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Sat Feb 04 10:21:04 2012 +0000
948fe2e7f1d571a43b7a471e711a4a8b6993f4b0Igor Bukanov — bug 723517 - Drop cx argumrent from JS_GetClass(cx, obj). r=luke
67b3f65dd019296f461de9429f0d7bf5bd9e64f1Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
c831b760a443107c156143cacf129cc59937b20aGavin Sharp — Bug 723207: fix when called as just info(), r=jmaher
1fc8e624ab139aa371f759bd37a127db5663d714Gavin Sharp — Bug 723808: don't allow loads in type=content docshells to inherit the system principal, r=bz
4c58bb4638a47541c30881ebc7bf8e9f30036c38Gavin Sharp — Bug 718203: don't allow drops of javascript: URIs on the home button, r=enndeakin, sr=bz
62d54744798702e3a98c2267f5aae9dc9d40c5a3Gavin Sharp — Bug 723181: add some comments to TelemetryTimestamps, r=mak
881f035164acfbbb40b43d7cea522e16d1d11347David Mandelin — Bug 723728: use calloc again in allocateArrayBufferSlots because it's faster, r=jwalden
574cde9ebab5867e896bbc570037115865d1de0eBenoit Girard — Bug 724094 - Use fTexImage2D instead of TexSubImage2D when uploading full width. r=ajuma
c6d94101af73d1a279fa2db40843b9fb06a35628Margaret Leibovic — Bug 724045 - createMobileBookmarksFolder doesn't set title or parent. r=mfinkle,rnewman
18df24d8df7e39e96d1ae8814d794c80094e1085David Mandelin — Bug 714616 followup: add assertions to moveDenseArrayElements unbarriered, r=billm
132b4bbf6e61ebfa96ca90e26d8364f53fe5181fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 711185: Restrict autocomplete height to rows present and space available. [r=mfinkle]
6717b2b6a09c043618a86cf8b3a7865cecfac108William Lachance — Bug 719570 Provide option to change checkerboard to flat color on fennec for eideticker automation r=pcwalton
4724da9165c2c32e787022c3980cf3d4cfb1026cClint Talbert — Bug 712991 Remove GPL code in watcher that runs NTP service. r=bmoss
72c55496b6e9a02fc6b940fd3d24ace63b07ccbfTerrence Cole — Bug 716069 - Add missing post barriers to newObjectFromHit; r=billm
eb06e8a06ff3179b31782b2c2f76b28bc47d121cGeorge Wright — Bug 721467 - Add a codepath to only use glTexImage2D instead of glTexSubImage2D when texture uploading in GLContext
fbd68d8e15b98192b42e6922dedad1188d630631Igor Bukanov — bug 723510 - Workers: double-error reporting in location.toString and incorrect assumption about JS_GetInstancePrivate. r=bent
eee14f3440f0e5735df65deda4ffbeb2b565c879Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
ba54adee1e958dd3933aab3c63183cad3eb66518Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 723853 - Remove dead default cases in content/canvas. r=jmuizelaar.
f3dfff9cb09a3824599b2bee5f09a94b11fe11f9Margaret Leibovic — Bug 719875 - "Tap to activate plugin" placeholder can't be tapped after going back/forward in history. r=mfinkle
8f2ca4c209e4c3e2ad1fa087acbc7d47ef9e65b5Jonathan Kew — backout 3335984ce688 (bug 709083) for Android orangeness
137e8fbde75a1a2716ae369d3d16410531e0927cJonathan Kew — backout c18523b51058 (bug 716014) on suspicion of causing Win Debug reftest timeouts.
3b30c1c883f200673c313d219b4b7632854b8cddKartikaya Gupta — Bug 720538 - Add a regression test. r=jmaher
e413c6c3da4018aec3721bc26ff3121008dd381eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 720538 - Remove unused functions and variables. r=wesj
4a3c03e50dd16a1b39c968bd8bd298983afbea3eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 720538 - Re-use getValidViewportMetrics to ensure the zoom-to rect is valid. r=wesj
1c30546ac97fec024cbd29a0425613c010c100d2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 720538 - Clarify and fix incorrect rect bottom calculation. r=wesj
6b21642cc621ffebe3f5eb47aed00457faa3af39Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 723619 - Update testLoad to avoid a race condition where paint finishes before we start listening. r=jmaher
10aabf3371200e9c1285c3da9d6f0ba49ecb6ba4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 723619 - Add a blockUntilClear function to wait for animations. r=jmaher
096b65714f6002f5cb93815cb260ac43a22ba0a4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 723545 - Include all html files in the test path into the robocop build. r=jmaher
d85d87f791b58b092e40f4ae7fca638b3c609171Brian R. Bondy — Bug 719947 - Add an indeterminate progress bar for updates applied from service. r=rstrong
3335984ce688f446f3752469107d043b7494083aHenri Sivonen — Bug 709083 - Call DoneCreatingElement before children have been appended to the element. r=bzbarsky.
454385dff0646bdcef1478570201f23e9a14f930Nathan Froyd — Bug 717659 - add telemetry for reflows in background tabs. r=bz
4aeab9b424c16599d62fdd3a67248261e9d66ec3Alexander Surkov — Bug 719754 - rewrite name/test_nsRootAcc.xul, r=marcoz