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Thu Oct 04 09:26:06 2018 +0000
f87eeba88f1cf3f4d41095f7a58cb518a59f844cCameron McCormack — Bug 1496287 - Fix unused import warning r=hiro
bd1d38fb62484d96857a2900a7085687ab49a308Tom Ritter — Bug 1491848 Patch libyuv to fix the x86 mingw-clang build r=jesup
9eff0dcbd18f0b29bd6f6f7bcb2707404ca58935Petru Lingurar — Bug 1496073 - [Tablets] Hide Notification settings header when unnecessary; r=jchen
323691f11567176e1e70a6d49a628e2ed653de6eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1495964 - Remove unnecessary NS_ASSERTION in nsChildView::DispatchEvent() r=m_kato
2735d9fa61d7b0623b2a9c63cc68ff6b5ba83f7dNoemi Erli — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
9c9d32068acf37740896df161189fb413ac169a2Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1494763 - Use a single shared GLContext in RenderThread when we support it. r=sotaro
e682824ac09e11bc6e3778f2e1aeb89dea4043bdJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1496188. blob-img: remove animated geometry root code that makes no sense r=mstange
47f1126313c624f27bf6b6622162727fa596f9d9Shane Caraveo — Bug 1486819 move search engine specific logic into search service, r=mkaply
1f268b2058c9e498547c2a902127fa45a93673f8Shane Caraveo — Bug 1486819 - support mozParams in webext search engines r=aswan,adw,mkaply
da259f95580506589a87462b31d7585578e735a4Cameron McCormack — Bug 1495645 - Followup merge bustage fix r=hiro
e1b7e9c180815febe1ac11baaa3e2de677624e92Cameron McCormack — Bug 1495645 - Move css::ImageValue::mRequests into a global table managed by css::ImageLoader r=emilio