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Tue May 19 01:17:50 2009 +0000
058122b0bf3cb3e2a8ff4590969356f6b906bc08Robert O'Callahan — Bug 480058. New liboggplay API oggplay_get_video_aspect_ratio. r=doublec
3916d3b0b0b98757716b0dc895169b6781f7aed5Robert O'Callahan — Fix comment for bug 493202.
850c33bb781479349d90065b78fdcd96291de9d4Chris Double — Bug 461286. Don't try to get more frames if we've completed decoding. r=roc
9643e26f6ad07837dcaba7f93d60950ee7ca02b9Chris Double — Bug 493494. Stop playback when a seek occurs so that A/V sync doesn't get confused. r=roc
4b86cbae284601bc00661bb99481a2522b864270Robert O'Callahan — Bug 493109. Shut down step-decode thread from the main decoder thread, instead of synchronously on the main thread at bad times. r=doublec
49f254a4390ee26dae9476d6c25888daf9c00869Robert O'Callahan — Bug 480058. Handle non-square Theora pixel-aspect-ratio property. r=doublec
e3a2e35b1d2494dc55acee0833faecad1610e03bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 493509. Don't fire 'suspend' when the resource is actually fully loaded. r=doublec
c7c6a38b8076b07c5ac9306dc7b3041a8ae3896bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 487659. Make sure we never pass a playback rate of 0 to the media cache. r=doublec
269ec95e8516b72411052a9be2bb2acd948dab62Robert O'Callahan — Bug 493187. Call nsOggDecoder::UpdateReadyStateForData more often so we don't fail to notice state changes, and make it smarter about examining the frame queue. r=doublec
8ae3e659599bb803131169a8d57d57d484cb23f4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 493443. Set readyState to HAVE_CURRENT_DATA whenever the Ogg frame queue is empty or we're buffering/seeking, instead of trying to hardcode it based on other events like PlaybackEnded. r=doublec