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Thu Jan 20 08:46:39 2011 +0000
9136f40c8f05236e6efa17fbf1cc3b2089ae1e75Dão Gottwald — Bug 624679 - Border between nav bar and content should be opaque. r=fryn a=blocks-blocker
4af427ff300aaf0e220b1f357350cfb16c3ce3a1Azat Tymerkaev — Bug 614081 - Large back button shouldn't be hovered when it also open. r=dao
e1a0d3b398463193d6a3351c646a7d7fd9d51bb5Dão Gottwald — Bug 624123 - Titlebar too big after leaving full screen if tab groups were used. r=gavin
4b66f1f3e3753d3e0d7683406796b063b6919e68Dão Gottwald — remove checks not belonging in these tests