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Wed Mar 26 17:39:06 2008 +0000
1d969540aa4ec60fbf168892cc88b4efc6e5ecf0jorendorff — Fix bug 425080 - C++ compatibilty: jsdbgapi.cpp: use of JS_malloc needs a cast (r=brendan)
acb5456539c668d3ec0ec755dd3b64ddb56363d2jorendorff — Merge from cvs-trunk-mirror to mozilla-central. (This doesn't build, thanks to bug 425080, which I'll fix next.)
7a626b34a765960589f039c1136f1995f61cab55gavin — Back out bug 235853 due to unit mochitest failures
3b6a7bbe74577b5525509adfec2bc6200300d3b6bclary — JavaScript Tests - update public failures list, bug 399387, not part of the build
2d1abe50b8c5049bc4e9c20de7f5467dda258ecemats palmgren — Track event loop nesting level and delay stopping a plugin until it's safe. b=420886 r+sr=jst a1.9b5=beltzner
847345d7af8e94ba55636a755f9c43c7d2fbd616gavin — reftest adjustments for bug 417178 (pending r=dbaron/roc)
ad2b60f9f80de0cb98651966c4720cedd909a8b6shaver — Bug 235853: don't freeze the UI when resolving DNS for PAC, by using deferred resolution if we would otherwise block on DNS. r+madskills=biesi, a-b5=mconnor
80d9e8e6bfc0edfa74ac8844c3a7d43f7a435b45Callek — Followup to Bug 420230, remove extra 'case' in test. rs=gavin
3bbac579487bf5b598305656ac36be24d8014333shaver — Bugs 423443/419661: crash in MarkSharpObjects due to stack overflow, when over-deep engine-internal recursion is triggered in JS components. r=brendan, a-b5=beltzner
5c58a023deda0e9bf403fa823cbb460cf8bc6f41bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 375344, by James Justin Harrell
be3db4733d086e7870a54c1ed16672cfc1754a27bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 384991, by Jesse Ruderman
583bc47c8d7939bb309236ff0fef1b56c9d18e2dbclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 406572, by Igor Bukanov
f95fb480d914accfa9e48738ef96d542bdc1b209bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 407019, by Jesse Ruderman
82eec5875c5666949b51175d524fad7fa4b76f55bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 407720, by moz_bug_r_a4
f91c66054f7a3ada00c880a5d37d5ff227bcdf47bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 421806, by Jesse Ruderman
3660d63787eec689c0efb5789da6b4cff9b514e9bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 422286, by Mike Shaver
6a5f4c03b70b0b02d0e64cb6bccb49a58bac9765bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 422348, by Igor Bukanov
fbccf79ebe1f3e490e09cdb42765b1b7a2681b49bclary — JavaScript Tests - regression test for bug 423300, by x0
abc3adfa3c15f36688afe7ee7236f4f41529d101reed — Bug 424922 - "Radios and checkbuttons too close to their labels" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=Ryan a1.9b5=beltzner]
ec50a947f3671ea2ca82fbe29449390dd8ce3e29reed — Back out Robert O'Callahan's patch from bug 423385 due to mochitest failure.
190cbddca7f4562c291f4c213cd0695e466bb91ctimeless — Bug 424226 Immediate Fx crash when starting venkman [@ nsPluginHostImpl::TrySetUpPluginInstance] r=jst sr=jsr a=shaver
f8a46d2ad6c06284279546f0a906bacf602661dfreed — Bug 424809 - " causes build errors with GCC 4.2 on OS X" [ (Sean Fleming) r=hwaara sr=vlad a1.9b5=beltzner]
5ae69c9e8fe810eb74c669fee9f22ba9d91906a6reed — Bug 417178 - "Google reader does not show subscribed topics in ff3b3 at certain zoom levels" [ (Robert O'Callahan [roc]) r+sr=dbaron a1.9b5=mconnor]
b284bfddef1babdafe1ed6c7a895ec34747133cdreed — Bug 423385 - "floating parent does not size correctly with floating child using negative margin" [ (Robert O'Callahan [roc]) r+sr=dbaron a1.9b5=beltzner]
ce76e38accfef6d61bd9212f5cc85e1ac017c666reed — Bug 424650 - "Wrong nsAutoPtr usage break Mingw build" [ (Bo Yang) r=stuart a1.9b5=beltzner]
27ab38cb5ff7b144d66f8547b953d71de8343b98reed — Bug 399653 - "Insert Node dialog can't create HTML elements" [ (KUROSAWA, Takeshi) r=db48x sr=Neil]
cc7c69845423651b3c99cc5a8b0e3e3a7e044c8breed — Bug 420230 - "unable to save data urls to disk" [ (Jim Mathies) r=robarnold r=Mardak a1.9b5=beltzner]
93951478a2795adb0322a907ba436e40b4a02fdereed — Bug 422336 - ""Edit Attribute" > "Namespace URI" is not selected onload" [ (KUROSAWA, Takeshi) r=db48x sr=Neil]
d7cbc2de5719245d4c8728c6f1759a6ff2fd288ddmose — Factor out generic toolkit aspects of FUEL into a reusable form (bug 407693), patch by Joey Minta <> and Emre Birol <>; r=mfinkle, moa for adding toolkit directory=bsmedberg, a1.9b5=beltzner
f29f882e4cdc74c346b6f13c301a4b9b23af225cdholbert — Bug 423599: Make native theming stuff use full padding when in XUL, and reduced padding when in HTML. Patch by _FrnchFrgg_ <>, r=ventron sr=vlad a1.9b5=beltzner. Reftest by me, r=bz a1.9b5=beltzner
2096c14d15d79cc075cacef2bad1ea2ba071d668bzbarsky — Just drop loads of scripts that are not signed if the loading page is. Bug 424426, r+sr=jst, a=beltzner
3060bbeabe581aa712a6e307172286f0f380e64fgavin — Bug 424651: customize toolbar sheet goes blank when the 'Show' dropdown menu is used, r=smaug, a=beltzner
a2fa4b69989304c41c82d4bb3767fabd5b9c74badtownsend — Bug 424877: remove FAMFAMFAM / Silk icons from themes. Copying from winstripe with a=beltzner
b9325f5e78ef8769f6fdf405e21435b146e7ab12sdwilsh — Bug 423273 - Fix storage API to not break old behavior. r=shaver, sr=shaver, a=shaver
16f68fe9b2c818945a3eff6c18534fd990f202f4aaronleventhal — Bug 424073. Crash @ nsAccessible::GetTextFromRelationID(nsIAtom*, nsString). r=surkov, a=beltzner for 1.9b5
c1ccea2f41d63b9b9a6b9caff4169d1fa2968af4axel — bug 423635, update shipped-locales for fx3b5, r,a1.9b5=beltzner
cd0cef924b06d38598c049bc0d376d28b8d1e597mconnor — Bug 423486 - Remove help viewer from Firefox and point to SUMO, r=gavin, ui-r=beltzner, a1.9b5=beltzner
119794c257198d7fca7ca2bac9c25bb2fc2aab44igor — [Bug 424693] using jsop_lineno to speedup pc->lineno mapping needed for eval. r=shaver a1.9b5=beltzner
5e0e753d5c0520d9b70470c9b15387cb6e4bd354reed — Bug 423974 - "Add .pr (Puerto Rico) to IDN whitelist" [ (Gervase Markham) a1.9b5=beltzner]
701297e7553674ba799e1d34ae3022dcd38ada9cigor — bug=356378 r=brendan a1.9b5=beltzner reporting bad getter usage at compile time, not at runtime.
078003f2b546bba2fa2be81e1822f3c5db4fca62mozilla mano — Bug 360529, r+a=mconnor.
1022fd10b0c7fdd95fb1105e30f70e81a51a1747igor — bug=424750 Patch from Alfred Peng to make dtrace code compilable again after my changes from bug 424376. r=myself, not a part of the default browser configuration.
8adfeed2fb436c46dfebd394d6fe9160d8f2462eted mielczarek — bug 424369 - crash reporter dialog has become immensely wide. r=gavin a1.9b5=mconnor
f45c4dd0e0c1696a5073e32a34119d239e388af0bclary — Sisyphus|JavaScript Tests - handle cygwin drive prefix in determining test completion, bug 424688
65f609f7a95d412384dd531787f23f2c06775728reed — Back out Robert O'Callahan's patch from bug 417178 due to mochitest failure.
eb07645a1f54be2ffa42739113e85f66c991af3bbrendan — Fix bug and modularity loss introduced by patch for 424405 (424614, r/a=shaver, bug a=beltzner).
e0a1c8cbee018b2198f483f681bf5174f58e9d6ereed — Bug 423676 - "weirdness with layout and selection of mixed-direction text" [ (Uri Bernstein) r=smontagu sr=roc a1.9b5=schrep]
fd942c4c9389de438162b2ff01748e2f91c36838reed — Bug 417178 - "Google reader does not show subscribed topics in ff3b3 at certain zoom levels" [ (Robert O'Callahan [roc]) r+sr=dbaron a1.9b5=mconnor]
747169d585e8a3ea5b42162e104c1fc66b7e2c01reed — Bug 392976 - "Cancel / Done Buttons in the new add bookmark dialog are in a "mac like" order" [ (Ryan A. C.) r=Mano a1.9b5=mconnor]
185d1ee0d424cc90d9e34d10060914939cc582d7reed — Bug 392976 - "Cancel / Done Buttons in the new add bookmark dialog are in a "mac like" order" [ (Ryan A. C.) r=Mano a1.9b5=mconnor]
5b52d50b4529a20baf4fbd5132663e9b4eb47044joshmoz — fix wonkiness with modal windows resulting from showModalDialog on Mac OS X. b=395465 r=jst r=smichaud sr=vlad a=beltzner
891c96dffd872553b8b7ac56bbe0ae5b803d7fd1bclary — JavaScript Tests - update spidermonkey-extensions-n.tests, no bug, not part of the build
92275d96b4adfa4a73d8aabf3cad24f68d03bd56bclary — JavaScript Tests - update ecma_3/RegExp/regress-375711.js due to change in bug 416933
91c45825b7580c7d5fb9b51e1bcc462536823235bclary — Sisyphus|JavaScript Tests - make handle incomplete log output, bug 424688
eaabb6df11c680f75267282b3e55ad0b105980e1bclary — Sisyphus - update profile user prefs, bug 424681
1dad695f664ac152787fd7762cf01dd8b3f12b6fOlli Pettay — Bug 424444, Sidebar bookmarks folders do not expand when reopening the sidebar, r+a1.9=mconnor, + fix a testcase
1af1a0b983d561ba008032c4d1939d16749459daOlli Pettay — Backout Bug 424444, one browser test fails
9b5188f1ecde35d38b2e9609b991f05a2aab50c3Olli Pettay — Bug 424444, Sidebar bookmarks folders do not expand when reopening the sidebar, r+a1.9=mconnor
1c5b194ad03c6b7ce3b8d9b2890241128f1849e7igor — bug=424376 r=brendan a1.9b5=beltzner Compile-time function objects are no longer exposed through SpiderMonkey API.
815fa3b5b1a1c2e27a336ad8aa0dac71a12f4e96igor — bug=424376 r=brendan a1.9b5=beltzner Compile-time function objects are no longer exposed through SpiderMonkey API.
e665a282e69a594a730e341e3ef5ead84c32bd04pavlov — backing out trial patch for bug 424018.
92bf526802f83967eb3fafc75c877aa6e2df6c34edward lee — Leak bustage fix for bug 422491 (global const nsCString & -> #define)
53170e71f2c23a030d4b5592afc8e1d0675b263eedward lee — Bug 422177 - Awesome bar interrupts typing, so continue from where it left off. r=dietrich, a1.9b5=mconnor, b-ff3=beltzner. Bug 424388 - Autocomplete results keep disappearing and reappearing when typing more letters.
2c5e4fb071b04e4d2ed02554b748b57fb6d463e2edward lee — Bug 422491 - Optimize AwesomeBar if it finished searching and found fewer than maxResults. r=dietrich, a1.9=mconnor, a1.9b5=mconnor
dc6fadcb74e8093a3393071cb17ee98ac14ac45epavlov — trial run for bug 424018. trying to fix Ts regression
0808de81787b0f7722bb32082c66fb30f4be0c8creed — Follow-up to bug 424028 -- make Vista use pageInfo-aero.png instead of pageInfo.png.
612f9e071d8d0bc9dec9798f85804dc1408470a3pavlov — bug 424566. fix crash in font selection. r/a=vlad
2b78e35dcbe17a4ef3ff0e006e384200964d88ffreed — Bug 424405 - "XDR should compensate for traps set in the script it is serializing" [ (Brian Crowder) r+a1.9b5=shaver]
40a07086e09cb8e4811c8ea861f95d2aa40de008ajschult — backing out bug 424501 to verify it doesn't /cause/ firefox to crash
56db9dd439950fd21c3d3e1441dc01e637a034ceanodelman — Bug 416911 - per-test timeout in talos better process killing on timeout (or other bad situations) p=anodelman, r=rcampbell
1c9d050ca983a13b4f1a63bcff889f6bfb2d0545jst — Landing followup fix for bug 402983 and re-enabling the new stricter file URI security policies.
f4a63be595bd8411b93b99ccefa4690bc167ed7aajschult — Bug 424501: disable gnome bug-buddy dialog from runtests, r=waldo
4d62a1482c302258bbf3e49803c3227c1b0127b5stefanh — Bug 418059 - Clean up Pinstripe's radio.css. r=Mano, a1.9b5=schrep.
e0ba962bcf7d97525bf4f8ce8869581d7170f8d7edward lee — Bug 406257 - reduce the number of rows in url bar autocomplete from 10 to 6. r=beltzner, ui-r=beltzner, a1.9b5=beltzner
c1c2729fb44c742893c8fbbd3e942747cc52ff99edward lee — Bug 424454 - Typed urls (like domain roots) need more frecency bonus. r=beltzner, ui-r=beltzner, a1.9b5=beltzner
44282166cdd56d5ae888b7863017fbb69f1c24cbbzbarsky — Adding test
151522b6da28172a97cca3e328767302bacc3eb2bzbarsky — Fix bug 424212, r+sr=sicking, a=beltzner
67ee7470f5b7e5c5772230085475d0df501b69c8bzbarsky — Treat <xul:script> more like <html:script>. Bug 424188, r+sr=sicking, a=dsicore
cfc485c8250361c7ad341511b4faab543f22671ddbaron — Add a code comment from work on 413027.
17da4606db040706cb633d7d03e2e4044ef9f580dbaron — Some more grid reftests from work on 413027.
8fe950195468431972f7d373841df3f78c87c994reed — Bug 423770 - "sometimes need to click "Restore default set" twice to actually have the default set restored" [ (Dão Gottwald) r=gavin a1.9b5=beltzner]
db081fb58e333960068c85df8ebc54dcb2969be2reed — Bug 420373 - "need a way to distinguish GREs based on architecture in nsGREGlue" [ (Wolfgang Rosenauer) r=bsmedberg a1.9b5=schrep]
07d36f2e9f45c90fec734c4983eee9b6c5cd1043reed — Bug 423606 - "Some GTK themes ignore our focus drawing methods" [ (Michael Ventnor) r+sr=vlad a1.9b5=beltzner]
5093fa1de901f18fa50450ba631294337bf3d84breed — Bug 421847 - "When in fullscreen mode, main toolbar shouldn't have top padding" [ (Michael Ventnor) r=Ryan a1.9b5=beltzner]
0aa64c18a29ac47bd4f265f3c3bb6e429a010785pavlov — bug 424165. clamp font weights from the OS to be within 100 and 900. r/a=vlad
65a99ed4b50db5bf5619b4f9eccc8948a36663a4dbaron — Make the download manager tests remove their temporary files, and rename the prefix they use to work around the Mac unit test machine having filled up all of dmuitest.file through dmuitest-9999.file in its temp dir. rs=sdwilsh a=tests+orange
816ee3649fc6643535d8ab31745da6aeb088d488edward lee — More bustage fix for bug 416683. r=sdwilsh
a7e4b2692fe67bef35fb35043e5a5e237a1e9176edward lee — Bustage fix for bug 416683
ac5f7699c4a01c4ca9f8e176943fc03eb2670df2rhelmer — run mozilla tests on staging
ff0a4c368d6eb37090d1a0ebb4420e47d8d935efedward lee — Bug 416683 - binary downloads are deleted on completion when "Launch applications and unsafe files" is disabled. p=jmathies, r=Mardak, r=robarnold, sr=bsmedberg, a1.9b5=beltzner, b-ff3=beltzner
45b8ad02fb7b83d7cfe56249ba0955949429f97eenndeakin — Bug 421817, remove dragstart, drag and dragleave events for 1.9, they'll be back in a later release, r=jonas, sr=jst, a=beltzner
f343f4d070d3d8e7adb4d2ef9ae6bb229f340539vladimir — b=424094, win32 checkboxes and radio buttons don't get hover; r=stuart,a=damon
150c6c6daa5dc9d96e2440837260225a4a407ff9pavlov — bug 399636. make symbol fonts behave in unexpected ways. r=vlad a=beltzner
6a2278a7029fc7544cca81d7f7b4f82fcc1a7e1frob_strong — Followup to Bug 392150 - Clean the old updates directory on uninstall / in-place upgrade. r=sspitzer, approval1.9b5=dsicore
f6f708c9e53613a589cd97c5ff8eaabfa6b16924rhelmer — check in staging equiv of moz19-bootstrap.cfg b=415180
3517fb1a49d9b0ef4a05f261a085217af3d3075dpavlov — bug 424398. fix crash when installing new fonts while loading pages. r=vlad a=beltzner
e13d7643bf3e1f81c45a2030e37fb16142e960e8dbaron — Put something non-empty that changes (the output of date) into the .nss.checkout file so it is better reflected when mirroring a CVS checkout into other version control systems. b=421861 r=bsmedberg a1.9b5=schrep (landing original patch rather than revised one)
6ed92e989a1b825bc0a791fc606dba2de4879116rhelmer — preparing for 3.0b5 release b=424242 r=rhelmer p=joduinn
e24fd77146bcfaeff8bcfa91f16b9abb0b56cbf3rhelmer — back out workaround b=401327
d7197fea27edb4b89a959a6c1b354b861b7bacd3dbaron — Put something non-empty that changes (the output of date) into the .nss.checkout file so it is better reflected when mirroring a CVS checkout into other version control systems. b=421861 r=bsmedberg a1.9b5=schrep
90089bc16ba9d021df29686736f9bac2e3a89552bmlk — use the firstinflow when looking up rowgroups bug 424291 r/sr=bzbarsky a=mtschrep
6075b973ebf00bb5effed650c0910eba0527bec9rob_strong — Bug 392150 - Clean the old updates directory on uninstall / in-place upgrade. r=sspitzer, approval1.9b5=mconnor
46242499d6489444b68e689e4ad9c7c66efdd67epavlov — bug 418384. use GDI when Uniscribe doesn't like a font. Fixes crash. r=vlad a=beltzner
293cebb20fb5421e5c48f01cf18b698fbbecf278rob_strong — Bug 423997 - App name missing from default program description. r=sspitzer, approval1.9b5=beltzner
409b933a0b937baa6c2767cb0e1e288e12435977crowder — Bug 420973 - printObj crashes on dense arrays, r/a1.9b5=shaver
e5adf68f22a22726ca9c59daff9b527923d3e76adtownsend — Bug 424262: Ratings stars show a compressed composite of entire image block., a1.9b5=beltzner
2335dd70dbe3b9ad6f7992fa6719af2e285bd531timeless — Fixing build bustage from bug 423874 for dtrace (not a standard configuration)
c78b20f858a1bd25606aeb736afa566c28428148Olli Pettay — Change one DEBUG_smaug comment to start a new qm-win2k3-01 build.
f2b32cba18748ca23cc36d7dcd5edf3f5ae65181Olli Pettay — Bug 420415, r=jst, sr=sicking, a=beltzner
3948d80aa96fe6a5ea7160127c8b4947e7d6974fOlli Pettay — Bug 395609, r=roc+sicking, sr=sicking, a=beltzner
12e9f71fc98c8109a29b0640790723bfe9f67741reed — Bug 424028 - "beta 5 theme update for windows (xp and vista)" (Fix more tab close icons) [p=reed pending-r=gavin pending-a1.9b5=]
745b659bb3a98b7a272c82353af8bcbf44c7f07creed — Bug 418868 - "M3 Tango" (Add-ons manager search fix and new searchIcons icon) [ (Michael Ventnor) / (Reed Loden) r=Ryan pending-a1.9b5=]
00e1cb0283a7aa0f08e1fea814167063d78a9a00reed — Bug 424028 - "beta 5 theme update for windows (xp and vista)" (Fix tab close icon and get add-ons search bar) [p=reed pending-r=gavin pending-a1.9b5=]
c556850e504f7bb10cdadc1edd4ca3dbc818d7e1uriber — follow-up on bug 423130 to fix Windows breakage
a37cd7e93065864b8307f2d8dafba17f5717ce83igor — bug=423874 r=brendan a1.9b5=dsicore Allocating native functions together with JSObject
d79d27bfeb1af873aa784ef7e52966105f28d6bburiber — In bidi resolution, convert inline bidi continuations not at the end of a bidi run into fluid continuations. bug=423130 r=smontagu sr=dbaron a19b5=dsicore
58165e581085281c42df2734693da9d10db5bb11reed — Bug 418868 - "M3 Tango" (Add mail, bookmarksMenu, and bookmarksToolbar icons) [ (Michael Monreal) / Tango team ui-r=faaborg a1.9b5=beltzner]
f0a3dbb75b4c1152f01d1ac508995587dacd3006reed — Bug 418868 - "M3 Tango" (Updated viewButtons) [ (Michael Monreal) / Tango team ui-r=faaborg a1.9b5=beltzner]
0ade143c977e88e2e5d5fe5e8bf77f33365d2978reed — Bug 415664 - "Source viewer needs menu icons" (Adds an id to the Help Contents menuitem) [ (Ian Spence) r=Mano a1.9b5=beltzner]
5c97fe390c98841d485a0a225e78337cf26b8c11reed — Bug 420786 - "Setting image as desktop background causes a crash in Linux" [ (Sylvain Pasche) r=gavin a1.9b5=beltzner]
bd556b0526e7239f8de29dfc8ef79904548ee7d9reed — Bug 424093 - "CNN Video page will not load" [ (Dave Camp) r=Enn sr=jst a1.9b5=beltzner]
b8cd5e074ca48613e3c2ab40ca408ebe0025b8acjst — Reverting the recent file:// URI security change default setting to get the tree green until we fix all the issues.
35a68a6011509435dabe78005c07c054aacac565bzbarsky — Hold strong ref to ourselves so we don't die while touching members. Bug 421602 followup, r= and a= pending
ae4d374b84019e23c8ddee2854cd331f06613dd3jst — Fixing orange from bug 402983. Make file:///foo and file:////foo#bar compare as equal URLs.
d0abbb408796f8b38c5fd9bfdd67cef38450e48areed — Bug 423977 - "Add-ons rating stars now a grid of 11x11 icons" [p=reed r=gavin a1.9b5=mconnor]
86f91ced2ff4bcc43bed1f5f2c2503922438c85ejst — Followup fix for bug 418356. Re-enable loading file:// URIs using the subscript loader.
4d031706c37751463a586231b45a2d1ec0033f7dreed — Remove unused icon (Search-bar.png) from gnomestripe and pinstripe.
095e70787c44ac2251627a29a195c4a6a78ecec6jst — Landing fix for bug 402983. Make security checks on file:// URIs symmetric. Patch by,,
78f89dcd38603318ab1e30a6c01fc6ab3d21223creed — Removing icon-aero.png and preview-aero.png from the jar manifest file since there's no way (that Ryan and I know) to use separate icons between XP and Vista.
3b9b1b6d9bd57a55fce9a91552198b7987ada91dreed — Bug 423806 - "Keyhole (combined back forward) for small icons mode on windows" [ (mcdavis941) r=gavin a1.9b5=beltzner]
bb220f59e8b546ac40fb001ec0ef0ff5e62ffafcreed — Bug 424028 - "beta 5 theme update for windows (xp and vista)" [p=Iconfactory ui-r=faaborg a1.9b5=mconnor]
4851c9995a3d4b4960b61de9a8f2b32168bfdc09dbaron — Add bug number for failing tests.
5e676baf415c835a91ca01a21abc0632f98d398ddbaron — Add additional tests with opacity to exercise the cases where we construct TableBackgroundPainters from row or row group frames.
a7fbc3a1b52703359712accb74fcf76b46f0c4d4surkov alexander — Bug 424097 - Crash when running --a11y, and having JAWS running at the same time, patch=marcoz, r=me, ab5=beltzner
052b4241ef7225271c773f1e9ffe1c0828220c48jwalden — Also run createElement(?:NS)? tests on XML/XHTML documents, in addition to on an HTML document. We don't have any bugs that this exposes, but it seems like a good idea to add them, since another implementation (WebKit) was passing all our tests but failing the Yahoo! webmail does-it-work smoketest due to this. a=itsatest
e2da94316ac5612291c7c471d2d33c5edc3d9293dbaron — Additional fix on top of roc's patch for bug 421069 to fix the regression it caused. r=dholbert approval1.9b5=damon
f5bdc600458461e13ce1d438c996dfb35f816dc3dbaron — Don't do translation during table border painting. b=421069 Patch by Robert O'Callahan <>. r+sr=dbaron approval1.9b5=damon
0096b2a36fe98b1193f42d5db4610fe48079aa11dbaron — Add some reftests for table background painting. (These tests catch the regression from the previous patch in bug 421069.)
299e985f9774cdbfb65f371aa845aca7119c09ccdbaron — Add reftests for bug 421069.
6894f070318286052738cfebdaebc014d737a7fbvladimir — fix up unit test to accept '.jpeg' on linux
e06b25c4355dc3a28e354dd0fb8802bd8bf3fbf0vladimir — Followup to 414201, get rid of some release calls
e329ef2b6fd93ba0b6dcca0751cd37c49c4506b3jwalden — Bug 405570 - Replace redirects in test for bug 403331 with a test-specific redirection page, now that the HTTP server supports server-side scripts -- the less test harness infrastructure we have, the easier it is to understand and support. r=me as a trivial change, a=testonlychange
1ac693d0a53b5325661f2d9c660f11b707dbcbc9vladimir — b=414201, [relanding] JPEG images dragged to Finder have file extension changed to .jfif; r=stan,sr=shaver,a=beltzner
2a552080d880df187817a51d8ac5bf84a049b191rhelmer — bustage fix for staging only, update to UPDATE_PACKAGING_R3
948101e0fffa122b4dea31fc9751c65cb4e1e7c4pavlov — bug 424165. Fixes crashes and problems with choosing a bold font when we should pick a lighter one. r=vlad a=beltzner
3dcef6be3ac7c595f28e45439dd92788216c94d2vladimir — backing out 414201 because I hate 10.4
fa404a49aac8ccdf62d820ea31805be7f11e67edrflint — Bug 420674 - Large icons from extensions and themes are stretched in Addons manager. r=dtownsend a1.9b5=beltzner
954640a9a7108456322b0feb38a7fd28e913adcfedward lee — Bug 415403 - Show matches for all search words for location bar autocomplete. r=gavin, a1.9b5=beltzner, b-ff3=beltzner
9e0548105e58ee5091539a2ffb51dbe87fb7653aedward lee — Bug 407861 - Bolding the found text in autocomplete breaks ligatures. r=gavin, a1.9b5=beltzner, b-ff3=beltzner
8c4747dcb4d2870db4396942c50f05a0e9e895a7edward lee — Bug 407946 - emphasize all matching text in title and url, not just the first match in title and url. r=gavin, a1.9b5=beltzner, b-ff3=beltzner
3bd1b585557851b3e097776bf2caeb8e3cf38c56vladimir — b=414201, JPEG images dragged to Finder have file extension changed to .jfif; r=stan,sr=shaver,a=beltzner
ce51c6330d14eed2f811a359f016960f8f5f89a7sayrer — Bug 424035. Crash [@ JS_IsArrayObject] when trying to decode a bogus JSON string. r=shaver
452972ff9bf46abe86dd14034fbed7f9f711b623Olli Pettay — Bug 421209, r=cpearce, sr=jst, a=beltzner
a67e2065c4bd07cad17f8930a96a2b28975c4762gavin — Back out bug 415947 due to topcrash bug 424163, a=beltzner
386b569cd1688ed3a93f382937077153b208ce17mconnor — forgot to revert this, a=beltzner on reverting post-freeze
671921d7604d760541c8c6343a0789cc02176aa7benjamin — Bug 424156 - C++ compilation error in jsinterp.c, r=crowder a=beltzner
9e8898646a59ee19df7505dcc14f6059a677a077edward lee — Bug 407204 - adjust the title and url text sizes. r=beltzner, ui-r=beltzner, a1.9=beltzner, a1.9b5=beltzner, b-ff3=mconnor
351c11bb46722f23c2841a13879ca4e290199d61dietrich — Followup checkin for Bug 423154 - off-by-one error for browser.bookmarks.max_backups (r=mano, a=beltzner)
4f727fbc986ad6b2808871e55427061fe6e573e5rhelmer — bustage fix, old rc should be 4 for staging