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Fri Jan 04 03:44:03 2019 +0000
7be73b4e5299792d47667c8587d56a5b2e36c71eEdouard Oger — Bug 1516997 p2 - Use hasSyncedThisSession to determine if Send Tab is configured and loading. r=markh
98d8d27b7fdfb53f562ce4372e5b022dbe3f6a37Edouard Oger — Bug 1516997 p1 - Move hasSyncedThisSession to SyncEngine. r=markh
a1ee2a2f51eaecf36039204880365b5ba6e823ebEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1517521 - Handle calc() on border-image-width correctly. r=dholbert
bb585305f98b14ecb79a2767ce50619f49169653WR Updater Bot — Bug 1517579 - Update webrender to commit 4ff07fe75b0c28ee1987092b3eefed3017f5a25e (WR PR #3459). r=kats
c11865063e01c0f64acbcd935c82e4aeb0b3b092Ciure Andrei — Bug 1517467 fix nsGenericHTMLFrameElement.cpp CLOSED TREE
be38e913927a24349e504a5d254b6092c31e9184Lina Cambridge — Bug 1443021 - Remove sync ID pref migration for bookmarks and history. r=markh
0097778657282369dc3e4201818aff8c7ebfa9c3Edgar Chen — Bug 1425685 - Implement HTMLSlotElement.assignedElements(); r=smaug
95d275f757c3501fcdc8e00e84f8ae1a3be0cf48Ciure Andrei — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
ec8667678f3a7fa4d6259b070a35a4c4a5c14209Daosheng Mu — Bug 1430040 - Part 4: Make the parent process keep the OpenVR controller manifest info when VR process is enabled. r=kip
2f31f4f0cad3e652f8fa9b9f14016f8bd59fa48dDaosheng Mu — Bug 1430040 - Part 3: Closing Shmem only when VR process is shutdown. r=kip
b9639fb9f845380e41deeda4b8b14805b0aaa183Daosheng Mu — Bug 1430040 - Part 2: According to VRDisplay's state to decide if spawn or shutdown VR process in VRManager. r=kip
a18c59a93e0583f45d8367eaa11ca5fc4f842397Daosheng Mu — Bug 1430040 - Part 1: Adjust VR process IPC channels to allow VR process to be spawned and shutdown at runtime. r=kip,mattwoodrow
1853f95c94b101e7e24a180f6eacaf2a628e5863Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1517434 part 3. Get rid of pointer compares to nsXPConnect::SystemPrincipal. r=mccr8
840ea11d3b3efb306c862c9984e089f226f3bfc4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1517434 part 2. Convert existing callers of GetIsSystemPrincipal() to IsSystemPrincipal(). r=mccr8
417769fb3f0f9c5be5f3cc098a567359eb19c30cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1517434 part 1. Add a fast inline nsIPrincipal::IsSystemPrincipal. r=mccr8
43e54d35e5211330e99db33b1e265b70b1c8eb6fJim Blandy — Bug 1517568: Add SMDOC marker to LiveSavedFrameCache comment. DONTBUILD r=jorendorff
267a452439f57efafc138d7a03effa73c23adf0dTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1445794 Part 2 - Disallow flushing layout in reflow and scroll related callbacks. r=emilio
34151b0c56e9cdd7c8df1b613fca55900f3274e1Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1445794 Part 1 - Preemptively fix that carets are not updated if non-default hints are used. r=emilio
4d42e4786e4fef58c9fd4e26f0f35dcc9cdf3df3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1517467. Handle us not having a subframe window in the contentDocument getter. r=nika
2abc6090d9f41d876da227077b244cb6cc1702c7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1517415. We might be trying to JS-wrap a BrowsingContext with a torn-down-enough docshell that we have no window. r=nika
7c45873d6989034f4823fe14501a685aae3e787dWR Updater Bot — Bug 1517459 - Update webrender to commit 2312763643054c1e3aa6146d816b3e02a1b68a3c (WR PR #3462). r=kats
b90c87fbab033dc146f45ed86720800564a4544eTom Schuster — Bug 571074 - Refactor nsContentUtils::TransferableToIPCTransferable to make error handling more obvious. r=smaug
4a8c79b919b2b565219da4adf9c7f74686d4296bMatt Woodrow — Bug 1517355 - Add CONTENT_FRAME_TIME variant that records from the vsync time. data-review=rrayborn, r=jrmuizel
ba5d3ec164f2670f64eee231e55926c37cb9a3c2Jim Blandy — Bug 1145201: Remove unnecessary SpiderMonkey internal job queue reset. r=jorendorff
df23b1fa16f500545bb1c319b078788f842a94faChris Manchester — Bug 1507344 - Add a configure option for JARLOG_FILE in profile use builds. r=nalexander
3b1c7ad601ba81805e5de271f91c6892e42c2091Chris Manchester — Bug 1507344 - Add configure machinery for MOZ_PROFILE_USE and merging profile. r=nalexander
8ad51093f3f0d76ec3aeed125a112103c3f074caRob Wood — Bug 1511356 - Run speedometer on fennec via Raptor; r=jmaher,jlund
0bc66b0eebc9783a1ea06399a3679f98d12f4298Chris Manchester — Bug 1507338 - Add a configure option for MOZ_PROFILE_GENERATE. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mshal