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Fri Nov 01 16:13:11 2019 +0000
475496111203207e076e6ac8c62d4dfc87df871fGurzau Raul — Backed out changeset 84c97e387e08 (bug 1591638) for failing at track-element-src-change-error.html on a CLOSED TREE.
443669b4e79144aedd90d53d03a293d0fa9cedebJon Coppeard — Bug 1592936 - Remove unncessary check that helper threads have been started in GCParallelTask::startWithLockHeld r=jandem
f775758e2976374dcc43fc436d5be3f369c4f503Marco Bonardo — Bug 1588515 - TypeError: document.getElementById(...) is null in permanent private browsing mode on Mac. r=Gijs
193b7b5a17a8e23749e61f3fcef39bcbe921c8e6Bogdan Tara — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
ff865fdb64c3a3bfa47e1a554f8c4422aea5d0a1Jon Coppeard — Bug 1587096 - Part 4: Support FinlalizationGroups in the shell and add tests r=sfink
b1117df3b91d10d68d10b399637cf9ac295057e6Jon Coppeard — Bug 1587096 - Part 3: Implmement FinalizationGroup r=sfink
cefc0474e13c00f24d4d5fe4a7c3776c1106ecedJon Coppeard — Bug 1587096 - Part 2: Add an API to set the HostCleanupFinalizationGroup callback r=sfink
8e609f97c413a12f7042dfe80647bdd34f0400d8Jon Coppeard — Bug 1587096 - Part 1: Add JS FinalizationGroupObject and related data structures r=sfink
f273ec2ec0aecce1938a78f01925764d02af2ad2Jon Coppeard — Bug 1587098 - Add a shell option to enable support for weak references, off by default r=sfink
17366ca83b0c964f0b413ddd76229a768660d9e5Jamie Nicol — Bug 1591945 - Ensure strings passed to glShaderSource are null-terminated on android emulator. r=gw
f39fa8f0265d5a86d452c589ac88455ce7295fccJamie Nicol — Bug 1591436 - Avoid using glTexImage3D on android emulator. r=gw
9c304ce34a04364bf6e8a57f3a41a14c1ae1d574Jon Coppeard — Bug 1592537 - When waiting for a GC task, run it on the main thread if has not yet been picked up by a helper thread r=jandem
50b918f617568bfc0f015e11be164477cc4f31aeJon Coppeard — Bug 1592537 - Give GCParallelTask a new 'running' state and refactor r=jandem
ae350e8881e5ee4bb6115e6efe3fc1be46dd9ad3Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1591678 - add process name to regexps for harness errors to let their occurrences trigger the task to fail. r=jlund
7da36585e596e5230b79a7bef3a7ad1fff5ad90dAndy Wingo — Bug 1592958 - Ensure new WebAssembly blocks have slots enough for predecessor results r=jandem
65689d355c82e4a6699612afbae55e77ad21414fChun-Min Chang — Bug 1591249 - Bump coreaudio-sys to 0.2.3. r=glandium
6fab67ec8c3236848965eec3776a3b628d019124Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset da311583ecc1 (bug 1583575) for gv-junit failures. CLOSED TREE
e0bc987cf0a062426f95ecdf8d6a264fa4508a29Daosheng Mu — Bug 1592713 - Avoid to update VR HMD sensor states when pages are not in the presenting mode. r=kip
ca10c746267a543aaa63567024c610d5b39e542dJonathan Kew — Bug 1587385 - Give a better info (not error) message if a webfont is not used because of font-display timeout. r=heycam
812b42c5148010b716072e5834ca872d6f6a281cyulia — Bug 1566141 - Add tests for nullish coalescing r=jorendorff
a32ff28d5f1b3f96e47c5c2956667e2744a6a075yulia — Bug 1566141 - add precedence requirement and disallow mixing of logical operators with nullish r=jorendorff
48ef03bd0183f75a20d2f527612eaaf245ede24dyulia — Bug 1566141 - Nullish coalesce behavior in bytecode r=jorendorff
28aa763e7834023b28c2462a078f1bd91baa7f7byulia — Bug 1566141 - Nullish coalesce operator tokens r=jorendorff
a118361746d6ae53d115c2f71a403d55a4f3620bDan Glastonbury — Bug 1578319: Telemetry for total time spent in layout per Refresh Driver tick. r=heycam
272775d127445bbbd2cbe9895828e198f79f2b8aOriol Brufau — Bug 1588760 - Move css-lists reftests into WPT r=dbaron
30ee2029152cc2048cd1d963276f575e4a6aead4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1587162 - Fix UBSAN complaints about pref callbacks. r=erahm
f477785eb9ba737f6310a0add902cb5c04cff45bJason Laster — Bug 1581249 - Revert - The timeline should show breakpoint hits. r=bhackett
9c9fffed78e5aa1ff3a945755a3c28d93c6e1373Glenn Watson — Bug 1593154 - Fix semantics of partial present API for webrender. r=sotaro
5aac68cd0f8b87aa860ba101795d4c02aa075423Martin Stransky — Bug 1592350 [Wayland] Call wl_surface_commit() on parent surface when subsurface position is updated, r=jhorak
597370891189fbab4559238892c2e2fa8e2213afDragana Damjanovic — Bug 1592927 - Test test_anonymous-coalescing is racy. r=kershaw
84c97e387e081fbeb2640b838810234178a13549Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1591638 - Add expectation for track-element-src-change-error.html that is frequently failing on mac. r=jgraham
87788f269cb14da261f609d5a985940d92bfddf2Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1591816 - Add expectation for queue-non-focusable.html that is frequently failing on Android !debug. r=jgraham
9c6b97228f0ab3d63990ee91f0b06742a71988faTom Tung — Bug 1562667 - P3 - Check remoteType in IsCrossOriginIsolated; r=nika
87443484a46af1eca23f465b6d9bfedfa8d82a20Gurzau Raul — Backed out changeset 60cccadbeaf0 (bug 1586236) for failures at test_memoryReporters.xul on a CLOSED TREE.
787484b40d10480d0d375604595c8734e550c70eCsoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 8449ec58f40f (bug 1592253) for bustages on TelemetryHistogramEnums.h. CLOSED TREE
5d9d57cd5b311c88ec886487335ef1e5eacf3439Edouard Oger — Bug 1593065 - Remove XBL workaround for setting deck index. r=bgrins
55c0d49b821c3bbe25f4bda4c4e5cca9e725287cPaul Bone — Bug 1588412 - (part 3) Remove MayChangeProcess calls fron nsHttpChannel r=mayhemer
e0e3a3390f76152564c117b73e9b3bd9b53771d9Paul Bone — Bug 1588412 - (part 2) moz:// documents should use documentchannel r=mattwoodrow
595f252ef63dbce0e798b95b99e12a127b6e3639Paul Bone — Bug 1588412 - (part 1) Fix grammer in comment r=mayhemer
012c857ee2080f79c1140f7ed921726e7fe379b5Boris Chiou — Bug 1429305 - Enable OMTA for motion path and add some tests for it. r=hiro
b0d2fc65047881e4eeb992ca671763dcd672c6c4Boris Chiou — Bug 1429305 - Extend compositor properties for motion. r=hiro
5159301a84467ac850fb17ccb817b5a977d5a59cBoris Chiou — Bug 1429305 - Cache gfx path. r=hiro
0a68f6ee4e49926f3b3be0a3ac5096dc8f925144Boris Chiou — Bug 1429305 - Add new layer messages for passing motion path info. r=hiro,mattwoodrow
7e71a2643d865295c23182d7fd5bb76311c93490Boris Chiou — Bug 1429305 - Use serde to serialize LengthPercentage and StyleRayFunction. r=emilio
a3d6aab91bd49278368fbc5f7adc8bf453c730daBoris Chiou — Bug 1429305 - Make PathBuilder as a parameter. r=hiro
6b0c544e7744862c29eb182f797e3f8c6b34c164Boris Chiou — Bug 1429305 - Refactor for ResolveMotionPath. r=hiro
fc105e53c1cd98a4bfa0f17ee9e4707996198899Boris Chiou — Bug 1429305 - Move motion path utils into a separate file. r=hiro
393d01dc0de0acb4bb9596a07084bc0b4806964fBrad Werth — Bug 1579269 Part 2: Add a test of the inRDMPane property. r=mtigley
84560702e4bf18ed0d4ca16e0a535e389db05555Brad Werth — Bug 1579269 Part 1: Make the document inRDMPane property set via a new emulation actor method. r=mtigley
da311583ecc11615038bff77e7a2c8d0c63f5fd3Aaron Klotz — Bug 1583575: Retain window size between instances and use it to set the size when opening a new window; r=snorp
a98de0432770ae5b469a5f8b5ae84027459588c5Aaron Klotz — Bug 1592808: Annotate ContentDelegate overrides for onFullScreen with AssertCalled; r=geckoview-reviewers,agi
960aac09a13540d497936d288c55bf5454361c88Jonathan Kew — Bug 1588993 - Don't send InitOtherFamilyNames IPC message from a stylo thread; post a runnable to the main thread instead. r=jwatt
8449ec58f40f26b421fe001898257f344b1c3e02Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1592253 - Remove the unused Fennec telemetry probes; r=snorp
05fbf853b8b7fc570fa1e6694eb33b4049e46becBotond Ballo — Bug 1592435 - Add a gtest. r=tnikkel
31601597fea2d9f0dfe3f9d98efc58627229f438Botond Ballo — Bug 1592435 - Don't allow a main thread scroll update to interrupt a touch-drag gesture. r=tnikkel
f170bef85771957490f8e6a0bdf1188806c669edBotond Ballo — Bug 1592435 - Avoid a shutdown-crash during gtests. r=tnikkel
74408a9fce5376a94ec05ca311f5ebe0ef7a8764Tim Huang — Bug 1590111 - Make the test 'test_bug346659.html' compatible with fission. r=bzbarsky
5a5de28bca602639e879c412e88123ae547ea2d2Erica Wright — Bug 1570466 - Enhanced Tracking Protection card hides content when some/all protections are off in Custom r=fluent-reviewers,johannh,flod
e8ee20fdf6ac6b464dfe75644073fbed9457a08bthomasmo — Bug 1589913 - Update FxR Desktop default home page r=imanol,rbarker
050162995d2aa173e963b19aa7868d82c126c08dNils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1591854: properly count active track in CountTracks(). r=bwc
182daeba07e6bf9be6ebfda39cfb47cd3066b707Anny Gakhokidze — Bug 1585777 - Part 3: Enable browser/modules/test/browser/browser_UsageTelemetry_domains.js for Fission, r=mccr8
86bee6f6a880d28807aca41824bb5aa85ffc4ba5Sorin Davidoi — Bug 1589744: Don't update hidden tabs when not necessary r=davidwalsh
60cccadbeaf01eee779400d8ae6f0c6e5f80da1cGabriele Svelto — Bug 1586236 - Use memory resource notifications to detect low memory scenarios on Windows; r=dmajor
23c113d65b48353d5ce085fd0c7f67d3604bd244Shane Caraveo — Bug 1587939 enforce addon content script CSP in eval r=ckerschb,robwu
53390b20df642d370124457623822d5dcde5a708Shane Caraveo — Bug 1581611 Part 2: apply content script csp r=robwu,ckerschb
a56f917583a6d6942cc4b984dfb2d87146665b70Shane Caraveo — Bug 1581611 Part 1: add content_scripts to the extension content_security_policy r=rpl,bzbarsky
1a07c94b54c54c3a4570794c01e4434b2a20ff5bShane Caraveo — Bug 1581609 rename extension contentSecurityPolicy to support multiple V3 CSP values r=rpl,webidl
6e0719109ea2bcc7a2560e20cff1d496b59faf5aGeoff Brown — Bug 1592813 - Increase number of test chunks for windows 7/debug wpt; r=egao
8fcd8060719eaa0db75037e2f0c21e29f3768965Steve Fink — Bug 1580888 - Split mark stack into main stack and spare stack. r=jonco
59f57b1d4737268e324eacf83840caabc4827ddbJames Teh — Bug 1581441: mscom::GetObjRefSize: Correctly handle proxies marshaled by the aggregated standard marshaler. r=aklotz
9a73ef089d26c9c65399b482c3af0498799fab95Morgan Reschenberg — Bug 1592719: Label zoom buttons (+/-) and full-screen button in hamburger menu. r=Gijs,fluent-reviewers