130a0ba8adCsoregi Natalia — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
ed16d1fe4988c86bed79489beccbe683031ab092Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #19902 - style: Fix sheet invalidation in quirks mode documents (from emilio:quirks-invalidation); r=SimonSapin
48cdd6912ed64f8ca60e0faea7470480025f4a83Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1433567 - Update Cargo lockfiles and re-vendor rust dependencies. r=jrmuizel
0c95a19decb5234750b31217eb975e5e817a55d4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1433567 - Update webrender to commit b6e69a8efbcd8dc3e0c0a8a9925e6a9355635de3. r=jrmuizel
4c2350c7909ce94a8c86b9b413a44d76a71cfdebMartin Stransky — Bug 1434202 - [Wayland] Set popups as app paintable on Wayland as we paint them ourself there, r=jhorak
8fbf1c39eb3be935de504bf9de8672f68f35fbfcMartin Stransky — Bug 1408335 - Render titlebar icons as themed ones, r=jhorak
431161e00569d1a695dc63341582a5feb1e37c40Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1434219 - Use current Marionette prefs in reftest harness. r=gbrown
f3fd0bab9a151e064082d1b4c7bcd1442c039d5dEdouard Oger — Bug 1434078 - Devices actions links touch-ups. r=markh
d3d5c5af458249826e5db37a1eb661fafcd84919Tom Tromey — Bug 1255379 - fix getCSSValuesForProperty for clip and clip-path; r=xidorn