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Wed Oct 23 21:54:06 2019 +0000
82274c20257455ffb7ea74404ee9d27bc4246819Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1589954 - Implement the rest of nsIClassifiedChannel methods on DocumentChannel; r=jya
5a8b6efcadb8488ba10079308fc22d71f2532600Gabriel Luong — Bug 1574506 - Migrate usage of gripNodeToFront to toolbox's new getNodeFrontFromNodeGrip function. r=nchevobbe
97d92c251ce1b19db216c198a0c4a90e8f841fc5Brian Hackett — Bug 1444064 Part 3 - Add test that OBT web console listens to new processes, r=nchevobbe.
0f162d032993d57c4cfd814c9d0e110bef9ce488Johann Hofmann — Bug 1590749 - Make the update interval for the milestone doorhanger configurable. r=ewright
a222623d04c820ca3d4ab96c497e5b98752a456dKashav Madan — Bug 1533895 - Skip browser_broadcast.js with Fission enabled, r=mccr8
3cb9925071e7ebbd81d31f13b370d9702db177d5Kashav Madan — Bug 1582531 - Re-enable some skipped tests, r=mccr8
95b92f0cb96e63a129f89ed98c211efcce525d81Jim Blandy — Bug 1586450: Trace Debugger.Frames with hooks for live frames directly. r=jonco
f771b9571948c31bfb848faa33e56586f92a6a2cJim Blandy — Bug 1586450: Split out DebuggerFrame::isLiveMaybeForwarded. r=jonco
77581f282cd6c76c6a5d63e3718744bab9196a3fMark Striemer — Bug 1586918 - Separate the add row from last pref in about:config r=Gijs
0f93829d0ed172b2d80c72876b81b799df6a53aeChristian Holler — Bug 1590468 - Bump max_oom_hook_version for latest Rust Nightly. r=jseward
36e230321fd00eab502391f7a16aff4aef35364dDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1582234 - Change the meaning of browser.urlbar.suggest.bookmark = false so that visited bookmarks are autofilled but unvisited bookmarks still are not. r=mak
e9c9a624d055b54cf65a5361f5261a2278ec6d3eBrian Hackett — Bug 1590703 - Add redirection for CFArrayCreateMutable, r=jlast.
62d6bd13bb5638c06e6cc609b3df43587bfda675Razvan Maries — Backed out changeset 3c32d4e19a92 (bug 1582234) for ES Lint failrue on UnifiedComplete.jsm. CLOSED TREE
6dffdf63221aa03f7c52e3aaf408b485ddcb6bbcChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1590777: Add Null check for referrerinfo within ParseCSPAndEnforceFrameAncestorCheck. r=tnguyen
2abea3ccd7b8d77fff25e2706278339ad42a2524Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1590784: Move GetHttpChannelHelper into nsContentSecurityUtils. r=jkt
9ab74403e75278f511317b337728dfba6f56e68bAndreea Pavel — Bug 1588284 - disable test_ext_web_accessible_incognito.html on fission r=mccr8
21764868072db3cbfade8a0ad4504d6f546f428eHenrik Skupin — Bug 1589625 - [remote] Improve setup and teardown logic for browser chrome tests. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
ebeb63afc52d7a13ce79f8fc299a9d82df378770Henrik Skupin — Bug 1589625 - [remote] Start and stop the CDP server outside of the browser chrome tests. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
5b3badffcd9caf5448694252769e122d603fbbacHenrik Skupin — Bug 1589625 - [remote] Improve handling of tabs when closing a chrome window. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
e09c20baeed78e04b819cdfc29aefb52d0bf60dfHenrik Skupin — Bug 1589625 - [remote] Add documentation for enabling logging of emitted events. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato,maja_zf
3c32d4e19a929a92e875e63e92d189e06cefc3edDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1582234 - Change the meaning of browser.urlbar.suggest.bookmark = false so that visited bookmarks are autofilled but unvisited bookmarks still are not. r=mak
edd1fb860f3c3365032323b4c7acbd76be39704aMarco Bonardo — Bug 1586778 - Never end address bar layout extension if the view is open. r=dao
3538810d52dae9e268181d30e557558f94ad532dAndreea Pavel — Bug 1495002 - disable permissions/ on win ccov debug for frequent failures r=whimboo
c10c7735aad2010ce233e4efe6e11b1f086f74ecMike de Boer — Bug 1590775 - Ensure to enable the default private search engine feature for Nightly users only. r=Standard8
5dc0fcde3bec8aef86447e491c7efdb518103e9eMike Conley — Bug 1567009 - Remove titlebar=no rule for the Picture-in-Picture player window to allow resizing on macOS. r=mstriemer
8c0d54b69f2e4d496660fab1e4890388f98c4e5cDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1587867 - Change regexp in looksLikeURL to avoid bad performance for long strings. r=mak
f4f856f7e5443b6b0d598b9caf51c0bc2f983cefBelén Albeza — Bug 1583705: Fix capitalization of heading when no manifest is available r=jdescottes,fluent-reviewers,flod
32f7be1fc656e438aee8406cb429abc67bf443b6Marco Bonardo — Bug 1584253 - Better narrow-window layout for the address bar one-off buttons. r=dao
a92020c2ec43f3b3a66b142e36456e2849c0217bJason Orendorff — Bug 1448324 - Fix link in js/rust readme. r=jdm
7bf98679fda4bbf76d38026ab0b0f2c768b5264bAndreea Pavel — Bug 1404373 - disabled test_bug495145.html on win r=gbrown
1394cffa4ec7f507a0fad406568034002da87878Geoff Brown — Bug 1589691 - For android-hw tests, ensure test app is uninstalled before trying to install; r=bc
9e5d727b79836ee5b3a06722d5359be07093b895Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1590680 - [moztest.resolve] Fix edge case where puppeteer/wpt manifest data is requested before the main tests, r=gbrown
62c82066ae448d3b7aa0afc8557d65b407ee4871Brian Hackett — Bug 1444064 - Add ToolboxTask object for communicating with the browser toolbox during tests, r=ochameau.
14d6dd504f86d34d7f781caf77ac1205b5d9a0ceLiang-Heng Chen — Bug 1534339 - make OriginAttributes deserializable; r=baku
6b5c158150f9b65088939c41fe2c56ed7efd9cefGreg Tatum — Bug 1588295 - Change popup test to use the js feature rather than stackwalk; r=gerald
d816eaf4e0b111d65bb0fce6fe428b905cef2c40Greg Tatum — Bug 1588192 - Fix the TypeScript require function in the initializers; r=julienw
243d10dad9d810f0261d9c5bfb88fac2cd46cbffEden Chuang — Bug 1581477 - Enable dom/serviceworkers/test mochitests for fission r=perry
d6e5123eba183aa2f6c75aa57a541f128587a1a5Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1590319 - Revert async task queueing in MediaRecorder::Pause()/Resume(). r=jib
8b72f1465217f66f3715dd277cf8d303dda11f65Tom Ritter — Bug 1571219 - Refactor PerformanceMeasure to avoid double-reducing timestamps r=baku
df04e4fbbcb28da75c0e5d984b1648245d2bcb86Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1590707 - Don't display outline on CodeMirror scrollbars. r=fvsch.
6f4eedc9e6bcd98bfe7a1708b166cbec203b901bMarcus Burghardt — Bug 1586081 - Remove special EV treatment from GlobalSign Extended Validation CA - SHA256 - G2. r=keeler
afe9a75259e3e8683ca82f8977944d0c0cf80417Itiel — Bug 1590311 - Fix 'Copy All Changes' button styling for RTL. r=rcaliman
e72fde5e9c8b77a7815400fc529eb38d8c8fc1e1Razvan Maries — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1589056) for lint failure on CLOSED TREE
14259e36e83e90e54fd1457b1680c0b777f77ad4Liang-Heng Chen — Bug 1590659 - remove double "&&" in the targeting description; r=andreio
eedfdf0e4cd1710dabe8103bdb38a520fa8b7141Andrei Oprea — Bug 1590490 - Revert string removal in /newtab/asrouter.ftl r=fluent-reviewers,flod,k88hudson
6bd10819c81400587de52b21fb062ef713ad1835Philip Jägenstedt — Bug 1589056 - [mozlog] tests for PRECONDITION_FAILED status r=jgraham
4253a2fb88486012c4e2d237bd185f15eb3734f4Philip Jägenstedt — Bug 1589056 - [mozlog] introduce PRECONDITION_FAILED status r=jgraham
dac50d796f639001743366716173ee20f6bfb8acEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590426 - Cleanup signatures in nsImageFrame / nsImageControlFrame. r=tnikkel
37538ab48bab7bc2a098fd320cc4178707278c37Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1589955 - Sync-decode images when intrinsic ratio between the old and new source changes. r=tnikkel
7d56e41a045027e539e87963a5fcbea50735117cMark Banner — Bug 1589972 - When an unrelated document loads, don't clear out search telemetry information for other documents. r=mikedeboer
ee9d1b4986a579025764d7d78b90b2b4a486a9b1Mark Banner — Bug 1589972 - Don't stop tracking search telemetry when the location change is for the same document. r=mikedeboer