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Wed Nov 28 00:19:51 2012 +0000
3c3a8eed0578c1a17a3cfaff427fe25b4afe05a9Jason Duell — Bug 800799 - http-on-modify-request now called after JS that started the load is no longer on the stack. r=bz
3d5420af2c2773800d9af5d7aa26567d8de204e1Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 814723 - Don't warn about missing 'browser.newtab.url' in nsDocShell. r=jlebar
85334460fd29f60b2507045243b3c580759df5bfNils Maier — Bug 814470 - Fix a leak when channel setup in AsyncFetchAndSetIconFromNetwork fails by not tracking the channel in the first place and thus avoiding a circular references. r=mak
4542314559d87e4ba0171fa05fd2580abb982d1avliu — Bug 813823 - AudioManager reports unknown status when inserting headphone or headset. r=mwu
16dc855a02165608489a9c1ca17b3939df022157Matej Cepl — Bug 800557 - Build shouldn't depend on simplejson. r=froydnj, r=ted
6b73c8bdc701d488614b6715681b4ef9bbc9b45cJason Smith — Bug 781534 - Create basic automated test coverage for the mozGetUserMedia for desktop. r=roc
7d3c31d17d2b0c0a9f7f90b81fac59b60ab73665Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
0de71a0018139d00577921b3dd606e7724218716Vivien Nicolas — Bug 811162 - After switching the language in the settings app, the entire gaia window is half as tall. r=kaze
e4c4d25441c95d6dd799ac1c7d177a35c3681711Brian Nicholson — Bug 813057 - Ensure suggestion view parameters are reset if view is removed during animation. r=lucasr
d729743b9474aef719d2134a7a7d97a5ca085b21Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 814519 - Fix a typo in SimpleTest/setup.js; r=ted
e042ca3b5c0891a4499dc11a48bfb9973edcda9cGeoff Brown — Bug 815699 - Check for null mGREDir in xpcshell dir provider; r=jimm
cdb336b77f97900c90bb9267a6878954f536bbe6Mounir Lamouri — Bug 798446 - Attempt to fix startup crash in nsGlobalWindow ctor. r=bz
3332c461b9976d9d760e3779918b95e33b30cab9Robert Strong — Bug 812223 - Take 2 - negative download times in stub installer pings. r=bbondy
79b27ec730c27f92e61a930b35524f9d0e66ca57David Keeler — bug 746374 - differentiate click-to-play plugin permissions by type and vulnerability status r=jaws r=joshmoz
567bfba61e51875dbb8f6a7e14ba96ddbf33dffeMarshall Culpepper — Bug 809974: Set the last update installed time for B2G. r=fabrice
00d402add716f2d762609a0cfcb49e9cc42e7a40Ed Morley — Backout fae627fef335 (bug 795065) for browser-chrome failures
51b9c55fed74b460a50d161a27d547c1755a9c1aFabrice Desré — bug 815145 - Remove the JS REPL from shell.js [r=vingtetun]
1606b7ce6b64160e3c07d996ab67179f22ace240Fabrice Desré — Bug 815198 - [Webapps] should call Webapps.applyDownload when installState is 'pending' [r=ferjm]
99b74e86c185a1ecd02e1108681acb110e558a71Fabrice Desré — Bug 815561 - Limit Web Activities to the foreground application [r=sicking]
fae627fef335cef5326cf67fe80684bb0384ed9dMarco Bonardo — Bug 814264 - bug 795065 broke calling openUILink without an event parameter.
3120e4f4ddb76d5907d96958d5774a7ad58a3c9aAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 797153 - Remote xpcshell tests shouldn't depend on running from within an objdir, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB
0d4143b11eea0175622146d221d26f68abd19a91Ed Morley — Backout 66f3565f4817, 131bc42cd637 & 8cdd43b76d19 (bug 793111) for B2G marionette failures
7d18627ba3d2ca4c2ad6ac3ecf5c231d7fdd58cbHubert Figuière — Bug 811778 - Only send crash reports on wifi. r=fabrice
12ab14c79a08ffe4cf2010e582bc5f87782c0164Jim Chen — Bug 814886 - Correctly check selection bounds on Android; r=cpeterson
26172ff887ae4ab578e6b468062d4e2d4476b9ccJon Coppeard — Bug 790338 - Handle nuked wrappers in list of incoming gray pointers r=billm
3bf6ca8d603ba959ff521daf6ba2b94f11cedf53Jon Coppeard — Bug 790338 - Mark weak references in the current compartment group only rather than for all collecting compartments r=billm
4c0098a5bd92e81efa77e48716a06ab52bb31b3eJon Coppeard — Bug 790338 - Improve debugger find edges code r=billm
1bdaf0020ab9c4466a7ddaf9e516a0f544304ca7Jon Coppeard — Bug 790338 - Make weakmap list per-compartment rather than per-runtime r=billm
344fff01645bd689299effa8d3017f2860e4ca18Jon Coppeard — Bug 790338 - Make debug scopes object part of compartment not runtime r=billm
a65bfc6d197575eee8daaa5d7098ba78a8f39eccJon Coppeard — Bug 790338 - Store the list of arraybufs per compartment rather than on the runtime r=billm
74f07744018ac43fedab745f62991d0cd2b6348eJon Coppeard — Bug 790338 - Update GC stats with time spent marking in the sweep phase and add more detail to sweep tables phase r=billm
481687026c08e71edd1b96c2b57b3b8b7ec25412Jon Coppeard — Bug 790338 - Sweep debugger objects in the same group as their debugees r=billm
2fd089d5fff41457363e877a26375d3ba2341b18Jon Coppeard — Bug 790338 - Fix issues with gray marking r=billm
f55177f70719bc39e73c380cf0486a7512102124Jon Coppeard — Bug 790338 - Sweep compartments in groups r=billm
067ed4955e29929a4beaf74c900988f61e7d72c9Jon Coppeard — Bug 790338 - Split up xpconnect finalization callback r=billm
ba392e23a45847443171168a806d8142d5992911Jon Coppeard — Bug 790338 - Add Is*AboutToBeFinalized functions r=billm
59692d8cd68e0ad21c875ed01b712c865a92418fJon Coppeard — Bug 790338 - Implement Tarjan's algorithm to find the stongly connected components of the compartment graph r=billm
7e6ac3bfbae9c77c4d08f17925e684ddd223d453Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 814704 - Move the creation of a js object from combinedStacks into
125716cf3d81b4d1a3a5e42ebdc53143c975f908Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 814789 - Tie the life-time of the AudioContext to the life-time of the document owning it; r=bzbarsky
66f3565f4817ac59cb9e9299b0b5ac6ccf5bf521Vicamo Yang — Bug 793111 - Part 3 - Test case r=vicamo
131bc42cd637786aacf5c3a441049cf1584dde9bVicamo Yang — Bug 793111 - Part 2 - getting PLMN list and deciding required carrier name component r=vicamo
8cdd43b76d19058ff87a3b150abca0a1973d5906Vicamo Yang — Bug 793111 - Part 1 - Add properties in nsIDOMMozMobileICCInfo to indicate if PLMN/SPN is required sr=sicking
19eb532fad5af9abcc06348b36e5bd395bfad9bdTrevor Saunders — Bug 767756 - try implementing ISimpleDOMNode with a tear off, r=tbsaunde, f=marcoz
4c02ec84a2c1ac37813b09fb0bc27933ae8581caMichal Novotny — Bug 725993 - Remove usage of STORE_ON_DISK flag in XHR code, r=jonas