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Wed Jun 19 13:23:18 2013 +0000
bef2efa890878d444fa554e7d1f9c394d36de576Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 1885bc168943 (bug 811392) since the patch it depends on has now been backed out on a CLOSED TREE
bef10ede6c1e4f923134be40dcdc846249c50015Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 8866d9627149 (bug 879717) for assertions during test_playback_rate.html on Windows on a CLOSED TREE
b22438ffe2680871844af938a6e7832a18871b6dEd Morley — Backed out changeset acc1c0494f49 (bug 883731)
5199b67ba0297db108386fc9d4d7c045b2587654Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 78424c3ea6cb (bug 883731)
abe93cefa9cfde1c3d7400df9638286d74688b61Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 04d60f86b935 (bug 883731)
59679baba21b48fc662d731b094b544e2c5e8c03Ed Morley — Backed out changeset f3ca96dd397e (bug 873251) for causing mochitest-metro-chrome failures
734147446def7c703e3d42d8740644bac4c3dec3Asaf Romano — Relanding Bug 834539 - Replace getPageTitle with an async API. r=mak. sr=gavin.
0414d4228e8525834e52aed3533db2d1fadcce27Daniel Holbert — Bug 884564 followup: fix end-of-line whitespace in nsBlockFrame::CreateContinuationFor. (whitespace-only, DONTBUILD)
78245cf88e94e39bc75486efca16f8eb03959c92Makoto Kato — Bug 880590 - Remove _WIN64 define by configure. r=ted
0c7d548ae1881ccb91c932c9ce34f6818aecf9b5Makoto Kato — Bug 884634 - GTK3 port should use Linux theme. r=karlt
7c148efceaf94def80701e1d965af65a5b937599Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 634839 (part 2b) - Remove more unnecessary headers (as found by include-what-you-use) from SpiderMonkey. r=jorendorff.
4558994f91a0ec017def6e81dbd477c53391dcf0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 634839 (part 2a) - Remove unnecessary headers (as found by include-what-you-use) from jsapi.h. r=jorendorff.
b660582ee4510c1987ed7ec8f3f17a368b47c86bDaniel Holbert — Bug 884576: Make some nsBlockFrame helper-methods (ReflowPushedFloats, PrepareResizeReflow, & SplitLine) infallible. r=bz
416252ef9d1ed367323f2b548da1a1182ef81fb0Daniel Holbert — Bug 884564: Make CreateContinuationFor() infallible and directly return its outparam. r=bz
b6b8be9f8e0dbb295f5661d385d4ee2a61e9d720Chris Peterson — Bug 883729 - Fix -Wnull-conversion warnings in xpcom. r=bsmedberg
6c5e99d67cd0016d8e282e2ffcb014cd5e1fabfdChris Peterson — Bug 883501 - Fix -Wreorder warning in xpcom/base/nsConsoleMessage.cpp. r=msucan
04d60f86b935af3423614eb10e71b6fb646e114dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 883731. Part 3: Make all calls to ChangeReadyState go through UpdateReadyStateForDtaData. r=cpearce
78424c3ea6cb266dafe113455682ecc0703d4364Robert O'Callahan — Bug 883731. Part 2: Remove ResourceLoaded notifications since they don't make much sense with a media cache. r=cpearce
acc1c0494f490c8936e39327ad14f876e6ef8badRobert O'Callahan — Bug 883731. Part 1: Remove nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement:: and MediaDecoderOwner:: prefixes. r=cpearce
8866d9627149ee3a7d3ebda498835cc53c75d364Robert O'Callahan — Bug 879717. Delay entering HAVE_CURRENT_DATA state until a video frame has been stored in the image container. r=cpearce
775a172255b139b8b54539aa6b25c64ee95e10b5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 880854. Part 2: Support reflows/frame reconstruction in print/print-preview documents by promoting them to frame reconstruction of the whole document. r=mats
5c044f3a5587459c0f5a0237901039702235f5f4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 880854. Part 1: Make nsIFrame::DumpFrameTree virtual and take no parameter, to be easier to call from buggy debuggers like gdb. r=mats
62b7d9ca9586521e5b77b45adc53f0165a195910Daniel Holbert — Backed out changeset e086e888bd8d (bug 879228), on the suspicion of causing a b2g mochitest-3 failure, since the failure mentions 'console is undefined' and this patch touched Console.jsm.
1d4c00e49f937eb7ce75bdc5f90821a5e8a71dfeEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 57624f26be8f (bug 702080) on the suspicion of causing a b2g mochitest-3 failure, since it touches code near remote browser stuff
822b350df442906777ba953ba8ef25738ffb05b8Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 9173dcf026ee (bug 882567) because of mochitest-1 timeouts on Linux
2e1acd3b9ce881c96c0742bad38ce83ae2c02342Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 794282) because of mochitest-1 timeouts on Linux
171ec5d1724d031ec4b6ee7f03b911390f15bf93Matt Woodrow — Bug 884334 - Make sure WidgetShutdownObserver doesn't attempt to use the widget pointer after it has been destroyed. r=roc
8d00587e9c297f3e96cf26b1d6f454abe8062cb6Benjamin Smedberg — Back out 2d970c9c1fad - Bug 882858 Because of mochitest-browser failures in browser_CTP_drag_drop.js and perhaps browser_pluginnotification.js
1885bc168943d1fc9c206f44a4c6ae030a3cadbaJonathan Wilde — Bug 811392 - Work - Choose better background colors for location text in the Firefox app bar. r=fryn
f3ca96dd397edfe661477f31a90fc093b18ad005Frank Yan — Bug 873251 - [Metro] Update buttons and backgrounds of Firefox app bar. r=jwilde
eb62fca45f709e7fb3c59d0d52dee63bfe9d3da3David Zbarsky — Fix error message in ipdl compiler, no bug, r=jlebar over irc
8f04327695cabd4e1f83fcec5a4e5b08c734fc0bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 880836. Fix a typo caught by joe.
aad8771118048d83d9ed5d3fd769d20de8417dfeEdwin Flores — Bug 794282 - Fix desktop b2g compile error from changeset a73bc11da471 r=bustage
2dc0a505dce93d836784f9b112444d197186b478Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 883688 - Fix uninitialized |gotLambda| in ion/IonBuilder.cpp. r=djvj.
4703321564be176473f8d4bf2b6bfa9c8febdd5dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 2f6babcfa00e (bug 882468) for JS crashes.
da601e58ecb0191c858e6231aff7b79bd4e92441Jared Wein — Bug 698174 - Set full-screen-api.approval-required to false before checking fullscreen context menu items. r=cpearce
a8a28bd8abf391bec27a465597d247e78639ed76Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c and inbound.
c952e7bb36f05fffaeb46bbd1b91c61a35639af8Sam Foster — Bug 858388 - Refactor richgrid arrangeItems, autocomplete uses deferlayout. r=jimm
aa8d90bbc92af100854c05553b1fe724dd4f55cbAndrew McCreight — Bug 883382 - Eliminate superfluous CacheScriptEntry. r=smaug
671e6ff074ea7fb364e32da2e1673ee106422717Andrew McCreight — Bug 884434 - Assert on extra shutdown CCs. r=smaug
2f6babcfa00e7c335119ba4a069bc0d4436fc9e1Till Schneidereit — Bug 882468 - Simplify BooleanGetPrimitiveValue. r=jwalden
a73bc11da47154d10a70f9efc7320d02231f07e7Edwin Flores — Bug 794282 - Enable gstreamer by default in builds, but pref off r=cpearce,khuey
9173dcf026eeea673ee03428702a3f52e4d1c17dEdwin Flores — Bug 882567 - Handle fatal gstreamer errors by aborting playback r=alessandro.d
398e348e3ed885a0ee2d6a42d33d46d81d86fd6dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge cypress and inbound.
610382f55f339a32007b7c67ad0fd35f88fd7d91Benjamin Smedberg — Back out revision d3da96f774b3 on a CLOSED TREE - Bug 882339 because of mochitest-browser failures in browser_CTP_drag_drop.js and browser-pluginnotification.js
089b861c6688313d079d106a97cdeff53c5700adKyle Huey — Bug 877584: Followup to avoid some crashes during shutdown. r=mccr8
a2c9078d8b297f17b3867b36a14df997a66c971eKyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 11 - Push the final uses of mJSHolders down into mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime and make it private. r=mccr8
fa15cd24a711355b58d0b2abc8c02401d7e2b6fbKyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 10 - Add a hook for tracing black JS and update the big comment to more accurately describe how this works. r=mccr8
a3d9f0165f0048fb225d18a5f4040add730b9d57Kyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 9 - Kill nsCycleCollectionJSRuntime. r=mccr8
76ce6a22279a0280a63e8565532f08c8dcbc7949Kyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 8 - Move the rest of nsCycleCollectionJSRuntime's implementation into mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime. r=mccr8
6178e7d18e2be4489698df68ace01dc03f9b3222Kyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 7 - Move tracing of gray roots into mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime. r=mccr8
4dfddd30a77f61039dc99c125ccf5daa70104e4eKyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 6 - Move the runtime and zone CC participants into mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime. r=mccr8
ff10f2a8aca99e9e6ee8dc7ec66fb6b26b79b8feKyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 5 - Move most of nsCycleCollectionJSRuntime's implementation into mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime. r=mccr8
69408f4ca5e93fa36e4538d852d464ebc13671f5Kyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 4 - Push tracing of global objects down into mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime. r=mccr8
ef6329710710dac46332cfeea5dfc12f741ca339Kyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 3 - Replace GetJSRuntime() with just Runtime(). r=mccr8
55331b05723b58f59b74f20d9409ee1052c71a89Kyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 2 - Begin to push mJSHolders down into mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime. r=mccr8
efb0b493cc21af8c2267d27079fb46704742a719Kyle Huey — Bug 882162: Part 1 - Create a mozilla::CycleCollectedJSRuntime class. r=mccr8,bholley
bb6c79366a3a87e7d2cb8bff296f37b21070c7c2Kyle Huey — Bug 877584: Route JS holding through the cycle collection runtime so it can do different things on different threads. r=mccr8
24e9d0e5998d0a6b846473ec22e022b338857543Ted Mielczarek — bug 884300 - fix DWARF CFI record serialization. r=glandium
2d970c9c1fad9d4dc82f22794ee61d1a6209c8b1Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 882858 - Add a "showing" notification to PopupNotifications, r=jaws sr=gavin
d3da96f774b36e34d900f584b5b82936fe5a72d5Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 882339 - Cache the blocklist state on plugin tags to avoid querying the blocklist service constantly, r=johns
a7d946a431ef682e1a3436b15fbe54c399d50e4dJeff Walden — Bug 884561 - Update test262 test imports to tip using the script added in bug 496923. r=generating-script-was-reviewed
b65294b69a5b2614842cede23466076ad77a1a7bL. David Baron — Bug 693496: Fix ABORT by being consistent that canonical form calc() values need not have a percent part. r=dholbert
2cd778cfb53ee6e6fde71f7a13e35be0fd7de24fPeter Linss — Add DOCTYPE declaration to test. No bug. No review.
80cf4c214910212cc169f11ff426866bbd7c931cMichael Harrison — Bug 883777 - Reduce the width of the DNT preference "Learn More" link. r=dao
e086e888bd8dc52d64d0d4a2f3e1df8a2d7c8f56Alexandre Poirot — Bug 879228 - [browserconsole] tune console.jsm to ease Addon SDK integration. r=msucan
ca5fe9958e9018b7e3290ac96be41de836b9eb4aStefan Mirea — Bug 867902 - Remove old saved FHR payload from disk. r=gps
57624f26be8f65b755075418ef310ab3ec2c9aecArnaud Sourioux — Bug 702080 - Replace GetDisplayDocument with IsResourceDoc when needed. r=bz
38f0844975f249cb0e3fb0e4a84cd72234f2aa73Jason Orendorff — Back out rev 5d35dc039af7 (bug 875433) due to Web compatibility issues (bug 881782, bug 883914). rs=Waldo on IRC.
a45f1dcd603c37577185dc875abee26ba12a1e25Luke Wagner — Bug 853239 - warn on a statement expression use (r=jorendorff)
1d2a43c84bd322d46130a52fda221c3308c50cadChris Peterson — Bug 883071 - Don't send opted-out SSIDs when querying Google Location Service. r=dougt
43516c3e17fbfb985eb4683961ca0b9da806ad0bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 880836. Add MaskSurface() to Azure. r=bas
06aec3398e052a98aab3f335b61e0169df455de2Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 881841: update to NSS_3_15_1_BETA2. r=wtc.
63a1892e5298c05d3fbd43378358a496da1fd2fbJim Chen — Bug 880650 - Don't try to dismiss VKB during testBookmarksTab; r=adrian.tamas
38f7c6ceb5d65a3c1442e952d4a313e70a3641c3Jim Chen — Bug 880650 - Add selectAll call to URL bar initialization; r=cpeterson
a5b205aacce1fc103198f70c2f841162a3d6fac6Jim Chen — Bug 880650 - Clean up hiding/showing VKB in the awesome screen; r=cpeterson
169e58567f28aec5dafcf0392fb062f11fc4b80bGregory Szorc — Bug 879809 - Don't export MOZBUILD_BACKEND_CHECKED to independent build systems; r=ted
3e48ae462b0d93a4d275dff10981b1505f0d1160Olli Pettay — Bug 847611 - Paris bindings for autogenerated events, r=peterv