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Wed Oct 01 04:35:27 2008 +0000
a613924403d65648564e8bb6587d9c30000f2292Brendan Eich — Remove -j for shell tests in prep for m-c push.
e3499376211cb88a6df6c62cfa9cb2d36aa8634fBrendan Eich — Re-pull m-c in preparation for pushing back.
2255cddff8effc470c66102a7d874503a20583dcAndreas Gal — In the decompiler, skip over JSOP_RESUME after JSOP_NEW/CALL/EVAL/SETCALL (457824, r=brendan).
b448ac318d3473a9aa58f9e82e3b20ae0afad2f8Andreas Gal — For GETELEM/SETELEM we must check that its a native object first before trying to compare the objects shape to the shape of the global object to ensure its not aliasing the global object (457979, r=shaver).
33c1b3c0c44a493f295d1c12f0135d81894f0951Andreas Gal — Merge.
9bfc44c4f1de77fe30c5eb890b4a2202416ac6b6Andreas Gal — Merge.
affae1cacdc36432b0eda4b2c91379d71052f30aVladimir Vukicevic — TM: move cmov_available setting into nj arch backends where appropriate
3daa02cc94caee4d4322323df07cc67961830da7Andreas Gal — Merge.
71b214a5ecca58407323adc152b92c428ba51032David Mandelin — Don't trace a property access with a watchpoint (455413, r=brendan)
0994c23a8c618a5fc04b1d709d0e672caccd8f10Andreas Gal — Merge.
82841707d49572b2b7defc542f90356cc7767326Andreas Gal — Fix guarding in case of sparse array setelem (regression from 457580, r=danderson).
6ceb773fac22f9846a853675fb8fb7d79256832bDavid Anderson — Fixed cmp number check logic for 64-bit environments (bug 457129, r=gal).
bf1deb6e2695a81ef447c03cc4895a75bbaff037Andreas Gal — Merge.
4edd86967da7e897237a0cfb074b7b8d6e471368Andreas Gal — Don't trace empty for-in loops (457335, r=brendan).
a6174009247f8442917d664719bc1a1660b1b1cfAndreas Gal — Update XDR version number after bytecode change (457789, r=brendan).
ac2826ba4ddb6084fb03011960dcd0eeffb82481Andreas Gal — Follow-up work for 457789, emit JSOP_RESUME after JSOP_NEW as well (r=brendan).
c0895d880428e14f7cb576f08a0389debc6946c7David Anderson — Fixed global object ownership change not aborting recording (bug 455173, r=gal).
419ce5b4c0d6aced2aab1e40a78fa489ebddf8d0David Anderson — Fixed crash when charCodeAt failed (with NaN) while recording (bug 457795, r=gal).
25c30c40c71025ed7099f25186d111a814c0c914Brendan Eich — Always use JSBool (not bool sometimes, JSBool others) as JSVAL_IS_BOOLEAN's native slot type.
3c899d350d7ff93e4c3c915221c8ff10a9ca9fa3Andreas Gal — Add a resume point (JSOP_RESUME) immediately following JSOP_CALL (457789, r=mrbkap).
358a6b0a757cb99f98a881e7d873399d897468b2Andreas Gal — Catch negative indexes at recording time. At runtime the builtins already check for us. Also guard for shape and setters/getters for non-dense integer index setelem case (57580, r=mrbkap).
bd6c14287863e19f2b5da0be29b088b8c2e79ee5Andreas Gal — Add test case for 457456.
d2e1766c65b20c14f12263573f52356d76c5a903Andreas Gal — Fix constant folding for cmov and add folding of or/and/xor (457456, r=danderson).
085c70527b41d7e3e675777afc4006cedc7d2e4cAndreas Gal — Properly handle cmov and sse2 flags, and put them in a central place not into each platform-dependant assembler (457355, r=danderson).
de17fecafd161469bbb7bb904d003c82cc5b433fAndreas Gal — Merge.
3bdea835df9ce1a54404fb2cabf09a9272cf835eAndreas Gal — Can't use JSVAL_IS_BOOLEAN on trace since boolean type contains undefined (457351, r=brendan).
af4d2ab298e07b9f66bc8566308c799d904fc37eDavid Anderson — Fixed a bug where no shape guard was emitted if a property was not found, causing it to remain unseen if added later. Abort in this case instead. (bug 457171, r=brendan)
cfa7088079dadada0940c005d2b1b761304df089Andreas Gal — Cleanup SETELEM, box early (in case we side exit on that) and don't set return value if INITELEM or followed by POP (457336, r=brendan).
7b29d221e3564ab124c7104437c56b9e56fe1a3fAndreas Gal — Merge.
b44f455eae52038e84d96ed1ce1ecdecf40986f1igor — When replenishing the recovery double pool, detect if a GC happens (follow up work for 456826, r=gal).
b8dcfe8b5efba925ad209faeebc7b49a941ea76aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 456165 part 2. Trace r=gal
3a02053b2cffd0c06000bcebf3e12ba35be1ac26Boris Zbarsky — Bug 456370. Flush the fragment cache earlier on global shape mismatch. r=gal
ea5a7136bce2e8d4fd41f99358e7233a0ffc65eaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 456165 part 1. Get rid of icky JS_LL macros, r=brendan
ca0b904b4b26c2ab19938d6cca3725751ce33909Andreas Gal — Use a pre-allocated pool of doubles to make sure we can safely recover in case of OOM or out of doubles (456826, r=brendan).
cacf236a16630f58fef0a9f7bcad8d40e17bea51Brendan Eich — Bug 457130 - TM: regexp lastIndex property not traced correctly (r=danderson).
766dcca2a93056376aea2206ff5b867d557776ebDavid Anderson — Workaround for intermittent js_GetClassObject failures (bug 457069, r=brendan).
a47422194ffbd6ec4c7fdb8d545830c160ca39f2Brendan Eich — Bug 457127 - TM: Crash on with adblock plus [@ ReconstructPCStack] (r=danderson).
308e7e1eb1cf76567939a51089a02ef602a2f37fBrendan Eich — Bug 456810 - TM: Crash on with adblock plus [@ ReconstructPCStack] (r=gal).
da80ff92f1fad5f9186cf1269cf0edb6f5a5d640David Anderson — Added test case for bug 456667.
437331f166fe9f8070fc5e54cd273933195083c6Brendan Eich — Fixed argc < nargs miscount in js_SynthesizeFrame and adjusted a related assertion (bug 456667, r=danderson).
3d304a99805eb25ee7e8a408f204b3f7e2e94f26Andreas Gal — Merge.
34c61673341a7bf2dcd21fb6791bd10acbf99e97Andreas Gal — Rewrite and cleanup GETELEM and SETELEM (455748, r=brendan).
4a988152e0e022ed8a32d059db74cbf6b2114316Brendan Eich — Back off premature arguments tracing (453730 temporary measure).
15da264a371acb1b47aaac74b1da31f925bc3c00Andreas Gal — Merge.
b601318bd1eaeb88eceb691defe66c679d0bcc21Andreas Gal — Backed out changeset c5d4e22e54ad (reopened 456201).
ac506c11cef27d6ed3efcc764b179c7a1cf7b14cAndreas Gal — Merge.
3a16ec28613e4e2629f2b2b88fbd9df9b3bc7d94Andreas Gal — Demote modulo operations to integer if both args are int (456934, r=brendan).
0b96e0ae55d94c040daf50294587063207fe4259Brendan Eich — Bug 456931 - TM: GVAR op record methods use wrong object (r=gal).
ce14c596ab60bd05ad85c76131f4ee71bfd3098aBrendan Eich — Bug 456932 - TM: Don't assert that global object can't grow additional properties if none are used by any trace and we don't check for global shape mismatches (r=gal).
39e3922ebb5d6c74edc50407145084fe78236534Andreas Gal — Merge.
7e106fd14850d45bb94af6f6ebee0717152341b2Andreas Gal — Make sure JSOP_DEFLOCALFUN pushes the right function object (456470, r=brendan).
ad40929b3424871f1a603bbd96a433d64d0f999eBrendan Eich — Re-enable JIT enabling for unit tests in tracemonkey (r=mrbkap).