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Tue Aug 11 02:59:30 2009 +0000
61e4d2ca4e3e9a6b81f755677249f79212c66e01Felipe Gomes — Bug 503889 - Investigate usable sizes and target areas for touch interactions. r=dao
f82a16fa000884a5d8b50a2538b69f4aee8cb02aFelipe Gomes — Bug 503042 - Implement a way to detect a touch enabled device. r=vlad, sr=dbaron
64cfff564539d4ec34c04791ea31c5302a5b7c5fRobert Strong — Bug 509161 - [WinCE] Remove support for XRE_UPDATE_ROOT_DIR on WinCE. r=sdwilsh
4ae548da12d7688205e57da11dac9206fcecc368Robert Strong — Bug 507481 - [WinCE] Check for Windows version in download manager shouldn't be done for Windows CE. r=sdwilsh