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Mon May 21 21:28:55 2018 +0000
c8b0df341f44e0e7563d544b76d6d21f7cf12d27Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset f5cbef593cc1 (bug 1451840) for failures in browser/base/content/test/static/browser_parsable_css.js on a CLOSED TREE
bf62f7d895c4de4a32311be27ab5b8877ebb4186Sam Foster — Bug 1457389 - Check if extension is in the overflow menu when setting fixedWidth on the popup. r=rpl
2c00eeb83675336a5002b2800e7f8a5678489ecdTimothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 1462806 - Extract is value from nsXMLContentSink r=smaug
4026dbe2606d9e52d3da42779db1eefff5cbbbf9Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset 80cc5997d8cc (bug 1461345) for xpcshall failures on test_TelemetryEnvironment.js on a CLOSED TREE
363c21e529d0e88f8b5422a825a846776b9cd11cMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1457083 - part 7: Remove methods of TextEditRules and HTMLEditRules, which just return NS_OK r=m_kato
e84f2a4cd2ae389f7e10ee4e5f8296b1d0ab98b5Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1457083 - part 6: Get rid of unnecessary Selection argument from all protected/private methods of TextEditRules and HTMLEditRules r=m_kato
7574aa05f0cf9727be7dab744d2907cc77d41486Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1457083 - part 5: Make all users of Selection in TextEditRules and HTMLEditRules use TextEditRules::SelectionRef() r=m_kato
c469a8b14bf4d221375b51255e801039597d7e39Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1457083 - part 4: Replace mHTMLEditor in HTMLEditRules with HTMLEditorRef() r=m_kato
4320b35386e96417f68d4862f6a369473750d029Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1457083 - part 3: Replace mTextEditor in TextEditRules with TextEditorRef() r=m_kato
fcacbe739f6779e1bdb51773c1480c9d3271c6eeMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1457083 - part 2: Make all observer methods of HTMLEditRules create AutoSafeEditorData r=m_kato
d7e797f898b05a4edc47b7369dad793162cb91e6Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1457083 - part 1: Make public methods of TextEditUtils and HTMLEditUtils guarantee that the editor instance and selection instance won't be destroyed while it handles any edit actions r=m_kato
f5cbef593cc1a17680e3ac94b7fa9b23a9ee41c0anthony — Bug 1451840 - Add button to Pocket doorhanger to request mobile app r=Gijs
081438ba2d2713123c98e7214c5e96dd9e231adeAndreea Pavel — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1463055) for failing devtools at browser/base/content/test/static/browser_parsable_css.js on a CLOSED TREE
7c4c86f3913fe595adde26cc3d4cc3eec062b52eBrian Grinstead — Bug 1462798 - Create a base custom element class that shares the parseXULToFragment helper;r=Paolo
80cc5997d8cce2ab82bc2695a7f8f69356f595d0Michael Kaply — Bug 1461345 - Move to list.json. r=adw
610da3d903bec2983d0e56d051d7d915a6bb86bbPatrick McManus — Bug 1462357 - remove the channel and socket interface id r=bagder,baku
723ce0f95ab28a3ab4a8207ecbd15e7bcd181e9eMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1463011 - Constexpr-ify mozilla::NotNull r=njn
6e571fd8686390e3d870a97e38f54ea69cfcf0b7Bogdan Tara — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=backout CLOSED TREE
767352c4858edb340a545ec56553a3f4c2aef13aRazvan Caliman — Bug 1463055 - Font editor: edit font that is both used and declared in font-family. r=pbro
59dd330ceb81263637286e4e237c36fea4290875Razvan Caliman — Bug 1463055 - Font editor: read properties from computed style; write to inline style. r=pbro
52b3ed8fa57d14c3528384383a170b6dd0427225Razvan Caliman — Bug 1463055 - Font editor: merge editor panel with overview (temporary until redesign). r=pbro
125efe55befbeff32f4a08d0820bec440b844018Razvan Caliman — Bug 1463055 - Font Editor: remove toggle from rule view and associated logic. r=pbro
d1d367709ab13d99377dbdf4d7d1b161403bf23eJohann Hofmann — Bug 1450376 - Ignore blocked permission requests in permission prompt telemetry. r=jkt
f1fe5e4c8ce5f8bab3ed63e2c751fd3a5db43a3cAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 5352d48512f7 (bug 1458159) for failing reftest min-intrinsic-with-percents-across-elements.html == min-intrinsic-with-percents-across-elements-ref.html on a CLOSED TREE
e0e34d725988edb47ebce3eeb95f663ed2b65a78Andreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
2e556da5bf738278cda54bda453517ccee7da250Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1458208 - telemetry.js: DevTools code should always go through telemetry.js r=jdescottes
f755fe79a51b4e05daaaf3f8dabedb2a9826aa7fMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 1296723 - Remove logOncePerBrowserVersion telemetry functions and probes r=jryans
6b6bdb43cdc3ae011842a61343a529e09cb99f9aMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 1458206 - telemetry.js: Cleanup toolOpened/toolClosed r=jdescottes
5352d48512f78e1dd767ce24ca6292396bb21facXidorn Quan — Bug 1458159 - Use rounding instead of ceiling on max{Ascent,Descent} for DWriteFont. r=jfkthame