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Mon Dec 14 03:43:27 2009 +0000
4700e3c42868ce50db87ded6c7508a54a8043d13L. David Baron — Work around all reftest-print reftests causing two assertions (Bug 534478) in the reftest harness to avoid lots of manifest annotation. (Bug 472557)
89a4f5a6525a48c19277356d271403c80bf3e40cL. David Baron — Fix assertions in the scrollable row group case. (Bug 531461) r=roc
5b15b904bde9aefe0ec11e67595e2ad685681ae2L. David Baron — Run ShowSSEConfig as a unit test so that the output shows up in unit test logs.
894a8e2bddb2d9b4163384baed20d180736bff80L. David Baron — Call CheckInvalidateSizeChange for nsHTMLScrollFrames. (Bug 438537) r=roc
038564bc6eb70b434e7cf5574615584b4e77cc47L. David Baron — Fix behavior of -moz-box-shadow on flexible non-flexbox children of flexboxes. (Bug 531098) r=roc
a26df386758fae109bd9244a687da86e31e417e1L. David Baron — Make box-shadow cause only the overflow it needs and not add on additional overflow. (Bug 514917) r=roc