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Mon Apr 16 21:59:17 2018 +0000
0ceabd10aac2272e83850e278c7876f32dbae42eJonathan Kew — Bug 1436048 part 2 - Store FontWeight as a fixed-point value to support fractional font-weight values. r=jwatt
c95f5a65950c40a4315f8c4b9cfb81916c63710fMargareta Eliza Balazs — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
970da641be1aa033bd3aa5f6b928de7bb75b6d22Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset d0cf37de4a14 (bug 1450954) for failing in dom/media/tests/mochitest/test_getUserMedia_basicScreenshare.html on a CLOSED TREE
3eede08e88ded9c1b1c9d32070cdf6e3d88e3569Eugen Sawin — Bug 1454384 - [1.0] Enforce non-null extras and arguments in GeckoRuntimeSettings. r=snorp
e9f29bf619f3a2e58e287b8897ac76f2ff22d3e5Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1454340: Get rid of SetAsUndisplayedContent. r=mats
1a6e27a09653b27d965e45bd2838e829a4564ebcJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1454429. Remove broken paint flashing support.
7042561b82de86853d7655b20fc278a3cc335207Joel Maher — Bug 1452522 - add fuzzy-if to mathml/font-inflation-1.html for webrender given high frequency intermittent failures. r=kats
b0d033ffb7c7b6ce1f8e50b4ae54e919651aade1Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1386138 - Add Android fuzz for 568441.html. r=me
6a2919c16c8c6f70b92d13edd00da4854fd91454Ryan Hunt — Bug 1438551 - Remove unused mPaintedRegion from TiledLayerBuffer. r=nical
2b481be0024f5df477db5577ee0a8e55704db2abRyan Hunt — Bug 1438551 - Add a pref for enabling tiles when we are using skia with parallel painting. r=nical
83a97d3d6b77b8cc8580d4e9c255f4b712fe5a4dRyan Hunt — Bug 1438551 - Don't discard the back buffer when we reuse the front buffer. r=nical
ab5ed3dd38b9f6b6a3244e13ab902b29073cb6e3Ryan Hunt — Bug 1438551 - When creating a back buffer, only paint in the visible rect. r=nical
5c07a83643348dc9118bcd6fb408d4c41fce8266Ryan Hunt — Bug 1438551 - When resizing single tile buffers be sure we don't mark the copied region as invalidated. r=nical
5ace559271252bfa451add4482b74d7ad4f2d157Jon Coppeard — Bug 1454009 - Cut down BinAST log output during jsapi tests r=yoric
d0cf37de4a14f99dd13b422ea752f565a8f91e68Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1450954 - Test that a screenshare track's getSettings return sane dimensions. r=jib
63f8d54430b837552237d3fbaaaf87169db9738fJason Laster — Bug 1454254 - Update Debugger Frontend v39. r=jdescottes
a3030ca3e161a55cac5594bdf368fc6847d8035bBen Hearsum — bug 1355482: document taskcluster releng implementation and release promotion - add missing file. r=aki
33c879d73a091e703187ea8ac0e7a0dcc1e0ea11Nathan Froyd — Bug 1454040 - part 2 - remove nsAutoPtr entirely from nsSMILTimedElement; r=dholbert
20babe43b5d5723b41cba1fbcd6313ed229fcf04Nathan Froyd — Bug 1454040 - part 1 - make time intervals in nsSMILTimedElement UniquePtrs; r=dholbert
61fd0798f0a8ee4c38dc1cc9f1cdb34d3bf64b2bJames Graham — Bug 1447040 - Disable cache-abort serviceworker test on mac debug, a=testonly
e2f68d3b03c2fe2c8f489ba179e7dc871acda245James Graham — Bug 1454362 - Add long timeout to cache-abort tests, a=testonly
d089589540944ed724ec39eb58720cf28f7cf53bAdam Rice — Bug 1447040 [wpt PR 10096] - Correctly reject in-progress body methods with AbortError, a=testonly
ca5da952ff4c690bd34336b8a8aafec06b01e0e8Ben Kelly — Bug 1451913 P10 Make the inner window explicitly disconnect the IDBFactory. r=baku
76afcfbd047bb5131bde2f4f693ee0013bd2ed64Ben Kelly — Bug 1451913 P9 Try to avoid event listener leak test intermittents by doing more GC. r=baku
8dd0da361b21f74f32cce7a731dfafc3a2fdcf3cBen Kelly — Bug 1451913 P8 Add an AudioContext event target leak test. r=smaug
2f9240cfa840dd9370db235e175a1fd88815acabBen Kelly — Bug 1451913 P7 Add an IDB event target leak test. r=smaug
0eed49c93565184387efa167f86ef3974faf4b80Ben Kelly — Bug 1451913 P6 Test that WebSocket does not leak through its event listeners. r=smaug
102a57aaff3a7d51f4923bbac945b1ec340ae65dBen Kelly — Bug 1451913 P5 Migrate the IDBFactory to the new window on r=smaug
7f45cea49e22faa07640c736808b0aebc5994fa7Ben Kelly — Bug 1451913 P4 Don't manually create a new Performance object on since we are rebinding the old Performance to the new global. r=smaug
4952f8b12700e60c7e7aeaa9aeff06cbf7658456Ben Kelly — Bug 1451913 P3 Make AudioContext add itself to the new window when its rebound for a r=smaug
1ff0b30a815e50f299185443e90580ec4ced0911Ben Kelly — Bug 1451913 P2 Update websocket state on the inner window when rebinding. r=smaug
3baa317d82f535d3ee0b97b1ba900cb06f726567Ben Kelly — Bug 1451913 P1 Allow subclasses to override DOMEventTargetHelper::BindToOwner(nsIGlobalObject*). r=smaug
e3b3fac9a495a0aec188a2e8be21af3e7defe433Ben Kelly — Bug 1451913 P0 Delay rebinding and freeing the old inner window until after set the new inner window. r=smaug
a1869efdd7aa8162dd68eb47288dffc528ce7980Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1443615 - Remove legacy Telemetry component `TelemetryLog`. r=chutten
f88b7fb02d30e6cce1e9f3c49d0a2c242d2a30bdDragan Mladjenovic — Bug 1453628 - [MIPS64] Cleanup JIT <-> C++ 32-bit argument passing for simulator build. r=bbouvier
efac2c840d9be2cd675a541bf60443906330f3b6Florian Quèze — Bug 854464 - round the percentComplete value of the download indicator before setting it to set it at most 100 times, r=paolo.
a466495618d0468b0fd43f9c10fed8ae8112b6d9Jan de Mooij — Bug 1447989 - Add some asserts to TI code. r=tcampbell
438494d2d17bec92e4f4e38661a85b60680ab087Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1453339. Make it harder to mess up Promise::All. r=peterv
43862b2ee72eec858f509ce3b9cb5c6fa96194baEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1453702: [css-display] Move unboxing to style, and handle display: contents before other suppressions. r=mats,xidorn
55c90c91e3f3844e6db5b99c86c1ec6a0c24758dffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from task bXFc8JIdQA-9jXbS0HWQ5Q
6c64530dd9240265d42c5e2c61ad94d875be01aeAndreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
8b14b0ba94dbaf348ae63d7c4014f95e4c4ea73eJonathan Kew — Bug 1452973 - Update NS_FONT_STRETCH_* constants to values based on the percentage definitions in css fonts 4. r=jwatt
b5e2ab3b7a26a301212db459a42067feabba426aChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1454242: Test samesite cookie on top-level page from cross-origin context. r=mgoodwin
3c1fdf8c83daf09d9bcf41ccd4c7bc0380f3d478Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1454242: Setting samesite cookie should not rely on NS_IsSameSiteForeign. r=valentin
c6757ad801fedaff8606b6ae34a276ce08714ce8Tim Taubert — Bug 1445731 - land NSS c1a4035420c3 UPGRADE_NSS_RELEASE, r=me