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Mon Feb 10 09:39:12 2020 +0000
4c08723ed20aec9a60d09247ba7ff0ed2beb62aaashu — Bug 1613858 - Implement feature capitalize enable autocomplete. r=nchevobbe FIREFOX_BETA_74_BASE
67f65e950f6ccefb7ee51f244b6e5c3c60b95b26Andreea Pavel — Bug 1605193 - update expectancy r=ckerschb
d7d2319910a1863871f4c21b081f48f3690b0129alexandru.ionescu — Bug 1524545 Move raptor-unity-webgl-firefox to tier 3 and stop running on autoland r=Bebe,perftest-reviewers
816d915c7743bf7864ed72e90243600137b4063eMakoto Kato — Bug 1612785 - GVE should set WindowManager.LayoutParams.LAYOUT_IN_DISPLAY_CUTOUT_* via onMetaViewportFitChange. r=geckoview-reviewers,snorp
dff38d5e834ad654a3109a6512ead06b95ba9ad6Boris Zbarsky — Use %g, not %f, for our error reporting so unnecessary trailing zeros are not output. No bug. r=birtles
37ffe2e2412b1a3c33c41977d3e537161f150e85Brad Werth — Bug 1523853 Part 3: Further relax the mousewheel test to not care about the ending scroll values. r=kats
ea0c8ca487f6e68e19495036d945b398059a6885Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1613958 - set correct treeherder platform names for macOS webrender and condprof tasks. r=chmanchester
a16dc4e5cc1e39e3b71d79716988044a63dbdd9aSebastian Hengst — Bug 1613976 - Adjust expectations for MediaRecorder-peerconnection.https.html on Android with Beta and Release.