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Fri Mar 20 08:38:30 2009 +0000
451c1f1753f00907e116a26c6d3cad71f3dbfcb4Ryan Flint — Bug 482229: add localizable string for 'search site' feature, r=gavin, a=mconnor
542e7bcb3e0f48c7c688355d65767d07a9413a82Drew Willcoxon — Bug 480169: Update strings for Clear Recent History dialog, and add some additional strings in preparation for later refactoring, r=gavin, ui-r=beltzner, a=mconnor
4be589e93b228d7f7948a4f255adf9d9b28bb20cMike Beltzner — Bug 476477: improve wording of the about:sessionrestore page, r=gavin, ui-r=faaborg,madhava, a=mconnor